26 April 2011

"Ben Yosef"

22 Nisan 5771
Day 7 of the Omer, 1 week

Ben Yosef Livnat, Hy"d, nephew of Minister Limor Livnat and 25 year old father of four from Jerusalem, was murdered by US-trained and US-armed Arabs occupying the kever of Yosef HaTzadik in Shechem where he went to pray on Erev Shvi'i shel Pesach.

Today's Jerusalem Post reports that Ben Yosef Livnat was circumcised at Kever Yosef and he grew up in Elon Moreh overlooking the site. His father had learned in Yeshivat Od Yosef Chai before the holy site was turned over to our enemies by a traitorous government.

In a separate article on the same page of the newspaper, a brother of one of the Breslov Chassidim who were injured blamed the victims for the murder:

"This was a crime by the young people who went in there. Going to the tomb depends on our rabbi who decides. Nothing bad has ever happened when he has given his approval."

This is just the kind of wrong thinking that has gotten us into this situation and keeps us victims instead of owners and rulers in our own land.

But it gets worse:

"Haim Reicher, chairman of the Yesod Haolam organization that organizes visits to Joseph's Tomb, said that part of the problem is the army's failure to answer the needs of the many Jews seeking to pray at the holy site.

" ' There are hundreds of thousands of people who want to pray there and they give you what, 10 buses, once a month, once every two months, you think that's enough?' Reicher asked

" ' We don't want to conquer this place, we don't want to put up the Israeli flag. We just want to come and pray for five minutes. That's what happened last night. They went to pray, and when they left and went to the cars and were leaving, they were shot.

" ' This is what bothers us, that for 17 years we've been battling over this with the army and the police to increase the number of people they allow in. We don't want it to be continuously open, but for the army to speak with us and coordinate with us more. The army isn't to blame, they do blessed work, every single one of them. But this place is abandoned,' Reicher said."

And this just one day before we read in the Torah portion for Shvi'i shel Pesach:

"Moses took Joseph's bones with him, for he [Joseph] had adjured the sons of Israel, saying, God will surely remember you, and you shall bring up my bones from here with you." (Shemot 13:19)

Do you imagine in your wildest dreams that Yosef HaTzadik was anxious to have his bones brought up to Eretz Yisrael so that his kever could be desecrated over and over again and his descendants could beg five minutes to pray there and then get murdered for their trouble?

I understand what Mr. Reicher is trying to say. He is trying to impress upon the reporter that Jews are not a "security" threat. But, again, I have to point out the tragedy of this kind of thinking. In fact, YES! We DO want to reconquer, not just Kever Yosef, but all of Shechem! And YES! We DO want to raise the Israeli flag over it. And YES! We DO want it open continuously for any and ever Jew who wants to pray there anytime he likes with no need of permissions!! and without any further spilling of Jewish blood!!

According to the report, Ben Yosef's father said, "Individual revenge is not relevant in connection with his son's murder... He explained that his son's death was part of a larger history of violence perpetuated by the Palestinians against Israelis, and the revenge for all these deaths should be a collective one."

He's right. No one can think of Kever Yosef without remembering Rabbi Hillel Lieberman, Hy"d.

The Oslo Accords gave Shechem to the murderous enemy while Kever Yosef was to remain a protected enclave within. In October 2000, in typical fashion, Ehud Barak left Druse border policeman Madhat Yusuf to bleed to death and then pulled back the Israeli soldiers so that the Tomb fell into the hands of the very Palestinian police who murdered Ben Yosef Livnat.

HASHEM! Please raise up our righteous Mashiach to avenge the blood of all Your holy martyrs! And please, no more martyrs.

18 April 2011

Chag Pesach Kasher v'Sameach!

Dear Friends:
The Day has come! The House is clean. The Chometz has been sold. The matzah is ready. We are about to sit down at the magnificent table and begin the Seder.
What does it all mean?
My friends, this year it should mean a lot!
The ring is closing tighter around Israel. Destabilization in the Middle East is introducing increasing chaos, which is always a dangerous phenomenon, especially with the volatile and violent nature of the "neighbors" who surround Israel on every side. Indeed, as we have seen in recent weeks, they are getting more aggressive. In addition, they vastly outnumber us.
When you add in the Western World the numbers become huge. Do they like us? Well, remember what Rashi tells us: "Esav sone es Yaakov ... Esau hates Jacob." (Rashi on Bereishis 33:4) I'll repeat a quotation that I have used before, but it is so relevant that it bears repetition. These words stand at the very beginning of my third book, 2020 VISION.
"In the End of Days, after the Children of Israel have returned to their land, the children of Ishmael and the children of Esau will unite to attack Jerusalem. They will form a world coalition against the tiny nation of Israel. But something will go wrong with their plan. The religious beliefs of the children of Ishmael and the children of Esau will clash, and the two nations will collide and destroy each other. This is what is referred to as the War of Gog and Magog. Following this cataclysmic conflict, the Final Redemption of the Jewish People will occur with the coming of Messiah the Son of King David." (Malbim on Yechezkel 32:17)
This is precisely the world situation we face today.
Now let's examine our ancestors' situation in Biblical Egypt.
Was it not exactly the same? Think about it, my friends.
Yes, the stage was smaller, but the entire world was "smaller" then; all of Israel was confined within Egypt, which was the world's most powerful country. "A new king arose" overEgypt, who was no friend of Israel, "so they appointed taskmasters over [Israel] in order to afflict it." (Shemos Chapter 1). From the distance of thousands of years these words sound relatively tame, but that is a mistake. Life in Mitzraim was every bit as frightening as the Holocaust or terrorism today. Pharaoh and his advisers devised a plan that would be copied in later centuries by Haman and Hitler (may their memories be erased!). Our situation was impossible! There was no hope, no way to escape from the Egyptians, and they intended to wipe us out, G-d forbid.
What before the Redemption may have been a hint or promise, became a REALITY after the Redemption, visible to everyone, including our enemies! "A handmaiden at the Red Sea saw more than the Prophet Ezekiel" (Mechilta Beshalach Shira 23).
My friends, this is what we can expect in the Final Redemption! As it was in Egypt, so it will be in that monumental day when G-d will end our captivity forever. The very impossibility of our situation now, the fact that we are COMPLETELY SURROUNDED by enemies wherever we are, the fact that they are much stronger and more numerous than we, simply makes it clear that the ONLY WAY we will be rescued is through a Redemption that will dwarf anything seen in the entire history of the world up to now! Can you imagine the magnitude of the Final Redemption!
"A staff will grow from the stump of Yishai, and a shoot will sprout from his roots. And a spirit of Hashem will rest upon him, a spirit of wisdom and understanding, a spirit of counsel and strength, a spirit of knowledge and fear of Hashem....And it will be on that day, My L-rd will again show His strength to acquire the remnant of His people ... He will raise a banner for the nation and assemble the castaways of Israel ... the dispersed of Judah will He gather in from the four corners of the earth. ... There will be a road for the remnant of His people... as there was for Israel on the day they went up from the land of Egypt." (Isaiah 1:1ff/Haftarah for the Last Day of Pesach).
We will not have to imagine on that day!
We will not have to hope on that day!
We will not need hints on that day!
"Then you shall know that I am G-d, when I open your graves and when I raise you from your graves, O My people. I shall put My spirit into you and you shall live." (Yechezkel 37:13/Haftarah for Shabbos Chol Hamoed Pesach)
This is really going to happen! The proof is that it has already happened in Egypt! Will it be this year? Only Hashem knows, but we all know it won't be long!
Chag Kasher V'Sameach to Klal Yisroel!

Roy S. Neuberger

15 April 2011

Parshat Acharei from Levi Chazan

11 Nisan 5771

Jerusalem, Israel
HaRav Yehuda Kreuser SHLIT"A, Rosh Yeshiva

12 Nisan 5771/15-16 April 2011


The cars were backed up for miles. Yes, this was the day that we had all been waiting for. Pesach was finally here. As far as one could see, black hats and yarmulkas covered all the heads; all could feel the excitement in the air. Ma Nishtana? This Pesach was surely going to be different than all others! There was not a single hotel room left to be had, the car rental companies ran out of vehicles long ago. So, nu? What to do? We waited patiently as the traffic slowly moved down the street, as the women put on the finishing touches of makeup and adjusted their latest-style shaitels.

Pesach was here and what a great time it was! One could just imagine saying the Hallel - the singing of praises to HaShem, the Master of the world - and breathing in that wonderful smell. No, not of the Pesach sacrifice, but of the ocean breezes right there in downtown Miami, as traffic started to move once again down Collins Avenue.

How tragic it has all become, as the wandering Jews continue to wander - this time, willingly. One just has to witness the mad scene that prevails every Pesach eve at Miami International Airport, as a sea of black hats run to and fro, heading to the latest exile - Collins Ave. What a joke our religion has become, as we all sit around our Seder tables crying out: "Next year in Jerusalem," even as we have absolutely no intention of coming home.

And what does Hashem think as He sits on high and sees His beloved people continuing to run deeper into darkness? He sits and waits for His people to return to His homeland. What more can He do that He has not done already, to bring His people home? After keeping us alive throughout the very long exile, bringing us back to His land exactly as He wrote in the books of the prophets so long ago. Can He not be just sickened by the sight of the Jew holding on to every imaginable chumra, but not holding on to Him? Will Mashiach be some kind of travel agent handing out El-Al airline tickets and helping them with the bags? Woe to the one who has eyes and does not see!

And today, we have exchanged Pesach in the holy city of Jerusalem, in all of its glory, with its multitudes of Jews coming from all over to be seen by Hashem in His house, for an 18-hole golf course. We have exchanged the sight of the holy Kohanim standing in two rows handing over the mizrach vessel to collect the blood from the Pesach sacrifice - and working so fast that the eye can only see it as a row of gold and silver - for an indoor sauna. We have exchanged the family gatherings in the courtyards of the Old City, together roasting the Korban Pesach, with its overwhelming and powerful smell enticing all, for that Caribbean cruise.

In our parsha, Acharei Mot, we also find the many details of the work done by the Kohen Gadol on the holiest of all days - Yom HaKippurim, when he walks into the Holy of Holies to atone for the entire Jewish people. "Happy is the eye who has seen all this, but when we hear of our loss, our soul aches. Happy is the eye who has seen the Levites sing and play their musical instruments on the duchan, but when we hear of our loss, our soul aches."

Today, who aches with pain over our Temple and our great loss? Today, who has time to think of it, as we head out to have fun in the sun? Yes, the missing ingredient cries out to us, and it will not be silent until we take heed of it, return to the Land and rebuild it.


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14 April 2011

You Jews in chu"l are Responsible

10 Nisan 5771

You aren't interested in claiming your homeland, so others, who are, demand to take your place---Arabs, foreign workers, and now xians.

Only when all the Jews have returned to Eretz Yisrael will there once again be Jewish unity. There can never be unity with Jews in chu"l because we are living in totally different realities.

Come home now before Hashem forces you to come or buries you there in the midbar, c"v.

13 April 2011

Missionaries Want Civil Marriage in Israel

10 Nisan 5771

It's really very simple. There are how many xian lands across the world??? All the missionaries and their converts can go to one of them and live as xian as they want. But, no! Just like the Muslims. They want OUR ONE SMALL LITTLE COUNTRY!!!

The nasty blond is a goyah who was raised here by missionary parents and has Israeli children and grandchildren who are as anti-Semitic as she is. You can hear it dripping from her voice when she says the word "rabbis."

(h/t to Jewish Israel.)

Find more videos like this on Jewish Israel

11 April 2011

Names for Your List

7 Nisan 5771

Mashiach's Wife is blogging again after a few months' hiatus. Her latest blogpost provides us with some new names to add to our list of known Erev Rav. (Don't know what that is? Do a search on 'Erev Rav' via this blog.)

These are the names:

Justice Ravit Tzaddik of the Tel Aviv District Labor Court
Tziona Kenig-Yair, Ministry of Trade and Labor's Equal Opportunities Commissioner, formerly Director of the Women's Lobby
Minister of Trade and Labor Shalom Simchon

Interesting names these---Tzaddik, Tziona, Shalom. They sound so righteous and so Jewish! Their bearers are anything but!

Read the article and then you will understand. I join Mashiach's Wife in saying "Hashem, Have Mercy on Your Children!" And deliver us from the Erev Rav!!

05 April 2011


1 Nisan 5771

It has nothing to do with reality per se. That's why they can call treachery and capitulation a "peace initiative" and continue to discuss "giving" the "Palestinians" a "state of their own" with it's capital in "East" Jerusalem, when this runs counter to the express will of the Creator.

New initiative bases peace on '67 lines

Do not believe the propaganda that the "only solution is a two-state solution." There is a one state solution which they are unwilling to consider---Jewish Israel from the river to the sea and ALL ARABS OUT!

(With thanks to Ahavat Israel for the map.)

Bring the Korban Pesach

1 Nisan 5771

Rabbi calls for sacrifice on Temple Mount : Jews evading Passover mitzvah are risking supernatural punishment, warns Safed's Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu

The annual attempts to resume the Passover sacrifice received a first significant rabbinical backing recently. Safed's Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, a prominent religious Zionism leader, has called on the public to perform the sacrifice mitzvah on the eve of the Jewish holiday, in about two weeks.

Speaking during a Halacha lesson in Jerusalem last week, the rabbi warned that Jews evading the mitzvah were risking "Kareth" - a supernatural punishment for transgressing Jewish Law.

According to Rabbi Eliyahu, there is a halachic, legal and public possibility to offer a Passover sacrifice these days. During the lesson, he quoted senior rabbinical authorities, adding that Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Kalisher – one of the founders of modern and religious Zionism – had asked the Turkish sultan to allot an area on the Temple Mount for the erection of an altar for a Passover sacrifice.

The Safed rabbi went on to say that the Passover sacrifice could be slaughtered in front of the Dome of the Rock plaza, although the Temple no longer exists and the people of Israel are defined as "tameh met" (in a status of impurity which comes from contact with a dead body).

In order to overcome the greatest obstacle, beyond the political problem, an altar must be erected, the rabbi said. He also called for the preparation of "priesthood clothes", which are the only ones in which Kohanim (priests) can perform their work at the Temple.

Mission possible
Addressing the legal aspect, Rabbi Eliyahu claimed that every person has the right to perform the commandment of his religion according to his own understanding. He added that petitions filed with the High Court of Justice against the sacrifice were accepted only because the police were unprepared to secure the ceremony.

"It's perfectly clear that if the public pressures its representatives in the government or in the Knesset, everything will change. If the judges have ruled that the police must secure simpler protests, why not the Passover sacrifice?"

Eliyahu rejected the claim that it was impossible to resume the mitzvah publicly. Addressing the international diplomatic ramifications, he said, "We are being threatened that any movement on our part on the Temple Mount will launch the third world war… (But) we can free our souls of the horror of the gentiles, just like we freed ourselves before the Exodus."

He rejected the internal opposition too. "Some fear the public echo of the Passover sacrifice – how will the seculars view it? What will the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals say? The truth is that this should not even be discussed…

"We have already been scorned for the circumcision mitzvah, persecuted and condemned to death for that. Today the UN's health organization recommends that all men undergo circumcision in order to avoid illnesses."

Rabbi Eliyahu said the Torah had predicted that some would mock the sacrifice mitzvah. Such a person, he noted, is called in the Passover Haggadah, the "wicked son", who cleans his hands and says, "This doesn’t belong to me, this blood and primitiveness. I am an enlightened person. I respect animals. I don't slaughter them barbarically."

The rabbi estimated, based on the Bible stories, that those who oppose this mitzvah would eventually change their mind and join the Temple work.

'Break spiritual barrier'
In order to increase the motivation to offer a Passover sacrifice, Eliyahu noted that this is one of two "active mitzvot" (along with the circumcision), and that those evading it risk supernatural punishment and "cause great damage to themselves and to the entire world".

He added that his father, former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, wrote that this custom may still exist these days.

"These things should make us break the spiritual barrier preventing us from thinking about offering the Passover sacrifice," Rabbi Eliyahu concluded.

He said his remarks were not lip service, but laws being learned "as a real demand and real preparation for the Passover sacrifice. Although we are not used to it, and have gotten used to living without a temple, we must change our ways."

AMEN!! I love this man!

Can you bear the words of the true prophets?

1 Nisan 5771

Another very good reason for not posting anything Jewish and Israeli in English:

The thoroughly nasty xians have already taken hold of it, just like they do anything with any kedusha whatsoever!! Chaval! Well, they won't be getting any more ammunition from me!

And for those who are seemingly so worried about chillul Hashem. Take a look in the mirror!

(Yechezkel 36) "...I scattered them among the nations, and they were dispersed through the countries. According to their way and their misdeeds did I judge them. And they entered the nations where they came, and they profaned My Holy Name, inasmuch as it was said of them, 'These are the people of the Lord, and they have come out of His land.' But I had pity on My Holy Name, which the house of Israel had profaned among the nations to which they had come."

We just finished observing the festival of Purim where we were supposed to internalize this lesson. For is this not precisely what brought about Haman's evil decree? King Koresh issued a proclamation allowing the Jews to return to Eretz Yisrael from their Babylonian captivity in fulfillment of Yirmiyahu's prophecy, but the Jews wanted to remain in exile. Achashverosh's banquet, which the Jews of Bavel enthusiastically attended, was celebrating the fact that this prophecy was proven "false." G-d forbid!

And lest you think Hashem is going to grant you your wish to settle permanently outside His Land, think again! You don't want anything to do with the precious, holy Land of Israel? Fine, you'll have your wish, but don't think you are going to be allowed to remain in the exile, continuing to desecrate the Holy One's Name indefinitely!

(Yechezkel 20) "...As I live, says the Lord God, surely with a strong hand and with an outstretched arm and with poured out fury, will I reign over you. And I shall take you out of the peoples, and I shall gather you from the lands in which you were scattered, with a strong hand and with an outstretched arm and with poured out fury. And I shall bring you to the wilderness of the peoples, and I shall contend with you there face to face. As I contended with your forefathers in the wilderness of the land of Egypt, so will I contend with you, says the Lord God. And I shall cause you to pass under the rod, and I shall bring you into the transmission of the covenant. And I shall separate from you those who rebel and those who transgress against Me; from the land of their sojournings I shall take them, but to the land of Israel they shall not come, and you will know that I am the Lord."

04 April 2011

Glen Beck: Who is the Anti-Christ - Hagee with the Answers

29 Adar II 5771

Keep in mind that when they say "The Bible," they're talking about the OT/NT combo.

03 April 2011

What else is wrong with Glen Beck?

29 Adar II 5771

I'm glad you asked.

Who is David Barton and why does Glen Beck promote him and his beliefs?

Equally Loved, Equally Missed

28 Adar II 5771

There is no public outrage; no troop of politicians coming to call on the bereaved family. There was no broadcast of the funeral; no Facebook campaign for the orphans. But Rabbi Moshe Talbi was surely equally as loved by Hashem and his people and equally missed by all who were privileged to know him as any other Jew who has lost his life at the hands of our sworn enemies. May Hashem quickly avenge his blood along with all the martyrs of Israel and give comfort to his loved ones along with all the other mourners in Tzion and Yerushalayim until Techiyat HaMeitim, may it be soon!