17 July 2018

Blame It On America!

5 Av 5778

From New York to San Francisco, that's where it all started in 1970 - The Pride Parade - a wanton celebration of rebellion against God in the name of freedom and equality.

And from there, like so many impure things, it was exported to the world, including Eretz Yisrael

This perversion began to be promoted openly in Israel from 1974, but it remained an illegal and forbidden relationship in Israel until 1988. It was ten more years until the first Pride Parade in Tel Aviv. (See more facts here.) Jerusalem followed five years later.

This year, 2018, was hailed as a 20-year milestone in Tel Aviv and the astounding figure of 250,000 attendees was reported with awe. But, readers should be aware that foreigners make up a very large percentage of attendance at these events.
Tens of thousands of international tourists joined the sea of marchers, flying into Israel especially to take part in the parade.
The UK’s Ambassador to Israel, David Quarrey, joined the marchers on a London-themed float donated by the British embassy.
Cordelia Lange, from Germany, said Tel Aviv is "a very vibrant city, it's a city that embraces everything connected to gays, lesbians and LGBT...." (Source)
The vast majority of the public is not in favor of this. Am Yisrael is having this forced upon them. 

 And we are not the only ones suffering this indignity. It is official US policy to export "gay rights" to the rest of the world.

Obama's Quiet Mission to Export Gay Rights Overseas
...mission to export the same freedoms overseas to places like sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and eastern Europe.
The U.S. has deployed its diplomats and spent tens of millions of dollars to try to block anti-gay laws, punish countries that enacted them, and tie financial assistance to respect for LGBTQ rights. It was a mission animated in part by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's declaration that "gay rights are human rights."
So, Hashem should have mercy on his children and place the onus squarely on those to blame for systematically spreading this spiritual cancer around the world. No mercy for them.

16 July 2018

"The Issue of Our Day"

5 Av 5778

To Protest or Not to Protest - That Is the Question

4 Av 5778

This is actually a question which only concerns Israeli Jews, because there is one expectation from those of us living as a nation in our own land and something completely different for Jews living among the nations.

Now, to those for whom the question is relevant, everybody will have his own opinion about whether Torah Jews should actively protest the public desecration of Hashem's name that results from these so-called "Pride" Parades. But, those opinions are highly likely to be influenced by personal feelings. Those who like to "mix it up" will be all for a confrontational public protest in the name of zealotry for Hashem. On the other hand, those who shy away from confrontation and who prefer to run the opposite direction when conflict arises will be all for personal introspection, prayer, Torah study and advocate for increasing mitzvot and acts of kindness as a remedy.

You've heard the oft-repeated saying, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion." Not true. There is truth and lie, right and wrong, light and dark, and in the gray areas in between, there is halachah. And it is the Holy Torah that defines everything.

First, how do we know we need to do anything at all? I mean, beyond our own personal teshuvah?
The hidden things belong to the Lord, our God, but the revealed things apply to us and to our children forever: that we must fulfill all the words of this Torah. (Devarim 29.28)
Rashi's commentary: The hidden things belong to the Lord, our God: Now, you might object [to God, saying]: “But what can we do? You punish the entire community because of the sinful thoughts of an individual, as Scripture says, ‘Perhaps there is among you a man…’ (verse 17 above), and after this, Scripture continues, ‘Seeing the plagues of that land [and the diseases with which the Lord struck it]’ (verse 21) [which seems to indicate that for the sinful thought of even one individual, the whole land would be struck down with plagues and diseases]. But surely no man can know the secret thoughts of his fellow [that we could somehow prevent this collective punishment!” In answer to this, God says:] “I will not punish you for the hidden things!” [i.e.,] because “[The hidden things] belong to the Lord, our God,” and He will exact punishment upon that particular individual [who sins in secret]. However, “the revealed things apply to us and to our children” [that is, we are responsible for detecting the sins committed openly in our community, and] to eradicate any evil among us. And if we do not execute judgment upon these [open transgressions, over which we do have control,], then the whole community will be punished [because they would be remiss in their responsibility]. There is a dot placed over [each letter of] the words לָנוּ וּלְבָנֵינוּ here, to teach us homileticaly that even for open sins [which were not brought to judgment, God] did not punish the whole community - until Israel crossed the Jordan. For then, they accepted upon themselves the oath at Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal, and thereby [formally] became responsible for one another (Sanh. 43b).
Ok. But, even though we are residing in our own land, we are still essentially in exile, as we remain under the influence of the nations through a government foreign and alien to our Holy Torah. This is yet another tragedy that we have to mourn, but even under the civil laws, there is a right to public protest and Hashem will hold us responsible not for what we are unable to do, but for what we can do, but fail to do!

Lacking prophets among us, we must turn to the Prophets of old. That's why their words were recorded and kept for us until this very day.

The Holy Shechinah was leaving the Holy of Holies of the Holy Temple when the Prophet Yechezkel was given this vision...
And the glory of the God of Israel lifted itself from upon the cherub upon which it had been, to the threshold of the House, and He called to the man clothed in linen [a malach], upon whose loins was the scribe's tablet.
And the Lord said to him, "Pass through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem, and you shall mark a sign upon the foreheads of the people who are sighing and moaning over all the abominations* that were done in its midst." [*toeivot]

And to these, He said in my ears, "Pass through the city after him and smite; let your eye spare not and have no pity.

Old man, young man, and maiden, young children and women, you shall slay utterly, but to any man upon whom there is the mark you shall not draw near, and you shall commence from My sanctuary." So they commenced from the old men who were before the House. (Yechezkel, chapter 9)

Rashi's commentary: and you shall commence from My sanctuary: From those standing before My sanctuary. Our Rabbis said: Do not read וּמִמִּקְדָשִּׁי, and from My sanctuary, but וּמִמְּקֻדָשַּׁי, and from My sanctified ones, from those sanctified to Me. They are the ones marked with the sign, whom He had warned [them] not to hurt. [Now] He reneged and commanded [the angels] to destroy [even] them because the Divine standard of justice contended before Him, “Why are these different from those? Is it not so that they did not protest?” As is stated in Tractate Shabbath (55a).
Also regarding the sin of the Golden Calf, there is a source which says...
Our sages say that it was only the Erev Rav who committed idolatry with the golden calf and a small percentage of the Jews from the tribe of Shimon. So why was Hashem so angry? Angry enough to wipe out the entire Jewish people. Every single Jew except Moshe! Was no one innocent? No. No one was innocent because even those who didn’t participate stood by and did nothing to stop it.

...there were Jews, few though they were, who were guilty of idolatry. The rest of the people did not resist the Erev Rav or the Jewish worshipers. This constituted either silent acquiescence or lack of faith, which was a condemnation of the nation as a whole. (Ki Tisa, Shemot 32:7-10)
In Or Hara'ayon (Vol. I, Ch. 17 - Mesirut Nefesh, pp. 523 - 526), Rabbi Meir Kahane wrote...
...As R. Tanchum bar Chanilai said, "The verse, 'The compromiser blasphemes the L-rd' (Ps. 10:3) was said only about the Golden Calf episode." In other words, whoever compromises on G-d's attributes, reviles and blasphemes G-d and this is what Aaron did. Although his intentions were good, he was still obligated to go all the way when confronted by Chilul Hashem, and to let himself be killed for Kiddush Hashem, because that is what complete bitachon involves.
...Let a Jew not evade his duty, claiming that today there is no Divine revelation, no heavenly voice or prophecy of any other sort by which G-d could decree the need for an act of self-sacrifice. Surely, the whole Torah, all the deeds of our ancestors and of the judges and prophets, and the words of our sages were meant to be a lamp unto our feet and to show us the path we must follow. These deeds and G-d's ways were set down in our sages' homiletics as eternal guidelines, presenting our duty regarding how we must act when there is no Divine Revelation.
Personally, I absolutely do not want to go out and make a public protest of the "Pride Parade." I'd much rather go into hiding until it is all over. That's how I felt each time I went and then, I gave up going. It seemed so pointless. But, we have a responsibility and there is no permission to shirk it. Some way, somehow, with God's help, I will do what must be done. I hope you will, too.

15 July 2018

Judgment Day Is Coming

3 Av 5778

Evil is running rampant like it's end is near. Soon it will be removed from the earth forever, along with everyone and everything attached to it. All the enemies of God and Israel since the beginning of time until now will be eradicated from the world.

With thanks to Devorah Esther...

12 July 2018

Discrimination Is Not A Crime

1 Av 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Rosh Chodesh Av

This week, we learn in Parashat Masei that the daughters of Tzelophechad had to agree to marry only within their own tribe, so that the land they inherited from their father would not pass over to a different tribe. Fancy that, discrimination directed at fellow Jews. And is it not also discrimination when the Torah forbids a Cohen to marry a divorcee or convert, or when it forbids intermarriage between Jews and gentiles?

The same Torah also told us to discriminate with regard to who may be allowed to live here among us and under what circumstances, and that's just the beginning. Torah Judaism requires us to discriminate in accordance with its laws and guidelines. If the humanistic laws of the goyim want to make it into a crime, that has nothing to do with truth or reality, and it certainly has nothing to do with us! 

When I read yesterday's headline,...
Likud said mulling retreat from measure allowing Jewish-only communities
The ruling Likud party is reportedly discussing removing a controversial clause in the nation-state bill that is seen as opening the door to the establishment of Jewish-only communities in Israel.
Politicians, legal advisers and others have warned that the clause in the so-called Jewish State bill is discriminatory and could cast a dark shadow over Israel in the international arena.
...I said to myself, "Of course! What else? This is what a Bibi Netanyahu government does." It pretends to make a bold "right-wing" move and then immediately retreats from it and the people of Israel wind up worse off than they were before it happened.

[See related stories: Deputy AG, Knesset legal advisor come out against nationality billRivlin warns discrimination in nationality bill hurts Jewish people]

But setting that aside for the moment, what about the expressed fear that such a law will "draw international criticism?"

Why the heck should we care? We get international criticism just for breathing! The Arabs don't care, even though the Eurotrash hypocrites never bother to criticize them for creating Judenrein countries and for imposing the death penalty on an Arab who sells land to a Jew - even in the Land of Israel!


Everywhere the Jews live, the Arabs must be allowed to live also, but Arabs can live in Jew-free zones any place they inhabit, including Eretz Yisrael. and no one but no one is going to call them on it. Who is going to call them out on their discrimination? Oh, well, the Jews don't want to live with the Arabs, they'll say. It's their choice after all. But, it's not that they don't want to live with Arabs as much as they don't want to live with thieves and murderers!! 

And did you ever hear anyone ask any 'Palestinian' representative, should Palestine ever be established (God forbid!), why the Jews now living there would have to be "evacuated" rather than being given the choice to remain in place? Of course not, because it is a given that the Arabs will never stand for Jews living among them, but we must be forced to allow them to live among us! It's also a given that no Jews are going to lobby for this option because, very simply, they would murder us in our beds if we tried.

Why do the Ashkenazi elite always try to force Christian/Western European 'enlightenment' on us when we actually live in the Islamic Arab East? We can't live among Arabs and play by European rules unless we truly wish to commit national suicide.

Anyway, the time is long past when we should have been living true to our own ideals and our own (Torah) laws rather than allowing ourselves to be forced into the false paradigms of other peoples' demands and expectations.

In Judaism, discrimination is not a crime, it is mandatory in many aspects of our lives. We have to grow up and stop letting anyone but HKB"H tell us how we can live in our own land.

Now, go out and discriminate in accordance with the Torah. It's not a crime, it's a mitzvah!


Nothing To Be Proud Of

29 Tamuz 5778
Yom Kippur Katan
Erev Rosh Chodesh Av

On the contrary, here is the rundown from the shameful "Pride and Tolerance Parade" calendar...

June  1, 2018   -  Kfar Saba            (2,000 attended  -   1st year)
June  8, 2018   -  Tel Aviv            (250,000 attended  - 20th year)
June 22, 2018  -  Haifa                    (5,000 last year* - 11th year)
June 28, 2018  -  Beersheva           (3,500 last year* -  2nd year)
June 29, 2018  -  Rishon L'Tzion     (no figures available)
July  5, 2018    -  Givatayim             (no figures available)
July  6, 2018    -  Ashdod                 (no figures available)
July 13, 2018   -  Haderah
July 19, 2018   -  Rehovot
July 26, 2018   -  Lod
August 2, 2018 - Jerusalem 

Kol hakavod to the residents of Ashdod!

Note that in the week prior to the Pride Grande Finale in Jerusalem, on the night of July 27, 2018, 16 Menachem Av, there will be a complete lunar eclipse over the Middle East.

Blood Moon 2018: Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of Century Occurs July 27
The total phase of the "blood moon" eclipse of July 27 will last 1 hour and 43 minutes, during which Earth's natural satellite will turn a spectacular red or ruddy-brown color. From start to finish, the entire celestial event will last nearly 4 hours.
The eclipse won't be visible to viewers in North America, except via webcasts. But observers in much of Africa, the Middle East, southern Asia and the Indian Ocean region will get an eyeful, given cooperative weather,....
July's total lunar eclipse occurs on the same day the planet Mars reaches its opposition, when it will shine at its best in the night sky. This month, Mars will be at its closest to Earth since 2003. After opposition, when Mars will be brightest, it will reach that closest point on July 31.
Mars represents war and red is the color of blood. Red moon - red planet. [See here and here.]

In Biblical language, Heaven and Earth have, in the past, been called as witnesses. Given the earthquakes (66 since July 1st) and this impending heavenly display, we'd better figure out real fast how we are going to make the required teshuvah for allowing this 'pride' cancer to spread all over the country without any meaningful protest.

11 July 2018


28 Tamuz 5778

The biggest mistake human beings make is in misinterpreting God's mercy for license. They think that if lightning does immediately strike them down when they sin, that no consequences will ever be forthcoming.

That's a lie straight from the serpent's mouth, "You will surely not die..."

Today is the anniversary of the last destructive earthquake to occur in Eretz Yisrael - 11 July 1927 - 91 years ago. 
...Known as the 1927 Jericho Earthquake, the 6.25 magnitude quake lasted approximately five seconds and rippled from its epicenter in the northern Dead Sea region to Jerusalem, Jericho and Nablus, reaching Ramle, Lod and Tiberias – claiming 500 lives and injuring an additional 700 people. It also caused massive structural damage throughout the region.
This was also the last time an earthquake caused significant damage to Jerusalem. Over 130 people were killed and some 450 were injured.
Heavy damage was also sustained throughout the Old City including to parts of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre as well as the al-Aqsa Mosque.
...Nablus was the most heavily hit area, having the highest death toll of over 150 and 250 injured. The quake destroyed some 300 buildings in the city including the Mosque of Victory.
In light of the swarm of "minor" 'quakes observed over the past week, it's worth looking at what our sages said about the matter of earthquakes.

According to an op-ed written by Rabbi Shlomo Benizri and featured at the Kikar HaShabbat website (thanks Yaak), four reasons are given for earthquakes in the Talmud Yerushalmi, Brachot 9:
הגמרא שם גם מביאה ארבעה הסברים מדוע קורות רעידות אדמה: א. עם ישראל אינם נותנים תרומות ומעשרות כתיקונם. ב. פריצות והפקרות - התיאטרונים והקרקסים יושבים בטח ושאננים, בזמן שבית המקדש – בית ה' חרב. ג. בגלל אותם עוונות חמורים המשויכים לצועדים במצעדי הגאווה, התאווה והראווה. ד. מפני המחלוקת.
Translation: The Gemara there also gives four explanations as to why earthquakes occur: 1The people of Israel are not giving terumot and ma'aserot. 2. Immorality and lawlessness - the theaters and circuses are sitting in a safe and complacent manner, while the Temple - the House of God is destroyed. 3Because of the severe sins associated with marchers in the parades of pride, lust and demonstration. 4Because of machloket.

As is too painfully obvious, we stand guilty on all counts. However, numbers two and three are especially noteworthy, as this is both the time period during which the Holy Temple came under attack and was destroyed, and it is the time period during which the Pride and Lust Parades are being held across the country - something like six parades over six weeks, one each week.

What are we to do about this situation? What can we do?

10 July 2018

HKB"H's Actions Demand a Response From Us

27 Tamuz 5778

New earthquake hits northern Israel...
More than 40 tremors rattle Sea of Galilee region in last several days

Guest post by Aryeh Yosef Gallin

The entire UNIVERSE is SCREAMING. It is His Shofar. HE is blowing it. Why don't we listen?

OK, natural earthquake normal procedures fine we should follow all normal procedures.

It is ALL in the Book of Joel. WHAT TO DO. and they don't do it. PM calls for National Prayer, National Torah Study, National Tzedekah (give charity/money) and Acts of Kindness, One Mitzvah a Day, little things that ANYONE can do. TALK TO GOD. Who ELSE should we talk to? Mr. Magoo??? WHAT is WRONG with them?

WHAT will it take for them to realize that there is no "natural" that EVERYTHING is the Face of God talking to us, 24/7. Jonah went to Nineveh, walked down the main street, said "Nineveh will be overthrown in thirty days". We learn THE KING BELIEVED JONAH and they, these Goyim, TOOK ACTION?

WHAT is wrong with His People? The most STUPID OBTUSE BRAIN DEAD HEART DEAD So smart! So clever! Wise guys! The "Israeli"!!!

WHEN WILL THIS END? We are supposed to SET AN EXAMPLE for the Goyim.

We are PATHETIC!!! A Global Laughing Stock. They hold us in DERISION and they are RIGHT.

HELP!!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!


With his permission, I posted Aryeh's comment as a guest post because I thought he made some valid points and some very insightful suggestions. If it won't come from the top down, maybe we have to start calling for it from the bottom up.

  • National Prayer
  • National Torah Study
  • National Tzedekah and Acts of Kindness
  • One Additional Mitzvah a Day
However, in defense of Klal Yisrael, I have to say that it is much easier for the goyim to do teshuvah than it is for the Jews. The Yetzer HaRa fights much harder against Klal Yisrael because the whole world's existence depends on us. Furthermore, they have not been infiltrated by the Erev Rav. We are forced to fight with both hands tied behind our backs, while everyone else gets to use their fists.