23 June 2015

Gog's Army?

7 Tamuz 5775

Could it be?

NATO Launches “Trident Juncture 2015″, Largest Military Exercise since the End of the Cold War

All U.S./NATO commands and bases are in full swing to prepare the “Trident Juncture 2015” (TJ15), “the biggest NATO exercise since the end of the Cold War.”

It will take place in Italy, Spain and Portugal from September 28 [first day of Sukkotto November 6, with land, air and naval and special forces units of 33 countries (28 NATO plus five allies): More than 35,000 troops, 200 aircraft, and 50 warships. The military industries of 15 countries will also participate to assess what other weapons NATO needs.

The purpose of this “high visibility and credibility” exercise is to test the “Response Force” (30,000 troops), especially its “Point Force’s” operational readiness (5,000 troops).

On the southern flank, starting mainly from Italy, NATO is preparing other wars in North Africa and the Middle East.


  1. http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2015-september-28

  2. Devash, Can we say daven? Wow. This is huge. The number (troops) they are listing above is major. Trident Juncture. I will look up trident for an exact definition. You know these things are always auspicious and of course the dates are. If they only knew.....

  3. Hey, 10rainbow! HAve'nt heard from you in a long time. How are you? :)
    Also, Devash, trident: three pronged spear- especially Poseidan related etc... so, Trident Juncture.... huh.....What do you think?

    1. Maybe "trident" stands for the "three Abrahamic faiths".

    2. Or maybe they have their own evil alternatives to the Three Pillars which uphold the world.

  4. GEARING UP FOR WAR Speaking at a joint press conference, the Defense Secretary outlined the scope of US weapons deployment: ZEROHEDGE http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-06-23/russia-fed-us-lecturing-pentagon-deploys-250-tanks-eastern-europe

    “We will temporarily stage one armoured brigade combat team’s vehicles and associated equipment in countries in central and eastern Europe. This pre-positioned European activity set includes tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery. [Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland have] agreed to host company- to battalion-sized elements of this equipment.” 

    In other words, here’s what working towards de-escalation and peaceful coexistence looks like to Washington: “250 tanks, Bradleys, and self-propelled howitzers, and associated armoured brigade combat team equipment [stationed] in Baltic and Central European countries.”

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