29 February 2024

"In the Merit of the Righteous Women..."

20 Adar Alef 5784

I'm only about 30 minutes into this video, but I can tell you that, at least as far as this point, it is the equivalent of a "page-turner" in a book.  Very easy and fascinating to listen to.  Enjoy and learn!

28 February 2024

"They Must Go!"

19 Adar Alef 5784

It cannot be said enough...


Separation from the nations, separation from the Erev Rav, separation from avodah zarah, separation from the depraved Western ("Judeo-Xian") culture, etc.  I'll remind you of what the holy Chafetz Chaim said on this subject.  From the book The End of Days by Shmuel Raber:

...After this war [WWI] there will be a pause and then there will be another war and then another pause. Then, there will be another war and with that war the Mashiach will come…the last war will be the beginning of the redemption, and a Torah-true Jew who is completely separated from the non-Jews will not be subjugated, as we find that in Egypt when two people drank from the same cup, one (an Egyptian) drank blood and the other (an Israelite) drank water. This shows that in fact there is no rule whatsoever over a Jew who is separated entirely from the non-Jews” (Rabbi Aharon Kotler, in the name of the Chafetz Chaim, Leket Reshimot Channukah by Rabbi Noson Wachtofogel, p. 40).

I have a tradition passed down from one to another in the name of Maran HaGaon Rabbi Yehoshua Leib Diskin, z”l, that in the final war before the arrival of Mashiach all of the righteous Jews will be saved. Who are ‘righteous Jews’? Those who are separated from the non-Jews It does not mean that they must be one of the 36 righteous individuals, rather they must be separated from the ways of the non-Jews and have no contact with their culture! Not with their newspapers, their music and books; [and I would add their politics!] to be entirely separated from them.  Then Hashem will say: You are Mine and you are under a different authority, so no one else will rule over you” (Ibid., p.41)

Rabbi Kahane, ztz"l, Hy"d, wrote a book called They Must Go in reference to the Arabs in Eretz Yisrael.  Today, someone has to stand up and shout "THEY MUST GO!" in reference to the Christian missionaries, starting with Hayovel on Har Brachah!!!

I don't know if the readers are viewing the videos I post here, but I want you to know that when I include a video, it's because it contains critical information for Klal Yisrael.  I clip out the most offending or irrelevant parts and keep only the most revealing, most important bits which I feel is crucial information to be shared.  I encourage everyone reading here to take the time to watch the videos to their very end where sometimes the most damning quotes are found.  

The following are two such videos, but first, a few introductions will be necessary.  This is Joshua Waller, son of Tommy Waller the founder of Hayovel Ministries located in Har Brachah, Israel.  He is also half of The Israel Guys media team.  He is speaking from Eagle Mountain International Church in the US and in his opening, he names the pastors, husband and wife team George Pearsons and Terri Copeland-Pearsons.  [You'll be seeing them again.]  "Pastor Terri" is the daughter of long-time, wealthy, powerful, Dominionist televangelist Kenneth Copeland who has now thrown his vast support behind Hayovel because of how successful they have been in gaining access to the Jewish communities in Israel. 


[You can read more about relationship evangelism in a blog post I wrote in 5777 called "Christian "Friendship" and "Service" On the Mountains of Israel."]

This second video begins with the Pastors Pearsons (Terri and George) reporting on their Jewish connections at the annual National Religious Broadcasters Conference held recently.

"The Relationship" Reaches to High Places

Please do not just consume the information you gain here but please share it, pass it along and educate our people for the benefit of our entire nation.  And pray that HKB"H will raise up heroes to fight this scourge where it is entrenched!!  Thank you!!

Now, on a related subject...

Another attendee at the NRB Conference also commented on the Jewish contingent that was there:
...I’ve never seen so many Jewish reporters attending a Christian event, all of them speaking positively about their experiences, and all surprised at how genuine, caring, loving, accepting, and affirming followers of Jesus (Yeshua) are to them as Jewish people and toward Israel as a people and nation of Jewish people.

To illustrate this, I’d like to share with you the following article written by one of those Orthodox Jewish reporters I overheard. I passed him several times last week, and regret not stopping to shake his hand.

Since he and I are Facebook friends, I called him out with, “Jonathan Feldstein, you outline the most incredible, radical, and most effectively correct solution to the Israel-Gaza situation I've ever seen written by an Orthodox Jewish reporter and commentator:

"I have a solution that’s as radical coming from an Orthodox Jew as it is one, perhaps the only one, that can bring genuine peace.

The solution for long-term peace in Gaza is Jesus."
We need a Christian Gaza for Middle East peace
By Jonathan Feldstein  Monday, February 26, 2024
HASHEM YERACHEM!!!!  For anyone interested in what the Torah has to say about all this, please continue...

The following mitzvot are quoted from The Concise Sefer HaChinuch by Rabbi Asher Wasserman with haskamot from HaRav Avraham Pinchas Berkowitz, shlita; HaGaon HaGadol R. Chaim Kanievsky, shlita; HaGaon HaGadol R. Dov Yaffe, shlita; HaGaon HaGadol R. Nissim Karelitz, shlita; HaGaon HaGadol R. Moshe Shaul Klein, shlita; and HaGaon HaGadol R. Yitzchok Zilberstein, shlita.
Mitzvah 426:  Do not show favor or mercy towards those who worship idols.
(ולא תחנם) 
And you shall not show them any favor. (Devarim 7.2)

Explanation: Do not show any favor or mercy towards those who worship idols, and do not regard as admirable or correct even one thing that they do. Distance from your mind the slightest assumption, and never suggest verbally that one can learn or benefit from such people. Do not look upon idol-worshippers as serving any useful purpose or as possessing any positive trait or quality, In fact, our Sages taught that one is even forbidden to say about an idol worshiper that he is a nice or pleasant person.

Mitzvah 457:  Do not show love or regard for anyone who entices others to worship false deities.
(לא תאבה לו)  
Do not show any regard for him. (Devarim 13.9)

Explanation:  Do not pay attention to the words of anyone who entices people to worship a false god.  Do not show him any affection or regard.

Someone is considered to have enticed to idol worship not only if he advocates the actual worship, but even if he simply praises the deity’s so called “deeds”.  If his intent is to cause people to serve the deity and go out from under the wings of the Shechinah, he is considered as having enticed others to idol worship.

Mitzvah 458:  Do not stop hating someone who entices others to worship false deities.
(ולא תשמע אליו)

And do not hearken to him. (Devarim 13.9)

Explanation:  Do not refrain from taking full vengeance on anyone who entices people to worship false gods.  In return for the evil that he sought to commit, do not stop hating him and show no mercy on him.

Mitzvah 459:  Do not rescue from danger anyone who entices others to worship false deities.
(ולא תחוס עינך עליו) 
And do not let your eyes have any pity on him.  (Devarim 13.9)

Explanation: If someone who was enticed to worship false gods sees the enticer in any sort of danger, he is forbidden to take pity on him and save him.

Mitzvah 460:  Do not defend or say anything on behalf of someone who entices others to worship false deities.
(ולא תחמל) 
And do not show mercy.  (Devarim 13.9)

Explanation: If someone was enticed to worship false gods, he is forbidden to say anything positive about the one who enticed him, or defend him in any way.

Mitzvah 461:  If enticed to idol worship do not refrain from publicizing any negative thing you know about the one who enticed you.
(ולא תכסה עליו) 
And do not cover up for him. (Devarim 13.9)

Explanation:  If someone was enticed to worship false gods, he is forbidden to remain silent about anything negative that he knows about one who enticed him. He must come forward and publicize all of the offender’s guilt and shortcomings.

From the many admonishments about someone who entices to idol worship, we can infer that we have a mitzvah to hate wanton violators of other commands, too. That is, it is sometimes clear that there is no hope for a person, for his actions are exceedingly corrupt and abominable. He refuses to listen to any teacher or authority, and prefers instead to scorn their words.   His goal is only to do damage. It is a mitzvah to hate such people.  One should never defend them or say anything positive about them.

As a final word, allow me to emphasize that it's not just a sin for practitioners of avodah zarah to entice (proselytize) Jews, but gentiles as well!  The worship of any god except The ONE GOD - HKB"H - is forbidden to all humanity!!

And anyone who denies this Torah and thinks his way is better is already an idolater who has deified himself!

27 February 2024


18 Adar Alef 5784

Byron Stinson is the driving force behind the current plan to sacrifice a red heifer on the Mount of Olives in the "next few weeks" (no date has as yet been publicized).  Can you imagine the ego of this man who sits like a rav paskening halachah on what will be with God's Holy House, especially in light of the fact that it opposes the Torah all the way down the line???  Hashem save His Jewish Nation from the ego-driven machinations of the goyim!!  Such chutzpah is not to be born!!!

He is the evil he describes and every Jew who associates with him becomes a part of that evil, too!!  This is why there is a birur - to weed out such people so that they can be thrown onto the burn pile and we can go about fulfilling Ratzon Hashem without further interference!!

26 February 2024

Amalek Brings the Sin As Well As the Punishment

17 Adar Alef 5784

I wrote this late last night and saved it to this morning so I could check it by the light of day before sending it out.  Something I heard this morning makes me feel the need to add this note at the beginning...  

I'm still hearing people commenting about Christianity in ways that make it seem like they view it as, while not desirable, at least in some way superior to Islam.  I think that is misguided and therefore, feel I must reiterate - it's all avodah zarah and equally evil and worthy of eradication from the earth.  Furthermore, both sides are equally deadly and dangerous for Jews.  We don't take sides!!  We stand alone and apart with HKB"H and should have no feeling of kinship with either "side".

I hear the same thing in comments by so-called "Anglo" Jews, those I expect to know better, with regard to Donald Trump, like he is coming from some kind of moral high ground.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Donald Trump may be the most dangerous man in the US for Jews for the very reason that he is perceived as a "friend" to Jews.  Please believe me, he is no friend, but rather a fraud,  He is potentially a worse enemy than the "godless Leftists," but that must wait for another day.  (Until then, sometime soon, please re-read here and here and here.)  So sorry to digress!  The following is the critical and timely message for today...

When renegade Jews birthed a new religion, which Eisav co-opted and called Christianity, HKB"H 'had' to allow Islam to come into the world via Yishmael as a counterweight to it in order to maintain balance.  They both run to the extremes and their respective extremes counter each other.
Our place in the greater scheme of things is to be the perfect balance in the middle where the Truth is pure and untainted.  There is no "extreme" where authentic Torah dwells.  "Extremes" come from the minds of misguided humans, from additions and subtractions to God's perfect Law as given at Har Sinai. (i.e., the "New Testament" and the "Holy Quran.")

“You shall not add to that which I command you and you shall not subtract 
from it, to keep the commandments of the L-rd your G-d...” (Deut. 4:2)

Behind the Scenes
What do you suppose would happen to the world should the stable, dependable middle suddenly give way and scatter in either direction to the extreme ends?  It would mean collapse and destruction, because the middle is the foundation upon which the balance stands.

The world is shaking right now, very unstable and unpredictable, because the majority of Israel fails to understand their place in the greater scheme and refuses to stand alone in the middle with HKB"H, upholding the world.  Without the knowledge or the faith to accept its destiny, Israel wants to lean on the Christian West, by which it causes the Islamic East to fear for its life and attack in response. Everyone erupts because they feel the shaking caused by the imbalance and fear drives everyone into a fight for survival.  

How This Plays Out
The decadent West favors idolatry of every kind and idolatry's natural partner is sexual immorality.  A perfect display of perversion was taking place at the Nova Festival on Simchat Torah/Shabbat last October 7th.  The balance was severely out of kilter at that moment, especially coming as it did at the conclusion of the entire period of teshuvah and judgment.  

It was extreme and its counter-extreme was a witness as it prepared to attack.  Who does HKB"H send when Israel chooses to engage with idolatry?

From The Book of Our Heritage by Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov for the month of Adar...
The Sages explained...the imperative to remove all traces of idolatry and to serve only G-d - this is incumbent on you [Israel] now and for all generations to come.  Have you removed the foreign gods from your midst? Have you brought yourselves under my wing and shattered all of your idols?  Let Amalek come and examine you.  If your hearts are completely with Me you have nothing to fear.  But if there is among you a man or woman whose soul still clings to the idols of Egypt and their abominations, let them [the idols] come and save you from the wicked Amalek!  The verse therefore states:  And Amalek came (Shemot 17:8) ... and he tailed after you [striking] all the weak who fell behind (Devarim 25:18).
And he tailed after you - R. Nachman explained:  All those whom the "protective cloud" cast out were caught by Amalek.  The Sages explained: This refers to the tribe of Dan who were cast out by the "protective cloud" because they were idol worshipers.  The idol which Michah had created was in their midst, and there were many among them who had not wholeheartedly resolved to serve G-d alone (Yalkut Shimoni, Parshat Ki Tetze).

And he tailed after you - Amalek was like a fly which hovers over any place where it finds an open wound.  When Amalek found a weak link in Israel, they came and waged war with Israel.

Sin and transgression - these are Amalek's strengths. Amalek is the cause of sin and through Amalek punishment is meted out. This is the manner in which Satan acts.  He first creates a stumbling block for man, ascends to G-d and accuses him, and then descends to carry out his destruction.

History Repeats
According to many headlines in the media, Amalek was very much on the minds of people all over the world in the wake of the invasion and attack by Hamas on October 7th.

  • "Comparing Hamas to Amalek, our biblical nemesis..."
  • "From the Battle of Amalek to the war with Hamas"
  • "PM’s office says it’s ‘preposterous’ to say his invoking Amalek was a genocide call"
Eyes opened up wide and Amalek was perceived in Hamas and its attack, but wait.  There is another, seemingly forgotten, side to Amalek.  We hear it though when people say "Hamas Nazis."  But, Hamas is on one side and Nazis are on the other.  Hamas comes out of Islam and the Nazis come out of Christianity.  (Which is evident in the name of the American Nazi movement - Christian Identity.)  Here is the mostly unknown fact which has been obscured:  "Amalek is the cause of sin and through Amalek punishment is meted out."  This tells us that the two furthest extremes which we are caught between are both Amalek!  

The Amalek of Christianity causes us to sin through idolatry and association with idolatry which brings upon us an attack from the Amalek of Islam in retribution.

This is the basis for some panic and concern about another October 7th (God forbid!) in Judea and Samaria because the Christian Amalek has actually taken up residency among us in this Holy Land and has been rooted and nourished into a thriving entity over the last 20 years by JEWS!!  Again, we are dangerously out of balance and Amalek is poised for an attack against the yishuvim where the Christians have been welcomed!!  

In the South of Israel, too, among the kibbutzim which now lie in ruins, these same Christians were welcomed and celebrated for years right up until just a couple of days before the attack was launched.  (Replanting hope: Christians to plant 1,400 red tulips on Gaza border)

Separation Is the Key to Redemption
If the Islamic Amalek invades the yishuvim in Judea and Samaria (God forbid!), it will be in response to the Christian Amalek presence there.  If you want to save the yishuvim, the Christian Amalek must be expelled.  The Torah is very clear about what we have to do about idolatry in the Land.  Here is a reminder from above...
...[it is] imperative to remove all traces of idolatry and to serve only G-d - this is incumbent on you [Israel] now and for all generations to come.  Have you removed the foreign gods from your midst? Have you brought yourselves under my wing and shattered all of your idols?  Let Amalek come and examine you.  If your hearts are completely with Me you have nothing to fear.  But if there is among you a man or woman whose soul still clings to the idols of Egypt and their abominations, let them [the idols] come and save you from the wicked Amalek! 

Witness this act of idolatry which was carried out very recently by a Jewish heretic in Shilo in the area where the Mishkan stood.  This type of activity is rampant in these areas!! 

There is no more time to waste! At this point, there may be no more time!! Hashem yerachem!!!

22 February 2024


14 Adar Alef 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Tetzaveh - Purim Katan

Most unfortunately for Klal Yisrael, a lot of Christian belief and thought has been assimilated into Modern Judaism in Western countries.  One of the worst is the concept of the missionary religion - that the believing community has a mission, a goal, an obligation to "share" the Torah with the larger world.

We are seeing this prevalently among the Anglo-Israeli Modern Orthodox Jews who appear to believe our God-given destiny is to serve the nations and spread Torah throughout the world.  It's a great tactic of the Yetzer Hara that if he can't get a Jew to do evil, he tempts him to do something that seems noble and righteous on its face but is actually just the opposite - like "building bridges between Jews and gentiles.

It is critical that Klal Yisrael focus on the job HKB"H assigned to us and not to neglect it in favor of things we might think are a better use of our time.  Our God-given mandate is to learn the Torah and do mitzvot.  The performance of mitzvot is what actually accomplishes the tikkun of the world - from which all creatures benefit - but intimate knowledge and understanding of the Torah is what informs us of what the mitzvot are and how to do them correctly to maximum effect.  Neglect of Torah leads to neglect of mitzvot.

The Torah does not indicate that we are to go unto the nations one by one and teach them about the Torah for their personal "salvation."   Its ideal is that we create the perfect society in Eretz Yisrael - according to Torah instructions - and model it to the world.  When the nations see how pleasant it can be to live according to Torah law, they will want to follow our example.  At that point, whatever the situation demands will be handled on a nation-to-nation basis with no requirements for rank-and-file Jews to abandon their avodat Hashem in favor of instructing goyim.

We've seen tragically how that ends; how the "righteous gentiles" who've come requesting Torah instruction have turned out very often to be practitioners of avodah zarah lying and insinuating themselves into Jewish communities and making such relationships that even when the avodah zarah is revealed, the relationship remains unaffected, chas v'chalilah!  

When you've got individuals going off on their own with these sorts of projects without any responsibility, or accountability, or real oversight, it's  a recipe for disaster for the entire Klal!

It would help tremendously if we could appeal to these "do-gooders" - who seem to have the best of intentions in wanting to spiritually benefit the goyim - if we could appeal to them on the basis of Torah and fill in the gaps of their obvious lack in Jewish education.  Think how they could be a benefit to their fellow Jews, and thereby to HKB"H, if they could be redirected to the proper path of avodat Hashem.

To our sorrow, this generation, besides being one of the least Jewishly educated, is also very ego-driven and self-centered.  There are a fair share of "religious" people who are in it for what they can get out of it.  Something about it appeals to some need or desire that they have and which they seek to satisfy.  You can find them in the quasi-new-age events that cater to the so-called Shabbat-observant in search of a spiritual high.  

The world can be divided into The Givers and The Takers.  HKB"H is the ultimate Giver and Torah teaches us that a man must take a wife and procreate so that he can learn to emulate his Father in Heaven by giving to his family.  Marriage is a give/give relationship as is the relationship between HKB"H and Klal Yisrael.  Our avodat Hashem is to give to HKB"H what He demands of us and in the manner He has prescribed in His Torah.  There is no allowance for us to choose some other offering of our own making - no matter how correct or enlightened it might seem to us -  an "offering"  that He has not specified because it suits us and our needs and desires.  These are The Takers - focused on their own gain.

We have to be constantly on guard against this avodah zarah because no one is immune.  We have to constantly be examining and re-examining our choices and motives to be sure we are on track to being one of the Givers, ever true to our Covenant with HKB"H.


21 February 2024

Arieh King Helping to Preserve Jewish Identity and Sovereignty

13 Adar Alef 5784 

Deputy Mayor Arieh King has been one of my heroes for a long time.  He's the "real deal."  His actions match his words.  He has been called an "extremist" for championing Jewish rights and a "persecutor" of Christians for demonstrating against missionary activity in Jerusalem.

The only instance I could foresee me voting ever again would be in the upcoming municipal elections to keep Mr. King in city government.  His presence makes a huge difference!

20 February 2024

Seduced by "The Other Side"

11 Adar Alef 5784

"Unknown" commented in part on the previous blog post "Their whole goal is for their lust for power, greed and control of the world."  I could not agree more.

The following comes from a donation appeal sent out to supporters of the red heifer project...

During the last week of January and the first week of February, our Boneh Israel Team flew out to Washington DC to meet with some very important political figures on Capitol Hill to discuss ways of strengthening the relationship between the US Congress and Israel, especially during this time of war.

We were blessed to meet with members of Congress such as Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, Congressmen Tracey Mann, Gary Palmer, Alex Mooney, Warren Davidson, Dan Bishop and Tim Burchett, and in addition, we also met with Robert Kennedy.

Our trip to the states was extremely important and meaningful. We built some great relationships and discussed critical issues regarding the future of Israel and the US and the journey we are on to fulfill the prophecies and bring blessings to the world.

Thank you to everyone who is a partner and a part of this incredible journey with us. It’s a true honor! 

I don't know about you, but it ticks me off to know that individual, unelected, self-aggrandizing people are presuming to meet with powerful leaders of another nation and faith to make plans and decide the fate of the rest of us!!  This is EGO at a whole other level!!  And what's worse is that this is but one of maybe hundreds of similar activities going on behind our backs!!

Baruch Hashem!!!! Neither His Nation, nor His Land, is hefker and HKB"H is aware of it all and will save His faithful and loyal Children from the clutches of evil!!

The "Other Side" is very seductive.  My goal in exposing these things is a warning to those as yet unaffected to be on guard when they come for you and not to be taken in.  It's a very difficult test and we can only hope that the Jews who are innocently (and ignorantly) swept up in their net will escape and merit to do teshuvah.  I have the greatest compassion for the duped because I was one of them for nearly half of my life.  However, in my own defense, I must say I was a babe in arms when I was first introduced to the Cult that is Christianity.

A last word about the tactics of those who claim to "love" Israel.  This should sound familiar.  It's called "Love-bombing"...

Dictionary:  the action or practice of lavishing someone with attention or affection, especially in order to influence or manipulate them. "cults often use tactics like love bombing to lure new members"
Wikipedia: Love bombing is an attempt to influence a person by demonstrations of attention and affection. It can be used in different ways and for either positive or negative purposes. Psychologists have identified love bombing as a possible part of a cycle of abuse and have warned against it. It has also been described as psychological manipulation in order to create a feeling of unity within a group against a society perceived as hostile.
The Jewish people in Israel have been experiencing this tactic for decades; however, the "bombing" we've received since Oct. 7th is right up there with what we are getting from Hamas and Hezbollah.  Hashem yerachem!


19 February 2024

Unholy Alliance to "Sacrifice" Red Heifer

11 Adar Alef 5784 

This story really requires a book to set down all its details and background for proper understanding of the issue at hand, but alas all we have is this blog.  Therefore, I will try to give the basic framework with links to further information which you can find on your own.

Something Jews have to know, but often do not, is that as a man-made religion, Christianity is constantly evolving, especially via thousands, if not tens of thousands of sub-groups, one of which is known as Dominionism.  In the smallest nutshell, those who can be identified as Dominionist Christians believe that the Creator "lost" dominion of the world to the Satan when man sinned in Gan Eden and the Christian "Messiah-god" took it from the Satan at his first "coming", entrusting it to his followers until his "return" at the End of Days.

In short, they believe that they are Divinely appointed to conquer and rule the world in accordance with Christian law.  To this end, for example, the political Religious Right in America is focused on taking dominion of the United States by creating there a Christian theocracy.  (See God and Country)

At the same time, they are intent on fulfilling the prophecies required for their "Messiah-god's return" which brings us round to Jerusalem and specifically the Temple Mount.    

They believe the Temple has to be built first, so in a marriage made in hell, Israeli "rabbis" are "partnering" with these Dominionists to build a "House of Prayer for All Nations" starting with the sacrifice of a Red Heifer on the Mount of Olives.  

And they mean to do it in the next few weeks!!


Hamas Spokesman Blames Israel’s Importing ‘Red Heifers’ For October Attack By Yehuda Dov January 25, 2024
JERUSALEM (VINnews) — When Abu Obeida, a military spokesman for Hamas, began his televised speech marking 100 days since the October 7 attack last week, most of what he said followed the familiar mantra of praising Hamas’ military resistance and calling for all Muslims to rise against Israel. But as he began listing the motives for the October 7 massacre, he said that the aggression against “our path and Al-Aqsa” reached its peak with the “bringing of red cows.”

To much of the world, such a statement sounds strange, as they are not aware of traditional Jewish beliefs regarding the “Parah Adumah”, the red heifers used for purification. The “bringing of red cows” which Obeida was referring to was the 2022 arrival of five red heifers to the Temple Institute, a Jewish organization focused on establishing the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The heifers are quietly being groomed by the Institute for their ultimate goal.

The rare animal is the main component in a ritual purification ceremony for cleansing ritual impurity from proximity or contact with a dead body. Since the destruction of the Second Temple, all Jews today are considered ritually impure, thereby preventing the return of the Temple service and even entering the holy places on Temple Mount.

Securing a potential unblemished red heifer is key to the first steps of restarting the Temple service, which implies the removal of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Omar building, rebuilding the Temple, and, ultimately, the return of the Temple Mount to Jewish control. The mere fact that all Jews would be able to ascend to Temple Mount would create pressure to resume services there and rebuild the Temple. Some Jewish traditions maintain that the Third Temple will come down from heaven, but others say that the temple will like its predecessors be constructed by the Jewish nation.

The current effort to rebuild the Temple is not supported by Israel’s government or universally supported within Judaism, but the step toward performing the arcane red heifer ceremony doesn’t just imply a return to the Holy Temple service; it points to the nearness of Moshiach and the ultimate redemption of Israel. According to Rambam, nine red heifers were brought in previous times, the tenth red heifer will be presented by Moshiach himself.

Abu Obeida may not be versed in all Jewish traditions, but he does realize the ultimate threat to Hamas claims of Muslim superiority: The reconstruction of the Temple and the resumption of the holy services there.

Put this together with the plan to impose restrictions on Arabs entering the Temple Mount during Ramadan....

Government ministers clash over Temple Mount restrictions during Ramadan

Mind vs. Heart (Emotions)

10 Adar Alef 5784

The following is a repost of a 5775 blog entry in preparation for the next one up about the approaching "sacrifice" of the Red Heifer on the Mount of Olives.

"There is a way that seems right to a man, 
but its end is ways of death." (Mishlei 14.12)

We hear everywhere, every day - "a war for hearts and minds." It means that both your heart and your mind - both your corporeal and your spiritual self - are being wooed away from your Creator by the Satan and his minions, whoever they may be and wherever they may be found.

But, difficult as that is, there is still another aspect of it and that is the battle that's going on between your heart and your mind - the battle of mind over emotion - and in this generation the mind is losing badly.

We are fortunate above all people because we have The Law. We are not left moorless in the ocean of emotion that leads other peoples astray. We are not left leaderless and guideless to determine by our own inadequate feelings what is right and what is wrong. We are not left alone in a hefker world where everyone has his own "truth" and his own "path" to some amorphous god. We have The Law or more precisely The Instruction Manual for Life given by the Creator of the World and it tells us everything we need to know to live a successful and directed life.

In a directed world, the highest value is Truth. In a "hefker" world (and I put it in quotes because while that is it's appearance, it is far from the reality), Personal Happiness is the highest value and the measure by which every action is judged. In the directed world, mind rules over emotion and in the hefker world, emotion rules. Each person is free to and must do whatever "feels" right to him/her.

But, know, however, that the mind is no more reliable than the heart unless it is rooted in the Holy Law - the Torah of Hashem. ...[for example] the Law of the Land of Eisav [has] become enslaved and subservient to the debased heart of mankind.

...we read in Parshat Chukat about the most mysterious law in the Book of the Law - the ashes of the red heifer, while contaminating all who prepare it, purifies those on whom it is sprinkled. Even the wise Shlomo HaMelekh reportedly could not fathom it. And we learn from this law that we obey whether it feels right to us or not - the mind must rule the heart. 

...We have to do teshuvah every single day - examining our actions, their motivations, any errors that were made that need correcting. Today, when you sit down to finish the books at the end of the day, check to see which one is controlling your decisions - your mind or your heart.

"The heart is deceitful above all..."  (Yirmiyahu 17.9)

~ ~ ~


10 Adar Alef 5784 

~ ~ ~

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16 February 2024

"The Holiest Object on Earth"

7 Adar Alef 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Terumah

The Holiest Object on Earth – Rabbi Meir Kahane

“They shall make an Ark of acacia wood” (Ex. 25:10)

G-d established the whole framework of a holy Temple, holy objects and holy people (Kohanim and Levi'im) to create a miniature world, perfect and complete, holy and pure.  It was meant to symbolize the larger world and to guide us in how our world is supposed to look. One of our most important principles is:  “To the L-rd belongs the earth and everything in it” (Ps. 24.1).  Everything belongs to G-d, and nothing that ostensibly belongs to man is really his.  Rather, it is only given to him to use.  The concept of holiness provides a concrete example to help us understand the essence of property here on earth – that it belongs exclusively to G-d and not to man.

The ark is the essence of the Tabernacle and the Temple, both of which were established for its sake. As Rashbam wrote (Ex 25:10), “For the sake of the ark, which is the essence of “they shall make Me a sanctuary”(Ex. 25:8), it was necessary to make a Tabernacle.”

This accords with Shemot Rabbah, 34:2:  First it says, “Have them bring Me an offering” (Ex. 25:2), and then, “Make an ark of acacia wood” (v. 10).  Just as the Torah preceded everything, so too, in the fashioning of the Tabernacle, the ark preceded all the other vessels.

The reason that the ark came first was that the two tablets and the Torah scroll were inside it.  The ark was the only object standing inside the Holy of Holies behind the partition [parochet]. G-d made it the holiest object on earth, when He confined, so to speak, His Divine Presence, and spoke to Moses from between the two cherubs:  “I will commune with you there, speaking to you from above the ark cover, from between the two cherubs that are on the Ark of Testimony”(Ex. 25:22); and, "Moses would hear the voice speaking to him from between the two cherubs on the ark cover over the Ark of Testimony. The L-rd thus spoke to him” (Num. 7:89).

G-d made the Ark “His place”, so to speak, in this world, thereby making it a symbol of His omnipotence, isolation and aloneness, a symbol that we must trust in Him alone, as Hezekiah said when he prayed to G-d to save the city from Sennacherib (II Kings 19:15):  “O L-rd, G-d of Israel, Who sits upon the cherubs. You are G-d, alone, of all the kingdoms on the earth. You made heaven and earth.”

Indeed, the ark was the earthly seat of G-d, “Who sits upon the cherubs”, and it became a symbol of G-d's omnipotence and Israel's obligation to trust in Him.  R. Shmuel bar Nachmani said (Pesikta DeRav Kahana 123a):  "Wherever Scripture uses the term 'Master” [Adon], it alludes to G-d's uprooting one group and bringing in another.  The prototype is,  “Behold, the ark of the covenant of the Master of all the earth” (Josh. 3:11).  There G-d uprooted the Canaanites and brought in Israel.  Thus the Ark is the symbol of the L-rd of all the earth, its Creator and Master, Who removes nations from lands – the Canaanites and Ishmaelites – and brings in other nations – Israel – and none can protest.

Yet the ark symbolizes more than that, for it also symbolizes G-d's ability to control and alter all the laws of nature, laws He established.  Following is Bereshit Rabbah, 5:7 “Joshua said to the Children of Israel, 'Come hither'” (Josh 3:9)R. Huna said,  “He made [the Children of Israel] stand between the two poles of the ark.”  R. Acha bar R. Chanina said,  “He made them lean between the two poles of the ark.”  The Rabbis said,  “He made them fit precisely between the two poles of the ark.”  Joshua said to them,  “From the fact that you all fit between the two ark poles, you know that the Divine Presence is among you.”  G-d transformed the ark into the symbol of His control over the laws of nature, for here, the smaller contained the larger.  Where was this?  “Between the poles”,  the poles with which the Levi'im carried the ark.

Our sages likewise said (Sotah 35a): As soon as the last Israelite ascended from the Jordan, the water returned to its place:  “As the Kohanim who bore the ark of the covenant of the L-rd came up out of the Jordan, as soon as the soles of their feet were drawn up onto dry ground, the water returned to its place” (Josh. 4:18)  It turns out that the ark and its carriers and the Kohanim were on one side, and the rest of Israel were on the other.  The ark carried its carriers, and it crossed...  For this Uzza was punished, as it says,  “When they came to the threshing-floor of Chidon, Uzza put forth his hand to hold the ark” (I Chron. 13:9).  G-d said to him, “Uzza, if the ark carries its carriers, surely it can carry itself!”  And "the L-rd's anger was kindled against Uzza, and He smote him there for his error” (II Sam. 6:7).

Thus, here, too, the ark took control of the laws of nature when it carried its carriers, demonstrating to Israel the Law of Faith and Trust: G-d's ark does not need carriers.  Rather, it carries itself as well as all those who ostensibly carry it.  For this reason, it was forbidden to carry the ark in a wagon.   Being able to carry itself, it needed no help. Yet, G-d decreed that the ark must be carried on shoulders to emphasize that if Israel “carried it on their shoulders” (i.e. accepted the yoke and burden of the ark), then the ark would carry them always.  Whoever forgets this law and tries to “help” G-d is punished, all the more so that someone who thinks the ark and its Master lack the power to help, and instead trusts in the nations, commits an unbearable sin.

The ark is the symbol of G-d's place in the world, and the poles that carry it are the concrete symbol of G-d's unlimited power, His omnipotence, greatness and majesty.  G-d desired that these poles – symbolizing G-d's greatness and our duty to trust in Him infinitely – would be before the eyes of Israel always.  He therefore decreed a wondrous decree:  The Kohanim brought the ark of the covenant of the L-rd to its place, into the Temple sanctuary, into the Holy of Holies, even under the wings of the cherubs...  The ark poles were so long that the ends of the poles were seen from the holy place, even before the Sanctuary, but they could not be seen outside.  (I Kings 8:6, 8)  Our sages comment (Menachot 98 a):  “The ark poles were long”:  I might think they did not touch the partition. 

It therefore says, “They were seen.”   If they could be “seen”, I might think they tore through the partition to the other side.  It therefore says, “They could not be seen without.”  How can this be?  They pushed and protruded against the partition like a woman's two breasts, as it says, “My beloved is unto me as a bag of myrrh that lies between my breasts” (Song of Songs 1:13)  The Talmud's point is that G-d wished every Jew who came to the Sanctuary to always see the poles and remember what they symbolized: that we are obligated to have perfect, complete faith in G-d's omnipotence.  Yet since the partition separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the Temple, G-d established that the poles should stretch so far that they abut the partition, protruding like a woman's breasts.  Thus, whoever passed by saw the protrusion and drew the lesson.

Woman is the symbol of man's love and desire, for there is no love in man's nature greater than his love for woman.  Precisely for this reason G-d created man and woman, so they would be bound together with fierce love and desire, ready to sacrifice for each other and to give of themselves to an extent unheard of in any other relationship.  They would be willing even to sacrifice their lives for each other, so strong is that love.  Being so fiercely bound to another human being is the apex of man's breaking down his selfishness, arrogance and evil impulse.  G-d created this bond so that man would understand from it – at least in part – how powerful must be his love for G-d.  Thus, if a husband is ever unfaithful to his wife, it constitutes betrayal of the true concept of love and a dreadful lie looming over the marital relationship.  G-d decreed that this must be an exclusive relationship founded on mutual trust, a symbol of the prohibition against the dreadful sin of polytheism, worshiping idols as well as G-d (Ex.20:3).

Observe the fierce love between Israel and G-d, which is always compared to the love between a man and woman, the fiercest love man can imagine.  G-d compared the ark poles to a woman's breasts.  This would seem to be the reason that one of G-d's names is Shad-dai [Hebr. shad = breast].  Likewise, as we have written, the cherubs hug each other, like the love between man and woman.

How fortunate one would be to reach this level of love for G-d!
[Source: compiled by Tzipora Liron-Pinner from “The Jewish Idea” of Rabbi Meir Kahane HY”D] 


15 February 2024

We Are Very, Very Close Now

6 Adar Alef 5784 

This is the current headline story on every news site...

We are really at the very verge of an unprecedented missile war from the North which will bring Mashiach Ben Yosef into the open, remove the power from the Erev Rav, and put an end to the "Two-State (Final) Solution" forever.

If you thought this process would continue to drag out forever, think again.  We now have the timetable and like Amalek of the past, the current crop thinks Adar is the best time to annihilate us.  The "joke" is on them!!
The Biden administration and a small group of Middle East partners are “rushing to complete a detailed, comprehensive plan for long-term peace between Israel and Palestinians, including a firm timeline for the establishment of a Palestinian state, that could be announced as early as the next several weeks,” the Washington Post reported Thursday morning.

According to the report, the urgency of completing such a plan is directly tied to efforts to halt the fighting in Gaza and secure the release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas and allied terrorist factions.

U.S. and Arab officials said that an initial six-week cease-fire would provide time to publicize the plan, garner support and take preliminary steps toward its implementation, including the formation of an interim Palestinian government.

Planners are hopeful that a hostage deal can be secured before the start of the month of Ramadan, [March 10] a time of heightened religious fervor that could exacerbate already high tensions with Palestinians in the West Bank and within Israel in less than a month. "The key is the hostage deal," a U.S. official told the newspaper.

As the United States and its partners in the plan, including Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Palestinian representatives, work toward reaching agreements among themselves, there is concern that a wide-scale Israeli military operation in the southern Gaza Strip’s highly crowded Rafah, which hosts over a million Palestinians displaced by fighting, could derail this effort and the prospect of securing a hostage deal.

“The elephant in the planning room is Israel, and whether its government will acquiesce to much of what is being discussed: The withdrawal of many, if not all, settler communities on the West Bank; a Palestinian capital in East Jerusalem; the reconstruction of Gaza; and security and governance arrangements for a combined West Bank and Gaza,” the report noted.

“The hope is that Israel would also be offered specific security guarantees and normalization with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states that would be hard to refuse.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has given no indication that he is ready to budge on either Hamas' demands for a hostage deal, or his opposition to a Palestinian state.

...U.S. officials said the menu of actions under consideration include early U.S. recognition of a Palestinian state — even as elements of political reform, security guarantees for both Israel and the Palestinians, normalization and reconstruction are being implemented.

“We don’t want to lose the momentum of this moment by doing this in pieces and in parts,” said a U.S. official briefed on the talks. There is a desire, the official said, to know “what this looks like from day one.”

One Arab official said Hamas’s political wing should be included in the talks, if not in the future government. “We need someone there who represents them to ensure they’re on board with this,” the official said.


14 February 2024

Eretz Yisrael - Am Yisrael - Torat Yisrael

6 Adar Alef 5784

Do you recall the Arab name for the Simchat Torah Massacre - Al Aqsa Flood?  It very appropriately described their flooding over the border and sweeping through the kibbutzim leaving utter destruction in their wake.  

However, they were not the only ones.  The same horrendous event brought upon us a literal flood of missionaries and missionary activity throughout the Land and its chosen victims were the survivors themselves.  

They flooded down South to view and experience and share the horror of it all with their donors and followers.  They flooded to military bases and other places where they could meet up with chayalim.  They flooded through the refugee hotels and brought gifts and money and offers of  "counseling".  

Although it's a little known fact, they were also allowed to bring the same sort of love and support to the "innocent" Gazan civilians while under IDF military escort.  

Everywhere the US military goes in the Middle East, its missionaries are following in their wake to do the mopping up.  Since we are a US-occupied nation, the same thing is taking place here.  And there are plenty of insane Israelis who think it's a wonderful idea - that a Christian Arab makes a better neighbor than a Muslim one.  Yes, that's one solution to the problem with Gaza - convert all the Muslims to Christianity, God forbid!!

~ ~ ~

As I wrote in the previous post:  The agenda from the very beginning has been to terrorize and traumatize the Jews in Israel into capitulation and assimilation - take over our land, flood us with goyim, and destroy authentic Judaism.

I believe that this is the plan in a nutshell.  This is nothing less than "The Ultimate Final Solution to the Jewish Problem" and everything comes down to these three points of attack - The Three Pillars of our very foundation - Eretz Yisrael, Am Yisrael, and Torat Yisrael. 

I want to show you how it works.  The attack can come at any one point, or more than one at the same time, or as in the following case, it can come in disguise as support for one of the points while hitting the other two.

~ ~ ~

A very special venture materialized out of the destructive power of our latter-day Flood and it is Judeo-Christian (Hellenism) to its core - a Whose Who of the "One New Man."

They call the organization "Keep God's Land."

The argument is flawed from the beginning:  "It's our job to help Israel keep it."  

First of all, according to our Torah, our possession of this Land is tied to Jewish adherence to the Covenant of Sinai.  Our faithfulness and obedience to the Torah is what ensures that we keep the Land.  If we fail to keep the covenant, we lose the Land, although with true repentance we can get it back.  But it's a matter strictly between us and HKB"H alone, without any 'help' or interference, especially from practitioners of avodah zarah.  

In point of fact, an alliance with avodah zarah will guarantee our expulsion!  

Any Jew (or Jewish organization) -  I don't care how well-known and regarded - who "partners" with Christians is also guilty of avodah zarah by association and will reap the well-earned reward of their betrayal!

Second, there is a world of theology tied up in the language they use:  Whose "God"? (Because Jews and Christians definitely do not serve the same one).  Who makes up "Israel"?  (Because for Christians, it's them together with the Messianic Jews as One New Man).  These Christians believe they have a share in the inheritance of this Land by virtue of their spiritual status and they are already here to claim it.  They want it for themselves!!
~ ~ ~

(Click on link.  You may be surprised.)

~ ~ ~
'Keep God's Land': Israel365 Builds Christian-Jewish Unity in Wake of Oct. 7 Tragedy

...a Jewish rabbi is counting on brave young leaders, specifically American Christians, to come to the Holy Land this year to learn how to stand up for truth about Israel and defend it in America.

Tuly Weisz leads an organization dedicated to strengthening Israel through relationships between Jews and Christians and, in the wake of Hamas' murderous attack, a grassroots movement is springing up to defend Judea and Samaria – Israel's biblical heartland.

Founded by Weisz in 2012, Israel365 and an associated movement that's spread since war with Hamas began Oct. 7, The Keep God's Land Young Leader Fellowship, plans to train a new generation of Christian Zionist leaders, serving, praying and studying with their Jewish family in the Holy Land this year.

Weisz believes a unified response from Christians and Jews who believe the Bible is a shield of protection that will lead to victory against Israel's enemies.

To that end, American Christians will travel to Israel March 24th for Keep God's Land Young Leader Fellowship. For two weeks, they will learn alongside Jewish brothers and sisters – in mutually respectful ways – how to advocate and build pro-Israel communities in America through coordinated events.  (Read in full here.)
So-called Modern Orthodoxy finally got too close to the edge and has essentially fallen outside the realm of what makes up proper "Orthodoxy".  All of the Erev Rav actively involved with avodah zarah claim to be "Orthodox."  Well, they just lie!!  Same as their Christian "brothers and sisters" do!!

Israel365 is about Bringing Jews and Christians together to support Israel.
NOVEMBER 27, 2023

Christian Zionist Emily Talento says she knows that fighting for Israel and the Jewish people has been a “fierce battle” since October 7, but she is ready to stand for Israel on the frontlines.

A student at Yeshiva University’s new master’s program in Jewish Studies for Christian students, Talento was raised to love the Bible and the land of Israel. On that “Black Shabbat,” she and her peers were watching the massacre play out on their phones while feeling helpless.

“The awful thing was happening, and we couldn’t do anything to help,” Talento told The Jerusalem Post during a conversation at a Jerusalem bistro. She was in the country on the Keep God’s Land Mission, a program of Israel365. “Getting the opportunity to come to Israel was just literally a godsend.”

Eight Christian women and two Jewish women in their 20s arrived in the country last Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and left on Monday, November 27, to be part of the Israel365 trip. These were all women who had been to Israel before, but have currently returned in order to learn how they could better advocate for the Jewish state through their faith amid rising antisemitism and anti-Zionism.
The pathological need too many Jews have for the help, the sympathy, the validation, the acclaim, the love, even the defense of non-Jews, especially from those who openly proclaim their commitment to avodah zarah, indicates a very sick soul.  By their very "need," they demonstrate their lack of faith and trust in HKB"H and instead have placed it in Iron Dome, Zionism, Judeo-Christianity, Israel advocacy, etc. etc. ad nauseum.  

To sum up, this organization, admittedly created as a result of the Simchat Torah Massacre, is an attack at two points of our foundation while claiming to support the third, which they do only out of self-interest.  From the Christian side, they are bringing ever more of their kind into Israel and mixing them with Jews, pushing The One New Man paradigm, and from the Jewish side, they are watering down and redefining (modernizing) Judaism in line with the New Universalist Religion of the NWO.

To be continued, iy"H...