23 April 2019


19 Nisan 5779
4th Day of Chol HaMo'ed - Day 4 of the Omer
Moadim l'simchah!

Times of Israel today is once again reporting this, by now, well-known warning: "Trump adviser says peace plan to be revealed after Ramadan in June, adds it will require ‘tough compromises’ from both Israel and Palestinians"

But, the JPost adds something new, which SoS Mike Pompeo only hinted at recently:
"KUSHNER: TWO-STATE SOLUTION WAS 'A GOOD ATTEMPT' "But if that would've worked, we would've made peace a long time ago on that basis," he said.
Add to these statements another bit of news that I came across recently which at first glance might not appear to be at all related:
Israeli Citizens to Become Eligible for U.S. Investor Visas as of May

As of May 1, Israeli citizens will be eligible for a work permit in the U.S. provided they can commit to investing “a substantial amount of capital” in the U.S. and, in doing so, employ American citizens.
But, get this.  In what looks suspiciously like a pre-arranged quid pro quo, today the following was brought to my attention...
Israel Investor Visa for USA Citizens

The Israel Investor Visa (B/5 visa) for United States citizens is about to become a reality (May 1, 2019). ...Non-Jews from the United States now have the option of living and working in Israel if they invest in and own an Israeli business and then move to Israel to operate the business. The B/5 Israel Investor Visa permits the investor and several key workers in the business and their families to work and live in Israel.
Note the key difference between the plans. The US visa for Israelis requires them to hire Americans while the Israeli visa for Americans allows US "non-Jews" along with their American employees, as well as all their families to live and work in Israel.

I'm beginning to think that the "Deal of the Century" is going to be predicated on eliminating the "Jewish" State and turning Israel into a state of all its citizens.  

The elimination of the Jews, whether abroad or in Israel, through mass assimilation has been the linchpin of a global plan ever since Hitler failed to accomplish it through genocide.  They flooded the country with Russian Christians and then they brought in the Christian Falash Mura and the African migrants and now - make no mistake about it - Dominionists Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo are going to bring in the US Christian Evangelicals who want to "make aliyah."  Hagee's millions in contributions will now have a new address.  This will be their solution to the dwindling numbers of Israeli-Arab Christians in the Holy Land.  

Neither the Pope, nor the world's Christians want to see Jews and Muslims divide the Holy Land between themselves, leaving them on the outside looking in.
Jared Kushner: "...from Israel’s point of view, their biggest concern is just security. And I think that what we do, is something that allows for Israel to maintain security.”
This statement alone demonstrates utter cluelessness on Kushner's part.  How can anything but a catastrophe emerge from this man's best efforts?

I hope I'm wrong, but this feels like a very ominous development to me. 

BARUCH HASHEM! It's My Aliyahversary!!

18 Nisan 5779
3rd Day Chol HaMo'ed - Day 3 of the Omer
Moadim l'simchah!

Special thanks to HaKadosh Baruch Hu who delivered us from the Mitzrayim of today (the United States) 23 years ago today! And in those 23 years, I have been especially blessed to never having cause to leave the borders of Eretz Yisrael

If He had only made us Jews - Dayenu!
If He had only brought us up to Eretz Yisrael - Dayenu!!
If He had only settled us in the Holy City - Dayenu!!!

I am truly awed and grateful.  THANK YOU HASHEM!!

22 April 2019


17 Nisan 5779
2nd Day Chol HaMo'ed - Day 2 of the Omer
Moadim l'simchah!

In the beginning, everything was mixed up (formless and void).  And the Creator set about making seder - order.  Three nights ago we sat around our tables and made seder out of the events in our nation's history.  By making seder, we emulate our Creator.  Making seder requires creating separations.  Think of it like sorting laundry - "each thing after its kind."

At Pesach, Hashem made seder by separating one nation from within another nation - He took Am Yisrael out of the midst of Mitzrayim and brought us into the desert where nothing else existed.  His goal was to bring us to a land where we would live independently of the other nations and depend entirely upon Him alone.

3,331 years later and all the evidence points to nearly complete assimilation - a complete mixing up of Am Yisrael (even and especially within Eretz Yisrael) with the other nations of the world.  This is so whether we are talking about politics, religion, culture or economy.  When faced with the extent of our failure to make seder among ourselves, it is both shocking and sickening.

I kept seeing references to "A Lion King Passover." I generally avoid these Yeshiva-type groups of guys who make holiday songs out of mixing Jewish themes with goyishe music - you know the kind of thing Aish HaTorah loves to promote, Maccabeats, etc.  But when I saw it in the Jewish Press, I finally gave in and clicked on it.  

Just 35 secs into a 5 min video, I had to quickly shut it down. I know I saw that movie when it first came out (1994), but I don't remember the details.  I suppose the guys singing Mah Nishtanah to the Lion King theme song were acting out some scene from that movie but when one dipped his finger in a cup of wine and smeared it across the forehead of another, what I saw in my mind was the Catholic priest dipping his finger in ash and making the sign of the cross on a congregant's forehead on Ash Wednesday.  

I have never set foot in a Catholic church and have never witnessed such a scene personally (at least not in this lifetime), but the image created such a visceral reaction that I was compelled to just shut it down as fast as I could before I could see what was coming next.  

This was supposed to be something nice created by religious Jews as a contribution to the celebration of Passover.  It's become a trend among various Orthodox singing groups, but it is one that I have decried for many years as an assimilationist tool that has no place in our nation. How much more so now when the main focus of the holiday is to make a seder?

21 April 2019

God's Holy War on Eisav

16 Nisan 5779
1st Day Chol HaMo'ed - Day 1 of the Omer
Moadim l'simchah!

If Nebuchadnezzar was God's hammer on Am Israel, how much more so ISIS on the Christians. (Reference Yirmiyahu , chapter 25)
For behold, with the city upon which My name is called, I commence to bring evil, and shall you be cleared? You shall not be cleared, for I call a sword upon all the inhabitants of the earth, says the Lord of Hosts.
Idolatrous statue of the mother
 of (the xian) god broken in half
 At least 156 killed in Easter Sunday terror attacks in Sri Lanka
...Easter Day bomb blasts at three Sri Lankan churches and three luxury hotels killed at least 156 people and wounded more than 400, police said,....
[UPDATE: 321 killed with 500 injured.]

Pour out Your wrath on the nations that do not acknowledge You, and upon the kingdoms that do not call up Your name.”  (Passover Haggadah)

18 April 2019


14 Nisan 5779
Erev Shabbat-Pesach

The 4/5ths Who Did Not Leave Egypt

13 Nisan 5779

Apparently, they still haven't learned...
(H/T Dr bsd)
AJC Donating Funds to Help Rebuild Notre Dame

NEW YORK, April 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- American Jewish Committee (AJC) announced today that it will donate funds to help repair Notre Dame Cathedral, severely damaged in a massive fire.

"Whether Catholic or not, Notre Dame Cathedral is an integral part of our shared legacy and soul. It represents centuries of French and European faith, culture, history and imagination," said AJC CEO David Harris.

AJC, the global Jewish advocacy organization, is a longstanding pioneer in interfaith relations, and a longtime friend of France. AJC maintains an office in Paris. "We share the pain of the French people and Catholics worldwide in watching this landmark house of worship burn," said Harris.
In hearing the Passover story, have you ever wondered why so many did not want to leave Egypt?  It's hard to fathom, I know.  But, this is a perfect example of the kind of thinking that led to their ultimate demise during the plague of darkness.  Any Jew who donates to the restoration of a church or feels sympathy for its loss, is so stuck in Egypt that they are never getting out.
"Therefore, through this shall Jacob's iniquity be atoned for, and this shall be the fruit of his sin's removal: When he makes all the altar stones [places of false worship] like ground chalk stones, and Asherah-trees and sun-idols [Son-idols] arise no more." (Yeshayahu 27.9)

Rashi: Therefore: Now, too, with this, Jacob’s iniquity would be atoned for, to merit to be redeemed as then.
            asherim and sun images shall not rise: So that they shall not retain their idolatry.

16 April 2019

Notre Dame: A Down Payment on What is Owed

11 Nisan 5779

This is no random, "tragic" incident - especially not when it occurs during "Holy Week" and on the 10th of Nisan.

Christians and art buffs are devastated over the potential loss of nine centuries of history and masterpieces

France is mourning the obliteration of one of the most prominent symbols of its national heritage just days before the Easter celebrations.

But in a glimmer of hope, Paris' Mayor Anne Hidalgo said cops and rescuers formed a human chain the save some of the artworks - including the crown and tunic of Saint Louis.

France’s Interior Ministry said firefighters are optimistic they can save the main structure and the building’s two bell towers, despite the steeple being destroyed.

Shocking pictures show the collapsed roof and smoke-filled interior of the iconic building.

Among the most celebrated artworks inside are its three stained-glass rose windows, placed high up on the west, north and south faces of the cathedral.
Notre Dame’s most precious treasure, a relic venerated as the Crown of Thorns worn by [Yeshu], is understood to have been saved from the fire.

The Crown of Thorns, which is considered Paris’s equivalent of the Crown Jewels, is stored at the end of a nave of the cathedral, not readily visible to visitors.

It is encased in an ornate gold and glass container commissioned by Napoleon and is only brought out on Fridays during Lent and on Good Friday.

While the authenticity of the relic has not been certified, historians have dated it back to [Yeshu's] crucifixion.

The relic originally came from Jerusalem and was carefully placed in the nearby Sainte-Chappelle, a chapel built in the 13th century specifically for the crown.

The massive South Rose glass window is an awe-inspiring sight inside the famous cathedral.

Originally a gift from King St. Louis IX, the window was created in 1260 and is dedicated to the New Testament.

It was removed from the facade of Notre Dame during the Second World War when the French feared the Germans would target it and was replaced in the Sixties.

The cathedral’s website boasts that its three rose windows “constitute one of the great masterpieces of Christianity.”

But it is not yet know what damage the smoke and falling debris could have on the artwork.

...The iconic cathedral was first commissioned in 1163 by King Louis VII and completed in 1345, nearly 200 years later.

...Dramatic drone pictures show the devastation caused by the savage blaze which has already laid waste to the 850-year-old church's spire and much of its Gothic roof.

Emmanuel Gregoire, the deputy mayor of Paris, said the cathedral had suffered "colossal damages" and that emergency workers were trying to salvage the priceless pieces stored inside.

Scaffolding that had been set up around the building has been decimated along with large parts of the cathedral, including the spire, which dates back to the mid-19th Century.

A "stray flame" linked to £5 million renovation work is thought to have sparked the inferno in the loft at around 5.30pm local time on Monday. (Source: The Sun)
France will not get any expressions of sympathy from me. I'm thrilled to see a major symbol of the false, idolatrous and antisemitic religion crash and burn.  And so may be the fate of every place of worship for false gods.

14 April 2019

Pesach Prep Disrupted by Early Easter Celebrations

9 Nisan 5779

On the first day of the last week before Pesach with preparations in full swing and just at the hour those working jobs need to get home, the Christians are being allowed to shut down the main hub in the center of Jerusalem for a "Palm Parade."

I went early to take care of urgent business and had forgotten this was their so-called "Palm Sunday" until I saw what looked like Sukkot decorations up and down the train track outside the Christian Quarter of the Old City.  Could the Christians of the Holy Land be more stupid?  I mean those who live here and see the Sukkot celebrations every year have to see the connection to the palm branches.  But, since their Bible says the crowds waved palm branches in front of Yeshu the Sunday before Passover, they can't question its infallibility.

It's the same with their claim to Yeshu being the "Passover Lamb," despite the fact that those lambs were slaughtered because they were an Egyptian deity and their blood never atoned for anyone's sin, nor was it intended to.  

Willful ignorance is a tragic and pitiful thing to behold, but we are the ones who always pay the price for it. Two-thousand years later and they are still disrupting life for Jews in Jerusalem at the worst possible time with their nonsense religion.