15 July 2019


12 Tamuz 5779

If he could, American politician Mike Huckabee would cast a vote for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on September 17.

The former candidate for United States president and former governor of Arkansas...is in Israel again, this time with the National Council of Young Israel. He told The Jerusalem Post that he came to Israel in March “to campaign with” Netanyahu and that he “genuinely hope he wins.”

...“As an American, I can tell you the US and the rest of the world are best served with the prime minister staying where he is," he said. "I was here campaigning in March. My trip was personal. I paid my own way and I did it because a friend asked me to come. You help your friends. And I also believed that what I was doing was for the good of the world.

“I didn’t think I would have to come back and do it again,” he said with a chuckle.
In case you need reminding. Our "friend" Huckabee "blesses" Israel in the manner of Balak and Bila'am, and Netanyahu is Christian America's main conduit into Israel, Hashem deliver us from such a "leader"!

If anyone has friends or acquaintances among Young Israel, please send them this video clip.  What are they doing in league with Huckabee anyway??!!

ALL THE EVIL IS HARD AT WORK. The Jewish Agency's two-pronged plan for assimilating the Jews of Eretz Yisrael - bringing in goyim as immigrants and connecting Israeli Jews to Diaspora communities. May all their efforts fail!
...The initiative is designed to help deepen Israelis’ understanding of the Jewish brethren around the world, and the US in particular,....

12 July 2019

"Israel Alone, A Precious Blessing"

9 Tamuz 5779

Parashat Balak – Israel alone, a precious blessing – Rabbi Meir Kahane

“Behold! It is a nation that will dwell in solitude and not be reckoned among the nations.”(Num. 23:9)

[It is] G-d's decree that the Jewish People must remain apart, separate from the nations, so as to be cut off from their abominations, and their alien culture. Toward that end, G-d established for the Jewish People a special land of their own, the Land of Israel. There and there alone they would live lives of G-dliness and build a perfect state and society based on Torah and holiness. The concept of a Jewish People alone is tied to the concept that G-d is alone. G-d is alone and cannot be compared or equated to anything else. He is One and Unique, as it says (Deut. 4:35), “You are the ones who have been shown, so that you will know that the L-rd is G-d and there is none besides Him”; and, “To Him Who alone does great wonders” (Ps. 136:4). Just so, the Jewish People are alone, set apart from all the nations, as it says (Lev. 20:26), “I have separated you from the nations,” and, “It is a people that shall dwell alone and shall not be reckoned among the nations” (Num. 23:9).

Just as G-d stands apart from every concept in the world, so must Israel remain separate from all the other nations of the world.This is the intent of Ps. 148:13-14: “Let them praise the name of the L-rd, for His name alone is exalted... He has raised the honor of His People, the glory of His faithful followers, the Children of Israel, the nation close to Him. Praise the L-rd!” Although G-d is alone, and Israel are obligated to remain alone, they are still “the nation close to Him”. Between G-d and Israel there exists intimacy amidst total isolation. G-d is close to the nation set apart; ready to help them against every trouble and foe. As it says (Deut. 32:12), “G-d alone guided them. There was no alien power with Him”; and,“Israel shall thus dwell securely, alone” (Ibid., 33:28). He [G-d], alone, determines the fate of individuals, nations and kings, and we need not fear mortal man and his armies or being alone.

[As we find in Peirush HaMaccabee,] the Gentile sees physical greatness and might, and measures his chances of success accordingly. Balak, for example, told Balaam, Now, come and curse for me this nation, for it is mightier than me (Numbers 22:6). The Jew, however, knows that he is the fewest of all the nations (Deuteronomy 7:7) – yet he is exalted above all those nations if he is faithful to G-d’s covenantFive of you will pursue a hundred, and a hundred of you will pursue ten thousand (Leviticus 26:8).Nonetheless, for those of no faith, or even of little faith, isolation is a frightening concept. Even observant and G-d fearing Jews are fearful of this concept. The person of weak faith longs for friends and allies, for help from strong nations against the surrounding dangers. Yet whoever relies on the non-Jew and his aid, and fears that without such aid the Jews and their land will be unable to survive, has been caught by lack of complete trust in G-d, bordering on denial of His existence. The individual Jew and the Jewish People as a whole will not be forgiven if they abandon their faith in G-d, the Supreme, Omnipotent King, Who rules over the world and over the nations. He, alone, is our salvation. Precisely this proves one's true faith and trust, for it is impossible that one who fears mortal man really believes in G-d. Real trust in G-d requires the Jew both to trust in Him and cast off all fear of mortal man and reliance on human aid. When one scorns the non-Jew's aid, this necessarily makes him trust in G-d. Conversely, as long as a Jew lifts his eyes in hope to the non-Jew and his aid, it is impossible that he will completely believe in the existence of G-d as a Supreme Power.

In conclusion, true bitachon (faith) means believing that G-d is all-powerful and is not impeded from saving the many or the few. It also means that if we obey G-d and His most difficult, ostensibly dangerous commands and mitzvot, no mortal power on earth can defeat us as a nation. Not only do we need not fear flesh and blood, but we are forbidden to lift our eyes to the nations and ask them for help. Whoever accepts this principle of bitachon unreservedly, truly believes that G-d is the One Supreme Power, G-d of heaven and earth. Whoever hesitates, whoever fears the non-Jew, shows that he questions G-d's ability to help His people. It is doubtful whether he completely believes in G-d as an Omnipotent Supreme Power. “It is a people that shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations” (Num. 32:9) The nations have no say regarding Israel's future. The non-Jew is only a tool in G-d's hands, as it says, “O Assyria, rod of My anger” (Isa. 10:5). That is, Assyria and the other nations are nothing but a tool in G-d's hand, a rod and a staff with which to smite anyone targeted by G-d's anger. Neither Assyria nor any kingdom or monarch can rule by themselves over others, or even over themselves, for indeed, “Like watercourses, the king's heart is in G-d's hand. He turns it whenever he desires” (Prov. 21:1). It thus says, “He shall drive the enemy before you and shall proclaim, 'Destroy!' Israel shall thus dwell securely, alone” (Deut. 33:27-28). Following is Or HaChaim (Ibid.): “Israel shall thus dwell securely”: When? When they are alone. “They shall dwell” naturally follows “He shall proclaim, 'Destroy!'” G-d commanded Israel to annihilate every soul of the inhabitants of the land. By doing so, “Israel shall dwell securely, alone”.

To our sorrow, those who try to pervert the separatist faith and trust of “a nation that shall dwell alone” (Num. 23:9) by claiming that it is forbidden to rile up the nations, and that the Jewish People, even when powerful, still depend on the nations, have no faith and distort the whole concept of trust in G-d. The Jew who believes and trusts in G-d, will arrive at truth and faith and tranquility, whereas he who trusts in man, in human strength, will arrive at falsehood and tragedy. This is because someone who trusts in G-d will attain the spiritual level of, “Israel shall thus dwell securely, alone” (Deut. 33:28); whereas someone who relies on his own arrogance or on the nations will arrive, G-d forbid, at, “How does the city sit alone” (Lam. 1:1). We must know and grasp this great principle, which is the key to speedy, magnificent redemption, without suffering or tragedy. A brilliant redemption, in which G-d's promise of “haste” (Isa. 60:22) is fulfilled, will come only when the Jewish People are alone, set apart, in isolation, and trusting fully in G-d to defeat our enemies. We must never forget the following great principle: Whoever relies on the non-Jew and seeks his aid, repels the Messiah, pushes off the redemption and brings upon us G-d's wrath and ire. Redemption will come only when Israel are alone, without any outside protection or help. Only when the nations see, with wonderment and mouth agape, how mighty and strong G-d is without help, will G-d's name be magnified and sanctified on earth. Then shall the vision be realized before the eyes of the nations that “The L-rd alone shall be exalted in that day”(Isa. 2:17).

Moreover, Israel , stubborn and insolent, will never believe that G-d is their Redeemer, so long as they have even one gentile nation standing at their side. Only when “the L-rd alone is exalted on that day,” only when Israel sees that “G-d, alone, will direct them” (Deut. 32:12), will Israel believe in G-d and in the Torah of Moses His servant. Indeed, this is how it will be: a nation alone with G-d alone, and both of them alone facing the whole world. Only in that manner will Israel's redemption come, and so to speak, of G-d, via, “Thus will I be magnified, sanctified and become known in the eyes of many nations, and they shall know that I am the L-rd” (Ezek. 38:23).

Compiled by Tzipora Liron-Pinner from “The Jewish Idea" and "Peirush HaMaccabee- Shemot" of Rav Meir Kahane, HY”D

11 July 2019

Here Comes the Next Phase of the Birur

8 Tamuz 5779

The same forces at work in America are at work here in Israel trying to create a two-party political system which is easier for them to control.  They've even gone so far as to inspire a "Republican" party on the right and a "Democratic" party on the left.
Feiglin:  “A union of Zehut and the New Right is the right thing to do, and could go on to form the foundation for a new Israeli Republican party – a coherent combination of nationalism and liberalism, identity [Zehut] and liberty.”

Barak names new political vehicle Israel Democratic Party
This is why the PM failed to form a coalition for the first time in history.  Israelis still want their small parties, but since the threshold has been raised so high (purposely designed to eliminate them, of course), too many failed to get in.

And instead of anyone suggesting that the threshold be lowered once again to previous levels allowing the public to have more of a say in how they want to be represented, the solution is to encourage greater "unity."  

What most people call "right-wing" has been splitting down the secular/religious divide, but those who see Zionism as their source of unity are still trying to pull together a "technical block."  Interestingly, a large portion of the religious Zionist public, if reports can be believed, has no problem being led by a secular woman or joining with parties with Arab and Gay representation, despite objections from their rabbis, as long as "Kahanists" are not part of the deal.

I was encouraged by a rumor that Otzma Yehudit may join with the hareidi parties.  If so, it will be a clear choice for unity around the Torah.  
Baruch Marzel Talks Election Politics and Torah

...Would you accept Ayalet Shaked as the head of a union of all the small parties on the right – a proposal that some are floating?

The aspiration of a non-religious person to be the head of a group of religious parties is about as connected to reality as my desire to be the lead dancer in the Tel Aviv Ballet.

How about offering her the Number 2 spot on the list after Rabbi Peretz? Bezalel Smotrich said, for the benefit of the country, he wouldn’t stand in the way.

Sometimes we get caught up in the battle for Knesset seats and forget the real issue of who will best safeguard Eretz Yisrael and the Jewishness of the state in the courts, the educational system, the army, and Israeli society and culture as a whole.

People who know me will tell you that I don’t sit down very much. Seats make me uncomfortable. The same is true of other members in our party. We want the representation we deserve on any joint list – not for the seats in themselves – but for influence they will allow us to exert on government policy.

Rabbi Peretz was not the only person who attacked you recently. Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, head of the new Democratic Israel party, accused you and your associates of being messianic Kahanists who are running Netanyahu’s government. Do you consider yourself messianic?

Every day I hope Mashiach will come. Ehud Barak is known for saying a lot of nonsense, and Bibi does what he wants to do without asking our advice.

Barak says his new party will promote democratic ideals based on Israel’s Proclamation of Independence and the visions of Israel’s prophets. Before Ehud Barak slanders G-d-fearing Jews who long to see the visions of Israel’s prophets established in truth, let him sit in a yeshiva for a few years and learn what Judaism and the Jewish people are really all about.

Barak claims Kahanists and extremist rabbis distort the Torah and lead the country away from true Zionism, causing non-Jews to hate us for our oppression of the Arabs.

I suggest that before Mr. Barak makes inciting statements like this, he should pick up a Tanach and read what it says. Again and again, the prophets of Israel envision the ingathering of the Jews to Zion and the re-establishment of Israelite kingship under a king who will lead the people back to the service of Hashem.

The prophets of Israel promise a day when the future Torah government will uproot all the permissiveness and immorality from the Land, as the prophet Ezekiel declares, “I shall gather you from the peoples and give you the Land of Israel, where you shall come and remove from the Land all the detestable things and abominations…that you may walk in My statutes and keep my commandments and do them.”

How is this return to true justice and morality put into practice? Through a judicial system guided by the principles of the Torah. There is no mention of democracy in the visions of the prophets. And peace is achieved, according to the prophets of Israel, not by sharing the Land of Israel with the enemy, but by ousting him completely from Israel’s borders.

Even our "best and most reliable ally in the world" is out to destroy us!  They are always seeking their own interests above our best interests!!  And they will behave nicely as long as it gets them what they want, but if we ever attempt to cross them - look out!
Israel pushes back on US report spotlighting religious freedom woes

...The State Department report on freedom of religion around the world, released on June 21, is a roundup of government policies impinging on religious freedoms in the previous year. The informational summary on Israel, with its dozens of examples, implicitly criticizes the state’s handling of the issue, though it refrains from outright condemnation.

The examples in the report include the Chief Rabbinate’s exclusive control over marriage, divorce, and burials for Jews, and the Orthodox prayer arrangements at the main Western Wall plaza; the status quo arrangement on the Temple Mount and Israeli security measures at the holy site in response to violence, which were accused of hindering Muslim worship; and alleged police violence against Christian leaders....

Pompeo assures Christian Zionists that Israel allows conversions to Christianity

JTA — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made a point of reminding a conference of Christian Zionists that Israel permits conversions to Christianity, just weeks after his department reported on the difficulties converts face there.
The only justification the Torah gives for allowing non-Jews to reside in Eretz Yisrael is so that they may worship HKB"H in accordance with the Torah path for non-Jews (in a time when this is not possible in their own lands) NOT so that they can pollute this holy land with their avodah zarah!!
Note that all recent polls (if they can believed) are continuing to show Likud and Blue/White neck and neck without a clear majority:  Prediction: Second Elections Will Fail

09 July 2019

"A Diaspora - Good as Bad - Consumes Its Jews"

6 Tamuz 5779

Excerpted from Diaspora Is Jewry's Graveyard (2009) by Rabbi Yehoshua Kemelman...

Two events of great significance to Jewish life occurred in 1848. The Russian Czar Nicholas I then issued the abominable decree to snatch Jewish children from their parents and raise them by priests, with the objective of recruiting them to the Russian army upon their reaching maturity.  Prussian emperor Franz Josef then bestowed the rank of aristocracy on several of his Jewish citizens.  It is recounted that when the two emperors met, the Russian Czar expressed criticism of the Austrian Emperor, stating:  "I am making efforts to destroy the Jews and you grant them freedom and equality, and yet exalt them with aristocratic titles?"  Franz Josef retorted:  "Know that I also aspire to destroy the Jews, however, you will yet see that my way is more effective than yours."

To our dismay, Franz Josef's malicious scheme has come to pass: under conditions of prosperity and full rights, Diaspora Jewry loses its generations and is stripped of its spiritual and cultural assets, more than it lost and was impoverished in pogroms, inquisitions, and forced conversion.   A horrific tragedy for Diaspora Jewry!  Not the severity of the situation, but the opposite - improvement of Jewish status in Diaspora lands and their equal rights threaten to corrupt spiritual life and detract from Jewish stature.  The dimension of equal rights and economic prosperity is as great as the threat to Jewish existence.
Among all the voices calling out to fight antisemitism, are there any at all calling for a fight against assimilation? Among Jews in the Diaspora today is the murder of millions of Jews somehow more palatable if it is self-inflicted?

05 July 2019

"The Legitimate Rights of the Ammonites"

2 Tamuz 5779
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parashat Chukat – The Legitimate Rights of the Ammonites - Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane

The modern concept of “Jewish occupied territories” rears its ugly head in Parashat Chukat and our Haftarah of the Shabbat.  In our Parashah, the kings Og and Sichon prevent the Jewish People from passing through their borders on their way to the Land of Israel.  Not only that, but they even wage war against us – and lose.  The children of Israel conquer their land and do not let go.  Interestingly enough, the following idiotic idea never dawned on either of the parties involved: O.K., we tried to annihilate you and we did not succeed, so just give us back what you conquered from us during our attempt to wipe you out, and in exchange we promise not to try to wipe you out again.  No, such a proposition was never raised.  When you lose, you lose, without dictating conditions afterwards.

“Land for Peace”: And what if Sichon would have come to Israel and demanded “land for peace”?  What would have been the reaction then?  To answer this question, we are forced to move the clock ahead another 300 years until we arrive at the Haftarah of our Parashah.  That is precisely what happens.  The king of Ammon brazenly demands that Israel return to him the territories that were conquered, and if they refuse, there will be war.  The difference between him and the Arabs of today is that the king of Ammon is a lot more “moderate”.  He personally has no previous “record” of hostility towards the Jewish People.  He simply makes a very limited, albeit uncompromising, request.  “Because Israel took away my land when they came out of Egypt, from Ammon as far as the Yabbok and the Jordan.” (Judges 11:13)  The king of Ammon does not want everything.  He does not seek the liquidation of the Jewish entity.  He simply wants that which was taken from him.  He is simply demanding to exercise the historical right of his people.  And then, as if he jumped off the pages of the Tanach into today's reality, he concludes in the following manner: “Now, therefore, restore those lands peacefully.” (Judges 11:13)  “Peace”.  That magic word.  What normal Jewish leader can refuse such an offer?  After all, it is not an illogical claim; the lands were taken from them.  They once even had a sovereign empire with a capital and an army there.  And most importantly, here is a genuine opportunity for peace: “No more war, no more bloodshed.”

“Not one Inch”:  But Yiftach's answer is a real knockout.  He recounts all the relevant past history, and then concludes: “So now the L-rd of Israel has driven out the Emori from before his people Israel, and you should possess the land?!  Will you not possess what your god Kemosh gives you to possess?  So, likewise, that which the L-rd our G-d has voided before us, that shall we possess.” (Judges 11:23,24)  This is the reaction of a true Jewish leader.  A reaction of emunah [faith].  The land is ours not because of any “historical claim” or because we are strong, but rather because G-d gave it to us.  And pay attention how Yiftach even mocks the Ammonite god “Kemosh” - take what he gives you, but from us you will get nothing – not an inch.

“How to subdue the Enemy”: How can we begin to understand the minds of those Jews, particularly religious ones, who do not grasp all this.  The cursed Arab enemy has initiated war after war against us in an effort to obliterate us, and he has failed each time.  Each time G-d has granted us great miracles to overcome them, yet we insist on being ingrates, not recognizing the miracles.  Only when we understand that our true right to the land is based on the ultimately ethical concept that G-d gave it to us – only then will we get the results that Yiftach achieved, “thus the children of Ammon were subdued by the children of Israel.”  (Source)


04 July 2019

My Fourth of July Tribute to America

1 Tamuz 5779
Rosh Chodesh Bet

I come from a very long line of Scottish, English and French immigrants to America, some of the earliest being Ezekiel Richardson (born 1601) who immigrated to the (Puritan) Massachusetts Bay Colony in British Colonial America from Hertfordshire, England in 1630, and Robert Henderson (born 1630) who immigrated to British Colonial Virginia from Scotland. Then there was the French Huguenot Luke Mizell who arrived in Virginia from Protestant-persecuting Catholic France in 1635. 

Aside from that first Massachusetts family who were founding members of Charlestown, every other line landed in the south - Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia.  Most were farmers and they gradually spread out westward into Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, and down into Texas.  

In 1842, the Burton line of my family immigrated from Kent, England to Galveston in the Republic of Texas bypassing the United States altogether. 

Several of my forebears were officers in the army of the CSA (Confederate States of America).  When I was growing up, I was taught to take pride in my southern culture and upbringing.  We were patriotic Americans, but when celebrating Texas Independence Day every April 21st (school was out and we had a parade), our allegiance to our state took first place in our hearts. I was always a Texan first and an American second.

I come from a long line of people who would have wanted nothing to do with the failed experiment that became what is known today as the United States of America - a place where all the power resides in the hands of a corrupt few (billionaires) not so different from what it was under King George. 

Since I myself became an immigrant in 1996, I have not been back, nor do I plan to ever go back.  I am so happy to be free of that horrible, wicked place.  The day in 1999 when I stood before the American Consul General of the United States of America in Jerusalem, Israel and renounced my American citizenship was one of the proudest days of my life.

My ancestors went there with hope for a better future for themselves and their progeny.  They built it over generations only to have its wealth and promise stolen by those who would invent and detonate the most destructive weapon the world has ever known; who for profit has lead the world in poisoning air, water, earth, food, animals and people; who would cast off God's law from them and create a tyranny of filth and impurity that it exports globally and even seeks today to 'gift' to innocent children in their school classrooms.

Besides all that, it is the largest spiritual Jewish graveyard in the world with literally millions of Jews assimilated over its short history.  It nurtures the "alternate streams" which seek to replace authentic Torah Judaism and it has been instrumental in trying to keep Israel down and force it into land concessions for a phony peace process during which a river of Jewish blood has been spilled.

This is America as I see it.  Never before in the history of the world has a nation been more deserving of its judgment.

Weep and mourn for those lost in her downfall.

03 July 2019


30 Sivan 5779
Rosh Chodesh Aleph

In this case, the US is the United States and WE are the "THEM."

You have to have a very strong stomach to read current events these days.  Such a sickening diet of news!  Not the least of which today is the "celebration" of the 4th of July in Jerusalem.  Did you know that the original signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 was the 17th of Tamuz on the Hebrew calendar - a date signifying disasters for the Jewish nation?

[VIDEO beginning at 2:53:54.]

At July 4 party, Netanyahu says he’ll keep ‘open mind’ on Trump peace plan

Addressing the hundreds of guests before Netanyahu, US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman called the event, held in capital’s International Conference Center, “one of the preeminent 4th of July parties in the entire world.”

Both Netanyahu and Friedman noted in their speeches the significance of it being the first time in history that the United States celebrated its annual Independence Day festivities in Jerusalem.

The US envoy went as far as describing the event as a “historic gathering.”
It's reminiscent of the times of Hyrcanus II.  Only the Roman eagle has been replaced by the American eagle.  (Nazi Germany also had the symbol of the eagle.)  Imagine the marines as Roman centurions bearing Roman standards and you'll have some sense of how this affects me personally.

And this comes not long after I saw an equally sickening video of the PM and his wife at a missionary organization's contrived "celebration."

Of course, Friedman was there, too, as well as prominent Dominionists Jim Garlow and his fraud-for-a-wife Rosemary "Schindler" Garlow just behind them. Note in the photo above the linkage of the American and Israeli flags.  This Mike Evans* - a life-long missionary - is also notable for creating the JerUSAlem signs seen around the capital, as well as signs proclaiming "Israel's" appreciation and support for President Trump.

This is so typical of Eisav - the recognition of the individual and the giving of kavod with awards and celebration for individual achievement (which is, of course, the advancement of Eisavian values and ideals!)  This is part and parcel of the elevation of SELF to godhood, God forbid!  And this is the new world religion which has a place for everyone - even the Jew - as long as they worship the new god and not the old one.

Jerusalem is the place where the "old" God placed his name, where Israel built for him a Holy House where HE and HE ALONE would be exalted and praised and worshiped!!  And in the manner that HE prescribed, not in the way that seems right to mankind. Jerusalem was (and remains to this day!) to be the place where mankind comes to acknowledge the sovereignty of HKB"H!!  Whoever comes with any other agenda is an enemy of God and would have been better off if he'd never been born!!

WE are the THEM - the OTHER, the IVRI!  The ones who will never bow - not to the Egyptian gods, nor the Babylonian gods, nor the Greek gods, nor the Roman gods nor their present-day incarnations - the Western Civilization gods of tolerance (for evil), inclusion (of filth), assimilation (abandonment of our unique chosenness), democracy (rejection of God as King) and EGO - SELF aggrandizement!

These so-called "Jews" who are so attached to Edom, can be compared to the animal which represents Edom.  They resemble the swine in that his kosher sign is purely superficial.  It's all about the the 'uniform' - like Trump wrapped in a tallit - God help us!  This is the swine sticking out his cloven hoofs.  But, if you care to look closely, you can observe that the swine does not bring up his cud.  His pretense of being kosher is incomplete and therefore, he is treif!
* Mike Evans - "Evans is a Christian Zionist.  ... he headed B'nai Yeshua, a ["Messianic"] Hebrew Christian group....  Recent articles continue to simultaneously praise him for his pro-Israel activism but warn of a possible hidden agenda to convert Jews in Israel to Christianity or Hebrew Christian beliefs."

In undated photo with Binyamin Netanyahu...

02 July 2019

The "Facts-on-the-Ground" War

30 Sivan 5779
Rosh Chodesh Aleph

Sharing from Regavim.  While the "right-wing" government of Israel freezes Jewish construction and tears down Jewish structures.  Illegal Arab construction in Area C (surrounding the existing Jewish settlements) proceeds at a rapid pace. 
(Please pass it on.)