"Egypt" Loses Its Power Over Israel on the 15th of Nissan

"...and on the 15th of Nisan they will in the future be redeemed from subjugation to exile.” (Tanhuma, Bo 9)

28 July 2008

Britain's 'Barry Chamish'

He is a controversial figure, but this video is really worth seeing.

A Reminder

I got very upset about the coverage I saw regarding Obama's Kotel prayer. By now everyone has heard about how it apparently made it's way into the newspaper, but the story about the Reuters' picture and consequent spin on the Obama Hebrew posters should have been a clue.

When/if you read the world press, it has to be with a very critical eye and with great suspicion. The questions which should have popped up are:

1. If it is stated that no one's prayer has ever before been printed without their permission, might the candidate not have given his permission?

2. Might the campaign people who put up the posters not have circulated a copy of the prayer for publication for publicity's purposes?

3. Why is the "yeshiva bochur" who supposedly is responsible nameless and faceless?

4. Why would a yeshiva bochur do such a thing? (I don't think he would.)

5. And if he would, why would he choose Maariv to give it to?

You get the idea. This is part and parcel of giving someone the benefit of the doubt and we should practice it on a regular basis in any situation where a Jew has been accused of something.

Instead of rushing to judgement and quick condemnation, we should start by saying, "I don't believe it."

The press (largely non-Jewish) has multiplied its sins of repeating lashon hara by installing "Comments" and "Talkbacks" on their internet versions which entice others to add their own lashon hara to the mix. The same holds for blogger comments. Be careful not to be drawn into this!

We all have to be much more conscious of our speech, both verbal and written. There really isn't any such thing as "free speech." It often comes both with a price and at a price---one you might not be willing to pay.

Be very mindful of the period of time in which we find ourselves right now--the three weeks between 17 Tammuz and 9 Av. Be very mindful of sinat chinam and what it really is. An outpouring of hatred against a "yeshiva bochur" who in all likelihood does not even exist would be a travesty if it were to occur. And we would be the poorer for it, G-d forbid!

That's what they want you to think!

Olmert: Undivided Jerusalem Means More Terrorism

(IsraelNN.com) Prime Minister Ehud Olmert maintained Monday that retaining Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel would lead to more terrorism. "Whoever thinks it is possible to live with 270,000 Arabs in Jerusalem must take into account that there will be more bulldozers, more tractors, and more cars carrying out attacks," he said.

Three eastern Jerusalem Arabs carried out terrorist attacks in the capital this year; two of them used a bulldozer and a tractor.

This is the War of Gog/Magog---the battle for Jerusalem. It is here. How do you plan to fight it? Hint: The media/politics are Olam HaSheker. How do you fight lies? WITH TRUTH!!!

THIS is Jewish Jihad!!!!

27 July 2008

My FIRST Blog Challenge

This is a first for me. I think I’ve been “tagged” in something called a “Blog Challenge.” As I understand it, this means I have to list my seven favorite blogs.

All of my favorite blogs---those that I read everyday---complement my own in some way. I don’t blog as a hobby. I view it as a mitzvah. I see myself as a cyber-warrior battling for the hearts and minds of Jews in order to wean them away from Western-oriented thinking and prepare us for the impending redemption. I hope, thereby, to “hasten it” even “in its time.”

My favorite blogs are those that provide me with new information or encouragement. They are (minus Esser Agorot since he just did the "challenge") …

The Key to Redemption --- Not just because it is my daughter's blog (and yes, a mother can learn from her daughter), but because it is one of the most important and valuable sources of information in the battle with Eisav. Go get 'em Geula Girl!

Mystical Paths --- Offers a lot of Breslov-style spiritual encouragement and lessons in emunah of which we never have enough.

Dreaming of Moshiach --- Chock full of redemption oriented information including dreams and pronouncements by mekubalim; stories that build emuna and bitachon.

HaKeitz HaMeguleh --- Chock so full of redemption-related translations from Chaz"l as well as many chiddushim, you may never figure it all out!

The Torah Revolution --- This is a new one for me. Ben-Yehudah made me aware of it in his last Haveil Havalim. Now I read it every day. If we can get Bnei Yisrael to understand that Western democracy is not good for the Jews, that's half the battle already!

Side Note: I went to a shiur to hear about the special significance of the motzei shvi'it year---the year following the shmitta year, as in 5769---and no one really perked up to the information until "Obama" came up and all they wanted to talk about then were the US elections. People, there probably are not even going to BE US elections!

For Zion's Sake --- This blog encourages me because the posts reveal a heart connected to Torat Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael. He has a lot of compassion for his brothers and a great love for his land and respect for the Torah. Reading it picks up my spirits.

Yeranen Yaakov --- another great source of geula-related info and encouragement. My only complaint and the only reason it comes in last is because he doesn't post often enough!

Well, that was pretty painless. Thanks Ben-Yehudah!!

25 July 2008

Our "Best Friends"

U.S. protests eviction of Arab family from East Jerusalem home

The United States this week filed an official protest with Israel for harming Palestinians, including the eviction of the al-Kurd family from their home in the Shimon Hatzadik complex in East Jerusalem's Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

The U.S. also demanded explanations for the harassment of Palestinian residents in the West Bank by Israeli settlers.

...The U.S. consulate in Jerusalem has been tracking new construction plans in those neighborhoods for the Jewish population and reporting on them to Washington.

The protest by the U.S. raises doubts on the authenticity of an Ottoman-era bill of sale on which the Jerusalem District Court relied in ruling that the Shimon Hatzadik property belongs to the Committee for the Sephardic Group.

The Media in Olam HaSheker

Obama camp plasters posters at Western Wall

...The posters display Obama's name in Hebrew. One poster erected on the main police barricade used by Obama to enter the holy site boasts the official red, white and blue campaign "O" symbol and advertises the candidate's campaign's website.

A second poster also displays Obama's name in Hebrew and contains an image of Israeli and American flags.

Reuters posted images of the Obama campaign posters showing a handful of people waiting behind the police barricades.

Reuters images had the following caption:

"Supporters of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) stand behind banners printed with his name in Hebrew as they wait for his arrival at the Western wall."

The caption implied supporters brought along the pro-Obama material.

But an eyewitness speaking to WND tells a different story.

"The kids waiting for Obama may not even be Obama supporters. No one knew Obama was coming in advance. We saw the police barricades erected. We saw Obama's face on the posters, and some police said Obama was on his way. So a few people gathered by the barricades and waited for Obama," said the witness....

24 July 2008

"some kind of demon"

Or: "... a wild donkey of a man; his hand ... upon all, ...."

Arab Worker Injures Jewish Boss with Hammer

(IsraelNN.com) An Arab construction worker attacked a Jewish contractor with a hammer at a construction site at Masuot Yitzchak near Kiryat Malachi. The contractor suffered moderate wounds.

According to Rafi Ben-Tal, the security coordinator at Masuot Yitzchak, two workers were standing on the roof of a house when one of them jumped on the Jewish contractor and began hitting him with the hammer. The attacker and the other worker then escaped.

The wounded boss said there was no way to explain the motive for what happened. “He was suddenly possessed by some kind of demon,” he said.

Psalm 122

Speaking of messages. News says Obama read Psalm 122 at the Kotel this morning. It 's worthwhile to stop whatever you're doing right now and read it for yourself.

Tehillim - Chapter 122

1. A song of ascents of David. I rejoiced when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of the Lord."
2. Our feet were standing within your gates, O Jerusalem.
3. The built-up Jerusalem is like a city that was joined together within itself.
4. There ascended the tribes, the tribes of God, testimony to Israel, to give thanks to the name of the Lord.
5. For there were set thrones for judgment, thrones for the house of David.
6. Request the welfare of Jerusalem; may those who love you enjoy tranquility.
7. May there be peace in your wall, tranquility in your palaces.
8. For the sake of my brethren and my companions, I shall now speak of peace in you.
9. For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I shall beg for goodness for you.

Lucky 13

I just discovered that it was Bus #13 that was involved in Tuesday's pigua on King David St. It was also a #13 that was involved with the first tractor attack on Jaffa Rd. There must be a message here. 13 tribes? We're all in this together?? What do you think?

23 July 2008

Caution: Things are not always as they seem

Jew Helps Arabs Fight Hareidim, Stabbed

I must warn you that INN has been known to put their own interpretation into their reporting, so you have to read between the lines. Here is a good example. At the end of their report:

The rabbi condemned the Jews for retaliating against the Arabs.

"This is a very grave incident. No man must hurt innocents, either Arabs or Jews," said Batzri. "This is against Jewish law. I really hope that they find those who took part in the brawl and bring the attackers to justice."
Now, I guarantee you that the bolded line is the writer's personal interpretation of the rabbi's statement. But we all know that the rabbis have to be very careful in how they say things in order to avoid wasting valuable learning and teaching time being hauled into police headquarters to answer charges of incitement.

Take his statement apart piece by piece.

"This is a very grave incident." Of course it is. "No man must hurt innocents, either Arabs or Jews,...This is against Jewish law.." Is this not a true statement? Certainly it is. And the rabbi can say that knowing that none of the involved were "innocents." "I really hope that they find those who took part in the brawl and bring the attackers to justice." The initial attackers were the Arabs and so they should be brought to justice, HASHEM'S justice, please G-d!

Those on the scene who know the rabbi surely understood his remarks. My first reaction was to condemn the rabbi until I thought about it for a few minutes. G-d forbid that this kind of unprofessional journalism would taint his reputation in any way.

To their credit INN gave a more comprehensive report than the JPost which is a rag fit only for the fireplace and whose policy is to bash religious Jews at every opportunity even it means leaving out the beginning of the story.

Youth wound two Arabs in Jerusalem attack

The Three Weeks is a very dangerous time for Jews. We must be on guard more than ever to not be drawn into things that will increase that danger. Hamavin yavin.

FOLLOW-UP (24 July 2008): This may be a belated attempt at even-handedness...

Makor Baruch residents see attack on Arabs as justified

22 July 2008

In Defense of Avodah Ivrit (Jewish Labor)

I was standing safely inside my place of employment at about 2pm when we received the first word that a pigua was in progress only maybe 200 meters from us. The first report came from a co-worker's daughter who lives closer to the scene. She saw the event in progress. Strangely, her sister witnessed the first bulldozer attack near the Central Bus Station just weeks ago from her place of employment. Their father was injured in a J"m bus bombing a few years ago.

We immediately checked for news, but none was forthcoming for at least 20 minutes after the attack. Meantime, we were watching police and security vehicles, Hatzolah and MDA ambulances speed past. They were followed by men with video cameras running down the sidewalk. The most notable change, of course, is the cessation of traffic on the usually busy thoroughfare. Word spread fast and people began coming from all over the building to look outside or stand out front looking in the direction of the action.

When it became known that it involved another tractor/bulldozer, many people could be heard giving vent to the idea of no longer hiring Arab labor for these sensitive jobs. I advocate not hiring Arabs at all and avoiding buying from those who do whenever possible. You know that if you've read this blog for any length of time. Allow me to point you towards a blogsite that enjoys top billing on the blogroll (it starts with 'A')---Avoda Ivrit which translates to Jewish-only labor, i.e. NO ARABS!

As soon as traffic resumed as usual, everything got back to normal just a bit too fast for my taste. One man came downstairs smiling a big smile and proclaimed himself in excellent condition today. A bit shocked, I responded "With 23 newly injured and in hospital?" The smile faded and he said of course, he feels badly for the injured, but really he had already forgotten, if it had ever affected him at all. What are we coming to???

Now, I'll tell you about something that happened on the Fast Day, just a couple of days ago. Very late in the day, a man in work clothes, rude attitude, came inside the building while the door was already open. A number of people were already standing at the reception desk. A larger number were inside davening minchah for the fast. I can't tell from looking if he is Jew or Arab, but his attitude irritated me. I had to ask several times what he wanted there and finally he comes off with the one word "kablan." He acts disgusted that I'm not understanding him and he strides back outside. I thought it was pretty late in the day for a contractor to be coming to work, especially since the maintenance supervisor had already left for the day, so I began calling around trying to find out if someone was expected. Meanwhile two more men, very obviously Arab, arrived and they all began carting in heavy floor cleaning equipment.

Long story shorter...A floor cleaner was expected to come after hours. He was short of help and put out an SMS for any workers to arrive at this address and Arabs responded despite the fact that we do not hire Arab workers. Several of us present were complaining loudly to our COO about bringing Arab workers into our place of business. I asked him if he would like to see another Mercaz HaRav, G-d forbid!, in our Beit Knesset. He was stunned. And then he started saying, but I don't hire Arabs, only Jews. These two are Jewish. By then, the kablan had arrived. Lesson: It's not enough to hire Jews. You have to make darn sure that they do not turn around and sub-contract work to Arabs.

Who knows, but what Shamayim had decreed a pigua on this area of the city and maybe in the merit of our stand, we were spared a greater tragedy. Everything we do and say is taken into account and recorded.

This is not racism, it is self-preservation. We have a right to LIVE in Israel and not only to DIE here!

[Clarification: This is only a temporary measure until we can rid the entire land of these people.]

21 July 2008

Of Zionists and Zionism (Part 2)

You might have been wondering how the title applied in Part 1. Now, you will begin to understand where it's going.

I'm a simple Jew. I always understood "Zionism" to refer to the desire of every Torah-loving Jew to come up to the Land of Zion---Eretz Yisrael---and to settle there. What did I know? How could I know , until years after arriving here, til years after seeing the results on the ground, til after years of further learning, that a group of people whom our Sages identified as the Erev Rav would hijack the Redemption Process even down to hijacking the very language we use and turn it backwards? By my own definition, I will always be a Zionist, but by the one assigned to it by the hijackers---NEVER!

A prominent early Zionist leader, who later did teshuva wrote at the time:

"The new, Zionist Judaism stands in complete contrast to the Judaism of exile.... Zionism uproots religious Judaism in a stronger way than Reform or assimilation, by creating new standards of 'Judaism' which will constitute a new ideology that can be elevated to the status of a religion."

The stinking, rotten fruit of this philosophy can be found today in two forms---one secular, called "Israeliness" and the other 'religious,' called "Judeo-xianity" which is just our old 'friend' Hellenism dressed up for the 21st century.

Zionism's original goal has finally been realized among these two groups since "Zionism" and it's kippa-clad brother 'Religious-Zionism' have "elevated [it] to the status of a religion." So-called religious Zionism has become a new religion called Judeo-xianity. It's adherents "partner" with their xian counterparts, the so-called xian-Zionists, on all issues of Jewish life. They are in business together and they are "in bed" together. Yes, sir this is no less than whoring after the gentiles and their "support" and "friendship" i.e., money and politics!

Yirmiyahu 3:1---"...But you have played the harlot [with] many lovers, yet return to Me, says the Lord."
According to Israeliness, suitability for citizenship has nothing whatever to do with being Jewish according to halacha. Instead, it is measured according to IDF service, the payment of taxes, and participation in the democratic process. The so-called Messianic Jews are arguing their case to the public on this basis and it is on this basis that the media is arguing the case for lowering conversion standards and it is on this basis that some are now calling for xian-Zionists to be able to "make aliyah," chas v'shalom!

They all share something else, these putrid fruits of the original Zionists, and that is their abhorrence of and disdain for hareidi Jewry.

Rabbi Moshe Grylak, Mishpacha Magazine:

"...the secular Zionists did not want to see chareidi Jews in Eretz Yisrael. It used every means it could find to deny the right of aliyah to non-Zionist Jews. The words of Israel's first president, Chaim Weizmann, will live in everlasting disgrace. It was he who proclaimed in the 1930s that he didn't want the Jews of Warsaw in Eretz Yisrael, and that they were nothing but "the dust of history that must be blown away."

I remember being told by my father, alav hashalom, that the British foreign minister visited Warsaw during the 1930s, and that a chassidic Jew threw himself down in front of the official's car as it passed through one of the city streets. Through this display he succeeded in getting the minister's attention, and he told him that he wanted to settle in the Holy Land, but the Zionists were preventing him. Some chassidic Jews sneaked into Eretz Yisrael over the Egyptian border, having been denied certificates by the authorities because they wouldn't toe the Zionist line."

(Read Who Stopped Chassidic Aliyah? by Aharon Granevich-Granot for the whole story.)

Their spiritual offspring, the Israelis and nice religious-Zionists like my friend from the beginning of the story, would prefer nice quasi-converted Russians or nice, quiet, unassuming Messianics, or even nice, loving xian-Zionists to the pushy, too-Jewish hareidim who everyday are looking more like the "Taliban" with their insistence on all Jews observing the Torah as given on Har Sinai. All I can say is....a whole lot of people are not ready to greet Mashiach. He's going to turn into their worst nightmare!

Now we see why the sudden emphasis on this word "ZIONISM" among the xians who believe they are Ephraimites and who want their "rightful inheritance in the Land" and who cozy up to the politicians of this regime. They are ALL from the souls of the Erev Rav. Among the religious Zionists, there is a birur going on as the Jewish souls are doing teshuva for worshipping the Golden Calf of THE STATE and are separating out from the Erev Rav amongst them.

If you or someone you know is still mixed up with this mess, clue them in. Time for teshuva is running out.

Check this out and see who's behind it:
Israel reaches out to evangelical Christians in Asia

"...it is a very timely initiative for Asian Christians to undertake a Judeo-Christian endeavor to forge a future strong Israel-Asian alliance,...."

Another follow-up to "The King of Persia"

Sefer Eliyahu says:

"...The last king who rules Persia shall come up against the Romans three successive years until he expands (his gains) against them for twelve months. Three mighty warriors will come up to oppose him from the west, but they will be handed over into his control. Then the lowliest of the kings, the son of a slave woman and whose name is Gīgīt, will confront him from the west...."

In the first follow-up, I concurred with Reb Dov Bar Lev that the "lowliest of the kings," which I take to mean all the Western leaders, is Ehud Olmert. Now, thanks to DEBKA, we know the identities of the "three mighty warriors" who oppose Achmadinejad (the "King of Persia") and sure enough, they're doing it near the end of the year following his three successive visits to Rome (2005, 2006, 2007).

US, UK, France launch sea exercise for naval blockade on Iran

With Gordon Brown's appearance in the Knesset today, each of these leaders---Bush of the US, Sarkozy of France and Brown of the UK have appeared before and addressed the Knesset this year. What are the chances of that? And of course, each in his own way demanded that we cease building Yerushalayim.

Speculating on what it means to be handed over into his control, I'd guess it has something to do either with the oil supply or a threat to the troops sitting in Iraq. This is the only real control he's got. I'd guess they'll stand down in the end and Olmert will decide Israel will go it alone, based on this small portion of text.

This certainly bears further watching...

Of Zionists and Zionism (Part 1)

I had an interesting conversation with a friend today. She was describing to me some disconcerting changes to the character of her neighborhood. She told me how it had always been open and tolerant, a place where observant and non-observant Jews could co-exist peacefully. Now this is all changing with the influx of an ever-growing hareidi population.

According to my friend, with the increase in their numbers have come unwelcome requests/demands of local store owners not to display unseemly magazines and newspapers and not to sell immodest clothing. I could not sympathize with her feelings of betrayal. I had myself been in quite some shock once upon a time when I had gone into a store in that particular neighborhood a few years ago and had seen hams for sale. I wanted to grab them and throw them through the windows of the store.

People who have a problem with "religious coercion" don't seem to have the same problem with "secular coercion" in the form of speed limits, littering laws, etc. This is the result of the assimilation of western culture that says "religion" is a personal matter that should be left entirely to the individual's conscience. But that is not Judaism. Torah teaches us about communal responsibility and demands that the individual subjugate his personal sense of entitlement for the welfare of the community. It holds all members of society liable for the penalty incurred by public violation of G-d's laws.

These oh-so-ignoble democratic, falsely moralistic "values" are being used in a terrible, vicious war to destroy Judaism and thereby the Jews themselves. We are in a battle for our lives. It is a battle for our hearts and minds, both of which must be completely dedicated to Hashem and committed to His Truth and submitted in totality to His authority as Sovereign of the Universe.

"Democratic values" are even now being used in the courts to recognize anyone as a Jew who calls himself a Jew regardless of personal status or religious belief. "Democratic values" determine that an idolatrous, army-serving, knesset-voting goy is of more value and has more rights to "citizenship" than a kosher, Torah-observant Jew in fulltime learning. As Reb Akiva rightly pointed out in his comment of a few posts ago, this is not a new thing, but it is now reaching a critical mass.

If you can stomach Channel 10 propaganda, watch this VIDEO and you'll begin to see what I mean. What they never tell you is that neither the baby nor his mother is Jewish, nor do they wish to convert. They imagine themselves as Jewish as you or me based simply on the NT teaching that they are "spiritual children" of Abraham through Yushke.

20 July 2008

"Targeting the Very Fabric of Israel"

Shira Sorko-Ram was the child of missionaries to Israel. She has been converting Jews for almost forty years. Her children were born and raised as Israelis and served in the IDF. They are now raising the next generation of home-grown xians.

In the late ’60s, there couldn’t have been more than a handful of native-born Israelis who were born-again Believers in Yeshua.

...In 1980, the International Christian Embassy was founded for the purpose of activating the hundreds of thousands of Christians who were — and are —praying and supporting the Israeli nation. Shortly before that, in 1976, Bridges for Peace was founded by Dr. G. Douglas Young, a Christian Zionist for whom Israelis had a deep respect. Then, in 1985, Ray and Sharon Sanders founded Christian Friends of Israel. These three ministries, along with others, sounded a shofar — call to evangelicals everywhere to read their Bibles and embrace the plan of God for His beloved Israel.

...in the 1980s the Messianic congregations of Israel began to expand – mostly with immigrants from America and other Western countries. And then in 1990, the Russian exodus began and several thousand Russian Believers arrived in Israel among the million immigrants. Although no one knows how many Believers arrived (and how many readily turned to faith in Yeshua after their arrival), the congregations of Israel doubled and tripled almost overnight.

Today, we estimate there are 10,000 to 15,000 Believers, in over 100 congregations and groups, in the Land.

Bitul Torah

Jews who can't get this one thing down, after all we've been through, have made bitul Torah out of all their learning! If you would, for the sake of saving a little money or sparing the feelings of a non-Jew or even to avoid appearing foolish to others, put other Jews' lives at risk, then all your Torah learning has been for nothing.

Arab Yeshiva-Worker Under Arrest After Threatening Attack

(IsraelNN.com) An Arab working in the Geulah branch of the famous Hevron Yeshiva has been arrested after threatening to carry out a terrorist attack in Jerusalem.
The Arab made the threat after he was fired from his job. Taking no chances, Jerusalem policemen arrested him on Sunday morning and are now questioning him.
After the murderous attack by a Jerusalem Arab in Yeshivat Merkaz HaRav Kook four months ago, leading Torah authority Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky of Bnei Brak issued a Halakhic [Jewish legal] ruling banning the employment of Arab workers by Jews - and especially in yeshivas.

“After all, we are at war with them," the Rabbi explained. "Are there not Jews who can work and make a living?”
(Excerpt. Read it in full onsite.)

Shiva Asar b'Tammuz

I'm getting a really late start on this one as the fast day is nearly done, but it's not because I haven't been thinking about it...a lot. You see, every day is like the 17th of Tammuz for me. All these hundreds and thousands of years later, Holy Jerusalem is still under attack and her walls have been breached again...yesterday and the day before yesterday and TODAY!!

We've reached such a hideous low in our history that we have arrived at a time when Bnei Yisrael don't even know who the enemy is anymore. If Eisav falls on our neck with kisses, we are ready to clutch him to our bosom and never let go. Just forget that Chazal tell us that it is a law that Eisav hates Yaakov regardless of his proclamations.

A large part of chr*stendom in America has decided that they are descendants of the "lost tribe" of Ephraim. Trouble is, they've found a way to work this into their theology in such a way that they continue to worship Yushke as "G-d in the flesh" (ch"v). I mentioned to a friend months ago that it's more likely that they are descendants of the Erev Rav who were mixed among the "lost tribes" and assimilated with them in the Diaspora.

Now, one of their main leaders, Eddie Chumney, has admitted as much, but since he doesn't understand the concept, it's not much of an admission. He sees it as a positive thing as he writes:

The God of Israel including Yeshua / Jesus made a covenant with Abraham (Genesis 12:1-3, 15:1-18, 17:1-7, John 8:56, Galations 3:16). Through the redemptive work of the Messiah, all members of the body of Messiah from all the nations regardless of physical descent are heirs of this covenant (Genesis 12:1-3, Galations 3:8, 29).
Physically, this covenant was made with the promised seed of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 26:1-4, 28:10-14). The God of Israel told Abraham that his promised seed would sojourn in Egypt and be redeemed (Genesis 15:12-16). After the children of Israel went to Egypt (Genesis 46:1-27) and went into bondage, the God of Israel remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and redeemed the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage when they cried out to Him (Exodus 2:23-25). Those who were redeemed from Egypt were required to put the blood of the Passover lamb upon their doorpost (Exodus 12:1-14). Those who put the blood of the Passover lamb upon their doorpost consisted of two groups of people. They were the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the mixed multitude (Exodus 12:37-38). The mixed multitude were not physical descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob but were from native born Egyptian families and other slaves. Together, the physical descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob along with the mixed multitude are called the house of Jacob (Exodus 19:3).

The mixed multitude had a Torah status of being strangers, aliens and sojourners. They were grafted into the covenant made with the physical descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The mixed multitude from the historical Egyptian redemption foreshadowed those from among the nations (Isaiah 2:3, Isaiah 11:10, Romans 15:8-13) who could become adopted into the new covenant made with the house of Israel and the house of Judah (Jeremiah 31:31, Hebrews 8:8) through the redemptive work of the Messiah. The name of the redemptive family in Messiah is also called the house of Jacob (Luke 1:33). Among the redeemed house of Jacob are those who are physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and those who are grafted in from among the nations. Therefore, the God of Israel has a covenant with the physical house of Jacob (descendents from Mount Sinai) (Exodus 19:3) and the redeemed house of Jacob (Luke 1:33) and their companions (Ezekiel 37:16-17).
The Apostle Paul makes a distinction between the physical house of Jacob and the redeemed house of Jacob in Romans 9:1-8. The unredeemed physical house of Jacob [that's us Jews who don't buy the Yushke story] still has a plan and a purpose in the redemptive plan of the God of Israel (Romans 11:11).
So according to Eddie Chumney, today's xians of Hebrew roots restoration aka xian zionists aka Ephraimites aka whatever they will call themselves tomorrow, are in reality the Erev Rav.

I made mention of this also in another post where I emphasized that their new campaign to convert us, which was termed "Israel, Behold Your God", is basically the same thing the Erev Rav proclaimed to us when they made the Golden Calf.

You must be wondering how any of this is relevant to the calendar? Well, interestingly enough, this is the anniversary date of the Golden Calf Affair and the beginning of our long exile even though we had not yet even entered the Promised Land. This is what locked us into a future where exile could happen, where Jerusalem's walls could be breached and the city sacked and pillaged and burned along with the two Batei Mikdash!

It has also locked us into a future redemption scenario of "in it's time,"---the worst possible consequences---because from generation to generation, we do not learn the lessons of the past. For this we are fasting today, because if we had done proper teshuva, the redemption would already have come.

See an excellent in-depth treatment of Chumney over at my daughter's blog.

19 July 2008


The so-called Chr*stian Zionists are joining forces with LIKUD at the invitation of World Likud chairman Danny Danon. Following are excerpts from a speech given by Joel Bell of Frontline Israel to a group of what is now being called World Evangelical Zionists.

"We have been given a full open opportunity to proclaim who we are in Yeshua [y"sh]...."

"...we serve the Jewish people in direct covenant relationship---blood covenant relationship---an oath, a commandment, a commandment that G-d has given us 2,000 years ago when He added Gentiles into the Commonwealth of Israel and grafted us in...."

"...I want to open up a road that allows you to participate in a Jewish land. ...When the Jew invites you into his house and gives you platform authority to represent him, now the Kingdom of G-d can be established and only then."

"You have been honored, you have been chosen, you have been predestined, you have been set aside, you are living stones building up a spiritual house, but understand that until you join yourself to a physical manifestation of the House of G-d in the Land of Israel and start building Zion like you've built America, Africa, Asia and every other continent in the world...."

"...all creation is waiting for the manifestation, for you to take your rightful position in the midst of Jacob, not in exile."

Regarding the stated goal of preparing a "highway for Jews and Lovers of Zion":
"...[it is for] all those who have been grafted into the Commonwealth of Israel to return home."

Regarding the stated goal of buying land in Israel:
"Buy land in Israel! ...This is your inheritance! You have the right to own a home as an international citizen within the Land of Israel. If we were to build in a Jewish community...."


Danny Danon is Putting Jews in Danger

Who is Danny Danon? He is a Jew of little or no faith, who believes that our keeping parts of Eretz Yisrael depends on numbers. He sees that there are not enough Jews so he wants to open the doors of our land to xians---as many as will come and by their own claims, it will be "millions"---to help us hold the land against the Arabs and the international community. What he doesn't understand is that he is inviting in the scorpion to replace the snake.

Joel Bell, missionary owner and founder of Frontline Israel:

"Danny, shalom brother! We are launching the World Likud and WEZ---World Evangelical Zionists---here in Israel. ...this is a vision that G-d put on Danny's heart to open the door to evangelical Zionists, lovers of the Jewish people, the Land and the Torah, to come and get involved, to be activists here in the Land."

See Danny's response.

HASHEM says that if we want peace in our land with no one threatening us, we must be faithful to our eternal covenant, which we do not share with the goyim of the world, even less so xian idolaters! The Tanakh is replete with examples which prove from our history that it is not dependent upon numbers, but solely upon our sincere and complete teshuva!!

Danny Danon is headed in the wrong direction! If anyone out there in the blogosphere knows him, please clue him in!!

16 July 2008

Join the Revolution

This is the right idea---NO COMPROMISE ON THE TRUTH!

The Zionist Freedom Alliance: Pro-Israel Revolution on Campus
by Ze'ev Ben Yechiel
...If we are truly the indigenous natives in the conflict, then our cause should really be championed by liberal students everywhere. Especially since the Bush administration that occupies Iraq and imposes a Patriot Act on the American people is the very same administration pushing to ethnically cleanse the Jewish people from portions of our homeland."
It is for this reason that ZFA avoids anti-Arab rhetoric and instead focuses its attacks on Western powers and global corporations who have special interests in forcing Israel to surrender land. The group defends this position by claiming that if the Arabs remained the security problem that they are but all international pressure would cease, Israel would immediately take the necessary measures to defend herself and ensure long term survival. But if the Arabs in Judea and Samaria would somehow disappear, the Western world would most likely find another excuse to shrink and weaken Israel. The true enemy of Zionism, according to the ZFA , is not radical Islam but globalization, which seeks to amalgamate continents into unified blocks and threatens Israel’s existence as a small Jewish state situated in a mostly Arab region. ZFA activists argue this to be the true motivation behind international pressure on Israel to make concessions and that the eventual goal of Western governments is for Israel not to exist.

If only all American Jews could grasp this!

...the anti-Israel propaganda and often even the pro-Israel propaganda have worked to present the Jewish state as a Western power occupying indigenous Arab natives. HaKohen argues that nothing can be further from the truth. “The Jewish nation is a Middle Eastern nation and the true native sons of our land. As a result of an injustice perpetrated against us by the Roman Empire, many of us suffered a long and difficult exile. But now we’ve come home. Israel is our country and like any other people we have a right to freedom in our country.”

The ZFA chose a kafiyah (Middle Eastern head dress) with blue Jewish stars as a symbol of the Zionist revolution.

Perhaps, my JEWISH JIHAD blog will be worth resurrecting.

15 July 2008

Worst Case Scenario

Word just out is that the cabinet has approved the obscene "prisoner exchange" wherein we release a multiple murderer of Jews, including children, to a welcome home party while we prepare graves for the dead soldiers the government swore to rescue two years ago.

No surprise here. If you want to know the future, just think of the worst case scenario and you won't be far off the mark. The "leadership" is destined to make the worst possible decisions in every instance. We will attack Iran and both the government and the vaunted IDF will fail miserably. Every golden calf must fall before the King of kings---HASHEM.

Jews in chu"l, this is your last call; the last chance to get out and avoid the judgment coming upon Edom. Those who remain there will bear the brunt of blame for the catastrophes to follow. Why put yourselves and your families through it unnecessarily when Hashem has made the Land of Israel like the "ark of Noah?" Some will survive, but many will not while Hashem has made Tzion a refuge.

Last night, I dreamed that I wanted to know who would survive the difficult events which are descending upon us. I was shown a piece of paper like parchment with Hebrew writing. It said simply “Ohavei Hashem”---those who love Hashem.

When I was pondering this, it occurred to me that it is not so simple. What does it mean to love Hashem? We know that the Torah is our ketuba and that the covenant is like a marriage relationship between us and Hashem. When Jewish men put on tefillin, they quote the pasukim: “I will betroth you to Me forever, and I will betroth you to Me with righteousness, justice, kindness, and mercy. I will betroth you to Me with fidelity, and you shall know Hashem.”

First and foremost, a woman who loves her husband would never, ever dream of being unfaithful to him. No one else would even hold any appeal for her. She would have eyes only for him and there would be no space in her heart for anyone else. So, if I claim to love Hashem, it follows that I am completely faithful to Him; my eyes and my affections do not wander towards other things which might come to take priority over my commitment to Hashem and His Torah.

Neither modern ideologies (like democracy), nor modern sensibilities (like false moralism), nor even my own treacherous thoughts will come between me and my Beloved. Children of Israel, you who call yourselves “lovers of Hashem,” examine your hearts well. If betrayal lurks in some small, dark corner of your soul, root it out now and do complete teshuva for it.

It’s not enough to have faith in Hashem, but we must also be faithful to Hashem. And time is running out!

13 July 2008

That's a Good One! :-D

MK Elkin to PM Olmert: Resign as "Goodwill Gesture"

(IsraelNN.com) MK Zeev Elkin (Kadima) responded to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's promise to free Arab convicts as a "goodwill gesture" Sunday, by calling on Olmert to make a goodwill gesture to the Israeli public and resign.

Something Hard is Coming...

We are living in a period of unrestrained chesed. You might think that is good, but it's not. It means that when the pendulum swings, which it must do, it will become balanced through unrestrained gevurah. Judgment is coming, folks!

Water represents chesed. When confined within the bounds set for it, inside a cup or a pipe or even in the ocean, water is a blessing, but unrestrained water goes wherever it wants without regard to the devastation and destruction it brings in its wake. We've been seeing this for the last few years now through floods and tsunamis. It's meant to mirror for us the devastation and destruction we are causing across the worlds with our unrestrained behavior---free sex, all-you-can-eat, and the baring of ever more skin to the public.

Unrestrained chesed has settled our mortal enemies at our gates and brought every kind of unworthy gentile into our borders. The daily parade of exposed flesh is every bit as bad or maybe even worse than the once a year homosexual parade.

Unrestrained gevurah will be Heaven's response. Prepare yourselves.

Galuti Jews, Galuti Values

My soul has been churning in righteous indignation for more than 24 hours now and it isn’t lessening even one little bit and it won’t until I get this off of my chest.

After dinner on Leil Shabbat, I sat down to read a small magazine. I didn’t get any further than the first letter to the editor. It was obviously from a visiting galutnik Jew condemning the editorial decision that included in the magazine’s Yom Haatzmaut profile of various Israeli Jews’ comments on the holiday a wish for an Israel without Arabs. I won’t sully this blog by repeating verbatim what was written. Suffice it to say that reference was made to racism and democratic ideals, an obnoxious and obscene comparison between innocent Jews and murderous Arabs with special attention to a perfectly nice Arab waiter, who for all the writer knew could be plotting the next mass poisoning. But, you know, I don’t expect anything better from galutnik Jews. Their minds have already been poisoned by “Western ideals.” For lack of true Torah knowledge, they think it’s the same thing. What a shock they have in store!

What really got me riled and what I have not yet recovered from is the editor’s response. He agreed with the writer’s sentiments and apologized. Essentially, what he did was apologize for Hashem and His Torah. Eizeh chillul Hashem!!! I want to shake these people until they get a clue!! Do we even need to ask if the galutnik Jew took his family on a little tour of the new Palestinian Authority while he was here? And why not? Should we not judge them favorably? Should we not paint them all with the same brush just because a few have become unhinged and done murderous things? I mean it’s not like the whole village comes out and celebrates the spilling of Jewish blood. It’s not like the leaders do not come out and condemn their twisted actions. It’s not like their school system is designed to brainwash an entire generation to hate and murder Jews, is it?

Some people have rebellious hearts and refuse to accept the Torah in all its wisdom because they imagine that their puny human understanding is greater than the will of the Author. They enthrone their own intellects and refuse to submit to the authority of Torah, but they are not innocents, nor even ignoramuses. They know exactly what they are doing because to assuage their guilty consciences, they cloak their rebellion in moralism. They say things like, “Surely a loving G-d could never condone _______.” Or “We won’t sink to their level.” Or they simply go into denial and refuse to believe that this Torah applies to us today. “We don’t know who the seven nations are now. That was for then, but today we can’t do such things.” This is, at best, a cowardly cop-out; and at worst, an expression of apostasy.

Truth, my people, is often hard to accept, but it is not difficult to understand. Very, very simply….

Torah tells us that when we enter the land to settle it, we must drive out all the former inhabitants. Why? Because they will cause us pain and suffering if we don’t. Because, if we don’t, what was meant for them (i.e., to be driven out) will happen to us instead. Have we not seen these facts born out in front of our very eyes with acts of terror and murder followed by the expulsion from Gush Katif? OF COURSE THIS TORAH IS FOR TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

Those who follow in the spiritual rebellion and chillul Hashem that this magazine has spread across Israel with these anti-Torah, anti-Jewish “values” are as guilty of the blood of their brothers as those who commit the murderous acts. We are dying every day for these Western, gentilized “morals.” Such perversion of Truth sickens me to my very soul!

Ad matai!???

11 July 2008

In the Spirit of Pinchas

The spiritual descendants of Balak and Bilaam have concocted a new plan of assimilation. Not really a new plan, but new terminology and new tactics.

Let's merge our religions and create One New Man in the image of Chr*st. We'll call it Judeo-Chr*stianity and then we will be "one" in the Land of Israel.

All the Jews who cooperate with them are bringing a plague upon Am Yisrael. Those who carry the spirit of Pinchas vow to put an end to it!!

09 July 2008

Eisav Wants the Birthright Back

The above is a screenshot taken from the video made recently in the Shomron by a group of Messianics calling themselves "Xian Zionists." They were performing "militant spiritual warfare dancing" and their cry to "Take the Land" is a call for "Ephraim" to come and claim his "inheritance."

The folks at the International Christian Zionist Center (ICZC) put it this way:

All over the world, Christians are increasingly awakening to the fact that they are indeed part of, and grafted into, the tree and commonwealth of Israel, as Paul puts it in his epistles to the Romans (chapter 11) and Ephesians (chapter 2). These Christians understand that they are therefore the natural, God-given brethren called to come to the aid of a regathered Judah, that is modern Israel.

These are the children of Abraham by faith - "ten out of each nation" - who are destined to become Ephraim, "the fullness of the Gentiles," joining themselves in spirit to the nation of Judah, and thus becoming one people - one stick in the hand of God for His end time purpose in the earth.

This new Crusader war against Israel is being taken to a new level with the creation of the World "Biblical" Zionists organization in cooperation with the World Likud. The people associated with it are promoting "Ephraimite Aliyah."

The trouble is these people are NOT "Ephraim." They are Eisav, unabashedly Xian! They are rich and powerful and they have made strong political connections with the Erev Rav Regime. The only thing that may stop them is for the REAL EPHRAIM to come and claim their inheritance. Now that's something I'd dearly love to see!




08 July 2008

Jew-hatred headed your way (no matter where you are!)

Iran: Attack us and U.S. interests will 'burn'

Someone is going to attack Iran. It's not clear who or when, but we know who will get the blame for the adverse fall-out (no pun intended). Jews, prepare yourselves for a major, major wave of anti-Jewish/anti-Israel 'sentiment'.

06 July 2008

CERN-LHC almost online

Do you feel, as I do, that man's attempt to re-create the moment of creation is more than a bit chutzpadik? Do you wonder, as I do, if the Creator might not have a surprise in store for them?

If The Large Hadron Collider Produced A Microscopic Black Hole, It Probably Wouldn't Matter

...If they appear at all, these black holes would exist for "about a nano-nano-nanosecond," Giddings said, adding that they would have no effect of consequence. However, the paper studies whether there could be any large-scale effects in an extremely hypothetical situation where the black holes don't evaporate.

...The LHC, near Geneva, Switzerland, is expected to begin operations this summer. It will collide proton beams at levels of energy never before produced in a particle accelerator. Those results will then be studied for clues to new forces of nature, and possibly even extra dimensions of space. The first collision of beams is likely to be in September. The $8 billion project has taken 14 years.

Two men have filed a federal lawsuit in Hawaii in an attempt to halt the LHC due to their concerns about the safety of black holes. Giddings' study has been cited by CERN as evidence of the safety of the LHC.

Critics' fears of atom-smasher dismissed

... The most powerful atom-smasher ever built could make some bizarre discoveries, such as invisible matter or extra dimensions in space, after it is switched on in August.

But some critics fear the Large Hadron Collider could exceed physicists' wildest conjectures: Will it spawn a black hole that could swallow Earth? Or spit out particles that could turn the planet into a hot, dead clump?


Bush decision to attend Olympics stirs upset

On Thursday night, just before the start of the Fourth of July holiday, the White House announced that President Bush planned to attend the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics -- hoping to bury the news under a tray of barbecue and watermelon, fireworks and sunshine.



It's no secret to anyone with common sense. Give a farmer the choice between growing corn for fuel (big bucks) and corn for food (few bucks) and what do you expect will happen???

Secret report: Biofuels upped food price

BIOFUELS have forced global food prices up by 75 per cent – far more than previously estimated – according to a confidential World Bank report published in a British newspaper today.

...It said production of biofuels had distorted food markets by diverting grain away from food for fuel, by encouraging farmers to set land aside for biofuels and by sparking speculation in grains, driving prices up higher.

02 July 2008

Another Bloody Rosh Chodesh

I knew something was up. The night before last, there were police vehicles parked at different spots around the city center as if they were staking out the downtown area and looking for something or someone in particular. Yesterday, when I was walking to work, I saw police vehicles (more than usual) zipping up and down Rechov Yafo in addition to a military jeep. One of the police vans had soldiers in the back. It was unusual enough that when I arrived I asked if anyone had heard anything.

Then today, I was still unpacking from the move and I heard a siren and then another siren, not out of the ordinary for the middle of the city. Then more sirens and then helicopters overhead. My internet is not yet hooked up at the new place, so I called someone with access and asked if they had heard anything. First news reported a wreck between a tractor and a bus on Rechov Yafo with one dead and many injured.

Of course, by now everyone knows all the details. It was another terrorist attack perpetrated by another "Israeli" Arab from "East" Jerusalem carrying an "Israeli" ID card and employed by Jews, using his job connection in order to carry out murder against Jews in the "Jewish" State.

We experience the usual reactions. Call every family member by cellphone to check they are accounted for---multiple tries as the reshet is down from the volume of attempted calls. Muted greetings, somber expressions on faces. Expressions of shock and quick tears to the eyes on the reports of a baby being thrown from one of the cars by the parents who are purportedly crushed moments later by the attacker. The baby is alive at the hospital but no one comes to claim him.

It is Erev Rosh Chodesh Tammuz and the last attack, also in the capitol, took place on Rosh Chodesh Adar. Are they davka choosing Rosh Chodesh???

And what of the fact that the out-of-uniform soldier who took a by-stander officer's cap to enter the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva and put a bullet in that terrorist is related to the out-of-uniform soldier who took a gun from a by-stander officer and put a bullet in this terrorist?

This attack took place in close proximity to the other one, too. I'd guess a mile or two tops.

There are probably several messages to take from this, but the simplest and most straightforward one is: STOP HIRING ARABS!! When they can't work and consequently can't feed their families, they will be forced to move on and find work somewhere else. This one even had a criminal record but he was put behind the wheel of a bulldozer by the city itself! Not only the contractor who hired him, but also those who hired the contractor for the light-rail work and did not specify "NO ARAB LABOR" all have blood on their hands today.