27 November 2021


24 Kislev 5782
Erev Hanukkah

Ever since the campaign to vaccinate children ages 5-11 began about a week ago, reports are saying that infections are once again on the rise and that this age group is being targeted by the virus now.  

How interesting that each time the mRNA gene therapy becomes available to a new age group, they are the very ones most susceptible to infection.  Either this is a magic virus which infects the population in descending age brackets or the mRNA gene therapies are producing the surge in infections.

There is no doubt in my mind that the original coronavirus that causes COVID-19 was created in a lab and was maliciously and criminally released as a bio-weapon.  I don't think the so-called variants and mutations are naturally occurring, although I know there are experts claiming that the gene therapy is driving the mutations.  I think they are experimental releases of virus manipulations.  From the looks of today's headlines, you would think we were starting all over from the beginning of 2020 when the magic virus first appeared.

However, this was predicted by a release of information from a source within the Canadian government in October 2020.  It seems their timeline is a bit off, but all seems to still be going according to plan.

Greek letters at Hanukkah, o my! (cron)

According to the article from the Hindustan Times, omicron is the fifteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.  It so happens that samech is the corresponding letter in the Hebrew aleph-bet...

Yaakov had been terribly ill for weeks. He finally decided to ask R. Mordechai of Neshchiz for advice. “Rebbe,” he sobbed, “please help me. I am extremely sick. I have gone to every doctor in town, but none of them has a cure for me.”

“It seems that you haven’t gone to the right doctor,” replied R. Mordechai. “Go immediately to Anipoli and talk to the specialist there. Then you will be cured.”

Yaakov thanked the Rebbe for his advice, hired a wagon, and set out for Anipoli. When he arrived there, he rushed over to the first person he saw and asked, “Please, tell me where the great specialist lives. I am very ill and must see him right away.”

The person was puzzled. “You came to Anipoli for a specialist?! This is such a small village, we don’t even have a doctor here.”

“You must be mistaken,” Yaakov insisted. “R. Mordechai of Neshchiz explicitly told me to go to Anipoli and see the specialist here. You must tell me—where does he live?”

“But there is no doctor here,” the man repeated.

Yaakov went to everyone in town, asking each the same question: “Where is the specialist? I must see the specialist right away.” And everyone gave him the same answer: “There is no specialist in Anipoli. There is not even a doctor.”

Disappointed and frustrated, Yaakov returned to R. Mordechai of Neshchiz. “Rebbe,” he said, “I don’t understand. You sent me to Anipoli, but the people told me that not only is there no specialist there, there is not even a doctor.”

“Hmm. They don’t even have a doctor?” questioned the Rebbe. “So did you ask the people what they do when someone is sick?”

“I did,” Yaakov replied. “They told me that when someone is sick, they pray to G‑d and rely on Him to cure them.”

“Now do you understand?” R. Mordechai explained. “The people in Anipoli go to the greatest specialist in the world. They pray to G‑d. He is the one Who cures us all.”

The design of the samech is a closed circle. A circle represents infinity, because it has no beginning or end. In Kabbalah the samech represents the infinite power of the Ein Sof, G‑d’s infinite light.

The numerical value of the samech, the fifteenth letter of the alef-beis, is sixty. In the Priestly Blessing recited every morning there are fifteen words and sixty letters. When the kohen blesses the people, he must put his two hands together. According to the Mishnah there are thirty bones in each hand, sixty when the hands are joined.

What is unique about the Priestly Blessing? The results of such blessings are swift and without interruption, similar to the strength of a current of mighty water that no dam can stop. The Priestly Blessings embody the concept of the samech: infinite light and power.

The word samech means “to support,” as it states in the Shemoneh Esreh: “Someich noflim—You support those who fall.” It is not by chance that the samech follows the nun in the alef-beis. As mentioned earlier, the nun is one who has fallen, and as such, needs the samech to be supported or lifted up. On the other side of the nun is the mem, which also bolsters it. But the samech is greater than the mem. Every day we say in the morning blessings that G‑d is Someich noflim—He supports those who fall. We also say that He is Zokeif kefufim (with the mem appearing at the end of the phrase)—He straightens those who are bent. While the mem signifies the straightening of one who is bent, the samech can bear the weight of those who have entirely fallen.

The first two letters of the word samech are סמ—samech-mem. Together they spell the word sam, which means a potion or medicine. This is not only relevant with regard to one’s physical health but also one’s spiritual health. The word samech סמך is an acronym for: salach סלח,to forgive; mechal מחל,to pardon; and kaper כפר, to atone. When one takes strides to forgive, pardon and atone, one achieves a great spiritual healing.

It is also said that the samech and the mem represent two distinct eras. The closed mem represents Gan Eden, Paradise (which is concealed from the human eye), the world of souls which currently exists in another dimension. The samech (which is greater than the mem) represents the era of Techiyas HaMeisim, the Resurrection of the Dead. This is the ultimate manifestation of Mashiach’s coming, when all the souls of the departed will return to bodily form and reside on earth for all time.

In the World to Come, the ring of the samech becomes even greater than its original function of supporting the fallen. For then it will radiate the infinite, transcendent healing which will last for eternity. (Source)
What a tremendous sign of hope!
Shavua Tov!!

24 November 2021

"Beards and Peyos Hold No Immunity"

21 Kislev 5782 

Beards and Peyos Hold No Immunity
Rav Yehudah Richter (Part 1/3)

Revisiting Hanukkah 5781

20 Kislev 5782

In light of what has transpired during the course of the past year, I think it is worth revisiting and recalling where we were as Hanukkah entered one year ago.  Following is what I posted on 24 Kislev 5781...

About ten days ago, I posited that the nine-month global control of "wicked Rome" aka The New World Order could be ending at the onset of Hanukkah (March 11, 2020 - December 11, 2020: Nine Months!).  I wrote then: "It will be a very positive sign if they are unable to lock us down on Hanukkah.  Even though this is their plan, if they do fail to lock us down on Hanukkah, it will be the first time since Purim that we were free on a holiday."  

All week long, the media has gone back and forth on this issue, first reporting no curfew, then reporting yes a curfew. After the idea was shot down by several knowledgeable sources: illegal to impose, impossible to impose nationwide, not effective enough to be worth the disadvantages, etc., the Corona Cabinet deferred making a final decision until tomorrow, even though the curfew was set to begin today.  Right now, it remains to be seen whether a nighttime curfew will be imposed or not, but the possibility is strong that it will fail.  That's what we are hoping to see.

UPDATE:  This just in...

(TOI) After abandoning a plan to impose nightly curfews to drive down coronavirus infection rates, the government is considering rolling out a ban on visiting others’ homes in the afternoon and evening hours during the upcoming holiday of Hanukkah, according to television reports. 

Channel 12 says the government will approve the order on Thursday and would be effective each night from 5:30 p.m. until midnight

It’s not clear how such a ban would be enforced.

Will update further as a final decision is announced. 

As we now know, no lockdown took place and, in fact, there has not been another lockdown in Israel since.  Baruch Hashem!  As to where we stand today...

...Bennett told a Tuesday night meeting of the coronavirus cabinet of government ministers that large gatherings could be banned during the weeklong holiday which begins on November 28, according to Hebrew media reports.

...Tuesday’s meeting was the coronavirus cabinet’s first in almost two months. The pandemic has largely faded from public life since last month, after infection rates had plummeted from all-time highs over the summer following a booster shot campaign.

Ministers at the meeting decided to extend Green Pass regulations meant to restrict access to certain venues to vaccinated or recovered individuals by two weeks, but did not make any decision on tightening or loosening restrictions, Bennett’s office said.

...The response to the child vaccination campaign has been lackluster so far, according to anecdotal accounts. (Source)
Good news all around.  I truly think that we have already seen the worst of this plandemic in Eretz Yisrael.  

22 November 2021

"Jerusalem Like You Have Never Seen It"

19 Kislev 5782 

The Talmud teaches, “Ten measures of beauty descended on the world, nine were taken by Jerusalem, one by the rest of the world.”

The artist and creator Eitan Asraf, one of the world's most famous photographers, launches a new film, made especially for the municipality of Jerusalem, presents the most special city in the world.  Artist and creator Eitan Asraf, one of the world's most famous photographers, launches a new film, made especially for the municipality of Jerusalem, presents the most special city in the world.

After months of documenting the city of Jerusalem from extraordinary angles, alongside breathtaking views, Asraf launches the film showing the capital.

The film was shot mostly from Asraf's cell phone and drones, and shows the symbols of Jerusalem and its special locations, including the Western Wall, urban nature sites and more. All the special locations are shown from artistic and surprising angles, day and night views and under changing weather conditions.

"Jerusalem is the center of the world", says Asraf.

"This is a special film.  It was shot during the whole year. Once you photograph Jerusalem, the emotion works overtime and the imagination overflows."

21 November 2021

Hellenism Today - Where Are Our Maccabees?

17 Kislev 5782

It's a week before Hanukkah.  Our thoughts naturally turn to the Greeks at this time of year - the Yavanim - and of course, the Jews who were enthralled with them, the Hellenists or Mityavanim.  

Some see the Hanukkah story as ancient history, but to our sorrow, you can still read about it in its current iteration in today's news.

Historically, Rome took over from the Greeks, the Church took over from the Romans and through its Christian missionary efforts, took control of the entire Western world.  (Their book is often referred to as The Greek Testament because that is the language in which it was written.)  

Today, Hellenism is alive and well and exists as Judeo-Christianity.  So-called Christian Zionism is the bridge over which today's Yavanim and Mityavanim cross back and forth.  

A YNET article posted today on their website showcases this very subject...

Analysis: Ties between Jewish state and Christian fundamentalists stretches back to 1980s; fifth annual Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem is another sign that despite trying to win over American Jewry, Israel is not giving up on evangelical Christian base
Within the article, I noticed an unfamiliar name...
“Evangelicals certainly had a unique relationship with the previous Israeli government. We knew figures in that government for decades. However, I am seeing this new government is continuing to recognize the role that our community plays around the world. It may be different, but I don’t see any de-emphasis. I think the new leaders, to the shock of some of their constituents, have openly and publicly engaged with us,” the Rev. Johnnie Moore, an American evangelical leader and president of the Congress of Christian Leaders said.
Who is this Johnnie Moore? My researcher was back with the answer before I could even ask...

Rev. Johnnie Moore, 37, has been called one of America's most influential evangelical leaders and he is especially known for his multi-faith work at the intersection of faith and foreign policy. He is the author of seven books including Defying ISIS: Preserving Christianity in the Place of Its Birth and (along with Rabbi Abraham Cooper) The Next Jihad: Stop the Christian Genocide in Africa.

Moore is also a business person who founded one of America's leading, boutique public relations and communications consultancies, The KAIROS* Company. He is currently serving his second (and final) term as a Commissioner for the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom appointed by the President of the United States.

In January 2018, Rev. Moore was deemed a "wunderkind" and an "evangelical gatekeeper" by the Washington Post in a major feature which said that "Moore's gift is being able to speak to different types of people, to exude warmth and collaborative energy during one of the most divisive periods in modern America."

Newsmax Magazine has named him one of the "ten most influential religious leaders in America" (2020) and previously as "one of the twenty-five most influential evangelical leaders in America" (2017). In 2017 The Christian Post called him one of the "seven leaders to have the most impact," and in 2017 he became the first evangelical ever invited to deliver a sermon at the Cathedral of St. Matthew in Washington, D.C. in view of the nuncio of Pope Francis to the United States and patriarchs of the catholic and orthodox churches of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

Also in 2017, he became the youngest recipient ever of the prestigious "medal of valor" by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, a leading Jewish human rights organization, at their annual Tribute Dinner, a star-studded affair in Beverly Hills chaired by more than two dozen leading lights of Hollywood. On the same evening the late Israeli icon Simon Peres was a posthumous recipient of the same honor.

Rev. Moore's groundbreaking work on behalf of religious freedom in the middle east has received wide reaching acclaim.

He was involved in the drafting of King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa of Bahrain's landmark Bahrain Declaration on Religious Freedom and Peaceful Coexistence in the Middle East. One month later, he helped lead the first ever evangelical delegation to meet with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi; on the same trip the delegation met with the present and previous Grand Muftis. In order to promote religious freedom, and as an advocate for religious minorities, he has held similar meetings with heads of state throughout the Islamic world including with the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates in 2018, twice with the President of Azerbaijan, and twice with the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2019 and 2018. In September 2018, Christianity Today Magazine noted that Moore was the most high profile evangelical ever invited to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a religious leader. Moore is a noted evangelical friend of the State of Israel and has met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as with various Palestinian government and civil society leaders. In 2020, Moore was credited with playing a significant role in the once-in-a-generation peace deal negotiated between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel.

In 2019, he met with interim, transitional Prime Minister of the Sudan. He has met with ministers of Islamic Affairs, Justice and Education throughout the Islamic world to promote religious freedom and as an advocate for persecuted Christians and Jews. In September 2019 he collaborated with Muhammad Alissa of the Muslim World League to issue a joint statement calling for cooperation between Evangelicals and Muslims in order to protect places of worship around the world. He also worked with Indonesia's Nahdlatul Ulama leaders Mustofa Bisri and Yahya Staquf to issue the Nusantara Statement which acknowledges the "equal rights and dignity of all people" and condemns the political weaponization of Islam by Muslims or non-Muslim, alike.

Moore appears regularly in the national media and has written for many national news publications including CNN, the Religion News Service, The Washington Post, and Fox News. He serves on the executive committee of the board of the National Association of Evangelicals as well as a board member of the World Help, and My Faith Votes. He is on the faith advisory council for In Defense of Christians and also for the National Museum of American Religion. He served as an international spokesperson for the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC during its grand opening in 2017.  (It goes on and on here.)

If you are like me, you are wondering how it is that a 37 yr-old in our day and age has reached such pinnacles of power and accomplishment in such a short time.  I wondered, where is he from and who are his parents, but oddly, like Klaus Schwab, his official bio is lacking in details of his early years.  You have to wonder why.  Obviously, this is another case of someone chosen, groomed and recruited for big things by TPTB, but that's another subject.

It just goes to show you how deeply embedded this is in our own daily lives without our even being aware of it.  But, the most important take-away for us is we should know and understand that this is the current form of ancient Hellenism; it is part of the war against HKB"H; and, it is meant to remove Torah Judaism and Torah-faithful Jews from the world through complete assimilation.


KAIROS* - (Greek for “right time,” “season” or “opportunity”)  Commonly used by Christian Dominionists.  See further:  Robert Stearns' Kairos School of Ministry and Kairos Magazine.)

18 November 2021

The Palm Tree's Perennial Favorite

15 Kislev 5782
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayishlach

Fearing No One But G-d - Rabbi Meir Kahane

“As a muddied fountain and a polluted spring, so is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked” (Prov. 25:26) [...] G-d said to Jacob, “Esau was walking on his way, and you sent him a message, saying, “Your servant Jacob says...” (Excerpt from Bereshit Rabbah 75,2)
G-d had promised Jacob that He would be with him, and had Jacob believed this and not feared Esau, Esau would have gone on his way.  Through his fear, Jacob brought Esau upon himself by sending him messengers and by his servile use of, “Your servant Jacob.” Tanchuma Yashan (Vayishlach,4) teaches, “Jacob sent [vayishlach] messengers...to his brother Esau” (Gen. 32:4): G-d lamented: “Alas [Vai!] Jacob was sending messengers to Esau!” Likewise, regarding the verse, “So shall you say to my Lord Esau” (32:5), our sages comment (Bereshit Rabbah 75:11), “G-d said to him, 'You degraded yourself and called Esau 'my lord' eight times. I swear that I shall make eight of his offspring precede yours as kings.”

To understand the pitfall of lack of bitachon (trust in G-d), we must ponder the following verse: “He selected a 'mincha' for his brother Esau from what he had with him... These he gave to his servants... He said to his servants, “When my brother Esau encounters you, he will ask, 'To whom do you belong?'... You must reply, 'It belongs to your servant Jacob. It is a 'mincha' to my master Esau'”...Jacob said to himself, “I will win him over with the 'mincha' that is being sent ahead”... He sent the mincha ahead. (Gen. 32:4,17-19,21-22) A 'mincha' is a gift or present, but it is also the name of an offering or prayer. The offering whose specific name is mincha is brought from plants, either wheat or barley, and is called mincha because it is brought not only as a gift or present but also out of self-sacrifice and trust in G-d.

Our sages said (Menachot 104b): Why in the case of the mincha does it say "nefesh", (soul)? [“If an individual [nefesh] presents a meal-offering to the L-rd” (Lev. 2:1)], whereas regarding the olah, or burnt-offering, it says, “When one person [adam] brings an offering to the L-rd” (Lev. 1:2).] G-d said, “Who normally brings the mincha? The poor man. I shall treat him as having sacrificed his life before Me.” A poor man is unable to bring an animal, and even the flour he brings for his meal-offering involves self-sacrifice for him. Surely this is the true purpose of the korban, or sacrifice – that one sacrifice oneself and thereby bring oneself closer to G-d. The poor man, although even the meal-offering is as hard for him as sacrificing his life, still brings it, trusting in G-d to worry for him about his livelihood. This offering is called 'mincha', from the word "nach", “passed away”, as if the poor man bringing the mincha has died. For that same reason, the prayer preceding evening is called mincha.[...] It is called this because when the sun is already turning westward to rest [lanuach], to set, this is the time of mincha and of trusting in G-d. The light is dimming, darkness is approaching, and a person trusts that after the darkness of night, the sun will rise again and there will be light. The time for mincha is when sunset and darkness are approaching. This is why it is called mincha. Every mincha is tied to trust in G-d, and to poverty and humility before the One Who is Master of all. G-d will bring light and day once again. He will bring a livelihood to the poor man who brought Him his fine flour. He will save Israel from all its mighty enemies ...

[...] Jacob took the mincha, our gift to G-d, representing man's lowliness before his Maker, and his faith and trust in Him, and he transferred these sentiments to Esau. This reflected great lack of bitachon (trust in G-d), as in Rashbam's explanation of why Jacob was smitten in hist struggle with the angelic prince of Esau (on Gen. 39:29): Jacob was smitten and ended up with a limp, because G-d made a promise to him while he was fleeing. Just so, all who refuse to take G-d's path, or who take an opposing path, are punished.

In Rav Kahane's “Peirush HaMaccabee” we find: There were two people to whom G-d made promises but were afraid…: One was the choicest of the Patriarchs – this is Jacob, as it says, For Hashem chose Jacob to Himself (Psalms 135:4) [i.e. this verse testifies that Jacob was the chosen of the three Fathers]. And G-d said to him, And behold I am with you (Genesis 28:15) – and yet, eventually he was afraid, as it says, And Jacob was greatly afraid (ibid. 32:7). And the other was the choicest of the prophets – this is Moses, as it says, He said He would destroy them [the Israelites], had Moses, His chosen one, not stood in the breach before Him (Psalms 106:23). And G-d said to him, Because I will be with you – and yet, eventually he was afraid [of Og, king of Bashan], as it says, And Hashem said to Moses: Do not be afraid of him (Numbers 21:34); and one would only admonish “do not be afraid” to one who is afraid. – (Genesis Rabbah 76:1). This commandment, do not be afraid, is a difficult one to obey, and a major commandment. But the person whom G-d has sent on His mission must stand firm in his trust in Him. And if he has committed sins, he must understand that even though sins can indeed annul G-d’s promises, this will not happen as long as he is fulfilling a defined mission, according to G-d’s specific decree. [...] There is a moral here. Jacob feared Esau only because he was concerned that his own sins might have caused G-d to annul His promise to him: All these years, [Esau] was dwelling in the Land of Israel – meaning that he is coming against me with the power of having settled the Land of Israel… and meaning that he is coming against me with the power of having honored his father and mother (Genesis Rabbah 76:2). Nevertheless, he was wrong to be afraid, and was punished for having feared Esau. G-d had, after all, given him an explicit command – which entailed precisely the attributes of faith and trust in G-d – to return to the Land of Israel; and He surely would not have commanded him to endanger himself by returning to Israel had his sins been liable to annul the promise. To the contrary: this command was designed to test his trust in G-d against Esau – but he was afraid, and was therefore punished.

Faith and trust in G-d are no small matter. The Jewish People must prove their trust in G-d by difficult, frightening, and sometimes ostensibly dangerous acts, acts that demand of Israel courage, acts which by their very nature show disdain for the non-Jew, anger him and threaten to bring a confrontation between him and Israel, and all must be performed with complete faith and trust that if Israel do what is decreed upon them, then G-d, too, will fulfill what he promised His treasured nation.

Precisely this proves one's true faith and trust, for it is impossible that one who fears mortal man really believes in G-d. Real trust in G-d requires the Jew both to trust in Him and cast off all fear of mortal man and reliance on human aid. [...] Whoever accepts this principle of bitachon (trust in G-d) unreservedly, truly believes that G-d is the One Supreme Power, G-d of heaven and earth. Whoever hesitates, whoever fears the non-Jew, shows that he questions G-d's ability to help His people. It is doubtful, whether he completely believes in G-d as an Omnipotent Supreme Power.

Compiled by Tzipora Liron-Pinner from "The Jewish Idea" and "Peirush HaMaccabee on Shemot" of Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY"D 


17 November 2021

"Was Rabbi Kahane the Last Light of Chanukah?"

14 Kislev 5782

My daughter and I were saying this very thing just today... 


13 Kislev 5782 

The following appear to be the most serious flashpoints, currently, for the outbreak of active warfare on the planet.

However, the last one (below) is the one I take most seriously.  It is my opinion that the conflict between the US and Russia is all staged and scripted.  They are both Eisav, but China falls under the category of Yishmael, even though it is anti-Islam.  Sin is traced back to Cana'an, offspring of Ham (Bereishit 10.15-18).

The NWO is a 'Christian' European (West and East) construct which uses the Yishmaelite nations only to a point after which they intend to destroy them.  They set China up as a supposed partner and then attacked them with a bio-weapon, letting them shoulder the blame for its release.  

The US and Russia are cooperating today to take down China.  Their supposed standoff over Ukraine is just a distraction from what is really about to take place - war on China.  That's what I think anyway.

China v. Taiwan/US/Australia
(h/t Rabbi Richter)

14 November 2021

Darkness Seeks to Extinguish the Light

10 Kislev 5782

Eisav where he does not belong, profaning the holiest spot on earth and covering the world with his darkness.

The following should speak for itself, but if you don't get it, all I can tell you is you have no concept of kedushah or the meaning of Jerusalem, her uniqueness, her beauty and her light.  

Where once she was modest and regal on her throne, now, she has been enslaved and painted like a harlot, for sale to the highest bidders.

God, help us and save Yerushalayim - the place You have chosen for Yourself!

(Think of this when you anticipate kindling the Hanukkah lights...)

(For a full list of the speakers, see HERE.)  

Some things you should know about Tony Blair...

  • He went from being the PM of the UK to being "Peace Envoy" to the Middle East on behalf of The Quartet, a position he left in 2015.  (Source)
  • As soon as he had stepped down from being Prime Minister, he began a process of conversion to Catholicism, saying, "There was something, not just about the doctrine of the church, but of the universal nature of the Catholic church." He also reportedly said, "In seeking this path of truth, lit by God's love and paved by God's grace, the church can be the insistent spiritual voice that makes globalisation our servant, not our master."
  • At a press conference in Rimini, Italy, he proclaimed, "I am and remain a Christian, seeking salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ."  (Source)
  • He runs the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change: "...one of its goals is to 'counter extremism in all six leading religions' (i.e., according to the Foundation, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and Sikhism)." (Source)
  • Tony Blair "played a key role in brokering the Abraham Accords."  (Source)

[Garry] Kasparov is currently chairman of the Human Rights Foundation and chairs its International Council. In 2017, he founded the Renew Democracy Initiative (RDI), an American political organization promoting and defending liberal democracy in the U.S. and abroad. He also serves as chairman of the group. Kasparov currently lives in New York City.

His father, Kim Moiseyevich Weinstein, was Jewish, and his mother, Klara Shagenovna Gasparian, was Armenian. Kasparov has described himself as a "self-appointed Christian", although "very indifferent" and identifies as Russian: "although I'm half-Armenian, half-Jewish, I consider myself Russian because Russian is my native tongue, and I grew up with Russian culture." (Source)
(Click on image to visit site.)

This is all about the complete assimilation of Israel into the Family of Nations.  Just one among many, not One unique and set apart. 😢  Another part of the War Against God.

BONUSIsrael is on the roster of the CFR's Council of Councils.

12 November 2021


8 Kislev 5782
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Parashat Vayeitzei

Then [Jacob] heard the words of Laban's sons, saying, "Jacob has taken all that belonged to our father, and from that which belonged to our father he amassed all this wealth."  Jacob also noticed Laban's disposition that, behold, it was not toward him as in earlier days.

And Hashem said to Jacob, "Return to the land of your fathers and to your native land, and I will be with you."  (Bereishit 31.1-3)
Commentary:  And I will be with you.  When you return home, I will be with you, but as long as you remain here with the unclean Laban, My Presence will not rest on you (Rashi).  This removal of God's protection, as evidenced by the displeasure of Laban and his sons, was designed to provoke Jacob to leave Charan and return to Eretz Yisrael (Malbim). 
There really is no place like home, and nothing makes you feel the truth of that statement quite like overstaying your welcome in someone else's home. Even when the someone is family and they love you and you love them, there comes a point when you just have to be under your own vine and fig tree.  

It's to our father Ya'aqov's great credit that he was sensitive to the hints and wasted no time getting out of what was fast becoming an untenable situation.  He didn't need to be told twice.

Soon, we will once again follow the course of our father Ya'aqov's life after returning home to Eretz Yisrael, and we will see, once again, that coming home did not mean an end to his troubles.  He just traded one set of troubles for another.  But, in Eretz YisraelHashem would be right there with him through the troubles.

From this we can learn that we don't come home to Eretz Yisrael in order to avoid problems, or in order to rest on our laurels and enjoy life. We come home because Hashem, our Abba, is calling us.  He's telling each one of us, "Come home, son/daughter, and we'll spend time together - I'll be with you."  Who could ever pass that up?  Who could be so cold as to turn their back on such an offer?

Our father Ya'aqov was just watching and listening and waiting for that call.  He was hoping for it and praying for it - that signal to come home.  That's why when it came, he wasted no time.  He was more than ready to go. 

He knew, like we do, that everything up until our arrival back home in Eretz Yisrael has just been practice.  Now, the real work begins.  Only in Eretz Yisrael can our destiny be realized and our mission be fulfilled. 


11 November 2021

Keep Your Eyes on Jerusalem

7 Kislev 5782 

People say we do not have prophets today.  Well, they are wrong.  Because of the faithfulness of our ancestors to accurately record and pass on our holy books, we have the words of the greatest Hebrew prophets who ever lived, and they are just as relevant for us today.  Furthermore, they are so accessible that most people can pull them right off a shelf in their own home and consult them any time they please.

In this era at the End of Days, this is the light that shines in every Jewish home while the rest of the world lies in utter darkness.  What did our prophets tell us would be the most pivotal sign of Mashiach's arrival?  The war for Jerusalem...

Behold! I am making Jerusalem a cup of weakness for all the peoples around,...And it shall come to pass on that day that I will make Jerusalem a stone of burden for all peoples; all who bear it shall be gashed, and all the nations of the earth shall gather about it. ...On that day the Lord shall protect the inhabitants of Jerusalem,...And it shall come to pass on that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come upon Jerusalem. (Zechariah 12:2-3, 8-9)
Throughout the prophets, we see the same picture portrayed: Jerusalem besieged by the nations; G-d's people delivered; the nations themselves defeated and destroyed. 

But, that is not the picture painted by Tommy Waller in the clip I showed you yesterday.  He quoted a mistranslation of the Prophet Haggai:  "And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts." (Haggai 2:7, KJV)

He and his acolytes put a very positive spin on this and use it to support their assertion that this is teaching that when the nations will desire Jerusalem and the rebuilt Temple, redemption will arrive and therefore, it is all up to them to bring it about.

As always, you have to consult the Hebrew to accurately understand the true meaning...

חגיי פרק ב

 ז וְהִרְעַשְׁתִּי, אֶת-כָּל-הַגּוֹיִם, וּבָאוּ, חֶמְדַּת כָּל-הַגּוֹיִם; וּמִלֵּאתִי אֶת-הַבַּיִת הַזֶּה, כָּבוֹד--אָמַר, יְהוָה צְבָאוֹת.

The key phrase here is חֶמְדַּת כָּל-הַגּוֹיִם.  It can be translated as "desire of all the nations" but unlike the positive spin Tommy Waller puts on it, it has the connotation of improper desire as in the tenth commandment: "You shall not covet" - לֹא תַחְמֹד - from the same root.

In reality, this is precisely what we see.  The UN, the Vatican, they've made no secret of their desire for Jerusalem and their willingness to take it from us, given half a chance.  Even America is in on it as we are currently in a dispute with them over their right to open an embassy for Palestine in the midst of Jerusalem.

It is the clearest sign yet that we are right before the revelation of our Righteous Mashiach.  Jerusalem as the focus and the nations' covetous desire to rip her away from us and take her for themselves shows we are right at the end of the World of Lies and soon to enter the World of Truth.  

If the nations have any role to play in the redemption process, it is as the servant of the Satan (Eisav's Ministering Angel) and for that reason, they will go to utter destruction, with only individual righteous gentiles surviving.

10 November 2021

Jacob and Esau: The Final Battle

7 Kislev 5782

Christianity - in all its forms - is the progeny of Esau.  That is a fact.  And to this day, Esau has been trying to recover the birthright he sold to his brother Jacob.  Here at the End of Days, this battle is reaching its peak.  Seeing that he could not defeat, remove or replace his brother, Esau has resorted to assimilating him until there remains no separate, distinct Nation of Israel.  

We must be particularly wary in these final days of this final battle, because the isolation required of us at this time in history is what is necessary to deliver us to the final, ultimate redemption. Esau, along with all the other enemies of G-d in this world, will do anything to bring us into relationship with them, into joining together with them, whether it is to fight for the freedom and human rights we see threatened by the plandemic, or whether it be in support of Jewish sovereignty and the building of the Third Temple.

They are not us, we are not them and we will never be ONE, but forever separate.  This is by Divine edict.  Separation is the key to redemption and either we will separate ourselves from them or HKB"H will do it for us.  If He has to do it, it will be ever so much more painful [no reason to wonder why antisemitism is at all-time highs].

Following is some updated info for your consideration.  This is Esau at work among us.  Be vigilant, be discerning, be aware, be strong, be true to HKB"H and to His plan and desire for His Holy Nation.

From its very beginning, Christianity had nothing original going for it.  Its only reason for being was as the antithesis of Judaism - its New Testament is anti-Judaism and its Christ was in reality anti-Christ as the word is Greek for Messiah.

Present-day Christianity is nothing if it does not have its own rip-offs from the Jewish world.  Here is the latest...

The Christian Agency for Israel seeks to be the world’s leading promoter in the facilitation of Christian fundraising for the people and land of Israel. CAFI provides opportunities for Christians to bless Israel and the Jewish people living there or in the Diaspora. Working together as Jews and Christians, we are able to accomplish our mission by partnering in projects, activities, and enterprises that are valuable in the work of aliyah and absorption.

A rip-off of the famed "Jewish Agency" to be sure.  As you can see from the above, it even claims to have the same aim as the Jewish Agency - promoting aliyah - but if you read further, you will discover that it is a purely missionary organization which even seeks to include Jews as "partners" to assist with the Christian missionary agenda.  Hashem yerachem! 

According to CAFI:  "God keeps His promises to Israel through Christians...."  And they aren't the only ones making this claim.  Tommy Waller of HaYovel makes essentially the same claim.  Apparently, they believe that since Jews are lacking a relationship with Yeshu, they can't complete the connection to God, ergo it is the role of the "Nations" via the "Church" to intercede on our behalf and act as the necessary "adapter" to make the connection possible.  [See the following video.]

The "many" Jews he speaks of who believe in this unity between Jews and Christians want to tell us that the old ways are gone and a new path is being forged - the redemptive path - which no longer bids us to maintain the ages-old "separation."  And that, in fact, nobody can be redeemed until we give that up and join together with them.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  It is in the merit of this very separation that we will be redeemed - just like our ancestors who remained separate from the Egyptians.  If anyone comes to you with this mistaken idea, just remind them of the Havdalah prayers we say each and every week...
"Blessed are You, our G-d, King of the Universe
Who separates between holy and profane, between
Light and darkness, between
Israel and other nations, between
The Sabbath day and the six working days...."

As long as there remains an unbreachable barrier between holiness and profanity, light and darkness; as long as there remains a division between the Sabbath and the six working days, Israel, as well, must remain separate from the nations of the world.

08 November 2021


4 Kislev 5782 

Vaccine injury stories pour in after Israeli mom launches project to expose untold suffering...


You can read a summary of the video contents HERE.

NY Beit Din: "Assur" to Give mRNA Vaccine to Kids!

4 Kislev 5782 


05 November 2021


1 Kislev 5782
Rosh Chodesh
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Toldot 

Parashat Toldot - Bereshit 25.23-26 with Rashi Commentary

..."Two nations are in your womb, and two kingdoms will separate from your innards, and one kingdom will become mightier than the other kingdom, and the elder will serve the younger.

will separate from your innards: From the womb they are separated, this one to his wickedness, and this one to his innocence.

will become mightier than the other kingdom: They will not be equal in greatness; when one rises, the other will fall, and so [Scripture] states (Ezek. 26:2): “I shall become full from the destroyed city.” Tyre became full [gained power] only from the destruction of Jerusalem. — [From Meg. 6a, Pes. 42b]

And her days to give birth were completed, and behold, there were twins in her womb.

there were twins in her womb: [תוֹמִם is spelled] defectively [missing an “aleph” and“yud”], but concerning Tamar, it is written תְּאוֹמִים, with the plene spelling, [with an “aleph” and“yud”] because they (Perez and Zerah) were both righteous, but here, one was righteous and one was wicked. — [From Gen. Rabbah 63:8]

And the first one emerged ruddy; he was completely like a coat of hair, and they named him Esau.

ruddy: That is a sign that he will be a person who sheds blood (Gen. Rabbah 63:8).

And afterwards, his brother emerged, and his hand was grasping Esau's heel, and he named him Jacob.

Esau’s heel: [This is] a sign that this one (Esau) will not manage to complete his reign until this one rises up and takes it from him. — [From Gen. Rabbah 63:9]

From the Stone Edition Chumash Commentary...

Through Shem, God conveyed to [Rivkah] that the unborn infants represented two nations and two conflicting ideologies - Israel and Edom - and that their struggle in the womb symbolized the future rivalries between them, which would end with the younger prevailing over the older (R' Hoffmann).  Thus, the turmoil within her was due to the irreconcilable conflict between two nations that was already taking shape (Mizrachi).
The Sages teach that the two of them will never be mighty simultaneously; when one falls, the other will rise (Megillah 6a).  History has demonstrated this prophecy in practice.  Two regimes, one espousing morality and justice and the other standing for license and barbarity, cannot long coexist.  They must always be in conflict until one comes to dominate the other, whether through victory on the battlefield or in the contest for men's minds 

04 November 2021

The COVID "Pill"

29 Marcheshvan 5782

I would not trust the new pill now being marketed as the first oral anti-viral medication for symptomatic COVID-19.  Look what the BBC reports about it:

...It targets an enzyme that the virus uses to make copies of itself, introducing errors into its genetic code. That should prevent it from multiplying, so keeping virus levels low in the body and reducing the severity of the disease.

Merck said that approach should make the treatment equally effective against new variants of the virus as it evolves in the future.
Now, a logical question would be, considering that those who have been vaccinated are carrying genetic material that codes for the virus' spike protein, could their own cells be affected by this targeted enzyme and could their own cells have errors introduced into their genetic code?  A second logical question is, what exactly is carrying the "genetic errors" meant to target this enzyme?  It seems to me that it would have to be the same nano-particle-delivered mRNA with just a different message.  If they can hijack the virus' ability to reproduce by "introducing genetic errors," why not people, too???  

Unfortunately, there is no one I trust to answer these questions right now.  Meantime, I would steer clear.  Considering that its effectiveness is being deemed "about" 50%, the risk seems to far outweigh any potential benefit, in my considered opinion.  Dr. Zelenko's protocol is proven highly effective without such risk.

Are We Seeing the Tip of the Iceberg?

29 Marcheshvan 5782 

ERs Are Swamped With Seriously Ill Patients, Although Many Don’t Have Covid     (h/t YB)


The following was taken from Dr. Zelenko's Telegram channel...

SEE ALSO: Sen. Johnson Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates

03 November 2021

Billions Are Already At Risk

28 Marcheshvan 5782

Nanomedicine – What are the risks?
March 1, 2016

There are many arguments against nanomedicine due to the issue of toxicity. Elements at a microscopic level have different properties than they have at their standard conditions and every nano particle is completely unique so they each have different properties. These leads to the possibility of the nanoparticles having a serious effect on our health. Also if nano robots were used then serious issues can arise if there was a glitch in the programming and the nanoparticles had negative effects on us. These scenarios can only be resolved through thorough testing.

Financial costs are another disadvantage to nanomedicine. At first, the treatment will be too expensive to the average person so this leads to the thought that should we reform the health system before we start investing millions of pounds in nanomedicine rather than in gaining better access to medicine in LEDCs.

Furthermore, nanomedicine can be used for other purposes rather than helping people which is the main aim of the work in this field. Such technology can be used by the military for surveillance on people. Also if anyone one could have to this technology, then they could use it to enhance themselves which could raise more ethical questions.

The points above show that there are many questions that need to be answered before this technology is put to use. (Source) 
The nano-particle-delivered mRNA vaccines have now initiated billions of people worldwide into the next phase of "human evolution."  From nano-tracked drug administration to the technology which is intended to merge man and machine, this is not the basis for restoring health and extending life, but for absolute control and subjugation. And whoever gets hurt along the way - it's all just necessary collateral damage.

01 November 2021

The World As One - Part 2 (Rabbi Richter)

27 Marcheshvan 1982 

R. Richter. One World? One World Religion? One World Government? Conspiracy Theory?  Part 2


26 Marcheshvan 5782 

I'm aware how many times this alarm has been sounded, but each time the threat approaches us, we have to prepare even if it will delay again.  I know that, for myself, I let my extra provisions dwindle, so I'm certain others do as well.  The wake-up calls spur me into restocking and it's that time again.  

I have to say that the situation looks different this time.  

The IDF has been preparing intensively for the past year for a war between Israel and Hezbollah. The army heavily publicized some of these efforts while keeping a low profile on other moves.

At times it seemed like Israel is holding a significant exercise almost every month. The ongoing drills are meant to test the full array of the IDF’s units, weapons and capabilities while simulating likely combat scenarios.

However, the constant action seems to serve another purpose: Lowering Hezbollah’s guard by regularly deploying troops near the Lebanon border and elsewhere. The group elevates its alert level for major IDF drills, but maintaining vigilance is harder over time. One day, it will no longer be an exercise.

A war between Israel and Hezbollah could erupt for several reasons. A deadly attack on IDF soldiers or civilians will provoke a strong Israeli response and may lead to a larger conflict. The army’s annual intelligence estimate warned that the Lebanese group is willing to take the risk and strike this year.

But there are other scenarios. As Israel increasingly adopts a preemptive war doctrine, the IDF may launch a surprise attack to neutralize Hezbollah’s key assets. Defense officials are alarmed by the group’s precision-missile program and moving closer to ordering a preventive strike to destroy the project.... (article continues)

Israel’s military and civilian authorities launched a large-scale war drill on Sunday, Oct. 31 to prepare for a pro-Iranian precision rocket blitz from Lebanon targeting civilians and infrastructure. The drill ending on Thursday covers multiple threats requiring evacuations of complete frontline communities, dispersing local Arab disturbances in mixed cities, cyber war and disruptions of basic amenities – or even chemical warfare.

The Air Force is meanwhile practicing operations for hitting 3,000 Hizballah targets across Lebanon in a single day in response to direct Iranian or Iran-supported missile attacks by Hizballah and imported Iraqi-Shiite militias. Estimates cite a potential 4,000 rockets a day, some of them ballistic and outfitted with high precision kits. Intelligence sources report that the 30,000-strong Iraqi Kata’ib Hezbollah has been assigned to send troops in Lebanon and they are in advanced training.

The missile strike Israel conducted on Saturday morning on Al-Dimas, a key point west of Damascus on the Syrian-Lebanon highway, was a typical pre-emptive measure to disrupt the passage of an Iran-Syrian arms convoy and Iraqi Shiite troops across the border into Lebanon.

On Wednesday, sirens will be heard to test a new alert system of 15 seconds instead of 30-second rocket warnings in sensitive northern districts. Hizballah is expected to launch its offensive with a drive to capture a number of Israeli locations along the Lebanese border. Since millions of civilians lack shelters able to withstand intensive rocket attacks, the drill will also focus on large-scale evacuations of entire communities within a 5-km radius from the Lebanese border to provisional centers away from the front for the duration of the crisis.

The IDF is therefore practicing rapid evacuations to save lives and prevent prisoners and hostages from falling into enemy hands. This will be a complex operation in more ways than one with hundreds of vehicles moving fast under fire. The drill will draw on lessons from the May Operation Guardian of the Walls against Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip. A plan then to evacuate civilian communities in the line of fire failed to take off since the public bus service is largely manned by Israeli Arab drivers who refused to take the wheel at the time.

Drawing on another lesson from the Gaza operation, the police are an active partner in the war drill, making ready to quell a repeat of the local disturbances staged by Arab protesters in mixed towns and their possible resort to live arms fire. The police have set up a helicopter squadron for moving forces at speed between trouble spots.

No official estimates have ever been released on the potential for casualties in this scenario being simulated this week, but hundreds of dead are not being ruled out. The hospitals co-opted to the drill will be on standby for a large influx of civilian and military casualties.

The drill led by the IDF Home Front Command and National Emergency Authority is also preparing for outages of power and water and breakdowns of food supplies as a result of rocket hits or cyberattacks disrupting traffic and hacking their systems. They are not ruling out the danger of chemical warfare like that practiced by Iran’s ally, Bashar Assad against the Syrian population which rose up against his rule. Mention has been made of a Hizballah plan to disarm Israeli civilians and troops by spreading a form of tranquillizer across large areas.... (article continues)

Think of this like you would if a hurricane or fierce winter storm were approaching.  Stock up on the things you might need if there is a power outage for a considerable time and keep in mind that water may not arrive to the tap if the power plant itself is not operating.  So, bottled water, ready-to-eat food, medicines, batteries (keep your phone charged though we don't know if cell towers will function).  Don't forget the kids and the pets.  It would likely be helpful to have some distractions (that don't require electricity) to occupy the kids.

For those who might have to travel to a shelter.  Probably best to have go-bags packed for each family member (back-packs for kids) with everything you'd need for 24-48 hours,

If anyone has any further helpful suggestions, please put them in the comments.  And PRAY!

Hashem, please bring our Mashiach and redeem us NOW!!