28 November 2016

Genetic Memory and Jew Hatred

27 Marcheshvan 5777

Did you know that the soul has a genetic code in similar fashion to the body's DNA? If you have read Ramchal on "roots and branches", you can easily begin to understand the concept of genetic memory.
Derech Hashem, Part II, Ch. 4, Secs.2-4:
Before Adam sinned, he was on a much higher level than contemporary man,.... In that state, man was on a very lofty level, fit for a high degree of eternal excellence. If he had not sinned, man would have simply been able to elevate and perfect himself, step by step.
He would have then given birth to future generations while still in that state of excellence. ...All these future generations would have then shared this good with Adam.
...Some generations would have been primary, while others would be secondary, like roots and branches. Later generations would stem from earlier ones [and share their characteristics], like branches stemming from a tree.
...When Adam sinned, he fell from his original high level, and brought upon himself a great degree of darkness and insensitivity.... Mankind in general also fell from its original height, and remained on a degraded level where it was not at all worthy of the eternal high degree of excellence originally destined for it.
...and it was in this state that children were born into the world. They were therefore all born into this degraded state.
...God gave Adam's descendants a free choice at that time to strengthen themselves and strive to elevate themselves from this lower state and regain the higher level.
The Higher Wisdom...set a time limit for these generations. In a way, this is very much like the time limit now given to each individual. Every individual has a limited lifetime and it is during this period of time that he must attain both perfection and his level in the Community of the Future World.... The reason in both these cases is that everything that involves effort must be limited in time.
The Higher Wisdom deemed it fitting that this effort be divided into a period for the roots, and another for the branches.
...The human race initially had a chance to permanently regain its original state and rectify the spiritual damage that had been done. The proper procedure would have been for the roots and heads of Adam's descendants to first elevate themselves to the rectified level. Once this was accomplished, both the roots and their branches would remain in this state forever, since the branches always follow the roots.
[This] time...was limited. During this period, the gate was open and the opportunity existed for any individual to properly prepare himself and permanently become a good and worthy root. He would then be prepared for a high degree of excellence, appropriate for man in his original state, rather than that of man in his fallen state.
Since this individual would perfect himself as a Root, he would attain this for his deserving descendants* as well as for himself. They would all receive what he attained, and would therefore all be able to remain on the level and state attained by him as their root.
...Man's measure was filled, however, in the Generation of Separation [when the Tower of Bavel was built]. God's Attribute of Justice then decreed that the time when men could be considered roots should come to a close.
...God then scrutinized all mankind, perceiving the levels that should be made permanent in that generation's members according to their deeds. These things then became a permanent part of their nature in their aspect as roots. It was thus decreed they each should bear future generations, all possessing the qualities that were deemed appropriate for their root ancestor.
The descendants of each of these individuals were thus divided into permanent groupings, each with its own characteristics and limitations. They were destined to father future generations who would inherit these characterstics, just as members of any particular species inherit the characteristics of their forebears.
According to the Highest Judgment, it turned out that none of them deserved to rise above the degraded level to which Adam and his children had fallen as a result of their sin....
There was, however, one exception, and that was Avraham. He had succeeded in elevating himself, and as a result of his deeds was chosen by God. Avraham was therefore permanently made into a superior excellent Tree, conforming to man's highest level. It was further provided that he would be able to produce branches [and father a nation] possessing his charcteristics.
The world was then divided into seventy nations, each with its own particular place in the general scheme. All of them, however, remained on the level of man in his fallen state, while only Israel was in the elevated state.
After this, the gate was closed on the era of roots. Things would then be directed and brought about upon individuals as branches, each one according to his nature.
...God's great love and goodness decreed that the branches of other nations still be given a chance. If they so desired, they still had the free choice to tear themselves loose from their own roots, and through their own actions include themselves among the branches of Avraham's family.
This is what God meant when He told Avraham (Bereshis 12:3), "All the families of the earth will be blessed through you." Avraham was thus made the father of all converts.
[This, however, would require effort on the part of the individuals concerned.] Without such effort, they would remain attached to their own roots and retain their natural characteristics.
*For his deserving descendants - in the case of Avraham Avinu, we are talking about Yitzchak and Ya'aqov. Yishmael and Eisav were found not to be deserving. Therefore, it is more than a bit interesting that it is precisely these two who created competitor religions which challenge Ya'aqov's descendants' worthiness to succeed Avraham Avinu.

Which brings us to the second part - Jew hatred. Eisav's hatred of his brother Ya'aqov has been passed down genetically to his descendants, ergo "Eisav soneh et Ya'aqov" is as true today as it ever was and will be until the entire world is rectified. The Jew must never ever forget that!

For the moment, most of Eisav's blazing hatred has found a target in Yishmael, but the time is fast approaching when they will set their differences aside for the sake of joining forces in an attempt to rid the world of their {perceived) common enemy - Ya'aqov - once and for all. 

That knowledge should make every Jew sit up and take notice of this news item:
Mosques Get Threatening Letters: Trump Will ‘Do To You Muslims What Hitler Did To The Jews’
...“You Muslims are a vile and filthy people. Your fathers are dogs,” the letter states. “You are evil. You worship the devil. But, your day of reckoning has arrived.”
The letter went on to say that Muslims “would be wise to pack your bags and get out of Dodge.”
...The letter, which was signed “Americans for a Better Way,” ended with “long live President Trump and God bless the USA.”
Jew hatred is part of the genetic memory and genetic make-up of probably most gentiles to greater or lesser degrees. While it went underground for a season, it is resurfacing now and all the "allowed" hatred of Muslims has primed the pump so to speak for it to be turned on the Jews (again) in the future. 

Never let your guard down.

25 November 2016

With Every Tragedy We Ask "Why?" and Rightly So

24 Marcheshvan 4777
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Chayei Sarah
...Now these are the generations of Ishmael the son of Abraham, whom Hagar the Egyptian, the maidservant of Sarah, bore to Abraham.
And these are the names of the sons of Ishmael by their names, according to their births: the firstborn of Ishmael was Nebaioth, and Kedar and Adbe'el and Mibsam, And Mishma and Dumah and Massa, Hadad and Tema, Jetur, Naphish, and Kedmah.

These are the sons of Ishmael, and these are their names in their open cities and in their walled cities, twelve princes to their nations.
Whenever there is a tragedy like the one Israel is currently undergoing, we immediately look for reasons, whether it is to prevent more suffering in the future or just to make sense of the world around us. And this is good, because the Jew knows that nothing happens unless the Creator ordains it and He does nothing without a reason.

Whereas other cultures believe in a vengeful God who punishes for pleasure, the Jew knows that HKB"H is a Father teaching lessons to His children. So, if we want to understand events, we have to ask the right questions. We should not ask "Why is God punishing us?" We should ask rather, "What does HKB"H want us to learn from this?"

The first place a Jew looks for answers is the Torah and specifically the parshah of the week where hints to current events can always be found. (See above.) 

But, when one searches the parshah, what one will find is that there is some hint to what is most prominently being publicized in the world. And what do we see when we look to the news of the day? What is the biggest story next to the fires raging across Israel? 

That the sons of Ishmael are burning down the country as an act of war against us!

Some examples of the news and headlines...

Arab World Celebrates Fires In Israel
Palestinians, Arab World Rejoice Over Fires
12 Arrested So Far For Nationwide Arson
Wildfire Intifada Is Burning Across Israel

Three Arabs caught overnight trying to start fire near Ariel
Security cameras caught three Arabs trying to start a fire near the city of Ariel using a Molotov cocktail. The fire department got there in time to put it out and the pyro-terrorists were caught and arrested as they fled into a nearby Arab village.
[This is just one of many such reports.]

One University of Haifa professor, an expert on the Middle East, reportedly said
"This is what 'co-existence' looks like."

Our sages explain that the reason Am Yisrael had to drive out the inhabitants of the Land was because they would forever view us as thieves who had stolen it from them and this belief would be passed down to their progeny. Consequently, we would never have peace from them. History bears witness to this truth if we have the courage to face it. 

Furthermore, HKB"H made us a promise that if we did not drive them out, He would drive us out and here we have tens of thousands of Jews running out of their homes across the land!!

The lofty idea of 'co-existence' is only a dream with no basis in reality. Every so often a situation develops which slams us hard up against the reality which the Torah has tried to teach us and which we conveniently ignore. 

Well, there is no ignoring it today. As we enter Day Four with no end in sight, the lesson HKB"H wants us to learn from this event refuses to be ignored. And we have to learn it once and for all. 

When Mashiach comes to power, one of the first things he will have to do is finish the job that Yehoshua started - to remove the enemies from within. And it would be a real shame to see some Jews clinging so much to their dream of 'co-existence' that they would attempt to stand in his way. 

I had a conversation with Rav Yehudah a little while ago and he brought up an interesting point. We've had many opportunities, he said, to recognize the true nature of the Yishmaeli threat in our midst - missiles, tunnels, knives, etc. It makes one wonder how many more opportunities there will be. 

So, the follow-up question then is, why this particular method? Why fire? Again, Rav Yehudah provides the answer: 

"...if you do not listen to Me, to sanctify the Sabbath Day...then I shall set a fire to [Jerusalem's] gates, which will consume the palaces of Jerusalem and not be extinguished." (Yirmiyahu 17.27)

"Wherever there is desecration of Shabbat fire is prevalent." (Tractate Shabbat)

Ask anyone what is not allowed on Shabbat and the first thing they will think of is the prohibition of lighting or extinguishing a fire. Of Israel's large cities, Haifa, even more than Tel Aviv, is most associated with public desecration of the Shabbat. 

Haifa: Israel’s only city with buses on Friday and Shabbat

Buses burn gasoline in order to run! And there are voices arguing strongly for it to be extended to the other major cities, even including Jerusalem!

I am sure that there are many levels of interpretation on these events, but these are the ones that I think make the most sense on a national level.

May it please HKB"H to help us do complete teshuvah for every violation of His Holy Torah and bless us with abundant winter rains even now, bringing healing to our charred land as well as our charred souls. Shabbat Shalom! 

24 November 2016

"Intifadah Eish"

24 Marcheshvan 5777

In case you are unaware of what's happening in Eretz Yisrael, 220 separate fires have been set across the country since Tuesday. But, the situation exploded to an entirely new level today as the city of Haifa became involved in a big way. Every news site bears the headline "Haifa Is Burning". TV coverage has been running a continuous live report throughout the day and now into the night.

An article on Debkafile gives a very good summary of what has been happening - Haifa on fire, 60,000 people evacuated. Also, the Jewish Press is live-blogging.

Haifa is famous for it's philosophy of co-existence which is put on display every year in December during an event that they call The Holiday of Holidays. Perhaps they will have to cancel it this year. 

The Holiday of Holidays in Haifa
Haifa, Israel's third largest city, is a symbol of religious coexistence. Every year in December, it marks The Holiday of Holidays - a celebration of a harmonious relationship between monolithic religions of the area.

23 November 2016

In Tribute to Rabbi Kahane, ztz"l, Hy"d

23 Marcheshvan 5777

So much truth here. Amazing words of Torah!

26th Yahrtzeit (memorial) of Rabbi Meir Kahane HY"D- Baruch Marzel 

Rabbi Yehuda Richter Shiur with Tribute to Rabbi Meir Kahane Part 1

Rabbi Yehuda Richter Shiur with Tribute to Rabbi Meir Kahane Part 2

VERY RARE- Rabbi Nachman Kahana gives a shiur in Yeshivat HaRaayon HaYehudi


22 Marcheshvan 5777

Everything is moving so fast since the US election, there is hardly time enough to read about it all much less write anything about it. It should be clear to everyone that we have moved into the next stage of the "birthpangs of Mashiach". As such, you can expect it to be more painful than anything we have seen up to now.

Truly it did not matter who won the presidential election, the end result would still be the same. The difference, however, is that it will go much faster under Donald Trump than it would have under Hillary Clinton, which would have been just an extension of the Obama administration. Mercifully, the later stages of birth do go much faster due in part to the suffering sustained.

Haven't you been wondering how President-elect Trump could be setting policy before he is even confirmed by the electoral college? The only answer is that it is, of course, a foregone conclusion.
"Unlike most US president elects, Donald Trump is not waiting to be formally sworn into office on Jan. 20. DEBKAfile’s exclusive military and Washington sources reveal that he has already plunged unannounced into managing America’s military role in the conflicts in Syria and Iraq. His national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is secretly in close touch with the Head of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Petrushev, as well as President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey and Jordan’s King Abdullah. Their covert discussions are preparing the ground for a combined assault on the Islamic State’s bastions in Iraq and Syria shortly after Trump moves into the White House. Their plan of operation would also involve the regular armies of Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Persian Gulf nations.
...Although still at a preliminary stage, the talks have produced their first tangible result: A vanguard of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) has arrived on the Syrian side of the Golan.
...The main body of the force, around 1,000 UN soldiers and 70 observers, is expected soon, to take up the task of reconstituting the former demilitarized zone that separated Israel and Syria under the 1974 armistice agreement.
...An indirect clue to the secret diplomatic talks ongoing came from the Syrian ruler Bashar Assad in an interview he gave on Nov. 16 to a Portuguese radio station, when he said: “If –if – he [Trump] fights the terrorists, it is clear that we will be a natural ally, together with the Russians, Iranians and many other countries who want to defeat the terrorists.”
It's an old con game. Create a distraction off to the side so the real action can take place outside the notice of the observers. In this case, the distraction is the Obama threat to take some perverse action at the UN against Israel before the end of his term while the real action is being taking by Trump before his own term even starts.

It's interesting that there are "70 observers" - "70" being the gematria of GoguMagog. And did you ever notice that the number "666" is embedded within GoguMagog - גוגומגוג - three "vavs", each with a value of "6".

That said, what are the chances that Jared Kushner's business address is 666 Fifth Avenue and Donald Trump lives on the 66th floor of the Trump Tower? 
...The most compelling figure in this intrigue, however, wasn’t in Trump Tower. Jared Kushner was three blocks south, high up in his own skyscraper, at 666 Fifth Avenue, where he oversees his family’s Kushner Companies real estate empire.
...Kushner almost never speaks publicly – his chats with FORBES mark the first time he has talked about the Trump campaign or his role in it – but interviews with him and a dozen people around him and the Trump camp lead to an inescapable fact: The quiet, enigmatic young mogul delivered the presidency to the most fame-hungry, bombastic candidate in American history.
..."Every president I’ve ever known has one or two people he intuitively and structurally trusts,” says former secretary of state Henry Kissinger, who has known Trump socially for decades and is currently advising the president-elect on foreign policy issues. “I think Jared might be that person.”
According to Ask The Rabbi at Ohr Somayach online...
The number 666 has significance as the numerical value of the Hebrew verse: "Ata yigdal na koach Ado-nai -- Now, I pray, let the Power of my Lord be great." (Numbers 14:17). This was Moshe's prayer invoking Divine Mercy on behalf of the Jewish People.
"Mosad Hayesod" cites the Vilna Gaon's commentary on the Zohar that "the number 666 contains hidden within it exalted and lofty messianic potential." No other explanation is offered there.
We do know that the number six represents the physical world. The Torah describes the creation of the universe as a six part, six day, process. Our ancient sources describe the universe as emanating in six directions -- north, south, east, west, up, down -- from a central point. All physical space and all physical objects have these six dimensions.
666 is six repeated three times. Repeating a concept three times represents the affirmation and strength of that concept. The number 666 could thus represent the strength and perfection of the physical world, which Judaism teaches will occur in the messianic era, when the physical world will reach its ultimate purpose, to be a vehicle through which the created experience the Creator. 
I certainly do not believe that Mr. Trump and Mr. Kushner together will act as Mashiach to bring about the perfected messianic era. Rather, just like the word Mashiach and the word nachash (serpent) have the same gematria and one acts as an antithesis to the other, so, I believe this dynamic duo will act as an antithesis to Mashiach ben Yosef who paves the way for Mashiach ben David to rule.

The number six is also very connected to Yoseph...
The numerical value of "Joseph" [in Hebrew, "Yosef"] is 6 times that of the name Havayah.
"Yosef" is spelled: yud-vav-samech-pei = 10 + 6 + 60 + 80 = 156.
6 x 26 (the numerical value of Havayah) = 156.
Joseph, as is known, personified yesod [the sixth sefirah]. (Source)
Yosef is the welcome guest on the sixth night of Sukkot just preceding David on the seventh. 

I'm sure much more could be made of this, but it is too deep a subject for such a small space. You get the idea. 

These are just more signs that we are coming to the end of a very long, very arduous process. It should give us hope and strength when dreams and illusions crumble. 
Trump floats son-in-law as key to Israeli-Palestinian peace
Donald Trump believes that his son-in-law, an Orthodox Jew, may help further peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the President-elect told reporters with The New York Times on Tuesday.
Suggesting a government role for his family member, Trump said that Jared Kushner, the husband of his daughter Ivanka Trump, may somehow be involved in a Trump administration-led Middle East peace process, during a meeting with top editors and reporters from the newspaper at their New York City headquarters.
“I would love to be the one who made peace with Israel and the Palestinians,” the President-elect said, according to one Times reporter present at the meeting. “That would be such a great achievement.”
“Jared Kushner could help make peace between the Israelis and Palestinians,” tweeted another during the interview.
Be prepared for anything, but do not be deceived.

20 November 2016

Binyamin: "...After the Elections"

20 Marcheshvan 5777

Excerpts of statements made by Binyamin Golden before the elections.

Message 276:

It appears to me that Trump as well as Clinton both work for the same boss...it's all a show. On the one hand, Trump is telling the truth, because he is supposed to be a "man of truth" to pull in all the goyim who are against Obama. In the beginning I didn't trust him, but slowly-slowly he began to speak more and more 'against', and to tell more and more truth. Like, for example, he said to one newscaster that if Hillary Clinton would be president - it would be the end of United States democracy and that it would turn into a place with 'one group that controls everything'. Not two political parties - one political party, like the communists. So when they heard a thing like this, each little bit truthful person knew in his heart that it was correct. So, how did he dare to say it?... Truthfully, how did he dare to say it?... Indeed, they are the Mafia heads, so who wants to go against them?! Even if he is a billionaire... So, therefore, the change will be very big, and since Obama said that he is afraid that if Trump loses there will be civil war, then 'bingo' - this is exactly what he wants to say...that's it. That's the thing.

Message 277:

Q. You all said that Obama would not give up control...

A. He's a rasha and he doesn't want to leave, and I don't believe he will leave.

Q. How can he do it, from behind the scenes he will keep his power?...

A. I don't know, I'm almost certain that when the star [Nibiru] will be very close, they have to go into their bunkers, including Trump as well as Clinton... but the truth - Obama does not like Clinton at all... They are too strong for him, and I would say that he would not exactly want to sit for a few years with them in a bunker... That would be something else. Each one worries that the other will stab him in the back...

...The world is a mess. With Hillary and Trump and the whole show of the two of them they are acting out and not so well... Because we, and not just we, not only the autistics or chareidim, there are all kinds of people who see their show and understand that it's just a show. They are not very good actors. The script is not at all believable. They know that they are going to do something else. That afterwards, ...sometime after the elections, something huge is going to happen, because they know that everything is going to be finished. The evildoers know, they want to enter into their bunkers, they know well.


Are the Jews Being Set Up?

Trump is headed to the White House. Did we just elect our first Jewish president?

Russian spokeswoman says Jews behind Trump win

What was Ivanka doing there? Fury as Trump's daughter and husband join him for first meeting with Japanese Prime Minister

Kushner at the center of Trump transition 'infighting,' sources say

Jared Kushner's Second Act

'Something will crack': supposed prophecy of Donald Trump goes viral

What's With All The Towers?

19 Marcheshvan 5777

The Hebrew word for Tower is Migdal (מִגְדָּל ) - Gematria 77.

When the Twin Towers fell, it changed the world.

They were replaced by the Freedom Tower.

Now, the new President-Elect of the US is forming 
his  cabinet from his home on the 66th floor of this tower.

Kind of hearks back to another famous tower - the Tower of Bavel.

Maybe that's the point.

19 November 2016

The 26th Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Kahane, ztz"l, Hy"d

19 Marcheshvan 5777
Motzaei Shabbat
Shavua Tov!

Shabbat - 18 Marcheshvan - marked 26 years since Rabbi Meir David Kahane was ripped from this world by a cruel bullet. May his memory forever be a blessing and may Hashem soon avenge his blood. It proves once again the bitterness of the month of Cheshvan.

In remembrance of the teacher...

With thanks for the students...


18 November 2016

Everything Is A Test - Will You Pass?

17 Marcheshvan 5777
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Shabbat Shalom!

[NOTE: It was on this day - 4,121 years ago - that the Rains of Judgment began to fall on a world richly deserving of it. Never forget that. Never doubt the justice or the mercy of HKB"H.]

Parshas Vayera - Shabbos Day
by Rabbi Pinchas Winston

...Avraham has been criticized for encouraging Lot to leave his camp. Some even say that for doing so, he was later forced to rescue his nephew when S’dom had been conquered by the four enemy kings. However, for someone involved in outreach, it is difficult to accept that Avraham would so easily relinquish his connection to his own nephew. Whatever happened to “outreach begins at home”?

Perhaps he didn’t. Perhaps what Avraham was doing was testing Lot, or better yet, confronting him about his attitude toward truth. After all, he had spent all that time with Avraham until then, and still had failed to absorb some of the most basic messages Avraham’s life and journey transmitted. It is not unlike the choice that Moshe put before the quarrelling Jewish nation, hundreds of years later:

“How can I alone bear your troubles, your burden, and your strife? Get wise and understanding men, known among your tribes, and I will make them heads over you.” And you answered me, “What you have said is good to do.” (Devarim 1:12)

“‘You immediately decided the matter for yourselves. You should have said, “Our teacher, Moshe! Who is it better to learn from, you or your students … Not from you, who have worked so hard over it?” But I know what you were thinking, “Many judges will be appointed over us … If one of them does not recognize us, we will bring him a gift and he will show us favor.”‘” (Rashi)

Hence, what appeared in Parashas Yisro to be an option was later revealed in Parashas Devarim to be a test; a test of loyalty, a test of strength of character, a test of self-sacrifice for truth. For Lot it had been the same type of situation. Lot, in last week’s parshah, heard Avraham give him a choice, but as Lot’s daughters revealed in this week’s parshah, Avraham had given him a test, and sadly, Lot didn’t see it and therefore failed.

Read the rest HERE.

17 November 2016

Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up?

16 Marcheshvan 5777

"Donald Trump is King Cyrus."
"Donald Trump is King Achashverosh."
"Donald Trump is Eisav."
"Donald Trump is Mashiach Ben Yosef."
"Donald Trump is Mashiach Ben David."

These claims are actually being made across the Jewish blogosphere. Take your pick. Or maybe you have your own idea of who or what Donald Trump represents.

I have a thought that hasn't been expressed yet, at least not to my knowledge. And my "proofs" are every bit as imaginative as those used to back up these other claims. Who knows, the readers may find some merit in it.

As my first exhibit I bring Donald Trump's penthouse...

With his hopes set on moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue after a victory in the 2016 Presidential election, Trump’s exquisite New York City penthouse might be a little harder to leave than he imagined.
Worth $100 million and inspired by the Palace of Versailles, the gold and diamond front door opens to a beautiful interior wrapped from floor to ceiling in Trump’s favorite gold and marble décor. The ceiling features Greek mythology paintings throughout the penthouse but the best view is from the oversized windows that feature a breathtaking landscape of Central Park.
Did we mention how much Trump likes gold? Nearly everything in the penthouse from the platters and vases to the lamps and even the crown molding is accentuated with 24 karat gold that offers a gorgeous backdrop to some of Trump’s favorite classical art and décor. Without shying away from personal touches like family portraits and crested pillows, the home has a strong Greek influence with Athenian style vases, a bronze statue of Eros and Psyche as well as a painting of Apollo led by Aurora, the goddess of dawn. (Source)
Remind you of anything? Besides being made of gold, it symbolizes materialism in its starkest, most basic terms. Yes, it's the Eigel HaZahav - the Golden Calf. 

That's who I think Donald Trump is. 

The whole world which supports him views him as some sort of "savior". Since "Moshe" (Mashiach) has been delayed and who knows when or if he will ever show up, they need this man as a substitute. He's going to lead them back to Egypt - "Make America Great Again!"

What they failed to understand in the desert, is that Moshe's delay was a test equal to that of Adam and Chava in Gan Eden. Strike one, strike two.... And here we all are again. Are we making the same mistake now?

Have people so given up on Mashiach's coming that they are ready to accept an inferior substitute - a man who represents everything the Golden Calf stands for???

Celebrate his election at your own peril.

16 November 2016

Increasing the Heat Serves to Purify

15 Marcheshvan 5777

Part 2 of What Does It Mean To Be "Pro-Israel"?

Many Jews in their eagerness to find clues about the final redemption in current events appear at times to jump ahead of the process and to see it as further along than it really is.  Take, for example, the establishment of the modern State of Israel. They seem to think a government that includes Arabs and guarantees the "rights" of those who transgress the Torah as well as an IDF that includes Christians and Druze and mixes men and women can be considered messianic in nature. 

There is no denying that the current reality is part of the process of getting to messianic times. Even the Erev Rav cannot succeed unless HKB"H wills it. But, what we have today is not the final product. If we think of the embryonic Kingdom of Israel which will come into existence in Days of Mashiach as a bird's egg, what we see of the State of Israel today is more like the shell within which the Kingdom develops until it is ready to "hatch". Once the bird pecks it's way out, the shell is discarded and forgotten. It served its purpose and is of no further use because it now has nothing to do with the future life of this bird.

Another example of jumping ahead before the process is far enough advanced is the push for building the Third Temple. Even though according to the law, there is no reason we should not rebuild the Temple, in point of fact, HKB"H has seen fit to block that path via the Muslim presence there until the time is ripe. Had the Muslims not been on the Temple Mount when the secular Zionists came to power, no doubt they would have turned it into a tourist attraction with a McDonald's on the spot. Today, we fare no better with the religious Zionists who are also infiltrated with Erev Rav. They want to build a Temple where all people of every religion can come to pray to their various false gods. They are already doing it at the Kotel HaMa'aravi!

Now, we come to the matter of the gentiles who have suddenly turned their attention to Israel and the Jews. Many good Jews with pure motives are seeing the "fulfillment of prophecy" in this trend. After all, that's what these gentiles are telling them - they are coming to "fulfill prophecy". However, "prophecy" which contradicts the Torah is not a true prophecy. And the world simply abounds with false prophecy and false prophets today - maybe like never before. 

The vast majority of these gentiles still adhere to false beliefs no matter how much they claim to have left their former religion behind. Economic, social and cultural ties are being forged between these gentiles and well-meaning Jews like never before in history. In their vision of messianic times, it is not the lion and the lamb who lie down together, it is Jew and gentile. Together they proclaim there is no essential difference between the two and all the laws forbidding contact and mixing have been set aside as no longer relevant to this new "messianic era". 

To all those who announce "We have arrived!" I reply, "We're not there yet!" 

All of the prophecies of the Tanakh which foretell a mass movement of gentiles coming to the truth of Judaism describe the time after Mashiach has subdued the nations of the world who arrogantly went to war with HKB"H. 

As I attempted to point out in the previous blog post, those gentiles who profess an affinity for Israel and the Jews are really identifying with the modern State of Israel which so closely resembles the West culturally. Furthermore, it is people like PM Netanyahu and very right-wing Zionistic Jews whom they admire - not the many Torah-learners sitting in yeshivah. The more connected the Jew is to the material (rather than the spiritual), the more the gentiles are drawn to them. Interestingly, according to the prophecies, it is the Torah that draws the gentiles to the Jews in true messianic times.

The fact is, the whole world, on a sub-conscious soul level, understands that the complete redemption is very near and that Jews are the vehicle for it. Therefore, they want to attach themselves wherever and however they can so that they can be a part of it. The thing is, it's not something that's just out there for the taking. A person - Jew or gentile - has to earn it, has to be made fit for it. I find an allusion to this in the Talmud. 

It speaks of a final test for the gentiles at the end of days...

“….I have one easy Mitzvah, called Sukkah. Go and do it…” – Immediately, each gentle will build a Sukkah on his roof. G-d will make the sun blaze, and they will kick the Sukkah and leave. " – (Talmud, Avodah Zarah 3a-3b)

Hearking back again to yesterday's blog post, I described how difficult the situation will become after Mashiach begins to govern Israel in accordance with Torah values rather than Western ones. Suddenly, the smiles will fade and be replaced with frowns as Ya'aqov, Eisav's twin, morphs into Yisrael. Mashiach will be at loggerheads with every other world government on the planet and overnight, it will become as unpopular to be friends with Jews as it is popular in our present time.

This situation will "turn up the heat" making it very uncomfortable to remain steadfast alongside Jews. So much so that the insincere, who are the vast majority, will leave us with an epithet on their lips and a scowl on their faces.

Just so you know, we're not there yet. But we're getting there. It won't be much longer now.

15 November 2016

What Does It Mean To Be "Pro-Israel"?

14 Marcheshvan 5777

After all this time and after all that has been revealed, Jews are still confused. They are currently dividing the world up into those who are so-called "pro-Israel" and those who are not. The former are perceived as our "friends" and the latter as our enemies. God forbid, some have taken it so far as to view some of our more powerful "friends" as "saviors"!

But, what does it really mean to be "pro-Israel"? Very simply, it means they identify with Israel. They perceive Israel to be just like them, espousing their values and living out their vision of our destiny - you know, the Christianized, Westernized "Jewish" State that hosts no less than eight separate US military facilities and hundreds of missionary organizations. They view Israel as a staunch ally and trusted promoter of Western values, especially to the Arab/Islamic world.

But, have you ever thought about what will be The Day After Mashiach is crowned? 

Here are a few things Mashiach is Torah-bound to do which will enrage the entire world, including the American President:

Outlaw the practice of false religions.
Closure of their places of worship. 
Destruction of idols.
Deportation of all missionaries and confiscation of all of their properties in Israel.
No recognition of "rights" for aberrant sexual behavior.
The removal of all foreign military from our soil with closure of their facilities.
The removal of the fifth-column Arab population.
The immediate recognition and annexation of all lands currently claimed as "Palestianian".
The entire area of the Temple Mount will be razed to the ground.

I can see how Jews living in exile might view their present situation in terms of previous exiles, i.e. Trump as Cyrus or Achashverosh and Ivanka playing the part of Queen Esther. But, besides the fact that Trump will never wield the power that Cyrus did (Absolute Sovereign of a World Empire), the majority of the Jewish people are no longer in Egypt, or Bavel, or Persia or even Rome. 

The majority of the Jewish people are already in Eretz Yisrael awaiting, not a "pro-Israel" gentile politician, but our Righteous Mashiach Ben David!

Let me break it down to the most basic elements. The geulah process has set Israel on a collision path with the Western world as well as the Islamic world. Israel has no real friends and only HKB"H is our saviour.

To be continued...

Difficult Days Down Under

14 Marcheshvan 5777

VIDEOFlash floods cause mayhem on Johannesburg roads as storm hits Gauteng

VIDEO: Hail and thunderstorms batter southeast Queensland

VIDEO: Passengers Grounded After 'mini Tornado' Through Mildura

VIDEONew Zealand Earthquake - Damage, Update and Recap | 14 November 2016

14 November 2016


14 Marcheshvan 5777

According to the news reports, this is the night of the "Supermoon", last seen in 1948 and not to be seen again until 2034. However, according to the Hebrew calendar, it won't be actual full moon until tomorrow night.

"Never on Sunday"

13 Marcheshvan 5777

It irks the Pope to no end that the Jews rule in Jerusalem and the Holy Land and that the Jewish Shabbat is elevated above the Christian Sunday. In fact, Sunday is just the first day of the work week in Israel - as the Creator intended it should be.

Since at least 2008, the Vatican has been pushing a worldwide Sunday observance, appealing to the public on the basis of it being a special time for families to be together.
  • "The Catholic Church wants Sunday observance enshrined in EU law. The European Parliament is debating changes to its Working Time Directive. The Vatican wants a clause in this law that would force every citizen in the European Union to rest on Sunday...."
  • "Using the economic crisis to press for Sunday legislation, the European Conference of Catholic Bishops, or COMECE, and the Protestant Church in Germany (EKD) and the Church of England hailed a February 2, 2009 initiative to introduce a written declaration into the House that would protect Sunday as a day of rest in Europe...." 
  • The North Dakota Catholic Conference has responded to criticism of a law restricting Sunday hours for businesses, saying the regulation benefits the whole of society. “The purpose of North Dakota’s Sunday closing law is not to impose times of worship. Nor is it to demand adherence to religious doctrine. The purpose of the law is to preserve the common good by ensuring that society is not overtaken by work and profit,” wrote Christopher Dodson, executive director of the North Dakota Catholic Conference, in a July 12 article.
  • ...the Pope continued, "it is necessary to promote reflection and efforts at reconciling the demands and the periods of work with those of the family and to recover the true meaning of the feast, especially on Sunday,  the weekly Easter, THE DAY OF THE LORD and the day of man, the day of the family, of the community, and of solidarity." 
It's my belief that this Vatican agenda is what's behind the push in Israel for "Sundays off".
Note that the articles make clear this "6 Sundays" is only an interim measure to get Israelis used to the idea. It's just another sign of the Head of evil Eisav trying to undermine Jews and Judaism - and in our own land!! And who will protest??? All people see is a day off from work. They just don't think about consequences or where it could lead - like to increased Shabbat desecration as half-day Fridays are phased out in favor of Sunday, leaving Jews with no time to prepare for Shabbat.


13 November 2016

Something To Think About

13 Marcheshvan 5777

And The Rioting Began On The Anniversary Of Kristallnacht

12 Marsheshvan 5777

Thousands march in U.S. cities against Trump presidency

...The biggest rallies were in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, where organizers said they wanted to build on the momentum after several nights of protests triggered by the real-estate mogul's surprise win in Tuesday's presidential election.

In New York, several thousand protesters marched peacefully up Fifth Avenue past its glitzy store fronts, some already bearing Christmas decorations, before filling the streets at the foot of Trump Tower, the president-elect's skyscraper home.

"We're horrified the country has elected an incredibly unqualified, misogynist, racist on a platform that was just totally hateful," said Mary Florin-McBride, 62, a retired banker from New York who held a sign reading, "No Fascism in America."

There were also demonstrations in Chicago and Los Angeles, where several thousand protesters gathered beneath MacArthur Park's palm trees holding placards including "Dump Trump" and "Minorities Matter," before marching toward downtown.

Four nights in a row. It's all orchestrated, but for all we know, the plan is to orchestrate a growth in numbers and violence until martial law will be declared. OR... If Debka's report is accurate, maybe Iran will be goaded into acting pre-emptively before Trump can take office.

Anything can happen, but for sure it won't be anything "good".

12 November 2016

On "Our Shared Values"

12 Marcheshvan 5777

All the election of Donald Trump is going to do for the Jews is give them a false sense of security in their places of exile. But, Mashiach, you see, comes neither from the left side nor from the right. He comes from the side of the Torah.

“The unbreakable bond between the United States and Israel is based upon shared values of democracy, freedom of speech, respect for minorities, cherishing life, and the opportunity for all citizens to pursue their dreams,” said the joint statement issued by Jason Dov Greenblatt and David Friedman, co-chairmen of the Israel Advisory Committee to Donald J. Trump.

This works only so long as the Judeo-Christians (aka Hellenists) rule in Israel. This is not the Torah of Yisrael. The moment Mashiach takes power and cancels Western-style democracy, that will be the end of "the unbreakable bond". The only truly unbreakable bond is the one forged between Klal Yisrael and HKB"H on Har Sinai!

Our sages taught that Eisav and Ya'aqov would never be in ascendance at the same time. Eisav, as embodied by the West, will never be allowed to retain the leadership over Ya'aqov, no matter how many promises are made. All of the nations of the world are destined to become subservient to Yisrael. America will never be "great" again. As leader of the Western world, one way or another, America will continue her downward slide until she ceases to exist at all. Don't put your faith in her or her paltry leadership. Look only to HKB"H - ayn od milevado!

"...Walid Phares, a Trump top foreign policy adviser, told BBC Radio on Thursday that an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal is a Trump top agenda item. 'He is ready and he will immediately move to try and solve the problem between Palestinian and Israelis,' Phares said. 'He told me personally that, as the author of "The Art of the Deal," it’s not going to be impossible for him to broker a deal between the Israelis and Palestinians. At least he’s going to go in that direction and not waste eight years — four years for now — not doing something for the Palestinians and Israelis.'" (Source)

Prepare For the Bubble to Burst

12 Marcheshvan 5777
Shavua Tov!

This post-election bubble of euphoria that surrounds so many Jews today is bound to burst. When Jews across the world look to a man like Donald Trump with messianic aspirations and the fake "nascent" Sanhedrin sends official letters to both Trump and Putin requesting that they collaborate on building the Third Temple, it is way past time for a reality check. Trouble is, I fear that it may already be too late. The trap has already been sprung. How many will even attempt to save themselves when they still have no sense of the danger?

Israeli Right hails Trump: 'The era of a Palestinian state is over'

Right-wing Israeli politicians competed Wednesday in their praise for US president-elect Donald Trump, expressing hope that America’s policies toward Israel would soon change dramatically.

Former minister Gideon Sa’ar said there is a strong basis to think Israel has an unprecedented window of opportunity after the very pro-Israel statements Trump made during his campaign.

Trump: Israeli-Palestinian peace would be 'ultimate deal'

Donald Trump is looking to make the "ultimate deal," solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during his tenure as president of the United States in order to bring to a close “the war that never ends,” he told the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

“That’s the ultimate deal," Trump said. "As a deal maker, I’d like to do…the deal that can’t be made. And do it for humanity’s sake.”

What if this election was nothing more than a referendum for Jews in exile? Where do they see their future and the future of their children? Do they want to leave Mitzrayim or is their goal primarily to elect a favorable Pharaoh whose policies will continue to preserve their idyllic life in foreign lands? 

The great First Century Rabbi Eliezer once said: 'The Messiah will never come until the Jewish people repent.' When they asked him, 'What if the Jews do not repent?' he answered: 'The Lord will raise up a king worse than Haman to smite them, and then they will repent.'

Repent for what? For rejecting the great gift of Eretz Yisrael - the home of HKB"H and His Beloved. If any Jew in chutz la'aretz thinks the election of Donald Trump means that your exile home is now safe - think again.

Chapter 20 of Ezekiel's Prophecy...

...As I live, says the Lord God, surely with a strong hand and with an outstretched arm and with poured out fury, will I reign over you.

And I shall take you out of the peoples, and I shall gather you from the lands in which you were scattered, with a strong hand and with an outstretched arm and with poured out fury.

And I shall bring you to the wilderness of the peoples, and I shall contend with you there face to face.

As I contended with your forefathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so will I contend with you*, says the Lord God.

And I shall cause you to pass under the rod, and I shall bring you into the transmission of the covenant.

And I shall separate from you those who rebel and those who transgress against Me; from the land of their sojournings I shall take them, but to the land of Israel they shall not come*, and you will know that I am the Lord.


*Four-fifths of the Jewish People died during the plague of darkness in Egypt.
*An entire generation of the Jewish People (save two - Yehoshua and Calev) died in the desert and did not enter into the Land of Israel.