04 June 2015


17 Sivan 5775

Warning: Some readers have found the following content to be objectionable. Read at your own risk.

Revelation is a word that, more than any other, describes the time in which we are living. In the common culture, people reveal their bodies, their innermost thoughts, their secret desires, even their sins. Nothing is hidden any longer. Cameras record our comings and goings; our emails and telephone calls are collected and monitored. Even the amount and kinds of groceries we buy are recorded. Soon, if not already, the supermarket will be notifying the insurance company (via computer programs) that you regularly buy junk food and may not be a good risk for health coverage.

This information can have very dark implications, but it has its bright side, too. It signifies the light of redemption which exposes everything - good as well as bad - and it's a reminder that throughout time, such recording has been going on in Shamayim. It's a reminder that nothing is hidden from Hashem and that all will be revealed when we stand before Him in judgment.

Another positive outcome of this is that the evildoers of the world have now been exposed, too. They've been busy for a few generations behind closed doors, so to speak, but no longer. The best they can do now is try to discredit those who point the finger at them for their crimes. (How the “Conspiracy Theory” label was conceived to derail the Truth Movement)

With revelation comes greater understanding. It helps tremendously to know the real source of evil and its aims and to understand that there really is "nothing new under the sun."

Take this statement by Daniel for example:

 "...The crazy people – those who are reincarnations of all kinds of evildoers from all the eras – are trying to rule over the world and to be, G-d forbid, like in the place of HKB”H. It’s foolishness even to think that it’s possible to do a thing like that. But, they are so full of the feeling of their own powers that they can’t accept this under any circumstances that they are totally people that HKB”H created." 

This is the Dor Haflagah - the generation of the Tower of Bavel. Even in this gilgul, they continue to believe that they have attained godhood. And this was the original sin - to think that we can become a god and be in place of HKB"H, G-d forbid!

"...For God knows that on the day that you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like elokim, knowing good and bad." (B'reishit 3:4)

...i.e., "God did not prohibit this tree out of any concern for your lives, but because He is aware that by eating from it you will attain extra wisdom, and become omniscient like Him. Then you will be independent of Him." (R. Hirsch)

"...like gods...." (creators of worlds - Rashi)

And this was also the error of the Dor Haflagah who thought they could unseat Hashem from His throne and rule in His place, G-d forbid! 

And now, they're back!

They are called the Anunnaki - their title in ancient Sumer. They claim that they are our creators; that they came from another world and genetically modified the human race to become what it is today. They claim that some left earth and went home 4000 years ago and that others remained behind and have become the global elite of today. They claim that the others are now returning and that they are the aliens who have been reportedly visiting earth for decades.  They claim that they are returning (have returned) to help us attain our own godhood or "ascension". 

But, this is all nonsense, of course. It's how they've written HKB"H out of His own script! The autistic kids told us (and I know there are other sources that have told us) that the major evildoers at the End of Days are the gilgulim of the generation of the Flood and the Tower of Bavel. And here they come and admit it openly! That was a revelation to me.

Here are some quotes from their "official" website:

...We do believe in equality for all; we do not discriminate between races. We do not love one nation more than another. To us, you are all our children and we love you....

...Right now we are still more intelligent than you. We are more advanced in our thinking skills.  ...We are master creators and architects.

We left you stories so that you could understand who we were and always keep connected to your ancestors. It is with great sadness that you choose to read the writings of others who write in accordance with their orders to do so. They are not true scribes and in fact we call them traitors to us and to all of humanity. (*Are they referring to our Holy Torah?)

...We believe that the duality of male and female is found in all living beings and in nature, on every planet of the universe, and without duality there cannot be balance or the need for beings and the cosmos to work towards one-ness. (*This is why so-called "transgenderism" is now front and center on the global agenda.)

...We believe that the Anunnaki gods, in their different manifestations, reincarnate on Earth as avatars in order to complete their missions for the service of humanity and for the sake of human ascension and spiritual freedom, and to complete the divine plan.

...We do not affiliate ourselves with any religion but we believe in The Way and the force that connects all life in the universe that works through or and with us. (*"The Force" as in Star Wars?)

...We believe that as divine children of the gods, we each incarnate on Earth to follow the divine plan and fulfill our mission by serving the light in others and helping with human ascension.

We believe in truth, love and wisdom. We believe in one-ness, union and togetherness. We despise the discrimination of race and creed. From the sacred and ancient tablets from Sumer and the story of creation, we believe that all humans were created as they were meant to be including race and colour. The gods love all their human children just as they are and every race has its part to play in the divine plan.

...Our mission is to work in service to the Anunnaki gods, also known as the Elohim, and to re-awaken humanity to the truth about our creators which over time has been negated by the dark brotherhood.

...Our aim is to aid our celestial family in establishing the Kingdom of the gods on Earth. We are determined to unveil the mysteries and work towards dissolving the false matrix.

We are dedicated to the human ascension process....

They even have a section entitled The Tower of Babel Activation!

...We all feel that we are becoming one nation without, of course, expressing any disrespect to our physical nations. We are the nation of the Anunnaki and as soon as we realize this the better would be for our ascension process. We are the chosen people who came here to destroy the false structures of this world and bring the divine change by removing the negative elements of the nations that prevent them to live in harmony. (*This is why they have to destroy Israel and "radical" Islam.)

...The war that is going on is mostly mental and spiritual and all the illuminated ones can see through this reality. In this level of war, in order to save our nations we have to work as collective entities and reverse the affects of the national karma and make the way for all nations to live in harmony through a common shelter that will guarantee the unity of humankind.

...Everything started from a central point and everything is going back to this central point.... Everything started from the tower of Babel/Babylon.... The confusion of languages started.... What I am really doing now is projecting through you the tower of Babel/Babylon....

On careful reading, you can see how these ideas and concepts have already been implanted in human consciousness via tv, movies and books and more dangerously, even in some of the teachings of a few of the current crop of rabbis, especially among the so-called Modern Orthodox. These ideas were already planted long ago and they are now beginning to bear fruit as we see the common culture espousing many of these warped 'values.'

It is instructive to see how the elite view themselves - as gods worthy of our gratitude, G-d forbid! And to see how quickly they can be turned against G-d fearing Jews and gentiles. 

Is it any wonder that they have become the 1% to our 99%? Or that they feel entitled to all the wealth and luxuries they accumulate to themselves while so many go hungry on this planet? Or that they care not how many are killed and maimed in their profitable wars?Is it any wonder that they seek immortality or that they invest billions into the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in an attempt to re-create the moment of Creation???

I firmly believe in the maxim "Forewarned is forearmed"; therefore, I have brought this to your attention as a warning. It's a very serious warning for a very serious threat.

May our True Father and Creator, HaKadosh Baruch Hu - THE ONE and ONLY - see fit to stop this revelation of ancient 'gods' along with their sinister plans for humankind, and quickly, instead, bring us the glorious revelation of our true and righteous Mashiach! And return us to Eden, the true starting point and elevate us back to the level of Adam HaRishon according to the real Divine Plan! Amen!

NOTE: The account of the Tower of Bavel is found in B'reishit, ch 11. According to my Stone Chumash - "The year of the following narrative is 1996 from Creation, 340 years after the Flood. Noah and his children were still alive at the time, and Abraham, 48 years old, had already recognized his Creator (Seder Olam)."