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14 Marcheshvan 5780

School, Work Cancelled As Missiles Rain Down On Israel After Killing Of Islamic Jihad Commander


Israel's Secret Weapon

10 November 2019

Your Prayers Matter

13 Marcheshvan 5780

Update on Rabbi Anava's condition via Facebook...

07 November 2019

Lechu Lechem Western Jews!

10 Marcheshvan 5780
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Lech Lecha
Hashem said to Avram, "Go for yourself from your land, from your relatives, and from your father's house to the land that I will show you."
The commentary says on the seemingly superfluous words "for yourself," that it means "go for your own benefit and for your own good."

What goes for the father, goes as well for the children.

As soon as Hitler, y"sh rose to power, any doubts any European Jews still harbored as to his intentions should have been put to rest.  But, surely by the time Kristallnacht happened, could anyone have still had any illusions that Jews could continue to live in Europe?

January 30, 1933 - Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany a nation with a Jewish population of 566,000.
February 22, 1933 - 40,000 SA and SS men are sworn in as auxiliary police.
February 27, 1933 - Nazis burn Reichstag building to create crisis atmosphere.
February 28, 1933 - Emergency powers granted to Hitler as a result of the Reichstag fire.
March 22, 1933 - Nazis open Dachau concentration camp near Munich, to be followed by Buchenwald near Weimar in central Germany, Sachsenhausen near Berlin in northern Germany, and Ravensbrück for women.
March 24, 1933 - German Parliament passes Enabling Act giving Hitler dictatorial powers.
April 11, 1933 Nazis issue a Decree defining a non-Aryan as "anyone descended from non-Aryan, especially Jewish, parents or grandparents. One parent or grandparent classifies the descendant as non-Aryan...especially if one parent or grandparent was of the Jewish faith."
April 26, 1933 - The Gestapo is born, created by Hermann Göring in the German state of Prussia.
July 14, 1933 - Nazi Party is declared the only legal party in Germany; Also, Nazis pass Law to strip Jewish immigrants from Poland of their German citizenship.
In July - Nazis pass law allowing for forced sterilization of those found by a Hereditary Health Court to have genetic defects.
In September - Nazis establish Reich Chamber of Culture, then exclude Jews from the Arts.
September 29, 1933 - Nazis prohibit Jews from owning land.
October 4, 1933 - Jews are prohibited from being newspaper editors.
November 24, 1933 - Nazis pass a Law against Habitual and Dangerous Criminals, which allows beggars, the homeless, alcoholics and the unemployed to be sent to concentration camps.

January 24, 1934 - Jews are banned from the German Labor Front.
May 17, 1934 - Jews not allowed national health insurance.
June 30, 1934 - The Night of Long Knives occurs as Hitler, Göring and Himmler conduct a purge of the SA (storm trooper) leadership.
July 20, 1934 - The SS (Schutzstaffel) is made an independent organization from the SA.
July 22, 1934 - Jews are prohibited from getting legal qualifications.
August 2, 1934 - German President von Hindenburg dies. Hitler becomes Führer.
August 19, 1934 Hitler receives a 90 percent 'Yes' vote from German voters approving his new powers.

May 21, 1935 - Nazis ban Jews from serving in the military.
June 26, 1935 - Nazis pass law allowing forced abortions on women to prevent them from passing on hereditary diseases.
August 6, 1935 - Nazis force Jewish performers/artists to join Jewish Cultural Unions.

February 10, 1936 - The German Gestapo is placed above the law.
In March - SS Deathshead division is established to guard concentration camps.
March 7, 1936 - Nazis occupy the Rhineland.
June 17, 1936 - Heinrich Himmler is appointed chief of the German Police.
August 1, 1936 - Olympic games begin in Berlin. Hitler and top Nazis seek to gain legitimacy through favorable public opinion from foreign visitors and thus, temporarily refrain from actions against Jews.
In August - Nazis set up an Office for Combating Homosexuality and Abortions (by healthy women).

In January - Jews are banned from many professional occupations including teaching Germans, and from being accountants or dentists. They are also denied tax reductions and child allowances.

March 12/13, 1938 - Nazi troops enter Austria, which has a population of 200,000 Jews, mainly living in Vienna. Hitler announces Anschluss (union) with Austria.
In March After the Anschluss, the SS is placed in charge of Jewish affairs in Austria with Adolf Eichmann establishing an Office for Jewish Emigration in Vienna. Himmler then establishes Mauthausen concentration camp near Linz.
April 22, 1938 - Nazis prohibit Aryan 'front-ownership' of Jewish businesses.
April 26, 1938 - Nazis order Jews to register wealth and property.
June 14, 1938 - Nazis order Jewish-owned businesses to register.
In July - At Evian, France, the U.S. convenes a League of Nations conference with delegates from 32 countries to consider helping Jews fleeing Hitler, but results in inaction as no country will accept them.
July 6, 1938 - Nazis prohibited Jews from trading and providing a variety of specified commercial services.
July 23, 1938 - Nazis order Jews over age 15 to apply for identity cards from the police, to be shown on demand to any police officer.
July 25, 1938 - Jewish doctors prohibited by law from practicing medicine.
August 11, 1938 - Nazis destroy the synagogue in Nuremberg.
August 17, 1938 - Nazis require Jewish women to add Sarah and men to add Israel to their names on all legal documents including passports.
September 27, 1938 - Jews are prohibited from all legal practices.
October 5, 1938 - Law requires Jewish passports to be stamped with a large red "J."
October 15, 1938 - Nazi troops occupy the Sudetenland.
October 28, 1938 - Nazis arrest 17,000 Jews of Polish nationality living in Germany, then expel them back to Poland which refuses them entry, leaving them in 'No-Man's Land' near the Polish border for several months.
November 7, 1938 - Ernst vom Rath, third secretary in the German Embassy in Paris, is shot and mortally wounded by Herschel Grynszpan, the 17-year-old son of one of the deported Polish Jews. Rath dies on November 9, precipitating Kristallnacht.

Consider the situation in Eretz Yisrael over the same time period...
...in Mandatory Palestine, a growing Jewish population (174,610 in 1931, rising to 384,078 in 1936) was acquiring land and developing the structures of a future Jewish state despite opposition from the Arab population.

Hanotea (הַנּוֹטֵעַ, "the Planter") was a citrus planting company based in Netanya and established in 1929 by long-established Jewish settlers in Palestine involved in the Benei Binyamin movement. In a deal worked out with the Reich Economics Ministry, the blocked German bank accounts of prospective immigrants would be unblocked and funds from them used by Hanotea to buy agricultural German goods; these goods, along with the immigrants, would then be shipped to Palestine, and the immigrants would be granted a house or citrus plantation by the company to the same value. Hanotea's director, Sam Cohen, represented the company in direct negotiation with the Reich Economics Ministry beginning in March 1933. In May 1933 Hanotea applied for permission to transfer capital from Germany to Palestine. This pilot arrangement appeared to be operating successfully, and so paved the way for the later Haavara Agreement.

The Haavara (Transfer) Agreement, negotiated by Eliezer Hoofein, director of the Anglo-Palestine Bank, was agreed to by the Reich Economics Ministry in 1933, and continued, with declining German government support, until it was wound up in 1939. Under the agreement, Jews emigrating from Germany could use their assets to purchase German-manufactured goods for export, thus salvaging their personal assets during emigration. The agreement provided a substantial export market for German factories to British-ruled Palestine. Between November, 1933, and 31 December 1937, 77,800,000 Reichmarks, or $22,500,000, (values in 1938 currency) worth of goods were exported to Jewish businesses in Palestine under the program. By the time the program ended with the start of World War II, the total had risen to 105,000,000 marks (about $35,000,000, 1939 values).

Emigrants with capital of £1,000, (about $5,000 in 1930s currency value) could move to Palestine in spite of severe British restrictions on Jewish immigration under an immigrant investor program similar to the modern EB-5 visa. Under the Transfer Agreement, about 39% of an emigrant's funds were given to Jewish communal economic development projects, leaving individuals with about 43% of the funds.

The Haavara Agreement was thought among some German circles to be a possible way to solve the "Jewish problem." The head of the Middle Eastern division of the foreign ministry, the anti-NSDAP politician Werner Otto von Hentig, supported the policy of settling Jews in Palestine. Hentig believed that if the Jewish population was concentrated in a single foreign entity, then foreign diplomatic policy and containment of the Jews would become easier. Hitler's own support of the Haavara Agreement was unclear and varied throughout the 1930s. Initially, Hitler seemed indifferent to the economic details of the plan, but he supported it in the period from September 1937 to 1939.

After the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 the program was ended.

The agreement was controversial both within the NSDAP and in the Zionist movement. As historian Edwin Black put it, "The Transfer Agreement tore the Jewish world apart, turning leader against leader, threatening rebellion and even assassination." Opposition came in particular from the mainstream US leadership of the World Zionist Congress, in particular Abba Hillel Silver and American Jewish Congress president Rabbi Stephen Wise. Wise and other leaders of the Anti-Nazi boycott of 1933 argued against the agreement, narrowly failing to persuade the Nineteenth Zionist Congress in August 1935 to vote against it.

The right-wing Revisionist Zionists and their leader Vladimir Jabotinsky were even more vocal in their opposition. The Revisionist newspaper in Palestine, Hazit Haam published a sharp denunciation of those involved in the agreement as "betrayers", and shortly afterwards one of the negotiators, Haim Arlosoroff was assassinated.  (Source)
Clearly, Hashem provided an escape hatch, but only up until a certain point.  And that point seems to have been 1939.  Until then, immigration to Eretz Yisrael for Jews was unrestricted.
The White Paper of 1939 was a policy paper issued by the British government under Neville Chamberlain in response to the 1936–39 Arab Revolt. Following its formal approval in the House of Commons on 23 May 1939, it acted as the governing policy for Mandatory Palestine from 1939 until the British departure in 1948, the matter of the Mandate meanwhile having been referred to the United Nations.

The policy, first drafted in March 1939, was prepared by the British government unilaterally as a result of the failure of the Arab-Zionist London Conference. The paper called for the establishment of a Jewish national home in an independent Palestinian state within 10 years, rejecting the idea of partitioning Palestine. It also limited Jewish immigration to 75,000 for 5 years, and ruled that further immigration was to be determined by the Arab majority (section II). Restrictions were put on the rights of Jews to buy land from Arabs (section III).
 And the "grace" period for the Jews of Europe was over as they found themselves both locked in and locked out.

Judging by the lessons of history, the rising tide of antisemitism around the world is indicative of another wave meant to wash Jews up on the shores of their Holy Land.  The really smart ones will not wait too long.

The Western Jews of 2019 have two strikes against them: (1) they've seen what a Holocaust looks like, and (2)  it's never been so easy to make aliyah to Eretz Yisrael.

Western Jews!  Lechu Lechem!  Go for yourselves!  Go home to Eretz Yisrael!!


06 November 2019

Daniel: Conclusion - The Little Horn's Demise

9 Marcheshvan 5780

What will be the end of the little horn of the fourth empire - the end of all exiles for the Jews?

The Court assembles, the Judge sits, and the Books are opened. (Daniel 7:9-10, Paraphrased)
     ...because of the sound of the haughty words which the horn spoke, I watched until the beast [representing the fourth empire - "Rome" -] was slain and its body destroyed and consigned to a flame of fire.  (Daniel 7:11)
From A Commentary Anthologized from Talmudic, Midrashic, and Rabbinic Sources:
     Because of the sound of the haughty words.  The wrath of the Ancient of Days was aroused by the blasphemous words of the small horn (Rashi).
     The final judgment upon the fourth kingdom will not take place solely on account of its evil deeds.  Its ultimate downfall shall come as a consequence of the falsehoods perpetuated by the religions represented by the small horn (Mayenei HaYeshuah 8:8; Malbim)
     And its body destroyed - in this world ... 
     And consigned to a flame of fire ...
     ... In the world to come - Gehinom (Mayenei HaYeshuah 8:8). 
fire, refers to the flame of Jacob:  And it shall come to pass that the house of Jacob shall be a fire ... (Obadiah 1:18; Rashi)
Ovadiah 1:17-18 in full...
On Mount Zion there will be refuge, and it will be holy; and the house of Jacob will inherit those who had dispossessed them.  The house of Jacob will be fire, the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for straw; and they will ignite them and devour them.  There will be no survivor to the house of Esau, for Hashem has spoken. 
How are we to understand this?  Is it literal or maybe metaphorical? 

I can't help wondering what part some or all of these high-profile American-Jewish names may play in a metaphorical scenario...

American Jews the American Right-wing (MAGA) Republicans Love to Hate

Candidate for President Bernie Sanders
Advisor to the President Jared Kushner
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan
Senator Joseph Lieberman
Senator Dianne Feinstein
Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg
Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg

Notorious Sex Criminal Anthony Weiner
Notorious Sex Criminal Harvey Weinstein 
Notorious Sex Criminal Jeffrey Epstein

Leader of Presidential Impeachment Investigation, Congressman Adam Schiff
Director of European Affairs (NSC) - Turned Impeachment Witness Alexander Vindman

The Pharmaceutical Makers of Oxycodone - The Sackler Family
Wall Street Thief Bernie Madoff (no forgetting him)

04 November 2019

"The Holy Hunchback"

6 Marcheshvan 5780

As posted to Facebook...
אהרן רזאל - Aaron Razel
October 30 at 3:34 PM ·
I knew the story of the Holy Hunchback as told by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach for twenty years, and it literally changed my life. it effected anybody who had heard this story.

Last year I was drawn to my piano again and again Composing and arranging the story in to a song, It came out last year and since then I’ve been preforming it in schools and diffrent concerts all over Israel.

What a zchut to sing together with thousands of kids in Israel the sentence “the greatest thing in the world is to do a favor for ... somebody else”.

I’m so happy to release, l'kavod the yahrtziet of the piaseczno rav on dalet cheshvan this year, the English version of the song and also l'kavod the 25th yahrziet of rav Shlomo Carlebach coming up this Month.

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos!
Aaron Razel

Coming across this today put me in remembrance of the first time I ever heard Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.  It was late one night - maybe around 1979 - years before I would begin to investigate the Lie that is Christianity and the Truth that is Judaism.  I was listening to a radio program and heard the story of "Yossele from Krakow."  I'd never heard anything like it before.  I was so touched it brought tears to my eyes that ran down my face.  Now, I understand why.  I never recall Rabbi Shlomo without thinking of this story.  His memory will always be a blessing.

Yossele - Rabbi Shlomo's Stories (on Youtube) or in text.

02 November 2019

Parshah Afterthoughts

5 Marcheshvan 5780

Rav Yehudah Richter has a new video out.  It's called "Israel Haunted House."  It's a crazy story that brought a couple of things to mind that I thought I'd share for the benefit of those who will listen to it.

It's interesting that while this event took place during Sukkot, it is being recounted during Parashat Noach.  The commentary from the Stone Edition Chumash says the following about the sins which brought about the destruction of the pre-Flood world...
The behavior of people deteriorated.  At first they were corrupt - being guilty of immorality and idolatry - and they sinned covertly, before God.  Later, the earth had become filled with robbery - which was obvious to all.  Then, the entire earth was corrupted, because man is the essence of the world, and his corruption infects all of Creation (Zohar).  Such is the progression of sin.  It begins in private, when people still have a sense of right and wrong.  But once people develop the habit of sinning, they gradually lose their shame, and immoral behavior becomes the accepted - even the required - norm.  
...The Midrash teaches that they stole from one another in petty ways that were not subject to the authority of the courts.  Though this is not the gravest kind of sin, it is morally damaging in the extreme, because thievery within the letter of the law weakens the conscience and corrupts the social fabric (R' Hirsch). 
One of the Sheva Mitzvot of Noach that all mankind must follow is Not to Steal, and another is to Establish Courts of Justice.  In Rav Richter's story, we see how corrupt our society has become in Eretz Yisrael.  It should shake us to the core of our being.  The secular Law here simply does not concern itself with justice.

However, Hashem continues to keep His eye on everything that happens here.  And He is the ultimate address for justice.  But, if we want justice for ourselves, we'd better be very sure our own hands are spotlessly clean.  That can't be said, unfortunately, for the Tura Winery.

All of these episodes of theft recounted in Rav Richter's video are a result of a major failure on our part: the refusal of Jews to expel the gentiles from our Holy Land. There is simply no getting around this mitzvah. It has to be done and until it is, we will continue to suffer. When the existing government is itself lawless, it has to be replaced. And that is the starting point.


01 November 2019

Three Degrees of Separation

3 Marcheshvan 5780
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Noach

I'm sure you have heard the term "degrees of separation," but maybe like me, you didn't fully understand the meaning. Here is the definition: "A 'degree of separation' is a measure of social distance between people. You are one degree away from everyone you know, two degrees away from everyone they know, and so on."

By that definition, because of the very long lifespans at the beginning of our world, there were only three degrees of separation between Adam HaRishon and Avraham Avinu. True! Avraham Avinu was born while Noach was still alive and Noach's grandfather Lamech, who was still alive when Noach was born was himself born during the lifetime of Adam HaRishon.
There were also three degrees of separation between Adam HaRishon and Ya'aqov Avinu since Lamech also lived to see his grandson Shem born and Ya'aqov Avinu was born in Shem's lifetime.

Lamech was 56 years old when Adam HaRishon died; Shem was 93 years old when his grandfather Lamech died; and Avraham Avinu was 58 years old when Noach died.  Shem outlived Avraham Avinu by 35 years.

Here is another interesting tidbit.  Both Noach and Avraham Avinu were alive when the Dor Haflagah (those who built the Tower of Bavel) were dispersed.  

Imagine!  Lamech learned firsthand from Adam HaRishon and passed that knowledge to his son Noach and grandson Shem who taught what they knew to Avraham Avinu and Ya'aqov Avinu.  And Ya'aqov Avinu knew not only those who survived the worldwide cataclysm of the Great Flood, but his own grandfather was even an eye-witness to the events that culminated in the division and dispersion of the world's population into various nations and languages.



31 October 2019

Daniel: Part 3 - "A Time, Times and a Half"

2 Marsheshvan 5780

(Part 1. Part 2.)

If, for argument's sake, we accept my proposition that the United States of America is the "little horn" described in the Book of Daniel, then I have some explaining to do, because the following does not fit our commonly held assumptions about that country.
And he will speak words against the Most High [1], and he will oppress the high holy ones [2], and he will think to change the times and the law [3], and they will be delivered into his hand until a time, two times, and half a time [4].
We have to keep in mind that this is the ultimate EMET.  The fourth empire is represented by the chazir (pig) because it makes a public show of being kosher, sticking out its cloven hooves, but the inner sign is missing; it is quite the opposite.  Publicly, the United States honors God, but, in fact, it's only artifice.

Regarding the points enumerated above, the commentaries state as follows...
According to Rambam's Epistle to Yemen:  "[...this upstart would conjure up a religion similar to the Godly religion.  He will say that he is a prophet and say many things.]  Daniel here explains that his interest will be to hinder and destroy the true religion. And shall think to change the times and the law (v. 25)."
[1]  "Speaking words against the Most High" would be to propagate a religion that misrepresents the Torah; replacing the covenant with a "new" one and the people of God with a "new" one, etc.
...the United States still tops the chart by far in terms of total missionaries, sending 127,000 in 2010 compared to the 34,000 sent by No. 2-ranked Brazil. (Source)
The [Evangelical] movement gained great momentum during the 18th and 19th centuries with the Great Awakenings in Great Britain and the United States.

In 2016, there were an estimated 619 million evangelicals in the world, meaning that one in four Christians would be classified as evangelical. The United States has the largest concentration of evangelicals in the world. American evangelicals are a quarter of the nation's population....  (Source)
But, not only is the United States in the business of replacing Torah Judaism with a false religion, it is also the mainstay of anti-Torah Jewish "streams" like Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist 'Judaism'. Not to mention that it is the birthplace of the 'Messianic' movement which really seeks to blur the lines between Judaism and Christianity.

However, when I read [3] "shall think to change the times and the law," I think of the mass assimilation that has been going on since Jews arrived in America.  Jews who abandon the Shabbat and mitzvot are the most celebrated in America.
[2] and he will oppress the high holy ones: He will burden and oppress Israel.
One really need look no further than the ongoing, decades-old "Peace Process" to understand this statement, but it goes so much farther than most people even can imagine...

...exposes a series of scandals from Oliver North to the British royal family, The Secret War Against the Jews reveals as much about political corruption inside Western intelligence as it does about Israel. Using thousands of previously top-secret documents and interviews with hundreds of current and former spies, Loftus and Aarons, both veteran investigators, Nazi-hunters, and authors, present a compelling narrative.
The authors demonstrate that numerous Western countries, especially the United States and Great Britain, have conducted repeated and willful spying missions on Palestine and later Israel over many decades. While on the surface these two countries and others profess to be ardent allies of Israel, they work, in fact, through their intelligence services to betray Israel's secrets to the Arabs. Their motive: oil and multinational profits, which must be attained at any price through international covert policies.
Which brings us to the most important part.

[4] "...and they will be delivered into his hand until a time, two times, and half a time."

Does that phrase strike you as unusual - "they will be delivered into his hand"?  It made me ask myself, "Who is delivering whom into whose hands and for what purpose?"  

The commentators unanimously identify the "holy ones" as the Jewish People.  So, the Jewish People is being "delivered" into the hands of the "little horn" after it has become an exceptional world power, i.e., the United States after WWII. (The British Empire declined and America took its place.)

The Nazis were not defeated during the war, they were transferred to the United States (Operation Paperclip), their work continued in the service of American interests, and the war on worldwide Jewry took on a new form.  In Israel, that meant to keep pushing the Jews down until they gave up or gave in.  

Since Jews still remained scattered all over the world, how could it be possible to deliver all the Jews into the unfriendly hands in the American government?  It would only be possible if one Jew were valuable enough to feasibly represent the entire Jewish nation.  That would require a Mashiach ben Yosef-type figure, strategically placed by Divine decree at the center of American power, in a position to be privy to information that could save Jewish lives and the Jewish state.  A solitary Jew with tremendous mesirut nefesh who would willingly sacrifice himself to save his people - a Jew like Jonathan Pollard.

As is common knowledge now, after discovery, and upon reaching the safety of the Israeli embassy grounds, Jonathan Pollard (and his wife Anne) were "delivered" into the waiting hands of the FBI by the Erev Rav in the Israeli leadership.  It was November 21, 1985 (8 Kislev 5746).

Had Yosef HaTzadik not been released from prison, who would have fed the starving families of Ya'aqov Avinu?  Having one Jew in your power really can influence the fate of the entire Jewish people. 

Right now, you might be thinking this is quite a stretch but just wait.

The text says, "...and they will be delivered into his hand until a time, two times, and half a time." 

Interestingly, it was "they" as it was the two of them, Jonathan and his wife Anne, but clearly Jonathan was the main target, and he would serve the most time.  For how long would they be able to hold him?  "Until a time, times and a half."  One unspecified source calls this three and one-half years.  Most seem to agree that it is three and one-half of some period of time, but nobody knows exactly how that is defined, because this is where the obscurity comes in.  No one, except those living at the End of Days, would ever be able to figure it out.

I've come at it a little backwards of how it occurred to me.  I first was dealing with this time-frame:  3 1/2 days, 3 1/2 weeks, 3 1/2 years, 3 1/2 decades...  And wham, it hit me like a sudden light going on out of the dark.  3 1/2 decades or 35 years of Jonathan Pollard in prison.  And then I was even more amazed when I suddenly realized it was divided into three parts:  The first 10 years was really all he was supposed to serve for breaking their law - "time".  Then, they decided to hold him hostage (Dennis Ross to Pres. Clinton at the end of that ten years:  "Save Pollard's release for a later time.  You don't have too many cards like this to play.") for another 20 years - "2 times."  For the life sentence that he was handed, he was automatically eligible to go out after 30 years in 2015 on the exact original date.  It was a miracle that no one contested it.  But, that brings us to the third period - "half a time" or 5 years of supervised probation - when he is neither in prison, nor truly free.  It's a transitionary period.

We can know it now because, as of November 21, 2019, there is only one year left.  That final 5-year period ends on November 21, 2020.  Because they did not prevent his going out from prison, I do not believe they will (or can) prevent his leaving the US after that time.  Their power to hold him would have been ended, as it says - "until time, times and a half of time."

However, that said, had we merited it, Jonathan Pollard would have been saved by Israel just like he had saved Israel.  He was safely inside the embassy grounds!  With the deliverance of Jonathan Pollard to Eretz Yisrael in 1985 instead of his being delivered into the hands of the corrupt US Justice system, we might have been spared all the horrors of intifadas and Oslo and the Gush Katif expulsion, etc.  Furthermore, had we merited it, Jonathan Pollard could have gone free at any point and still can!  The 35 years, if I'm right, would be the final end by which Redemption has to come even if we don't merit it. 
'How long until the ultimate end?' [the final date for redemption to come] ...for a time, times and a half a time and upon the completion of the fragmenting of the hand [yad=power] of the holy people,....  (Daniel 12:6-7)
Here is another riddle which I believe we can easily see based on current events, since I am convinced we are living now very near the end of the End.

The "power of the yad of a people" rests in the government and the military, for better or for worse.  An unprecedented event took place in Israel this year.  There were two elections and still there is no functioning government.  The unrelenting call of the day is for a "unity" government and yet contrarily, the fragmenting increases daily.  I really think this is what Daniel is describing - the very situation we find ourselves in right now.  

When this situation reaches a stalemate where nothing can be resolved, that will be "the completion of the fragmenting of the hand of the Jewish people" - in keeping with the predictions of the rabbis that two elections will fail and before a third can be held, Mashiach will come.
And the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms under all the heavens will be given to the people of the high holy ones; its kingdom is a perpetual kingdom, and all dominions will serve and obey it."
Of course, this all remains guesswork, but educated and informed guesswork.  In any case, Mashiach will surely come, and we are getting closer to Redemption every single day.  But, I have a lot of faith in this idea.  We really won't have to wait long to see if it pans out.  I hope it will inspire everyone to pray often for Yehonatan ben Malka and Esther Yocheved bat Raizel Brachah who is very ill.  They both just want to come home.

Please continue and review the additional material reproduced below.  And thanks for hearing me out.
In the history of the United States, no other spy convicted for passing intelligence to an ally has received a life sentence. In fact, the maximum sentence for such an offense today is 10 years while the median sentence has always been 2 to 4 years. (Source)
Imprisoned spy Jonathan Pollard's handler revealed on Monday that he agreed to supply the United States with information proving Pollard’s guilt, since he knew that the United States and Israel had an agreement to release Pollard from prison after he served a ten-year sentence. (Source)
Over time, the Rav [Rav Mordechai Eliyahu, ztz"l] shared with us and with a few others who were very close to him that Jonathan's release is the key to the redemption of all of Am Yisrael.

He taught us how Jonathan's release is also the key to the release of all of Israel's captives and MIAs. Once Jonathan is out, all the captives are all out! Once they are all out, we are all in Geula!

Perhaps most significant of all, the Rav always referred to Jonathan as the "Yosef HaTzadik shel doreinu" (The Yosef Hatzadik of our generation.)

While the Rav never forbid me from speaking of these things publicly, he himself was reluctant to do so. I remember asking him, many years ago: "Kavod HaRav, if you know all these things about Jonathan, why don't you say so openly? Why don't you speak about this in public?"

The Rav responded with a sigh, "Esther," he said, "it would not help anyone if I were to do so. Every Jew has to wake up; to open his/her own eyes; to realize for themselves that we have the Yosef HaTzadik of our generation languishing in a pit in America. Every Jew has to feel the pain of his suffering and to decide on his/her own to participate in this mitzvah -- to do whatever he or she can to redeem Jonathan, and in so doing, effectively redeem themselves. We have to wake up Am Yisrael to this mitzvah!"

The Rav spent the rest of his life doing just that, trying to wake up Am Yisrael! He spoke about Jonathan everywhere he went. He wrote prayers for Jonathan, and headed prayer rallies on his behalf. He lectured and taught and wrote and constantly reminded the Nation that we have a captive in America and that the mitzvah of pidyan shvuyim devolves upon each and every one of us. He also taught that in Jonathan's case, this was the highest form of the mitzvah - that it is the mitzvah of pidyan shvuyim for one who was "moser nefesh for Am Yisrael" ( That is, for one who sacrificed himself for the sake of the Nation of Israel). (Source)

Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Coalition for Jewish Values Calls for Pollard Freedom on Humanitarian Grounds

May any learning from this blog post go to the merit of Esther Yocheved bat Raizel Brachah for a refuah shleimah bimehira.  Amen!