24 June 2015

The "Covenant" Guaranteeing All Religions "Rights" in Jerusalem

7 Tamuz 5775

Framed as a petition to affirm "Jewish rights" to Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Covenant is much more than that.

"The original Jerusalem Covenant is displayed alongside Israel's Declaration of Independence in the Knesset and for the past twenty years has been signed by hundreds of visiting dignitaries."

It starts out ok, which most evil things do, but then it quickly deteriorates to heresy...

Today, as of old, we hold fast to the truth of the words of the Prophets of Israel, that all the inhabitants of the world shall enter within the gates of Jerusalem: 'And it shall come to pass at the end of days, the mountain of the House of the Lord will be well established at the peak of the mountains and will tower above the hills, and all the nation shall stream towards it.' Each and every nation will live in it by its own faith: 'For all the nation will go forward, each with its own Divine Name; we shall go in the name of the Lord our God forever and ever.' And in this spirit the Knesset of the State of Israel has enacted a law: The places holy to the peoples of all religions shall be protected from any desecration and from any restriction of free access to them.
The vision of the Hebrew prophets is that there will only be ONE religion - the one TRUE religion - just as there is only ONE G-D.

The founder of Israel 365 who has resurrected this 23 year old initiative and given it a new life, also founded Breaking Israel News. Both websites promote a relationship between Jews and Xians - something which is absolutely forbidden by the Holy Torah, which appears to have been cast aside for political expediency.

(Why is it always Anglos???)


  1. How do they have the chutzpa to obligate the entire Jewish nation to such a thing as this?

    - a voice in the wilderness

    1. Quoting from Binyamin's most recent message...

      "...we spoke about how the gentiles want Eretz Yisrael to be their center, and we spoke about how they want to make a new religion, of something 'Judeo-Xian', (Xian-Jewish), they already planned this and at the moment, are already speaking about it openly, and to my great sorrow, I'm very afraid that a lot of Jews will go with it.

      ...There are a lot of Jews in the group of evildoers, a lot as if they were born Jews, but what are they called today? To which category do they belong? Is it possible to call them "Jews"? It's hard for me to believe. They're completely wicked. It's possible that one or two among them will do teshuvah, maybe, but, it's hard to believe. But, anything's possible. If they will do teshuvah, I'm sure that Hashem will receive them back in joy, but we, the common people, we don't need to listen, don't need to accept, and need to say: 'No!' 'We're Jews! We're not abandoning our religion!'

      And you'll yet see, you'll see, can already see how chareidi Jews are falling for this thing, how chareidi Jews are going against the religion, against things that it's clear that it's forbidden...."

  2. I checked out Israel365 and on the surface it seems legit. HOWEVER, what flew a red flag was their OWN BIBLE, and the MOVIES. So not Jewish. But look at the staff, mostly from Beit Shemesh, all look so Jewish, Jewish names, Jewish backgrounds. Are they duped into something? Are they aware of what they're proposing? And the Rabbis? No one is haredi among them. Amazing. Did you notice the yoga pose of the young girls? Don't they have to be accredited in Israel, or something like that? Re the news site, Israeli, but not Jewish. Good grief, what's to become of them?

    1. It's Jewish mixed with Xians in that they're appealing to both a Jewish and a Xian audience and encouraging the two to join together on 'common' interests including Jerusalem. I thought it was rather disingenuous of them to label one page "Biblical Zionism" and yet the url to this page calls it "Xian Zionists".

  3. This is all part of this agenda for the 'new world' of theirs. Those who are pushing this and are 'supposedly' Jews are nothing but Erev Rav and they know that the masses are uninformed and it all sounds 'so good' that the uninformed can easily be swayed, chas v'sholom. The fools that they are better wake up - when Moshiach comes, there will only be the Jewish people and the rest of the world will be living by the 7 Laws of Noach! All will know that there is only H' - Ein Od Milvado!

  4. Sorry, think I forgot to put my name in the last anon. commnet - Nili

  5. CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah24/6/15 10:15 PM


    I think this evil thing, the "Jerusalem Covenant" begins even sooner, with "We have returned to the place that the Lord vowed to bestow upon the descendants of Abraham, Father of our Nation..." If they really meant it when they said the Jewish People have a Biblical right to Jerusalem, they would have included Isaac and Jacob!

    Now that I look at it again, even their question is suspect! It should say "...have THE Biblical right to Jerusalem"!

    Oy vavoy lahem! They don't mean ANYthing they say to Jews, or for the benefit of Jews, do they?!

    1. You're right! I didn't get that. Thank you!

    2. CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah24/6/15 10:52 PM

      It's not easy to catch these things. I'm sure there's much more in there if I bothered to go through the whole thing. But I'd stop 'em cold with those two observations, in addition to yours in the original post - which together make a hazakah!

      We must all be vigilant when we behold hands held out to us with such "love" in their hearts! It's all LUST to take it all away from us in the end. It must not succeed!

      Mashiach, Be Crowned Now!

  6. CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah24/6/15 11:03 PM

    Jewish Israel the anti-missionary site has a post called "It's Open Fishing Season for Christian Zionist Proselytizers in Israel" - also posted on Shiloh Musings. Great minds think alike! Kudos to you all.

  7. CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah25/6/15 2:15 PM

    Oy, Devash...

    I hadn't watched the video when I commented before. If most Knesset members think of the Jerusalem "Covenant" as R' Dov Lipman does, they should read this blog, particularly this post with our comments and your post from today as well, which I've read already, and wake up! Otherwise, it seems to me that they have basically chosen to be sunk with the Erev Rav government, may that come soon!

    I hope that not all the Knesset members are really Erev Ravniks or so blind to what is written there, especially the English speakers among them. You have stated very clearly that Yitzhak and Ya'acov need to be included in today's post.

    Readers, be sure to read that too!

    1. CDG, nothing new with Lipman; from the beginning we see his clinging to Lapid, etc. that he is nothing more than an Erev Ravnik. This has all been foretold by our holy Sages - this is living history! Now, we just need Moshiach desperately!

    2. Again, forgot Anon is me - nili! Sorry

  8. I wonder if WIN -world Israel news, and United with Israel are also for that purpose - the later is obvious because of the comments all being from Christian Zionists and the name "United ". Why make strange bedfellows with them? I've spoken with them before and this "Oh we LOVE Israel! " type comments *gag* - all they want to do is get close mix -n- mingle then convince us how Yashke is the real messiah.
    Hoping we'll fall for the trap, they believe that will bring the redemption. Believe me I'm a georis - half my family are like this.
    Moshiach won't tolerate these shmeky Jews -they'll be the first to convert out anyway sad to say.