04 August 2020


14 Menachem Av 5780

According to the most recent reports, the average daily number of fatalities attributed to COVID-19, while higher than it was at the height of the "first wave," is still less than is usually seen with seasonal flu.  And the total number of hospitalized patients is less than at the same time a year ago.

If so, then why are we seeing this headline at JPost?!
Coronavirus cabinet weighs full lockdown for second half of August

Knowing that each step in their nefarious plan is meant to further enslave humanity, I find this report to be alarming...

New Israeli law to allow compulsory job recruitment in case of emergency

"This is a rather extreme law," said MK Haim Katz.

03 August 2020

"Disasters" and "Secrets of the Coming of Mashiach"

14 Menachem Av 5780

Ongoing disasters...

Although the video below is two years old, it is very timely and a great preparation for TU b'Av.

In part, he says (@44 mins) that TU B'Av is the original wedding date for HKB"H and Am Yisrael; that had the incident with the spies not taken place on 9 Av, 15 Av would have been the day we "married" Hashem and Moshe would have become Mashiach and the Beit Hamikdash would have been built.

Also: "...[TU b'Av] is a very auspicious time.  ...In the Talmud, it says there are two dates in the Jewish calendar that are the best dates for the nation of the Jews - Yom Kippur and TU b'Av.  There are no better days for our nation than that."

02 August 2020

"The Asteroid on the 12th of Elul"

13 Menachem Av 5780

"It was like an asteroid hitting the world and breaking the world into pieces."
NASA: 'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroid to Fly-by Earth Soon at a Much Closer Distance Than the Moon

NASA has spotted an asteroid that will pass by the Earth at a closer distance than the moon by September.

As reported by UNILAD, the 2011 ES4 asteroid is about 22 meters to 49 meters in diameter. It will fly past the Earth at 18,253 miles per hour, which is about the standard speed for an asteroid.

While the size and speed may be somewhat normal, this asteroid will be flying by closer to the Earth than the distance of the moon.

According to the database, the asteroid will pass by the Earth on September 1 at 10:49 A.M. Eastern Time [5:49 PM in Israel]. The 2011 ES4 will fly by at 0.00048 astronomical units away or about 44,618 miles. The distance is much closer to Earth than the moon, which is around 238,855 miles away.

While NASA has deemed its proximity as 'potentially hazardous,' the agency did not find it as a threat since its diameter is just small.




12 Menachem Av 5780
Motza"sh - Shavua tov!

I recently received the following comments:
Neshama said...
Good grief, It looks like we are in the 9mos of persecution that a certain Rabbi described in his depiction of the end days before Mashiach appears. Hypothetically, Where does this 9 mos end? Do we count from March, or April? From April takes us to December, perhaps Chanukah?
Anonymous said...
About the 9 months, if one counts from Feb. (Covid19 already started to appear) it would be Oct. that the 9 months would be up.
Anonymous said...
If we are counting 9 months - personally, I think that's hard since COVID began on the other side of the world before we began to experience it. Doesn't that count as well? HR
These questions are concerning this quote from the Talmud...
Rabbi Yehuda said: (Moshiach) Ben David will not come until the wicked Roman kingdom will spread [extend her dominion] throughout the World for nine months.
...It is written in the Zohar, that Chevlei Moshiach will be divided into two separate periods: a period of seventy years... and a period of nine months...In the last nine months of the golus, the troubles shall greatly increase, and, at the end of this period, there will be a great fear, and then the Moshiach will be revealed.
Since this is referring to the time just prior to Mashiach, it is reasonable to assume this "wicked Roman kingdom" is referring to the New World Order 'Masters' of the Universe.

In early April, three days before Pesach, I wrote Are We Now in the Nine Months of Foreign Rule?  At that time, I speculated that Rosh Chodesh Shevat could mark the beginning of this worldwide rule of These Powers That Be (TPTB) because that is when the coronavirus outbreak that allegedly began in Wuhan, China, was designated as a global emergency by the World Health Organization, prompting every nation on earth to begin implementing identical advance directives pre-determined by TPTB.

Obviously, even if we could know for a certainty that this event was the beginning of the nine months, as can be seen from the comments quoted above, there are any number of possible starting points.  This was also the case with the Babylonian Exile and the reason even prophets like Daniel had trouble determining exactly when the decree of 70 years would end.  This gives Hashem room so to speak, to finish it earlier or later in accordance with the needs of mankind's route to teshuvah.

The more I think about it, the more it seems to me that their ultimate expression of power over the whole world has come about through the mass "lock-downs."  This was the open demonstration of their absolute power!  And the mask decree is the symbol of their mastery!

According to this list here, virtually every country in the world was "locked down" between early to mid-March and early April or basically between Purim and Pesach.  Interestingly, the earliest was Qatar on March 11th.  The vast majority were done from then through the end of March.  The first city in Israel to be targeted was Bnei Braq on April 2.  Only seven waited til April, the final one being Turkey on April 23rd.

So, by this we could claim that the wicked TPTB had extended their power over the entire world through the institution of mass lock-downs of the global population by Rosh Chodesh Iyyar.  Remember all the videos and pictures of major cities showing thoroughfares empty of traffic, shuttered shops and streets bereft of any people, rows of aircraft parked at closed airports???  It was an unprecedented phenomenon.

(1) Iyyar - (2) Sivan- (3) Tamuz - (4) Av- (5) Elul - (6) Tishrei - (7) Cheshvan - (8) Kislev - (9) Tevet ...  Tevet ends on January 13, 2021. This is precisely when the autistic seer says the planetary destruction arrives, which is the only thing that can stop TPTB.
Given by Daniel Feb 23, 2020/Erev-erev Rosh Chodesh Adar

We need to prepare.
Between now and Hanukkah 5781 will be the hardest period of time. ...there will be a relaxation at Hanukkah 5781. The Hanukkah candles will give the Jews strength because until then there will be great struggles and they won’t believe at all in the government.
The Chareidim will return more and more to HKB”H as is necessary. Hanukkah will be an island of quiet in all the chaos and after Hanukkah the “star” will arrive and it won’t be simple. And whoever did not do teshuvah until then will fear what is happening and immediately run to do teshuvah.
This is the best answer I have, but as usual, we can only prepare ourselves to be ready at any moment to meet our Maker and to continue with Torah, mitzvot and gemilut chasadim as we faithfully await our righteous Mashiach, may he be revealed before our very eyes without any further delays.  Amen! 

01 August 2020

In Light of Ongoing Protests

12 Menachem Av 5780
Mota"sh - Shavua Tov!

In light of the ongoing protests against "Crime" Minister Netanyahu, which are now spreading around the world (who has ever seen such a thing?!), it is worthwhile to revisit the following which was posted to this blog previously...

~ ~ ~

(Excerpts taken from Traitors and Carpetbaggers in the Promised Land by Investigative Reporter Barry Chamish and published in 1997.)
Who Is Binyamin Netanyahu?
(The Conventional Story)

...When Binyamin moved to America at age fourteen after his father accepted a teaching post in Philadelphia, his hero became JFK.  Netanyahu felt very alienated being away from Israel and took waitering jobs to earn the money to spend his summers back home. There his greatest pleasure was working on left-wing kibbutzim with his pals from Jerusalem. 
...He was a straight-A student who graduated fourth in his class at Cheltenham High School, one of the most academically competitive schools in America.  But he didn't attend his graduation ceremony.  War broke out on June 5, 1967, and Netanyahu flew to Israel to volunteer for the army. 
...After five years of soldiering, Netanyahu returned to America to study architecture at...MIT.  ...Netanyahu interrupted his studies only once.  In October of 1973 war broke out in Israel and he flew back to fight in the Sinai.  When he returned, he became a student activist on behalf of Israel, a fact that was noted by the Israeli consul of Boston, Collette Avital, the dovish consul of New York during the Rabin/Peres administration who arranged Netanyahu's first television appearance, a debate with PLO activist Prof. Edward Said. 
...The loss of his brother Yoni during the Entebbe raid put a stop to Binyamin's plans to become an architect.  Instead he settled for an MA in business administration and took a post at the Boston Consulting Group. 
...Already earning $100,000 and with a splendid career before him, Netanyahu decided to give it all up and return to Israel to act as marketing manager of a furniture concern. 
...In 1979, Netanyahu organized an antiterrorism conference in Jerusalem, dedicated to his fallen brother.  He managed to attract the likes of George Bush, George Shultz, and Richard Perle (President Reagan's chief arms negotiator) to the meeting and was thrust briefly onto the world stage.  But when the conference ended, it was back to work at the furniture factory. 
...That all changed in 1982 when Israel's Washington ambassador, Moshe Arens, invited Netanyahu to be his deputy.  This unprecedented career rise has been a subject of much speculation.  
...In 1984, after two visibly successful years as Arens' deputy, Bibi was named Israel's ambassador to the U.N.  In another of those ironies that follow him, he was appointed to the post by Shimon Peres against the objections of Yitzchak Shamir.  Once again, it was a leader of the Labor Party who promoted his early career.
This was the true turning point in his quest to become prime minister. Netayahu's good looks, fluent English, and controversial opinions made him a media star. He became a frequent presence on Ted Koppel's "Nightline" and "Larry King Live."

...During this period, Netanyahu wrote his book, Terror: How The West Can Win. The book made a tremendous impression on the Reagan administration.  In fact, whenever George Shultz visited New York, and that was often, he would call on Netanyahu.
By 1988,  Netanyahu had made powerful allies in the American media.  He received strong support form Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, Abe Rosenthal of the New York Times, and Ellie Weymouth, daughter of Katherine Graham, the publisher of Newsweek.  When he returned to Israel, he was too powerful a figure to be ignored and was appointed first deputy foreign minister and later the prime minister's spokesman.  In this capacity, CNN made Netanyahu an international media star during the Persian Gulf War. 
Netanyahu was ready to challenge the Old Guard of the Likud.  The combination of youth, determination, and powerful allies abroad led to a resounding victory in the Likud primaries of 1993 and in the general elections of 1996.

(The Secret Life of Binyamin Netanyahu)

Even within the conventional story, it is clear that Netanyahu was groomed for leadership by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York.  In 1979, 27-year-old Netanyahu called a conference on terrorism and the ruling elite of the CFR - Bush, Shultz and Perle - answered his summons.

...Netanyahu's decision to quit his lucrative Boston job is almost inexplicable. Netanyahu sought a high-paying job at a prestigious consulting firm, yet not two months later he gave it up to fly back to Israel and sell sofas.  He was barely settled back home when he decided to organize an antiterrorism conference and invite the most powerful people in Washington to attend. 
It is possible that Netanyahu was told to quit his job, return to Israel, and arrange the conference.  Perhaps there is a connection to the fact that a year later Shultz made fighting terrorism a first priority of the Reagan administration and that Vice-President Bush was appointed to head a front for illegal covert activities called the Anti-Terror Task Force. 
Arens' offer of a deputy ambassadorship to salesman Netanyahu made no political sense.  Israeli diplomatic aides and deputies typically rise slowly through the Foreign Ministry bureaucracy.  They are not thrust into the second highest position at the most vital embassy in the world.  It is far from impossible that Arens was directed to bring in Netanyahu by the very people in the Reagan administration who attended his conference three years earlier.
Once in New York in 1984, CFR-affiliated media such as CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, and CFR members Koppel and King turned Netanyahu into a major political figure; so much so that George Shultz became a close friend.  ...What did Shultz, twenty years Netanyahu's senior, find so amusing about the Israeli U.N. ambassador that he had to pay him a courtesy call every time he flew to New York?  In 1985, Shultz chaired another Netanyahu-organized conference on terrorism, this time in Washington.  The resulting publicity and prestige was a significant factor in Netanyahu's fast-rising political career.  Clearly, the secretary of state had a major stake in Netanyahu's future.  Which means, so did George Bush.  
...Since taking office, Netanyahu has fueled fears of international control by his actions.... [like his] decision to allow Yaacov Frenkel to run the country's economy single-handedly. Frenkel worked for the World Bank between 1971 and 1990.  After nineteen years away from "home" Frenkel was unexplainably appointed head of the Bank of Israel. ** 
His policies mirrored the worldwide debt program of his previous employer documented by numerous researchers.  The plan involves raising interest rates beyond what the public or industry can afford, and forcing the government to borrow lots of money from American banks to keep the populace pacified.  When the debts have to be repaid from an empty treasury, the International Monetary Fund bails out the country with schemes guaranteed to impoverish the people. 
Frenkel was a proponent of Israel borrowing $10 billion in loans guaranteed by the American government and he kept his interest rates as high as he could in the face of opposition from then-Finance Minister Avraham Shohat who suspected Frenkel "was playing politics with the Bank of Israel."
Binyamin Netanyahu...appointed Yaacov Frenkel to be his minister of finance.  The only thing that prevented the disaster was party opposition to an appointee who had never publicly supported the Likud. 
Dan Meridor got the post instead.  But as the Maariv headline read: "Meridor Will Act, Frenkel Will Lead."  On his first day in office Meridor announced that his policy would be to lower the standard of living in Israel.  Not a week later, Frenkel raised the interest rates by a whopping 1.5 percent with Meridor's "approval." 
** The same thing happened with Stanley Fischer...
Stanley Fischer is an Israeli American economist and former vice chairman of the Federal Reserve. Born in Northern Rhodesia, he holds dual citizenship in Israel and the United States. He served as governor of the Bank of Israel from 2005 to 2013. He previously served as chief economist at the World Bank. On January 10, 2014, United States President Barack Obama nominated Fischer to be Vice-Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Board of Governors.  (Source)
Haaretz reported at the time...
...One must admit that at first, it did seem somewhat strange that of all places he could have gone, Fischer ended up here full-time. He was a renowned economist who’d served as chief economist at the World Bank between 1988 and 1990 and as first deputy managing director at the International Monetary Fund from 1994 to 2001. As an MIT professor, he taught a generation of central bankers and other important economists, advising current Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke on his doctoral thesis and teaching incumbent European Central Bank president Mario Draghi. His last job before agreeing to serve as governor of the Bank of Israel was vice chairman of Citigroup, where he reportedly made $100,000 a month. He is a multiple attendee of the Bilderberg Group, the highly secretive annual conference of very, very important people.

An illustrious career, no doubt. So why give it all up and move to Israel?
"Why?" indeed!  This is already too long and I have already cut it down as far as I can and still give you an adequate picture, so we'll end the excerpts here. 

There Is Good Basis to Suspect Binyamin Netanyahu (and all others of his ilk) of Dual Loyalties

Fortunately, I came to Israel before it came under the Americanized influence of Binyamin Netanyahu's "leadership" (and World Bank/IMF governors!)  It was a different place then, ask anyone.  Today, it has truly become an American outpost - their bridgehead in the Middle East - a Little America in all but name.  God help us!

All of this is to offer you the most cogent explanation for the "Why?"....
PM said to float plan for Palestinian building permits in West Bank’s Area C

The high-level security cabinet is debating a plan introduced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to grant building permits to Palestinians in Israeli-controlled Area C of the West Bank, alongside such approvals for neighboring settlers, the Kan public broadcaster reported Monday.
The answer to this conundrum and every other one like it is ...

He is under orders from above (small "a").
Israel plans Palestinian housing construction in apparent gesture to U.S.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promoting a new plan to build 700 housing units for Palestinians alongside 6,000 housing units in West Bank settlements, in an apparent response to American pressure.
The only explanation I can think of for why even the so-called religious and "extremist" right-wing parties will still recommend this man for the premiereship is sheer ignorance.  Hopefully, this blog post will go some way towards alleviating that, especially if all of you help by informing your own family and friends.

You realize in reading this short history that by the time Jonathan Pollard had been arrested in November 1985, Netanyahu had already sold his soul to the Satan; therefore, despite all his protestations to the contrary, he was never going to advocate on Pollard's behalf to the American government!

Binyamin Netanyahu's death-grip on the reins of this country is an existential threat to the Jewish nation. God have mercy on us and bring us Mashiach now!!

By the way, if you'd be interested in what has become of our illustrious Stanley Fischer who "made aliyah" and then only lived in Israel long enough to be head of the Bank of Israel before trotting right back to his master's den in the U.S., the Wall Street Journal reported back in February...
Former Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer to Join BlackRock
RelatedNetanyahu: Darling of the Christian RightCFR Membership; Council on Foreign Relations (CFR); CFR Gives the Orders

~ ~ ~ 


31 July 2020

"Nachamu, Nachamu Ami"

10 Menachem Av 5780
Erev Shabbat Kodesh - Shabbat Nachamu
Parashah Va'Etchanan
"When you are in distress and all these things have befallen you, at the end of days, you will return unto Hashem, your God, and hearken to His voice.  For Hashem, your God, is a merciful God, He will not abandon you nor destroy you, and He will not forget the covenant of your forefathers that He swore to them."  (Devarim 4 :30-31)
Commentary:  "According to Sforno and Yalkut, this term refers to the period just before the coming of Mashiach...."
~ ~ ~
Haftarah"Comfort, comfort My people - says your God.  Speak to the heart of Jerusalem and proclaim to her that her time of exile has been fulfilled, that her iniquity has been conciliated, for she has received from the hand of Hashem double for all her sins. 

30 July 2020

Will We Be At War On Tisha b'Av?

10 Av 5780

UPDATEIsrael moves advanced missile systems to Lebanese border amid fears of Hezbollah attack
A Hebrew-language channel stated on Wednesday night that the Israeli army expects an attack by Hezbollah during the Eid Al-Adha holiday.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, Kann, that Israel fears a “second attack” by Hezbollah in the next 48 hours, that is, during the celebration of Eid al-Adha.
[NOTEEid al-Adha - This four-day Muslim "Feast of the Sacrifice" takes place Jul 30, 2020 - Aug 3, 2020.]
~ ~ ~

After a firefight with the IDF on Monday on Mt. Dov, Hizballah has announced that its plan to avenge the killing by Israel of one of its fighters in Damascus a week ago is not the end of it. More is yet to come – and soon. (Debkafile)

"Army officials: Coming hours will be tense and critical"  
GUN BATTLE IN NORTH: Hezbollah Terrorists Attempt To Infiltrate Israel, Northern Residents In Lockdown
The IDF thwarted an attempted Hezbollah infiltration into Israel from Lebanon on Monday afternoon, when several terrorists entered a few meters inside Israeli territory across the Blue Line [the international border]. IDF soldiers identified the terrorists and opened fire with machine guns, artillery guns and tanks.

The Hezbollah terrorists fled back into Lebanon and according to the IDF spokesperson: “we don’t know their condition.” However, a Channel 12 News report said they had been killed. There were no IDF casualties, the IDF spokesperson confirmed.

The IDF closed off roads in the Har Dov area in the wake of the incident and instructed Israeli residents of the north to remain at home. Following the end of the incident, they were given the all-clear to resume normal activity.
Hezbollah Attack On Israel Is Imminent, Report Says

The IDF is preparing for an imminent attack on Israel’s northern border in the coming days, Yisrael Hayom reported on Sunday.

The report follows heightened tensions on the northern border following an airstrike on Damascus last week attributed to Israel which killed Hezbollah member Ali Kamel Mohsen Jawad. On Friday evening, the IDF carried out airstrikes on military targets on Syria in response to fire from Syria toward the Golan Heights on Friday afternoon.

Anticipating Hezbollah attack, Gantz warns terror group: Don’t test us

Defense Minister Benny Gantz issued a clear threat to the Hezbollah terror group while overlooking the northern border on Sunday, saying that the Jewish state was prepared to take harsh action against “anyone who tests us,” as the Lebanese militia was suspected of planning to strike Israel in retaliation for the death of one of its fighters earlier this week.

Gantz also indicated that Israel would continue to act in Syria and Lebanon, despite the tensions, in order to ensure its security.

...The defense minister indicated that he did not believe the current situation would lead to a larger conflict or an all-out war, but said the he “recommends to the other side not to drag us into that.”

Gantz again warned the governments of Syria and Lebanon that they would be held responsible for any attacks against Israel coming from their territory.

...Following Hezbollah’s allegation on Tuesday, the IDF went into high alert on the northern border, deploying infantry reinforcements on the ground, as well as additional Iron Dome missile defense batteries along the border.

On Friday, the military began clearing out unnecessary personnel from the frontier and barring military vehicles from traveling on roads that are vulnerable to anti-tank guided missile attack from Lebanon. No such restrictions were placed on civilians, who were encouraged to go about their daily lives as normal despite the heightened tensions.

...The skies above northern Israel were filled on Sunday with the sound of fighter jets, drones and helicopters, apparently collecting intelligence and preparing to retaliate to any such attack.

Shortly after Gantz’s visit, the IDF said that one of its small copter drones that was operating along the border crashed inside Lebanon, but that there was no risk that sensitive information could be taken from it.

Last week, the IDF sent an additional infantry battalion and a small number of other troops to the region, as well as artillery weapons.

SHOCKING! Similarities Between Nazi Tactics and Coronavirus Measures!!

9 Av 5780

Coronavirus czar presents 'Israel Protector' [Magen Israel] plan for combating COVID-19
...The new plan, which Gamzu hopes will avoid the need for future lockdowns and "illogical restrictions," will also color-code cities similar to traffic lights: green, yellow and red.

Municipalities that will be defined as “green” will have more authority and less restrictions on residents and businesses.
Moreover, they will have full autonomy to operate cultural events, as the sector has taken a heavy financial blow due to the strict capping of indoor gatherings.
“Yellow” municipalities will receive funding per resident, with the aim to turn the city “green.”
Red” cities, on the other hand, will be run by the military’s Home Front Command -- alongside the local authority.
All of the chareidi enclaves [Bnei Braq, Beitar Ilit, Modiin Ilit, and Jerusalem neighborhoods] will be labeled RED due to the "high infection rates" there, turning them into ghettos, as we've already seen!

Increasing isolation measures???
Dr. Fauci: Wear goggles or eye shields to prevent spread of COVID-19; flu vaccine a must