27 April 2016

"It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times"

20 Nisan 5776
5th Day Chol HaMo'ed
5th Day of the Omer

The title of this blog post is the opening line of Charles Dickens' novel A Tale of Two Cities. It could be talking about today.

One person's bad news is another person's good news. One person's "doom and gloom" is another person's "light at the end of the tunnel". Even the term "End Times" is open to individual interpretation. For one person, it's the end of the old and familiar world, but for another person it's the end of suffering, and the promise of a new and better world.

Which is it for you? Is it the "best of times" or the "worst of times" or maybe even both at the same time. I think that's what Dickens was implying.

Chag Shvi'i shel Pesach sameach! And may we all merit to experience our ultimate deliverance - NOW!

25 April 2016

Moishela: Two New Messages for Pesach

18 Nisan 5776
3rd Day Chol HaMo'ed Pesach
3 Days of the Omer


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
13 Nissan 5776 (April 21, ‘16)

We Cannot Survive Without A Nes

Mommy, I feel that the world is coming apart at the seams, so-to-speak. I feel that this Pesach will make it a lot more evident that we are in big trouble. I feel that the earth is shaking beneath us in the whole world. The cold has become hot and the hot has become cold and the earth is screaming from within and cracks and holes, enormous openings deep into the earth are happening everywhere. But who is noticing it? How many of the world population is noticing the loud warnings from Hakodosh Boruch Hu? How many Jews have opened their eyes to the unbelievable and very frightening changes in the world that we are so used to? How many of us Jews are willing to admit, begrudgingly, that now is the time for Moshiach, now is the time of our greatest suffering. We are getting the warnings now and very strong warnings and very clear warnings and yet we are not interested, just not interested. We just don’t want to know! Boruch Hashem, there are still Jews that do realize and are willing to fight for their Yiddishkeit. However for the most part people like to forget it by playing with their new toys, new and very infamous toys, their electronic toys or by just patting themselves on the shoulder and saying we are good Jews. Boruch Hashem there are many good Jews. But in our world today what does that mean “a good Jew”? Does that mean he has Payos and a beard and Tzitzis but doesn’t mind cheating in business even other Jews? Does it mean ladies who can trace their lineage back to the greatest Rabbis and give a lot of Tzeddakah but dress like street urchins and are accepted in the Frum community as G-D fearing Jews? Adultery in the Frum community has gone sky high. In many places it’s treated like a glitch of indiscretion and not the horrible terrible Aveirah that it is.

We are so tied up in our food, in our noshes, in our diets, that the food has lost its Kedusha it’s only a lust for most so-called Chareidim. Not all Chareidim say a Brocha before and after they eat! Their main involvement with the food is not Kedusha its lust, its gluttony and it has nothing to do with Kedusha.

When you tell Yidden in America or in England or any western country that it’s time to go back to Eretz Yisroel instead of getting very excited and happy in most cases, they will ask you for proof and then with all their heart and soul try to disprove that it’s true. One of their most interesting arguments is if we leave the diaspora who will support all the poor Jews in Eretz Yisroel? There are many Jews in Chutz Laaretz that do see the truth but have no way or means to make the move and those Jews, with a true Jewish heart that yearns to live in Eretz Yisroel, will take up the challenge and try. If there is no natural way to succeed then Hashem will save them. But He will not save the pompous ones that are “holier than thou” and are sure that without them staying in Chutz Laaretz in their fancy homes, the Jewish community cannot survive. Of course most of the Rabbonim are on the side of the pompous ones because they are the ones usually with the money.

So I beseech the Yidden, the true Yiddishe Neshomas, that yearn and yearn to be and to live, to breathe the air of Eretz Yisroel and who realize that this is the absolute beginning of the Geula and now we are being tested, who yes and who no who shows Hashem his true Jewish desires to be one with Him, to be in Eretz Yisroel no matter what, to cling to His Torah and only desiring to do His will. Those Jews will not suffer. The other Jews that also yearn to be in Eretz Yisroel but there is no feasible way that they could possibly attain their dreams, they will also be saved. The pompous ones, if they are true Jews, will be reeducated by Hakodosh Boruch Hu until they understand, until they feel the closeness and the overwhelming spiritual attainment of finally seeing the Truth and then they will be saved.

The Erev Rav, the Amalaikim and the Edomim and all of Am Yisroel’s enemies will be destroyed! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have come to point out to you in every way I can the Truth. Please forgive me if I am a bit repetitive in what I say but the end of the world as we know it is on the horizon. We can see it with our eyes, it’s coming towards us. I am begging you again and again come back to Hashem. It’s truly much more interesting and fulfilling than eating Pizza on 13th Avenue or going on a cruise for Pesach or going away to a hotel in Switzerland so you can eat Matzah and ski at the same time. Am Yisroel what I am saying is true. I am a Shaliach and I am telling you the truth. You can check it out yourself, the world is in a mess so terrible that it can never get out of it because the Reshoim are directing it just like in the times of Migdal Bovel.
Choose your side. Now is the time! You have to choose your side now!

I wish all Am Yisroel a Chag Kosher Vesamayach, a Pesach of Geula Sheleimah. Daven Am Yisroel, cry and scream to Shomayim. Scream to Hashem to bring the Geula Sheleimah now!



Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
16 Nisan 5776 (April 24, ‘16)

The Unthinkable Is About To Happen

Mommy, I am sorry that because of me you had to go through such terrible suffering, but this Pesach has been a special time because we are coming to the end and Hashem is bringing a warning even stronger through me. The fact that this all happened just exactly minutes before Pesach this year, is only a small message to me so that I should pass it on more clearly to the world, that we are nearing a tragedy the likes of which we can’t even try to imagine. As much as different people have written about it, still anyone who survives it, or the few that survive it, will know that they survived only with absolute miracles. In no other way can a person even dream that he can survive. So basic preparations can be done but they will only help you if and when the time comes for you to be saved. I have not been bringing the message strong enough evidently, so Hashem forced me to make it clearer. Jews get yourself together.

I am a small boy who went with my father to watch Erev Pesach Matzos being baked by one of the Tzaddikim of this world and a very strange thing happened. A piece of heavy equipment used in the baking accidently fell onto my hand and one of the fingers of my hand was injured quite seriously in a most unusual way. It fell and hit my finger, obviously being directed to my small six year old finger, and it hit exactly on target to bring me great pain at the moment of impact. Boruch Hashem, even though I was hospitalized for a short time, Hashem had pity on me and it wasn’t worse than it was.

But it’s a warning for me to warn Am Yisroel and all the world that the unthinkable is about to happen, and even though we have gone through many things that were once unthinkable, still now it’s going to be much worse than even our present state. The future events will be upon us very soon and more than getting ready physically, which there is not really a way to do, we must ready ourselves with complete Teshuva. We must start now to put our mindset into coming back to Hashem, even if we think we are close to Hashem. Everyone in this world can get infinitely closer than he or she is already. I beg everyone to please start realizing that this world is only an illusion. That our bodies with all its lusts and desires that are totally against what Hashem ultimately wants us to be, has the ability to push the Yetzer Hora completely out and desire only the Yetzer Tov which means to do Hashem’s will completely, to come close to Him without any demands and without any desires except to be close to Him and to do His will. I can’t emphasize enough how we have to just concentrate on these things.

The world we live in today is built on “isms” communism, socialism, fascism, Zionism. None of these “isms” are for us! We are Yidden and we have to be close to Hashem and that is all we have to do, His will only. We can’t change one bit of it to suit ourselves and our desires. We have to constantly strive to understand more and more what He wants from us and to fulfill every one of His written and unwritten words, to go completely according to the Rabbonim and Tzaddikim from hundreds and thousands of years ago. Starting from Avrohom Avinu who was the first Jew who, brought people to Yiddishkeit and continuing to Moshe Rabbeinu who was the Shaliach from Shomayim to give us our holy Torah and the Torah Sheba’al Peh onwards towards Yehoshua to the Zekainim to the Neviim to the Anshei Kneseses Hagedola to the Geonim, Rishonim and then to the Achronim … to the present day. However since this generation is a question mark because it’s so low, therefore it’s not so clear who is a great Tzaddik and who is not. Better to go for guidance to the known Tzaddikim of previous generations, and just follow their ways and don’t deviate. Go to their graves and Daven for guidance. There are great Tzaddikim buried all over the world and of course in Eretz Yisroel. Wherever you live there must be a Kever of a Tzaddik. Go to the Tzaddik’s Kever and beg the Tzaddik to go before Kisei Hakovod and beg Hashem to send the Geula Sheleimah to our lowest generation so that we don’t completely disappear into the muck and grime that is flooding the Frum world and the whole world. I guess I haven’t been putting it strong enough. We are in a spiritual life and death situation which means that it’s not only our bodies at stake, but our souls. So I beg you, it’s our last chance. Usually when you wake up in the morning in most places of the world the sun still shines normally. The world is more or less as we usually know it. We have food. We have a home. We have a car. We are married. We have children, and we go to school etc, but the time is coming when all that will change completely and that will be the end for those who want to go the opposite way of the will of Hashem, but those who are trying hard to go in Hashem’s way and to do Hashem’s Ratzon, they will have a new beginning that will last for eternity.

Chag Kosher Vesamayach and A Gutten Moed. To all my fellow Jews, I beg you to take my word seriously.

Tatti: Why did this accident happen when Rav _____ was baking Matzah?
Moishela: When Rav _____ bakes Matzah, it’s with the utmost concentration on the Shechina and because of his Kesher to Am Yisroel and his Heavenly inspired writings to Am Yisroel that will Be’ezras Hashem save many souls, this is a place of Kedusha and baking Matzah especially with the Rav, is Kadosh.
Tatti: Is your finger going to look horrible or will it heal properly?
Moishela: Don’t worry, I’ll still find a Shidduch IY”H.

22 April 2016

Chag Pesach Kasher v'Sameach!

14 Nisan 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Erev Pesach 5776

May all of Am Yisrael together experience the ultimate freedom this Pesach the complete and final redemption!

21 April 2016

"Mashiach Is Coming - Are YOU Ready?"

14 Nisan 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Erev Pesach 5776

Ana Hashem, Hoshia Na!!

13 Nisan 5776

Of Past and Future

13 Nisan 5776

When I saw the date on the calendar today - April 21st - I immediately flashed back to my childhood. It's San Jacinto Day, I thought. When I was young, this day was a state holiday. Schools and banks were closed. Even as late as high school, I marched with the drill team in a parade marking the occasion, sidestepping the horse droppings like eveyone else on foot. 

San Jacinto Day is Texas Independence Day - the day the despicable Mexican General Santa Anna surrendered to General Sam Houston at the site of what today is still known as the San Jacinto Battlegrounds and is marked by the 567 ft tall San Jacinto Monument.

I remember when I was six and my daddy first asked me if I wanted to go to the monument. I didn't understand the word. The closest thing I could think of was peppermint and there was an amusement park we used to go to called Peppermint Park, so I thought it must be something good and I agreed. Boy, was I surprised when we went into this strange looking building and took an elevator all the way to the top. It was like being a bird gazing down from so high and I remember being impressed most by how everything looked so small when seen from above - you could really understand how everything fit together.

Those were the days before the complete take-over by the globalists who have since erased the differences between the states the same way they erased the differences between the European countries. Or at least they've tried by eliminating all outward signs of separateness. When I was growing up, loyalty to my state was held above loyalty to the country. And I was the fifth generation of people who had immigrated not to the United States, but to the Republic of Texas - before it became the 28th state in the union from which it seceded only sixteen years later. I renounced my US citizenship seventeen years ago, but once a Texan, always a Texan.

My mama was born in Houston. I was born in Houston. And all my children were born in Houston. But, the last time I saw it, it was unrecognizable from the city I grew up in. I'm not sure there is anyone left there who doesn't speak Spanish. There was this movement called Azatlan that advocated "Reconquista" - the reconquering of the American southwest, including Texas, for Mexico. Maybe they won, but now Mexico is part of the North American Union, so....

Speaking of Houston, Texas. We had rain floods when I was a  kid, but nothing on the scale that has been seen in this century. Apparently there was a really bad flood in 2001 that they called a 1,000 year flood at the time. Then, they had another historic flood last May that really adversely affected the growing Jewish community there and then another one this week.

Houston Jewish Community Is Flooded Again

JNS.org – Just 11 months after a massive Memorial Day flood damaged about 500 Jewish homes (among more than 2,500 homes overall) and three synagogues in my current home city of Houston, what seems to me to be a flood of equal or greater magnitude on Monday wreaked renewed havoc on the Houston Jewish neighborhoods of Meyerland and Willow Meadows.

For scores of Jewish and other families in America’s fourth-largest city who are still rebuilding their homes after last year’s flood, today’s deluge likely means the devastating scenario of restarting that process from square one. The Jewish Federation of Greater Houston had already projected an 18-month recovery timetable, with a price tag of $3.5 million, for the local Jewish community’s individual flood victims and institutions following the May 2015 flood. Initial indications are that the congregation I belong to, United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston, was hit even harder than it was last year — when damages to the synagogue facility exceeded $1 million. While I won’t often make opinionated statements in my writing, I can say with confidence that Houston’s Jewish community and all of Houston’s flooded neighborhoods are worthy of your thoughts and prayers.

Take it from someone who knows, there is no future for Jews in Houston. They can keep rebuilding, but Hashem will continue to wash it away. The exile is ending and those who resist will in the end be worn out from their efforts to remain. Be smart and read the handwriting on the wall. Israel - and only Israel - is both our past and our future.

19 April 2016

This, Too, Is Chevlei Mashiach - Birthing a New World

11 Nisan 5776

This is the second time in less than a year that this major US city has gone completely underwater...

PHOTOS: Houston shuts down after region receives over a foot of rain in 24 hours

And it looks like one of Japan's islands is going to split in two...


Yellowstone National Park looks like the gateway to Hell...

How are we still sleeping!???

(In the video below, if you can't watch the whole thing, at least see from 12:48 to 13:54.

Moishela: "Darach Kochav Mi’Yaakov"

11 Nisan 5776


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
7 Nisan 5776 (April 15, ‘16)

Darach Kochav Mi’Yaakov

Oy Mommy, Oy Mommy. Scandals, scandals and more scandals. All the dead are being dug up and all the stories rehashed in great and sometimes often disgusting detail.

All kinds of things are happening in the world that would have one time seemed unbelievable but in our world today it just makes goodnight reading which in the morning one duly forgets about. We are not impressed anymore by threats of nuclear war, we are not impressed by threats of total worldwide financial collapse, we are not terrified to hear that maybe in the near future a giant planet passing by our earth could possibly cause the death of most animals and human beings living on our planet. We have for the most part become Zombies, Golems not realizing at all not even wanting to realize that we are in danger of total extinction Chas Vesholom.

We believing Jews have our prophecies, our Nevuas which say that Am Yisroel will survive. All of the true Am Yisroel, not the Erev Rav, but the true Am Yisroel will survive. But not all of us know for sure that we are true Jews even if we can trace our lineage several generations, it does not mean we are true Jews. So it’s time to do Teshuva but it’s so difficult to do Teshuva so very difficult to do Teshuva. We will wait until it happens. Rather read a book now. Maybe see a movie on the forbidden IPhone or maybe just go to sleep. We have time. Maybe it’s not even true. Maybe it’s some kind of conspiracy theory. I am good for sure. I am a Jew, I have nothing to worry about. I have a Rebbe and he does not tell me anything like that. Let’s just forget it and why should I even think about it. I think Jews like that should be ostracized, should be kicked out for saying such crazy things, that Hashem would actually kill Jews, good Jews, unbelievable! It’s wrong! We should kick these people out of our Kehillas!

These so called good Jews that feel this way have a big surprise in store for them. Am Yisroel, you don’t have to believe me but one day you’ll look up at the sky and you’ll have the shock of your life. Just try to make sure that you have at least five seconds to say Shema Yisroel because if so then maybe Hashem will save you.

It’s time to do Teshuva before the event happens! Whatever event will be the main one, I can’t tell you for sure but I do know that most of the world, two thirds of the world will be destroyed. One third completely one third will be hurt very seriously and one third will survive without damage and Eretz Yisroel is in that last third.

For those of you that are Jews I will remind you that what I am saying goes according to Prophesies, Jewish Prophecies, and if you don’t believe it than I feel sorry for you because it probably means that you are not really a Jew. So Am Yisroel you should have a lot of Siyata Dishmaya to be able to know what is the absolute Truth and never, never for one moment think that this world and all its inhabitance in the whole universe and everything in existence doesn’t have a Creator. Never ever think such a thing! Because you’ll be lying to yourself and what I have just said is the absolute Truth.

I wish all Am Yisroel a Kosher Pesach and a Chag Somayach. We should all be Zoche to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu B’Simcha U’vrachamim, and remember if you decide not to believe what I have said and only at the last minute you realize the Truth, I suggest very strongly you say Shema Yisroel and be able to save your poor soul. If not in this world than in the next.

Gut Shabbos.

18 April 2016

China's Big Move

10 Nisan 5776

In an earlier post - April Can Be A Dangerous Month - we pointed out the significance of the April 19th date for those who basically worship the Satan. Now, we see that this April 19th, a major economic event is in the works...

China's yuan gold benchmark to launch

Top Chinese banks and gold miners, along with the world's biggest jewellery retailer, will be among 18 members taking part in Beijing's new yuan-denominated gold benchmark, a source familiar with the matter said.

Two foreign banks will also join the benchmark-setting process, when it launches on April 19, marking China's biggest step to become a price-setter for gold.

As the world's top producer, importer and consumer of gold, China has baulked at having to depend on a dollar price in international transactions, and believes its market weight should entitle it to set the price of gold.

A yuan gold fix is not expected to pose an immediate threat to the gold pricing dominance of London and New York, but it could ultimately give Asia more power, particularly if the Chinese currency becomes fully convertible.

Is this a threat to the US dollar? And if so, might the US feel compelled to do something unexpected in order to thwart or circumvent China's plans? And is the choice of April 19th important? A mid-week Tuesday on an odd-numbered date like "19" seems a strange choice to me outside the previously mentioned context. Maybe we'll see as early as tomorrow.

Western Assimilationist National Religious

10 Nisan 5776

It had to happen sooner or later. When you try to have a foot on each side of the fence, you can't maintain that balance forever. One day, you will fall on one side or the other. And it will most likely be the wrong side - just because it's easier. And more appealing to the ego. 

People seem always to sink to the lowest common denominator in their environment.

National Religious women want equality in domestic roles and career opportunities study finds

...The poll was conducted on a sample of 300 women over the age of 16, 27 percent of whom said they were from the religiously conservative wing of the community, 37% from the mainstream and 23% from the liberal national- religious sector, while 13% did not further define their societal affiliation beyond being national religious.

Of those polled, 73% said that women in Israel had no choice but to work, and that society should alter its attitude to women with professional careers.

At the same time, 80% said that it was possible to balance a career with taking care of the family, although 43% of respondents said that women in the sector found it hard to develop their career because of the demands of the home and family.

...And 65% of those surveyed said that the various duties and tasks involved in home and family life should be shared equally between both parents, while 58% agreed that gender should not determine either a man or woman’s place in the family and in society, with 26% disagreeing.

...In another important finding, 58% of the women said they are in favor of female enlistment to the IDF from the national-religious sector.

Rates of enlistment among young women in the sector have been increasing in recent years, to the consternation of the rabbinical leadership of the conservative wing of the community.

"How to Really Get Ready for Pesach"

10 Nisan 5776


17 April 2016

The Third War of Gog uMagog

9 Nisan 5776

The nations of the world led by their own international body and the two world leaders have orchestrated two major attacks on Eretz Yisrael - first on Jerusalem and then on the Golan Heights...

UNESCO adopts resolution ignoring Jewish ties to Temple Mount

UNESCO's Executive Board in Paris on Friday adopted a resolution whose language ignores Jewish ties to its holy religious site of the Temple Mount and the Western Wall area in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The broad-ranging resolution condemns Israeli actions in east Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip but focus in large part on Israeli actions with regard to the Temple Mount and Western Wall Plaza.

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all consider the Temple Mount to be a holy site, but the UNESCO Resolution referred to the area solely as al-Aksa Mosque/al-Haram al Sharif, except for two references to the Western Wall Plaza that were put in parenthesis. The text also referred to the plaza area by the Western Wall as al-Buraq Plaza.

Netanyahu to battle Obama, Putin over the Golan

The Israeli cabinet holds its weekly session Sunday April 17, on the Golan. Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu will visit Moscow on Thursday, April 21 to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and to launch the most important battle of his political career, and one of Israel’s most decisive contests of the last 10 years: the battle over the future of the Golan Heights.

DEBKAfile’s intelligence sources and its sources in Moscow report exclusively that Israel’s top political leaders and military commanders were stunned and shocked last weekend when they found out that US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin have agreed to support the return of the Golan to Syria. The two presidents gave their top diplomats, Secretary of State John Kerry and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the green light to include such a clause in a proposal being drafted at the Geneva conference on ending the Syrian civil war.

A Significant Increase in Seismicity

9 Nisan 5776

5 Major Earthquakes In 48 Hours As A Seismologist Warns ‘Catastrophic Mega Earthquakes’ Are Coming

Why is the crust of the Earth shaking so violently all of a sudden? Over the past 48 hours, there have been five major earthquakes globally, and one prominent seismologist has declared that “catastrophic mega earthquakes” could be on the way. In fact, seismologist Roger Bilham of the University of Colorado has made headlines all over the world by warning that “current conditions might trigger at least four earthquakes greater than 8.0 in magnitude”. If his projections are accurate, our planet could be on the precipice of a wave of natural disasters unlike anything that any of us have ever experienced before.

And what he didn't mention was the volcano...

Mount Aso volcano erupts following violent earthquake streak in Japan

14 April 2016

Freedom and Equality Are Not Jewish Values

7 Nisan 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parshat Metzora - HaGadol

In a news article today about one of the current US presidential contenders, it has been reported that last year he "...proposed a U.S. Department of Judeo-Christian values that would promote Western ideas...."

This same US presidential contender was filmed lecturing a bunch of Yeshivish Jews in a pompous and condescending manner during a visit to Boro Park on Tuesday. Of course, the die-hard Xians believe they are way more enlightened than the "blinded" Jews, so why not? I mean, they have that additional revelation that they call the "New Testament", and per their man-god's instructions they abhor the "traditions of men" known to Jews as the Oral Law. So, of course, their vision and their values which only pays lip service to the "Judeo" part of "Judeo-Xian" should hold sway in the public arena, don't you think?

But, are the so-called "freedom" and "equality" touted as supreme values by the Western world really in any way Jewish values? 

It's a good question, really, coming as it does in the lead-up to the Jewish Festival of Freedom - Pesach.

Liberal, westernized (assimilated) Jews like to equate our Pesach experience with every "freedom" movement that has arisen in the modern world and they encourage the gentiles to see it that way, too. But, it's far from the truth.

When you say "freedom", Westerners think - no restrictions, I can do whatever I want, no one can tell me "no". On the face, Jews might also look back at Egyptian slavery when we could not choose the type of work we did, when we could not even protect our own infant sons, or take a three-day vacation to the desert, and think "sure" -- freedom means being able to do whatever you want. But, in our case, that would be very wrong.

The Jews in Egypt were liberated from slavery to Pharaoh in order to become slaves to God. Our freedom meant having the choice of whom we would spend our lives serving.

Fifty days later, at Har Sinai, we accepted the Torah and all its 613 restrictions (some of which are really very liberating). But we traded one form of servitude for another. And that's how life really is. Even the Westerners who believe they have liberated themselves from the restrictions of morality are not free since they serve the interests of the Satan without even being aware of it. And they suffer the natural consequences of the laws they unwittingly break without even understanding why.

Ok. let's take "equality". Despite the pretty words of the US Constitution, "all men are not created equal". We aren't created equally, we aren't judged equally and we are not rewarded equally. 

In the Jewish commonwealth, only those who are qualified from the tribe of Judah and the line of David HaMelekh may become king. Only Kohanim, the descendants of Aharon the Kohen, may become priests and only those of a certian age and without blemish may serve in the Holy Temple. Only a virgin may marry the Kohen Gadol. Only a born-Jewish woman - virgin or widow - may marry a Kohen. A mamzer may not marry a born-Jewish woman. A man can divorce his wife, but a wife can not divorce her husband. A man can take a second wife, but a woman can not take a second husband. There are other examples. 

Of course, all are deserving of equal protection under the law - but those who put themselves above the law (of God), like LGBTQ or whatever other letter they wish to designate their sin by, will not have their "right to sin" recognized or upheld by any Jewish court.

So, no. "Freedom" and "equality" as they are defined by the Western value system are not in any way "Jewish". 


Political Forecast for Jerusalem: A 'Stormy' Pesach

6 Nisan 5776

Muslims Setting the Stage for Har Habayis Violence on Pesach

...in a recent briefing to the cabinet a senior ISA (Israel Security Agency – Shin Bet) official explain that he is not certain that the recent drop in the number of terror attacks is nothing more than the quiet before the storm and based on the words of the Tanzim leader and mufti, it may be a stormy Pesach on Har Habayis if Jewish visitation is permitted as expected.

Kosel Rav Working to Prohibit Planned Pesach 'Birkas Kohanos'

Rav of the Kosel and Holy Sites Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz Shlita has turned to the attorney general to block the planned Birkas Kohanos on the first day of chol hamoed Pesach in the ezras noshim of the Kosel. Rabbi Rabinowitz views this scheduled event “a provocation” at the holy site and therefore, it should be prohibited. 

13 April 2016

Why Forty Days?

6 Nisan 5776

"...its star is 'kochav Yaakov', and this is the one about which Bilaam said 'a star shoots forth from Yaakov', and this star will be luminous for 40 days and 40 nights." (Terumah 172b)

Why "forty"? I'll let Rabbi Kahane of blessed memory explain...

Excerpt from the book FORTY YEARS by Rabbi Meir Kahane

The idea first entered my head as I sat, one day, in Ramle Prison. It was the eve of Tisha B”AV, the tragic commemoration of the destruction of both Temples, the beginning of both terrible exiles. I sat, reviewing the book of Jonah, with its message of repentance, on the day of national tragedy. Jonah enters the city of Nineveh, to which he has been sent by the Almighty, to warn them of impending destruction unless they repent. And as I read, the words of Jonah to the people suddenly leaped out at me: “In forty days, Nineveh shall be overturned!

Forty. The thought suddenly struck me: How many times, again and again, does that number arise in connection with sin and punishment? “And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights.” (Genesis 7:12), the punishment of a world flooded for its sin. Forty. And centuries later, as the Jews of the desert “despised the pleasant land” and wept over their “home” in Egypt, the Almighty angrily decreed that the generation of the desert would not enter the Holy Land saying: “And your children will wander in the wilderness forty years and bear your faithlessness.” (Numbers 14:33). Again, forty. And the punishment of stripes, whipping, is one of “forty shall he strike him, he shall not increase”, and the atonement for sin and the purification process begin with a study of Torah given forty days at Sinai, continuing in a mikva, ritualarium, whose water must be a minimum of forty seah.

Forty. Again and again, the number forty connected to sin and punishment. Why forty? I do not know except to quote the rabbis in Bamidbar Rabah 5:5: “And why does the Torah obligate forty stripes? For he (the sinner) violated a Torah given in forty days and brought death unto himself (man) who was created in forty days. Let him therefore, be whipped forty times and be relieved of his punishment, as was done to Adam who sinned, was deserving of death, and was punished with forty. For the world was cursed, due to his sin, forty curses: ten for Adam, ten for Eve, ten for the serpent and ten for the land.”

And in that tiny cell in prison the thought expanded. Not only was the concept “forty” tied to sin and punishment, it was specifically connected to the warning of G-d to the sinner, a warning designed to avert that punishment. Jonah warns Nineveh of impending punishment and this gives them a grace period of forty days during which they might search their souls and change their ways.

In the case of both Holy Temples, the Almighty gave the Jewish people a period of forty years of grace; time to think and rethink their ways. Time to return to Him and save themselves from that punishment. In the awful final days of the first Jewish State, the L-rd tells the prophet Ezekiel: “And thou shall lie again on your right side and bear the iniquity of the House of Judah, forty days; each day for a year, each day for a year.”(Ezekiel 4:6)

And the Biblical commentator Rashi declares: “We learn that the time of the exiling of the ten tribes until the destruction of Jerusalem there was a period of forty years.” Forty years: The Almighty, having brought down His wrath on the ten tribes of Israel, begins the countdown to the terrible day of punishment that is decreed for a House of Judah that has turned its back on its G-d. But one final opportunity is given them, a grace period. A grace period of forty years. And so a prophet is chosen, a prophet of grace, of final warning – Jeremiah. And in the words of the rabbis: “The book of Lamentations was more effective for Israel than the forty years that Jeremiah prophesied unto them” (Eichah Rabah 4:27)

And the Second Temple “Forty years prior to the destruction of the Temple, the lot (for the Yom Kippur sacrifice) never was chosen by the High Priest’s right hand; and the red slip outside the Holy of Holies never turned white (as a sign of divine forgiveness) and the western candle would not light and the doors of the Sanctuary opened by themselves until Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai admonished them, saying: “Sanctuary, sanctuary…I know that you are destined to be destroyed…(Yuma 39b).

And again: “For forty years did Rabbi Zadok sit and fast in the hope that Jerusalem not be destroyed.” (Gittin56a)

And again: “For forty years prior to the destruction of the Temple, the Sanhedrin exiled itself (from the Temple) and sat in the market place.” (Avoda Zara 8b)

Once again, the period of grace. Forty years. The final hope of the Almighty that, perhaps, His final warning would be heeded. The countdown of forty years, the last chance.

You've Got to See This - Unbelievable!

5 Nisan 5776

Hailstones the size of BASEBALLS pound Texas, smashing windows, cars and buildings


"Do Jews Rejoice at the Downfall of Their Enemies?"

5 Nisan 5776






Binyamin: "The World Can't Continue Like This"

5 Nisan 5776


Communication with Binyamin Golden
Yerushalayim, 20 Adar II 5776 (30 March 2016)

The World Can't Continue Like This

The world is so bad, the world is so full of evil. It can't continue, it simply can't continue.

Since the first generations in the world - there were great tzadikim, but also almost from the first moment after Hashem created people, the snake succeeded in overthrowing them. And since then, Baruch Hashem, in the initial generations we had great tzadikim, and also even in generations 100 - 200 years ago we still had great righteous Jews. But the evil went below the surface without our feeling it. True, the Jews went through many, many great troubles at the hands of the evildoers, the gentile evildoers, but in any case, they maintained their stand in opposition, usually. And there were enough Erev Rav who damaged us, who went together with the gentiles, who were evildoers, who even looked like Jews, and who did evil to the Jews who were like a part of them.

But, in our generation - it has reached a peak, it's reached to the peak of peaks, that even the "so-called Jews" are filled with very-very hard and sad situations. I see the Chareidi Jews, and I just want to cry. They're occupied almost completely with the golden calf. And in the United States and European countries they can't get out of the golden calf, they can't be real Jews, and I'm speaking about the Chareidim, not about Jews who are also distanced like this from HKB"H, I'm talking about the Chareidim, the supposedly-Chareidim, when they're full of Erev Rav, also from the leadership, it's full of 'Erev Rav'.... And the secular?  In general, in general, the great majority of them are Erev Rav. Indeed, even among the secular there are real Jews, with a Jewish heart, with a Jewish neshamah, with a neshamah that stood at Har Sinai, and a Jew like this - he also will be saved. But, right now, I'm talking to Chareidim, what will be with us? What will be? How is it possible to change Judaism so much, how is it possible to fall so much?

Before the Second World War, most of the Jews were secular, but now, now when there are very many Chareidi Jews, what's with us? The Jews before the Second World War, for the majority - they were more authentic than us, more attached to HKB"H, they didn't have so much of the golden calf, especially the Jews in Europe, and they had a bigger center there, even if it wasn't big, but bigger than what there was in the United States. The Jews in Europe, the really Chareidim, were few. The majority were Sabbath-desecrators, but those who were Chareidim - were Chareidim to the end. We don't have that today. Most of the big rabbis, the giant tzadikim have passed on to the next world. And we go on still stronger for the golden calf. We're wearing a tallit, we're wearing peyot and beard, we have a kipah on the head, a gartel, etc., but where are we? Not in the right place, usually. And what future do our children have? The Chareidi promiscuity is simply above and beyond! What will be with our daughters? What with our sons? There is already in the yeshivahs, all over the world, things that never were before. There are situations against the Torah and those who condone it and pass over it like it's nothing. and even make jokes about it, and it's a tragedy, it's a tragedy.

One thing I know. It has to be - kochav shavit. It has to be. Because we can't go on this way another day, another moment, in this situation. We can't see another generation continuing because the next generation - almost won't be truly Jewish. And this can't be. Hashem won't let it be.... True, it's really right what I'm saying. And this is our situation, we don't understand how far we've come, we already have a hard heart, not a soft heart like a real Jew has. We don't understand at all what modesty is, what holiness is. We're living with one foot in the gentile world - and one foot in the so-called Chareidi world, but the foot that's among the gentiles and seculars is all the time pulling in this direction.

And I, my heart really hurts me about what they're doing in the Beit-Yaaqov schools, how they've turned it into a university, a university - whose control is ultimately not of the Chareidim, but of the government, this government which is not a Jewish government at all, it's a gentile government, really, as well as a university whose control is ultimately not of its Chareidim or of its faith. So, why are Chareidim sitting there? Only Hashem knows why, I can't understand it. But this can't continue. They want to destroy our families, the basis of all Judaism - it's the family, it's the children, it's the Chareidi education that we want. But they're making like it's 'for the sake of heaven' that the wife will work, that she will have a profession, that she will be able to support her talmid-chacham, who will sit at home and take care of the children... yes, yes it's really "l'shem shamayim"...! But, it's not for the sake of heaven, it's for the sake of running away from Judaism, to damage the families, because a mother like this who is a manager at some important place, at a bank or I-don't-know-what, and who goes out to work all day a lot of hours, and the child doesn't have a mother, and he has a father, who needs to take care of him, and has to leave his learning in order to take care of him and goes with him to the doctor's office, etc., etc. That's not a Jewish family. And without a shadow of a doubt, these families are making calculations, should they have another child or not, God forbid, God forbid. And this is our end. When they make these calculations, not on the basis of risk to the mother, or dangers, or other real accountings which are permitted according to the Torah. These accountings of what's comfortable, of what's worthwhile, etc. - it's what the evildoers want, to destroy it by us, that they will make accounts of non-Chareidi Jews, those of secular Jews or of gentiles. And it can't continue. Can't continue.

In previous days and years, approximately ten or twenty or thirty years ago, even if a woman didn't know so much what modesty was, with head-covering and etc, by the Chareidim, she had a head-covering, let's say a beautiful wig, but there was no question at all that the man if he wanted to sit and learn then she would work as a seamstress or maybe in a school, that she would arrive home early, and have days off, etc. But, now? When working in banks and various big places like these of the seculars - then that's something else completely! And not only that. So, in those same days, they saw families, a lot of families, even if a few were modern, but with ten children, twelve children, but now they're beginning to make calculations... Not everyone, Baruch Hashem, not yet, but it will spread in any case. How much strength does a woman have? To go to work for eight hours, to come home, travel on the bus... and recently we also have women drivers, which also destroys the family, it gives a taste of speed and of 'being in control', where she goes, when she wants to go, and it's not good, not good, it's very bad.

(To be continued with Q and A, iy"H, bli neder...)

12 April 2016

Meir Ettinger: "More are With Us than with Them"

5 Nisan 5776

(H/T Esser Agaroth)

I challenge all Jewish bloggers everywhere to reprint this - Meir Ettinger's first blog post. We'll prove to Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, the Shabak and whoever else is interested that they can't kill the idea - the Authentic Jewish Idea - as Rav Kahane of blessed memory said. And they can't silence it by locking people up and thowing away the keys. You can't stop the idea - it lives and breathes in every true Jewish heart the world over, in every generation and at all times. They can't kill it, they can't silence it and they can't escape the inevitability of it.


More are With Us than with Them: Meir Ettinger opens a blog

The following is a translation of Meir Ettinger’s opening blog post. It was published on 20-3-2015
It Looks like There Are Not So Many of Us
but in Truth, More are With Us than with them
After receiving administrative orders, I, Meir Ettinger am opening a blog on Kol HaYehudi.
מאיר_אטינגר211Two weeks ago, I received administrative orders to stay away from Yehuda and Shomron, plus a few other boundaries that I am forbidden to cross. I was placed in an interrogation room, into which entered a man who called himself Shoham. He brought with him the document detailing my restrictions. Shoham began to talk to me in a tone meant to frighten me. The truth is that I didn’t manage to bring full attention to what he was saying because I was a little bit busy with thoughts of where I would go in order to continue to progress with my work. Also I was thinking about how I could be effective once I am outside of Yehuda and Shomron. But, mainly I remember that Shoham was pressing me about my writings that were published on Kol HaYehudi. It seemed like Shoham, or whatever name they are calling him, does not like Kol HaYehudi. It was in this moment that I accepted upon myself to open a permanent blog on Kol HaYehudi.
Among the many directives that were in the administrative orders, such as not to go to Yehuda and Shomron, as well as other restrictions on where I can go, was the requirement that I visit the police station every week, to sign that I am still alive. This is the reason I thought, that to make their work easier, I would try to publish something here once a week so in case there are some problems with the computer, and Shoham will not get the update that I am still alive, he can see my blog post here and continue sleeping b’shalva, without worrying about my peace and personal security.
HaShem told him to curse
There has been a debate for years as to how to deal with administrative orders. In the last years, we have seen this phenomenon of administrative orders becoming a daily thing. It looks like the government is becoming more and more afraid of the people.
We can learn much from the deeds of Dovid HaMelech, detailed in the story of his escape from Abshalom. In the middle of the escape and while on the road, Dovid HaMelech met Shimi ben Gera, who cursed him with many curses. Avishai ben Tsruya wanted to kill Shimi but Dovid HaMelech told him no, saying HaShem had placed the curses in his mouth.
The Jews from the pitiful anti-Jewish department in Shabak, who are signing these administrative orders, all of those who took on the names Aidan, Itama, Shoham, Avichai, Dan or whatever name they are using, all of them are poor of nefesh and are like children growing up among wolves. We have to remember that from their side they are absolutely certain that they are helping Am Israel and they really think that we are threatening the broken reed upon which they are sitting. Of course, none of them is clean from cruelty and evil. And each one will be brought to judgment by HaShem. But, for now the majority of the government is sure about the correctness of its way.
The possibilities we have in our hands to fight against these orders are limited and we are “speechless” like the “sheep before the shearer.” Right now it is very hard to imagine that we can succeed in explaining to and convincing people so far away from HaShem and from His Torah. And even for those among them who are keeping the mitzvot, they are so deeply corrupted by the governmental structure that it is hard to open their eyes to their mistake. B’ezrat HaShem in time our efforts will work and the realities will change. We will also reach them and they will, in the end, be at the head of the camp.
The tzibbur in general is nearing fatigue from this struggle and for those who are ready to carry on, it is a shame that he should be taken off his main task in life. Instead of fighting the orders, it is more worthwhile to be focused on our main task which is teshuva—personal and for Am Israel. Because of this, in relationship to the orders and to those who are giving them, we must focus on the pasuk, “HaShem said to him curse.” We shall continue in our work wherever we are or wherever they put us—to call in the name of HaShem and disseminate Jewish ideas. When we will be successful in our deeds the orders and restrictions will be canceled as a consequence.
More are with us than them
The King of Aram issued an arrest order for Elisha HaNavi. In the morning the servant of the Tzaddik awakened and saw that the entire city was surrounded by heavily armed soldiers. With worry he asked Elisha HaNavi, “You my Lord, what will we do?” Elisha answered him simply, “don’t be afraid because more are with us than with them.” Elisha prayed and said, “HaShem, open please his eyes to see,” and HaShem opened the eyes of the boy and behold there was a mountain full of horses and chariots of fire surrounding Elisha.”
For most of us our eyes are a little bit tired and we feel lonely in the battle against the crushing powers of MOSAD. We have to pray intensely that HaShem will show us all the Jews who are with us—more than with them.
The privileged ones already see and know of the miracles that HaShem is doing and will do each and every day. They see how He is escorting His trusted soldiers. Those who are not yet privileged to see can for certain ask others in Anshei Yehudi, because they know all the miracles better than anyone else.
We, b’ezrat HaShem, have been privileged since we received the last orders to see how many Jews are with us, how great is the warmth and love with which we are surrounded, how many gifts we have received, and telephone calls all of which makes us stronger. We see the simple love of our close and far-away friends. We see how many good Jews want to help!
More are with us than with them.

The Erev Rav's War on Judaism

4 Nisan 5776

This post was inspired by "Jack" who comments here regularly and by Rabbi Yehuda Richter who sent me a few pertinent articles from the Hebrew media.

While we cannot positively identify any individual as Erev Rav, nor act against those we perceive to be Erev Rav, we can point out examples which demonstrate the deeds which are common to the Erev Rav and warn others to beware their nefarious agenda.

As I've said here many times before, the simplest way to tell today what deeds stem from an Erev Rav Agenda - just look and see how it promotes the "mixture" of Jews and gentiles, of Judaism with other religions, of Eretz Yisrael as a country just like any other. Since they themselves are a mixture, they want to "mix" us with the nations and join with them. They want to blur the lines, erase the boundaries and break down the walls which protect the unique qualities of Am Yisrael, our Land and our Torah from being mixed with and assimilated into the other nations and their empty cultures. 

The readers are hereby invited to share in the comments any stories, experiences, news reports or the like which testify to the war that the Erev Rav is waging against the Torah Temima, Torah Jews or the holiness of Eretz Yisrael and Yerushalayim.

Consider this part of the search for and eradication of spiritual chametz.

11 April 2016

"Falash Mura Are Not Jewish – Don’t Bring Them to Israel"

3 Nisan 5776

Read the Yeshiva World News report on the criminal machinations of MKs to flood Israel with yet more missionaries.

Veteran Ethiopians living in Israel for decades and their families explain:
· If these Falash Mura are legitimate as they claim, why weren’t they and their families with us to walk through Sudan and Addis?
· It is all about money. They are funded by the New Israel Fund, who is happy to bring more missionaries to Israel.
· PM Netanyahu and Likud simply don’t care. They too are pleased.
· How dare the Likud decide who to bring. Why are they not consulting with our Chief Rabbi Adani? Why don’t they consult with the Chief Rabbis of Israel? Why don’t they consult without Kassem religious leader? Because they don’t care and they are happy to bring more missionaries to Israel.
· The New Israel Fund is involved and the goal, to destroy Yiddishkheit. For years we maintained our Jewishness with mesirus nefesh only to be destroyed in the State of Israel.
It stinks! It’s all about money. Our children see they live here, speak Hebrew and serve in the army and then marry them. They are goyim and we want no part of them!! Why are they being paid to come on aliyah. The minute they convert they revert back to being active Christians. Speak to any Jewish Agency officials in absorption centers. They can tell you the churches in these centers are active. These people do not want to be Jewish but they want to make us Christians.
Hashem yerachem!

10 April 2016

Daniel's Father: "Photographing the Star"

3 Nisan 5776


Communication with Daniel
Yerushalayim, Purim 5776

Picture of Planet-X taken by Daniel's father from Har Adar at 5:44 pm on 10 March 2016 - the sun
 has already gone down, the little bit of light that can be seen is coming from the top of Planet-X.

Picture taken at the observation point on Har Adar 31 March 2016
at 6:56 pm - 2 weeks after the previous one.
The grayish photo is a copy of the one on the right after processing on the computer.

The last booklet has brought a lot of reactions of doubt about the whole matter of the star, starting with serious questions and ending in responses not suitable to print.

Maybe there really is a mistake concerning this? Maybe it will arrive only in more years? To ask a Jew in America to leave his home, with an assured livelihood, children who are used to going to cheder or yeshivah, to leave friends, neighborhood, and synagogue that he's accustomed to - it's not easy... So, it aroused a great need to bring a photograph of the star. A need to search...

The first and most important piece of data is that the star is coming from behind the sun. It's important to mention a grave warning here - do not look straight into the sun! So, I bought a few small colored plexiglas panels and looked through to the direction of the sun, in the morning, at noon, at evening - and at all of them, only a round and shining sun...

I thanked Rabbi A. who let me to use his internet line. By way of a kosher internet line that allows connection to hundreds of online cameras operating worldwide and through them one can observe what's happening there every moment. There are cameras connected to breath-taking views, to the beaches, to the skies, to every place... And this way it is possible to sit in one place for hours and tour the whole world...  And this way, days and hours are passing in searches, but where is the star?...

There is a website that shows thousands of pictures and videos of Planet-X! I looked for some photograph of the star in order to print in the next booklet of messages. But, it didn't work out. In part of the pictures the star appears on the right side of the sun, and in part it appears left of the sun, in part it appears like a small dot, and in part of the pictures it's big like half of the sun. For a lot of the pictures there are no details about date, location, photographic equipment, etc. And in general, in part of the pictures the star is only a reflection of the sun in the camera lens...

It's impossible to know which picture is real and which isn't. It's not possible to bring a picture if we're not 100% sure that it is real. So, if so many people photographed the star, then I also will photograph some small picture...

There are online cameras in the world that you can request to see pictures from the past, a day before, a week, a year, etc. You can request a certain hour a month ago - and it runs in seconds. One day we were connected to one camera in Australia and asked to see the sunset. Suddenly, it jumps from day to night. We repeated the request, asking for picture after picture. On each picture the date and the hour appear on the side. And we see that they were erased precisely ten minutes before the time of sunset.

We went over to another day - here also they were erased exactly ten minutes before the time of sunset. So, already there is a second piece of important data: it's possible to photograph it only at the time of sunset. You can also understand why - during the day the light of the sun is too strong, and it's impossible for us to see the stars, and at the time of sunset the light of the sun is slightly weaker and it's possible to begin to see...

There's a website in Germany displaying a map of all the online cameras there. On the map is displayed beside each camera an arrow indicating to which direction it's photographing. We looked there for a camera pointing west - and there aren't any! And if there are some individual cameras facing west - they're showing a mountain view or the valley on the other side, and not the sunset - the sun looks like it's really going down to the horizon. This gives us the third piece of data: the place for photographing needs to be high and overlooking straight to the horizon. That is to say it's impossible to photograph from a deep place where high mountains conceal the sunset.

Deleted photos and camera placement can teach us about the methods of the evildoers to keep us from seeing the star. Fine, so it remains to search for a suitable place to photograph. A few years ago the children "schlepped" me to tour a high place that's called "Har Adar", and at its summit is the Harel Brigade Memorial. At the monument there is an observation tower. A photo from a height of 900 meters above sea level seemed very suitable. Initially, I was looking for a telescope, look, the 'candidate' for photographing is located hundreds of millions of kms away. But, I asked myself how I will photograph its path, at the end I chose a Panasonic HC-W570 video camera, poor picture quality and quite complicated to use, but it does have a huge P90 zoom, and because of that it was chosen. Indeed it goes up to 1600 sheqels, but if one Jew is saved it's already worth it.

I waited impatiently for a clear day without clouds, and it arrived - Thursday, 30 Adar I this year. Almost a month passed since I began to search... A half hour before sunset I reached Har Adar. I brought another old video camera from home, if Heaven forbid the new one didn't work, I'd have a backup... In excitement I went up the stairs to the observatory. The view was amazing, but I didn't have time to look at the view. A high wall of haze extended the whole length of the coastal plain, or dark gray air pollution, and I hoped it would not disturb the photograph. I directed two cameras at the sun, and waited for sunset. The sun appears in the center of the camera's screen like a bright white circle. I look intently around the sun, searching for some sign of the star, a circle, something that indicates a star. Nothing. Fine, there are still ten minutes until sunset...

The sun sank slowly, and I'm looking intently at the screen, searching for some sign, something... at the moment that only half a sun appeared... nothing... a quarter sun... nothing... the sun's last point of light disappeared...  darkness began to descend. On the horizon a cloud can still be seen above the sinking sun, illuminated in golden sun rays... I look intently at the screen another time - maybe it will appear...

Fine, that's it, so I didn't photograph. What can you do? Going back home. I fold up the camera, give a last painful glance towards the sea, and suddenly some red point of light flickers through the wall of haze, maybe I imagined it?... I quickly pulled out my camera, directed it towards the red dot, and pressed the zoom button all the way to the end... Wow-wow-wow... Planet-X...!!!

See also: Photographing Nibiru