30 December 2009

"Plastic Yiddishkeit"

Chapter 126 - Ain Od Melvado

...For the most part we have created a plastic Yiddishkiet, Hashem yishmor. Our present Yiddishkiet for the average frum Yid stands somewhere between total Hellenism with a kipa and tzitzis, to a very small emesdik group trying with all their koach to pull Yidishkiet back to its true roots. In-between these two extremes most of the Frum Yidden are caught between adhering partially to the lie, which means to the modern technological monetary g-d on one side and the true Yidden who are trying to live a true Yiddishe life according to Torah and Mitzvos detached from the lies on the other side.

Woe to us Am Yisroel! Oy olainu! As it stands now, very few will be able to survive this time of judgment, this last Berur before the Geulah, the redemption.

...In order to bring the Geulah quicker we must make waves, so to speak, cry out to Shamayim with a heart wrenching scream, begging Hashem to bring the Geulah now because the longer it waits the more Yidden, Lo Alainu, fall by the wayside and adopt the Sheker as true Emes. I am not speaking of the non-Frum, non-religious, because they are very far already. There will be among the non frum those who will at the last moment accept the truth and be saved. We must cry out for them as well. But for those who are supposed to be Erlicha Yidden close to Hakadosh Baruch Hu for those we are screaming and begging Hashem to bring the Geulah and Moshiach Tzidkainu because every moment now that Hashem delays the coming of the Geulah more and more frum Yidden are pulled into the belief and trust in the g-ds of the Hellenistic world, the Olam Hazah of Mitzraim of the Agel HaZahav....

27 December 2009

Come to the Jewish Homeland and Celebrate...


Merry Xmas at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University

While one can argue that non-Jews attend the university as well, this does not remove the pain experienced by many on the campus of Jerusalem’s Hebrew University by the display of a fully adorned Xmas tree, in the heart of the Jewish capital.

More than one student questioned by one must see such a sight in the Jewish Homeland, a sight that may be commonplace on a campus in Europe or the United States, but one that simply has no place in Hebrew U. a campus that exists on Jewish philanthropy and government funds, an institute of higher education that is located in Yerushalayim, the capital of the Jewish People.

Sadly, the university’s student union feels differently, and the tree is part of the campus reality now, and the Gregorian New Year will indeed by marked as a special day, as is the case in goyish countries.

Joining the sad reality was Israel Radio, the government-funded state radio that last week aired many Xmas songs, songs that one would expect to hear in a church or Christian radio station, but not in Eretz Yisrael.

And there is even more over at Jewish Israel.
If the rest of you frum Jews do not come and help us, we are fighting a losing battle here!!

26 December 2009


The idolaters and their families are coming up; foreign workers and their families are coming up; legal and illegal refugees and their families are coming up. Hashem looks from Shamayim and asks, "Where are my children; my chosen ones---the sons and daughters of Israel?"

"Rav Ya'acov Emden, in his commentary 'Beit Ya'acov', writes that 'not one in a thousand awakens to come to the Land of Israel, and because of that all our trouble in the exiles come about - because we do not come back to the Land of Israel.' "

24 December 2009

War with Eisav

We're all very cognizant of the war with Yishmael (Islam), but there is also a war on with Eisav (Xianity). While the Left-wing goes about giving Eretz Yisrael away to the Yishmaelim, the Right-wing, unnoticed by all but a few, is just as busy giving it all away to Eisav's children.

Don Esposito writes to his students and supporters on Dec. 9, 2009:

"...I wanted to update you on the latest happenings here in the land and let you know that we have officially sealed the deal with the Jewish agency to be able to bring believers (i.e. Xians) over to Israel for anywhere from 9 months up to 2 years.

...(participants) will learn what it means to prepare to be a King and a Priest in Yahweh’s soon coming Kingdom,.... Those that are involved in professional or medical fields will have the greatest opportunity to stay on for a longer time."

You see, the so-called Xian "Zionists" who have hoodwinked so many religious Jews into believing that they are our strongest and most supportive "friends" are in actuality competitors for our heritage. While the traditional mainline Xians are back home making anti-Israel statements, the Evangelical Xian "Zionists" have come to stake their claim on the Land itself!

Excerpted from Don Esposito's "Return to the Land Program":

"Come and experience the fullness of learning about the land of our inheritance through the most unique program in all of Israel that will change your life forever.

Return To the Land is a program designed by Hayahad Bible Seminars in conjunction with the Jewish Agency...."

A separate section of the booklet is entitled "Become an Ambassador for Israel." Of course, the gullible people at the Jewish Agency and the ministry of Tourism think this means these good Xian "Zionists" will go back to their countries of origin after completing this lengthy program and become spokespeople on behalf of Israel to the nations; defending our cause. But those familiar with Xian double-speak understand. They quote the New Testament...

"2 Cor 5:20 - Then on behalf of Messiah, we are ambassadors, as Yahweh is exhorting through us. Rev 5: 20 and made us kings and priests to our Elohim; and we shall reign on the earth. Scripture clearly tells us that to be true believers we will be Kings and Priests of the Most High Elohim in His Kingdom and that we are now Ambassadors for Yahweh’s soon coming Kingdom (i.e., Yeshu rule). To this end, we will teach and train our students how to prepare for this most important job. Ambassadors are not just sent, but they must be trained for the position and country that they are going to. "

Translation: (According to their belief system) when Yeshu returns, he will be ruling the world from Jerusalem. As believers in him (good xians all) they are promised to rule alongside him as kings. Until then, they represent him and his message to the world, especially in Israel, which will soon belong to them.

They just can't wait for him to get here. They want to set up shop right now! And damned if they haven't!!

If you're someone who watches movies...

You might like this one seeing as how we're reading about it every Shabbat. Of course the details don't match what we know from Torah, but it puts a very human face on a story that sometimes seems too out of reach for the likes of us.

22 December 2009

What is Going On???

In all my years here, I have never seen anything quite like this situation with Gilad Shalit. This is the first time a prisoner exchange has been proposed for a live soldier. You'd think, knowing that, they'd be trying harder to get him back. Before, we let hundreds of terrorists go free (including arch-terrorsit Samir Kuntar) in exchange for dead bodies. This is also the first time I've seen such a concerted opposition to the release. And the first time I have seen the cabinet have so many meetings and not come to a decision. This episode must have the potential for earth-shattering and/or life-changing consequences. Let's all hope and pray that the outcome will be good news for Bnei Yisrael.

Latest report: German mediator delays prison swap visit to Gaza
A German mediator said by a Hamas official to have arrived in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday for talks on a Hamas-Israel prisoner swap has postponed his visit, the Islamist group said later. A Hamas official told Reuters the mediator had not arrived in Gaza.

Another official close to the negotiations said the official would travel to the territory on Wednesday because Israel wanted to modify its reply to Hamas's demands and asked him to postpone his meetings. (Reuters)

No doubt, when it comes, it will be at the precise moment decreed by HKB"H.

Nations in Uproar

Global Anti-Israel Protests Expected on 'Cast Lead' Anniversary
(IsraelNN.com) The first anniversary of Israel's counterterrorism Operation Cast Lead in Gaza is set to be a catalyst for a series of anti-Israel protests worldwide. A mass march to the Erez Crossing between Gaza and Israel is to include several Western VIPs.

From December 27 through early January, the dates of Operation Cast Lead last year, international pro-Palestinian groups are set to hold "Gaza Freedom Marches" in North America, Europe and Israel. The Gaza Freedom March in Hamas-controlled Gaza itself is slated for December 31. Organizers of the latter event are expecting around 50,000 local participants, with over 1,000 from more than 40 countries, to converge on the Erez Crossing and demand it be opened to free movement by Palestinian Authority residents into Israel.

December 27th is the Fast of the Tenth of Tevet.

20 December 2009


Looking at the latest escapades of Tweedledummer, aka Israel's "Defense" Minister, something interesting occurred to me. Throughout all these years, all that could be said in the defense of the "Zionist" chiloni "leaders" of Israel is that they built up the physical infrastructure of the state; funded yeshivot; paid out generous child subsidies for large families; and ran a moral army which defended us all.

But what do we see today from these people? They seriously cut the child allowances. They've gone to war against the yeshiva rabbis. They are destroying the fighting spirit of the army with their shabby politics. And they are dismantling and bulldozing half the State.

Do you not see that they are taking apart their own merit brick by brick until Hashem will no longer have any reason to spare their feeble, empty lives?

As they dismantle and give away the State of Israel, they are unwittingly bringing the geulah shleimah closer to fruition. This is good news for those Jews who are faithful and loyal to HKB"H.


Here is another thought, although there is no silver lining in it. I was reading about the month of Tevet in the Eliyahu Kitov Book of Our Heritage. I've read it many times before, but for some reason it never struck me like it did yesterday that the 8th, 9th, and 10th of Tevet are called "The Three Days of Darkness." And day eight coincides with the biggest idolatry holiday of the year in Eisavland. Our sources say that Yeshu was a gilgul of Eisav. How ironic (and appropriate) is it that Eisavland celebrates their father's birthday every year in this way! And if Eisav is going to fall, how ironic (and appropriate) would it be for it to occur on this day of their calendar which coincides with "the three days of darkness."

If only all the Jews in Eisavland would come home to Eretz Yisrael without any further delay. What is Hashem to do when the Jews choose to remain in Egypt???
To conclude, I''ll share with you these words from Rav Nachman Kahana:

There are two kinds of people who reject the idea that we are God’s chosen people. There are the vast majority of gentiles who reject it, but with a certain percentage of them who agree that HaShem chose the Jews. And I am saddened to say that there are far too many Jews who do not agree that we are God’s chosen.

How can one test himself in this matter?

The litmus test is the declaration of Aleinu.

Aleinu states:

It is our duty to praise the Master of all, to exalt the Creator of the universe, who has not made us like the nations of the world and has not placed us like the families of the earth. Who has not designed our destiny to be like theirs nor our lot like that of all their multitude.

Now if you choose to live among the gentiles, by necessity their destiny will be yours. When the value of homes fall in Lawrence NY, the calamity does not affect the home of Reilly and the home of Colombo and then skip over Goldberg’s home; because they all live on the same street and their destiny is one.

If the impending military draft will call up Johnny from down the block, it will also call up your son Yankel. If the US limits the amount of dollars one may take out of the country, it will relate to you too.

If you believe that we are HaShem’s chosen people and hence our destiny is a privileged one, why are you living among the goyim?

You can have a unique Jewish destiny living in Hungary or Poland or Vermount, but only if you can also remain dry when jumping into a pool of water.

Do yourselves a favor. Ask your rabbi or rosh yeshiva how he can recite Aleinu while refusing to cast his lot and destiny with his brothers and sisters in Eretz Yisrael?

18 December 2009

Everybody's a Winner!

Although self-admittedly not completely observant of the Law, Yael Mishali still typifies Maccabean thinking. If every good Jew would have the courage to stand for the right as she has done in this excellent article---I choose the rabbis---we would be well on our way to receiving Mashiach Tzidkeinu! It's so refreshingly honest in its simplicity. Every Jew who can say "Amen!" to Yael's words is a winner in my book!!

It was a truly modern-day miracle to see the debate regarding democracy vis-à-vis Torah law picking up steam and reaching the verge of explosion precisely in Hanukkah. So what is really more important for us? Which of these two values will prevail at the last moment? At the end of the day, I don’t think that the Greek invention will be chosen.

...It’s truly been a unique Chanukah experience to see the media storm over the question of hesder yeshivas. The Barak-Melamed conundrum in and of itself is not the most interesting issue here, the fascinating secular panic over these questions is less intriguing than a look into the religious sector, where we are also seeing certain panic.

Religious politicians, hesder yeshiva rabbis, religious writers, and regular folk who get into a conversation with colleagues are quick to allay the tensions: “We’re against insubordination, we condemn insubordination, we reject insubordination,” as well as “Rabbi Melamed is an anomaly, he does not represent us.” However, it’s impossible not to add “we’ll be supporting him” because…well, why? Oh, yeah, “freedom of speech and thought.”

And what a pity that is. What a pity that religious Zionists do not yet have the courage to put on the table, in the clearest way possible, the real discussion. The question of Torah law versus democracy. The issue of “rabbi versus commander.” Too bad that we continue to blur this question. Too bad that we keep on muttering that “in the army obviously the commander rules.” Why obviously? Why should we lie?

I, who as noted am not a Torah law follower, do not view a military commander as an unquestionable figure of authority. I certainly don’t view any politicians that way, and even democracy is not a sanctified value in my view in any shape or form. Democracy is a means. Is this a proper means in my view? At times. If this is my attitude to Torah law, why can’t I view democracy that way?

And if I have to choose, there is no chance in the world I would choose democracy over Torah law, or commanders over rabbis, or Barak over Rabbi Melamed.

17 December 2009

And no one seems to ask why

Border Police to Recruit: Will You Expel Your Friends?

(IsraelNN.com) Border police officials have admitted that a security office acted improperly for throwing out a recruit after asking him if he would expel friends and family from his own community in the southern Hevron Hills. Senior Border Police officials, after hearing the report about the youth, identified as “E” was, invited him for another interview and accepted him for basic training.

...After his son was thrown out of the recruiting office, his father called the military correspondent for Voice of Israel government radio, whose report caused Border Police officials to reconsider the case. Border Police spokesman Moshe Finsi explained to Israel National News that the question was proper but that the security official did not have authority to decide to reject "E."

The youth's family praised the Border Police for personally calling them and correcting the mistake....
Honenu: Govt. Has 'Declared War' Against Loyal Jews

Director of the Honenu legal rights group, Shmuel Medad, said Thursday that the government's petition against the release of Tzviya Sariel meant that the government, like the army, "has declared war against a Jewish community in Israel that is loyal to the state and the Word of G-d, and agrees that the army and the legal system are to be respected, even if they contradict Jewish law and work against their interests.

Someone needs to define "loyalty" for them. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! The war with the Erev Rav will not be won with coffee, cakes and hugs!! It is not possible to be loyal to BOTH the State AND Hashem and His Torah!

What Chanukah Means to Me

To me, the central message of Chanukah is "hope"--- that Hashem does not forget us; that no matter how dark it gets, the light will surely follow. And in fact, the light burns its brightest when it is darkest.

We are now enduring a period of deep darkness and it seems that in a matter of a few weeks, it could get darker still as we are sunk yet again into war with our neighbors. This war, by all accounts, will be an existential war. It is from this very darkness that the blazing light of the geulah shleimah will shine forth.

The heights we may attain are in direct proportion to the depths to which we have descended. From the heels of Mashiach may we merit by Hashem's great and abundant mercy to ascend to the level of Har Sinai...in this year and in these days.

May your joy in Chanukah neither waver nor fail and may it increase daily during these closing days with first a Chodesh tov and then Shabbat shalom!

11 December 2009

Shabbat Shalom, Hanukah Sameah!


Jerusalem, Israel
HaRav Yehuda Kreuser SHLIT"A, Rosh Yeshiva

25 Kislev 5770/11-12 December 2009


"These are the generations of Jacob, Joseph was seventeen years old and was feeding the flock with his brothers."

Why was Joseph singled out from all the other brothers, so that the Torah lists him as the "generations" of Jacob? To teach us that everything that happened to Jacob happened to Joseph. The GRA in "Kol Hatur" goes further and writes that everything that took place in the life of Joseph will also happen to "Zion" - the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. In fact, it was the GRA who some 250 years ago compiled all the sources and expanded on the unknown topic -which is still unclear to most people - of the existence of two Messiahs, the long awaited Messiah Ben David and his counterpart, Messiah Ben Joseph. What, then, are the attributes of this Messiah and how does he play into the unfolding history of the return of the Jewish people to their Land in our days?

First, it will only be to Joseph and his offspring that wicked Esau, Rome and their descendants - the West - will fall. We find that when Jacob saw all the chiefs of Edom rising, he became frightened. G-d told him: "Do not fear, for I will give them all over to the descendants of Joseph". So when Joseph was born, Jacob said to Lavan: "Send me away that I may go to my own place and to my country." What did Jacob see that made him want to return to the Land of Israel, now that Joseph was born? Jacob realized that now that Joseph was born, he had the means to combat his brother Esau, and so it was time to pack it up and head home to Israel. This is what the prophet Obadiah told us: "The House of Jacob shall be fire and the House of Joseph flame, and the House of Esau stubble, and they shall kindle them and devour them and there shall be none remaining from the house of Esau, for the L-rd has spoken."

Another important aspect of Messiah Ben Joseph is that he is hidden from us and works for the benefit of the Jewish people and unbeknownst to them. As the Torah tells us, that "Joseph recognized his brothers but they did not recognize him." The GRA writes that this is the work of the "Satan", for if we were able to recognize the work of Messiah Ben Joseph, all of our troubles would be over.

The GRA continues and writes "that every aspect of the rebuilding and reclaiming of the Land of Israel, including the planting in all of its details and the settling of the Land, is the mission of Messiah Ben Joseph. For Messiah Ben Joseph is from earth -meaning, he works for the physical rebuilding of the Land of Israel and Messiah Ben David is from heaven - who works for the spiritual benefit of the Jewish people. They live in every generation!"

Crucial to understanding the work of Messiah Ben Joseph is the fact that Hashem is bringing the Redemption, and returning the Jewish people in our day to their Land in a totally natural way. Through our hands and the hands of the nations of the world, through the UN, wars that are fought and won, roads and houses are built, destroyed and rebuilt, all done with hard labor, sweat and many tears, and all done naturally with Hashem's help - but not with open miracles, for this is the way of Messiah Ben . Unfortunately, many religious Jews still lack the concept of Messiah Ben Joseph, for he is the "hidden Messiah", they sit in the exiles of the world, not taking part in the Redemption process, waiting for some sign or someone to knock on their door inviting them to come home, they wait and wait and wait.

The path of Messiah Ben Joseph is not an easy path, but this is the only way. The GRA writes that every good and every step in this process of Redemption that comes, comes only though hardships. The main thing is to understand this and know that this is the only way to move ahead - though hardships, but not to despair of them, for this is the path.

With love of Israel,
Levi Chazen

08 December 2009

What we need is Jewish Jihad

And it's coming, rest assured of that.

A dear commenter wrote: "What we need is a project where everyone is working towards a common goal, like chesed or tefila etc.

This is what is famously known as a galut mentality. That's all we had the power or the right to do in the Diaspora, but it doesn't apply in Eretz Yisrael.

Yehoshua would not have conquered the land without force of arms. David would not have conquered the Philistines without force of arms. And Mashiach will conquer by force of arms before peace will reign across the world.

Check out this quote from Rabbi Pinchas Winston's most recent article on Chanukah:

...Sometimes, even good people have to be shown the way. For example, the Chashmonaim had to be dragged into the crisis, because they had thought, as so many of us do as well, that it was the will of God that they hunker down and, in secret, keep Torah alive. Whenever possible, they sidestepped the open crisis taking place all around them in order to deal with the concealed one, learning Torah and keeping mitzvos in secrecy, until God saw fit to remove the Greek threat.

Well, they found out the hard way, Divine Providence saw fit to do so, but not the way the Chashmonaim had assumed, or had hoped it would happen. Like Ya’akov Avinu who was yanked from his tent of study into the wild and dangerous world of Eisav, Lavan, and Shechem, the Chashmonaim were drawn out from their secret caves and forced to wage a war against an army many times the size of theirs, and far better armed. It was a war against all odds and reason.

Continuing yesterday's thoughts...

2200 years later and we are still fighting the Hellenists! Like I explained in yesterday's post---birur. Observe the two opposing reactions...

Justice minister wants return to Torah law

...The rabbis attending the conference reacted with thunderous applause, but others who heard the statement were less enthused.

"This is a disgusting vision that will place Israel squarely in the heart of the third world," said MK Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz). "Minister Ne'eman's speech totally negates the values of Israel and Zionism."

This is a war for "hearts and minds." This is an aspect of the War of Gog uMagog.

Meretz Chairman Chaim Oron said, "It is sobering to see the justice minister estrange himself from the founding values of the State of Israel, and show disloyalty to the basic principles of statehood and citizenship. His announcements attest to a worrying process of talibanization of Israeli society."

Hey! It's called Judaization. The Taliban got it from us back when we knew who we were and knew how to be real Jews!!

Take a ringside seat Nitzan Horrorwitch and Chaim Moron. What you are seeing today with the demonstrations in the military are the first cracks of the shell. Your unholy medina was only an incubator for the developing Kingdom of Israel (see the Maharal on this) which is now preparing to emerge, thank G-D!

Here is yet another example:

Jewish lobby wages war on Christmas trees

Fliers and ads distributed among the public read, "The people of Israel have given their soul over the years in order to maintain the values of the Torah of Israel and the Jewish identity.

"You should also continue to follow this path of the Jewish people's tradition and not give in to the clownish atmosphere of the end of the civil year. And certainly not help those businesses that sell or put up the foolish symbols of Christianity."

One respondent wrote:

Religious coercion rears its ugly head again. There are many christians coming to Israel for christmas and if a christmas tree is meaningfull for them, then whats the big deal. Why are the religious jews that insecure. At least at christmas people have fun and spread good will to all mankind unlike the ultra orthadox who only seem to be full of hatred not only to their fellow jews but also to any others who are not jewish. Good reminder i think we will go out and get a christmas tree this year as thankyou very much but i dont want anything to do with Jewish religion.

We'd better think long and hard about where all this heading and draw the appropriate conclusions.

07 December 2009

'Test' Questions

What unity does righteousness have with unrighteousness?

That's a good question. If there is a semblance of unity, it certainly is not a true unity. And it is sure to break down as soon as any outside pressure is applied. When there is true unity, outside pressure seals the bond.

This is a time of birur. Everything and everyone is being tested and the bad is being separated out from the good, or you might rather say that the bad is separating itself out from the good. Free choice and all that. It is a necessary and desirable process before the complete geulah arrives. We can assist in that process and speed it along by holding very fast to the Truth and the Good, so that the klippot will want to separate from us.

(Unfortunately, there are very influential people who are doing the exact opposite and they are delaying the geulah shleimah. But that's a subject for another post.)

Here are a couple of examples of what I'm talking about:

The US and the EU bring pressure against the Erev Rav regime who rule that the "settlers" must cease fulfilling the mitzvah of conquering and settling the Land of Israel. The "settlers" dig in and cling fast to Torah and mitzvot. Their actions prompt two reactions,

This one: ‘Settlers Don’t Know How Much People Love Them’

A former Navy and Air Force officer, who also is a resident of the wealthy and predominantly secular city of Herzliya near Tel Aviv, has broken the image of secular anti-settler Jews.” In an interview with Arutz 7, retired Lt. Col. Danny Baz called settlers “modern Zionists.”

...“Settlers do not know how much the People of Israel love them.” Baz stated. He called them "modern Zionists...and our hope for tomorrow.”

In an impassioned letter to Shomron Brigade commander Colonel Itzik Bar last month, Baz accused him of turning settlers into a “new enemy"and told him that “[settlers] are an honored part of the defense system of the State of Israel.... They are a strategic non-conventional weapon of Israel.

Maybe not the best defense to be made, but considering where he's coming from, a defense nonetheless and likely the best he can do. At least his Jewish heart is in the right place.
And then there is this one, as demonstrated by a Talkback written in response to this article on Ynet, Netanyahu: Settlers are our brothers :

"Not my brothers thank you very much - Heaven forbid settler thugs in our family!"
At the other end of the spectrum, there's the Hareidi battle for the sanctity of Shabbat, from a YWN article which was the original inspiration for this piece:

Another Front in Ongoing Battles Over Shabbos Yerushalayim?
Sadly, it appears that there may be another escalation in the battle against shmiras shabbos by chiloni anti-shabbos elements in Yerushalayim.

As is the weekly custom, chareidim already adorned in their shabbos clothing and shtreimals visit “The Shuk”, Machane Yehuda, shortly before shabbos, blowing a shofar and announcing the imminent arrival of the holy day, seeking to increase shopper awareness that shabbos is rapidly approaching and shoppers and vendors alike should head home.

This erev shabbos, the scene was quite disturbing, as a small group of secularists came, some wearing multi-colored Purim wigs, armed with flutes, whistles and anything that can produce sound, following the shabbos-announcers and seeking to interfere with their message, openly ridiculing them for their efforts, and most disturbing, mocking the arrival of the holy day.
So, as you can clearly see, the geulah process is chugging right along, everyday a little more and a little more, until one day, it will have arrived in its full force. Another good question is --- will we be happy with the new reality or will we long for "the old days." A question each one must ask of himself.

06 December 2009

Ain't It the Truth?

If you feel like reading something that will make you want to beat your head against a wall, try this over at Haaretz: Israel should give up Jerusalem as its capital

But I don't recommend it. What I do recommend are the Talkbacks. They are often more interesting than the articles and a whole lot smarter. Take this one for example---

Title: What the holiness of Jerusalem really means
by Chaia from Jerusalem

What the writer (and Haaretz) does not grasp, is the `energetic charge` of Jerusalem. Jerusalem isn`t called `holy` for no reason. There is an enormous outpouring of raw divine energy here, that is why it was called `the navel` of the world. This energy has to be channeled properly, in order to be beneficial to humanity. That is why the Temple was built, with very precise measurements, in order to contain this energy. The destruction of the Second Temple was like a melt-down on the scale of Chernobyl, energetically speaking. This energy needs to be contained again - which is what all orthodox people are trying to do with prayer and keeping mitzwot, greatly helped by a small number of tzaddikim (also female ones!) This raw divine energy is the reason both Jews and Moslims desire to live here, but the energy is dangerous if not contained properly. That is why the Turks and the British and any foreign occupiers did not manage to maintain their presence here!

"The Mashiach's Greeting Party"

Taken from the article by Yisroel Besser in the 8 Kislev 5770 edition of Mishpacha Magazine:

...It was at the seudas mitzvah following the [Hachnasat Torah] procession that the assemblage heard a most poignant thought from the revered mashgiach, Rav Matisyahu Salomon. The mashgiach opened his address by publicly thanking HaKadosh Baruch Hu for the extraordinary progress that his rebbetzin has made since she sustained a heart attack this past summer. "I am in a situation of hodaah," he said, "and I wish to share something personal with you."

"One evening, when my rebbetzin was in the hospital, I dozed off as I sat by her bedside. I am not one who dreams, or remembers dreams, but I had the most vivid vision of the great rosh yeshivah, Rav Aharon Kotler. He looked exactly as he did when I saw him as a bochur in Gateshead, burning with fire and intensity."

...The mashgiach choked back a sob as he continued. "He looked right at me, and pointed his finger towards me. 'You...if you accept upon yourself to remain in Lakewood as mashgiach until Mashiach's arrival, then your rebbetzin will be cured and together with her, you will welcome Mashiach.'"

And the mashgiach turned to the awestruck audience. "Rabosai! he said until Mashiach comes! And I am not a young man anymore! Let's be prepared...."

04 December 2009

Food for Thought on Shabbat

A very short story:

The rabbi was walking home, when a car stopped beside him. The driver was Yankel, the town’s most infamous criminal, and he offered the rabbi a ride home.

While on the way, the rabbi saw his opportunity to try and enlighten Yankel to the idea of doing tshuva. The rabbi turned to Yankel and said," Yankel where is your Olam Hazeh (the pleasures of this world)? Yankel was taken aback and replied, "Rabbi, Olam Haze? Take a look at my beautiful home on Ocean Parkway. My country home in the Catskills with the olympic size pool and two tennis courts. My three cars, including this Porsche racing car. The yacht moored in the marina on Long Island. What do you mean where is my olam hazeh?

The rabbi, with tears in his eyes, turned to Yankel and said, "Yankel, your house, your car, your yacht - these things are not your Olam Hazeh - you are consuming your Olam Haba".

Shabbat shalom!

03 December 2009

Call me crazy...

but I find this video laughable.

You can read about it here.

And if you can stomach it, you can see another video here and view the proud evangelical Xians of Westboro Baptist Church. (WARNING! Don't let it go past about halfway through, the images are defiling.)


What is it going to take before the rest of the world understands that Hashem has declared war on materialism? The world's sick economy is not just enduring a cyclical retreat. It is doomed and they cannot predict any outcome with accuracy because Hashem will continue to arrange unexpected surprises along the way specifically designed to bleed it to death.

Mashiach's Wife?

I guess anything is possible. You be the judge.


01 December 2009

Celebrating Civil War

With the Erev Rav Regime's mounting concessions causing the Arabs to drool and champ at the bit over the scent of Jewish blood, I think we should start celebrating Hanukah early this year...

The Maccabees and the Hellenists
Hanukkah as Jewish civil war
By James Ponet

...Read in its historical context, however, the Hanukkah story is really about a revolt against the Hellenized Jews who had fallen madly in love with the sophisticated, globalizing superculture of their day. The Apocrypha's texts make it clear that the battle against Hellenization was in fact a kulturkampf among the Jews themselves. Here is how the first Book of the Maccabees describes Jerusalem on the eve of civil war and revolt in the time of Antiochus (translation by Nicholas de Lange):

At that time there were some evil-doers in Israel who tried to win popularity for a policy of integration with the surrounding nations. It was because the Jews had kept themselves aloof for so long, they claimed, that so many hardships had befallen them. They acquired a following and applied to Antiochus, who authorized them to introduce the Greek way of life. They built a Greek gymnasium in Jerusalem and even had themselves uncircumcised.

Uncircumcision as the price of admission to the Jerusalem gym! When they were eight days old, the "sign of the covenant" had been carved in their flesh; now as young men, these Jews risked health and sacrificed sexual pleasure to "become one flesh" with the regnant beauty culture. In Judea, then, there were Jews choosing to die rather than publicly profane Jewish law—and there were Jews risking death to free themselves from the parochial constraints of that law. The historic Jewish passion to merge and disappear confronted the attested Jewish will to stand apart and persist.

That's the clash of Hanukkah. Armed Hasmonean priests and their comrades from the rural town of Modi'in attacked urban Jews, priests and laity alike, who supported Greek reform, like the gymnasium and new rules for governing commerce. The Hasmoneans imposed, at sword's edge, traditional observance. After years of protracted warfare, the priests established a Hasmonean state that never ceased fighting Jews who disagreed with its rule....

The War for Jerusalem Just Escalated

EU to recognize East Jerusalem as capital of Palestinian state
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent

European Union foreign ministers are expected to officially call next week for the division of Jerusalem, to serve as the capitals of both Israel and Palestine. A draft document authored by the current holder of the rotating EU presidency, Sweden, and implying that the EU would recognize a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood, has been obtained by Haaretz.

Jerusalem is waging a diplomatic campaign to keep the EU from issuing such an endorsement, but diplomats close to the EU deliberations believe it is virtually inevitable.

EU foreign ministers are scheduled to meet on December 7 for a two-day meeting in Brussels on the peace process, after which a statement outlining the body's Mideast policy is expected.

It goes on from there. G-d forbid, we're gonna wake up one morning and there will be EU security checkpoints to pass before approaching the Kotel. And G-d forbid, if they deem it a provocation to the Arabs, they'll just turn us away. It's time to think about what you'll do if it comes to that.

30 November 2009

NOT "Just Another Synagogue"

Haaretz features an article on the imminent completion of the rebuilding of the "Hurva" Synagogue with the following caption:

If the Vilna Gaon was right, the 3rd Temple is on its wayJerusalemites worried restored house of prayer, Hurva, will be just another synagogue.

The way the author of the piece portrays it, the "Zionist Orthodox" and the secular public prefer the site remain more of a museum for tourists to visit than a house of prayer and study for Jews. Anyone who spends much time in the Old City can testify to the fact that already our holiest places of prayer are so overrun with "tourists" that it's hard for a Jew to squeeze in; whether it's Har Habayit, the Western Wall or the tunnels opposite the Kedosh Hakedoshim.

Imagine if the Holy Temple would be rebuilt in today's "PC" climate. These people would want to turn it into a life-sized model for tourists to tramp through rather than the House of G-d.

Have you noticed lately how the lines are really be drawn in big, bold and black strokes as Israeli society divides itself basically into two camps---the Hellenists vs Torah-True Jews? How appropriate for this time of year!

28 November 2009

The Light of Redemption is Shining Brightly

As more dastardly deeds done in darkness are uncovered and exposed for all to see...

(If you don't know why it matters, think of this. Based on the hoax of global warming, ThePowersThatBe were about to institute a global carbon tax that was going to be used to fund our new "global" government.)

25 November 2009

H1N1 'Flu News

"Numbers of infections being systematically over-reported"

Why is this of interest to a redemption-oriented blog?

The light of redemption is a spiritual light that exposes and thereby destroys the world of lies. The fact that so much darkness is now coming to light (I love that phrase) is proof that the complete redemption is almost here.

See the videos HERE. And ask yourself "why?"

Study revisits lab origin for H1N1

The situation in Israel

23 November 2009

Don't give up the fight

This is a reminder that we can't let down our guard for even a moment. No "rest" breaks are allowed in the midst of battle.

Have you noticed a new increase in the power and activity of the yetzer hara recently? A very big effort is underway in the spiritual realm to bring about the revelation of Mashiach. We can help push it through by staying faithful to the fight and not giving up. Even if we fall down, we have to immediately get right back up and keep going. The ball is rolling so fast, that falling down puts you behind the game, but this race doesn't go only to the swift, but to everyone who continues until the finish line.

Remember, the war against the yetzer hara is a fight to the death---his or ours.

19 November 2009

R Levi Hazan Parsha Commentary

4 Kislev 5770/20-21 November 2009


"This is very grave, very grave indeed", said the President as his voice echoed throughout the rose garden. "Get me Hillary at 'State' at once", and a moment latter Ms. Clinton was on the line. "Yes, Mr. President", said a very tired Clinton at 3 AM. "We have a 'situation' Hillary", said the President, "the CIA has just informed me that MK Michael Ben-Ari will be delivering a speech in the Israeli Knesset in just a few short hours on the life and times of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane." "Ahh", said a stunned Ms. Clinton, "this is very grave indeed, we must stop him at all cost." "But how?" asked the President, "you know these people, they are not like the rest of them, they do not listen to us." "I know", said the Secretary of State, and after a moment she said, "Let's call Rivlin over at the Israeli House and have him stop Ben-Ari." "Great", said the President, and now, for the first time in over an hour since he heard the report his hands stopped shaking. Get-it-done Hil!

And later that morning: “Rivlin, this is special envoy Mitchell here”. Wow, said Rivlin to himself, George Mitchell himself actually calling me, I must be important. "W-w-w-what can I do for you, sir?" said a shocked Rivlin. "Well," said Mitchell, "we have a problem here. You see, MK Ben-Ari is scheduled to speak today in the Knesset about Rabbi Kahane, and I don’t have to tell you how this can derail the peace talks." "Oh," said Rivlin, finally understanding the gravity of the situation. "Tell the President that I will take care of it." "The President will not forget this", said
Mitchell, hanging up, "and maybe you will receive the next Nobel Prize for your help."

In this week's parsha we are introduced to the character of brother Esau selling his birthright for a pot of soup, hunting, killing, adultery, just to name some of his nicer traits. These and more the Jewish people have felt on their bodies for the past 2000 years, while we were guests in the home of Esau's descendents. But at the end of the day, Esau claims that he did it all out of brotherly love, with the best intentions.

Esau was given the task by Isaac to rebuke and bring Jacob back to the right path when he strayed, as the Torah tell us: “By your sword you shall live, but your brother you shall serve, yet it shall be that when you will be aggrieved you may remove his yoke from upon your neck.” But Esau and his descendents went beyond the call of duty - way beyond. As the Tanchuma teaches us" “In the world to come G-d will sit in judgment over the kingdom of Edom (Esau) and ask them: Why did you subjugate My children? They will reply: Was it not You who delivered them into our hands? G-d will then say I delivered them into your hands, but you showed them no mercy. As the prophet tell us: “Upon the aged have you very heavily laid your stroke.”

Another cunning response by Esau is brought down by the Talmud. In the future G-d will ask Edom: How did you occupy yourselves? They will reply: Master of the universe, we established many marketplaces, built many bathhouses and amassed much silver and gold, all just for Israel so they would study Torah. G-d will retort: Fools, everything you did, you did for your own sakes. You established marketplaces to set harlots in them, bathhouses to pleasure yourselves. As for silver and gold, they are Mine.

Daily we say in our prayer books: “The saviors will ascend Mount Zion to judge the mountain of Esau, and the kingdom will be Hashem's.” The day is not far off when judgment on brother Esau will take place for all of his deeds against Jacob, and then the words of the prophet Obadiah will be fulfilled:“The House of Jacob will be fire, the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for straw, and they will ignite them and devour them. There will be no survivor in the house of Esau, for Hashem has spoken.”

With love of Israel,
Levi Chazen

R Nachman Kahana Parsha Commentary

BS"D Parashat Toldot 5770

Aisav, the world’s first Reform Jew

The gemara (Yuma 83b) relates that Rabbi Meir was able to discern the basic character of a person from his name. And it is cited in various rabbinic works that when a parent names a child it is considered a nevu’a ketana - minor prophecy. So much so, that there are people who read lists of names at the brit at and when the baby open his eyes it is a sign that the name touched the soul of the child.

In our parasha the world’s most illustrious twins were named by their parents as Ya’akov and Aisav.

Aisav means free growing grass, weeds or herbs, and Aisav is described as "a man of the field" - eesh ha’sadeh. Yaakov, taken from the Hebrew aikev (heel) implies consistency, as when walking one foot follows the other with cadence and precision, and Ya’akov is described as "the dweller of the tents" - yoshev o’halim.

These descriptions serve to elaborate on the names and characters of the two brothers. A field is an open area permitting unhindered free access to wherever one wishes to go. There is no obligation or responsibility to any one point or area in a field, so when it becomes uncomfortable one can just move on. A field contains any assortment of weeds, grass and herbs intertwined or growing alone depending on how the wind scattered the seeds.

The open fields have no order. No law except the law of the jungle.

Just pick and choose whatever appeals to you at that given moment and discard what is disturbing and irritating.

This was Aisav - the man of the field. He discarded the responsibilities that come with being a first born, selling it for a pittance. He returns from the field so tired that he implores his brother Ya’akov to feed him lentils. The details are a drag on him, just give him the pleasures without the effort.

Aisav sees no importance in living a disciplined life because, as he says to Ya’akov (B’rayshiet 25:32):

ויאמר עשו הנה אנכי הולך למות ולמה זה לי בכרה:

I will soon die,why do it need the birthright

Aisav is the spiritual father of the reform movement and assimilation. Discard what is inconvenient, like shabbat, kashrut, family purity, marrying within the Jewish nation - and certainly the embarrassment of a Jewish State in Eretz Yisrael where Hebrew is spoken, and the chosen people take the Bible seriously. With so much Judaism in the way , it becomes uncomfortable to be with one’s gentile neighbors and more difficult to become assimilated in their ways.

If lentils were good enough for Aisav, son of Yitzchak and Rivka, then shrimp and lobster are good enough for them and their children. The wild weeds grow in their temples in the form of same sex marriages, and the "rabbi" who performs Joey and Jane’s wedding together with the local minister. The reform leader who services the whims of his congregant, and counts them as Jews when one parent is Jewish. Wherever the money and convenience is, there you will find the many Aisavs of reform.

Ya’akov is different. He lived a structured life where consistency is the rule of the day. He is the "tent dweller" which demands conduct suitable for living in a demarcated life style. Structured davening three times a day. Laws pertaining to what and when one eats. Moral and ethical conduct between people in accordance to the value system revealed by HaShem. The acceptance of responsibility without escaping through rationalizations based on weakness and fear.

Aisav cannot be Ya’akov any more than Ya’akov can be Aisav. Their dispositions, characters and ambitions are reflections of their souls. Rivka felt this when each child was aroused in her womb - Ya’akov, upon passing a place of Torah study, and Aisav when passing a place of avoda zara (idolatry).

The dichotomy of Ya’akov and Aisav is clear cut. Ya’akov clings to HaShem through Torah and mitzvot from which he derives his lifeblood of existence, whereas Aisav sees his survival through his ability to stalk his prey in the field with his bow and arrows. He has no need for HaShem for he is the master of his own life and future.

Now with the distinction between the God fearing, responsibility taking Ya’akov and the anarchistic, hedonistic Aisav so clear it would be true to conclude that the two cannot thrive together. One is either in the "orthodox" camp of Ya’akov or in the "reform-assimilated" camp of Aisav.

But things are not that tidy.

There can be a generation where the God fearing students of Ya’akov share in the bitter waters of Aisav.

It can occur in a generation when HaShem imposes great challenges before the Jewish nation, but a segment of "orthodox" Jews escape their national responsibilities with flimsy excuses based on so-called Torah principles, when in fact their evasion of responsibility stems from personal weakness and fatigue of Aisav and the desire for solace and comfort.

At this time in our history, HaShem has placed before His children of Israel the huge historic challenge of restoring our national independence within the borders of Eretz Yisrael, in preparation for the next stage of world history. This stage will witness the execution of Godly justice upon those nations which dealt so cruelly with Am Yisrael, while the Jewish people will be under HaShem’s protective wing in Eretz Yisrael.

But confusion is king. Not much different from the time of Chanuka, which we will be celebrating this month. Then as now, Am Yisrael was faced with an existential threat. A large percentage of our people were drawn to Hellenism and discarded the Torah. Each Jew was faced with the personal challenge to the depths of his faith - join with the Maccabim at the risk of your life or be a bystander in the life and death struggle for the soul of Am Yisrael.

Through the sacrifices of the strong and courageous, HaShem awarded us independence from foreign rule for 200 years. And it is the mesirat nefesh of those holy people that we celebrate the holiday of Chanuka.

At this juncture in our history, each Jew is again faced with the choice to be Ya’akov or Aisav. To pick up the gauntlet of the strong and courageous or to back off from the responsibility of a bechor.

The choices are: To join in the struggle to rebuild our nation in Eretz Yisael or to cringe in the corner behind the apron strings of one’s fears.

It is no secret that I have little patience or respect for the weak and meek of spirit. Not only do they not contribute to the advancement of Am Yisrael, they are a hindrance today as were the 80% of the Jews who refused to follow Moshe into the wilderness and died in Egypt, and those who caused the death of an entire generation by refusing to enter the land at the episode of the meraglim (scouts).

It is not easy to be a "Ya’akov" in a world surrounded by Aisavs, but it is the Ya’akovs who survive and guarantee the eternal existence of Am Yisrael.

Shabbat Shalom
Nachman Kahana

16 November 2009

"Plague" Update


A DEADLY plague could sweep across Europe, doctors fear, after an outbreak of a virus in Ukraine plunged the country and its neighbours into a state of panic.

A cocktail of three flu viruses are reported to have mutated into a single pneumonic plague, which it is believed may be far more dangerous than swine flu. The death toll has reached 189 and more than 1 million people have been infected, most of them in the nine regions of Western Ukraine.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko has called in the World Health Organisation and a team of nine specialists are carrying out tests in Kiev and Lviv to identify the virus. Samples have been sent to London for analysis.

President Yushchenko said: “People are dying. The epidemic is killing doctors. This is absolutely inconceivable in the 21st Century.”

In a TV interview, the President added: “Unlike similar epidemics in other countries, three causes of serious viral infections came together simultaneously in Ukraine – two seasonal flus and the Californian flu (Swine flu).

“Virologists conclude that this combination of infections may produce an even more aggressive new virus as a result of mutation.”

There's more. But did you get that?---"...A cocktail of three flu viruses are reported to have mutated into a single pneumonic plague, which it is believed may be far more dangerous than swine flu."

And it just pops up in Ukraine? The same place Joseph Moshe said Baxter was going to release a bioweapon? Think back to when the swine flu started out in Mexico. All the media hyped it worldwide and the WHO immediately began preparing for a pandemic. Before they knew anything, they were reporting it would kill millions like the Spanish flu of 1918. But what happened?

After their lab-developed flu virus was released into the environment, instead of mutating into something really virulent, it actually evolved into a milder strain than was initially released. This was the problem they had with the bird flu, too. They engineered a strain they thought was guaranteed to evolve into something that would develop human to human transmission, but it failed. That's why they added the swine element to it and released it in Mexico. Still not working as planned?

So Baxter cooked up a really lethal brew and set it free in Ukraine. Numbers as of today: 1.4 million infected - 315 dead. Will it spread to the rest of the world???

IT'S ALL IN HASHEM'S HANDS! Just like it's been all along.

Winds of change blowing through the IDF

Yehudit's Vision: "He (Mashiach ben Yosef) will make major changes in the army. [A] Major portion of the high-ranking officers of the IDF army will transfer their loyalty to him."
Could the following be a precursor to that eventuality?

Soldiers Escalate War Against Expulsion

(IsraelNN.com) Combat soldiers in the Nachshon battalion Monday morning raised an anti-expulsion banner on the roof of their base shortly after security forces destroyed two nearby Jewish homes and expelled the families living there.

“Nachshon also does not expel Jews,” read the banner, similar to the Shimshon banner, a protest action at a swearing-in ceremony last month at the Western Wall that resulted in two soldiers being sentenced to 20 days in a military jail and thrown out of combat service.


UPDATE: Nachshon Soldiers Jailed, Disciplined for Banner

Bookstore browsing turns up the strangest things

I picked up a small book that purported to present the writings of a famous rav from years past regarding the days prior to Mashiach. It was very disappointing. I glanced through it and saw a reference to the "three oaths" that we dare not violate by forcing our way back into the Land of Israel. I briefly scanned a few paragraphs about the evil Zionist entity and then was struck by the following statement: "We survived two thousand years of exile without the Land of Israel, but we wouldn't have survived ten years without the Torah."

First I wondered why he chose to see the Torah and the Land of Israel as mutually exclusive. I mean it's not as if being in the Land of Israel means we have to give up the Torah. Maybe he was trying to make the case that many Jews came to Israel and gave up the Torah, but I would put those numbers up against those of the Diaspora anytime. Who is to say that they wouldn't have done the same thing in chu"l? Like there's no assimilation outside the Land of Israel?

But what really struck the deepest chord in me was the idea that we have succeeded as a people if we continue to survive against all odds. Are we not meant to do more than simply survive? Is it not our mandate to fix the world?

"...I made you for a people’s covenant, for a light to nations. (Yeshayahu 42:6)"
And isn't Eretz Yisrael the only place we can be "a light to the nations?" Despite the idea assimilated among the xian nations that we should be Jewish missionaries traveling the world and spreading the gospel of the Noahide laws, we are actually supposed to create a model society in Eretz Yisrael based upon the Torah's instructions. The nations of the world will see how desirable it is to live acording to the Torah and request our assistance to teach them how to emulate our example.

I'll tell you this, if Hashem had not willed our survival, even the Torah would not have saved us over the last two thousand years. And if Hashem had not willed it, there would be no State of Israel in existence today.

Great minds think alike ;-)

I was working on a blogpost about Joseph Moshe, the Jewish connection to the Ukrainian "plague," when I saw that Shirat Devorah had beat me to it.

What is important to know about Joseph Moshe is that he went on public radio to expose a plan to release a bioweapon in the Ukraine in AUGUST. He said he had evidence that he wanted to turn over to a State's Attorney and needed help. Shortly thereafter, he saw his house was being watched by fed types. Being an Israeli citizen living in Los Angeles, he packed a bag and headed for the Israeli Embassy. He was almost there when they caught him in the videoed "stand-off." He was supposedly "extradicted" to Israel and never seen or heard from again. And NOW we have these reports of "plague" coming out of Ukraine just as he warned.


You can ignore the reports of mental problems, elder abuse and threats to blow up the White House. This is typical of the government and media to discredit a person't credibility so you won't take his claims seriously. If you believe it, then shame on you!

In the midst of all this we have to ask, why the years of hype about bird flu which never quite took off and why were the scientists being killed up in the run-up to this pandemic????

As the light of redemption grows ever brighter, all the lies are being exposed. In the end, nothing will remain hidden.

10 November 2009

Plague Casualties Being Blamed on 'Flu?

I invite you to go over to Shirat Devorah to read her blogpost on what is purportedly happening in Ukraine. And then look at the additional information that I've added below.

I saw a reference to this situation on an alternative news site that I frequent several days ago. I happened to mention it to a friend of mine today and when I went to print one of those articles as proof of what I was talking about, I found that they had all disappeared. But then, I remembered that Shirat Devorah had blogged about it a couple of days ago and I went there to see if she had a link to an original report. Instead, I found that she had updated it through today.

In my previous search for info I came across some additional information which might interest you. In short, there are reports coming out of Ukraine that claims an outbreak of pneumonic plague is being covered up as 'flu infections. Something strange is definitely going on, what or why is beyond me, but we should keep an eye on it as it develops.

Take for instance this November 4th AFP article:

KIEV (AFP) – Eighty-six people have died in Ukraine from flu and respiratory infections, the health ministry said Wednesday, in an epidemic the World Health Organisation said could be largely due to the A(H1N1) virus.

Today, the statistics are reported as 1 million infected, 174 dead of the disease. But what I find interesting is this. A cursory read would lead one to understand that these statistics are all attributable to the swine 'flu, but look more closely at their use of language.

KIEV (AFP) – Eighty-six people have died in Ukraine from flu and respiratory infections, the health ministry said Wednesday, in an epidemic the World Health Organisation said could be largely due to the A(H1N1) virus.

What this tells us is that there is very possibly another culprit out there killing people and that makes me wonder if there is any truth to the plague rumors. The AFP article continues:

Lyudmila Mukharska, Ukraine's deputy chief health officer, ... vehemently denied rumours that the west of the country was suffering from an outbreak of plague, saying that it was "H1N1 that is circulating in Ukraine".

The WHO has sent a team of nine experts to Ukraine to help the authorities with the situation.

Then there is this TIME magazine article from November 6th:

Ukraine is in the midst of what some might call swine-flu hysteria. The country is in virtual lockdown mode, with the government closing schools, universities and movie theaters and banning all public gatherings until the end of November. Pharmacies have run out of protective masks; those who missed the rush are improvising with scarves or homemade facsimiles. And rumors are running rampant, much as they did during Soviet times when the authorities tried to cover up disasters like the Chernobyl nuclear-plant meltdown. "We are worried that the swine flu has mutated and is killing scores of people," says Nina Sokolovska as she stands in line at a pharmacy.

The following comes from a website called PreventDisease.com:

Infectious disease expert Dr. Donald Lau explained that the chances of the Ukrainian pandemic being the same H1N1 virus that has infected the world are very low. "The statistical probability of this being the same H1N1 virus are infinitesimally small." Dr. Lau stated that the high viral transmission rates are extremely unusual for H1N1 and there is almost certainly some type of new virus, or a lethal recombination that has occurred.

...Ukrainian authorities on Sunday launched an urgent appeal for help from world powers after it imposed drastic measures to tackle a sudden surge of flu-like illness in the country.

See also here:

After infected cases double again in the Ukraine plague approaching the
1 million mark, the World Health Organization (WHO) is holding back gene sequences which could provide evidence of the mutation or recombination of the H1N1 or novel virus.

A special blog set up to monitor and report on the Ukraine 'flu situation says that bodies are being cremated; doctors are refusing to tend the sick for fear of getting the plague; and the authorities are looking to silence anyone who reports on it.

This definitely bears watching.

08 November 2009


Another "date" passed, one I actually dared to quote this time, and the perennial doubters, scorners, naysayers and mockers came out of the woodwork, as always.

Please allow me to remind you of what I actually wrote back on October 27: "I'm not saying this is for sure, we won't know until the day arrives, but there is a very strong possibility that 20 MarCheshvan will mark a turning point in this long and drawn-out geula process."
Let me remind you all of something else. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, no one knew anything momentous had happened. In the immediate aftermath of the Asian tsunami, no one knew that anything truly momentous had happened. It was only as the days passed and the reports began arriving that it became clear how big an event this turned out to be.

The Sefer Eliyahu says: "On the twentieth (day) of Marheshvan, the world will be shaken ‘and the heavens and the earth will quake.’ "

This could have been a physical event, but it appears that, if anything at all happened, it was a social event. The Muslim massacre at Ft. Hood, Texas followed by passage of Obama's health "reform" bill, together, may finally push America over the brink and start the Second American Revolution.

We will see how the public reacts over the next few days and weeks. Everything becomes clearer in retrospect.

On the other hand, Abbas's anouncement that he will not run for re-election may turn out to be the move that paves the way for Mashiach's entrance. That would certainly be an event that would "shake heaven and earth!"

Reb Akiva at Mystical Paths made a good point about this being a process. Please re-read my previous words quoted above:

"...will mark a turning point in this long and drawn-out geula process."

What can a blogger do when the readers can't read? I get a lot of "anonymous" comments---critical, derogatory comments---as one might imagine from those who hide behind anonymity. It goes with the territory. But it's clear from what they write that they very often assume what is going to be said and take off from there, without reading carefully with an open mind to see what the blogger has actually written.

I'm not inclined to waste my time defending what is clearly written, just because some (or many) are too lazy to read with understanding. And then there are those who are just looking for an excuse to accuse.

05 November 2009

A Timeless Message

Terrible things are coming to the Jews who disobey Hashem. They take advice and instruction from questionable teachers who misrepresent the teachings of the Torah and set them up as leaders of their communities, causing yet other Jews to disobey, but they don't inquire of Hashem.

Those who put their trust in America's economic and military might without asking themselves whether Hashem approves or if it isn't a chillul Hashem; who participate in elections and trust the goyische politicians to provide for them and protect them and never ask themselves how Hashem feels about it. They will suffer shame and disgrace when American "might" collapses.

Those Jews who take pride in being Americans and in the "American way", are a disgrace and all for nothing because America can not and will not provide for them.

All of this applies also to the Israeli Jews who have this American mindset; who think that America is Israel's protector and who seek to create in Eretz Yisrael the "American model" of pluralism and democracy.

American "aid" helps neither the American Jew nor the Israeli Jew. What chutzpah for America to think that they can play G-d with Eretz Yisrael!

These words could be written down and preserved for two and a half thousand years and still retain their power and their truth, because we just keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Because the "American" Jews, whether they be physically in America or sitting on holy soil, are rebels and liars, who refuse to heed Hashem's actual instructions, choosing instead to adhere to a twisted corruption of it. Who, like their ancestors before them, say to the messengers, "Tell us inspiring stories, keep it politically correct, don't tell us hard things, difficult things, because it's surely lashon hara. Stroke our petty egos and be careful not to insult. Our pride can't bear injury. We'd rather embrace the beautiful lie than face the ugly truth."

Hashem says that because you despised this issue and willfully misplaced your trust and relied upon it without any question, the "wall" you thought would stand forever for your protection, will crumble to dust and leave you completely exposed. Hashem will break it with no more pity than we have for a paper cup that we toss in the trash. And nothing useful or of value will be left of it.

Got a complaint about this post? Leave an "anonymous" comment by Hashem. It's a paraphrase of Yeshayahu 30:1-14.

Reader's Guest Post

Interesting points on this 20 Cheshvan 5770 (November 7, 2009).

1. The quote in Sefer Eliahu "Then, on the twentieth of the month called Mar (bitter) Cheshvan, the entire world will shake through a seismic noise that will sound from the earth until the sky." is similar to Yoel 2:10 - Before it the earth quakes, the heavens tremble; the sun and moon darken, and the stars withdraw their shining.

2. This is the same week that the nascent Sanhedrin said:
Sanhedrin to UN: Goldstone Will Bring Judgment Upon You and they quote Sefer Yoel.


3. Yellowstone caldera has been swelling for last several years. Last January had 500 earthquakes alone.

Supervolcano eruption?

4. This is the only time 20 Cheshvan falls on parashas vayera until 5781 (2021). (it normally will fall on chayei sara) Vayera is the parasha of sodom and gommorah. Fire and brimstone destroy the cities. Major events often parallel to the weekly parasha.

5. Yehudis, the woman with the dreams wrote before the second lebanon war said:

In America...

* The Unites States will be severly struck because of their pride.
* The dollar will lose its value and the inflation will severely escalate.
* America will become bankrupt.
* The severe strikes on the U.S. will come thru wars and even more, thru powerful weather disasters.
* Antisemitism will rise to unimaginable heights.
* Jews of the United States will be forced to flee like fugitives, because those who survived the weather disasters will not be able to survive the tremendeous waves of hatred against them.
* The survivors will arrive in Israel with only the cloths on their back and Moshiach ben Yosef will reach out to help them

6. Rav Lazer Brody has been warning American Jews to come home for some time (otherwise, they'll be bringing their pajamas in a plastic bag. (auspiciously, he is in America giving lectures -- maybe he helps strengthen their emuna when this all starts to happen?"))

7. From "Warning to American Jews" -- secret kabbalists speak their message:

The final scenario will be that a remnant in Tzion will return to G-d. It will be the redeemer’s job to destroy all the armies that terrorize Israel; what will happen to them will be like what happened to the armies of Sanheriv.
According to this scenario there will be fifteen days of darkness; the sun simply will not shine.
A frightening, powerful cold will grip the entire earth.
Hunger and thirst will fall upon everyone. No one will be able to find food; it will not help to store food, for (because of the darkness) no one will be able to find it.
All electric generators will fail to work. Many people will die."

They will pass through this. Yet even those who walk the straight path will have to go through this situation that will come along with the wars, for we are all souls who have to repay something. This will be a period of purification.
People all around the world will be wiped out during this process; more than this, the power of destruction will run rampant. Souls will just leave their bodies.
These days of darkness will be that portion of the process mentioned in the Biblical book of Yoel, chapters two and three."

04 November 2009


In the post dated November 1st, I wrote that, considering the evil the US perpetrates against Israel, the Jews who willingly remain there, who identify as Americans and who support the perpetrator of evil with their inherent kedusha and with their taxes, are traitors to their people. And I followed that with "That's my opinion!"

However, I was very wrong to say that. It is not simply my opinion. IT IS A FACT. And I had no right to try and take the sting out of the truth by saying it is only my opinion.

Wake up, brothers and sisters! You are in bed with our mortal enemy, Eisav! That makes you not only a traitor to your people and your land, but a traitor to your G-d as well. WAKE UP!!!! The windows have already been nailed shut and now the door is closing on you.

The time to do teshuva is almost gone.

02 November 2009

Warning to the World

Sanhedrin to UN: Goldstone Will Bring Judgment Upon You
(IsraelNN.com) The Sanhedrin has warned the UN General Assembly not to hold a plenum debate this Wednesday on the anti-Israel Goldstone Report.
In a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and the UN's member states, the Sanhedrin warns that continued consideration of what it calls the "hostile, fallacious, and malicious" Goldstone document will bring upon the world the catastrophic events described in the Bible's Book of Joel, Chapter 4.
...The letter reminds the UN that when it was decided in Geneva two weeks ago to have its Security Council discuss and approve the Goldstone Report, "we sent you a copy of the injunction issued by the Sanhedrin’s Court that prohibits any of the UN institutions from deliberating on this matter."

The Sanhedrin then explained by what authority it issues injunctions to the United Nations: "The International Court of the Sanhedrin operates by the power of the Bible, the only Holy Writ whose essence was handed over to mankind at Mt. Sinai [the Torah], and of the Prophets, sent to all nations of the world and universally held in respect by them. By virtue of this delegated authority, passed down from one generation to the next ever since the time of Moses our teacher, the master of all of prophets, and by virtue of the succession of authority in Jewish tradition, we appealed to you that you might not fail and thus fail the world, bringing upon it catastrophe."

There's more here.

01 November 2009

America is an Enemy

Maybe you won't want to read my blog anymore, but that's up to you. As far as I am concerned, all Jews who willingly remain in the USA, supporting it with their kedusha and their tax dollars, are traitors to the Jewish people. That's my opinion!

The image at left belongs to Jewish Israel. Read the rest of the story here.

And this is YOUR Military, American Jews!!

29 October 2009

"Aliyah Letter"

From Rabbi Nachman Kahana:

BS"D 4 Be’Mar Cheshvan 5770

Dear Friends

Today I received the following missive from a well-meaning acquaintance that expresses the feelings of other people who have written to me. He writes:

"As much as I enjoy your drashot, I am wondering if you are sending out e-mails on other themes for the parsha that do not emphasize aliya that is aimed at those comfortably ensconced in orthodox or haredi communities in the galut".

The writer feels that I put too much emphasis on the single mitzva of living in Eretz Yisrael and aim specifically at the orthodox and chareidi communities.

To this I would add a complaint, which is often hurled at me, that it is not my responsibility to "save the world!"

I request equal time.

The most important mitzva in the Torah is the saving of a Jewish life. Chazal taught that one who saves even one Jewish life is considered to have saved a world.

From the time my wife and I came on aliya nearly 50 years ago, we have merited to inspire and influence many other families to come. A modest accounting of my own family, including my brother hy"d, who came a while after us, we arrive at way over 100 children, grandchildren, great grandchildren - and the list grows weekly. In one generation, the list will include over 1000. If I add the other families we have influenced, the numbers already reach into the thousands. Had we and the others not come, we would have been doomed to the fate of those still clinging to the galut - including children and grandchildren who would have left the Torah and even married out.

I am an adherent of the religious Zionist philosophy. I came to Eretz Yisrael with the intent of being an integral part of Israeli society. I teach, daven and learn in Ivrit. I proudly served in a fighting unit in Tzahal. My sons all learned in Hesder Yeshivot and still serve in the army, as do my older grandchildren. I salute the flag and cry when recalling the thousands of Jews who gave their lives for what this flag stands for. I stand at attention reciting Tehilim when the sirens sound on memorial day for the fallen holy soldiers of Israel. I believe that the Medina is the harbinger of the Mashiach and the tool with which HaShem will reveal Himself very shortly.

But all this is my personal hashkafa (world view), which I don’t desire to impose on anyone. The reason for all my efforts is not religious Zionism - it is the saving of Jewish lives whether they be dati, chareidi or very far from the Torah.

The galut is steadily and quickly sinking in the quicksand of time. When I first began to write, many Jews had the financial capability of coming on aliya. They could have sold their homes at enormous profits and easily settled into a comfortable apartment or villa anywhere they chose. I pleaded for people to come before it was too late. They did not, and now it is very very late.

Those who have a healthy desire to live will cut their ties now without considering the financial losses. Your sons are not yet drafted into the US army; and the gates of Israel are still open, and it is still possible to withdraw money from the US. All this will change and the curtain of American Jewry will come down as it has so often in the past on other Jewish communities.

So, my good friends, aliyah is not just one more mitzva. It is the Noach’s ark of the Jewish people, the destiny of our nation and its individuals, and the stairway to heaven where we connect to our great past and even greater future.

Nachman Kahana