28 February 2022


28 Adar Aleph 5782

In case we needed reminding - everything is about the Jews.  Whether they want to kill us or assimilate us out of existence, the nations of the world have one common obsession - destroy the Jews.  Of all the plans throughout the ages, the Holocaust was genius.  It's the 'gift' that just keeps giving.

First, it outright murdered 1/3 of world Jewry, but then afterwards, it continued to be used against us in other ways...

  • Hitler's definition is the one the Zionist government uses to determine who is a Jew, which allows our nation to be infiltrated and influenced by hordes of non-Jews.
  • Our nation is compelled by humanitarian demands to accept refugees from among the nations, since we know what it was to be refugees, further watering down our numbers and our strength.
  • When we attempt to fight the Arab enemy, we are called "Nazis," doing to the 'innocent' Arabs what was done to our own innocents.
That's what Lapid is referring to when he talks today about "being on the right side of history."

Israel is clobbered in the self-righteous UN which holds up the mirror of the Holocaust and says to us, "Look what you have become.  Aren't you ashamed?  How could you?"  Already, evil is calling attention to us and drawing equivalency between what Putin is doing in Ukraine and what Israel does in 'Palestine' or in Syria (take your pick).

Everything is about the Jews.  Don't you know that?  If you didn't, here is a reminder...

And what about Israel being dragged into the spotlight with Bennett prevailed upon to arrange peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.  What???!!!!

Since Abraham's legacy fell to the sons of Ya'aqov - Bnei Yisrael - everything, but everything has been about the Jews!!  And so it remains to this day.  Best we not forget that.  We are wed to the Master of the Universe and our loyalty and allegiance is to HIM ALONE!!

If you want to survive all this, you have to stop playing their game - STOP TAKING SIDES - even when it might seem to be the moral thing to do.  We are not called to be philosophers.  We don't decide what is moral and what's not.  We are servants of HKB"H and so we just obey our Torah and mitzvot without questions or calculations.  "He who is merciful to the cruel will be cruel to the merciful."  That's Torah!  That's Judaism!

The nerve of this silly little dancing Erev Rav.  What does he know about being a Jew?!

Says the President of Ukraine whose primary interest is the welfare of the Ukrainian people, not JEWS!!  This is precisely why he was chosen for this part, so his Jewishness, such as it is, could be used as a weapon against us.  Cursed be the day his mother gave birth to him.

I warned people that choosing Trump over Hillary was just an illusion as there really is no choice - they are working for the same people at the top and the end result is the same - not good for the Jews.  The choice between the greater and lesser of two evils is still E-V-I-L!

I warned people about choosing between the pro-vaccines and anti-vaccines camps.  Even though I was against taking the mRNA vaccines, I saw that bringing Jews into the global fight against it alongside the non-Jews was not good - and even possibly dangerous - for the Jews.

Now, here we are yet again with another opportunity presented by the globalists whereby we must choose a side - who is the real 'devil' here - Putin or Zelensky?  Inasmuch as they each represent an aspect of Eisav, we have no basis upon which to align ourselves with either of them.  Israel is a nation that was meant to dwell alone.  The whole world must understand that we have One Ally only - one relationship only - and that is HKB"H!!  

But before the nations can understand that, the Jews must first understand it.  What is it going to take anyway?!  Hashem yerachem!


27 Adar Aleph 5782

The globalists' game is to play both sides and keep the 99% believing that one side is good and the opposing side is evil so they can play them off against each other and thereby manipulate people's thoughts, emotions, actions and conclusions.  They are doing a bang-up job of it, too.

But, now that the geulah is arriving, the light is spreading and it is getting harder and harder for them to hide in the shadows.  A lot of people are catching on to their schemes.  The most intriguing question to me is do the recruits who end up being 'sacrificed' for the cause (like Hitler, y"sh or Putin, or even Hillary Clinton, etc.), do they know in advance or are they kept in the dark about the real plan and only discover the truth after it's too late.  I tend to think that each side is told the win is in the bag, so that the scenario will play out more realistically.  Then the loser discovers the double-cross.  Putin has been played.  But, will he go quietly when they are done with him?  

Why do the globalists want a world war right now?  At the end of each world war, they make another advance towards world domination.

  • World War I   - The League of Nations
  • World War II  - The United Nations
  • World War III - The UN 2.0

The seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations (and the UN75 Declaration to be adopted by Member States) offers a unique opportunity to rethink how global affairs are managed, as the world recovers from the pandemic and its attendant financial, economic, and social consequences. As world leaders and global civil society together pursue the inextricably linked issues of “reform and recovery,” their interplay can generate political momentum for overhauling global governance on, heretofore, difficult and contested issues and renew a greater sense of shared global responsibility.

...In the midst of a past period of global turmoil— the Second World War, on the heels of the 1930s Great Depression—leaders from the Republic of China, the Soviet Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom gathered, in 1944, at Dumbarton Oaks in Washington, D.C., to con­sider a new postwar international architecture to succeed the failed League of Nations. Six months later, a gathering of delegates from fifty nations convened in San Francisco to negotiate over two months and then sign, on June 26, the Charter of the United Nations.

This September, world leaders will mark the UN’s seventy-fifth anniversary. On this occa­sion, they will endorse, through the adoption of a Declaration, a renewed vision for collective global action and a set of commitments to re­spond to the pandemic, climate change, extreme poverty, armed conflict, disruptive technologies, and other global challenges. Can UN75 be an in­flexion point like Dumbarton Oaks, and catalyze a broader global conversation toward a new “San Francisco Moment” for a more inclusive, just, and effective global governance system? [See further here and here]
Third time is the charm, right?  A UN with teeth.  A UN that has the power to enforce its will on humanity.  We had a glimpse of the world they envision for the 99% during the worst parts of the COVID plandemic.  The world population has been softened up but there are still too many holdouts.  [Ukraine's vaccination rate is relatively low at 35.7%.]  Their greatest weapon - fear of COVID - has lost its power now, so a new and greater fear must be invoked.  Nuclear war?  Will they go so far as to detonate one (or a few) in order to make the threat real enough?  They might.  Anything is possible as there is no one more insane than a globalist who believes he can fight God and win!  But then again, HKB"H has His own plan.
Rabbi Yitzchak said: "In the year that the Messiah will be revealed, all of the leaders of the nations will provoke each other.

"The king of Persia will provoke the king of Arabia, and the king of Arabia will go to Edom to receive advice from them.

"And the king of Persia will go and destroy the entire world, and all the nations of the world will shake and panic and fall on their faces and feel contractions like those of giving birth, and Israel will shake and panic and ask: 'Where will we go?'

"And (God) will say to them, ‘My children, do not fear, because everything I did, I did for you. Why are you afraid? Don’t be afraid. The time has come for your redemption’.”  (Source of this translation unknown.)



27 February 2022


26 Adar Aleph 5782

Usually, when we refer to the "theater of war"  it is a reference to "the entire land, sea, and air area that is or may become involved directly in war operations."  

In our circumstances, I am referring to the literal theater, i.e. the media.  Today's "theater of war" has become the television, live-streams on the computer or smart phone, and all forms of social media.  And theater it is - everyone is playing his assigned part...

We know this is a 'Great Western' production because you have 'pure goodness' and 'pure evil' faced off against each other.  Woe to anyone who chooses the wrong side!  In truth, however, these two are cut from the same cloth and one of them was literally an actor playing this part before he was elected to office!

People will die and infrastructure will be destroyed.  Refugees will be uprooted and businesses will flounder and fail, but the main characters are all on the same side and they will win either way.  Or so they imagine.

This looks to me like the next phase of the globalists' plan for world domination.  I am beginning to think that the plandemic was just to soften us up.  WW3, if this really is it, will likely be the instrument for the Great Reset - economic enslavement and yet millions more people dead.   Remember, war is big business (and so was the plandemic) and it also brings about global societal changes in record time.  The same group instigated WW1 and WW2.  The fact that it is planned and coordinated by an overlord cabal does not make it any less real to the people at the bottom of the food chain - the cannon fodder.  

We can't possibly determine from what we see in the media coverage what the true situation is, so the only thing that really should matter to Hashem's children is that this is the major indicator of the nearness of Mashiach and the Geulah ShlaimahMashiach is the only one who can defeat the Globalists and at the end of this war - if it really does turn into WW3 (and why shouldn't it, it's clearly part of the plan after all) - there WILL be a whole New World Order, but a world of righteousness without any evil at all.

26 February 2022


26 Adar Aleph 5782

(See HERE first.)
Despite US request Israel refrains from co-sponsoring UNSC resolution against Russia

Readers might find this historical record interesting.  Amazing!  More Ukraine...


It's also noteworthy that this was in 2014 - also when Russia took Crimea - also a shmittah year, in fact, the last one.  It was also when the boys were kidnapped and we had the last war with Hamas.

25 February 2022


24 Adar Aleph 5782
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayakhel, Mevorchim, Sheqalim   

I had not intended to post anything else prior to Shabbat, but due to a new development, it feels urgent to get this out.

I don't know how many of you are aware of the tug-of-war Israel is in right now, since Russia's invasion of Ukraine.  
U.S. Officials Angry: Israel Doesn’t Back Stance on Russia

White House and State Department officials in Washington have built up a great deal of anger over Jerusalem's "neutrality" regarding Russia's invasion of the Crimean Peninsula. Senior figures in the Obama administration have expressed great disappointment with the lack of support from Israel for the American position on the Ukraine crisis and with the fact that the Israeli government puts its relations with the United States and with Russia on the same plane. (Source)
Wait, that's from eight years ago when Russia invaded Crimea. But, we know that many of the same players are in the current Biden administration. Would it really be any different today?
Israel Offers Soft Response to Putin's Ukraine Invasion. Does Biden Care?

WASHINGTON – Israel’s first official response Wednesday to Russia’s actions in Ukraine caught the attention of many for its seemingly tepid condemnation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and failure to even mention Russia by name. (Source)
When the full invasion came, the Foreign Minister did what was expected...
Lapid condemns ‘Russian attack on Ukraine,’

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid condemns the “Russian attack on Ukraine” in Israel’s first public criticism of Moscow during this conflict. He adds that Israel has good relations with both Ukraine and Russia.

Going further than a Foreign Ministry statement yesterday, Lapid says “the Russian attack on Ukraine is a serious violation of the international order. Israel condemns that attack, and is ready and prepared to offer humanitarian assistance to Ukrainian citizens.”

Israel did not notify Russia ahead of the condemnation, The Times of Israel has learned. (Source)

It didn't take long for Russia to sit up and take notice and exact punishment... 

Russia Slams Israeli 'Occupation' of Golan Heights After Jerusalem Supports Ukraine

Russia condemned the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights on Wednesday and said it does not recognize Israel's sovereignty in the region.

The statement, issued before Russia's all-out assault on Ukraine, followed Israel's first official statement of support for Ukraine in the unfolding crisis and appeared to be a Russian message to Israel. (Source)
Then, as if in understanding of our untenable position in this matter...
Russia to ‘contain’ Israel’s condemnation of Ukraine invasion – report

Russia tells Israel it is going “to contain” Jerusalem’s condemnation of the invasion of Ukraine, and not create tensions or retaliate over it, two officials tell the Walla news site.

One source says Foreign Ministry Director-General Alon Ushpiz updated participants of a meeting of top Israeli officials that “moderate messages from the Russians were received, and that the Russians think there were countries that condemned them much more harshly than Israel.”

Israel had so far been careful in its comments on the conflict and has avoided criticizing Moscow publicly. This is believed to be at least partly due to its need to work with the Russian military presence in neighboring Syria. (Source)

Israel seeks 'delicate balance' in Ukraine crisis

With Russian forces in neighbouring Syria, Washington its unswerving ally and about a million citizens with ties to the former Soviet Union, Israel is seeking a delicate balance in the Ukraine crisis.
Now this...
U.N. Security Council to vote Friday on condemning Russia

UNITED NATIONS, Feb 24 (Reuters) - The United Nations Security Council will vote on Friday on a draft resolution that would condemn Russia for invading Ukraine and require Moscow to immediately and unconditionally withdraw, but the measure is set to fail because Moscow can cast a veto. (Source)
Even knowing that, our so-called "good friends" and "best ally" are, according to an unconfirmed report, "ordering" us to stick our neck out even further and vote their way. However, the JPost here uses more diplomatic language.
US asked Israel to support UNSC condemnation of Russia - report

The United States has asked Israel to support a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to a report on Army Radio.

The UNSC is scheduled to debate such condemnation in New York on Friday. It's expected that Russia, one of five countries with UNSC veto power, would use that power to prevent such a vote.

The 15-member body, however, is expected to debate such a condemnation. The United States often uses its veto power to protect Israel from UNSC condemnations.

Israel is not a UNSC member, but as a UN member, it has the right to sign its name to UNSC statements or resolutions. (Source)
Will Russia be so forgiving the second time?  Do we really need to ask?

But, it's all good news. It's part of the redemptive process that will soon see us standing all alone with no one to help us except HKB"H. Ayn od milevado!!


"When Russian Ships Cross the Dardanelles..."

24 Adar Aleph 5782
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayakhel, 
Mevorchim, Sheqalim  

24 February 2022


23 Adar Aleph 5782



  (See here for constant live coverage)


6:00 AM...


6:17 AM...

7:08 AM : AIR RAID SIRENS IN KYIV - explosions heard
12:40 PM...

While Agenda-Free TV is on a break...

23 February 2022

All Is Not Quiet On The Eastern Front

23 Adar Aleph 5782


Is Gas Really at the Heart of Everything?

22 Adar Aleph 5782

Some readers are new to the blog and long-time readers may have forgotten, so I am going to bring forward some information that I published a few years ago.  

In a nutshell, it explains how the situation of natural gas supply between Russia and the EU brought about the war in Syria.  Russia has had a monopoly on the supply of natural gas to the EU countries and could basically charge whatever the market would bear and also use supply disruption as a threat if the need should arise.  

From a November 2009 European Parliament Policy Paper entitled...

From Section 6.2 Russia as a Supplier, Experiences and Risks on Supply and Transit Routes

"The European Union as the major consumer and Russia as the major supplier are extremely interdependent in terms of their energy policies. ...The transportation infrastructure, including oil and gas pipelines, plays a vital role in this relationship of interdependence. 

The existing and projected routes are, however, subject to a great deal of political and economic power play, which potentially undermines or endangers their efficiency.

Along with the Russian-Ukrainian dispute during the winter months of 2006 and 2008, the EU is becoming increasingly worried about the stability of oil and gas exports from RussiaThere has been a growing concern that Russia is becoming an unreliable supplier or is using its dominant position to promote its political aims. As a reaction, the EU has begun to eagerly promote the need for energy diversification aiming to improve the overall energy security level within the EU borders." 

The EU wanted to end that monopoly and other markets were eager to sign on, including US-backed interests.  Syria became the nexus for plans to add additional pipelines to Europe.

The West instigated the "civil war" in Syria in order to topple Assad, who was firmly on Russia's side, and put in power someone more amenable to allowing a US-backed pipeline to run through Syria.  But Assad invited in the Russian military to help keep him in power...until today!

"Major Rob Taylor, an instructor at the US Army’s Command and General Staff College wrote in the Armed Forces Journal last year [2014] that the rival pipelines could be influencing the conflict in Syria.

“Viewed through a geopolitical and economic lens, the conflict in Syria is not a civil war, but the result of larger international players positioning themselves on the geopolitical chessboard in preparation for the opening of the pipeline,” he noted.
For further consideration, see this November 13, 2021 article,  Putin Recalls How Ukraine Cut Off Gas Supplies to EU in 2008 Over Price Row; and, this article from March 26, 2018, Can The U.S. Break Russia’s Gas Monopoly In Europe?, in which it says...
In a statement that is sure to provoke Russian backlash, while also sending a strong message to both Moscow and European energy markets, Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Rick Perry said on Thursday before the Senate Armed Services committee that moving U.S. energy supplies into Eastern Europe is one of the more powerful ways to contain Russian influence.
Is maintaining this gas monopoly still the major driving force behind Russia's military decisions?  The question makes Germany's reaction to the current Russian adventure in Ukraine more than a bit interesting.

Germany has put a stop to a key Russian gas pipeline following Vladimir Putin's orders to send troops into Ukraine.

On Monday the Russian president recognised two breakaway Ukrainian regions as independent states and ordered Russian troops to deploy to both.

Western nations largely see the action as a pretext for a wider invasion.

In response, Germany halted approval of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and other Western nations issued sanctions.

Sanctions can take various forms - the term can refer to many actions used by one country to harm another, usually to deter aggressive actions or breaches of international law.

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been supported by Germany despite opposition from countries such as the US, UK, Poland and Ukraine. It cost €10bn (£8.4bn), with the funding split between Russian and Western energy companies.

But following Mr Putin's order to send troops to the rebel-held Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk, Germany announced it was suspending the process of giving the pipeline between it and Russia an operating licence - effectively stopping the project until further notice.   

The US and UK, along with Russia's neighbours Poland and Ukraine, strongly oppose Nord Stream 2.

They fear that if were to start operating, it would give Russia even more of a stranglehold over gas supplies to Europe.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has called Nord Stream 2 "a dangerous political weapon".

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Europe needs to "snip the drip feed into our bloodstream from Nord Stream".

...Russia is keen to boost supplies of gas to Europe from its vast fields in the west of the country.

It wants an undersea pipeline to Europe, rather than relying on its land-based pipelines which go through Poland and Ukraine. These pipeline networks are aging and inefficient. Besides this, Poland and Ukraine charge high transit fees. [Which they will lose if the undersea pipeline goes live.]

Before the Ukraine crisis, Mr. Scholz's predecessor Angela Merkel did a lot to try and push through Nord Stream 2.

Germany already imports 35% of the gas it needs from Russia and she thought Nord Stream 2 would be a way of getting much more Russian gas delivered directly to Germany.

If this gas supply issue between the EU and Russia really is at the heart of everything, that means that territorial expansion isn't and that means that this conflict could very easily break out somewhere else beyond Ukraine.


Three Russian guided-missile cruisers have been arrayed across the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea to counter three NATO carrier strike groups, causing concern in the Pentagon, a U.S. defense official told USNI News on Tuesday.

...As the Russians have massed naval assets in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, the U.S. has surged additional guided-missile cruiser and destroyers to U.S. 6th Fleet. As of Tuesday, the U.S. has about a dozen guided-missile warships operating in the region, USNI News understands.

...“Throughout their deployment, they will participate in a range of maritime activities in support of the U.S. 6th Fleet and our NATO allies,” the Navy told USNI News.
In light of this, I can't help thinking about Dr. David Golander's 1989 "Warning!"...
Israel will have war with seven western nations and Russia. The United States will abandon us, as they did Vietnam and Lebanon. The war will begin with a gas attack; every event in the Land will be tied to gas. There will be a lot of it. This is the sign.

This puts a different spin on things, doesn't it?  It sounds like it's talking about Sarin or something, God forbid!, but what if that's a misunderstanding on his part.  It certainly can't be insignificant that Israel has now become endowed with gas reserves of her own.

Even more natural gas has been found off Israel’s coastline, which may help shift the global energy paradigm. Greek oil and gas developer Energean has discovered what it says is between 28-42 billion cubic meters of natural gas, all on top of the 67 billion cubic meters that it has already located.

The discovery comes atop earlier ones a decade ago that are getting tapped and will be eventually distributed to former adversaries of Israel: Jordan and Egypt. And there are also plans to sell the natural gas to Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. Indeed, if Israel blossoms into a regional energy powerhouse, it could have profound implications for geopolitics — and possibly extend as far as East as Iraq.

In a first, Israel has signed an agreement to supply natural gas to Lebanon, Channel 12 news reports.

The network says the deal was brokered by US envoy Amos Hochstein and secretly signed this weekend. It will see Israel transfer gas from the Leviathan field to Jordan, from where it will be sent on to Lebanon by way of Syria.

The agreement was approved by the United States and was also coordinated with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the report.

It says the deal was partly designed to provide Lebanon an alternative to Iran as it seeks to recover from a deep economic crisis.
Israel is walking a tightrope.  And how does Iran figure into all of this, because you know it does.  We may have to wait and see.

21 February 2022

The Invasion Has Begun...

21 Adar Aleph 5782 

The latest...



~ ~ ~

Russia-Ukraine crisis updates: Putin to recognise Ukraine rebels as independent, says Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin will recognise the independence of eastern Ukraine's separatist republics, the Kremlin said in a statement Monday, adding that he had informed the French and German leaders of his decision.

"In the near future, the president plans to sign the order," the Kremlin said. It added that French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had "expressed disappointment" over the decision in phone calls with Putin.

"All of Our Enemies Return at the End of Days" : Part 2

21 Adar Aleph 5782 

(Part 1

Talking about past enemies reincarnating in leaders of their respective countries today, not so long ago we had Machmoud Achmedinejad pegged as Haman HaRasha since at the time, he was President of Iran and physically resembled descriptions of Haman (and Hitler, y"sh).  

While he is no longer the president of Iran, he has never stopped being politically active or stopped trying to regain his former position.  I thought it would be worthwhile to look him up and see what he has been up to lately.  Imagine my surprise to read the following from three weeks ago (Shabbat) just three days before Rosh Chodesh Adar Aleph.

In a speech to supporters in Tehran Thursday, Ahmadinejad warned of a "danger of invasion and war" after a "dirty deal" between the two world powers. "I have accurate knowledge that Russia and the US have traded Iran and Ukraine,” he said. “The US will allow Russia to invade Ukraine…allowing the US to move onto Iran.”

"Who has allowed you to make secret deals behind the scenes over Iran?" he asked the world powers Washington and Moscow. "You shouldn't be under the illusion that all Iranians are simpletons like a number of officials that you have met” – possibly referring to President Ebrahim Raisi (Raeesi), recently in Moscow, or Iranian diplomats in the Vienna nuclear talks.

...Ahmadinejad, who left office in 2013 and was not cleared to run in the 2017 and 2021 presidential elections, has become a strident critic of foreign policy, with comments laced with allegations of conspiracies.
Well, who knows more about conspiracies than Haman HaRasha!

"All of Our Enemies Return at the End of Days" : Part 1

20 Adar Aleph 5782 

I heard a shiur recently in which the rabbi brought up this saying of our Sages, but with an additional detail I had not heard before.  He said that these past evil leaders would arise out of the countries they had previously ruled.  That makes sense in light of the fact that Saddam Hussein claimed to be the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar and Iraq is ancient Babylon.

This brings me to an interesting observation someone close to me said this morning - that Vladimir Putin may be the reincarnation of Czar Nicholas II.  All of the documentaries I've seen about Putin emphasize his desire and intention to renew the Russian Empire.  Czar Nicholas II's most significant achievement (if one can call it that) was to lose the Empire and most interesting of all, is when that happened. 

"On 15 March 1917 (according to the western calendar) Tsar Nicholas II abdicated from the Russian throne. This brought to an end the Romanov dynasty that had ruled Russia for over three hundred years."

The Hebrew date just happened to be 21 Adar 5677.   It was also March/Adar when Putin invaded Crimea.  The connection to the last Czar could explain why this time of year figures so large in Putin's life too.

20 February 2022

The UK Is Being Pummeled

19 Adar Aleph 5782 

Hundreds of trees were uprooted, containers in ports flipped, at least 12 fatalities, and multiple injured residents. That’s the toll of a historic Storm Eunice, the strongest Atlantic cyclone in decades that brought destructive havoc to western Europe on Friday. It will last days to recover, but the weather gives no rest for the region. Yet another, potentially violent windstorm Frankin is expected to blast across Ireland and UK on Sunday night, with hurricane-force winds expected again. Then, a new bomb cyclone follows it on Monday as Polar Vortex above us is unusually intense this winter.



Here is some interesting Spaceweather news...
The Sun Has Erupted Non-Stop All Month, And There Are More Giant Flares Coming

19 February 2022

It's All Tied Up With Iran

19 Adar Aleph 5782
Shavua tov! 

UPDATE Analysis / Iran-Israel Conflict Enters Dangerous Phase

...the dangerous situation developing in the region is also linked to the growing global disorder. With the US in retreat and international attention focused on the Ukraine crisis, the Middle East may soon enter a more violent period.

There is no longer any question of whether Russia will invade Ukraine.  The question is "when" and the consensus seems to indicate after the closing of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, just hours away now.

Putin’s plan
by Thomas C. Theiner

The most important question for Israelis is - What will Iran choose to do while the US and Europe are preoccupied with Russia/Ukraine?    

Is it conceivable that Iran and Russia have made a deal that would divide the attention and any western response between them?  

Russia, Iran note progress in reviving Iranian nuclear deal

A smoke screen for something else?

What next for Iran and Russia ties after Raisi-Putin meeting?
We have to be prepared for anything.
How the Ukraine situation could impact Israel’s strategies for Syria and Iran

Could Ukraine crisis lead to new world order that impacts Israel? - analysis

For Russia and Iran, the Ukraine Crisis Is Already a Success. For Israel, It’s Bad News
And don't discount the very likely possibility that the "Aryans"/Iranians are really Amalek!

(See here and here for review.)

18 February 2022

If Iran Is Threatening, It Must Be Adar

17 Adar Aleph 5782
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Ki Tisa

BREAKING NEWS [Approx. Noon IST] ...


Israel: 4 earthquakes in one month spooks municipalities

These are all warnings. The ground is literally shaking under our feet. Time is running out. 

Teshuvah! Teshuvah!! Teshuvah!!!

Wishing Klal Yisrael a quiet and peaceful Shabbat.


17 Adar Aleph 5782
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Ki Tisa

[REPOSTING from 13 Adar Aleph 5771]

Because in a non-leap year, Parshat Ki Tisa is also Parshat Parah, we do not usually read the haftarah designated for Ki Tisa.  But, this year, we do.  And what is the subject?  Eliyahu HaNavi and the incident with the prophets of Ba'al on Mt Carmel.

...According to Rabbi Sitorsky: "Purim Katan has within it the kedusha and aura of Purim.  Whatever Purim stands for, so does Purim Katan."

Among other things, this parshah deals with The Golden Calf Affair.  What is the connection between all these things?  Teshuvah!

Rabbi Sitorsky says that this is the parshah of teshuvah, when "teshuvah becomes a reality." He says that Adar and Elul are sister months.  Adar is to Nisan what Elul is to Tishrei and Yom HaKippurim is the day that is k'purim---like Purim.

After the cheit ha'eigel, we see Moshe Rabbeinu adjuring the Children of Israel: "Mi l'Hashem elai!"  Whoever is for Hashem, come to me!

Upon Mt CarmelEliyahu HaNavi adjures the Children of Israel to stop hopping between two opposing ideas, "If Hashem is G-d, go after Him, if Ba'al is god, then go after him."  But, basically, make up your minds already!

The crux of the matter is this: YOU HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE!  Hashem told us He is a jealous G-d.  He will not share our loyalty with any other.

The Jews' attendance at Achashverosh's banquet was a supreme act of disloyalty to Hashem, just like the cheit ha'eigel was.  In the midbarHashem was ready to wipe out Bnei Yisrael---men, women and children---and start over again with Moshe Rabbeinu's progeny, but Moshe Rabbeinu stood in the gap for us.  In ShushanHashem allowed Haman, y"sh to issue a decree to wipe out Bnei Yisrael---men women and children---until Esther HaMalka stood in the gap for us.

In all cases, it was our teshuvah which saved us in the end and it's no different today.  The same choice stands before us.  Each of us must examine himself honestly and truthfully to ascertain whether there is anything---anything at all---that comes first in our lives before Hashem Yitbarach.

There is still time to do teshuvah, but nobody knows when he will breathe his last breath in this world and then it will be too late.

17 February 2022

Here We Go...

 16 Adar Aleph 5782

(See below for updates)

As per historical precedent, Russian citizens in Ukraine are "under threat."  Now, Putin to the rescue and he has his credible excuse to invade.

AT 9:52 AM IST...

US accuses Moscow of creating Ukraine invasion pretext with 'genocide' claims

Afternoon update [4:53 PM IST]...

Interesting sidenote:  VP Harris, Speaker Pelosi, SoS Blinken, SoD Austin,  the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th in the line of succession of the Presidency, are all currently outside of the United States.

16 February 2022

Russia/Ukraine Update

15 Adar Aleph 5782
Happy Shushan Purim Katan  

Warning to Israel

15 Adar Aleph 5782
Happy Shushan Purim Katan 


Sergei Shoigu is in Syria to inspect a Russian airbase amid heightened tensions between the West and Moscow over Ukraine.

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The Russian military has deployed long-range nuclear-capable bombers and fighter jets carrying state-of-the-art hypersonic missiles to Syria for massive naval drills in the Mediterranean Sea amid the soaring tensions with the West over Ukraine
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Several Russian warships have arrived in Tartus in western Syria, and this could affect a potential conflict with NATO over Ukraine.

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15 February 2022

What's This 'Revolving Door' About?

14 Adar Aleph 5782
Happy Purim Katan 

For the world to be on the verge of WW3, there sure is a lot of strange traffic in the Middle East.  Maybe all of this a smoke screen to cover an attack on Iran?

Visiting Israel on Monday, US Senator Lindsey Graham told journalists that he and Israeli leaders discussed the ongoing international negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, and that he raised possible avenues for additional security cooperation between the US and Israel.

Graham was in Israel to hold a series of meetings on Iran and bilateral cooperation between Israel and the United States.  (Source)

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Seven House Democrats will join Speaker Nancy Pelosi when she arrives in Israel on Wednesday, a Knesset spokesman confirms to The Times of Israel.

The delegation’s members are Reps. Adam Schiff, Ted Deutch, Barbara Lee, Bill Keating, Eric Swalwell, Ro Khanna and Andy Kim. (Source)

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A Bahraini military band played Hatikvah, Israel’s national anthem, outside the royal palace in Manama as Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made history as the first Israeli leader to visit the Gulf state on Tuesday.

...Bennett said in an interview with Bahraini paper Al-Ayam that Israel and other countries in the region should work together against their shared challenges, such as the Iranian threat. (Source)

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Israeli President Isaac Herzog is preparing to visit Turkey, his office said Tuesday, in a rare trip following years of frayed ties between the two countries.

A presidency statement said that a senior Turkish delegation, including a top aide to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was due in Israel this week "as part of preparations for the planned visit".  (Source)
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13 February 2022

War at Purim? Mashiach at Pesach?

12 Adar Aleph 5782 
Shavua tov!

Just in time for Purim/Shushan Purim Katan!

IRAN is Russia's secret weapon.  No way they won't be a part (a major part) of what is very likely to turn into WW3!  And this timing is a sign of it.  Time to top up the war chests.