30 June 2015

It Has Begun...

13 Tamuz 5775

16 Facts About The Tremendous Financial Devastation That We Are Seeing All Over The World

As we enter the second half of 2015, financial panic has gripped most of the globe. Stock prices are crashing in China, in Europe and in the United States. Greece is on the verge of a historic default, and now Puerto Rico and Ukraine are both threatening to default on their debts if they do not receive concessions from their creditors. Not since the financial crisis of 2008 has so much financial chaos been unleashed all at once. Could it be possible that the great financial crisis of 2015 has begun?

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28 June 2015

What Took Them So Long?

11 Tamuz 5775

It's been three days already - time enough for the whole world to go rainbows and organize massive parades with spectators numbered in the millions, literally. I'm surprised it waited three whole days...
Lutheran pastor says Jews to blame for destroying Christian values after US approves gay marriage
Mark Dankof, a Lutheran pastor and political activist, declared the Jews to blame for the Supreme Court's ruling on Friday which declared any law to ban gay marriage unconstitutional.

..."It should not be ignored that the victories for abortion on demand and LGBT rights are reflective of the disproportionate influence of Jewish power, money, and activism in the United States," he declared.
Three of the five votes in favor were cast by Jews. That's very high-profile. And then the news coverage is focusing on non-Orthodox Jewish groups out celebrating with the masses, so it leaves the Torah-observant Jewish community in a quandary.

The ground is heating up and getting a bit shaky. I hope and pray that everyone is prepared.

Significant Natural Events in Eretz Yisrael

11 Tamuz 5775

I would be remiss if I did not comment on the very strange and unusual weather occurring presently in Eretz Yisrael.

I'm twenty years here and I've never seen anything like this. For the past week, it has felt more like fall than summer. I could almost hear the shofar-practicing of Elul. Instead of the crystal clear deep blue skies of mid-summer, the sky has been so full of clouds that the direct sunlight was mostly blocked.

We commonly have high winds around my house near the edge of Wadi Qelt, but last night the wind storm that was raging around midnight sounded like it would beat down the exterior stone walls. This morning, I hear there is rain in Jerusalem and reportedly elsewhere around the country, too...

Strange summer weather hits Israeli coastline

Rain from Haifa to Ashdod, strong winds and a raging sea: inclement weather has hit Israel at the end of June.

All I can think is that it's a reflection of the turmoil in Shamayim over world events and how they are going to play out in this blessed, holy land.

Earthquakes are infrequent, but they do occur. I've felt 3 and 4 pointers. There was once even a 5.0 near the Dead Sea. But no one I know felt the one which occurred over Shabbat (5.5), even though the news reported that it was felt from far south in Eilat to as far north as Nahariya near the Lebanese border. 

That brought to mind what one of the rabbis said about the coming war - that it would start in the south and quickly move to the north. I read that it was centered in the area that some tradition says the Red Sea split for the Children of Israel. Egypt was also said to be very shaken by it. 

All I know for sure is that nothing happens by accident. Everything is by design. And therefore, everything that happens holds a message for us. Heaven is speaking. Are we listening?

The One Week Countdown to 17th of Tamuz

11 Tamuz 5775

The 4th of July is shaping up to be a firecracker of a day this year and it just happens to fall out on the 17th of Tamuz as well.

In case you missed this YWN article, here's what British Jews have to look forward to next Shabbat...

The Jewish Press is reporting tonight that...

American police forces from coast to coast are on alert from federal officials that the Islamic State (ISIS) is planning to terrorize the country during the July 4 Independence Day holiday.

In case the Israelis are feeling left out, there's something for you, too. It is being reported on the Secret Jerusalem facebook page that...

"...a great deal" of Christian Arabs living in East Jerusalem have received the following letter from ISIS threatening their lives if they do not leave Jerusalem by the end of Ramadan.

(See also here.)

Is it just me, or does it feel like everything just went up another notch (again)!

27 June 2015

America Down the Crapper

11 Tamuz 5775

Did I get your attention with that title? Are you awake now? I hope so. America is over. Done. The only question remaining is - how many American Jews are going to get flushed along with it?

Instead of standing up and saying, well, brothers and sisters, it's been a nice visit, but it's time to go home, the OU has issued the usual fence-straddling, song and dance routine for Jews living in self-imposed exile. What a chillul Hashem!

Orthodox Union Statement on Supreme Court’s Ruling

...Our religion is emphatic in defining marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman. Our beliefs in this regard are unalterable. At the same time, we note that Judaism teaches respect for others and we condemn discrimination against individuals.

We are grateful that we live in a democratic society, in which all religions are free to express their opinions about social issues and to advocate vigorously for those opinions.

...We also recognize that no religion has the right to dictate its beliefs to the entire body politic and we do not expect that secular law will always align with our viewpoint. Ultimately, decisions on social policy remain with the democratic process, and today the process has spoken and we accord the process and its result the utmost respect.

Then there's the "Orthodox rabbi" who encourages us to see the bright side. At a time when fewer and fewer people are marrying, he says, at least the law is supportive of the concept of marriage.

I am an orthodox rabbi...I celebrate today’s Supreme Court decision

...more than the notion of marriage was defended today. The most fundamental rights of conscience and religion were defended with today’s Supreme Court decision, no matter how much the leadership of some religious communities claim otherwise.

I feel like it is the night the angels arrived at Lot's home to warn him of the coming destruction. America leads the world in abominations and perversions and specializes in exporting them around the world. If Hashem continues to withhold His righteous judgment on this evil nation for the sake of the Jews who refuse to budge, it will cast doubt on His hashgachah all over the world where people are watching to see if there really is a G-d who judges mankind. What a sanctification of G-d's Name it would be if the whole Orthodox American Jewish community got up, ceremoniously shook the dust of America off their clothes and left for Israel! By the same token, remaining under the circumstances is a massive chillul Hashem. It means the Jews of America have no red lines whatsoever. 

This ruling declares the Law of G-d null and void in America. I understand the celebrating went on throughout the night, all across the country and New York City got special mention as the place where it all got started.

American Jews, the ground is burning under your feet!!!

26 June 2015

Parshat Chukat 5775

9 Tamuz 5775
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parashat Hukkat: New rules for a new generation
by Daniel Pinner

Having received the statute of the Red Cow (Numbers 19), the method whereby a Jew who has become ritually defiled by coming into contact with a dead body becomes purified, the generation which had grown up as slaves in Egypt completes its task.

There follows an empty 38-year period, about which the Torah is silent. In the words of Rabbi Yosef Tzvi Hertz (Chief Rabbi of the British Empire 1913-1946), “the reason is not far to seek. The men of that generation had been found wanting, and condemned to a dying life in the wilderness. Their story was, therefore, of no further spiritual value to the Israel of the future”.

The Torah records that “the Children of Israel, the entire community, came to the Zin Desert in the first month, and the nation dwelt in Kadesh” (Numbers 20:1), in the fortieth and final year of their desert wanderings, either on the 1st of Nissan (Megillat Ta’anit 17 and Seder Olam Rabbah 9) or the 10th of Nisan (Targum Yonatan to Numbers 20:1).

The very first event that happened in that final year was that “Miriam died there and was buried there” (Numbers 20:1).

Shortly afterwards the Torah records that Aaron died at Mount Hor, at the border of the land of Edom, where he was buried (vs. 23-29). Later on, when recapping the desert wanderings (33:38-39), the Torah will add the detail that Aaron died on the 1st of Av, four months after his sister Miriam.

And between the deaths of these two leaders occurred another event, the consequences of which occupy virtually all of our commentators.

“There was no water for the community, so they assembled against Moshe and Aaron, and the nation confronted Moshe, saying: If only we had died, as our brothers died before Hashem! Why have you brought Hashem’s assembly to this desert to die there – us and our animals? And why did you bring us up out of Egypt to this bad place – not a place of seeds or figs or grapes or pomegranates? There isn’t even water to drink!” (20:2-5).

Moshe and Aaron turned from the Children of Israel into the Tent of Meeting, where God instructed Moshe: “Take the Staff, and assemble the community – you and Aaron your brother – and speak to the rock before their eyes, and it will give its waters; thus you will bring water out of the rock, and you will water the community and their animals” (v. 8).

Moshe struck the rock twice with his Staff, water gushed forth, and the entire nation and their animals drank.

But then comes the puzzling riposte: “Hashem said to Moshe and Aaron: Because you did not believe in Me, to sanctify Me in the eyes of the Children of Israel – therefore you will not bring this assembly to the Land which I have given them” (v. 12).

The commentators grapple with this. What sin had Moshe and Aaron committed? How exactly did they not believe in God?

Let us recall two very similar incidents which had happened some 39 years earlier. Three days after the Splitting of the Red Sea, the Children of Israel came to Marah, where the waters were undrinkable because they were so bitter (Exodus 15:23). When they complained to Moshe, Moshe shouted out to God; He indicated a tree to Moshe, which Moshe threw into the waters, which thereupon became sweet and drinkable (v. 25).

And about a month later they camped in Rephidim, where again there was no water, and again the nation demanded that Moshe supply water. “And Hashem said to Moshe: Pass before the nation, taking some of the Elders of Israel with you; and take your Staff with which you struck the River Nile in your hand…and strike the rock; and water will flow out from it, and the nation will drink” (17:5-6).

So when Moshe struck the rock in Kadesh in the Zin Desert in the fortieth year of wandering, he was actually following the precedent which God Himself had commanded decades earlier in Rephidim.

Rashi (commentary to Numbers 20:10, 11, and 12) suggests that Moshe’s sin was both angrily reprimanding the Children of Israel for their demands for water and striking the rock instead of talking to it as God had commanded.

But as the Ramban (commentary to Numbers 20:1) notes, the fact that God commanded Moshe to “take the Staff” could have implied that he use it to strike the rock: “If He wanted him solely to speak [to the rock], then why hold the Staff in his hand?”

In his commentary to verse 3, Rashi notes their plaint – “If only we had died, as our brothers died before Hashem!” – and comments: “Death by thirst is worse than death by plague”. That is to say, when facing the horrifying prospect of a slow and tortuous death by thirst in the desert, they envied their fellow-Jews whom God had killed by plague: at least that death was mercifully quick!

Hence, Rashi seems to imply, the Children of Israel were justified in clamouring for water, and wanting it quickly.

Certainly, as the Rambam (Shmoneh Perakim, Chapter 4) points out, God was not angry with the Jews for demanding water. And so, the Rambam concludes, Moshe and Aaron’s sin lay in implying that God was angry with the Children of Israel for their demands: “Hear now, you rebels…” (v. 10) implies anger – but it was Moshe’s anger, not God’s.

I tentatively offer an idea which synthesises these commentaries:

In none of the cases when the Children of Israel demanded water was God angry with them: it was a legitimate demand. On the first two occasions, God directed Moshe to sweeten the water (in Marah) and to bring forth water from the rock (in Rephidim) through actions which connoted physical strength – throwing a tree into the bitter waters (in Marah) and physically striking the rock (in Rephidim).

For sure, these events were miraculous – and they demonstrated physical might. The same Staff which had defeated and destroyed Egypt was still as powerful as ever – albeit working for their good and not as a threat, but still a reminder of the immense force that God had unleashed against the mighty oppressor-nation.

That was appropriate for a generation which had grown up as slaves, oppressed under Egyptian whips, a generation which was destined to pass away in the desert, a generation which would be found wanting, and condemned to a dying life in the wilderness, a generation whose story was of no further spiritual value to the Israel of the future.

But this was singularly inappropriate for a new generation, a generation which had grown up free in the desert, a generation which stood on the verge of national freedom and independence in its own Land.

Brandishing the Staff and displaying its power, reminding the nation of what awaited them if they challenged God, was an appropriate and maybe necessary component of educating and re-educating the generation which was still infused with slave mentality.

The generation of Egypt needed a stern leader; they needed Moshe, whose motto was “Let the law pierce the mountain!” (Sanhedrin 6b; Yalkut Shimoni, Malachi 588).

But the generation which was to be entrusted with building a nation-state had to be imbued with the spirit of freedom. The generation of freedom needed a different leader, a different leadership.

Moshe was the perennial outsider, the Jew who had been taken from his parents’ house as a baby and raised as an Egyptian prince, who had spent his youth with a Midianite ex-minister, who only rejoined his people when he was eighty, who was never really fully one of the people whom he led.

That stern, aloof love was what the nation needed to wean them from their slave mentality, their inferiority complexes which had been bred by generations of persecution.

When Moshe struck the rock in Kadesh, he demonstrated that his leadership was not appropriate for leading the nation in the Land of Israel. In Egypt, yes; in the desert, yes; but not for a nation building its independence.

In two weeks’ time, in Parashat Pinchas, after the débâcle with the Moabite girls in which 24,000 Jews died, God reminds Moshe of this incident in the Zin Desert, reiterating that because of it he would not enter the Land of Israel.

And then God continued: “Take to yourself Joshua son of Nun…and lay your hand on him…and place some of your majesty upon him” (Numbers 27:18-20) – “‘some of your majesty’, but not all of it” (Bava Batra 75a). As befits a free and independent nation, Joshua was to rule by consent.

And such continued Jewish history in the Land of Israel: the Judges who ruled the nation for the first 370 years ruled by consent. The monarchy was established, with King Saul as first King of Israel, by popular demand (1 Samuel 8:4-10:24).

And according to this understanding, God did not punish Moshe by decreeing that he would not lead the Children of Israel into their Land. Instead, He demonstrated that Moshe was not the appropriate leader for that new generation living the new reality.

And this also explains why Miriam and Aaron both died in that same period. The three great leaders who had led Israel in the final year of slavery, who had led them in overthrowing the Egyptian tyrants, who had defeated that mighty kingdom, who had led them firmly out of Egypt, through the Red Sea, to Mount Sinai, and through the desert for nigh on 40 years – those were not the appropriate leaders for the new generation in their era of freedom and independence.

And commensurate with this, the prophet Hosea looks forward to the future time: “And it will be on that day, says Hashem, you [Israel] will call Me Ishi, and you will no longer call Me Ba’ali” (Hosea 2:18) – “Ishi”, my Husband, literally “my Man”, instead of “Ba’ali”, my Husband, literally “my Master”.

Rashi explains: “‘You will call Me Ishi’ – you will worship Me out of love and not out of fear; ‘Ishi’, an expression of ‘ishut’ [marital relationship, denoting sensual love], the love of youth; ‘Ba’ali’ – an expression of mastery”.

That is to say – if in the present time it is appropriate for us to relate to God as a Master, in the future time to come we will relate to Him as a loving bride relating to her equally loving Groom.

These are the new rules for the new generation – a generation of freedom, a generation of independence, a generation ruled by love.

25 June 2015

"Who is a Power as Great as God?"

9 Tamuz 5775

This appears to be corroborated by a report (TRANSFORMATION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM) by a Russian geophysicist published in 1997.

His conclusion: "...Our Planet Earth is now in the process of a dramatic transformation; by altering the electromagnetic skeleton through a shift of the geomagnetic field poles, and through compositional changes in the ozone, and hydrogen, saturation levels of its gas-plasma envelopes. These changes in the Earth's physical state are being accompanied by resultant climatic/atmospheric, and biospheric, adaptation processes. These processes are becoming more and more intense, and frequent, as evidenced by the real time increase in "non-periodic transient events"; ie., catastrophes."

And just look at how it has increased in the intervening years!

In other words, all of creation is preparing for the transformation that will accompany the geulah shleimah!!

The Confederate Flag Controversy

8 Tamuz 5775

Yahoo news posted this photo with an article by some Georgetown professor which I chose not to read. Why waste my time? Until now, I have not commented on this controversy, but since it is obviously being manipulated by The Powers That Be (TPTB) - the NWO gang - I decided it was time to take a public position.

To give you a clue where I come from, the phrase "damn yankees" was often heard in the home where I grew up.

When I was still in school, revisionist history and PC language had not yet come into vogue. I actually got a good education with what I believe to be a fair and accurate view of events which at that time were only 100 years distant.

My response to this Yahoo photo is as follows:

Southerners never claimed to be a master race, never invaded another country or attempted to take over the world or exterminate an entire people. Many Southerners opposed slavery. Slavery was not the core issue of the Civil War - States Rights were. Our ancestors fought to preserve the original vision of the founding fathers where the majority of the power rested with the individual states and NOT with the federal government. The Confederacy fought to preserve the right of individual states to decide issues like slavery (and today gay marriage and abortion) at the state level and not be dictated to from the Federal level. Just think, if we'd won back then, it would have set the NWO process back a long ways. They had big plans for America - plans which required that the Union be preserved at all costs.

Today, I fly this flag on my blog in honor of my ancestors, none of whom owned slaves, but who fought a good fight for a noble cause...

Corporal William H. Branson
Company A, North Carolina
Van Buren Regiment, 2nd Infantry Battalion
Army - Confederate States of America

William Lamar Collins
Angelina, Texas
Army - Confederate States of America

Jacob A. Richardson
Company B, Simpson County, Mississippi
Speights Battalion, Heavy Artillery
Army - Confederate States of America

"Abrahamic Faith"

8 Tamuz 5775

In our prayers, we refer to Hashem as the "G-d of Avraham" because he was the one who merited to father a holy nation. Then we go further and say "G-d of Yitzchak" lest Yishmael also lay claim to this status and then we go further still and say "G-d of Ya'aqov" lest Eisav lay claim as well. Only the offspring of Avraham, Yitzchak and Ya'aqov are the chosen holy nation. We must be very careful of those who want to take it all back to Avraham Avinu, leaving out Yitzchak and Ya'aqov, so as to bring the children of Yishmael and Eisav into the same family with Bnei Yisrael.

From Wikipedia...

An Abrahamic religion is a religion whose people think Abraham was an important person. The best known Abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam, sometimes added other adherents to this three major Abrahamic religions including: Samaritanism. Druze.

And from various other sources...

Common Roots of Three Abrahamic Faiths: A Foundation for Peaceful Coexistence

...Abraham is a unique figure. His name means "Father of Many Nations." Indeed he is. We trace roots of three different, but related, world religions to...Abraham...Abraham brought the world a new way to see God. This new vision of God evolved over time and became transformed as the three Abrahamic faiths. ...Identifying the common roots of the Abrahamic faiths—while respecting their differences—can also help lay the [foundation] for a durable peace in Middle East.

...Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all Abrahamic faiths

Jewish Interfaith Endeavors: Abrahamic Dialogue

Since September 11, 2001, there has been an increased interest in Muslim religious dialogue among Jews and Christians, leading to what many identify as Abrahamic dialogue. This project employs Abraham as a figure that unites all three faiths. Whether the groups address him in conversation or invoke him only in name, Abraham becomes the symbolic father, the common denominator of monotheism.

This is the basis upon which they are building the One World Religion. Anyone who doesn't go along is to be purged, but instead Hashem will "purge" them!

Beware of any rabbi teaching it or using such terminology.

24 June 2015

Coming June 30th - "Asteroid Day"

8 Tamuz 5775

This year is the first year that a day dedicated to asteroid awareness will be observed.

...June 30 is the anniversary of the 1908 impact of an asteroid in Siberia that wiped out some 800 square miles of forest. The surprise impact of the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor, which caused a 500-kiloton airburst over Russia, shows potentially threatening space rocks are still out there.

...In 2013, researchers at the Asteroid Deflection Research Center at Iowa State University came up with a plan to use a two-section spacecraft to first smash a hole in the asteroid, then dump a nuclear weapon into the crater to blow it up.

(Source : NASA Working With National Nuclear Security Administration On Plan To Use Nukes On Doomsday Asteroid )

Some people are wondering why now, all of a sudden?

...NASA and the National Nuclear Security Administration are teaming up to try to figure out a way to use nuclear weapons to either destroy threatening asteroids or to at least nudge them off course. This seems very odd considering the fact that just a couple of weeks ago NASA publicly announced that it knew of “no asteroid or comet currently on a collision course with Earth” and that “no large object is likely to strike the Earth any time in the next several hundred years“. If what NASA told us previously is true, than it would seem that it would be a tremendous waste of time, money and resources to work on a way to destroy asteroids using nuclear weapons. Why is NASA suddenly so interested in the threat of large asteroids if one is not likely to hit us “any time in the next several hundred years”? Could it be possible that they know something that they are not telling us?

...Earlier this year, they conducted a “hypothetical asteroid impact scenario”.

...Most people assume that a major asteroid strike is not a threat because one has not happened during any of our lifetimes. But NASA would not be going to all of this trouble if this was something that they were not concerned about.

In the end, what they are not telling us could turn out to be far more of a problem than most of us ever imagined.

(Source : Why Is NASA Working On A Way To Destroy Asteroids Using Nuclear Weapons?)


I'm not saying it's going to happen, but I'll leave you to re-watch Sa'ada's vision of the future that she saw. (The gentiles are taking it seriously - Asteroid danger: Giant space rock to be on collision course with Earth)


Wacko Weather and Other Anomalies

7 Tamuz 5775

Besides the ongoing drought and water shortage in California, now they have to contend with killer algae! Have we all fallen into an over-the-top disaster movie?



Costa Rica Floods – Hundreds Evacuated, 25 Communities Isolated

2 Weeks of Flooding – 72 Villages Still Under Water in Assam, India

New Zealand North Island – 100s Evacuated as Wanganui Sees Worst Ever Floods

Guyana Floods – Over 100mm of Rain in 24 Hours in Georgetown

Heavy Rain and High Tide Combine to Flood Mumbai – 300 mm of Rain in 24 Hours



Severe Storms Leave Nearly 400,000 Without Power on East Coast

More Severe Storms to Menace Midwest Wednesday, Thursday


Heat Wave Death Toll Rises to 2,000 in Pakistan’s Financial Hub

Massive Western Heat Wave May Break June, All-Time Records This Weekend Into Early July

Parts of several Southeastern states under heat advisories


Wildfires prompt evacuations in Alaska, road closures in California

Dozens of wildfires ignite across northeast Florida


Photos Of North Korea's Historic Drought Show The Country's Cracked And Drying Earth


Plague of Astrakhan: Locust swarm blots out the sun in Russian region

Near-Biblical scenes are emerging from the Astrakhan region in southern Russia, which has been invaded by giant swarms of locusts. Local authorities have scrambled vehicles and aircraft to combat the infestation.

The voracious insects are migrating dozens of kilometers every day, consuming crops as they go. Parts of the region have been put on high emergency alert.

Locust swarms appear in the area nearly every year, finding fertile breeding grounds on abandoned farmlands. This year, dry weather has created a superabundance of the creatures. The swarms include locusts of different ages, some only able to crawl and hop, others already on the wing.

The "Covenant" Guaranteeing All Religions "Rights" in Jerusalem

7 Tamuz 5775

Framed as a petition to affirm "Jewish rights" to Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Covenant is much more than that.

"The original Jerusalem Covenant is displayed alongside Israel's Declaration of Independence in the Knesset and for the past twenty years has been signed by hundreds of visiting dignitaries."

It starts out ok, which most evil things do, but then it quickly deteriorates to heresy...

Today, as of old, we hold fast to the truth of the words of the Prophets of Israel, that all the inhabitants of the world shall enter within the gates of Jerusalem: 'And it shall come to pass at the end of days, the mountain of the House of the Lord will be well established at the peak of the mountains and will tower above the hills, and all the nation shall stream towards it.' Each and every nation will live in it by its own faith: 'For all the nation will go forward, each with its own Divine Name; we shall go in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever.' And in this spirit the Knesset of the State of Israel has enacted a law: The places holy to the peoples of all religions shall be protected from any desecration and from any restriction of free access to them.
The vision of the Hebrew prophets is that there will only be ONE religion - the one TRUE religion - just as there is only ONE G-D.

The founder of Israel 365 who has resurrected this 23 year old initiative and given it a new life, also founded Breaking Israel News. Both websites promote a relationship between Jews and Xians - something which is absolutely forbidden by the Holy Torah, which appears to have been cast aside for political expediency.

(Why is it always Anglos???)

23 June 2015

Gog's Army?

7 Tamuz 5775

Could it be?

NATO Launches “Trident Juncture 2015″, Largest Military Exercise since the End of the Cold War

All U.S./NATO commands and bases are in full swing to prepare the “Trident Juncture 2015” (TJ15), “the biggest NATO exercise since the end of the Cold War.”

It will take place in Italy, Spain and Portugal from September 28 [first day of Sukkotto November 6, with land, air and naval and special forces units of 33 countries (28 NATO plus five allies): More than 35,000 troops, 200 aircraft, and 50 warships. The military industries of 15 countries will also participate to assess what other weapons NATO needs.

The purpose of this “high visibility and credibility” exercise is to test the “Response Force” (30,000 troops), especially its “Point Force’s” operational readiness (5,000 troops).

On the southern flank, starting mainly from Italy, NATO is preparing other wars in North Africa and the Middle East.

It's Beyond Words Now

6 Tamuz 5775

Secret Meetings

Treating the Enemy at Public Expense

Attempts to Start a Race War in Israel

The Constant Advance of the NWO

Unrelenting Fear-mongering

And too many other subjects to mention...

19 June 2015

Parshat Korach 5775

2 Tamuz 5775
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parashat Korach – Attaining Greatness: Do's and Don'ts - Rabbi Meir Kahane

Korach son of Izhar son of Kohath son of Levi separated himself, with Dathan and Abiram, sons of Eliab, and On son of Peleth, the offspring of Reuben. (Num. 16:1)

Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, the son of Rav Meir Kahane, relates: 'Rashi comes and repeats the question asked by the sages: “Now Korach who was prudent, why did he commit this folly?” In other words, it is obvious that Korach was not some nut, but rather a “gadol” in Torah, as we will soon see. He also appreciated the greatness of Moshe Rabbeinu, as the Parasha itself testifies to, and knew that Moshe was not after the “kavod”. And so he should have known that there would be some serious Divine backlash to the steps he was taking. 

This being the case: “Why did he commit this folly?” And Rashi answers: “His eyes deceived him; he saw a great chain (i.e., a chain of great men) issuing from him, (viz.,) Shmuel, who weighed against Moshe and Aharon. [Korach] said: Because of him I shall be saved. And twenty-four 'watches' will arise from his son's sons, all of them prophesying through 'Ruach HaKodesh' ... [Korach] said: Is it possible that all this greatness is destined to arise from me and I shall remain silent? Therefore he associated himself to come to that prerogative: for he heard from the mouth of Moshe that all of them would perish and one would be saved, one that the Eternal One would choose, that one would be holy; he erred and applied this to himself; but he didn't see correctly, for his sons would return to G-d and that was what Moshe had seen.”And here we must ask a great question: We are talking about a tremendous Torah giant with “Ruach HaKodesh” who was capable of seeing generations and generations into the future! How then, could a man with such great vision and prophecy walk like a blind man in an alley, unable to understand something which any thinking, logical person could understand who does not possess any special “Ruach HaKodesh”?' (The writings of Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, HY”D, Parashat Korach)

A possible explanation, by taking a look at Korach's collaborators in the rebellion, can be found in Rabbi Meir Kahane's Peirush HaMaccabee on Shemot and Isaiah: So they got themselves up from near the dwelling of Korach, Dathan and Abiram, from all around. Dathan and Abiram went out “nitzavim” (erect) at the entrance of their tents, with their wives, children and infants (Num. 16:27). [Chazal said regarding this:] The expression “yetziva” (standing erect) always refers to prophecy, as it says, I saw the Lord “nitzav” (standing erect) on the Altar (Amos 9:1), and it also says, And Hashem came, “va-yityatzav” (and was present) … (1 Samuel 3:10) (Mechilta de-Rabbi Yishmael, Beshallach 3; Shirata 10) And similarly: The expression “yetziva” (standing erect) always refers to Ruach ha-Kodesh (ibid.). That is to say, every time that the Tanach uses the expression “yetziva” (standing erect) with reference to a tzaddik, implying that he stands straight and upright and strong, stubborn and steadfast, unflinching and sure, proud and fearless, this is because G-d is with him at that time. After all, it would otherwise be inconceivable for the term “yetziva” (standing erect) to apply to a mortal man, who is alive today and dead tomorrow, strong today yet old and feeble tomorrow. The adjective, “yatziv” (erect, firm) and the verb “nitzav” (stand erect) refer specifically to G-d, as in the verse: G-d “nitzav” (stands erect) in the Divine congregation (Psalms 82:1). And this is the reason that the Torah uses the same verb to describe Israel at Mount Sinai: “va-yityatz’vu” (and they stood erect) at the bottom of the mountain (Exodus 19:17). And similarly: You “nitzavim” (are standing erect) today, all of you, before Hashem your G-d (Deuteronomy 29:9). And G-d uses the same verb in instructing Moses to appear before Pharaoh: Get up early in the morning, “ve-hityatzev”(and stand erect) before Pharaoh (Exodus 8:16). On the face of it, this seems puzzling: how could Moses possibly have dared to go to Pharaoh – and more than that, to stand proudly before him? – Only because G-d was with him.

However, this same verb is sometimes applied to evil people: the Torah says that Dathan and Abiram went out nitzavim (“standing erect”) (Numbers 16:27). And the Midrash explains: They went out reviling and blaspheming, as it says, they went out standing erect. Similarly, later on the Tanach says: And the Philistine [Goliath] would approach morning and evening, “va-yityatzev” (and he stood erect) for forty days [reviling and blaspheming](1 Samuel 17:16) (Tanchuma, Korach 8).This is because evil people arrogate to themselves the status of standing erect, which is the diametric opposite of the tzaddik: The tzaddik who has elevated himself and sanctified himself and shed his pride knows that he can succeed only in the merit of the power that G-d has nitzav (“relegated”) to him, even as he himself is a worm and not a man (Psalms 22:7). By contrast, the evil person, who is of coarse spirit and arrogant, claims that he stands erect through his own power – and more, like Dathan, Abiram, and Goliath, he blasphemes Hashem. And this is how David describes the nations: The kings of the earth “yityatz’vu” (stand erect)…against Hashem and against His anointed (Psalms 2:2), although He Who dwells in Heaven will laugh, the Lord will make fun of them (verse 4).And so at the Red Sea, Moses told the Children of Israel: “hityatz’vu” (stand erect) and see Hashem’s salvation (Exodus 14:13). More than this: if the Jewish nation will be humble, and will accept upon itself the yoke of Heaven, then no man “yityatzev” (will stand erect) before you (Deuteronomy 7:24).

G-d performed a miracle by making Aaron’s staff – a dry wooden stick – blossom, as it says Moses came to the Tent of Testimony, and behold! Aaron’s staff had flowered…flowers had come forth, and blossoms had blossomed (Numbers 17:23). G-d smashed Korach’s arrogance, and that of Dathan and Abiram, who in their arrogance knew only how to make fight and contention blossom and flourish, as the Torah says of Dathan and Abiram, behold, two Hebrew men were contending (Exodus 2:13). The Hebrew word “nitzim” (contending) connotes quarrels that sprout and blossom forth, like the “nitzanim” [blossoms] are seen in the Land (Song of Songs 2:12). In their arrogance, these men kicked against G-d and sought to aggrandize themselves; and G-d symbolized the humiliation of the arrogant and the aggrandizement of the humble and those who believe in Him by the staff, a simple wooden stick that was in the Tent of Testimony, sprouted and blossomed. Only the humble and the modest can be great; only one who makes himself small will become truly great, while if he makes himself great, then he will shrink to the tiniest of dimensions.And every person must believe that all his achievements and accomplishments come solely through G-d’s providence.

The prophet Ezekiel said: And all the trees of the field will know that I, Hashem, have cast down the tall tree, I have raised up the lowly tree; I have dried up the moist tree, I have cause the dried-up tree to flourish (Ezekiel 17:24). And the Midrash interprets: “I have cast down the tall tree” – this is Korach; “I have raised up the lowly tree” – this is Aaron, as it says, “behold! Aaron’s staff had flowered”…; “I have dried up the moist tree” – these are Abimelech’s wives…; “I have caused the dried-up tree to flourish” – this is Sarah (Yalkut Shimoni, Ezekiel 357). And all of this is the keystone of faith.

[Source: compiled by Tzipora Liron-Pinner from 'Peirush HaMaccabee' on Shemot and Isaiah (English translation by Daniel Pinner) of Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY"D and from 'The writings of Rav Binyamin Ze'ev Kahane, HY"D']

18 June 2015

Israeli Jew-Hatred

1 Tamuz 5775
Rosh Chodesh

Well, Rosh Chodesh has started off with a bang. Someone torched a church in the Galil overnight and all the usual suspects and then some have raised their screeching voices. I'll let the headlines speak for themselves...
"The limestone Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, on the northwest shore of the Sea of Galilee, was constructed in the 1980s and is overseen by the Benedictine Order. It was built on the site of 4th and 5th century churches that commemorated what Christian faithful revere as Jesus's miraculous feeding of five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said Hebrew graffiti denouncing the worship of idols had been found at the church, leading police and fire service investigators to suspect that the fire had been set deliberately. A police spokesperson said Thursday afternoon that 16 minors were taken in for investigation for potential involvement in the arson. They were later released with no charges."
Condemnation of Church Arson Continues to Pour In

Rabbi Lau: Church Arson 'Completely At Odds' with Jewish Values

'Christian pilgrims reconsidering visits to Israel after suspected church arson'

Catholic Church demands action on 'price tag' attacks, prepares to campaign

Rabbi Eckstein: Church arson a result of xenophobia which increasingly dominates society

Event in honor of torched church to be held today at 4:00 p.m.

Hotovely condemns Thursday's arson attack on church in Galilee

So many comments condemn this "attack" as un-Jewish or even anti-Jewish, but what they are talking about is a galut Judaism where we are guests in someone else's home. In our home, we have a responsibility to HKB"H to keep it cleaned up and for the last 67 years, that hasn't happened. It's about time someone did something. Whoever did it may just have appeased the Almighty somewhat and may have averted some terrible decree.

"Therefore, with this shall Jacob's iniquity be atoned for, and this is all the fruit of removing his sin; by making all the altar stones like crushed chalkstones; asherim and sun-images shall not rise." (Isaiah 27:9)

Rashi: "Jacob's iniquity will be atoned for" -  to merit to be redeemed; "asherim and sun images shall not rise" - So that they shall not retain their idolatry.

"Something That Will Rock the World"

1 Tamuz 5775
Rosh Chodesh

With one month to go before Jade Helm 15 officially begins in the United States, Binyamin's cryptic statement gives pause...

"...they will do something that will rock the world, ...and then everyone will raise their hands and say: 'Save us! Save us!...' "  "Something" much worse than the Twin Towers...

Seventy years ago in the month of Av, the United States detonated the first, and ONLY, atomic bombs ever used as weapons - on Japan. I've often wondered when the bill for that chutzpah will come due.

Did you ever wonder why, if the bomb was being built and tested in the Nevada desert, they called it the Manhattan Project???
...more than six decades after the project’s start, the Manhattan side of the atom bomb story seems to be a well-preserved secret.
Dr. Norris recently visited Manhattan at the request of The New York Times for a daylong tour of the Manhattan Project’s roots. Only one site he visited displayed a public sign noting its role in the epochal events. And most people who encountered his entourage, which included a photographer and videographer, knew little or nothing of the atomic labors in Manhattan.
“That’s amazing,” Alexandra Ghitelman said after learning that the buildings she had just passed on inline skates once held tons of uranium destined for atomic weapons. “That’s unbelievable.”
While shock tended to be the main reaction, some people hinted at feelings of pride. More than one person said they knew someone who had worked on the secret project, which formally got under way in August 1942 and three years later culminated in the atomic bombing of Japan. In all, it employed more than 130,000 people. (Source)
Eisav (Edom) tolerates no restraint; does whatever he wants and justifies it as righteousness; and, (pretends) he is answerable to no one. A debt is due and there's a payday coming. Will Manhattan be liable for the bill?
"What in the world are the elite up to? In recent days, we have learned that the New York Fed is moving a lot of operations to Chicago because of concerns about what a “natural disaster” could do,... What kind of natural disaster would be bad enough to completely shut down the operations of the New York Federal Reserve Bank? It would have to be something very unusual, and apparently the New York Fed is very concerned that such an event could happen. According to Reuters, the New York Fed has been transferring personnel to Chicago and building up its satellite office there just in case a “natural disaster” makes it impossible for normal operations to continue in New York…" (Source)

"Cultural War in Israel and the Jewish World"

1 Tamuz 5775
Rosh Chodesh


17 June 2015

Binyamin: "On a Clear Day..." Q and A - Pt 4

1 Tamuz 5775
Rosh Chodesh Bet

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin
Motzaei Shabbat Kodesh Naso
13 Sivan 5775

On a Clear Day It's Permitted to See Eternity 

Q. People have requested that we ask, in the business of kashrut the situation is so weak, we've reached the lowest floor, so what can we eat? Rice and vegetables? On what can we rely?

A. Tell them that everyone needs to sacrifice himself for the truth, everyone according to his level. How can it not be, with someone sick and they tell him that he can only eat tomatoes and rice, then he would only eat tomatoes and rice. That's all.

Q. In the shmita year there are also problems with the vegetables and fruit... So what's left? Rice and fish...?

A. There are problems also with fish, and there are problems with everything. We are in a world of sheker - lie, lie, lie. Everywhere you look - it's sheker. And lie within lie. It's impossible to know anything. I don't know what to say about food, because anyway we don't want to die of hunger. But whatever efforts however we make, Hashem will understand that there was nothing we could do. There's a hechsher that needs to be good, it's everyone according to his level, if he will go to a small private slaughtering or it doesn't matter what, and shortly, one way or the other these things will be closed. But, here and there, there are some nevertheless, but it's against the law. And there will yet be many things against the law and we need to choose what to do.

Their program, it's to control everything, and they want that slowly- slowly Judaism will turn into being something from the past. Maybe they will decide it is worthwhile to leave some place for tourists, some 'reservation', like Meah Shearim, and will allow them to live there like once was, so they will be able to see what once was, and how happy they are that they were saved from it... Look, look what's going to be, look, look, it's not without purpose. But, what I'm telling you is it won't go on for a long time, it will be extremely short. This process in which we will be under the control of the evildoers, it won't be like this a long time, it will be short.

Q. A yeshivah guy drowned in a lake beside Jerusalem, what do you have to say about it?

A. What will I say to you, Hashem took from us the tzadikim so that we will raise our head and look, and we'll say: Why? Why did Hashem take him? Then, maybe we will arrive at the right answer.

Q. Today, at funerals it will be like a forbidden thing to ask 'why'? It's like against the pure faith...

A. Of course... If you're asking 'why' - you're likely to arrive at the truth, and then they'll have a problem...  It's correct that the person for himself needs to receive everything with love, but to ask "why is it happening" - it's necessary, of course.

Q. Is this what's called the War of Gog uMagog, this big war that is standing before us?

A. No, in 'Gog uMagog' the Mashiach battles after he will be revealed.

Q. With whom will he battle? With those who will come here or with the whole world?

A. Don't worry... It'll be alright. It's written in books - and so it will be.

Q.  Tzadikim said that the Holocaust was the war of Gog uMagog...

A. That was the beginning and it will go into the War of Gog uMagog.

Q. In our days, with the technology, this war is something extremely fast...

A. There are the talks of the 'Frankfurter Rav' who spoke about China at that time, as it was a hundred years ago and they didn't know then about nuclear bombs, etc., and China was then the poorest, and he said even before the world wars that China will be more powerful, very large and strong in the world, and that she will completely bring down New York, Paris and London.

Q. How will the war be here in Israel?

A. Here it will be the easiest from the rest of the world, but it will still be very difficult, and I can't elaborate. Don't forget that they want to make from this place their center, so they have no interest that it will be totally destroyed with all kinds of things, it could be that they will destroy places - but not Yerushalayim.


Binyamin on "Jade-Helm" (Q and A - Pt 3)

30 Sivan 5775
Rosh Chodesh Tamuz Aleph

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin
Motzaei Shabbat Kodesh Naso
13 Sivan 5775

On a Clear Day It's Permitted to See Eternity 

Q. Could you elaborate a bit and go into detail on the huge military exercise that's being conducted inside the United States? It's already been going on since the beginning of spring.

A. I can only say that it's very dangerous. The 'Jade-Helm' - its goal is to conquer a part of the United States at the hands of American soldiers. And in this part of the US, there are a lot of opponents with weapons who are not ready to let the government rule over them, and it's also a very important area with oil, etc., so they simply want to rule over them.

Q. The name that they gave this exercise: 'Jade-Helm 15' , what's the meaning of this expression 'Jade-Helm'?

A. They say it has an interpretation in one language, I don't know which language, but the significance is to gather the citizens for sending them to prisons, and etc., an exercise against the citizens.

Q. How is it that no one there is bringing objections to these strange activities?

A. In Texas, there are opponents. The governor of Texas even asked his soldiers, soldiers that belong to his state, to keep an eye on the American soldiers and see what they are plotting to do, if they see something strange, they should report it immediately. It's not simple. And it doesn't just pass through ten states like they're telling, it's more something like thirty states! No one knows exactly what it is, but everyone is very fearful. Again I'll say to you: there are several hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers there who are located among the Americans, as well as very many Chinese... And the Russians - it's already many years in order of magnitude of hundreds of thousands who are located with the American army. They work together. It's one organization. You should understand. This is the part that's hard to understand. It's one organization. It's not 'Russia', and 'China', and 'America', etc. This is one group.

And they will do something that will rock the world, ['Fear Takes Control'] and then everyone will raise their hands and say: 'Save us! Save us!...'

Q. Like they did with the Twin Towers...

A. Much worse than this. The 'Twins' was the part that we've seen until now as the strongest, including what happened at the Pentagon, and etc., but it will be still much more.

Q. It's known to me that in hospitals in Israel they are preparing intensive organizational changes in order to accommodate them to the regulations and to the level that they can receive American soldiers. What does this say?

 The Americans already have soldiers inside [Israel]. It's exactly like in the US they have hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers, and there are also hundreds of thousands of Chinese, so they're really working one with the other, it's one group that's simply swallowing up the world.

Q. How is it that in this situation they're not catching on yet?

A. They haven't yet caught on. There are those who have caught on suddenly, but there are those who haven't... They just know something's not right.

Russian Troops on American Soil

[To be continued, iy"H]