10 June 2015

Selected Passages from Past Messages (2006)

23 Sivan 5775

The fall of the Twin Towers was not the beginning. It began with the Six Day War... The buildings (Twin Towers) symbolized Olam Hazeh (This World). It was the symbol of the materialism of Egypt. It fell and became ashes. Even those who did their best to save others and clean up the area became sick from this and are sick until today. (Source)


All of the wars that will occur in the future will be fought over the issue of religion. This is essentially one large war, the last war before the coming of our Mashiach (Messiah). Islam wants to rule over the world and the Christians will not let the Arabs rule.

...We must know the truth in all matters connected to the war: really there isn't any Arab-Israeli conflict. The conflict is between us and our G-d, and this is the source of all of our problems. Don't let us fool ourselves that there is some nationalistic solution; there isn't. The sand in the hourglass is running out, and there isn't anywhere to run. Anyone with any sense can see that there is only one way to reach our rescue, and that is peace between us and our Father in Heaven, to return to Him. Race towards Him and hide under the cover of his wings, shout out to Him for help and He will surely save us.

...For us Jews this war will be the hardest of all. In addition to the dangers that lie in wait for the whole world, the Jewish people must stand up against a more difficult war, and that is a moral war about intellectual faith and wholehearted faith in the Creator of the universe. This is in all conditions. In all respects this is the last test, and whoever succeeds is the real champion.

...The Creator is preparing us for an upheaval. The world as we know it is about to end; the end will come quickly. The end is coming and we feel it, it is so clear. The world has come to a dead-end; no way out.

...According to the prophets, Edom (the Western world) will pay the biggest price and none of them will be left at all. No Jew will be left in the Diaspora-meaning that they will have to leave and come to Israel.

...We are the last generation, so we must correct all of the past mistakes. We are reaching the state when there is no one to depend upon except for G-d, and this is in fact the goal. The darkness grows stronger, it will be very heavy, and there won't even be a crack of light. We will be forced to go in total darkness, and only those with trust will succeed in getting through.

...Throughout the world, a Jew will be a target of hatred. Whatever we depended upon-arms, an army, reason, Western thought, doctors, medicine, and everything that else that we rely upon like money, banks etc., all of it will collapse. We will remain alone with G-d. Someone who will realize, at the moment of truth, that we don't need all of the above mentioned means of security -that all we need is G-d...whoever understands that simple fact will be saved. Whoever not, will not be saved! The prophets wrote exactly what will happen.

...We can save ourselves, but just like our history in ancient Egypt, whoever didn't want to look and see, didn't leave. The Rabbis told us that four fifths of the Jewish people didn't want to leave Egypt. They died there before we left. It will be just like that now, in the final redemption with the Mashiach.

...The two world powers, the West and the Arabs, will fight each other in an awesome war. One of them will defeat the other and the victor will come with his troops against the Jewish people. G-d will save his beloved people, but only those Jews who have full trust in G-d. Only those Jews who longed for the Mashiach, only those Jews who wanted to be close to the Creator. Only those will survive. (Source)


...strengthen your bitochon in Hashem, your belief in Hashem, your love of Hashem, because in this great darkness not a glimmer of light will appear; and only those who have complete trust in Hashem will be able to survive. You cannot suddenly get it. You must develop such a trust, and only those who really try to be Hashem's servants can make it. (Source)


Israel has many enemies, there is Iran and it's prime minister, (who seem more wicked that "HAMAN HARASHA" from "Megilat Ester"), who have to attack Israel before Messiah.

...It is Impossible to mix oil and water, Impossible to mix Judaism, TORA and gentiles. It doesn't work!

...God will completely destroy Edom. The war between Yishmael and Edom will end difficultly, and after that, the war will be against us, and those who are close to Hashem will survive. (Source)

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