25 June 2024

Dangerous Waters, Beware Rip Currents

19 Sivan 5784 

Part 1: Introduction

Aside from the ongoing violent weather, floods and fires, and collapsing infrastructure in the United States, deadly shark attacks and drownings due to dangerous rip currents are at the top of last night's newscast.  Hence the title of today's blog post.  However, in our case, we're talking about the dangerous ideas being spread and, God forbid, taking root here in the final hours of the Satan's life, as he goes all out to lure the sheep astray.

In response to Rabbi Mendel Kessin's most recent recorded shiur, some people questioned some of his assertions about Christianity.  During the give and take in comments on the internet, a new element was introduced - a recommendation to see an interview on the subject between an unknown young woman and the rabbi, with link provided.  I did not see it.  But, I did see a follow-up video to it which has stunned me.

I will be taking down my video with
R' Mendel Kessin. Here is why.

I know more about the subject of Christianity than any rabbi who has never been a part of it, no matter his level of Torah learning.  I was immersed in it for the first 40 years of my life.  And now I have been a kosher Jew for 30 years.  You don't get out of the biggest cult in the world without developing an innate sense of what's true and what's a perversion of truth. Not an outright lie mind you. That's too easy. It works much better with the subtlety of twisting the truth just a bit with the added benefit of easier deniability if questioned.

Before I go further and let you in on our investigation into who this woman is and speculate on her agenda (because there most definitely is one), I want to lay out three very important ideas to keep in mind throughout:
  1. The rule has been that no one under forty years old should learn kabbalah because it was thought that by that time, a Torah-educated man would have a firm enough foundation in all other areas of the Torah not to be misled by the language of kabbalah into heresy, which is otherwise a real possibility. A true understanding of kabbalah will never contradict even at the peshat level. All levels of Torah knowledge (PRDS) will align at all times.

  2. Any reference to "Rabbinical Judaism" as an anomaly not to be trusted as the truth is a clear indicator of anti-Torah rhetoric which is intent on the abandonment of "religion" in favor of a "higher level" relationship to God through "spirituality."

  3. The notion that the world has changed and that davka NOW is the time for every person to learn kabbalah (even Gentiles!!) regardless of age, experience, or level of Torah learning is laying the pathway to the Western (Christian)-led plan for a new world religion which finds commonality (and value) among all the world's religions and brings them all (including Judaism) into submission under the one umbrella of "spirituality."
Part 2:  Who Is GilaJ?

Her two-month-old Youtube channel is called "Gila J. ZOHAR IS THE HOLY GRAIL." (Caps hers.)  That's clue number one.  The site provides links to her book, her telegram channel, and her linktree (whatever that is!).  

Maybe you've heard of her before, but it looks to me like someone who has come from nowhere to suddenly have this online presence; who scored a personal interview with one of the most sought-after rabbis in the Anglo-Jewish world, which is now stirring major controversy, bringing a lot of exposure to her message, which she admits she is prepared to spread far and wide.  Must hear...

From Fear to Love: My Journey With Kabbalah
 and Understanding the True Torah

Gila "J" is Gila Jedwab, "Orthodox Jew" married to "Josh" and mother of four, a dentist in Cedarhurst, NJ (or Long Island, depending on the source).

The banner on her "X" profile where she labels herself "a patriot"...

She is also a "Trumper" and QAnon believer.  In 2020, she was one of the "coordinators" of a Trump rally in Woodmere, NY.  (More in that vein here.)  This is only of interest if you understand Trump's real mission in the world and where TPTB look to recruit influencers for their hidden agenda.

Here is an interesting find...

It looks like Gila J heeded the call...

Trump's Greatest Comeback..
Or is it?  Gila Jed


It is a well-worn tactic of the Satan to try and lead the leaders of the generation astray as they bring all their followers along with them.  At the very least, an honest assessment here justifies a call to Rabbi Kessin to be clearer with his words as this example shows where his remarks, if not his intentions, are taking his followers.  Perhaps it is an indication that these ideas are better shared in a closed environment; however, for some reason there is clearly an expressed desire instead to drastically expand.  


It's a purely nonsensical concept that anyone can ever know "the truth" about Yeshu.  The only historical records extant about him are from a heavily biased source (the Council of Nicaea) which compiled them 300 years after his alleged ministry.  The New Testament that they created then, and which all Christendom still recognizes today, makes the following idolatrous claim (the "He/Him" here is Yeshu)...

In other words...

Christianity is not monotheism.
Neither is it shituf
It is outright idolatry!
And forbidden to ALL!!

Part 3:  Be Aware

We have traveled so very far from the millennia of Jewish tradition (based on halachah) of no conversations, no debates, no relationships with Christians, no teaching about Christianity to Jews and certainly no praise of Christians or admissions of worth or value to it!!

For the public's further edification, I would point you to this resource...

And now, I'll just leave you with these reminders...

"It's halachah, Eisav hates Ya'aqov."
Rabbi Feinstein wrote...we have to realize that hatred of the Jews by all nations is actually great, even in the nations that behave well [toward Jews]. I have already explained concerning Rashi’s language in his Torah commentary… on the word וישקהו: Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai says: “It is a well-known halakha that Esau hates Jacob.”

And why is the word halakha relevant here? It is because just as halakha never changes, so also Esau’s hatred of Jacob never changes. Even in those [nations] that behave well [toward Jews], their hatred [of Jews] is actually strong.

Rav Moshe Feinstein is not the only modern Jewish writer to see “Esau Hates Jacob” as expressing the inherent antisemitism of gentiles. In an article for Mishpacha magazine, R. Emanuel Feldman wrote:
Two thousand years ago, our Sages declared prophetically: “Halachah hi: Eisav sonei es Yaakov,” it is a universal law: Esau hates Jacob. This is one halachah that Esau maintains religiously.

 Hashem hates Eisav.

Was not Esau a brother to Jacob? says the Lord. And I loved Jacob. And I hated Esau, and I made his mountains desolate and his heritage into [a habitat for] the jackals of the desert. Should Edom say, "We were poor, but we will return and build the ruins"? So said the Lord of Hosts: They shall build, but I will demolish; and they shall be called the border of wickedness and the people whom the Lord has damned forever. And your eyes shall see, and you shall say, "The Lord is great beyond the border of Israel." (Malachi 1:1-5)
Eisav/Edom is an eternal enemy.
And the house of Jacob shall be fire and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau shall become stubble, and they shall ignite them and consume them, and the house of Esau shall have no survivors, for the Lord has spoken. (Ovadia 1:18)

Even the strongest swimmer can be carried away by treacherous waters.

23 June 2024

Reminder and Caution

17 Sivan 5784

This is the lowest generation ever in the history of our nation.  Consequently, the leadership is a non-leadership and the rabbis by and large are mostly from the Erev Rav as it is written: 

"Before the arrival of Moshiach, most of the rabbis will be from the Erev Rav, because Israel in themselves are holy, but the Erev Rav only work for their own benefit . . . " (Divrei Chaim, Parashas Vayakhel, 'Omissions') 

Even when the rabbi is entirely righteous, no one is perfect and never makes a mistake.  Therefore, it is encumbent upon us to learn from earlier sources and to be familiar with the traditional (proven over centuries) commentaries,  so that when we listen to what passes for current Torah scholarship (over Youtube and internet sites), we can be a better judge of the accuracy of what we are hearing.  

Unfortunately, I am hearing some very questionable and concerning, if not outright disturbing and heretical, teachings being passed on for which no basis can be found in any earlier source.  And for some reason, people do not listen with discerning ears, but swallow every word without question.  99% could be true and 1% could be kefirah, but woe to us for the 1% because over time, it can bring us far, far from the whole truth.  And if each lesson consumed has just that 1% error, what does that add up to over weeks and months and years?  

Jewish life is all about separating between the good and the not good, taking what's of value and leaving aside what is not, and knowing when it's just too dangerous to consider whether anything a particular person has to say is of any value; when the risk of error has become too dear.

In my experience, the Jewish neshamah has an internal gauge that can measure the truth and it triggers a warning when something is out of kilter.  Make a mental note to yourself to check it out further and see if it can be confirmed by other provenly reliable sources.  Like I am doing with the following from Rabbi Efraim Palvanov, whom I find to be consistently problematic...

...the Torah tells us that Moses married a Cushite woman. While there are certainly numerous differing interpretations of what exactly happened there, the simple pshat seems to be that Moses married a black woman and Miriam apparently had a problem with this. In turn, measure-for-measure, God punished Miriam by making her skin “snow-white” (Numbers 12:10). Perhaps God was sending Miriam a message: you’re not so white yourself!
He doesn't cite a source so this is his own novel idea, as is indicated by the words I bolded and underlined.  I've never understood this from the peshat or seen it in any commentary.  If you have, then please let me know.  The following, however, is an outright error...
... we read that “when a stranger who resides with you offers a Passover sacrifice to God, it must be offered in accordance with the rules and rites of the Passover offering. There shall be one law for you, for the stranger (ger), and the citizen of the land.” (Numbers 9:14) The Torah says that even foreigners and those non-Jews dwelling among us could participate in Passover.
"Foreigners" are termed nochri or ben-necharGer is a convert and so the proven and accepted commentaries have translated this word.  The ger here is a Jew in every way.  On the other hand, of the ben-nechar, the Torah says...
"The Lord said to Moses and Aaron, "This is the statute of the Passover sacrifice: No estranged one (ben nechar) may partake of it."  (Shemot 12:43)
Interestingly, Rashi adds:
No estranged one: Whose deeds have become estranged from his Father in heaven. Both a gentile and an Israelite apostate are meant. — [from Mechilta]
You have to be very careful whom you choose to learn from and know that even the best teacher can be wrong and need correction.  

And what if a famous, popular and authoritative rabbi says that "when God's Plan A with the Jews failed, He went to Plan B and used the gentiles to spread the knowledge of Torah via Christianity"?  

There is no sin in questioning a rabbi.  They are after all only human beings.  If something sounds off, it probably is.  But rather than make excuses for it or put your own spin on what is being said - CHECK IT OUT WITH ALREADY PROVEN AND RELIABLE SOURCES!!

21 June 2024

True Leadership Requires Ahavat Yisrael

15 Sivan 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Beha'alotcha

Jews refusing orders – Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane
by Tzipora Liron-Pinner

In Parashat Beha'alotcha, we are witness to a unique event: the choosing of leaders.  The Torah even “lets us in” on which factors played part in how these Jewish leaders were chosen.  In chapter 11 of our Parasha, Moshe Rabbeinu reaches his breaking point - “I can't carry the burden of this people alone, for it is too heavy for me”, and asks G-d to find people who can share the burden of leadership with him.  How does G-d pick these leaders?  After all, there was no shortage of righteous and talented Jews around.  G-d immediately singles out a specific group from which the next Jewish leadership will be chosen:  “Gather to me seventy men of the elders of Israel, whom you know to be the elders of the people, and officers over them.”  Rashi explains: “Those whom you recognize, who were appointed over them as officers in Egypt during the rigorous labor, and they (the officers) had pity on them (the Israelites) and were smitten because of them.” 

Though this may appear a rather surprising choice, a deeper probe into the matter will reveal to us a tremendous lesson, so pertinent for today.  Who in the world were these Jewish police officers?  In Shemot, Chapter 5, Pharaoh lays down a rather heavy, if not impossible, edict on his Jewish slaves.  They must produce a specific quota of bricks without even being given straw.  The Jewish officers were ordered by the Egyptian taskmasters to oversee that this quota was met.  If not, the officers would be blamed for it and beaten.  Thus, they were in a dilemma.  Either they can turn over their brothers and by doing so save their own skin, or they can refuse orders and be severely punished for it.  In short, these “officers” were supposed to be Jewish “kapos”.  But these policemen, unlike others who have been placed in similar situations in our sad history, refused to bear down on their already suffering brethren, and did not hand over the names of Jews who could not meet the quota.  The result?  The Egyptian taskmasters thrashed the “refusenik” policemen instead of the Jewish slaves:  “And the officers of the children of Israel, whom Pharaoh's taskmasters had set over them, were beaten....”  (Shemot 5:14)

If we think of this seriously, and not relate to it like to some “fairy tale” we heard in kindergarten, we would get goose bumps all over contemplating such heroism.  What can be a more inspiring description of Ahavat Yisrael and caring for a fellow Jew by someone in a position of authority.  Not only didn't they exploit their power, but these officers understood that sometimes they must bear the suffering of their brothers.  This is what G-d saw.  And He did not forget.  The minute there was a need for leadership, He knew whom to turn to.  G-d did not seek out people with charisma, nor did he pick talented organizers or even Torah scholars.  One thing: Ahavat Yisrael.

The centrality of this attribute cannot be disputed.  The two greatest leaders in Jewish history, Moshe Rabbeinu and King David, were former shepherds.  The sages teach us that G-d tested them via their ability to care for their flock and show mercy on those they are responsible over.  Here we must stress a key point.  Today, everyone speaks of “Ahavat Yisrael".  But too often it is merely a slogan.  When selecting the leaders, G-d did not choose those who make nice speeches about “Ahavat Yisrael”.  G-d wanted people with a “previous record”: a record of suffering for one's brothers; a record of placing one's personal welfare secondary to that of one's people.

How sweet it is to read again and again this Midrash about the Jewish policemen.  After all, we are so familiar with the claims of the soldiers and policemen in Israel today: “I'm just a small cog in a big machine.  I'm just following orders.”  But that is not what the Jewish policemen did to their brothers in Egypt.  The policemen saw the illegality and immorality in the cruel Egyptian decree, and refused the order!  It is important to note that mesirut nefesh (self-sacrifice) for the Jewish People is not necessarily the readiness to die for them.  Sometimes it may mean the readiness to be hated for your actions; the willingness to sit in jail for your people; or to be ostracized by the establishment.  Such leadership stands in stark contrast to the self-indulgent politicians of today.  But know that only when such alternative leadership sprouts, Am Yisrael will be redeemed.
From ' The Writings of Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, HY”D ', commentary on Parashat Beha'alotcha.


20 June 2024

America - An Enslaving Empire

14 Sivan 5784

Israel is today as enslaved to the United States every bit as much as it was to Egypt.  They say "jump" and we ask "how high?"  But, today, Egypt is here in Eretz Yisrael and we have a choice.  We can, and must, throw off the shackles of our own making and throw them out of here!!!

We have no business anywhere near Hawaii and we certainly have no business participating in American aggression against China.  And we most certainly have no business sparing any of our forces for this nonsense on the very eve of war in Lebanon!!!!!

Maybe the Jew-haters will save us from ourselves.  Maybe we will be uninvited. Halevai!!

Withdraw from Rimpac exercise over Israel’s participation, NGOs tell govt

New Zealand’s involvement in RIMPAC exercise condemned because of Israel’s participation


14 Sivan 5784 

Assimilation is more rampant than most Jews understand and I would posit that most of the assimilated have no idea that they have, in fact, been assimilated.  A kippah on the head is no indicator of a kosher hashkafah.  

If you can listen to the following video excerpt (3:40) of a JNS interview and not be able to identify the basis of my assertion, you may also have fallen prey to this scourge on the Jewish world.  Check yourself accordingly.  This kind of thinking has been, and continues to be, the main impediment to the revelation of Mashiach in our days!!

An Assimilationist Vision

19 June 2024

"C4IR Israel"

13 Sivan 5784

"The only way to win is not to play the game."

I honestly don't know what it is going to take to get the Jews to look up - beyond the political circus - and see that left and right are artificial constructs intended to maintain control by making people think they still have choice.  All you need to do to verify my words is to acknowledge that no matter which "side" takes the reins of government, nothing essentially changes.

These hooligan protesters in Israel have the right idea about Netanyahu but for the wrong reasons.  That doesn't mean he doesn't have to go, and the sooner the better, but he must be replaced by something better, not more of the same (or worse) from the other side.  The "choice" that The Powers That Be allow us is not only not working for our benefit, but they pose an existential risk, not only to the Jews, but to the entire free world!!  And it's going to be up to us to put a stop to them.

Hamas and Hezbollah, even Iran, are just the tip of the iceberg.  We got a glimpse into the reality that lies beyond what we normally are allowed to see during COVID.  Has everyone so soon forgotten how Netanyahu arranged with his good buddy Pfizer head Albert Bourla to be first in line to get the whole population of Israel injected with an untested experimental "vaccine"?  [See: Pfizer CEO hails ‘obsessive’ Netanyahu for calling 30 times to seal vaccine deal.]

Across the board, from the staunchest chiloni to the "modern" chareidi, Jews looks admiringly at Israel's hi-tech, start-up nation reputation and feel a swell of pride in it, as if the Prophet Yeshayahu had written: "The Technology will go forth from Zion and the word of AI from Jerusalem."  What an unrivaled blessing we've become to the world, such a "light unto the nations."

Well, think again!  Think again!!  Because while engaging in this love affair with the god Technology, the noose has been slowly but surely closing around all our necks!!!

While we have been 100% distracted with war and politics, TPTB have been reducing the number of farms around the world.  (Do you think it is a coincidence that agriculture in Israel has taken one of the hardest hits over the past nine months?)  [See: The number of farms in the world is declining, here’s why it matters to you; Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of farmland in the United States. Why?]

How else are they going to convince people to buy the lab-grown beef and the lab-grown chicken and the lab-grown fish?  Reduce the amount of animals available for slaughter and push the prices so high that the poorer you are the less access you have to real (healthy) food.

And Israel (Hashem yerachem!) leads the way...

And just as a side note...
As Queen Esther (7:4) would say: "For we have been sold, I and my people,..." Which brings us to The World Economic Forum (WEF) and C4IR Israel...
The Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Israel is an initiative established by the Government and led by the Innovation Authority.

The centre aims to create and share knowledge, experience and best practices related to innovative technologies’ regulation by establishing collaborations between governments, leading corporations, the private sector, and experts from around the world.

Launched 19 September 2019
Host Institution Israel Innovation Authority
Centre Head Daniella Partem
C4IR Israel
Program's Description

The world is in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution – a period during which technological breakthroughs and industrial disruptive technologies are blurring geographical borders and challenging existing regulatory frameworks. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and autonomous transportation are rapidly changing our lives, creating new risks and opportunities, and raising ethical issues. Government regulations must keep up with the rapid pace of technological changes and bring progress to Israeli citizens.

To help government regulation adapt to the rapidly changing technology, the World Economic Forum founded a network of Centers for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR). This network aims to create and to share knowledge, experience and best practices related to innovative technologies’ regulation by establishing collaborations between governments, leading corporations, private sector, and experts from around the world.

The C4IR network began operation in San Francisco in 2017 and operates centers in China, Japan, and India. Alongside the official centers, there are other countries that joined as ‘Affiliate Centers’ including South Africa, Colombia, Brazil, the UAE, Norway, and Saudi Arabia.

In January 2019, as part of Government Resolution No. 4481, it was decided that the State of Israel would join the C4IR. Accordingly, in August 2019, the Innovation Authority established the Israeli Center for Regulation of Innovative Technologies that serves as an Affiliate Center in the C4IR network.

Participation in the network will enable to advance the readiness of the Israeli market to new technologies, specifically innovative disruptive technologies that will significantly influence life in Israel. The Israeli center will work with local regulators to assist them in adopting flexible and innovative regulations that are suitable for technological developments and that allow for the promotion of innovation, research and improved services while preserving public interests (such as safety and privacy).

The Innovation Authority believes that creating a flexible, innovative regulation environment that is adapted to technological developments provides a significant opportunity to advance an innovation ecosystem for growing technologies. This environment is necessary for the Israeli high-tech industry to be able to maintain its leading technological position in these fields but also to enable the State of Israel to provide its citizens with the tremendous benefit promised by technological progress.

The Israeli Center, established in 2019, promotes technological fields at the heart of the International Center’s (C4IR – WEF) activity, the development and application of which influence productivity and growth in the State of Israel. The Center promotes collaborations with the Ministries of Transport, Health and Justice in the fields of regulation of smart transportation, autonomous vehicles and drones, and in fields of Artificial Intelligence and information economics.
Did this bastion of democracy called Israel ever bother to bring this to a vote of the people? Hell no!! How many citizens of Israel even know about it? This from the sell-out, traitorous Erev Rav regime under the leadership of Binyamin Netanyahu - the right-wing "King" of Israel - darling of the shuk crowd.  We have no idea how many secret agreements this illegitimate government has signed us up for and obligated us to.  But, when we find out, we individually have a moral obligation and responsibility to educate our fellow Jews so that their dangerous delusions of change coming about through elections can be destroyed once and for all.  

People, there is no time left.  HKB"H, The Master and Creator of All, will never allow this plan to succeed to the point of no return.  Recall how He let the Generation of the Tower of Bavel build that tower massively high before He stopped them in their tracks.  All the more reason to believe Mashiach is literally coming through the door.  As the Prophet Yirmiyahu (31:16) said, "There is hope for your future."

The following video is where I learned about this.  If you can't afford the time to watch it in full, at least see the first 10 mins!

Their Sinister PLAN To Eliminate 
ALL Meat Was Just Released!

18 June 2024

"Jews Have More Than One Enemy"

12 Sivan 5784

In true Amalek style, the missionaries always go for the low-hanging fruit - the poor, tired, hurt and helpless on the fringes of society.  They are coming now for the ones Yishmael did not finish off!!

Evil never takes a rest. It's time to catch up on what the Eisavian enemy has been up to lately.

A Jew (usually Anglo) always makes the connection between Christian spiritual predators and vulnerable Jews.

Remember JH-Israel? They have now expanded beyond gaining access to our next generation, grooming them to become good Judeo-Christians.

  1. In collaboration with the Ministry of Education and based on the life of the patriarchs, we are updating our regional and national high school programs to include grief, loss, healing and restoration components anticipating the end of the war.

  2. In collaboration with the Ministry of Defense, we are developing a Widows & Orphans program that will help IDF families with grief and healing. This has a matching grant component and will also require hiring mental health professionals at the war’s end.

  3. Two infrastructure air raid bunkers are needed to accommodate guests at the National Leadership Center at the conclusion of the conflict.

  4. Area of Greatest Need.

Birmingham-based JH Israel is helping Israel Defense Forces (IDF) widowed spouses and orphans with a modified program meeting wartime recovery needs.

The Naomi Project is a collaboration between JH Israel and Israeli leaders supporting innovative educational initiatives. Due to the current circumstances, the multi-day program has been modified to include trauma counseling and grief components.

Organizers hope the program will help with healing and hope.

Regional and national high school programs will include grief, loss, healing and restoration components as part of the program. There will also be a new widows and orphans program to connect families with mental health professionals.

The plan is to retain employees of the National Leadership Center while it remains closed. The center is closed during wartime, but the staff is needed to help those suffering.

JH Israel also wants to install two infrastructure air raid bunkers at the National Leadership Center.

The current need to start the program is $600,000, and the Israel Ministry of Defense will provide a matching grant starting at $300,000.