17 June 2015

Binyamin on "Jade-Helm" (Q and A - Pt 3)

30 Sivan 5775
Rosh Chodesh Tamuz Aleph

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin
Motzaei Shabbat Kodesh Naso
13 Sivan 5775

On a Clear Day It's Permitted to See Eternity 

Q. Could you elaborate a bit and go into detail on the huge military exercise that's being conducted inside the United States? It's already been going on since the beginning of spring.

A. I can only say that it's very dangerous. The 'Jade-Helm' - its goal is to conquer a part of the United States at the hands of American soldiers. And in this part of the US, there are a lot of opponents with weapons who are not ready to let the government rule over them, and it's also a very important area with oil, etc., so they simply want to rule over them.

Q. The name that they gave this exercise: 'Jade-Helm 15' , what's the meaning of this expression 'Jade-Helm'?

A. They say it has an interpretation in one language, I don't know which language, but the significance is to gather the citizens for sending them to prisons, and etc., an exercise against the citizens.

Q. How is it that no one there is bringing objections to these strange activities?

A. In Texas, there are opponents. The governor of Texas even asked his soldiers, soldiers that belong to his state, to keep an eye on the American soldiers and see what they are plotting to do, if they see something strange, they should report it immediately. It's not simple. And it doesn't just pass through ten states like they're telling, it's more something like thirty states! No one knows exactly what it is, but everyone is very fearful. Again I'll say to you: there are several hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers there who are located among the Americans, as well as very many Chinese... And the Russians - it's already many years in order of magnitude of hundreds of thousands who are located with the American army. They work together. It's one organization. You should understand. This is the part that's hard to understand. It's one organization. It's not 'Russia', and 'China', and 'America', etc. This is one group.

And they will do something that will rock the world, ['Fear Takes Control'] and then everyone will raise their hands and say: 'Save us! Save us!...'

Q. Like they did with the Twin Towers...

A. Much worse than this. The 'Twins' was the part that we've seen until now as the strongest, including what happened at the Pentagon, and etc., but it will be still much more.

Q. It's known to me that in hospitals in Israel they are preparing intensive organizational changes in order to accommodate them to the regulations and to the level that they can receive American soldiers. What does this say?

 The Americans already have soldiers inside [Israel]. It's exactly like in the US they have hundreds of thousands of Russian soldiers, and there are also hundreds of thousands of Chinese, so they're really working one with the other, it's one group that's simply swallowing up the world.

Q. How is it that in this situation they're not catching on yet?

A. They haven't yet caught on. There are those who have caught on suddenly, but there are those who haven't... They just know something's not right.

Russian Troops on American Soil

[To be continued, iy"H]