17 June 2015

Binyamin: "On a Clear Day..." Q and A - Pt 4

1 Tamuz 5775
Rosh Chodesh Bet

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin
Motzaei Shabbat Kodesh Naso
13 Sivan 5775

On a Clear Day It's Permitted to See Eternity 

Q. People have requested that we ask, in the business of kashrut the situation is so weak, we've reached the lowest floor, so what can we eat? Rice and vegetables? On what can we rely?

A. Tell them that everyone needs to sacrifice himself for the truth, everyone according to his level. How can it not be, with someone sick and they tell him that he can only eat tomatoes and rice, then he would only eat tomatoes and rice. That's all.

Q. In the shmita year there are also problems with the vegetables and fruit... So what's left? Rice and fish...?

A. There are problems also with fish, and there are problems with everything. We are in a world of sheker - lie, lie, lie. Everywhere you look - it's sheker. And lie within lie. It's impossible to know anything. I don't know what to say about food, because anyway we don't want to die of hunger. But whatever efforts however we make, Hashem will understand that there was nothing we could do. There's a hechsher that needs to be good, it's everyone according to his level, if he will go to a small private slaughtering or it doesn't matter what, and shortly, one way or the other these things will be closed. But, here and there, there are some nevertheless, but it's against the law. And there will yet be many things against the law and we need to choose what to do.

Their program, it's to control everything, and they want that slowly- slowly Judaism will turn into being something from the past. Maybe they will decide it is worthwhile to leave some place for tourists, some 'reservation', like Meah Shearim, and will allow them to live there like once was, so they will be able to see what once was, and how happy they are that they were saved from it... Look, look what's going to be, look, look, it's not without purpose. But, what I'm telling you is it won't go on for a long time, it will be extremely short. This process in which we will be under the control of the evildoers, it won't be like this a long time, it will be short.

Q. A yeshivah guy drowned in a lake beside Jerusalem, what do you have to say about it?

A. What will I say to you, Hashem took from us the tzadikim so that we will raise our head and look, and we'll say: Why? Why did Hashem take him? Then, maybe we will arrive at the right answer.

Q. Today, at funerals it will be like a forbidden thing to ask 'why'? It's like against the pure faith...

A. Of course... If you're asking 'why' - you're likely to arrive at the truth, and then they'll have a problem...  It's correct that the person for himself needs to receive everything with love, but to ask "why is it happening" - it's necessary, of course.

Q. Is this what's called the War of Gog uMagog, this big war that is standing before us?

A. No, in 'Gog uMagog' the Mashiach battles after he will be revealed.

Q. With whom will he battle? With those who will come here or with the whole world?

A. Don't worry... It'll be alright. It's written in books - and so it will be.

Q.  Tzadikim said that the Holocaust was the war of Gog uMagog...

A. That was the beginning and it will go into the War of Gog uMagog.

Q. In our days, with the technology, this war is something extremely fast...

A. There are the talks of the 'Frankfurter Rav' who spoke about China at that time, as it was a hundred years ago and they didn't know then about nuclear bombs, etc., and China was then the poorest, and he said even before the world wars that China will be more powerful, very large and strong in the world, and that she will completely bring down New York, Paris and London.

Q. How will the war be here in Israel?

A. Here it will be the easiest from the rest of the world, but it will still be very difficult, and I can't elaborate. Don't forget that they want to make from this place their center, so they have no interest that it will be totally destroyed with all kinds of things, it could be that they will destroy places - but not Yerushalayim.


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  1. As Binyamin said in another message,

    " Putin's confrontation with the West is "artificial" and aimed at protecting Russia's ruling elite and distracting attention from a corrupt system, a former Russian oil tycoon said on Wednesday."

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