28 June 2015

What Took Them So Long?

11 Tamuz 5775

It's been three days already - time enough for the whole world to go rainbows and organize massive parades with spectators numbered in the millions, literally. I'm surprised it waited three whole days...
Lutheran pastor says Jews to blame for destroying Christian values after US approves gay marriage
Mark Dankof, a Lutheran pastor and political activist, declared the Jews to blame for the Supreme Court's ruling on Friday which declared any law to ban gay marriage unconstitutional.

..."It should not be ignored that the victories for abortion on demand and LGBT rights are reflective of the disproportionate influence of Jewish power, money, and activism in the United States," he declared.
Three of the five votes in favor were cast by Jews. That's very high-profile. And then the news coverage is focusing on non-Orthodox Jewish groups out celebrating with the masses, so it leaves the Torah-observant Jewish community in a quandary.

The ground is heating up and getting a bit shaky. I hope and pray that everyone is prepared.


  1. Obama added many secular Jews to his staff I think exactly for is reason. They will take the blame for a lot. Even th one or two so-called religious Jews are really naive and duped by him. Yes, those three so-called Jews on the bench created this mess.
    Wait til "they" want equal footing (as teachers) in the Orthodox schools, etc. the sky will begin falling.

    1. In this case with Obama, he found one Jew wearing a Kipah to be his Sec. of the Treasury with his signature on all those dollar bills being rolled to the supermarket in a wheelbarrow to buy one loaf of bread. He found one Jew who wears a kipah amongst all those who don't. When the economy collapses, Jacob Lew wearing his kipah will be the picture posted by the local chapters of Aryan Nations and the Black Muslims to rile up the masses.

    2. “Who is wise, he who can see the future” (PirkeiAvot)

  2. Agree with Neshama! Also, if only the world would understand that those three so-called Jews are not Jews, but are the Erev Rav (a fact that so few, even amongst Jews, that is little known). They cause all the tzarot for the bnei Yisrael since matan Torahseinu.

  3. The world is going downhill much more rapidly. I sincerely believe this is some of the last events before Moshiach's arrival, yet we still have more to go.
    This "marriage" vote is definitely a precipitous drop down the tuma hole...

  4. Yes, now the conservative Xtians will now blame the Jews for the moral abyss into which America has now fallen, but the real blame game will be when the economy collapses. The pocketbook issues will bring out the roving gangs looking to bash Jewish heads. When the dollar goes, they will see Jacob Lew at Treasury and Janet Yellin with her asst. Stanley Fischer at the Fed. Reserve. Time to leave with what you can....but they won't. They will wait until the roving gang shows up at their door. And those roving gangs will not be a respecter of the kipah on one's head. G-d help us all.

  5. The Signature of the Last Sec. of the Treasury of the United States on the Dollar bill. You can see it for yourself. His last name Lew in his signature on the greenback looks like Jew

  6. Although I live in the USA, and the passing of such a bill (despite years of propaganda), makes me gawk; the following link should make the lumps in our throats swell!

    (Let alone Hashem's wrath!)

    And many of us don't vote for many politicians for this reason....


    Sarah G K

  7. I also was shocked by Yaalons comment. Is a closet ???
    Has there ever been such a situation in our history as this? Maybe when the Greeks ruled? Or when the Romans had their entertainment? Who was it that had the "gymnasia of naked games"? I'm afraid that might be only one of the outcomes from this.

  8. http://www.torahanytime.com/video/parashat-balak-the-supreme-courts-declaration-of-war-against-god-may-bring-devastating-results-1/

    supreme court of Israel no better....nebach

    1. This is because Eisav has been ruling here for a long time now and trying to re-create Israel in his image, but we have a different history, a different ministering angel and a different destiny in this holy land. We are not Uncloe Sam and soon - very soon - his influence here will be gone and the Kingdom of G-d will be built HERE!

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