28 May 2017

Christians Just Gotta "Save" Jews!

Sivan 5777
Day 48 of the Omer

You have to hear it to believe it. Jews just don't get it.

This is why Rabbi Melamed never should have asked Tommy Waller if he wanted to convert Jews to Christianity. What Pastor Biltz is saying doesn't sound so different from what Jeremy Gimpel said. See, they're assimilating already!

So, who is this Lars Enarson who is on the tour itinerary for Shavuot? He is a teacher that Tommy Waller follows. But, what is his interest in the Jews?


Sivan 5777
Day 47 of the Omer
Shavua tov!


Sivan 5777
Day 47 of the Omer
Shavua tov!

Sherri Waller herself said it as early as 2009...

We are in a war - a war for the hearts and minds of Am Yisrael. From the very beginning the HaYovel Ministry was envisioned as a Trojan Horse - a conduit for feeding Christians into the Land of Israel in order to wage a spiritual battle upon the Jews here.

 Tommy Waller admitted at the very beginning that their offer to "serve" the Israeli farmers in the Shomron was designed as a ploy to influence Jews to view their "savior" more favorably and it appears to have worked like magic as more and more Jews who work with them express the same sentiments expressed by Ari Abramowitz a few months ago when he spoke at a messianic Christian church in Seattle, Washington and said the following...

"The birth of that new entity...." It's got a name. It's called the "One New Man".

This is the centuries-old goal of Christianity - the aim of all evangelism - to mix Jews and Gentiles until no uniquely identifiable group of Jews remains in this world! And you can see how "Rabbi " Ari Abramowitz has already fallen for the new method of spreading the "gospel" called  relational evangelism, as have many, many others, God forbid!

[Listen to Tommy Waller describe it HERE.]

But, perhaps even more explosive than this is the fact that Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel have enabled HaYovel to open a second front in this war for Jewish souls and land - in Yehudah!! And in the following video you will actually hear Ari encourage Christian messianics to overcome Jewish resistance by practicing these relational evangelism techniques. Listen...

And it doesn't stop there, Ari goes on to explain how he and Jeremy Gimpel planned to use a foray into politics as a platform for spreading their vision of what is essentially the "One New Man" and Ari seems to indicate that he has designs on Moshe Feiglin's Zehut party in order to fulfill that vision. And appears to hope to do it with the backing of these Messianic "Christian Zionists"...

This is where the HaYovel Tour is today - At Ari and Jeremy's "farm" - the Land of Israel Network's "Universal" Center in Gush Etzion. Someone better warn the Jews of Judea of what is coming their way!!

The entire Ari Abramowitz video can be viewed HERE.

26 May 2017

The 4000-Yr-Old Prophecy That Exposes Today's Messianic Movement

Sivan 5777
Rosh Chodesh
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Day 45 of the Omer

~ Chodesh Tov and Shabbat Shalom ~

25 May 2017

Sinning For the Sake of Redemption

29 Iyyar 5777
Day 44 of the Omer
Erev Rosh Chodesh

Considering that Tuly Weisz and other gullible Jews, like Michael Oren and Yehuda Glick will be participating together tonight with Donna Jollay, HaYovel and Bridges for Peace...
"Hundreds of Jewish and Christian Zionists will be rejoicing together this week in a special gala dinner to honor Jerusalem’s Jubilee year in the presence of Knesset members Michael Oren and Yehuda Glick. Bridges for Peace, Hayovel – another Christian organization dedicated to serving the people of Israel – and Israel365 will all be celebrating together." (JPost: 50 YEARS OF CHRISTIAN SUPPORT FOR JEWISH JERUSALEM by Tuly Weisz)

"This Thursday, May 25th, HaYovel is partnering with Bridges for Peace and Israel365 to host the Rejoice with Jerusalem event, right from the heart of the Jerusalem....The evening will include speeches by former Ambassador to the US and current Member of Knesset Michael Oren and Rabbi and Knesset Member Yehuda Glick." (HaYovel Facebook page)
...it may be worth republishing the following blog post which came out a couple of months ago.

It establishes the missionary connection to Tuly Weisz and the Israel365 initiatives through Donna Jollay. HaYovel, you should be fully cognizant of at this point, and then Bridges for Peace, which may not be something you've heard much about. The video clip below will tell you all you need to know about them.

Sinning For the Sake of Redemption

21 Adar 5777

On the face of it, it's a very shocking idea - sinning in order to bring the redemption. But, it is an idea which underlies the most destructive false messanic movements in Jewish history and which is re-emerging in our own time.

Consider this comment which I received by email...

"...a sin for the sake of heaven is greater than a mitzvah done with bad intent."

Now compare it to this principle which is at the heart of all false messianic movements:

Antinomianism - 1) In Christianity it is the doctrine or belief that the Gospel frees Christians from required obedience to any law...and that salvation is attained solely through faith and the gift of divine grace. 2) The belief that moral laws are relative in meaning and application as opposed to fixed or universal.

With regard to Sabbateanism and Frankism, too...

...Unlike traditional Judaism, which provides a set of detailed guidelines called halakha that are scrupulously followed by observant Jews and regulate many aspects of life, Frank claimed that "all laws and teachings will fall" and following antinomianism asserted that one's most important personal obligation of every person was the transgression of every boundary.
Frankism is commonly associated with Sabbateanism, a religious movement that formed around the identification of the 17th-century Jewish rabbi Sabbatai Tzvi as the Jewish messiah. Like Frankism, the earlier forms of Sabbateanism believed that at least in some circumstances, antinomianism was the correct path. Tzvi himself would perform actions that violated traditional Jewish taboos, such as eating fats that were forbidden by Jewish dietary laws and celebrating former fast days as feast days.

...Frank claimed that the mixing between holy and unholy was virtuous.
It sounds just like those among us today who have gone way beyond simply accepting donations from idolaters which itself was wrong, because it was the first misstep which lead to all the rest. It has lead to providing idolaters access to Jewish children, to lone soldiers, to Holocaust survivors and other vulnerable populations in the Land of Israel. It has lead to moving Jews out in order to give the idolaters a permanent home inside the yishuv where they worship their false god in our holy land. It has lead to bringing them into Jewish homes and hosting them at meals and attending their weddings. It has even lead to "partnering" with them in spreading a distorted Torah to the world - a universalist  ["Judeo-Christian" or, God forbid "Zionist"] Torah. And all this sin has been committed in the name of "bringing the redemption".

This idolatrous Christian woman is "partnered" with a Jew in three projects which appear to make mixing the holy and the unholy into a virtue. In fact, it was one of their associates who wrote that bolded comment you see above.

[In the JPost article cited at the beginning, Tuly Weisz says, "Jollay decided to fund an online academy, the “Yeshiva for the Nations,” where non-Jews can study the Bible from Jewish scholars in Israel. The first of its kind, YeshivafortheNations.com has the potential of revolutionizing Christian support for Israel for the next 50 years,....]

They want you to believe that these are some kind of "new" Christians - not like the ones of the past who openly persecuted Jews. These are tolerant Christians who simply want us to be the best Jews we can be. They have no designs on our souls any longer. 

Well, Ms. Jollay's email presents a different story. It would seem from her presentation of a recent Christian "prophecy" that she still harbors the 2,000-year-old Christian dream of seeing all the Jews come to faith in JC...

..I could see Jesus, with just a glance, open the eyes of their [Jews'] heart, and they could literally SEE Him as Jesus, the Messiah. I could see on the inside of them, as we walked down this path in Jerusalem, that all of a sudden the eyes of their heart were opened, and a small flame started to burn on the inside of them.
Some of the people He tipped his head to I knew had great authority, heads in the Jewish community--rabbis. I could literally see in a glance the Lord opening up their eyes; I could see the Lord appearing. He was appearing to some of the top rabbis in the land, and just with a glance and a nod, a flame of revelation started to burn on the depths of the inside, in a second the eyes of their hearts were opened.
...We followed these Rabbis up to their rooms, as they went up into the upper rooms of their houses. I watched these Rabbis fall on their knees and cry out, "This Changes EVERYTHING. This changes EVERYTHING!" I saw the Lord go over and blow on that tiny ember of revelation on the inside, and little by little, it started to burn like an unquenchable fire.
... I saw that this fire would continue to burn until the appointed day would come when these Rabbi's could hold it in no longer and they would shout it from the top of the mountains, "Yeshua is Messiah...YESHUA IS MESSIAH!" I thought about how we pray for this....
And she closes her email with this...
Jesus, Yeshua, I thank YOU that YOUR Blood has Covered and Redeemed my own sin and I plead your blood for the sins of my family, my nation, the world and as an Israel Commissioned Watchman on the Wall of Jerusalem for Jerusalem and Israel of abortion – and thank YOU Yeshua for Laying Down Your Life to Save and Redeem us all– HALLELU YAH!!!" The Bride and The Spirit cry “COME LORD JESUS, YESHUA!!! and for our Hebrew Brothers we agree “HOSANNA!!!” Baruch HaBa B'Shem Adonai - Blessed IS HE that Comes in the Name of YHWH!!!
God’s ABUNDANT Blessings and FAVOR in JESUS, YHWH Yeshua HaMashiach (LORD Jesus the Messiah in Hebrew) upon you and yours!!!
The French have a saying: plus ca change plus ca meme chose - the more things change, the more they remain the same. King Solomon said it more succinctly: Ayn chadash tachat hashemesh - there's nothing new under the sun.

Don't be fooled. Don't be mislead. If you've already fallen for this error, repent now, before it is too late.

Uniting Eisav and Ya'aqov to Destroy Yisrael

29 Iyyar 5777
Day 44 of the Omer
Erev Rosh Chodesh

It is worth recalling now, after all that has been revealed about HaYovel this week (and last), the partnership that has been established between Ari Abramowitz's and Jeremy Gimpel's Land of Israel Network and HaYovel.

But, it's not just HaYovel, as the following short videos will attest...

"Teaching the Principles of Biblical Zionism to the entire world"? Is "Biblical Zionism" yet another word for Judeo-Christianity, which is itself just a new term for ancient Hellenism? Any way you slice it, it means shmad through assimilation.

Will Neve Daniel be the next yishuv chosen to host a Christian (Ephraimite) outpost?

Taking his children out of school to spend time with "German gentiles"???! R"l!

So, now you will understand a bit better the Shishi/Shabbat and Yom Rishon schedule for the HaYovel Tour:

24 May 2017

"Recognize Jerusalem" - First Ever HaYovel Tour

28 Iyyar 5777
Day 43 of the Omer
Yom Yerushalayim

In the following one-minute video, Tommy Waller describes in excruciating detail what is the aim and goal of HaYovel's first ever Israel Tour. It is being advertised in a way that leads Jews to think it is about some kind of Christian support for Jerusalem to be recognized as Israel's capital in its fiftieth year of re-unification, but really, according to Tommy, "...it's all about relationships...everything we do is about relationships".

It's called Relational Evangelism
Focus on Building Deep Friendships
What your unbelieving or unchurched friend is desperately searching for is God's unconditional love, flowing through someone just like you, in the context of a friendship. The world in which we live is strong on communication and weak on deep relationships. Be a friend that cares and your lost friend will see Christ in you, even if you don't consider yourself a spiritual giant.
The Torah forbids Jews to intermingle with non-Jews for this very reason. It indicates that in time, the relationship would grow into one where we would be willing to give them our daughters and take their sons through intermarriage. Of course, they are nice, even admirable in some ways, but this is what poses the danger of assimilation! It's a chutzpah to think we know better than God does or to think we are too strong to fall to temptation. Look at what has already happened to so many Jews who would describe themselves as strong and proud Israeli Jews, even to Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, r"l.

This is where they will be through tomorrow. Anyone can check the side bar to the right each day to see where they will be so as to avoid all contact with them. Do not talk to them, do not invite them into your home, do not share a meal with them, do not dance with them, do not hug them, do not praise them, do not accept their "love" and "friendship" and warn all those in your influence to do likewise. This will hurt more than anything else because it denies them the goal they seek - to connect with Jews.

A total disconnect from Jews is what is needed to solve this problem. HaYovel is only here in Israel and has only become a problem because they were brought in, introduced, approved, supported, encouraged, enabled and promoted by JEWS!!

HaYovel: Serving Israeli Farmers or Themselves?

28 Iyyar 5777
Day 43 of the Omer

What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Jerusalem's reunification than to spend it hobnobbing with Christian missionaries who use the occasion to cash in on its "brand"? But, hey! Isn't that what Western democracy, religious pluralism, tolerance and diversity and capitalism are all about? Wait. But, this is the Middle East and Jerusalem is the Holy City - the City of God. Well, God has nothing to do with this...

I had no idea "volunteering" could be so profitable.


Below is a list of 31 wines by Tura, Psagot, Gvaot, and Shiloh wineries for which Hayovel gets 5%:

- Tura Mountain Peak 2014
- Tura Mountain Heights Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
- Psagot Edom 2013
- Psagot Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
- Psagot Chardonnay 2016
- Psagot Merlot 2014
- Psagot Cabernet Sauvignon Single Vineyard 2013
- Psagot Shiraz 2011
- Psagot Cabernet Franc M Series 2014
- Psagot Cabernet Sauvignon M Series 2014
- Psagot Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon M Series 2013
- Psagot Edom M Series 2013
- Psagot Edom Magnum 2009
- Gvaot Merlot 2013
- Gvaot Gofna Reserve Pinot Noir 2013
- Gvaot Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
- Gvaot Vineyard Dance 2014
- Shiloh Exclusive Edition Mosaic 2013
- Shiloh Shor Cabernet Franc 2013
- Shiloh Secret Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
- Shiloh Secret Reserve Merlot 2011 Magnum
- Shiloh Legend Honi 2014
- Shiloh Secret Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 Magnum
- Shiloh Mosaic 2014
- Shiloh Mosaic 2014 Non-Mevushal
- Shiloh Legend 2013
- Shiloh Secret Reserve Shiraz 2013
- Shiloh Secret Reserve Merlot 2014
- Shiloh Shor Cabernet Sauvignon 2014
- Shiloh Shor Barbera 2014
- Shiloh Chardonnay 2014

Why is Kosherwine.com advertising HaYovel on their website?

Have you visited the HaYovel online store? Look at all the spin-off products they are selling thanks to their Jewish-Israeli connection.

And let's not forget the $1.5 million HaYovel base in Missouri. Self-serving, definitely!