14 June 2015

Message from Binyamin: "On a Clear Day You Can See Eternity"

28 Sivan 5775

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin
Motzaei Shabbat Kodesh Naso
13 Sivan 5775

On a Clear Day It's Permitted to See Eternity

The world is totally confused. I'm sure there's not even one person in this world, especially in the western countries, who feel that we are living on calm waters. The world is confused. Every day something new, every day, and sometimes every hour, something more unusual than the other, something strange, illogical, nothing makes any sense. A human being can't relax and work with his head on straight. The confusion enters into every place in his life, it confuses his thoughts, he daydreams in the middle of work, and he also doesn't feel so well. 
They're assaulting us from every direction with all kinds of interesting and different and scary ideas, and the world is simply deteriorating.

And a Jew who truly wants to get through all this in moderation, with clear vision, needs to climb, to climb high - high in spirituality, and come closer and closer to Hashem, and so, from this spiritual height, there are clear days on which, nevertheless, it's possible to see eternity, the truth. 

I just want to explain to you simple things before we all, all over the world, go into the darkest part of this long tunnel that started with the exile and goes til its end. We are going into the deepest and most frightening darkness in which not only can't we see our feet, but not even our noses... It will be the kind of darkness that we won't know if we are going forward or backwards, left or right. The darkness will be so heavy, but I just want to say to you a few things when we enter this darkness.

Like we've said several times, the whole world is now under the rule of Edom, the greatest evildoers who ever lived - they're all here. They're committing the hardest and most disgusting crimes that their fathers did, only now it's with much greater technology and 'efficient' supposedly, and that's our situation. The evil is dripping and flowing so strongly from every place, from every hole, from every opening, that a real human being who wants to be close to Hashem simply feels nauseous from all that's happening.

And the situation is like, all the western countries, all of Europe, and all of Russia, China, Korea, Japan, and all the American countries, Canada, the United States, etc, Guatemala, etc, everyone, and all Africa, and all the world, including Asia - everything is under the rule of evil, of the Satan itself. And they're ruling over everything. A lot of people don't want to know it, a lot of people want to get up in the morning and simply continue to go about their work, but in a little while, truly a little while - everything will already collapse, and then we will see things that we wouldn't believe could exist in reality, in our generation, supposedly the most intelligent generation that ever was, and we know that it's exactly the opposite! This generation has become worse than animals, lower than a snake, crueler than a tiger. We are in a generation of complete darkness, absolute darkness.

Let's look at what's happening here in Israel. I just want you all to understand, we spoke about how the gentiles want Eretz Yisrael to be their center, and we spoke about how they want to make a new religion, of something 'Judeo-Xian', (Xian-Jewish), they already planned this and at the moment, are already speaking about it openly, and to my great sorrow, I'm very afraid that a lot of Jews will go with it. Why not? What do they know about Judaism anyway? What do they know? Did you not pay attention to how many meetings are taking place here with Xians, huge meetings which are designed to bring in Jews and more Jews and more Jews into Xianity?! And it's become almost a daily thing now, taking them to the Jordan [River], putting them into the water, once Jewish - now Xian, like magic. It's continuing and it will get worse and worse. All of the holy places are now full of gentiles, not gentiles who like Jews or Judaism, these are stam gentiles. Gentiles who come after all to conquer the place. Yes, they're supposedly 'tourists', but it's in order to bring us to the feeling that we and the Xians can unite, G-d forbid. And they, their program is to turn all our holy places into their holy-places. Just one thing they don't comprehend. Not Mama Rachel, not David HaMelech, not Shmuel HaNavi, not Rabi Shimon, and not anyone from the tzadikim will allow them to do it. It will be the last thing they will try to do before they will disappear from this world.

But, what's with our Jews? I'm so afraid for them, our desire to be a Jew is not so strong, and the desire to be from the supposedly 'beautiful people' is very strong. The seculars don't know for the life of them what Judaism is. They were taught everything except 'what it is to be a Jew' because they were afraid of it. Hitler, y"sh, brought the Holocaust. He wanted to bring the 'Final Solution' of the Jewish people, that there wouldn't be a single Jew left remaining, he killed everyone. Baruch Hashem, it didn't come true, but he killed many enough, enough to make a severe Holocaust.

But, it still wasn't enough for them, because they still had a lot of Jews, so therefore Ben-Gurion and his bunch brought to the world, with the help of Hashem, of course, this country, the 'State of Israel'. And what is the goal of the State of Israel? Exactly the same thing as Hitler's idea, the 'Final Solution' for the Jews. And how would they rid themselves of the Jews? It's very simple. Take them, give them a state in place of Judaism, give them 'so-called democracy' in place of Judaism, give them soccer in place of Judaism, and give them "Tzahal" who will fight for them - in place of Judaism. And all this, together with various other aspects, everything came as a process in place of believing in HKB"H and accepting that only HKB"H can build and give and revive people, and that we are His people, His sons, His daughters, and only to Him do we need to turn and to ask, and not from "Tzahal", and not from Bituach-Leumi, and not from Kupat-Cholim, and not from anyone. Only from HKB"H. He's the Almighty - not them. I'm not saying you don't need to be a doctor and similar. But, they turn it into a god, a god of knowledge, a god, the Supreme Power, so to speak, G-d forbid.

And HKB"H Himself - He doesn't play a role for them in their heads, He's their enemy. His judgments, His Torah - it's all their enemy. And thus do they teach their children, a Jew with beard and peyot - he's an enemy, whoever goes to the synagogue three times a day and prays - he's an enemy, it's all enemies, all that belongs to Judaism. But, who will save us? The 'Ben-Gurions'...! The 'Moshe Dayans'...! And all these, all the biggest scumbags... not one of them could save you, my secular brothers and sisters, they can't save you at all, and also, Netanyahu can't save you, because all these built the State for the sake of destroying the Jewish religion and making it the center of a new religion, because all these people and many more others are connected directly to evildoers. And 'our State' so to speak - is not really 'ours'. It's theirs. It's under their rule. And they will try to turn us into something foreign, something not Jewish, and it will be, G-d forbid, the 'Final Solution' for the Jews. Isn't it interesting that in all periods, during all the generations since Avraham Avinu, they've been trying to wipe out the Jews, this tiny people?! Why? Because it's the chosen people of HKB"H. What a jealousy it is to go on for so many years. And from generation to generation they're trying to wipe us out - and it doesn't work for them and also, now it won't work for them.

They think they are ruling over the world, they think there's no one stronger than them, they think they can exchange HKB"H for the Satan, G-d forbid, but they will learn the truth, and it will be in just awhile. But what, I'm just afraid for all the Jews who will go with them, not to gehinnom, to disappearance, completely, to cessation. I cry over every Jew who believes in their nonsense and is ready to enter into this evil. Again, I want to say to you: relatively few will remain. Out of an amount of seven and a half billion people approximately that there are on the face of the planet - a few will remain and from all the Jews that there are relatively few will remain, because only those who know the truth and are ready to live the truth can remain.

But, it's hard for them, it's hard for evildoers to live the truth, because for this you need kedushah - holiness. There are a lot of Jews in the group of evildoers, a lot as if they were born Jews, but what are they called today? To which category do they belong? Is it possible to call them "Jews"? It's hard for me to believe. They're completely wicked. It's possible that one or two among them will do teshuvah, maybe, but, it's hard to believe. But, anything's possible. If they will do teshuvah, I'm sure that Hashem will receive them back in joy, but we, the common people, we don't need to listen, don't need to accept, and need to say: 'No!' 'We're Jews! We're not abandoning our religion!'

And you'll yet see, you'll see, can already see how chareidi Jews are falling for this thing, how chareidi Jews are going against the religion, against things that it's clear that it's forbidden - and they're saying that it's 'permitted', how chareidi Jews are lying about the most basic things, like kashrut, and like all kinds of business. And for a lot of Jews, even chareidim, there is no sensitivity for what 'prohibited' is and what 'permitted' is. In the simplest and clearest things, there are a lot of rabbis who don't pasken properly, and they know they're paskening improperly,and that's in order to find grace in the eyes of the community, woe to us. There are so many askanim who are making money on account of good Jews. The evildoers pay them to make arguments among us, they receive money for it, so they make a balagan among the public. They do it intentionally, and I'm sure that most among them are taking this money and thinking that they're doing a mitzvah. So, what will we do? What will we do? How do we get out from it? We, alone, cannot fight them, they now have too much power. And have you not noticed now that in every country in the world, every country in the world, at this time, at this moment, they're preparing with all kinds of exercises of their armies? There are whole days of training by the armies of all countries, all over the world, and in a little while - also here. In a little while it will begin here also. We will hear explosions, we will hear various things, really-really experiences of war.

Q. We're already hearing it...

Correct, they've already started it, true. But, it's not the big part, it will yet begin in a big way. And in America, they're already doing it, and all over Europe they're doing it, and in various other countries, like South Korea, and China, etc, and in Russia they're doing it, so, what does that tell us? That they want peace...?! It tells us that we're going into this war that never was the like of it in the world in all of history. Hashem protect us. We need to sit and pray - instead of making parties and buying fancy wigs, and walking like models from Paris, and spending money on nonsense, and forgetting that we're Jews, and forgetting that we need to be simple and good Jews, and not flying all the time from land to land for a bar mitzvah here and for a wedding there and for just trips.

We need to sit and do teshuvah. We have many, many sins. Almost everything we eat - it's treif, almost everything we do, it's forbidden. We're relying on all kinds of people that it's impossible to rely on. We're in a difficult situation. And we're doing this many times when we know it's forbidden, nevertheless, we're making all kinds of sins. We have to sit, and search within, and do teshuvah, and this is the single thing that will save us, and there's nothing else in the world that will save us.

Once again I will say, and again I will say: You want to be a part of the not-large group that will receive Mashiach? Then, start being serious, and do something serious, and show HKB"H that He is the Almighty also in our eyes, and we are His servants, ovdei Hashem and ovdei Hashem, and that's all that we want to be, and that includes everything. We don't want anything else - only to serve HKB"H, just to do His will. That's what we need to show Him, that this is all our desire, His will - is our will.

[See references to sources highlighted in yellow at original. Questions and Answers to follow, iy"H...]


  1. depicts well how i'm feeling

    1. You know that's not normal, don't you, Yisrael K? But it's the same boat we're all finding ourselves in at this auspicious time in history. At least you know you're not alone. That should be some kind of comfort.

  2. B"H - Well said. Let me however complain about one thing. Modesty is the rule and you are modest. But when you (one) speaks the truth, against the tsunami of lies and deception, we must not be modest, we must shout. So, no possibility of errors here, yours or others', invites for Torah-compliance, to walk in His ways, to choose good and not evil can only be right: Don't be apologetic, SHOUT! :)

  3. Thank you, Ariel, but it's not an apology. It's taking responsibility.

  4. Interesting what he said about people coming as "tourists," but in truth....
    Due to my husband's job, we ended up being around lots of tourists of all kinds. Some of the Christians were very nice, but I noticed that some groups were very unfriendly, like a cold subtle hostility. Even if we would say hello or do them some small courtesy, they refused to look at us, says thanks as shortly and mumbled as possible, with a cold expression. Once, we saw a whole group of all races and ethnicities like this from Texas, mostly twentysomethings. They sat there eating silently and like they were bristling underneath.
    I didn't know why. I thought maybe because they have no spiritual connection to the Land, they just felt hot and inconvenienced without all the good stuff about being here. Or maybe they just finished listening to some Fakestinian guest speaker.
    Some act like they own the place, which is very annoying to a Torah-true Jew like myself.
    But maybe it was the reason stated in this post.

    Anyway, you've done a ton of work with the translations, Devash, and you've done it well.
    Thank you.

  5. BatDavid
    Growing up in a Xtian home, and then doing my family history and finding out who I was really related to--a great surprise in middle age, I can explain the "bristling" Texans. It is called "Replacement Theology". Many of them believe it as a religious doctrine. Simply stated, they believe Jews were once chosen, but sinned (a lot) and were cast aside, "divorced", by G_d. Read: Not chosen anymore. Now, since their messiah "saved the world and went to Heaven", they, the Xtians, are grafted in to Israel through baptism, and take our place as the "Chosen" people. They do not believe that they are chosen to live and learn the Torah, but that they are now morally superior people to us "chosen through grace" and we are all (every single of us) going to the bad, bad place because we have not accepted the "gift" of you-know-who dying to save people from their sins. In fact the New Testament actually states about Jews that the "devil is our father", and we worship in the "synagogues of satan". It really says that in their scriptures. People who believe in Replacement Theology really think we are awful, terrible people. Some of them cannot wait for us to die off so their savior can come sooner. They feel so morally superior they cannot be nice to us. They believe that Jerusalem belongs to them because we have been cast aside. Once, one of them married one of my husband's friends. She showed up with a star of David around her neck--they believe they deserve all our birthright. I asked, "Oh, are you Jewish, too?" She just did not seem one to me. She said she wore it because of her great love for the Jewish people. Turned out she loved to try to convert them. Arrrghhh.... Stay away from these people.

  6. Thank you for explaining, BatDavid. (I'd never heard that "the devil is our father" and I thought I'd heard it all by now....) And I'm glad you found your way to Hashem's real ratzon and emet.
    I grew up with a lot of Christians, but I thankfully didn't hear a lot about all the nitty-gritty details of their theology (mostly because I wasn't interested). Other than very occasional silly comments in school like, "You're Jewish? Omigosh, did you know you're going to Hell?" (sometimes said very distraughtly, sometimes very smirkingly) or "You're Jewish? Hey, don't you guys worship Satan?"
    And sometimes Christian adults (like a neighbor or a teacher) would look at me with this subtle hostility that would have my child's/teenage mind racing to figure out how I'd offended them....yet at the same time, I did have a vague idea that it had something to do with my Jewishness and not with anything that I'd done. But I was secular at that time and when you're secular, everything is kind of vague until you get Torah and mitzvot to start clearing out the cobwebs of your mind, as I guess you all already know.