09 June 2015

Special Messages III - "Survival Plan"

22 Sivan 5775

20th Tishrei, 2.10.07


Questions and Answer Session...

...Abba: Binyamin said "There will be secular Jews who will grasp the truth in a second," what does that mean?

Daniel: These are Jews who have thought a lot about religion and Hashem and will be very ready to accept the truth when they witness the great revelation that will be. They will be able to grasp the truth. There will be Chareidim (Ultra- orthodox) that will not grasp the truth, because their head is stuck in the ground.

Guest: The autistics once said that there will be new realities and new worlds will be revealed. Can you elaborate?

Daniel: I cannot because you will not able to understand until it happens.

Guest: In the FC communication that took place on Shabbat, it was said that we are approaching a terrifying situation and each person will see exactly where they stand regarding the ultimate Truth.

Daniel: Each person will be able to determine how disconnected or connected he is to the truth.

Abba: What do you mean by "the truth"?

Daniel: The truth of the world and truth in general, which is that Hashem is omnipotent; He is the Creator of the world, the Sovereign of the World and everything He does, He does for our benefit. If that is the truth we live with, then we have reached THE truth. If we live according to what we think is the truth, but in actuality it's a lie, then we will not be able to handle the ultimate truth.

Abba: You said earlier, that the suffering in Gehenom is 1,000 times greater than the rewards. What did you mean?

Daniel: Gehenom is definitely 1,000 times more difficult than the rewards because a person that goes through Gehenom undergoes a tremendous cleansing and purifying process (cleansing), much greater than what he endured in this world. For this reason, he must really go through a lot of suffering before he can go into Gan Eden.

Abba: You said that there will be evil people that will get into Gan Eden.

Daniel: A wicked person who does Teshuva (repents), can get into Gan Eden.

Regarding food for the upcoming war period:

Abba: In the beginning, you all (autistics) said to prepare supplies of food, afterwards you said to prepare food for two weeks and after that, you pointed out only in Eretz Yisrael. After this, someone added that people in Israel should also store candles and matches in their homes (as if to indicate that there will be a blackout). Can you elaborate?

Daniel: Every person should prepare whatever they think they will need; these are the person's personal efforts, but people should not go overboard. This is why we said 'for 2 weeks'. However, people must understand that this is not what will save them in the end.

Abba: Will there be a period of time when there will be no food?

Daniel: That is possible. It is also possible that Hashem wants us to prepare food so we will understand the situation we are facing.

Abba: Is it possible that food will always be available, but you have said to prepare food and so on in order to help us prepare emotionally for the upcoming situation?

Daniel: It could be and it could also be that there will not be any food. But even if there will not be food (and food supply was prepared), it does not mean that this will save them.


  1. somebody out there seems to take great pleasure in terrifying everybody for years on end

    1. I didn't mean you. You are just reporting the news. I'm not sure who actually or if I mean it literally. But it does feel at times like we are being terrorized with threats that go on for ever. My feeling, you want to destroy the world, just do it already.

  2. Please change the record, the needle's stuck. 2007 was a long time ago. BB

  3. Israel and BB - It's been much longer than 2007. It's been since 1996! Tell me: Where are you? ...and what have you done? ...with that twenty years? Because I look around and I see half the Jews in the world still sitting in chutz la'aretz and I still see immodestly dressed "religious" women and I still see Jews in love with democarcy and all the rest of the foreign culture. It appears to me that in twenty years, almost no one has listened to a thing that's been said.

    Maybe you are both hidden tzadikim, but no, if that were so, you wouldn't be saying such things. Perhaps you feel that you don't need these messages. Please have some consideration for your fellow Jews who do benefit from them and stop speaking with the mouth of Amalek!

  4. I used to be a hidden tzadick. Now you have gone and exposed me.

  5. Devash, I think people don't realize that 20 years is a long time for our short lifespan, but in the scheme of the 'world's lifetime' it's less than 20 short moments! Therefore when things don't happen instantly, they tend to say 'you see, it didn't happen'! But Hashem is giving us fair warnings in 'our lifetime' so that we take the time to collect ourselves.

    As an aside, Israel and BB, there are too many signs pointing in the same direction.... Therefore, in my humble opinion, the stakes are too high to just miss out on the opportunity to be jolted into Teshuvah. So any which way you toss it, and even if you stop reading all these messages, you know what you gotta do.

    Put it this way: 'WHAT IF' IT IS TRUE?

    Rather be safe than sorry.

    Sarah G K

    1. i'm sure it's true. I have visions of my own. but the suspense is traumatizing. maybe there's caparah in that.

  6. The etiology and focus of your cynicism is another element element of chutzpah yasgeh.
    All of these issues take time to progress and advance. It takes years. However, they are but a bygone yesterday....

  7. Like Rabbi Pinchas Winston says, "Program or Pogrom. Your choice."