11 June 2015

War for Jerusalem

24 Sivan 5775

Everybody wants a piece of Jerusalem. No scratch that. They want control over ALL of Jerusalem - the City of God - because it is the seat of power for the whole world and they know it. I received a video and an essay by email this morning that illustrates this very well.

The video below was made by Xians in Jerusalem who have already taken over most of Binyan Klal in the area of Davidka near the shuq. They put a huge church in the top where they hold idolatrous services and bring Xian tourists to pray over the entire city from its heights. And they've been spreading out into other areas of the building, as the video will attest, trying to take it over completely. And this is the aim of Xians everywhere in Jerusalem, as those attempting to defend Kever David and those who regularly visit Ir David and the Kotel Hama'aravi well know.

The essay, written by Rabbi Menachem Froman, yemach shemo v'zichro, who was a respected and venerated rabbi from the "settler movement", is further proof of the Erev Rav goals of handing Jerusalem over to UN control in support of a world religion which will destroy authentic Judaism and of uniting Eisav with Yishmael, may Hashem thwart all their evil thoughts and plans! Be aware! And pray Hashem will stop delaying the redemption and bring it immediately with great mercy for the real Jews.

Jentezen Franklin on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I only bring the following as proof to the doubters and scorners who do not believe that such a dastardly plan exists or is in the process of being implemented by so-called Jews as well as gentiles.

A UN for All Religions
by Menachem Froman

In framing a view of Jerusalem's future, we would do well to draw upon our divine heritage. Isaiah's famed vision of Jerusalem at the End of Days, for example, was that "instruction shall come forth from Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem – nation shall not take up sword against nation; they shall never again know war".

Why not bring that prophecy to fruition by turning Jerusalem into a place worthy of her name: a city of peace? Wouldn't it be wise to launch an offensive aimed at transforming Jerusalem into the capital of the world? Surely this would be a way of showing our city far greater respect and showering it with far more love.

The key must be to raise Jerusalem above the arena of national power games and squabbles over the symbols and tools of sovereignty. Wars for control of territory are commonplace in our world. But Israel's victories in the War of Independence and the Six-Day War have accorded it a power and opportunity that are unique: to declare a place on earth – the Old City of Jerusalem - ex-territorial.

Jewish tradition contains many expressions of the idea that Jerusalem is not confined by the bounds of common territoriality. The Midrash, for example, cites it as the place from which Jacob's Ladder connected earth with heaven. And the Gemarah (Baba Batra 75) tells us that Jerusalem is named after God and is the place where the commemoration of God's name – His essence and intent – must be expressed throughout history.

If the purpose of Zionism is to transform the sublime visions of our heritage into reality here on earth, wouldn't its true fulfillment be the realization of Isaiah's vision here in this temporal city? Shouldn't our purpose be to draw to Jerusalem the most spiritual and humanist of institutions? Isn't it only fitting that Jerusalem be the seat of the U.N.'s cultural bodies, human rights organizations, scholarly forums and workshops of intellectual endeavor? And finally, isn't it only proper that Jerusalem be the place where members of all faiths convene to renounce their breeding of prejudice, hostility and war, and work to fashion world peace? We do Jerusalem no honor if we insist that it be to us what Belgrade is to Yugoslavia. Jerusalem deserves to be more: a realization of our potential to rise above the narrow sense of nationalism.

This is not a utopian vision appropriate only to the End of Days. Meetings and discussions are already in progress among Jews, Muslims and Christians with the aim of making Jerusalem into the capital of peace and home of a U.N. for all religions. They are drawn together by the hope of converting a problem on which no side can afford to concede – following the traditional model of negotiations as give-and-take, as in "land for peace" – into a solution that leaves all sides feeling they have gained: a win-win outcome.

For Israel this proposal will mean elevating Jerusalem from the capital of a small country in the Levant to the capital of the world. No less important in this idea would be Jerusalem's role as a bridge between the Muslim world and the West to help defuse tensions that spread well beyond the Middle East. Both the United States and Europe can make meaningful contributions in this sphere. The Pope has repeatedly expressed his desire to have the start of the new millennium mark the end of the historical conflict between Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and other Christian denominations will be able to endorse the plan on similar grounds.

This is why contacts about making Jerusalem into the capital of peace have reached and will go on reaching the highest echelons in Jerusalem, Gaza, Washington, Brussels, Rome and elsewhere. We must work to ensure that Jerusalem's future is built in the spirit of "yeru-shalom," a legacy of peace.

'Rabbi' Froman already passed on from this world. Now, he knows the Truth - too late.


  1. Devash, I'm upset with you. You did not provide a trash can where I can throw up in. Wow. You cannot make up this stuff. Please Hashem bring Moshiach- now! Please!

  2. How awful! Right at Davidka Square! Jews should boycott the building.

  3. That video was so scary I could barely watch it. It shows how American culture has become totally corporate. That guy was a pastor? He sounded and looked like a CEO. Talking about shopping centers and strategic locations. All in that cold, calculating voice. To me that is far scarier than ISIS.

  4. This is maddening. The enemy is always so much more single mindedly energized and willing to take a risk. Why don't more Jews consider this a threat?


  5. The Pavilion - הפוויליון ירושלים
    97 Jaffa Street, Klal Building, Level P1, Jerusalem, 94340, Israel

    And for slanderers let there not be hope; and all the heretics in an instant may they perish; AND ALL THE ENEMIES OF YOUR PEOPLE SPEEDILY BE CUT DOWN. The willful sinners may You speedily uproot, smash, cast down; DESTROY them, pull them down, and humble them speedily in our days. Blessed are You, HaShem, who breaks enemies and humbles willful sinners.

  6. Just as our sages tell us - "from within your own midst will come your worst enemies" (the Erev Rav). About time, the Jews awaken to how all is being exposed and no excuse for (especially the learned Jew) to realize that the above prophecy of from 'within' together with Eisav/Yishmael, is right out there in front of everyone's eyes.
    What chutzpah. The gold lining is that H' will take care of them, as HE did at y'tziat Mitzrayim. nili

  7. Spain: Lawmakers Approve Sephardic Jew Citizenship Plan

    They're preparing places to take in the Jewish refugees who will soon begin fleeing Eretz Yisrael (or so they hope).

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. I posted some additional information about the Xian activities in the Klal Building, what I call the Jerusalem Christian Center.

    2. Thanks so much! "Voice" you could be right.

      Esser, great job! What about the new missionary center that was recently opened in the middle of Sha'arei Chesed despite the protests of the local yeshivishe community?

    3. Uh-Oh. You mean in addition to the Baptist church already there on Narkiss Street?