07 June 2015

Disclosure or Deception?

21 Sivan 5775

Yes, I'm going to take another stab at this, but bear with me, it will probably be the last time.

If you come from a secular background, you've probably, at some point in time, seen a science fiction movie or TV show depicting the world being saved from a WW3-type total annihilation by the sudden, fortuitous intervention of friendly extra-terrestrial beings. In this scenario, the war long-dreaded by most of humanity - a nuclear war - breaks out and just when it seems no one can possibly survive, extra-terrestrial beings arrive on the scene to put a stop to it with their superior technological know-how. A traumatized, but grateful humanity, is ready to do anything in order to restore peace and assure that earth has a future. Anyone who stands in the way of global unity by persisting in maintaining their own separate identity, nation, laws and religion is seen as public enemy #1. They cannot be allowed to exist in the new world order that is to be established upon the ruins of the old.

Of course, this is just a fictional tale like so many others, but if you're a science fiction buff, you can testify to the strange way that science fiction so often becomes science 'fact'.

Again, let me hasten to explain that I do not believe that physical beings alien to our planet exist, but I do think that the western governments, in concert, under the direction of the global elite, have a vested interest in making the public think so. There are people who have admitted that they believe they were used to "leak" documentation and information about ETs in order to make the public believe there was a massive cover-up so that when it was ultimately "exposed", they would be more likely to believe it to be the truth.

Now, there are all kinds of people in the world. Some want to know, and possibly need to know, this stuff and others simply don't. I just ask those who have no need or desire to know the possible scenarios that can be played out at the end of history to show some tolerance for those who do.

According to the FC messages, WW3 will happen and then GoguMagog. Like I said before, Hashem may not let the evildoers play out their entire scenario before HE intervenes, but there is ample evidence to prove that this is a scenario they have prepared for future use in order to finalize their domination of the planet, no different from the ETs in all those old movies and TV shows.

I mean, the current Pope is issuing a formal declaration that the Vatican recognizes the high probablity that alien life exists and how the Catholic Church is to react if they make contact! 

According to what I have read, the global elite believe that the final unity of mankind is to be achieved via the one world religion whose establishment is already well underway. And what piece of real estate will be absolutely critical to this endeavor? Why, the one spot on earth that is "revered by all three world religions" - the Temple Mount. Mashiach is to rule and reign from Jerusalem, so naturally, they must co-opt it to thwart Hashem's plan, as if that could ever be possible.

I see the time period between WW3 and the War of GoguMagog as the possible time when the true Jews will find themselves free of the evil anti-Torah regime; will come under the leadership of Mashiach Tzidkeinu; and, will finally be completely separated from the Erev Rav and the goyim. However, our refusal to abdicate our singular identity, our unique chosenness, our distinct and holy land, law and destiny, coupled with our refusal to renounce our solitary claim to Har Habayit and Yerushalayim will make us into the last threat to world peace that needs to be eliminated. 

Any Jews who have survived and remain in the Diaspora at this time will be brought to Israel by Mashiach with the world's blessing - the better to gather us all to one place for the ultimate 'final solution' to the world's 'Jew-problem'. And that's when the nations come with Gog against Israel - a country finally living in peace, according to the prophets.

Strangely, I came across this during a question and answer session from one of the FC messages...
Guest: The autistics once said that there will be new realities and new worlds will be revealed. Can you elaborate?
Daniel: I cannot because you will not able to understand until it happens.
Feel free to share your thoughts about what he could possibly have been referring to or on any other aspect of this topic. 

Following, are two videos. The first one is what I would consider part of the setup for the faked 'alien' arrival. He sounds very credible and even held a respected public office. Pay very close attention to his final words. 

The second video is an example of how even so-called Orthodox Judaism has already been primed to accept the new world religion - or should I say "spirituality", since this is a "unifying " word while everyone knows "religion needlessly divides us". If you live in an insular frum community, you may be completely unaware how widespread this heresy has grown and where it reaches.

On 6 May 2013, Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Defense Minister, testified at the Citizen Hearing On Disclosure (CHD) in Washington, D.C., the non-governmental hearings chaired by six former U.S. congressmen. It's aim was, according to the event's website, to do "what the U.S. Congress had failed to do for forty-five years —  seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time — evidence pointing toward an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race."