03 June 2015

The Power-Grab by the Global Elite and Its Terrible Cost

16 Sivan 5775

[When I say the "Global Elite", I'm talking about the gilgulim of the Dor Hahaflagah.]

Excerpted from Message from Menachem: "The War in Heaven Already Started"

...I can't tolerate the evilness that's everywhere, the hatred, all the crooked things, the war that they are conducting, Jews as well as gentiles, against HKB"Hshelo naida. And that's the thing that scares me most, because I know that every year throughout all the years since Adam HaRishon until today, the Satan wanted to fight against his and everyone's Creator, he wanted with all his powers to win, and to prove, chas v'shalom, that he is the Almighty, chalilah v'chas. But, that's the situation. And now he's sure that he's reached this level, because the most important people in the world, those who have the most say in the world, people who are so great, and rich, who are dictating, who think that they are the dictating, when there will be wars, when it will rain, when it will snow, when there will be a tornado or a hurricane, they think that they are in place of HKB"H, Hashem guard us and save us from them, but they will learn, they will learn the hard way. And theSatan himself - will disappear. Hashem will slaughter him, will finish him - and he will disappear! 


Many Texans believe their state was recently targeted with floods as punishment for declaring their opposition to the Jade Helm-15 military exercises and their designation as a "hostile" state.

Personally, I think it may be possible for the global elite to manipulate the weather and possibly earthquakes and volcanoes, too. But, they can't control it.