31 January 2021


 18 Shevat 5781

When the first reports started coming out about what was happening at the Nazi "detention/work" camps, very few would believe it.  After the war, even with all the proof, people still had a very hard time taking it in - how could so many doctors and scientists and ordinary people be complicit in mass murder?

One man was the public face of it and one man remains the face of the devil who inspired it, but it was not one man who carried out the plan - the plan formulated out of an evil conspiracy.

At the End of Days, all the enemies of Israel will return.


Three thousand died in ten months of 2020.  Now, 1500 have died in January 2021 alone. 

New Strain? Or Antibody Dependent Enhancement?

Scientists have been trying to make coronavirus vaccines for decades and have not been successful. Previous SARS-CoV vaccines that they initially thought were successful because of the robust antibody production, turned out to make the disease worse when subjects were challenged by infection.

So let’s look at antibodies.

There are neutralizing antibodies and binding antibodies (aka, non-neutralizing antibodies). We want neutralizing antibodies but not the binding antibodies. Binding antibodies do not “neutralize” the virus when they bind, and rather, their presence indicates a potential problem.

Previous coronavirus vaccine candidates (for example, for SARS-CoV), caused the production of higher levels of binding antibodies which caused disease enhancement which in turn actually killed test subjects (animals) who received the vaccines. This is called “Antibody-dependent enhancement”.

...“Concerns persist that COVID-19 vaccines could cause antibody-dependent enhancement, which can potentiate viral entry into host cells and worsen disease.”

Most people don’t know this. Most people have never heard of this. Maybe the big media networks don’t find this important to share with the public, or maybe it’s just plain censorship.

...From Marc Hellerstein, professor of nutritional sciences and toxicology of the University of California, Berkeley:
“…antibodies are not the primary protective response to infection by coronaviruses, the family of viruses that includes SARS-CoV-2. Indeed, high antibody levels to these viruses are associated with worse disease symptoms…”

“The most worrisome part, he said, is that antibodies also can make subsequent infections worse, creating so-called antibody-dependent enhancement. Two vaccines — one against a coronavirus in cats and another against dengue, a flavivirus that affects humans — had to be withdrawn because the antibodies they induced caused potentially fatal reactions.”

While current vaccines being developed have been touted in the news as successful (giving the CEOs a chance to sell high while they can – Moderna / Pfizer), their “success” is based on antibody production… not on challenging the test subjects/participants with the virus to see if there is successful protection from, or enhancement of disease.

BUT, maybe they’ve addressed the antibody issue and there’s no need to worry, because it’s all been taken care of…? Hopefully?

Well, according to a study published this month, in November 2020:
“…the detailed mechanism of ADE [antibody-dependent enhancement] and how to resolve this in coronavirus infections is not yet totally clear. From previous research on ADE in other coronaviruses, in particular SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, it appears that the existence of ADE will elicit more severe body injury… This may affect the results of vaccine therapy. The presence of this phenomenon in these two coronaviruses indicates a potential risk in the vaccine therapy for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, as it shares the same viral receptor and similar genome sequence with SARS-CoV. SARS-CoV-2 may have a similar mechanism of viral entry and thus may share similar mechanisms of ADE. This novel coronavirus has not long been known, so studies in this field have not yet led to any conclusions.”
That… doesn’t exactly give us much confidence.

And the vaccines are coming. Soon.

So, I have questions: Why isn’t anyone talking about this? Where is the news media on this subject? Why did I have to use “DuckDuckGo” to find these sources..? Is no one concerned about the potential for disease enhancement and turning this current virus into a very real problem for the masses who are not currently at risk?

I hate to say that I’m pretty sure I already know the answer.

We’re not supposed to know about this.

Because when no one knows about this, the fallout can be spun in whatever direction is preferable.

When the vaccine is distributed and millions of people choose to receive it, will it prime the immune system for an enhanced infection, causing more severe symptoms, when these individuals eventually contract it?

There’s literally no reason to believe it won’t do this. Pharmaceutical companies aren’t exactly full of integrity, and they have NO LIABILITY for what their vaccines will do to people.

Will we hear about this being linked to the vaccine?


Who wants to bet it will be called a “new strain”.


Can Some Antibodies Worsen COVID-19? The Odd Situation of Enhancement

Covid Vaccine: The Problem of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement

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28 January 2021


 15 Shevat 5781

Back in October, there was a report of a "leaked government roadmap" out of Canada, allegedly revealed by a government official who was uncomfortable with its aims.  At the time, no one was sure whether to believe it or not.  Well, from January 28, 2021, I think we can all see that everything is going precisely according to the PLANdemic.

So, here we are at this point in their plan (outlined in red above):

  • Mutation ("variant") blamed for increased infections and mortalities.  
  • Hospitals overwhelmed.
  • "Enhanced" lockdown.
  • Full travel restrictions.

In recent days, all of these bullet points have appeared in the daily headlines.  Here is a sampling...

  • Alarm Grows Over Variants
  • Woman Dies in Ambulance as All Hospitals Are Full
  • Government shuts down incoming and outgoing flights
  • Israel to close all land border crossings 
  • No End to Lockdown in Sight

See HERE for the real cause of the quickly increasing mortality rate as well as the reason for the strain on medical facilities.

And here is a very important share
VICTIMS OF THE VACCINE (Right-click on the page to translate to English.  Some screenshots are in Hebrew and some are in English.)

~ ~ ~

The Truth can't be hidden forever, but meanwhile, there are pockets of light amidst the darkness:  

Secular Farmers Send Tons of Food and Message of Support To Residents of Bnei Brak

~ ~ ~

Corona/Covid-19 Virus Censorship and Confusion


UNRELATED BUT INTERESTING: After pressure from America brought another few thousand Christian Ethiopians to Israel, now the pressure is on to accept Conservative converts, perhaps hundreds, perhaps thousands, from Uganda [Jewish leaders condemn Israel’s rejection of Ugandan Jews from immigrating]. Why do Americans want so badly to flood Israel with African gentiles???

You have to give the Arabs credit here. They've caught on to the New World Religion: Palestinian fatwa bans Muslims from following 'modern Abrahamic faith'

27 January 2021

They Will Go As Far As We Let Them

15 Shevat 5781
Rosh Hashanah l'Ilanot

We can say, "No.  No more!!"  But we'd have to say it all together and how likely is that to happen?

Get ready for "double-masking" and a third dose of vaccine!!!  And very likely an unending lockdown, unless we beg HKB"H for His boundless mercy with all our hearts!!  HE is our only way out of this!

Dr. Fauci says that wearing two masks is better than one for warding of coronavirus. “If you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on, it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective,” said Fauci, “And that’s the reason why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an N95.”

On Wednesday, Jan. 27, Pfizer and Moderna, the two prominent producers of covid vaccines, said they were stepping into the breach and working on providing a third dose for extra security against the swarming variants. It would be added to the regular two doses, although they appear so far to be effective.

...Israel is heading for another week of countrywide lockdown, meaning that plans to reopen pre-schools and low grades and street shops on Feb. 1 would be shelved, at enormous financial cost and human suffering. But PM Binyamin Netanyahu endorses the ministry’s demand to extend the shutdown as unavoidable. For how long? That depends on how the infection figures go, he says.

26 January 2021

Nine Months and 45 Days (Part 3)

14 Shevat 5781

[Part 1, Part 2]

Considering what you've just read in the Urgent Vaccine Updates (1 and 2), if, God forbid, we would be delayed another year, or even another six months, reaching the geulah shleimah, how much damage will have been done to Klal Yisrael, how many whole and intact people will be left, Hashem yerachem?

And if this is all a big test - to follow the Nazis to the death chambers or to run away from them - well, then, now that the appointments have been opened up to all, regardless of age, the test should be over, especially as it is now reaching the point of the helpless children and unborn becoming subject to it - those who have no choice in the matter.

If Hashem chooses to show mercy to us, however undeserving we are of it, He can consider the nine months having passed and move us on to the next stage of the chevlei MashiachBut, He can just as easily consider those nine months as having not even begun yet, Hashem yerachem.

However, if my son was correct many months ago when he said to me:  "I know why Purim will continue to be celebrated into the Messianic Age.  It's because it was the last holiday we celebrated normally in 2020 and it will be the first one we celebrate normally, iy"H, in 2021."  G-d willing, his words will come true and it will begin with the transition waiting within the kedushah of TU b'Shevat.

I have reason to believe the outbreak of WW3 is the next major event on the geulah horizon.  I know, I know, it's been talked to death, but that's only because it hasn't happened yet, not because it is never going to happen.  It has to happen.  This is what will interrupt the mad rush to vaccinate and bring down the Erev Rav for good and keep the nations occupied while Mashiach takes charge in Eretz Yisrael.  We could be building the Third Beit HaMikdash by Tisha b'Av and Gog of Magog could be invading by Sukkot only to be taken down by the Kochav miYa'aqov!!

That's my vision.  That's my hope.  That's my prayer.  Please, HASHEM!

If you were so blessed of HKB"H to find yourself safely on the "Ark," say a special prayer of thanksgiving.  After the on-again-off-again closures throughout the past year of corona, it looks like the "Ark" door may finally have closed for good - at least until Pesach. I trust everyone is satisfied with the choice they have made.

'No country has done what we are about to do,' Netanyahu says amid fears over coronavirus mutations.

In an unprecedented move, the Israeli government on Sunday approved a total shutdown of Ben Gurion Airport, starting midnight between Monday and Tuesday until at least January 31.

“No country has done what we are about to do,” Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the beginning of the coronavirus cabinet discussion.

“We are closing Ben Gurion Airport today. In contrast to what people are saying, we are ahead of the entire world. We are doing it, we are hermetically closing the skies, excluding very rare cases, in order to prevent the entry of the virus’s variants, and to ensure that we advance speedily with our vaccination campaign,” Netanyahu relayed.

According to a report by outlet Walla News, during cabinet deliberations, the Israeli premier stressed that the airport closure would include the suspension of Jews immigrating into the country -- for the first time in the Jewish state’s history.

Minister of Aliyah and Integration Pnina Tamano-Shata objected to the proposal, saying “immigrants should land tomorrow from Ukraine. There are old people and children who cannot be abandoned, after selling their houses and are currently heading to Israel with nothing but luggage.”

Netanyahu in response said that they must wait a week and that their entry would be taken care of by an exceptions committee, Walla News reported.

Maybe Mashiach will be the one to open them again and by that time, maybe those who thought they preferred chutz la'aretz will have changed their minds.

It's only a matter of hours now... 

URGENT VACCINE UPDATE!! (Part 2: The Response)

14 Shevat 5781

(Read Part 1 here.)

In a recent lecture about the vaccine, Rabbi Alon Anava called out only one rabbi by name - Rabbi Elimelech Firer of the Ezra LeMarpeh "non-profit medical support" Organization.  Today, he is also being called out by Rabbi Uri Sofer.

As I received it by email (Google translated)...

Exposure: Demonstration of vaccine victims against Elimelech Firer who refuses to give explanations!

Today, at 8 pm, a first demonstration will be held in front of Rabbi Elimelech Firer's house, 15 Rambam St., Bnei Brak. For details, Uri Sofer, head of the 100 Vaccine Victims Organization Email 4245214@gmail.com. 

Prepare a class action lawsuit against Firer and also the activist organization of Rabbi Yoav Ayalon 0430112120 extension 3. or by email 4245214@gmail.com.

A class action lawsuit is being filed against Firer who hid that the EU has found a very dangerous and carcinogenic substance that the law prohibits the introduction of any drug in addition to sterilization that prevents pregnancy, just as they did to a million women in Nigeria! Preliminary studies prove severe infertility! 

Pfizer's answer: A large study on infertility will only be found in 2023. And the very carcinogenic substance, indeed, is not allowed to be found in any drug by law. In violation of the Patient Rights Act! The lawsuit will result in the bankruptcy of Firer's organization, which sits on hundreds of millions donated for the purpose of medical advice and has not been realized. Firer does not give medical advice, only to wealthy people.

[NOTE: I'm not sure when this was written, so "today" might have been yesterday.]

From the Hebrew... 

חשיפה:הפגנת נפגעי החיסונים נגד אלימלך פירר שמסרב לתת הסברים! היום ב8 בערב תתקיים הפגנה ראשונה מול ביתו של רב אלימלך פירר,רח' רמב"ם 15 בני ברק.לפרטים אורי סופר,ראש ארגון 100 נפגעי חיסון 0533100170 . 3100170@gmail.com וגם ארגון הפעילים של רב יואב אילון 0430112120 שלוחה 3. או במייל 4245214@gmail.com. מכינים תביעה ייצוגית נגד פירר שהסתיר שהאיחוד האירופאי מצאה חומר מסוכן מאד ומסרטן שהחוק אוסר להכניס לאף תרופה ובנוסף חומר עיקור שמונעת הריון,בדיוק כמו שעשו למיליון נשים בניגריה! מחקרים ראשונים מוכיחים פגיעה קשה בפוריות! תשובת פייזר:מחקר גדול לגבי פגיעה בפוריות תתברר רק ב2023.וחומר המסרטן מאד,אכן אסור להמצאה באף תרופה על פי חוק.חוץ מהתר נדיר ביותר למקראים של תרופה לחולים "סופניים" שימותו בלי חיסון,שניתנה ב2005.פירר הסתיר סטטיסטיקה של 22 תופעות לוואי בניגוד לחוק זכויות החולה! התביעה תגרום לפשיטת רגל של הארגון של פירר שיושבת על אות מיליונים שנתרמו למטרת ייעוץ רפואי ולא מומשו.פירר לא נותן ייעוץ רפואי,רק לבעלי ממון.. 
My understanding is that this Rabbi Firer is completely trusted by the Gedolim among our rabbis because of his longtime connection to the medical world. So highly respected is he that he was the one entrusted with investigating this vaccine and whether it was safe for people to take. He brought back word that after his own personally investigation, the vaccine was perfectly safe, and based on his reputation alone, his word was accepted by a good many of the really big rabbis in Israel.  Obviously, this was a lie of unfathomable proportions.  Even the pharmaceutical companies make no such claim.

HASHEM should grant Rabbi Uri Sofer much chizuk and hatzlachah!!


13 Shevat 5781

Have you noticed that the rest of the world seems to have slowed the rate at which their own vaccine effort is being "rolled out"?  They are waiting to see what will be with the Jews being experimented upon in Eretz Yisrael, Hashem yerachem.

But, whereas since the beginning of this coronavirus saga, every death was attributed to the virus, now, every death from the vaccine is being attributed to anything else it can be pinned on.  Even when there were no other pre-existing conditions, it's just coincidental that the person died of a heart attack within hours of receiving the vaccine.  "There is no proof that the vaccine was responsible."  Nor will there ever be "proof" if they can help it. 

It took nearly a year for them to count 3000 dead, even with stacking the numbers, and now, there are over 1000 in one month!  All of their numbers have shot up and their only explanation is this "variant" or that "variant."  This is just a not-so-clever cover-up for vaccine damage!  There were already 17 "variants" reported over the previous months.  I assure you what we are seeing and hearing is due to nothing else but the vaccine-poison.

Almost nobody is reporting what they know because they are terrified of being labeled a conspiracy theorist and being treated with contempt by the too-easily-fooled.  However, the truth is going to come out, is already beginning to come out, and when the full picture is known, we will see who the "murderers" really are - those who reject the vaccine or those who push the vaccine.  

I know very few people who have taken it, but everyone I know who has, either came down with COVID or had a serious adverse reaction.  And until today, I still know no one who has died of COVID-19!

Israeli member of Knesset and former minister of military affairs Avigdor Lieberman has revealed that a large number of the Israelis who received the second dose of a purported Israeli COVID-19 vaccine nevertheless contracted the disease, information that he said has been withheld by the regime.

“From a conversation today with a highly qualified source in the ministry of health, there is important information that is hidden from the public,” Lieberman said in an interview with Israel’s Channel 13 News on Monday.

“Hundreds of people, mostly adults, have been found to have been infected again after getting two vaccinations. This is not one or ten but rather hundreds,” he added.

Lieberman said the Israeli health ministry had launched an investigation into the issue, “but it has been decided to play down this story and [it] should be followed up.”

The director of the infectious disease prevention unit at Sheba Hospital, Professor Galia Rahav, Told Reshet Bet radio Tuesday night that because Israel has administered such a record-breaking amount of the coronavirus vaccine, local health authorities have recorded side effects that had not been known to Pfizer.

About 2.7 million in Israel received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine and 1.26 million also received the second dose.

Prof. Rahav explained that people who have been vaccinated come to the hospital with symptoms such as paralysis of the facial nerve and paresthesia—an abnormal sensation of the skin involving tingling, pricking, chilling, burning, and numbness. According to Rahav, these phenomena did not appear in the Pfizer study, and only after Israeli doctors had reported them to the company did they begin to appear in its reports.

Rahav pointed to “the involvement of all kinds of nerves that we can’t yet directly link to the vaccine,” and noted that “at first they said it was hysterical women, but it probably wasn’t, because we’ve seen it in men, too.”

Professor Rahav emphasized that these are probably transient effects and added that it is impossible to know for sure that the vaccine causes these effects, but because it’s a new vaccine, “one has to test, learn and see.”

Only now are we learning about the effectiveness of the vaccine in real life,” Rahav said. “In everyday life, you learn different things, the efficiency is a little different. When we vaccinate 2.5 million people at once, clearly we’ll see all kinds of phenomena occurring.

The Health Ministry reported Tuesday morning that 226,000 Israelis had been vaccinated on Monday. Since the beginning of the vaccination campaign, close to four million vaccine injections have been given.
And then there is this report allegedly from Rabbi Uri Sofer, who by the way, confirms that the Chareidi pregnant women recently reported on in the media who were hospitalized with COVID-19 had been given the vaccine before they and their unborn children became affected and were warned not to discuss it with anyone!!  To add insult to injury, literally, they are using this vaccine damage to lure more unsuspecting young pregnant women who have been lead to believe the Coronavirus is more dangerous than the vaccine.  I received the following in an email which claims it was put on Facebook in HaRav Uri Sofer's name.  Videos from the Rav speaking about it in Hebrew follow.
I am Rabbi Uri Sofer from Bnei Brak. I have been dealing with the Corona issue for a year.  I want to cry.  I get dozens of calls a day from people who want medicine for their loved ones who are sick with Corona.  The first question I ask everyone is if they got the vaccine, and almost all answer that they did get the vaccine.

One woman called that her sister is in critical condition at Laniado Hospital.  Pray for the healing of Mazal Tov Bat Sarah who is anesthetized on a ventilator, in a critical condition after receiving the vaccine.

The stories are difficult!!

A pregnant woman miscarried the fetus immediately after receiving the vaccine and the hospital warned her not to tell!!  Another pregnant woman miscarried within 24-hours of receiving the vaccine for C orona, and is in critical condition now.  I hear stories endlessly!! Thousands of people.

Sheba Hospital is asking to bring pregnant chareidi women to them, vaccinate them and do laboratory experiments to advertise to the world whether it is worth getting vaccinated against Corona or not.

Gentlemen, Mengele is back!!   We are the face of the trials of the world!! Opaque, obscure people do not see a crying truth, we who face the trials of the wicked Gentiles in the world. Pregnant women do not know what the risk is for this experimental vaccine!!

Gentlemen, gentlemen, They are deceiving the Gedolei Yisrael and lying to them.  This is some of the information shared with rabbanim:

Thursday, the month of Shevat, 2 lies are written:

1. It has been clearly demonstrated that there is *no risk* in receiving this vaccine.  Thousands shout that the vaccine ruined their lives. One is paralyzed after receiving the vaccine.

There is a school of disabled girls. They all got the vaccine, one died. They said it was just pneumonia. 16 years old died within one day... Everything from the vaccine!!

How can you not see?

2. It is written in the newspaper Yated Ne'eman that a person should take care not to infect others!!  The biggest lie!!  Pfizer themselves say that whoever gets vaccinated has the potential to infect others more severely.

A person who has been injected is a sabotage angel to infect others!!

The third lockdown has not helped because there are 2 million in the country who are infected.  Others are getting infected from the vaccine.  These are not mutations!!  They are trying to confuse the mind!!  They are covering up vaccine damage by calling it a mutation!

A person who has been infected by others, you are harming others!!   It is a complete lie to say that there is no risk in getting the vaccine!!

Pfizer and the FDA did not dream of it!!  They themselves warn against vaccination.   It will be awhile; 5 to 9 months after receiving the vaccine that the damage will begin to show.  It is already causing more than 10,000 people to be injured. There is full of information on the networks, in WhatsApps.  People go through paralysis, allergies. An ophthalmologist says that already a number of people have come to him with retinal edema, they are at risk of blindness from the vaccine.

This is our vaccine that is written about and it has been clearly proven that there is no risk in getting it.  A complete lie!!

It was reported this week that the EU had asked Pfizer for details on the vaccine because they had heard from doctors that it was toxic.  Pfizer said it was a high-level carcinogen that was banned from drug use but was allowed with special vaccines in 2005.

They were asked about the substance in the vaccine that causes infertility in men and women, and they said: "True, this is a substance that needs testing, but will not be tested by us but will only be tested in 2023!!!!!!!

This vaccine received an emergency use authorization; not a certificate of vaccination!  They are allowed to use it even though it contains a substance that causes infertility. Gentlemen, this is an official publication of the European Union. 'Pfizer' basically says that tests are needed.

We need to take to the streets! This is a terrible Holocaust!!!!!!!!!  Surely everyone knows of an injured relative.  Dozens of stories are coming to me.  The vaccine is against the law!!

Rabbi Moshe Karp told me that one rabbi quotes the Kaf HaChaim that it is permissible to take a vaccine, but he omitted the most important line from the words of Maran, the owner of the Kaf HaChaim: that the condition of getting a vaccine is that no one is ever harmed!!!

......You have no idea how many people suffer from vaccines and how many lectures by professors from around the world are deleted from the internet. Why silence it?  Why commit a crime?

But the Jews always knew not to believe in a system of wicked and Gentiles. The Gentiles are suspected of murder, it is written in the Torah. A medical establishment subordinate to the wicked must not be believed. There are billions of dollars poured into this project; turning us into lab mice. They want to dilute the world's populations and dilute Jews. Listen to doctors around the world saying this....


Nine Months and 45 Days (Part 2)

 13 Shevat 5781

"The last 45 days of Chevlei Moshiach will be more difficult than the first days. The troubles of those final days will move the community of Israel to do complete teshuva, and, thereby, they will be privileged to merit the geula."
There are 45 days from TU b'Shevat until Rosh Chodesh Nissan - the time of our redemption. This 45-day period is the "time of pre-redemption."

The Apter Rav, author of the Ohaiv Yisroel (end of Parshas Shlach) (1748-1825) zatzal explained that the month of Nissan is when the Jewish nation will ultimately be redeemed in the future. Forty days or so before this time is an “aschalta degeulah,” an awakening of the time of Bias HaMashiach – the arrival of Mashiach.

Chazal, therefore, established this time as a holiday with aspects of the sparks of the redemption that will occur in Nissan. It is this day, Tu B’Shvat, which is imbued with the holiness of the Aschalta – beginnings of the Geulah.

Therefore, all the halachos of Trumah, Maaser, Orlah, will begin on the day imbued with the holiness of the impending redemption.

Even though the redemption did not yet occur, the holiness is still inherent in the day. The Klausenberger Rebbe points out (Drashos 5741) that Avrohom Avinu baked Matzos on the day of Pesach even before it happened according to the Midrash (BR 48:12). Why? Because the holiness is part of the very day – even before it transpired. The same is true for Tu B’shvat.

We may ask, however, why is there a special minhag of eating the fruits of Eretz Yisroel on this day? And what is the further or deeper connection between the Rosh HaShana for trees and the future redemption?

We find in the Mechilta (BeShalach chapter 3) that Rabbi Yishmael tells us that the Red Sea was split through the merit of Yerushalayim. At first glance this seems bizarre. What does the redemption from Mitzrayim have to do with Yerushalayim?

The Midrash tells us (Esther Rabbah 1:9) that Yerushalayim is the way that Eretz Yisroel is often referenced because it is the center of Eretz Yisroel. We find, therefore, that this Mechilta is telling us that the merit of Eretz Yisroel brings about Geulah – redemption.


Tu B’Shvat, in its primary role, highlights the trees and fruits of what Eretz Yisroel is blessed with. It is the merit of Eretz Yisroel, that brought about the past Geulah from Egypt according to this Mechilta. It would seem very appropriate that the merit of Eretz Yisroel will bring about the future Geulah as well.

It would seem that these are the reasons for our halachic minhagim as well. We eat the fruit of Eretz Yisroel on Tu B’Shvat so that the Aschalta of the Geulah will materialize through the merit of Eretz Yisroel.
"The seven species are wheat, barley, grape, fig, pomegranates, olive (oil), and date (honey) (Deuteronomy 8:8). Their first fruits were the only acceptable offerings in the Temple."
Dates are referred to in the [Torah] ... as "honey."  Honey is the Torah's mystical aspect.  The study of the mystical aspects of Torah strengthens the inner dimensions of the Jewish soul, the essence of our being which controls our lives.

Dates are associated with Devorah the Prophetess who is mentioned in the Haftorah pertaining to TU b'Shevat.  She is described as judging the people "under the date palm of Devorah."  She shares a connection with the ultimate Redemption for through her efforts, "the land was at rest for forty years," and forty is associated with the Redemption.

So, the seeds of redemption are there, inherent in the day.  Perhaps they only need watering with enough of our tears of teshuvah to sprout forth.  

This would be the crunch time - the next 32 hours.  If you can think of anything that you can do to help bring our geulah to fruition, this is the time to do it!

By Shabbat Shirah I should think there will be some major sign that is evident to all that we are moving on to the next stage in the redemption process.  

(There may be a part 3 to this.)

21 January 2021


8 Shevat 5781

Jews have always greeted each other with the word "Shalom" - peace.  I wish you peace on the joy of meeting and I wish for you peace on the pain of parting.  "Shalom aleichem" - peace be upon you.  David HaMelech said, "I am peace but when I speak, they are for war." (Tehillim 120.7)  

Eisav loves war and the language of war.  After the shooting wars stopped at the end of WWII, Eisav invented new forms of war:  the War on Poverty, the War on Illiteracy, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, which eventually brought us back to the shooting wars.  But now, unique among them all, we've come to the Global War on COVID-19Eisav loves his wars and he loves the language of war.

But, don't be fooled into thinking this is really a war against a virus.  The virus is just an excuse.  The real war is a war on humanity itself.  Not content just to steal the hearts and minds of the people, they are coming now for the bodies.  And right now, they are coming for the children.  

The Israeli Defense Force has begun a new initiative in its fight for Israel’s survival on the medical home front, continuing its assistance to the nation in the battle with COVID-19 but now focusing especially on the need to educate children about the enemy.

The purple dragon sitting on the cover of the 11-page booklet, translated also into English and other languages, does not seem to be nice or friendly.
Dracorona, says IDF Home Front Command media spokesperson Lt. Col. (res) Tali Versano Eisman, is not a friendly dragon.

“We understand that it’s very important to say that the reality should be explained to children according to their level of understanding, their language and their emotional capacity,” Eisman told JewishPress.com in an interview.

Eisman, 46, spent 120 days on reserve duty last year, and describes her IDF position as being the spokesperson for the Home Front Command on children, “something like a national comforter for children.” In civilian life, Eisman is an academic lecturer in psychology, has a Masters Degree in political leadership, and is an administrator at a resilience center. 

...Explaining to children how to deal with the Coronavirus involves using all forms of modalities, Eisman says. “The stories are written for children ages 5 to 10.”

There is also a video of Kofiko, the beloved animated Israeli children’s monkey character, together with Eisman herself, talking about having to get a new COVID-19 vaccination shot. Kofiko expresses the fears and concerns of the children while Eisman provides the answers and explanations, helping to debunk and defuse any misconceptions the children might have.

A card game has been created and is being distributed through the classrooms by teachers to children ages 11 and 12.

And a Coronavirus Dictionary has also been produced (and translated) for distribution among children ages 10 to 12, through the schools.

...What about the older grades?

“We want the teenagers to be more active in their communities,” Eisman says. “In the older grades, we encourage them to volunteer, and to get vaccines.”

In addition, a special slogan with a song is being promoted through a special program in the schools that says in Hebrew: “Ani achra’ee Ma-Ma-Sh.”

It has a special meaning: “I am in charge, MAMASH”, has another meaning. The word “mamash” — which means “really” in Hebrew, in this case is an acronym for:
Ma — Masicha — mask
Ma — Mirchak — (social) distance
Sh — Shtifah — (Shtifat yadayim) — washing hands.

The IDF hopes the children will memorize this slogan, and then learn to live with it, at least for now.

As coronavirus cases keep surging despite the full lockdown, a senior health official said Wednesday there has been a noticeable surge in infections among children, adding that vaccinating them is a priority in order to achieve herd immunity. 

...Prof. Cyrille Cohen, head of the immunotherapy research lab at Bar Ilan University and member of the clinical trial advisory board: ..."We still do not have data on whether the vaccine prevents transmission," he explained. "Therefore, if the vaccine does not prevent transmission, then the protection an 18-year-old would get from it is relative since they are generally less prone to developing complications," he said. "But, if the vaccine does prevent transmission, then it is critical [to vaccinate younger people] in order to achieve herd immunity.

...According to Health Ministry data, as of Tuesday, 4,313 students have been confirmed to be infected [NOTE: positive test, not sick] with coronavirus, with the majority of them (3,517) from the ultra-Orthodox sector.

Of course!  How could it be otherwise?!

They have come for the children in the language of war.  How can we not mount a defense?  How do we meet this challenge?

19 January 2021


7 Shevat 5781

We just can't get away from this subject.  Lives are hanging in the balance and the propaganda machine has just lurched into overdrive.  And once again, it is Chareidim who are the focus of this new campaign - all pregnant women run for your vaccine or your baby will likely die!!  God forbid!!  What it really means is since Pfizer never tested their vaccine on pregnant women and since Israelis are now their test subjects, it's time to see what it can potentially do, so crank up the scaremonger machine.  Cue Ynet...

Doctors say hospitals are witnessing a most violent disease not seen in previous waves of the virus, and that the women who are members of the ultra-Orthodox community have no underlying conditions; infectious disease expert says pregnant woman may have to be vaccinated against coronavirus

At least nine pregnant women are in serious condition on Tuesday after they were hospitalized with COVID-19, raising concerns about their own and their babies chances of survival. 

...Professor Arnon Viznitzer, head of the Maternity said the current wave of COVID-19 appears to be more violent and is causing severe illness in a younger population.
It's full of language that turns a simple informative report into what is popularly known as fear porn - very manipulative propaganda. Mothers on ventilators, dead newborns, what could be more horrific!
...On Saturday, a newborn died after being delivered by cesarean section at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. Following the tragedy, health officials instructed all hospitals to provide a genetic DNA sequencing of the pregnant women in their care who are suffering from COVID-19.

Why?  What are they looking for?

Professor Galia Rahav, Director of the Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory at Sheba Medical Center said there may be a need to administer coronavirus vaccines to pregnant women in ultra-Orthodox population centers.

According to the health ministry the rate of contagion from COVID-19 in the Haredi sector is five times that found in the general population.

If that is true, it means only one thing.  They are being targeted for infection!!  They are being purposefully exposed.  If not true, how much longer can they claim the Chareidim have the highest infection rates - for over a year?!!  By now, how is it possible anyone in Bnei Braq hasn't already had it?!!

"These women hospitalized with serious respiratory distress and most come from ultra-Orthodox areas," Rahav said. "We are witnessing something we have not seen during the previous waves of the disease and that could be attributed to the new strains of the virus."
It could if you are looking for a plausible excuse that less informed people might buy into.  But the two most discussed "new variants" to date - the one from the UK and the one from South Africa, while reportedly being much easier to catch, nonetheless remains symptomatically "mild."  This is the first report ever of a new "deadly" strain and lo and behold, it arises in a country with over two million already vaccinated!  How bizarre is that?

Nowhere does it tell us whether any of these young pregnant women already received the vaccine, but if they did, it could explain a lot about why their babies became so distressed.

Two brave doctors, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Michael Yeadon, have issued a motion for administrative and regulatory action to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) regarding the new mRNA coronavirus vaccines developed by Pfizer/BioNTech. They warn that the vaccines can attack placenta cells, causing female infertility.
And if this occurs while a fetus is still in utero??? When the placenta goes, so does the baby, God forbid!

The Health Ministry is likely to recommend that pregnant women get vaccinated, according to its deputy director-general, Itamar Grotto. 

"We know that pregnancy" puts women at high-risk for a serious case of coronavirus, Grotto said in an interview with KAN News. "We recommend that pregnant women get vaccinated."

There is no doubt whatever in my mind that this is for the sake of the agreement Netanyahu the Terrible made with Pfizer.

Sources in the ministry have reportedly said that a decision on the matter will be finalized within the next day, likely one that gives preference to pregnant women. Until now, neither the World Health Organization nor Pfizer have recommended allowing pregnant women to get the jab because the company's clinical trials did not include pregnant people

Grotto's remarks came shortly after Dr. Gili Regev-Yochay, the head of Sheba Medical Center’s Infectious Disease Epidemiology Unit, said that she is also encouraging pregnant women to get vaccinated as more of them appear in the country’s coronavirus intensive care units in serious condition.

Every cog in the wheel has to do its part.  

To all pregnant women who are hesitant to go and get the COVID vaccine, I personally truly recommend it,” she said. “I think getting COVID while you are pregnant is worse than getting a vaccine that does not seem to be endangering pregnant women in any way. We are giving the flu and pertussis vaccine during pregnancy. An mRNA vaccine should not in any way be more dangerous, and the COVID infection definitely is” that kind of vaccine.

More than 30 pregnant women are hospitalized with the virus, including around 10 in serious or critical condition. There have been several premature cesarean deliveries in recent days for women who required intubation.

...The Israel Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, together with the National Council of Gynecology and Genetics and the Israeli Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine, sent a letter to the Health Ministry Monday morning calling on the ministry to approve having pregnant and nursing women vaccinated.

There is no scientific basis or facts* that indicate infertility as a result of the vaccine,” the society wrote. “Coronavirus can be harmful during pregnancy, causing more serious illness and premature birth.”

Similarly, Prof. Yariv Yogev, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Sheba, said during the Puah Institute’s annual conference earlier this month that pregnant women should get the jab, especially if they have risk factors.

He said that the vaccine does not cause abortions or malformations of the fetus and that it does not pass into the milk of breastfeeding women.*

However, at the conference, *fertility specialists noted that there is a lack of in-depth research on the subject and great uncertainty remains around the effects of the vaccine on fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and genetics.

When it comes to clinical trials, children and pregnant women are generally considered special populations and therefore they were not included in the Pfizer trials.

*“When it comes to this particular vaccine, people have to remember it is not an approved vaccine per se. It is a vaccine authorized under emergency use and the main reason for that is that we trust that the benefits of getting vaccinated outweigh the risks,” explained Prof. Cyrille Cohen, head of the immunotherapy laboratory at Bar-Ilan University. “When it comes to these populations – children and pregnant women – we have to ask ourselves if this premise is still true.”
Speaking of "children," that's coming, too.
Numa says youths between ages 10-16 make up age group with most morbidity in ultra-Orthodox sector; blames fake news for low Haredi turnout for COVID-19 vaccination
And this major headline at YWN is meant to stampede Chareidim to the vaccination centers. Let's pray it does not work!!
Israeli Hospitals Collapsing: “Soon We’ll Have To Decide Who Will Live & Who Will Die”

As if that decision is ever left in the hands of anyone but HKB"H!!!  Hashem yerachem!!

18 January 2021

How Far Will They Go? Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst and Never Stop Praying!!

 6 Shevat 5781

Someone recently commented that we need to move past the vaccine news.  So, how about this?

COVID-19 has surely been treated as such an alien threat.  And what could be more "alien" than a killer virus?  However, that aside, we've got credible people telling us that there are aliens, but they are no threat to us.  Quite the contrary, they only want to benefit humanity.

Trump Discusses Declassifying Roswell, Says He knows 'Very Interesting' Information 

Israel’s Former Space Security Chief Claims Aliens Exist, And Trump Knows 

COVID-19 bill started a 180-day countdown for UFO disclosures 

Iran Says 'Tall, White' Space Aliens Control America

Over the past year, we have seen quite an assault on Jewish life and virtually turning the Torah on its head to accommodate the "alien killer virus" and now its presumptive "cure."  I think we need to prepare ourselves and our families for the possibility of some "official announcement" that could be used to further corrupt or attempt to completely annihilate whatever is left to us of the Torah in the wake of such an eventuality.  

It's almost a given that those at the top of the NWO will claim to be ascended beings once they fully reveal themselves.  And, face it, their worst enemies, the most powerful force arrayed against them are the armies of Torah Jews.

If we are to survive the massive test of emunah that can rectify the sin of eating from the Eitz Ha'Da'at Tov v'Ra as well as the sin of the Eigel HaZahav, we'd better be 100% glued to HKB"H and HIS Torah.

We have to stay informed, but at the same time, we cannot shirk our spiritual work.  Our prayers, our learning, our tzedakah, our acts of chesed, the refinement of our midot - it's all more critical at this hour than possibly at any point in human history since Har Sinai.

We are at the very threshold of the Final Redemption, how could it be any other way?


5 Shevat 5781

[See this article in its entirety HERENote: This is a Google translation of the original.]


"A reading of the contract signed between the Israeli government and Pfizer shows clearly and unequivocally that this is a clinical study for all intents and purposes, and thus, it had to be approved by the Helsinki Committee," a senior official told Calcalist. What will be written in the committee's opinion.  "There is nothing wrong with clinical trials, on the contrary, but clinical trials (human trials) must get the committee's approval, and, of course, from the people on whom the trial is being conducted while giving the right to refuse to be part of a trial. These are very basic things."

Prof. Eitan Friedman, chairman of the Helsinki Committee, refused to comment on the publication and told Calcalist that the committee would convey its position in an orderly manner and in the usual ways - and not through the media. Since the committee is a statutory committee (established by virtue of the law), the practical meaning is that it will determine that the experiment on humans that Pfizer is currently conducting in Israel is illegal.


According to the Ministry of Health's website, the Supreme Helsinki Committee for Medical Experiments on Humans "is a statutory, multidisciplinary committee composed of physicians and researchers from various fields, jurists, ethicists and public figures and deals with proposals for genetic research in humans, in accordance with public health experiments. 1980 (hereinafter: the 'Public Health Regulations'), in accordance with the Helsinki Declaration, in accordance with and pursuant to the Genetic Information Law, 5761-2000 and the Prohibition of Genetic Intervention (Human Cloning and Genetic Alteration in Reproductive Cells) Law, 5769-1999, and accordingly To conduct medical experiments in humans. The committee also examines policy in its field of practice. "

The expected letter from the Helsinki Commission is of far-reaching significanceFirst, the committee can determine that the Israeli government must stop transmitting information to Pfizer - something that could cause Israel to violate a contract. If the government decides to ignore the committee's directive, every Israeli citizen will be able to submit to the High Court on the matter.


The committee can also demand that all Israeli citizens be informed that the results of the vaccine will be passed on to a third party and also oblige the Ministry of Health to seek the approval of the vaccinated on the subject.


In addition, neither the committee nor the citizens of Israel have any need to use legal tools: a short letter from the committee announcing that it does not approve the experiment - could destroy Pfizer's and the Israeli government's "project", as following that Pfizer letter you could not contact the FDA and seek the final approval for the vaccineIt is inconceivable that the FDA would finally approve a vaccine based on a clinical study rejected by the Israeli Helsinki Committee.


"Anyone who might claim that this is not a study is simply a liar. This is the most extensive study of human beings in the 21st century. Israel is becoming the experimental field, not to mention the backyard for the whole world. It may be a beautiful and altruistic thing - but citizens had to share Israel is doing that. " This is how Dr. Tehila Schwartz Altshuler explains, who supports the position of the Helsinki Committee in a conversation with Calcalist.

This news is just too good to be true.

The Orwellian New Age of Censorship

5 Shevat 5781  

For those who may not yet have experienced the consequences of this new age of censorship we have entered, I thought I'd give you a picture of how it looks.  

I had a complaint from a reader that they could not view the two recent videos I posted.  And that is no doubt because either their computer's security settings or else their internet provider's filtering system do not allow videos hosted on BitChute.  

Right now, BitChute is one of the few places left where content censored by Youtube can be hosted.  Consequently, many of the channels that Youtube has heavily censored or removed entirely from its platform have gone over to BitChute.

So, I downloaded the video of Professor Dolores Cahill which was linked to BitChute and renamed it and uploaded it to my Youtube channel.  Oh my, the moment I pressed the publish button, it was rejected and here is the email I received notifying me.

UPDATE: The video of Dr. Simone Gold which I also uploaded to my Youtube channel has now similarly been deleted with a second notification.

~ ~ ~

16 January 2021


4 Shevat 5781
Shavua Tov!

There is an unconfirmed report that a nursing home in Israel which managed to remain COVID-free for ten months suddenly had 30 COVID-positive residents who had to be evacuated to hospital two weeks after the first administration of the vaccine.

~ ~ ~

The rate of new infections are reportedly at an all-time high of over 9,000 per day after two weeks of total lockdown.  And we are three weeks since the beginning of vaccinations. Coincidence?

~ ~ ~

“Even with the green passport, Israelis will still require a negative COVID-19 test to enter Bahrain, because we are still carriers even after we have had the two vaccinations. … I am still a carrier, even though it’s not affecting me, and I go to your country, I could infect a lot of people if I have COVID-19,”....  (Source) 

~ ~ ~

I received the following report via email.  When contacted, the person to whom these remarks were attributed neither confirmed nor denied but simply stated that their name and the name of their organization could not be publicly connected to it.  You be the judge... 

...80% of all corona patients are people who did the vaccine!!!  There have been many cases of ‘heart attacks’, sudden deaths, collapsed victims, encephalitic reactions, convulsions, loss of consciousness within 2 or so weeks of taking the vaccine, autoimmune responses.  And just because a vaccinated person ‘feels fine’ doesn’t mean that there might not be an adverse reaction on a cellular level.

~ ~ ~

The Israeli Medical Association warns that Israelis who developed Bell’s palsy after receiving the first coronavirus vaccine dose should hold off on the second shot.

The IMA is also demanding information on how many Israelis suffered the facial paralysis from the vaccine.

“For those who develop facial paralysis after receiving the first vaccine dose, we are concerned about administering the second shot since there isn’t enough information worldwide on the issue,” Prof. Zion Hagay tells Channel 12, warning that steroid treatments for the condition could compromise the vaccine’s effectiveness.  (Source)

~ ~ ~ 

Some 13 people have experienced mild facial paralysis as a side effect after taking the COVID-19 vaccine, the Health Ministry reported, and estimates are that the number of cases could be higher.

Health officials have raised questions about whether or not to administer the second dose to these individuals, but the Health Ministry is recommending that the second dose be given. 

..."I recently came across, for example, someone vaccinated who was dealing with paralysis, and decided not to give her a second dose," Prof. Galia Rahav, director of the Infectious Diseases Unit at Sheba Medical Center told Ynet. "It is true that it can be given according to the Health Ministry, but I did not feel comfortable with it."

She added that, "No one knows if this is connected to the vaccine or not. That's why I would refrain from giving a second dose to someone who suffered from paralysis after the first dose."  (Source)

~ ~ ~

Health Experts Call For Suspension Of Pfizer Vaccination Among Elderly After Norway Deaths

...As we detailed earlier, Norway health authorities are reporting COVID-19 vaccine news of monumental importance at a moment the US is rushing to get an initial some 30 million doses into the arms of the elderly and those with chronic health conditions: sick patients over 80 are particularly at risk for devastating side effects.

Thus for this vulnerable demographic which is currently first in line in North America, the "cure" could be worse than the disease. Bloomberg notes that it's "the most cautious statement yet from a European health authority" regarding potential adverse vaccine health risks.

"For those with the most severe frailty, even relatively mild vaccine side effects can have serious consequences," the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said.

The health authority said further in its most blunt statement cautioning against a policy of a blanket promotion of the vaccine for all:

"For those who have a very short remaining life span anyway, the benefit of the vaccine may be marginal or irrelevant."

This comes after a handful of global cases, including an elderly patient in France, where a recipient died within hours of receiving their first-round of the vaccine.

Thus far Norway says it has administered doses to up to 33,000 people, including the elderly, but are already finding it "too risky" for the terminally ill and people over 80 that are in frail condition. Given only 33,000 injected so far, the reported death count is already staggering and is causing officials to sound the alarm:

Norwegian officials said 23 people had died in the country a short time after receiving their first dose of the vaccine. Of those deaths, 13 have so far been autopsied, with the results suggesting that common side effects may have contributed to severe reactions in frail, elderly people, according to the Norwegian Medicines Agency.

But despite the warnings being featured prominently at the end of this week in Bloomberg and multiple other mainstream publications, again we doubt this will do anything in terms of putting the brakes on the rushed vaccine rollout in the US where it's precisely the elderly, frail, and those prone to persistent health conditions that are being urged on by state and federal policies to be first in line.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg had this to say of the most common vaccine brands in Norway and the West:

Representatives for Pfizer and BioNTech didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine approved late last year has been used most broadly, with a similar shot from Moderna Inc. approved earlier this month also now being administered.

Norway initiated its COVID-19 vaccinations last month on the heels of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine receiving approval by the European Medicines Agency. Norway's infections are approaching 60,000 out of total population of 5.3 million, including over 500 deaths.

Many skeptics in Europe and the US still have severe reservations about the vaccines, even as big pharma and governments continually insist they are completely safe. (Source)

~ ~ ~

The week preceding the vaccination rollout  Dec 12 -Dec 19:

new cases   16,748     total cases   371,373     new deaths (7days)   97     total deaths   3,075

Two weeks after the beginning of vaccine administration (Week of Jan 2 - Jan 9):

new cases   49,605     total cases   481,306   new deaths (7 days)   250    total deaths  3,631 

In the three weeks that vaccinations have been given there have been 109,933 new cases and 556 new deaths.  That was as of Jan 9.  


47-year-old COVID-19 patient dies after ventilator tube detaches