26 February 2021

The Purim of Messianic Times?

 14 Adar 5781
Purim - Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Tetzaveh - Shushan Purim

There is a very good chance that we will look back on this day and say, it all started on Purim.

EXCLUSIVE-U.S. carries out airstrike against Iranian-backed militia target in Syria, officials say

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"They shall make a Sanctuary for Me - so that I may dwell among them..."
(Shemot 25.8)

Hashem is surely watching all his little children running around trying to find a place to hear the Megillah of Esther to fulfill His will and getting more and more incensed at those who would prevent them.  Surely, He is thinking, well, if they won't let them into the synagogues, I'll just bring them their Temple and let's see anyone stop them then!  And so may it be His will!!


25 February 2021

GUEST POST: "The Longest Word in Tanach"

14 Adar 5781
Purim - Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Tetzaveh - Shushan Purim

The longest word in Tanach, tied with two others, is "והאחשדרפנים", which appears in Megillas Esther 9:3.  We know the Achashdarpenim were officers of the Persian king, but their specific duty is unclear and generally unknown. 

Remarkably, none of the commentators mention the following Midrashic source, which tells us exactly what they did. The word "אחשדרפניא" appears in Daniel 3:27, and the meaning of the word is the subject of a dispute between Rabbi Acha and the Rabbis in Shir HaShirim Rabba 7:9:

אֲחַשְׁדַּרְפְּנַיָא, רַבִּי אַחָא וְרַבָּנָן, רַבִּי אַחָא אָמַר אֵלּוּ הָאַרְכּוּנוֹת שֶׁהֵן נֶחְשָׁדִין וּפוֹנִין דִּין לְכָל צַד, וְרַבָּנָן אָמְרֵי שֶׁמְהַדְּרִין פָּנִים וּפוֹנִים דִּין.

Rabbi Acha says they were corrupt legal advisers who would turn the law in all directions.  The Rabbis say they show favoritism and turn the law accordingly.  These opinions appear very similar; in essence, their job was to twist the law to suit the purposes of the ruler.

My, how little things have changed in our "enlightened" generation.  The leaders of so-called democracies around the world are determined to wiggle around laws that exist to protect the rights of the people.  These laws are nothing but nuisances to them.  If they cannot revoke these laws, they create emergency laws that suspend them indefinitely, or they redefine words to render the laws meaningless.

The democracies of today are little different than the Persian monarchy.  Their kings too were restricted by laws, and they too massaged the laws to get away with anything they wanted.  Instead of allowing the law to restrain them from corrupt behavior, they used the law to sanitize their corruption.  First they decided what they wanted to do, then they deployed their Achashdarpenim to find a way to make it legal.  

Once again, there is nothing new under the sun, and even an obscure word in Megillas Esther teaches us a timeless lesson.


The Zera Shimshon has a remarkable insight in his commentary on the Haggada, Chapter 7. He cites the Drasha that the Egyptians first enslaved the Jews by cajoling them, and then imposed backbreaking work on them.  He then asks as follows: "Why did they accept upon themselves in the end to do backbreaking work?  And why were the Egyptians not afraid of them that they might protest, being that the Jews were already a large and more powerful nation than them?  And the Zera Beirach asks the same question on this Pasuk.  And he answered that this was the scheme of the Egyptians to first enslave them in this way with mortar and bricks, in order to make foolish the wisdom of the Jews..."  He goes on to explain that this type of menial work demoralizes people and has a negative effect on their intellect.

Indeed, this helps explain how so many intelligent people all around us have lost their ability to think clearly, and have so readily forfeited their most basic freedoms.  How have the 99% been enslaved by the 1% of degenerate "elites"?  They were cajoled into being slaves "just a little bit", then they were easily demoralized and lost their minds.  Once someone allows himself to be enslaved just a little bit, he is a slave all the way. 

The degenerate people in power cannot possibly control the masses with force.  Their greatest fear is that the masses will realize this, unify, and take back their freedom together.  They prevent this from happening by demoralizing the people and dumbing them down, so they forget how much power they collectively have. 


It just gets crazier and crazier. How many people will die because of a drastic reduction of Hatzalah volunteers? What next? Will they only respond to calls from people who got injected?


Netanyahu made it clear that despite the vaccines, restrictions must still be maintained. "The masks? It will take more time. The children are a quarter of Israel's population. We will have to develop another capability. We live in the age of viruses. I made sure that the State of Israel will be the world leader. Not only by purchasing - for the next vaccine, once a year or once every six months, but also by domestic vaccine production. I talk to the CEOs of the two companies, Pfizer and Moderna, about two essential factories. I want Israel to be a leader in this field as well. To make Israel a necessary link in the global supply chain of vaccines."

Lord Gates and King Bibi have decided that all Israelis, including children, will have to be injected with new vaccines every few months forever and ever, and they will continue to be restricted forever and ever. Israel will be a leader in the field of lab rats for drug companies.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a "conspiracy theory", it's out in the open. These corrupt, inhumane tyrants no longer represent the Israeli people, and must be removed from power.


I thought this was someone from the Ministry of Health coming with a syringe for someone on King Bibi's list. Just a bit premature.


Yesterday I passed through Machanei Yehuda. They had set up a place in the market for people to get injected. The IDF deployed two female soldiers to walk up and down the market with a bullhorn urging people to get "vaccinated". I'm sure their parents and the crazy feminist organizations are bursting with pride.

We need a name for this impressive military operation on behalf of Bibi, Gates, and Pfizer.

Operation Guinea Pig? Operation Blazing Needles? Operation Safe and Effective? Operation Gates of Hell? Operation Operation?

Please vote for your favorite name from the list above or suggest your own.

Happy Purim,

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13 Adar 5781
Ta'anit Esther

Arise, O God, judge the earth, for You inherit all the nations. (Psalms 82:8)


24 February 2021


12 Adar 5781

I can't help wondering how many people are actually aware of this.  I was quite surprised when I first read it...

[Source: Website]


Turn Our Tragedies Into Joy

12 Adar 5781

My heart broke at the news of the 32-year-old pregnant mother-of-four who died, along with her unborn child of complications from COVID.  And it broke again when the establishment pounced on it and used the tragedy to further their evil ends of scaring more and more people into getting the experimental, and in some cases, lethal vaccine.

Headline from yesterday:  "Wave of Vaccinations After Pregnant Woman Dies of Coronavirus"

For the entire past year we didn't hear of such things, so I wracked my brain trying to understand how it could have happened.  They made a really big deal out of her brother-in-law hosting an "anti-vax" group on Facebook and trotted out the usual hysterical accusation of "murderers" by none other than the newly-converted-to-the-cause brother-in-law.  Although they at first claimed that the woman had been influenced by the family's anti-vax feelings, I wondered if she had not gone and gotten the vaccine without telling anyone.  So, today the truth comes out.

Yehudah Ben-Shitrit, the husband of Asnat, z’l, who passed away of the coronavirus on Motzei Shabbos at age 32, told Channel 13 News that contrary to rumors, his wife wasn’t opposed to vaccines and even made an appointment to receive the first dose but caught the virus prior to the appointment.

“At the beginning, she was a little nervous due to all the talk in the media about pregnant women but later she decided to be vaccinated and she made appointments for both of us,” Yehudah said.

“I got vaccinated with the first dose but then contracted the virus and then she caught it and it was too late for her to be vaccinated. We were in favor of vaccination – I recommend to everyone to be vaccinated, to protect your lives so you won’t come to our situation.”
And knowing that, he is still pushing other people to get the vaccine.  This truth is too hard for him to acknowledge.  Who is the "murderer" now?

May we see - with our own eyes - the grand turnaround where all tragedies are forgotten and all sadness is turned to joy - quickly - even NOW!
Purim — The Joy of Life

In the eighth year of Achashverosh’s rule, on the thirteenth of Adar, every Jewish man, woman and child was to be slaughtered. Young or old, wealthy or poor, they were counted as one, and on that fateful day, the Jewish people would cease to be. According to the ways of the world and according to the natural course of events, that is what should have happened.

But it didn’t. In the greatest reversal of fortune, the tables were turned and the Jews were saved. In a heartbeat, they went from death to life, from despondency to hope, from being sheep led to the slaughter to having Mordechai HaTzaddik paraded through the streets of Shushan. The people had lived through an astonishing miracle, and they experienced great joy. “And the Jews of Shushan were jubilant and celebrated.”

Yet, when the Gemara describes their elation, it seems to leave out the issue of life and death. Where the Megillah says, “The Jews had light and gladness, and joy and honor,” Chazal interpret it to mean, “The Jews had Torah, yom tov, milah and tefillin,” as if to say that the reason the Jews were celebrating was because they again had the opportunity to do these mitzvos. The issue of their being granted their lives doesn’t seem to weigh into the equation. It seems that the Gemara is saying that their entire celebration and their source of joy was that they were now once again able to perform these mitzvos.
Read the full article HERE.

23 February 2021

Several Videos of Interest

 11 Adar 5781

One reader writes to ask why I don't allow opposing views.  In this case, why won't I publish information pointing out how the opinions against the vaccine are fake news and conspiracy theories.  Very simply, one is the truth and one is a lie.  Why would I give equal time to the lies and keep people in confusion?  What service does that provide?  I hope that clears it up.


Shocking Revelation: Why Are We Celebrating Purim On the Wrong Day - Part 2

Conversation with the FDA
(It's in Hebrew, but the call to the FDA is in English. Needless to say, when Kupat Cholim Maccabi and the MOH are contacted, they insist that the vaccine is indeed FDA "approved.")

Bill Gates Deleted Documentary

Mark Zuckerberg Expresses Concerns About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Vladimir Ze'ev Zelenko on the COVID-19 Vaccine

The Future of Vaccines

21 February 2021

GUEST POST: "Apartheid Shuls and Fake Jews"

10 Adar 5781

By Rabbi Chananya Weissman...

Here is a new article you might want to forward specifically to some people who deserve the sort of rebuke we give to the wicked son in the Hagada.  I'm happy to articulate what many people are surely thinking.

I've also added some notes and interesting information after the article.


Apartheid Shuls and Fake Jews

Some shuls announced for Parshas Zachor, of all weeks, that Jews who did not get injected with a new drug would no longer be welcome. I wrote about this phenomenon several weeks ago in an article called "You Can't Daven With Us" and in another called "Judenrat Minyanim". In the first article I observed the following:

"A Jew can do any of the following things without being kicked out of shul. He can cheat on his wife; he can beat his wife; he can molest children; he can be a convicted felon; he can be openly gay and proud of it; he can intermarry; he can defend terrorists; he can violate Shabbos in public; he can talk to others the entire davening; he can talk on his phone during davening; he can spread lies and gossip; he can make malicious remarks about the rabbi; he can mock Judaism and make fun of the Torah.

"If a Jew took out an idol during davening and bowed to it, most of the people there would be more amused than outraged. Their first reaction would be to record it on their phones and share it. Then they might try to do kiruv and save his soul. They wouldn't throw him out."

But now, in Eretz Yisrael, some shuls have the audacity to ban millions of Jews – perfectly healthy people – for refusing to have a drug injected in their bodies. The rabbis, board, and many members of these shuls have decided that all these millions of Jews are a menace to society and must be kept away.

This is horrific on many levels, and any attempt to justify this on the basis of Torah, science, or ethics doesn't get off the ground. Rather than devote thousands of words to refuting arguments that have already been thoroughly demolished, I want to focus on one point that I have not seen mentioned.

The Gemara in Yevamos 79A writes that there are three signs of the Jewish nation: we are merciful, we have a sense of shame, and we perform acts of kindness. The Rambam takes this very seriously, codifying it in the Mishneh Torah as an actual litmus test. He writes as follows: "One who demonstrates brazenness, or cruelty, and hates people, and doesn't perform acts of kindness, we have abundant suspicion that he might be a Gibeonite'' (Hilchos Issurei Bi'ah 19:17). The Rambam strongly recommends against marrying such a person, not only on practical grounds, but because such a person is very likely a fake Jew.

Let us make the following assumptions, all of which must be true for these shuls to even have an argument:

  • Perfectly healthy people with no signs of illness are likely to spread this flu-like virus.

  • The experimental vaccine is definitely safe and effective.

  • The experimental vaccine would prevent them from spreading the virus.

  • There is no reasonable alternative to this experimental vaccine.

  • Those who don't take the vaccine are ticking time bombs (despite having remained healthy for the last year).

  • Jewish law obligates everyone to take it.

  • Jewish law obligates those who have not taken it to be barred from shul and treated worse than lepers.

None of the above assumptions are actually true, but let's pretend that all of them are. Let's pretend that the elite class of people who took this experimental vaccine are in mortal danger from the Dhimmis who didn't – even though this would largely contradict the purpose of taking this drug to begin with. Let's assume that they are on firm Torah and scientific grounds, and they must tell many of their friends and neighbors to stay away.

If these people were real Jews, it would shatter them. It would break their hearts. They would have tears streaming down their faces as they closed the doors to their fellow Jews. Even if they were right, it would feel wrong. They would not be able to enjoy returning to shul after turning away so many Jews who desperately wanted to join them. A real Jew might even declare that he would rather close the shul entirely than have an apartheid shul.

This is not what happened. The elite class of Jews who injected themselves with a drug reacted without an ounce of compassion. Not only didn't it bother them to turn their friends and neighbors away, they enjoyed it. They did it with glee, with vindictiveness, with actual hatred. They spat in their faces.

They tasted a sip of power and it made them drunk. This was much more than protecting their health from some presumed danger. It was the opportunity to kick fellow Jews to the curb and feel morally superior in the process. It was the opportunity to behave like Zimri and expect reward like Pinchas. Certified by the Ministry of Health and blessed by the rabbi.

You want in? Go get injected, too, you selfish, murderous dog.

I can forgive people for being ignorant of the science and the Torah, even after all this time. I can forgive people for being confused, scared, and desperate for a sense of normalcy. I can forgive people for making bad decisions and terrible mistakes. I can even forgive people for concluding that they must turn some people away from shul, at least temporarily, horribly wrong as that conclusion is.

But I cannot forgive people for doing this with glee and malice. If their hearts are not broken, then they do not have hearts, and it is fair to suspect that they are not even real Jews.

We are learning many things about people we thought we knew. Some people are showing us an ugly, monstrous side that we never knew lurked inside them. Some of these people are respected members of the community and even rabbis. This is not something they can just stuff back inside and we can pretend it never happened. This is what they really are. Now we know.

It's unpleasant, but perhaps one of the more gentle ways we can find out who is really who. They read Parshas Zachor, about how Amalek preyed on the weak people who straggled after the Jewish nation.

The weak stragglers who fell prey to Amalek, who don't fear God, are them.



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Arutz Sheva just added a bold note at the top of my recent response to Rabbi Steinberg which states: "Arutz Sheva disclaimer at end of column". This disclaimer, which had been previously added but now needs an additional note at the top, reads as follows: "Arutz Sheva expresses full support for the vaccination campaign and calls on the public to obey the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the professionals. In the op-ed section, we provide an open forum for a variety of opinions in order to provoke thought and discussion."

I greatly appreciate their open admission of editorial bias, which has been apparent to readers for several weeks now.

I am trying to find out if Arutz Sheva also expressed full support for the "disengagement" campaign to destroy the Jewish communities of Gush Katif and make refugees out of thousands of top-flight citizens, if they called for the public to obey the instructions of the Israeli government and military professionals, who had declared that making Gush Katif Judenrein would save lives and protect the rest of the country. Who was anyone to argue with this expert assessment, and thereby endanger the welfare of the country?

As I recall, it was not the official position of Arutz Sheva to fully support the establishment professionals, and articles against the official position did not contain such disclaimers.


I have a great idea. Instead of bullying us, censoring us, and persecuting us, why not just line us up and shoot us dead for threatening the public health? It's the fastest and most inexpensive way to end the pandemic.

Better yet, why not harvest our organs to save additional lives, or sell them to raise money for the state, like they do in China? What moral person can be against this idea?

More from Arutz Sheva, which is now desperately trying to support its now openly stated position.  This article is so bad it would have been a great Purim spoof if only they weren't serious.

How much falsehood, nonsense, and complete ignorance can a "rabbi" squeeze into a single piece? This is one of the dumbest articles I've read on the subject, and there is a LOT of competition.

Judenrat or Erev Rav? You decide.

Arutz Sheva editor Rochel Sylvetsky adds a nonsensical comment at the end just to demonstrate that the site has completely gone over to the dark side. I am grateful that these people are openly exposing themselves as ignorant shills who are actively attempting to mislead the public.


Keeping up with all the information that is coming out is more than a full-time job, and I don't want to deluge people.  Here is a sample of excellent material people have shared with me recently that is well worth looking at if you have the time.

18 February 2021

"Immediately Preceding the Month of Nisan"

7 Adar 5781
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Terumah - Zachor

"Remember what Amalek did to you on the way." 

It's not enough to remember what Amalek did.  We also need to remember why he was able to do it.

Idolatry in the camp of Israel (The Book of Our Heritage, by Eliyahu Kitov)
You followed me in the wilderness in a land that was not planted (Yirmeyahu 2:2) – The Sages explained: This [the complete dependence on G-d that characterized Israel’s existence in the desert] is only temporary and will last only as long as you are on the way [to the Land of Israel] and until the Torah is permanently implanted within you. Afterwards, you shall enter the land which is My place, and you will plant at the time of planting, sow at the time of sowing, and harvest at the time of harvesting, and I shall grant you bounty greater than any other nation or land.
However, the imperative to remove all traces of idolatry and to serve only G-d—this is incumbent upon you now and for generations to comeHave you removed the foreign gods from your midst? Have you brought yourselves under My wing and shattered all of your idols? Let Amalek come and examine you. If your hearts are completely with Me, you have nothing to fear. But if there is among you a man or woman whose soul still clings to the idols of Egypt and their abominations, let them [the idols] come and save you from the wicked Amalek! The verse therefore states: And Amalek came (Shemos 17;8)…and he tailed after you [striking] all the weak who fell behind (Devarim 25;18).
After he tailed after you—R. Nachman explained: All those whom the “protective cloud” cast out were caught by Amalek. The Sages explained: This refers to the tribe of Dan who were cast out by the “protective cloud” because they were all idol-worshipers. The idol which Michah had created was in their midst, and there were many among them who had not wholeheartedly resolved to serve God alone (Yalkut Shimoni, Parashas Ki Setze).

The complete obliteration of Amalek will occur at the time of the final redemption, immediately preceding the month of Nisan.  A trace of that obliteration is felt each year during Purim, which falls in the month preceding Nisan. The reading of Parashas Zachor was therefore prescribed for this time of year.

May we merit due to the depths of HKB"H's mercy to witness the final downfall of Amalek in these days "preceding the month of Nisan."