24 January 2018

Traitors to God, Traitors to Am Yisrael

8 Shevat 5778

Colluding with our enemies. Hamevin yavin.

Working hand-in-hand with the Pope and his emissaries to replace the truth of Judaism with a new world religion inclusive of all, but with Christianity at it's head...
The Elijah Interfaith Institute
The spirit of Elijah is wisdom, inspiration, friendship and hope across religious traditions. Elijah deepens understanding among religions. Elijah’s mission is to foster unity in diversity, creating a harmonious world. Elijah’s message: The world’s great religions radiate wisdom that can heal the world. Deep level spiritual conversation across interreligious lines enriches our inner lives, enhances our prayer and opens our hearts. Discover unity and embrace diversity. We are many and we are one.
...Elijah seeks to create a community of religious leaders, scholars and practitioners from all faiths, who are inspired to find novel ways of sharing the wisdom of their traditions with each other and to create bridges between faith and society.
Elijah recognises the power of sharing wisdom, revealed in its many forms, to foster mutual appreciation, respect, deep friendship and peace between religious communities. We see the creation of the Center of HOPE in Jerusalem as an expression of the power of religion to be a force for peace and harmony.
(See also Elijah Principles of Faith)

Jewish Members of the Elijah Board of World Religious Leaders

Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron, Israel
Rabbi David Bigman, Israel
Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, Israel
Rabbi Menachem HaCohen, Romania
The International Jewish Committee On Interreligious Consultation, USA
Rabbi Arthur Green, USA
Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, Russia
Prof. Rabbi Richard Marker, USA
Rabbi Michael Melchior, Israel
Rabbi David Rosen, Israel (He serves on the permanent bilateral commission of the State of Israel and the Holy See)
Gilla Rosen, Israel
Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, England
Chief Rabbi Shmuel Rene Sirat, France
Rabbi Awraham Soetendorp, The Netherlands
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, UK

Past Members: Rabbi Eliyahu Yosef She’ar Yashuv Cohen, Israel (1927–2016); Rabbi Mordechai Piron (1921-2014)

Additional Leaders Who have Participated in Elijah Events: Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Israel; Rabbi Joseph Azran, Israel; Rabbi Dr. Naftali Brawer, England; Judith Hertz, USA; Rabbi Daniel Kohn, Israel; Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau; Rabbi Dov Singer, Israel


I've singled out Jonathan Sacks above in order to clue you in to what is really going on here...

(h/t Yaak Former British Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Major Contributor to Pence Speech

An emissary of the Pope - "Evangelical Catholic" Mike Pence - receiving help from the enemy within to word his speech so as to lure in and snag gullible Jews. R"L! It's working!!

All this "love" of Israel does not translate to love of Judaism as the sole truth in the world. It is part of the web of lies meant to snare and entrap Am Yisrael at the End of Days.


In the future, Esau will wrap himself in a tallis, sit down next to Yakov and say to him, "You are my brother"....Yakov will say to him, "My brother, you will not be like me. I will lead you to death, I will be the pestilence that leads you to Sheol (Hoshea 13,14). Had I upheld decrees that you promulgated against me, I would have been guilty at the eyes of Heaven. Had I violated them, you would have killed me (Yalkut Shimoni, Yirmiahu 333).

"That was Esau's intention when he told Yakov, 'Let us travel together and I will go before you' (Genesis 33,12). He wanted them to join together in both this world and the world to come, to meet each other halfway, with each modifying his conduct until they were alike (Yalkut Shimoni, Genesis 133).


Are YOU willing to meet Eisav halfway??? The Final Birur will separate between those who are willing to betray their God and their people and those who are not.

23 January 2018

Mashiach in Shevat 5778?

8 Shevat 5778

See also about Shevat.

Welcome to Davos - Duck!

7 Shevat 5777

PM Netanyahu just got back from India and now he is off to Davos! I hope he packed some snow shoes!!

Heads of State and C.E.O.s in Davos Beware: 6 Feet of Snow in 6 Days
DAVOS, Switzerland — It may be tempting fate to try to gather 60 heads of state and hundreds of global business leaders in the dead of winter in a Swiss mountain valley. This year, the World Economic Forum’s luck seems to have run out.
Fat, damp snowflakes have been tumbling down for the past six days, burying the town in six feet of snow, three feet of it in the last two days alone. Snow was still falling fast on Monday night, and the steep, pine-dotted slopes were so heavily laden that some neighborhoods here in Davos had to be evacuated for fear of avalanches.
One of the subjects they'll be discussing is... You guessed it! Global warming!!

22 January 2018

VP's Visit: It Makes One Wonder

7 Shevat 5778

Today, in his speech before Israel's Knesset, Vice President Mike Pence made several references to Jerusalem as Israel's capital, to much applause from the Israelis. One key word, however, was not included and that is "undivided,' as in Israel's undivided capital. In fact, during his visit with King Abdullah of Jordan on Sunday, VP Pence reiterated the words of President Trump...

Pence defends Trump's Jerusalem choice to Jordan's King

  • The borders of what constitutes "Jerusalem" are still up for negotiation.
  • The present status quo on the Temple Mount will be maintained.
  • The US remains "committed" to a Two-State Solution
And he repeated it yet again in the Knesset, so there should be no mistaken impressions. It makes one wonder whether people only hear what they want to hear.

Of note, the media is making much of the fact that VP Pence is being treated like, and being accorded the honors due to, a head of state. It makes one wonder. 

Despite President Trump's denials that the US Embassy will move to Jerusalem in 2019, VP Mike Pence insists that it will. It makes one wonder who really has the final word between these two. I've never known a more visible VP. It makes one wonder...

News Report on Pence's Arrival in Israel

What one need not wonder about, however, is VP Mike Pence's commitment to his Christian faith and to his fellow believers around the world. Any attempt on Israel's part to curtail or eliminate missionary activity in Israel will certainly not be tolerated under this American administration. Not if VP Mike Pence has any say in the matter.

Pence Addresses Israeli Knesset on Faith

In this instance, I'm in agreement with the Arabs. Yankee go home!

21 January 2018

The Pain and Joy of Birth

6 Shevat 5778

The following is excerpted from Redemption Unfolding by Alexander Aryeh Mandelbaum (Chapter 11, "Birth pangs of the World of Mashiach"):

The Pains of the Transition Process

In the writings of the Maharal [1520-1609] we find a profound insight into this issue.

He wrote (Netzach Yisrael, Chapter 36) that in nature, all transitions, from one condition to another, involve yissurim. For example, the period of transition from summer to winter, or winter to summer, often brings on physical and/or emotional ailments. Similarly, the period of transition from childhood to adulthood is known to be a very difficult time, during which the teenager and everyone around him or her are prone to tensions and misunderstandings.

So, too, wrote the Maharal, the transition to the system of the Messianic Age will involve yissurim

The Messianic Era

Many of us were brought up to think that in the Messianic era, the world will continue to exist as it exists today, albeit with a few improvements. Wealth and peace will be abundant; life will be full of happiness and contentment. However, the Maharal (Netzach Yisrael, Chapter 47) wrote, this is a superficial and unrealistic understanding of the times of Moshiach. In reality, a complete change will come over the world, to the extent that the world of Moshiach will be considered a new creation in comparison to the world as we know it.

Our Sages said (see Maharal, ibid.) that the world of Moshiach will be a spiritual world of true reality. It says in Tehillim (126:1): "...with the return of Zion [we understood that we had been] dreaming." When we witness the spiritual world of Moshiach, we will understand that our current world was superficial, unreal - a fantasy dream (Machsheves Charutz 3).


The Changeover of Systems

In that new world all the old systems will undergo regeneration.

An example of such a changeover of systems is the birth of a baby. At the exact moment of birth all of the life support systems of the fetus (respiratory, blood systems, etc.) undergo a radical change. The systems that enabled life in the womb would cause instant death outside the womb. Likewise, if the new life support systems took over inside the womb, they, too would cause death to the fetus.

Our Sages called the troubles before the coming of Moshiach, 'birth pangs of the Moshiach.' Just as birth pangs precede and actuate the changing of the life systems, so too the troubles of Ikvesa DeMashicha allow for the changeover of world systems, from our present world to the world of Moshiach.

The World of True Reality

The transition to the world of Moshiach necessitates the negation of all of the false systems which abound in our world.

In this vein, Rav Eliyahu Dessler wrote (Michtav Me'Eliyahu, Part 3, page 205): "The destruction of Edom [our last exile] will only come through the destruction of this world [as we know it]. The Holy One Blessed be He will cause the very foundations of life on earth to collapse. Tranquility will be disrupted, personal lives will be filled with worry, fear and yissurim, and the entire world will cower in dread of destruction and devastation.... Only then will the light of Moshiach be revealed - 'and the saviors shall go up to Mount Zion to judge the mountain of Eisav....' (Ovadya 1:21).

"For only by achieving nullification and obliteration of this world will mankind be able to rise up and see with a true spiritual perspective. Then the kingdom of Edom will be destroyed, and the light of Moshiach will be revealed."

Why Point A Finger At The Jew?

5 Shevat 5778

This is going to be a Q Anon update. If you don't know what I'm talking about, begin here.

In the wake of the exposure of the FISA Court Memo to US House Representatives, 'Q' made another large intel drop in the wee hours of the morning on Friday. Most of the messages seemed to be addressing this development. But, right in the middle, there appeared a series of photos without caption or explanation or reference to the original source. They included some famous, "evil" characters like David Rockefeller, George Soros, Jacob Rothschild and the current Pope, but most of those pictured were impossible to accurately identify. Since no hint was given to the relevance of these pictures to the messages conveyed by 'Q', one is left to conclude that he means to draw a connection between the NWO evildoers to the downfall of the leftist liberals in America. 

As is typical of this "phenomenon," everyone is left to his or her best guess. 

Those people who have moved to the forefront in disseminating the material through live podcasts go line by line giving their best guess as to what it means and who it references with input from viewers' comments. But, there is no way to confirm if the guesses are correct. 

Back to the pictures I mentioned before. One was quite shocking to me. And this is really the reason I am addressing this issue again in a blog post. It is this one here...
There were three people providing commentary on this podcast to "decode Q." I'm going to transcribe the entire commentary for this photo, because I think it is very important for you to hear.
Woman #1: "Somebody commented that the background looks like Hell, ...like they had a party and it's a Hell background."
Woman #2: "Now, notice that the Pope is kissing that guy's hand rather than the other way around."
Guy: "Yep, Jacob Rothschild."
Woman #1: "Oh, that's a good find."
Woman #2: "That is significant, that is very significant."
Guy: "What is up with that, people? What does that tell you? And we've seen that picture a number of times, I'm sure most of you have, in the chat, that's a pretty famous picture among this community."
Woman #2: "Everybody kisses the Pope's ring. When do you see the Pope kissing just a normal person's hand? That tells us a lot."
Guy: "I'd say it's no normal person apparently. Right? We know exactly who that is.
So, did they take from this photo exactly what 'Q' intended they should take from it. If so, he is no "white-hat" patriot, at least not where the American Jewish community is concerned. Because it's all a lie.

Actually, the woman who wanted to imply that this scene took place at some perverse Illuminati "party with a Hell background" was not completely remiss. It was at Yad Vashem and I guess parts of it could be used as a "Hell background." It's easier to identify from this uncropped image where more of the background is actually visible...

In fact, this is decidedly NOT Jacob Rothschild. He doesn't even look like Jacob Rothschild. A simple Google search revealed the following about this man's identity...
This photograph has been circulating online for several years, and is frequently accompanied by anti-Semitic messages promulgating various conspiracy theories about the Rockefeller and Rothschild families, among others.
...In actuality, this photograph does not feature Rockefeller, Rothschild, or Kissinger. This image was taken on 25 May 2014 at Jerusalem’s Holocaust memorial center Yad Vashem, and it shows the Pope making a historic visit to greet survivors of the World War II genocide. The original photograph is available via Alamy, where it was posted with the following caption:
Pope Francis visits the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, attended by Israeli President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on May 26 2014. In his first Middle East tour since his anointment in 2013, Pope Francis held a historic prayer service with the Ecumenical Patriarch in Jerusalem on Sunday. This was the first reunion between the two Christian sects in fifty years.
The following is an excerpt from a EuroNews.com report about the Pope’s 2014 visit to Yad Vashem:

Pope Francis navigated the minefield of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and bowed to kiss the hands of Holocaust survivors on Monday, the last day of a trip to the Middle East laden with bold personal gestures.
“Never again, Lord. Never again!” he said in the dimly-lit Hall of Remembrance in the Yad Vashem Museum which commemorates six million Jews killed by the Nazis in World War Two.
According to Yad Vashem, the Pope met with six Holocaust survivors during his visit: Avraham Harshalom, Chava Shik, Joseph Gottdenker, Moshe Ha-Elion, Eliezer Grynfeld, and Sonia Tunik-Geron. The viral picture appears to show the Pope kissing the hand of Mr. Grynfeld:  (Source)
If anything nefarious was going on, it was with the Pope staging such a potentially incendiary photo op, whatever lame excuse he gave for it. He had to know how it would be misinterpreted and used against Jews. He is not naive!

The only reason to include this photograph was to elicit the very reaction that it garnered. Ergo 'Q' and whatever shenanigans they and their masters are up to does not bode well for the Jews. 

"Forewarned is forearmed."

19 January 2018