18 June 2015

"Cultural War in Israel and the Jewish World"

1 Tamuz 5775
Rosh Chodesh


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  1. Rabbi Mizrachi's words remind me....
    A non-Jewish Russian woman I know who was brought to Israel via a mail-order bride service, as they call it (her Jewish Israeli man married her outside of Israel) said that having been living a culturally Jewish life now, she would like to convert and keep the mitzvot, but when she mentions it to her man, she claims that he says something like, "I didn't marry you for you to be religious!" and won't let her convert. And truthfully, I don't know if she really wants to convert for the right reasons as it is enjoyable and fairly easy to keep Shabbos and chagim, and buy kosher, etc., in Eretz Yisrael. Does she really understand what it means to be Jewish? Anyway, she picked up Hebrew really well and knows what traditional Jews here know about Judaism. Her children look, speak, and act like Jewish Israelis in every way.

    When a secular family member here was getting serious about a Russian girl he was dating, frum family members started gently pressing to find out if she was really Jewish. They eventually broke up and I daven for him, but what about secular Jews here that don't have frum family members to look out for them?

    What will be? Obviously, this kind of mixing and confusion can't continue for much longer....

    (This was mentioned in an earlier post, but I also think it is totally bizarre that non-Jews want to live here. If I was secular, I would avoid living in a place that regularly experiences wars, terror attacks, has ISIS at its borders -- and ISIS supporters in its villages -- and is the target of a nuclear-active regime -- even for the sake of economic advancement. It's terrifying. Why do they do it?)

    -- Dassie