30 November 2017

Can There Be Unity With The Wicked?

13 Kislev 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayishlach

Unity With The Wicked - Rav Richter 30.11.17 - Part 1

Unity With The Wicked - Rav Richter 30.11.17 - Part 2

~ Shabbat Shalom ~

Killer Wave Coming?

12 Kislev 5778

Information which has been kept secret for years is now coming out in an ever-growing, ever-strengthening stream that threatens to become a killer tidal wave for American Jews. Some readers might be offended by my assertion, but it would be irresponsible of me not to point out what I see as a mortal threat to fellow Jews. I just don't know what it is going to take to get the message across.

For weeks now, the US media has been unrelenting in its reportage, one after another, of prominent and powerful men being exposed as predators and harassers of women with no horrific detail being spared.

With yesterday's very public firing of a popular national television morning show host (Jewish father, non-Jewish mother), it feels like the tide is going to turn into a tsunami; one-inch red headlines on the popular Drudge Report for the past 24 hours being any indication.

I am convinced these are signs to American Jews to get out of Edom, even as we read in this week's haftarah about it's eventual utter destruction. If you don't keep up with this sort of "news," and I actually hope you don't (I wish I didn't), you may be completely unaware of how many Jewish "names" are involved. The gentile world has certainly taken notice and they don't distinguish between those with Jewish mothers and those with only a Jewish father (or even one with only a Jewish-sounding name).

Here is only one example of the kind of thing that is being repeated across cyberspace every day now...
  • Yet another KIKE... Anyone connecting the dots yet?!?!?!
  • Jews, Jews, Jews in the news. Lauer, Franken, Weiner, Weinstein, Epstein, Kreisberg, Ratner. Truly exceptional . . . sexual predators.
  • Are these people inherently corrupt because of their Jewishness, or is the Jewishness incidental to their corruption?
And that is the mildest of the lot on just one site reporting.

We have been warned time and again that antisemitism is going to rise to unbelievable levels in America. Believe it. Act now to protect yourself and your family while you still can. And God help us all!

28 November 2017

The "Miserable Expulsion"

11 Kislev 5778

It's Kislev, so why am I reminiscing about the expulsion from Gush Katif? One thing led to another and I discovered something that I think needs to be set right. I have heard many people curse Shas and accuse the religious Sephardi party of enabling Sharon to carry it out either because 1) they voted in favor of it, or 2) they abstained from voting. The party leader at the time - Eli Yishai - called it for what it was, the "miserable expulsion," instead of the government-and-media-favored term "disengagement."

In fact, according to an October 26, 2004 Ha'aretz article,...
All eleven Shas MKs voted against the plan, on the orders of the party's spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, as did six National Religious Party members, six National Union MKs and five United Torah Judaism MKs.
You can read an entire breakdown of the voting results right HERE.

I don't know how or why this disinformation has persisted, but I hope this will help to set the record straight.

This is not the only time Eli Yishai has correctly and cogently summed up a crisis situation. Revisiting a February 8, 2013 Israel HaYom article, I found the following...
...If there is forced conscription of the ultra-Orthodox, Yishai vows, there will be chaos.
..."There will be marches and processions of thousands, tens of thousands, in the streets," he said. "Thousands of yeshiva students will fill up the jail cells. Military Police officers will be running around aimlessly in Bnei Brak. You'll have a civilian uprising, pandemonium. Worst of all, those who are enlisting today will refuse to enlist en masse."
..."The Jewish people have been persecuted for decades," Yishai said angrily. "What haven't we been forced to endure? Expulsion, inquisition, Holocaust. Still, despite all of this, we have an identity, and this is all due to our Torah. If this wasn't preserved in every corner of the world, we would have disappeared, erased just like the empires that disappeared. We came to the State of Israel. Yet, here, of all places, in a world in which there are no rules as to who studies Torah and who doesn't, here people want to put quotas. Such a thing is unprecedented, and it will not ever come to pass."
Yishai shifts the conversation to changes that are already taking place. "This concept of 'the ultra-Orthodox don't serve in the army' is nonexistent," he said. "The figures show that there are thousands who are waiting to enlist in national service and the haredi Nahal infantry unit. There's even a huge influx of ultra-Orthodox youths going to college. Since the passage of the Tal Law, there's been a steady increase ? and the percentages are climbing quickly ? of ultra-Orthodox who are integrating into these frameworks. What happened, however, was that the quotas stipulated in the law by the state were never met because the treasury and the defense establishment did not take sufficient action to meet them."
"The Defense Ministry doesn't want a lot of ultra-Orthodox soldiers in the army because it needs to make the necessary contingency plans and this costs a great deal of money," Yishai said. "When the ultra-Orthodox public was offered a platform that met its needs as they pertained to kosher food, the presence of female soldiers, and the content of what they are taught, it agreed to go for it. This was mainly because this was done through agreement and consensus, not by coercion."
It's really worth reading the whole thing HERE.

More about Eli Yishai HERE.

27 November 2017

"Dumbed Down and Distracted"

10 Kislev 5778

Third Cheshvan Message from Meir Yisroel

I really don’t have much to say. All I can tell you is war, war, war, terrible war. World war is on the horizon. Truly we are already in a world war for quite a while and I am positive that this is the war of wars that has been spoken about in the news. Every detail of what is happening is clearly brought down in the Prophecies / Nevuas even down to the names of the countries who are the main players in what is happening all over the world.

People are being “dumbed down". They are being distracted by all kinds of violent actions on the part of so-called terrorists or mental patients. Most of these incidents, if not all, are really planned operations by the governments of the world in order to keep the world population occupied with so many threats to their safety that they don’t realize that a major world war can actually happen one day soon. Not only that but the mini solar system known as Nibiru or Hashavit in the Zohar, is already very close to us and its tremendous magnetic pull has been affecting the earth in terrible ways. Huge and strange natural disasters are killing off tremendous amounts of fish and wildlife. The melt down of the north and south pole areas and all the strange and dangerous weather deviations are happening all over the world including vast amounts of very dangerous earthquakes, hurricanes,
typhoons, volcanoes exploding and sink holes opening up across the globe, etc.

We are living in a time that is the most dangerous to the earth’s existence since the time of the Great Flood when Noach and his family were sent on a Divine mission to save humanity. Today that Ark of Noach is Eretz Yisroel not Medinas Yisroel and the only people that will survive are the true Jewish Neshomas and the righteous Goyim. Eretz Yisroel will not be harmed by these disasters of so-called nature. It won’t help anyone who is not a true Jewish Neshoma or a true righteous Goy to rush to Israel for safety. The Reshoim, the Amalaikim, the Edomim, the Yishmaelim etc., they won’t be helped by trying to find shelter in Eretz Yisroel because they will be destroyed in Eretz Yisroel because of their terrible Aveiros against Am Yisroel and against all humanity and by thinking in any way that they could go to war with Hashem. For all of these reasons they will be blotted out from all existence.

This may seem to some of you like an imaginative script for a movie, Chas Vesholom! It’s not! Its written in the Torah! It will happen! It will happen sooner than you think!

Messages from Esther and Menachem

23 November 2017

"Hope For All"

6 Kislev 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayetzei

Rabbi Mordechai Sitorsky

Parashat Vayetzei: Hope For All

~ Shabbat Shalom ~

22 November 2017

"Super Wednesday"

5 Kislev 5778

Rav Richter - continuation (Pt 3) Frum from Birth VS Baal Teshuva

Why Can't We Have A JEWISH Army?

4 Kislev 5778

Our dear Nechama left a comment to yesterday's blog post which was too important to leave buried in the comment section so I am reproducing it here along with my response.
Nechama has left a new comment on your post "A Personal Message":

Everything is the will of Hashem, but doesn't Hashem work through people and nature? I don't have an opinion about army or Torah learning...I think everyone has to do what he feels is right for his soul. As a baal teshuvah, what's confusing to me is what exactly are the differences between the religious-zionists and the chareidi? Obviously their dress, degree of integration into secular society, and army service vs.Torah learning. But isn't that due to people choosing what they need to satisfy their Jewish souls in fulfilling their tasks in life? Both groups are still Torah Jews..I see more articles available in English explaining the religious-zionist views. Would you be willing to explain the chareidi view? I understand living apart, dressing more modestly, and from your comment, it seems that everything is betachon in Hashem...so does Israel need an army at all? I lock my door at night, but then I say shema to keep me safe?? Can you just offer insight into the approach of the chareidi world. I feel better knowing that there are yeshivas filled with learners of Torah. I have 2 nephews who are learners. I am very proud of them. I also have 2 nephews who are religious/yeshivish in the army. and I am proud of them also. Does Israel need an army? Does Hashem want us to have one? what are the chareidi views. I'm being sincere in my questions because I do hear chareidi bashing over the protests and I think it's terrible. If someone wants to learn, he should be able to and if someone wants to serve in the army, in a religious unit, he should be respected as well. So what's going on? You're a wonderful blogger, please help with information so people can respond to the negative criticism going on back and forth...even within families.
Thank you for your honest and heartfelt questions, Nechama, but for answers all I can give you are my own thoughts and opinions based on my learning.

First, I am not Chareidi in the sense that most people use the term. In fact, I live in a mixed secular-religious yishuv, but I consider myself chardal (chareidi-dati leumi). I have taken what I believe to be the best (most true to Torah) from both worlds.

I can't agree with those who say Judaism is simply a religion and land is totally unimportant anymore than I can agree with those who want to throw religion out altogether. And I might agree with the current demonstrators if I knew what they really wanted, but I don't agree with their methods. In any case, I choose not to express an opinion on that particular subject because I don't have enough information to make an informed opinion.

Yes, we need an army. We must provide the kli through which Hashem does His miracles, but if, God forbid, the kli were missing, Hashem would act openly and on His own to save us. We are an eternal people and that does not depend on anything that we do. Knowing that, we are forbidden to depend on miracles, yes? It's a balancing act and we have to be so careful not to veer too far to either side. We have to be careful not to put all our faith in a human institution on the one hand or depend too much on miracles on the other.

It is worth recalling, however, that every Jew in our history was either a warrior or prepared to be one as the need required, and without the benefit of an organized institution such as the IDF is today, which concerns itself not only with the defense of the nation, but with exerting cultural and societal influence as well.

When the institution itself becomes an existential threat and the danger it presents begins to outweigh it's usefulness, it's time to think about either a replacement or a complete overhaul. But, if it is viewed as something sacrosanct - beyond question or criticism - or when people lack the vision to imagine that it can be better, and not just when Mashiach comes, then there is no hope to improve the situation.

Some people say: "It's not perfect, but it's all we have." This is the worst possible attitude to take. It CAN be better, MUCH better, and it is in our hands to make it so. It is our responsibility and our obligation to remove the threat it has come to represent to us rather then to our enemies! For the sake of our children and our future, we have to wake up from this delusion that nothing can change until Mashiach comes or worse, that nothing NEEDS to change.

In my view, the first step to change is recognition that this is NOT a Jewish state and we do NOT have a Jewish army. It is foreign in concept and foreign in "values." Once good Jews can accept that, we can talk about how to make it better - not perfect - but much improved, JEWISH for a start!

I found the following video after I had written the above. But, Rabbi Bar-Hayim was one of my first teachers. I guess maybe the learning stuck.

21 November 2017

A Personal Message

3 Kislev 5778

Let it be known that as soon as a commenter stops addressing valid points in an argument or expressing an opinion on a subject and degenerates to bashing fellow Jews who follow a different shita, that's when the comments will be rejected. I declined to be drawn into the Religious Zionist vs. Chareidi contest twenty years ago and nothing has changed.

Speaking of comments, I continue to be surprised, although I don't know why, that there are Jews who read this blog who can say or imply that Jewish existence in Eretz Yisrael is dependent upon anything other than the will of HKB"H.

Prepare for it people, the IDF and the State it protects, are anti-Torah and idolized by a large part of the public. As such, they will, of necessity, have to fall. Neither are sacrosanct.

(And for those who claim we can't exist here without the money of US Jews, well, that's going, too.)

The Hasbarites have a favorite saying: "If all the Arabs laid down their weapons tomorrow, there would be peace. If Israel laid down its weapons, it would be destroyed."

So speak those with no faith and no understanding. We will have another Yam Suf moment and then you will know.

I'll finish this with a personal revelation which may help you understand my position better. When I was seventeen years old, I stood with my homeroom class for the pledge of allegiance to the flag and the reading of scripture that started every school day. I stood at attention, kept my right hand firmly at my side and my mouth firmly closed. I could not pledge my allegiance to America because all of my allegiance was already pledged to HKB"H. Nothing has changed there either.

As far as I am concerned, until Mashiach comes, we are still being ruled by a foreign power. The fact that it goes by the name Israel just makes it that much more dangerous to us spiritually.

20 November 2017

There Is An Israeli Army, But Not A Jewish Army

2 Kislev 5778

So the Arab-loving/Christian-loving President of Israel declined to grant Elor Azaria release from prison - a place he never should have been in the first instance.
...Rivlin’s office said that the president believes that any further reduction of the sentence would “harm the strength of the Israel Defense Forces and of the State of Israel,” adding that “the IDF’s values, including purity of arms,” are fundamental to the Israeli army’s strength.
According to another report, yeshivah students who arrive to register for the draft are being asked unusual questions like what would they do if they found themselves in a situation similar to Elor Azaria? And what would they do if a commander issued an order that conflicted with Torah law?

The message here is clear: If your intent as a soldier is to kill the enemy in a time of war, do not apply to the IDF! If your intent is to remain a Jew faithful to the Holy Torah, DO NOT apply to the IDF!!

I personally do not believe that there exists a religious soldier in the IDF who has not been required at some point to compromise on Torah law and/or practice. 

By the same token, there is an Israeli State, but it's NOT a Jewish State. 

19 November 2017

Modern Hellenists, World War III and Planet X

2 Kislev 5778

Two new messages from Meir Yisroel given in Cheshvan 5778...

I. We are getting close to Chanukah. Chanukah is a very special time. It is a time celebrating the great war that brought to the down fall of the conquerors that invaded Eretz Yisroel. The time when a few brave Tzaddikim had the courage to say we are not letting the evil continue to rule over the good. We are loyal only to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and no other and we will rather die than be made Tomei (spiritually polluted) by the Goyim. The story of the Maccabim has played a great part in our history. It makes it clear that a Jew is not allowed in any way or form to let Goyim or Hellenistic Jews force him into leaving, Chas Vesholom, Hakadosh Boruch Hu and bowing down, Chas Vesholom, to their false gods. 

Today in the world we live in we are in the same situation. The Hellenists together with the leaders of many of the western countries have infiltrated our homeland pretending that Israel, the land of Israel, has really become a Jewish state with an army, a judicial system, a ministry of education and all the other political departments needed to run a government. At the very top of this pyramid stands the Knesset which is supposedly the greatest sign of the democracy of the new Israel, of the new Jew, a so-called Jewish State of Israel. However, this is all a lie. This is not a Jewish state. This is Eretz Yisroel. The state has no connection to Judaism, even though it has a so-called Chief Rabbi and the government pretends to be a Jewish government but it isn’t. It’s a Hellenistic government meaning that they are in their souls not Jews. They were born Jews to Jewish parents but they have souls of the Erev Rav and it doesn’t matter if those that sit in the Knesset are so-called Chilonim or Datiim or socalled Chareidim. They are Misyavnim-Hellenists no matter what. They are cooperating in the plan to turn all of the State of Israel and its Jewish population into total Hellenists in every sense of the word, trying to detach the Jewish Neshoma from its source of life, Chas Vesholom. But it won’t work. The Jews are very small in numbers especially after so many Yidden were murdered in Europe. However, Hakadosh Boruch Hu is going to send His Shaliach to destroy the world as we know it including the vast majority of the Goyim that throughout the generations have tried with the greatest ambition to succeed in eliminating every Jew on earth. These Goyim are born with a Jew hatred gene in their bodies. These people are now ruling the world and there are many Hellenistic Jews that have become part of this group who are now ruling over much of the world. However, as in the story of Chanukah this small group of Yidden are going to rise up against the idols, the false gods of this generation and rise up against the leaders that are directing the whole world into Avodah Zorah where everything that the Torah prohibits is allowed. Avodah Zora brings a person lower than an animal and easy to rule over. But there has already started to be a group of Tzaddikim who are loyal believers in Hakadosh Boruch Hu, The Hakol Yachol, and know that if they don’t do something now Hashem will let the Goyim destroy us, Chas Vesholom. But every Jew that says “stop” I am not going to an army that’s run by civil law, that condones terrible Aveiros and even encourages it. Besides the fact that according to the Torah a Yid was never allowed to form an official army in the State of Israel, it’s against Ratzon Hashem, but Hashem let them do it because as in the time of the Maccabim, we have to prove to Him before Moshiach is revealed that we are willing to give our lives to protect the Holy Torah and we will be willing to get lashes for it, to show Him that we are willing to sacrifice our Gashmiusdik life, to show the world that we are loyal only to Hashem Yisborach forever. 

The world as we know it is collapsing on every side. Those few Jews who stand against the ones who are trying to take away, some times by force and sometimes by persuasion, their eternal connection with Hashem, they will be the ones that will pave the way for Moshiach to be revealed. Many will join them in their holy endeavors but still we are a very tiny people in numbers and if we take out of our ranks also the Erev Rav and the Amalaikim and even the Edomim who have infiltrated over the years of the Gallus our population, then we are even smaller in numbers then the official count of the 15 million Jews in the world. So how can we fight the enormous population of the whole world which would like nothing better than to chew us up and spit us out?! Hashem is going to send heavenly bodies, something beyond man’s imagination and ability to defend himself against something that has visited our planet before and has destroyed most of it. This thing that is coming will be the punishment of the people of every country that have persecuted the Yidden, who have always been the servants of Hashem through all of history. Therefore, when all is said and done the earth will not be the earth as we know it today. The vast majority of the population of the world will be killed and as it is written in the Nevuas twothirds of the world will be destroyed. One part totally will be destroyed, one part will be very badly hurt and one part will be left without any major damage. Eretz Yisroel is in the part that will not be damaged. When in Shomayim Hashem sees, so-to-speak, that His Yidden have been willing to sacrifice themselves for their total love of Hakadosh Boruch Hu and His Torah, for their willingness to fight for His honor and to fight against those that want to destroy the next generation of Yidden completely, then in their Zechus Hashem will reveal Moshiach Tzidkainu. That’s all I can say about the future. However, it’s very soon and all of those brave Avreichim and Bochurim and their mothers and fathers and wives and children and their Rabbonim that encourage them to fight against the Avodah Zorah and the Egel Hazahav and the evil ones that are ruling, these brave young men and their families are the Maccabim of today. So Am Yisroel take heed, do not be afraid. Your schools have been invaded by foreign ideas that, Chas Vesholom, could destroy your children’s Yiddishkeit. There are schools that are supposedly Frum that are teaching from not Frum text books and teaching professions that can only bring to the down fall of Jewish Frum families, Chas Vesholom. These things are sanctioned by Rabbonim, however, the Rabbonim I am sure have good intentions and they believe all kinds of Askonim that hide from them what is really happening in the world of Jewish education or shall I call it “reeducation" meaning a program to twist the young people’s minds in the ways of the Reshoim. Save your children. Save their futures. Get rid of the materialistic toys like iPhones that take away your mind and open it up to all of the Schmutz of the world, all of the lies of the world. See what your children are learning in school. Be sure that nothing foreign has come into it and if you do find something have the courage to remove it. Don’t worry Hashem is the Hakol Yachol. Even though the Reshoim think they control most of the world and its armies and all of their fancy weapons of destruction they can’t win because the Hakol Yachol, Hakadosh Boruch Hu created them as well as all the world that exists and He has no problem to destroy it with them. Their weapons cannot stop Hakadosh Boruch Hu! He created everything! No one can harm Him in any way! The Reshoim of every generation didn’t learn the lesson of Nimrod and Migdal Bovel where they in their stupidity actually believed they could wage war against Hashem. 

Am Yisroel the Yom Hagadol Vihanorah is so close! Don’t lose your place in the world to come by joining the ranks of the doomed peoples of the world, the ones who still worship the Egel Hazahav. Come back now to Hashem. Stand up against all efforts by the Reshoim to pull you away from your Kedusha and your Emunah and Bitachon in Hakadosh Boruch Hu. Guard your children against any of the bad influences. Save their precious Neshomas and just remember whoever is with Hashem, Hashem will be with him forever.

II. This week war will come infinitely closer. At the moment the drums of war are not yet so clear to be heard, but very soon it will come upon us as a surprise, a very terrible surprise. For most people it will be a shock because even though the media has been talking about it they do it in such a way that people just don’t take it seriously. It doesn’t sound so serious on the radio or on the television. Therefore they tend to ignore it. However, anyone with any kind of eyesight or foresight can understand very clearly that the world as we know it is in for a terrible, terrible catastrophe. First of all, a terrible, horrible war that the movies have been readying us for in the last thirty years. At last science fiction will be coming true! It won’t be a movie. It will be real and the population of the earth won’t be actors and actresses but the victims of their own evil. It will start with a world war that was foretold also in the prophecies. 

The First World War that started officially in 1914, the Second World War that started officially between 1938 and 1939, and now we are going into the Third World War which was foretold by the Chofetz Chaim. The First World War was relatively primitive in weapons and in military abilities but twenty years after the First World War ended the countries of the world were much more advanced in their killing machines. Now we are coming to the Third World War where the weapons that man has invented can wipe out totally cities like New York which has between eight to ten million people living there. Cities like London, Paris Los Angeles or New Delhi etc. can be totally destroyed. The evil has spread so much around the world that there are very few people left that have not been twisted by it. Therefore, before the war or after the war or together with the war, I am not sure when, we are going to have a heavenly visitor in the shape of a mini solar system that Hashem is sending to destroy the evil. I know you don’t want to believe this but anyway its true and Hashem has sent this before also in the time of the Mabul. However, it’s an obvious messenger direct from Hakadosh Boruch Hu. No man, no human being can direct a mini solar system to the earth to punish and delete the evil because Hashem created everything. He also created this mini solar system specifically to do this job. 

I suggest very strongly to all true Jews, open up your Siddurim. Open up your Tehillim and start Davening. Don’t think that what I am saying isn’t true. Much of this is foretold in the Nevuas, the Zohar, and Tehillim and in many other Mekoros - sources. 

I am not trying to frighten you. If you’re a Yid who is trying to be close to Hashem and trying to do Teshuva for your Aveiros, you have nothing to fear. All the rest of the population the Erev Rav, the Amalaikim, the Edomim, the Yishmaelim and all the evil Goyim will also disappear. The Goyim that believe in Hashem, that know that there is one Creator of Everything, those Goyim will live also. They will be few in numbers. Am Yisroel, we were created by The Hakol Yachol to be His servants forever. We have to live up to that job that we are supposed to do. We are coming to the point where all of our Tikkunim will be finished and we will be able to reach the level that Hashem intended us to reach at this time of history just before we will be able to be Makriv Korbonos in the third Bais Hamikdosh. We still have a long way to go after that but it will be without evil. Therefore, it will be an almost totally spiritual experience which will fill us with love and loyalty to Hashem, with the desire only to serve Him in any way possible and this will be complete enjoyment for us. We will desire nothing but to be close to Hashem by serving Him. 

The words I, me and my won’t exist. Everyone will desire the good of his neighbor. It’s hard to describe how it will be to people who are still fighting with the Yetzer Hora but I can guarantee you it will be bliss. Prepare yourselves, the World War is coming soon. Eretz Yisroel will be the safest place to be throughout all the difficulties we are going to have to go through. Do not be afraid. Keep davening. Do the Mitzvos as best as you can and you will be saved from all the tribulations that are awaiting us. This is the generation of the Geula Sheleimah and I beg my brothers and sisters to realize always that we have been created specially to serve Hashem. Any Jew that does not believe this intuitively is not a Jew. We are at the end! We still have to suffer through many things but we can already start seeing clearly the light at the end of the tunnel.

16 November 2017

Parashat Toldot 5778

28 Marcheshvan 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parsha Summary by Rabbi Aron Tendler 

1st Aliya: Yitzchak is 40 years old (2088) when he marries Rivkah. After 20 years, Esav and Yakov are born. The Parsha jumps from their birth to Yakov’s purchase of the 1st born rights from Esav at the age of 15. (2123 – the day Avraham died)
2nd Aliya: The Parsha returns to the story of Yitzchak and Rivkah and the famine which forces them to settle among the Plishtim. Yitzchak, like his father before him, has a moral confrontation with Avimelech, after which his fields are uniquely prolific and financially successful.
3rd Aliya: Yitzchak’s financial success leads to jealousy with his Plishtim neighbors. He re-digs Avraham’s wells, resulting in a confrontation with the Plishtim over water rights. He moves back to Beer Sheva.
4th Aliya: Hashem (G-d), in a dream, confirms for Yitzchak the future of his children. Avimelech, the King of the Plishtim, and his General, Phicol, approach Yitzchak to make a peace treaty.
5th Aliya: The treaty between Yitzchak and the Plishtim is celebrated. The Parsha returns to the story of Yakov and Esav. Esav’s marriage to two Canaanite women at the age of 40 (2148) brings disappointment to Yitzchak and Rivkah. In 2171, when Yakov and Esav are 63 and Yitzchak is 123, Yitzchak blesses Yakov and Esav. The Parsha details the duplicity of Yakov and Rivkah in fooling Yitzchak.
6th Aliya: Yitzchak blesses Yakov with spiritual and material gain, after which Esav returns to discover Yakov’s plot. He receives his own blessing for material gain, and is determined to kill Yakov. Rivkah, fearful for Yakov’s life, convinces Yitzchak to send Yakov to her brother Lavan in search of a shiduch – a wife. Yitzchak confirms on Yakov the future of the Jewish nation before his departure to Lavan.
7th Aliya: Yakov departs for Padan Aram, and Esav marries the daughter of Yishmael. (his 1/2 1st cousin)

Teaching Redemption Teaching Truth: Parshas Toldos by Rabbi Aron Tendler

~ Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Tov ~

BT or FFB, Who Is Greater?

27 Marcheshvan 5778

Born religious (FFB) VS One who repents (BT) - Part 1

Born religious (FFB) VS One who repents (BT) - Part 2

13 November 2017

Balanced On A Razor's Edge?

25 Marcheshvan 5778

I find it odd that so many in Israel felt the earthquake that struck the border between Iran and Iraq. It was a big one and it was shallow, but that is hundreds of miles away. Apparently, it was felt over the entire Middle East region, although I did not feel it and I don't know anyone who did feel it. The news said many did.

Maybe this was just a foreshock of an even bigger 'quake to come...
Israel issues Syria warning after concern over Iran-backed forces
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu signalled Monday that Israel would take military action in Syria when it sees fit as it seeks to ensure Iran-backed forces stay away from its territory.
New Trump-Putin deal on Syria grants Iran/Hizballah free movement in Israeli, Jordanian border regions
...Our military sources report that, at this moment, elements of Iranian and Hizballah command posts – although not troops – have set up shop opposite the Israeli Golan at distances of 4km to 15km from the border, with no sign of preparations to pull up stakes and move out.
Islamic Jihad Leader Arrested in the Shomron
...There has been a war of words between Israel and the terrorist group, following Israel’s destruction of the Islamic Jihad’s terror tunnel in Gaza that extended across the border towards Kibbutz Kissufim, which killed a number of Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists.
Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai of COGAT posted a video in Arabic warning Islamic Jihad’s leaders in Syria, that Israel knows of their plans and intentions, and will respond to them forcefully as well as against Hamas, if any attack is carried out.
Islamic Jihad, on their part, has sent instructions to their followers to commit a major terrorist attack against Israel as soon as possible.
And most telling, from two hours ago...
Israel Raises Alert Level Fearing Islamic Jihad Retaliation for Gaza Tunnel Bombing; Anti-rocket Systems Deployed
...Anti-rocket Iron Dome batteries have been deployed in central Israel.
I think I'm beginning to feel the start of a tremor now. 

12 November 2017

This Is "A Big Deal"

23 Marcheshvan 5778

Understanding what just happened is key to understanding what is coming.

Tension mounts in Lebanon as Saudi Arabia escalates power struggle with Iran

I don't know how many of you know, but the 2002 "Road Map" (to Peace) that the "Quartet" sought to impose on Israel was conceived and presented to George Bush by Saudi Arabia. 

Pre-messianic light is revealing all the dark corners and all plotters against Israel are about to receive their rewards.

Watch and see if Trump's "Greatest Deal" isn't the very thing which brings us Mashiach!

Go, Donald!!

09 November 2017

"Et Ha'aretz HaZot"

21 Marcheshvan 5778
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Chayei Sarah
Abraham accepted Ephron’s terms. Abraham paid out to Ephron the money that he had named in the hearing of the Hittites—four hundred shekels of silver at the going merchants’ rate. So Ephron’s land in Machpelah, near Mamre—the field with its cave and all the trees anywhere within the confines of that field—passed to Abraham as his possession, in the presence of the Hittites, of all who entered the gate of his town.
And then Abraham buried his wife Sarah in the cave of the field of Machpelah, facing Mamre—now Hebron—in the land of Canaan. Thus the field with its cave passed from the Hittites to Abraham, as a burial site.
The whole world recognizes the document which is our title deed to this land. Whoever opposes it, opposes the Almighty Himself. Woe to that person, whoever he may be!

Trump’s mystery plan for Mideast peace

Israeli and Palestinian officials expect President Trump to unveil a Mideast peace proposal by early next year. What nobody knows yet is the shape it will take or if the proposal will be based on creating a Palestinian state, which has been U.S. policy for the last 20 years. In the meantime, the two sides are on their best behavior to avoid being singled out by Trump as an obstructionist party.

Sound smart: The U.S. "peace team" working on the issue is relatively small and very discreet — just five people, including senior adviser Jared Kushner and special envoy Jason Greenblatt. The entire process is being run out of the White House, with the State Department and other agencies providing advice and support. According to U.S. officials, Trump is the driving force on this issue and is personally involved. Israeli officials say they hear Trump is pushing his team to have a proposal soon.

In the last nine months Trump has met Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian President Abbas separately three times each to discuss his peace initiative. His special envoy Jason Greenblatt has been constantly shuttling between Jerusalem, Ramallah and Arab capitals. (Continued here.)

"Do Jews and Gentiles Unite in the End of Days?" - Final Part

20 Marcheshvan 5778

This is a very important series of shiurim. My most profound thanks and appreciation to Rav Yehudah HaCohen Richter for clarifying these matters for us. Yasher koach, Rav Richter!

Do Jews and Gentiles unite in the end of days? 

See also: "Taking It to the Streets"

08 November 2017

The Worst-Case Scenario

19 Marcheshvan 5778

It is a rare person who can accept reality the way it is rather than how he wishes it to be. Most people imagine a situation that will allow them to continue to do what they want to do rather then what they need to do. Not even the dire warnings of the prophets are of any benefit to them because they comfort themselves with the promise that "bad prophecies don't have to happen." But, bad prophecies do come true when we fail to do proper teshuvah and this is the reality part that no one wants to face.

We were told that redemption could come one of two ways - either ahead of schedule with majesty and ease or only at its appointed time with terrible catastrophes, pain and death. Teshuvah would be the determining factor.

Some people today speak of "delaying" redemption. I think that is a very misunderstood concept. Redemption has a final appointed time set for it beyond which it will not wait for those who are not yet ready, just like Shabbat. We can delay its early onset, but once the sun has set, that's it. In the same way, when our Sages speak of "delaying the redemption," I think they must be referring to the aspect of bringing it earlier through our merit, delaying it until it comes of its own accord - "in its time."

Once we reach that point, a certain scenario is locked in - one that we can no longer change. I believe that we have reached that point.

Yesterday, I referred to the confrontation between Edom and Paras - the United States and Iran. Yes, the Sages disputed who would prevail in that confrontation at the End of Days. In their time, it was still yet to be determined which reality of redemption we would be locked into. In my considered opinion, that is no longer the case, which is why I predict that the United States will lose.

You see, key to bringing the redemption early was the mass immigration of Jews to Eretz Yisrael once the doors were thrown wide open, particularly the majority community in the United States. Had that happened, the loss of all that kedushah would have weakened the US (and strengthened Israel) so that it could not have prevented Israel from playing a major role in Iran's defeat. The US will lose and it will be the Jews' fault. And the consequences will be devastating, just like it was for the Jews who did not want to leave Mitzrayim.

This is the hard reality that few are willing to face. People don't understand why I harp on the United States when bad things are going on all over the world. How are they any worse than anyone else? The United States is self-admittedly the leading power in the world and the main exporter of western culture to the rest of the world - a culture that is diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Torah. Modern "Democracy" with all its "freedoms" started there on the 17th of Tamuz with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. All of the ills of Europe were transferred there (along with many former Nazis) at the end of WWII. There is not space in a blog post to list all the ills of the world for which the United States is personally accountable.

I fully expect my words to mostly fall on deaf ears because who wants to believe bad news? But, if you just turn around and look back along the path we have already trod, you will see that we never did take the easy way out. Because of our stiff necks, we specialize in worst-case scenarios. Why should we expect this time to be any different?

07 November 2017

Predicting the Future

19 Marcheshvan 5778

Our Sages said that at the End of Days even a child would be able to see what's coming. In my humble opinion, two things are a given:

I. The US and Iran are going to war and the US is going to lose. 

Add to that...

   A. The legacy of Madoff making off with millions;
   B. Weinstein and Weiner's hi-profile moral bankruptcy;
   C. Publicity of twelve members of the frum community bilking welfare for millions;   
   D. A perceived invasion of traditionally non-Jewish neighborhoods by frum Jews outgrowing their own areas;
   E. Traditional perception of corrupt Jewish Hollywood, Jewish Wall St. (Bankers), and Jewish Media;
   F. So many hi-profile Jewish names in the Administration and the perception that the US is acting on behalf of Israel's interests in the matter of Iran (this will be the final straw)....

And you've got a perfect storm for the unimaginable outburst of antisemitism that rabbis have been predicting for the USA in the near future. It's going to come. There is no way to avoid it. 

VIDEO 1 - [Except for their failure to correctly judge Iran's culpability, the makers of this video do highlight some very important facts and conclusions.]

II. A solar "killshot" is going to take out the global grid.

Technology is the religion of those who worship man. This religion has spread all over the world. Each person's handheld device is his own personal altar. It's not new. It is a repeat of the Tower of Bavel. And HKB"H will step in and stop its progress the same way He did then - disruption of communication. The best way to do that is with a global EMP by solar flare or CME. We'd better hope it's true because otherwise we will be lost in the new world created in man's image. Hashem yerachem!

VIDEO 2 - [This is not hype. I wish it were.]

06 November 2017

In Memory Of A Tzadik

18 Marcheshvan 5778

Rabbi Meir David Kahane, ztz"l, may God avenge his blood: (Aug. 1, 1932 - Nov. 5, 1990)

RARE- Rabbi Meir Kahane's HY"D ORIGINAL last speech "JEW, LEAVE THE EXILE" at Z.E.E.R.O Conference, Halloran House, NY 11/5/90 ...moments before he was assassinated...

Are We Already Living in Messianic Times?

17 Marcheshvan 5778

It sounds like a no-brainer, right? I mean, the Christians have been telling us for 2000 years that the messiah already came and we've always answered them that it was not possible since none of the signs of his coming have materialized. Most notably, the Jews are dispersed worldwide and the Temple lies in ruins, the nations of the world have beaten every plowshare into a weapon and humanity is further from the universal recognition of One God than ever.

Suddenly, we've got Jews sounding just like the Christians telling us that we are already living in Messianic times and that, as a consequence, new rules apply. Can this be compared to a "new covenant"? Is this the second coming of Christianity???

If you look at any of the Jews involved with groups of gentiles today and especially the ones who have made themselves instrumental in forging relationships between Jews and gentiles today, you will find that in each case they explain their actions using this flawed logic.

And like their Christian friends, they take prophecies out of context and point to their "fulfillment" as proof that we are already in a new messianic era which allows or even requires the setting aside of accepted halachah.

In other words, Mashiach (Moshe) has not appeared when we thought he was supposed to so it is now up to us to build a new Golden Calf to lead us.

(See: Is Mashiach Coming or Isn't He?)

Just like this test could only come right before Moshe's arrival back from Har Sinai, so too this current test tells us that we are right before the revelation of Mashiach Tzidkeinu. Be very careful not to fall for this trick of the Satan a second time. This is the only make-up test we're going to get. Don't blow it!

01 November 2017

"Remember, Remember the 4th of November"

12 Marcheshvan 5778

According to my wall calendar, today is Yom Hazikaron l'Yitzchak Rabin - a day to remember a Prime Minister who became a "sacrifice for peace" on November 4, 1995. But, that's not what this phrase refers to -"Remember, remember the 4th of November."

Actually, that is a misquote. The correct version is "Remember, remember the 5th of November." It comes from a rhyme that is chanted on Guy Fawkes Day in England. Guy Fawkes was part of a conspiracy to assassinate King James I and blow up Parliament on that day in 1605 in a bid to restore a Catholic to the throne. He and his co-conspirators did not recognize the legitimacy of the ruling regime.

This is alluded to in the futuristic movie "V for Vendetta."

The film is set in an alternative future where a neo-fascist regime has subjugated the United Kingdom. ...V for Vendetta has been seen by many political groups as an allegory of oppression by government; libertarians and anarchists have used it to promote their beliefs. David Lloyd stated: "The Guy Fawkes mask has now become a common brand and a convenient placard to use in protest against tyranny.... 
This plays right into Antifa's vision of itself as a protest movement against fascism and a liberation movement from what they perceive to be an illegal regime. Antifa has declared a "Day of Rage" for November the 4th.

Click for link to page.
On top of that, the US government is planning to run an EMP drill between November 4th and November 6th.
DoD Plans Solar-Storm-Based National Blackout Drill During Antifa Protests In November
...US Department of Defense (DOD) will simulate a “communications interoperability” training exercise across the United States on November 04-06. The announcement released on October 24 has not been widely distributed to the media, because the drill is simulating a total grid collapse and could spark public fear.
This drill is predicated upon an EMP resulting from a solar coronal mass ejection (CME) and not an atmospherically-detonated nuke from North Korea or Iran.

Just last week we read about how God destroyed the world with water and there is a tradition that in the future it will be destroyed by fire. And this Shabbat, which just happens to be the 4th of November, we read about some cities which, 4000 years later, still represent in global consciousness the epitome of wickedness - Sodom and Gomorrah - and how they were destroyed by fire and brimstone that rained from Heaven.

This drill covers the time period between the 15th of Cheshvan, the full moon, and the 17th, which is the anniversary of the global destruction we know simply as the Mabul - the Great Flood.

What will be? What will be? Heads up!

For further fascinating reading, see this Aish article: Biblical Archeology: Sodom and Gomorrah