31 March 2009

Latest Message from the Autistics

Perek 105 - Last Words

Q. What title will we give the message?

A. The last words to Am Yisrael.

Q. This is the last message?

A. This is the last message that will be in the present situation. Our present situation is going to change a lot in the near future. The state of the world is going to change at the speed of lightning. It doesn't matter if you all go out to the street, the street will remain the same; the bus arrives, rain comes down, there are taxis, but beneath all this there is a tremendous change and one day we will open our eyes and we won't recognize our world....

29 March 2009

Nissan - the Month of Redemption

(With thanks to Inner.org)

Our sages say: "In Nissan our forefathers were redeemed from Egypt, and in Nissan we will be redeemed." The name of the month, Nissan, is cognate to the word, Nissim, "miracles." The two letters, nun, at the beginning and end of Nissan, allude, according to our sages, to "miracles of miracles" (nisai nissim).
In the Torah, the month of Nissan is referred to as "the month of spring." From the verse, "Guard the month of spring and make Pesach for G-d your G-d," our sages learn of the mitzvah to make a leap year when necessary, to ensure that the holiday of Pesach will always fall in the season of spring. The word for "leap year," ibur, also means "pregnancy"--a state of being from which a new reality is born.

Spring is the time of the rebirth of nature, of renewed growth and actualization of latent potential. This is intimated in the very first mitzvah that the Children of Israel were commanded, before leaving Egypt: "This month is for you the head of months; it is for you the first of the months of the year." The root of the word for "month," chodesh, is identical to the root of the word "new," chadash. Thus, "this month," the month of Nissan, is the source of all "renewal" that will appear throughout the year. In the above cited verse the root "new" appears three times--a triple renewal ("A triply winded thread is not easily severed").

The redemption of Israel is likened to a process of "sprouting" and "flourishing," tzmichah. One of the names in the Bible for the Mashiach himself is Tzemach, "the sprout," as it is written: "His name is Tzemach and from beneath him [from the earth] he will flourish."

The Torah states: "Today you are going out, in the month of the spring." This verse refers not only to the redemption from Egypt, but to the future redemption as well. When Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levi asked the Mashiach, "When will our master arrive?" he answered, "Today!" (hayom!). When Mashiach did not arrive on that day, the prophet Elijah explained to Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levi that the Mashiach had in fact referred to the verse, "Today [hayom], if you listen to His voice."

Notwithstanding, the answer of Mashiach may also be seen to allude to the above cited verse, "Today [hayom] you are going out, in the month of the spring." From this we may learn that the spiritual service upon which the future redemption is dependent is the service of "going out" of one's initial "introverted" or "pregnant" state of being, to be "born" in full manifestation to the external reality of the world. The revelation of Mashiach himself is referred to as "Today [hayom] I [G-d] have given you birth." This parallels the natural flourishing of the month of spring.

The greatest miracle of the month of Nissan--the month of redemption--is that in Nissan nature itself experiences true renewal. The prophet says: "Just as in the days of your going out of Egypt, I will show you wonders." From this we learn that the miracles of the future redemption will be "wonders" as compared to the miracles of the exodus from Egypt. Chassidut explains that the miracles of the exodus from Egypt were so powerfully "supernatural" that they "broke" the natural order of the world. In the future redemption, however, the miracles will unite with nature and will illuminate the world through nature. Now, the myriad of miracles "enclothed" in nature are concealed by the cloak of nature. In the future, nature will become a transparent pane through which the brilliant, Divine light of the miracle of true renewal of all reality will shine. Of the future it is said: "Night (nature) as day (miracles) will shine."

By "gently" uniting with nature, refining and illuminating it, the realm of the miraculous will "gladden" the realm of the natural. This is compared to the mitzvah incumbent upon a husband to "gladden" his wife. The Arizal teaches that each of the twelve months of the year possesses a particular permutation of G-d's essential four-letter Name, Havayah, which derives from (the initial letters or the final letters of) a verse in the Bible. The permutation of the month of Nissan, the first of the months of the year, is the natural spelling of Havayah, which derives from the initial letters of the verse in Psalms: "The heavens will be happy and the earth will rejoice" (Yismichu hashamayim v'tagel ha'aretz). The heavens (the spiritual dimension of reality) and the earth (the physical dimension of reality)--nature--rejoices.

Joy brings forth "revelation" (hitgalut, from the same root as v'tagel, "rejoice"). "The new heavens and the new earth," potential in G-d's infinite light ("standing before Me") become revealed in (a truly "new") nature (a "nature" of unbounded joy in G-d's consummate revelation to His creation). This is the greatest of miracles--"the miracle of miracles"--of the month of Nissan, the month of redemption.

Must-Read Report

The Economist: Manning The Barricades: Banks, Busts and Beyond

27 March 2009

Eizeh Kef!!

Do you love gardening but don't have the time...or a green thumb?

Go to this link and click anywhere in the page - and see what happens!

Better yet, click and drag the mouse all around.

Have fun!!!!!! Shabbat shalom!!!!!!! Shana tova!!!!!!!!!!

Disintegrating American Empire

America courts disaster with N Korea...

U.S. destroyers on move as N. Korea prepares rocket launch
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. Navy ships capable of shooting down ballistic missiles are being moved to the Sea of Japan, a Navy spokesman said.

...while continuing its move towards Islamisization by cozying up to Pakistan...

Obama to send 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan, officials say
U.S. President Barack Obama plans to send another 4,000 troops to Afghanistan along with hundreds of civilian specialists. He will also call on Congress to pass a bill that triples U.S. aid to Pakistan to $1.5 billion a year over five years, officials say.

...and preparing to turn its entire population into an army (of one sort or another).

American Brown Shirts? Yes We Can!
Word has it that Obama, true to his election promises, is going to start a “civilian national security force” which is meant to be a military force -as strong as the U.S. armed forces, as well funded, and will be situated on the home front.

26 March 2009

Just in Time for Birkat HaChama

This report from NASA and issued by the US National Academy of Sciences...

Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe

...It sounds ridiculous. Surely the sun couldn't create so profound a disaster on Earth. Yet an extraordinary report funded by NASA and issued by the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in January this year claims it could do just that.

Over the last few decades, western civilisations have busily sown the seeds of their own destruction. Our modern way of life, with its reliance on technology, has unwittingly exposed us to an extraordinary danger: plasma balls spewed from the surface of the sun could wipe out our power grids, with catastrophic consequences.

The projections of just how catastrophic make chilling reading. "We're moving closer and closer to the edge of a possible disaster," says Daniel Baker, a space weather expert based at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and chair of the NAS committee responsible for the report.

...The most serious space weather event in history happened in 1859. It is known as the Carrington event, after the British amateur astronomer Richard Carrington, ....

Though a solar outburst could conceivably be more powerful, "we haven't found an example of anything worse than a Carrington event", says James Green, head of NASA's planetary division and an expert on the events of 1859. "From a scientific perspective, that would be the one that we'd want to survive." However, the prognosis from the NAS analysis is that, thanks to our technological prowess, many of us may not.

... "If a Carrington event happened now, it would be like a hurricane Katrina, but 10 times worse," says Paul Kintner, a plasma physicist at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.

..."The Carrington event happened during a mediocre, ho-hum solar cycle," Kintner says. "It came out of nowhere, so we just don't know when something like that is going to happen again."

(Read it in its entirety at the link provided in the title.)

23 March 2009

Israel Under Attack

From suicidal muslims to missionizing xians to erev ravian rabbis and government officials to eisavian political leaders throughout the world...

And it goes further. Be aware...

Haredim launch battle against human body exhibit

Carmiel rabbi enraged by erotic show

Paganism returns to the Holy Land

El Al to fly pope back to Rome after visit
..."Israel's national carrier El Al is proud to be chosen to serve the pope and his entourage on his historic visit to Israel and to offer the delegation a special flight back home," Haim Romano, El Al's director-general, said on Sunday....

We need to cry out to Hashem NOW!! for our geulah shleimah!

18 March 2009

This is Getting to be a Regular Thing

More and more frequently, we are reading reports of "newly discovered" asteroids having close encounters with earth. Here is the most recent:

ASTEROID FLYBY: Newly-discovered asteroid 2009 FH is flying past Earth today, March 18th, only 85,000 km (0.00057 AU) away. That's a little more than twice the altitude of a geosynchronous communications satellite. There is no danger of a collision with the 20-meter-wide space rock--just a close shave.

Just two weeks ago, we reported on this phenomenon. And it's not just asteroids, it's meteors, too. Fireballs in the skies accompanied by big booms are becoming more and more common.

Staten Island residents report loud boom

Have a look at this one that was visible in broad daylight in Texas recently.

Here is a spectacular one over Denver, Colorado.

And it's not only in America. It's occurring worldwide.

Google mystery booms and search YouTube for fireballs and meteors. It reminds me of Saada's prophetic vision.

I'm telling you, Heaven is sending us messages and we are not paying close attention!

More Good Signs

The talkbacks from the JP article cited below is a good sign that the xians are beginning to pull back from us. And the one below is a good sign that the US is itself starting to pull away from us. This is all very good news since before Mashiach comes, we must be bereft of "friends" and foreign "supporters."

US Blocking Visa for Netanyahu’s Security Advisor

(IsraelNN.com) United States officials have denied a visa to Dr. Uzi Arad, a security expert who is Prime Minister-designate Binyamin Netanyahu’s choice to be national security advisor, according to the Washington Times. He is suspected by the Americans of being an intelligence risk,...

...Dr. Arad worked for the Mossad intelligence agency for more than 20 years and advised Netanyahu after he retired in 1997. He has been an opponent to the U.S. invasion of Iraq and also was against the Israeli abandonment of the Gaza region nearly four years ago.

Pope's Visit and JP article

The JPost ran an article entitled Western Wall rabbi says pope should not wear cross at site. You would not believe some of the talkbacks which at this count number over 400 and has caused the article to be linked on the Drudgereport website. Here are some of the highlights:

14. No Crosses?
Seriously? It's hurts feelings? Well sometimes our feelings get hurt. Pretty sure Jesus didn't like getting nailed to a cross. Suck it up.

65. no support for israel
As an American and a Catholic I have always strongly supported Israel in the US. If this turns into an incident in which the Pope is not treated with respect -- when Pope John Paul did the same thing just a few years ago -- I will end my suport of Israel. No one asks an Orthodox Jewish man to remove his yarmulke in a church. This shold be a non issue, and ikely is just some guy trying to get some TV time.

82. And who told you that only Saudi Arabia is a racist country
Israel and the Jews are the ones who are racists. Now you know why there are so much anti-semitism going around in the world. One of the many reasons.

109. Jews are losing significant friends at their behaviour with the Pope
too bad, that you need friends now more than ever.

119. Cross vs. Crescent
Jews allow the Dome of the Rock with its half moon and stars on their holy soil but not the Cross, the symbol of Christianity? Remember, Jesus, a Jew Himself, was crucified on the Cross. sick of Jewish hatred towards Christians

149. Another Stupid Rabbi-
I thought our Rabbis were sages and scholars. Obviously the Rabbi of the wall is not. How offensive to ask the Pope not to wear his cross. Is the Wall afraid of the cross? Surely not? I think the Rabbi should go back and study some more.

154. The Pope and the Cross
Let's disregard all nonsense from fundamentalist (Christians and Jews, regretably they are everywhere, not only in the Muslim world). Gladly,there are many (most of us in fact), reasonable minds around. To try to deprive the Pope with its most important symbol, of our Christianity, would equal to deprive a true Jew to wear the Start of David at any time. The Pope should be welcome for who he is & what he intends: build strong bridges between our important faiths, Christianity and Judaism. Maria Teresa, a proud Catholic and true friend, supporter and admiror of Israel and its wonderful people.

163. Rabbi - please zip your lip. SHEKED!!! He has every right to wear whatever he wants where ever he wants. Tolerance please!!!
Rabbi, he is not disrupting your prayers, so don't interrupt a respectful visit!

176. Scary relirious fanactics are the true criminals
Can't believe that such rigiadicity and close mindedness still exists in this day and age. Reading some of these posts with their rabbinical splitting of hairs and crazy "rules" is disheartening. This man comes in peace...in the present... from what I can ascertain, Jews don't want peace....with anyone, and feel they alone deserve respect. Such a thin skinned, silly group.

177. More of the same.
I see that some religious authorities still are defending their exclusive franchise on communication with God. I guess they didn't get the memo about that covenant being change a couple thousand years ago. The Jewish religious establishment had their chance and most of them blew it.

183. The Muddle of Rabbi Rabinovitch
Jews do not wear tefillin and tallises as part of their normal daily, hour-to-hour attire. There is no comparison to the pope wearing a cross at the Western Wall, and our rabbi is reacting in an intellectual incoherent muddle. Kudos to the adherents of Judaism here who reject the thoughtless of the rabbi. And for those who want to drone on incessantly about their 'suffering' from Christians, let's not forget where the conflict started: with Judaic authorities persecuting, hounding, and killing Jewish adherents of Christ and his Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Deo Gratias.
Rob Barnett - Jewish Catholic - USA

197. So much Jews hatred
amazing! from these hypocrite jews, if they don't hate the muslims, they hate the catholics, they hate those who are doesn't agree with them, disgusted

208. This is a good time for Jews to repent for their sins
Repent your sins for the massacre of more than 20 millions of Christians slaughtered during the Judaic-Bolshevik revolution in Russia in which the Jews were behind it.

211. Pope crucifix
As far as I'm concerned, if the Pope chooses to wear a tutu at the western wall, it's none of this close minded Rabbi's business.

212. The Jews made the cross a symbol.
Jewish people don't care very much how uncomfortable the Holocaust museums make the Germans.

214. Pope's cross at Western Wall
Who are the Jews trying to kid? Israel is a secular nation full of hypocrites who completely ignore the fact that man cannot save himself with phony practices. One day the Jews will accept Jesus as their messiah. Those who haven't and won't will spend eternity in the lake of fire. The silliness that goes on at the Western Wall with Jews rocking back and forth, with junk strapped to their heads and wrapped around their arms will NEVER save them from the judgement! Repent and turn to the Savior, Jesus Christ, before it's too late!

226. Jerusalem for Christians
If the Rabbi of the Wall does not want the Pope to wear the cross because he finds it offensive so be it. If you are Christian and this offends you do not support Israel. Maybe it's time for Israel to stand on their own feet without the help of the Christian world since we are so offensive to them. After they have been nuked a few times by their neighbors the Christians can re-claim Jerusalem for our own again.

232. not to wear his cross?
Remember that Christians were heavily involved in the gathering of Israel back in the mid 20th century and Christian nations aid it in staying there financially, militarily and politically. That is the outward sign of his faith. It is a part of his vestment and priesthood. What a ridiculous comment by a rabbi.

237. Without Christians, Jews woundn't exist today
I find it outrageous that so many Jews defile Christianity on this site. The Jewish state would have been destroyed by the Muslims more than 40 yrs ago if not for Christian support. Maybe the Muslims are right that the modern Jew is the cause of all the problems in the Middle East Perhaps it is time for the 80% Christian US to remove our support for Israel. What an ungrateful bunch of people!!!!

240. Oh, and By The Way, Rabbi...
It's OUR Western Wall, too! We may have parted ways after the death of Jesus but the entire history of the Judaic branch is SHARED by the followers of Jesus as well. Moses and David are MY patriarchs TOO. This is absolutely ridiculous, but even worse is the anti-Catholic BIGOTRY that has been posted here. In case you forgot, Christains have come to the defense of Jews more times than you can count; you have this weird persecution complex that makes you think that any non-Jew is a frigging potential Nazi. In my country we would HANG anyone preventing a Jew from wearing Star, which is JUST.

243. Unbelievable
I wish the Pope had a pair and told you all to go screw yourselves. Is there no end to your arrogance and stupidity?

244. Thats It!
I was once supported Isreal and now with this ,I think is a slap in the face of my Christian Religion. I think we shoud not offer any more help!

266. Nirvana has a song with the lyrics, "Come, as you are, as you please"
Not the warmest way to invite someone over to your house. "Hey come on over and check out this sweet retaining wall I built for the creator of the universe. By the way could you leave your brain at home. It's not that I'm offended but the Creator of all existance might have a problem with it. You know his son dying for you and all." Dumb, very dumb.

270. Chutzpah
You think it's a virtue, and laugh amongst yourselves at how easily you can deceive the goyim, preaching one set of values for them but living yourselves by another. Yet you mistake kindness for stupidity; generosity for gullibility; compassion for weakness. You have become the wolf, rather than the shepherd. In your heart you know this. And you must know also that the kindness, generosity and compassion of the goyim can and will end, and then truly you will be in G-d's hands alone.

297. Jews are playing a dangerous game.
I have read many posts saying the pope does not belong in Jerusalem. This is the most holy site of all christianity and you are wanting to deny the pope access?? Have you lost your minds?????? Who are you to say who comes and who doesn't? Many wars have been fought just for this reason.

298. Bad Move Rabbi
This is the type of behavior which will only hurt the any relationship between Israel and the Rome. Do we really need to anger over 1.1 billion Catholics. The Pope is viewed as God representative on earth. Treating him like this will be counter productive. Israel needs friends at this time.

313. Some times I wonder why we Christians waste our time and money
Some times I wonder why we Christians waste our time and money supporting this disgusting nation of back stabbers.

317. I have been a supporter of jews/Isreal for many years.
I may have to reconsider my support after reading how much hate jews have towards my religion.

318. Removing the cross
You must be absolutely kidding me. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Just try asking a Jew to remove his yarmulke. You will start the next world war!!

323. Some Jews are very good people
Some are really very arrogant.

325. The cross symbolizes WHO WE ARE...
If you find that offensive, then you find US offensive. If this is so, you should just say so - call us your enemy and stop accepting billions made possible by the goodwill of tens of millions of Christians. How would you feel if we pronounced the star of david a source of insult to us. Didn't Jews persecute Christians first??? DECIDE.

327. Western Wall Atrocity
If this rabbi is allowed to be the voice of the Jewish people then Israel should be ashamed. He is the Archie Bunker of Israel. He is prejudiced against anything or anyone not related to the Jewish religion. If someone here expressed a similar view against Jews or anyone else it would not be tolerated. If this rabbi is remotely successful in his bizzare actions, people worldwide will view him and the state of Israel as a bigoted lot who cannot tolerate or accept other religions. Pope or private citizen-cross,star,moon it shouldn't matter. US soldiers wearing crosses died freeing Jews in WW2

331. This Rabbi Is Giving Israel A Very Bad Name - Shame On Orthodox Community
Rabbis wear a yarmaka in Christian Churches. It is common in Europe/Canada/United States etc. Christians have supported Israel & saved many Jewish Lives. The WALL is for the People of GOD which includes Christians for they understand only too well the importance of Israel. The Orthodox Community has no right to do this. It goes against the techings of GOD. The Orthodox Community continue to put a Shame of Israel. GOD will judge Israel harshly for this. Orthodox Jews who also deny Jews of the world to practice Judaism in the way GOD has written. Shame on the Orthodox Community.

340. #287 It was not god who came to your rescue from the Nazi.
It was a Christian american army.

341. Cross at Wall
Yeah, Jews don't seem to realize that their best friends and closest allies are Christians (supporters of the state of Israel). Regardless of what this Rabbi thinks, a careful, "picking of battles", should be considered in today's world. This makes about as much sense as a Liberal Jew does; Not much at all.

348. What do you expect???
What do you expect from a totalitarian, supremecist society that kills all dissenters??? They just shot an American in the face yesterday with a "legal" tear gas canister. He had to have part of his frontal lobe removed. You Israelis better start show some respect! You would not exist without your Christian brothers, you ingrates! If it were up to me, we (USA) would have dropped all support and money to you a long time ago. You have proven yourselves to be completely undeserving, backstabbing, parasites!

359. religious accoutrements
There have been hundreds of thousands, if not millions of humans wearing visible or (clothing) covered 'articles of faith that have visited the Western Wall. To think or request removal of such items is intol-erant, especially from one deemed so holy as the pope. C'mon, Israel! 'Do unto others'!! Neither Israel nor the Jews are allowed to be intolerant. Does one wish to start a 'progrom'?

374. western wall rabbi
This Rabbi is offended by past atrocities under the cross against Jews. I hope he dosen't forget that under the Cross Jews were saved from extinction in World War 2. Without the support of Christians in the US Israel would not have enough support in Congress to get access to arms and military support. Lest we forget Rabbi

378. Western Wall Rabbi V/S the Pope
I am not a Catholic, but I am a Christian. I wonder why a country who depends so much on Christian dollars to survive would be so crass as to dictate to the visiting Christian dignatary what he can wear? Evangelical Christians are Israel's greatest supporters. Don't act like selfish school children and bash your greatest benefactors.

384. The Pope's cross
I'm sure the Rabbi would be up in arms, no matter what he says, if someone where to tell him he could not represent himself as a Jew. This is rediculous and I'm sure most Jews do not agree with him. What a shame. This does not help relations between religions. Grow up Rabbi, you've lost your way. This is not a battle that should be fought. Not in this day and age. Respect for every religion is what is needed now.

389. Outcry
Can you IMAGINE the "holocaust" outcry if a rabbi were requested to remove a religious article prior to entering a building or place!

394. Twit Of A Rabbi
The Holy Father is about to visit the wailing wall and some twit of a rabbi is asking for his 'cross' to be banned because he feels it would offend Judaism. Sounds suspiciously fascist to me. I don't think the Pope has been circumcised....is that OK? No? Oh, bugger!

396. too much noise
I appreciate Jewish ppl and their religion, and I am sympathetic to their past suffering, but I think they are asking too much from world.... and I agree with 297 - Mike... They dont want to antogonize the only ppl who are the most sympathetic to them...

397. Tolerance
The Jewish rabbis really need to stop being so touchy. It just inflames people when they do things like this. Let go of the past already! Jesus died for you too

403. Are you serious?
I don't know a single Catholic in my parish who doesn't respect and love Israel. Those same Catholics would support a decision to unilateraly defend Israel in the event that it was attacked by ANYONE. With that said, what a foolish thing for this Rabbi to offend us Catholics. Granted, there is dirt to be flung at Catholics for the past, but this is a time to seek allies and not offend those Christian who have defended Israel. Dangerous and foolish!

420. Rabinovitch's intolerance will weaken Catholic support for Isreal
As a Catholic, I find Rabinovitch's statements extremely offensive. I wear a cross medal around my neck every day, just as many Jewish people proudly wear a Star of David. The Holy Father would never tell Jewish visitors to St. Peter's Basilica to remove their Star of David medals, instead he welcomes them with open arms. The Rabbi's request is like a slap in the face to Christians everywhere, and it will weaken Catholic support for the Israeli state. Israel is already surrounded by enemies, why allow fools like Rabinovitch to make even more?

Well, you get the idea.

17 March 2009

Yasher Koach Yad l'Achim & Netzarim!

Yad L’Achim’s Refusal to Cash Check Pays Off
by Avraham Zuroff

(IsraelNN.com) Activists from the Yad L’Achim organization and Gush Katif refugees living in Netzarim last week refused a donation of NIS 21,502 (over $5000) from a missionary organization. However, a Venezuelan donor picked up the tab.
Read the entire story at INN. It's wonderful.

Another story worth your time: On Amazon: Christian Haggadahs Pass as Authentic Jewish Texts

16 March 2009

Have you noticed?

UPDATE 17 Mar 09: There was apparently another attack aimed at the police yesterday---

PA Arabs Try to Run Down Officers

Lest anyone get the wrong idea. I am not wishing ill on the police, but they are the lowest level of government. They are tasked with carrying out the will of the government. I want to see this Erev Rav government replaced with a Jewish government. If we don't do it, Hashem will use our enemies to do it for us and we will all suffer in the process. If this is a sign of changes coming, then we should soon see it move up a level. Keep your eyes open.


The last two terrorist attacks targeted police.

Two Israeli police officers shot dead in Jordan Valley terror attack

Jerusalem: Bulldozer plows into police vehicle; terrorist killed

I'm hoping that's a sign that judgment is moving more towards those who hold our nation hostage to an anti-Torah agenda. Hashem should have mercy on His children and free us from the slavery of the Erev Rav in this season of our redemption.

08 March 2009

Make no mistake!

The war for Jerusalem is ongoing---every single day.

Canadian Envoy: Joint Israeli-PA Regime in Old City

(IsraelNN.com) Former Canadian ambassador to Israel Michael Bell has suggested that Israel and the Palestinian Authority jointly administer the Old City, which he said is “too small, too densely populated, and too architecturally linked for them to govern the Old City on their own.” He added that there is insurmountable distrust between the PA and Israel.

The idea, jointly proposed by former United States Ambassador to Israel Daniel Kurtzer, is to create a “special regime” for administering the Old City. “The parties don't lose control of the Old City because they jointly would be appointing the administrators of the city,” Bell told the Toronto Globe & Mail.

05 March 2009

Killer Bees!!!?????

No, no, no. That's "bee killers." What's up with that? Remember the mass disappearance of honey bees? Well, it wasn't due to something they dreamed up called "Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)."

No 'proof' of bee killer theory

WARNING from Shamayim

It was only discovered four days before its nearest approach.

Phew! Asteroid's passing was a cosmic near-miss

PASADENA, Calif. – An asteroid about the size of one that leveled more than 800 square miles of forest in Siberia a century ago just buzzed the Earth. The asteroid named 2009 DD45 was about 48,800 miles from Earth when it zipped past early Monday, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory reported.

That is just twice as high as the orbits of some telecommunications satellites and about a fifth of the distance to the Moon.

"This was pretty darn close," astronomer Timothy Spahr of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said Wednesday.

03 March 2009

Coming on Ta'anit Esther

U.S. to go ahead with military drills in S. Korea
N. Korea warned that it would consider the drills preparation for an attack

SEOUL, South Korea - The U.S. military said Tuesday it will push ahead with plans to hold joint exercises with South Korea next week despite North Korea's warning that it would consider the drills preparation for an attack.

The North demanded during rare talks with the U.N. Command on Monday that the U.S. and South Korea call off the annual military exercise set to start March 9, South Korea's Yonhap news agency reported. North Korean officials warned that the drill would "further stir up" tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the report said, citing an unnamed South Korean official.

On Tuesday, U.S. military spokesman Kim Yong-kyu said the annual joint exercises will go ahead planned.

The drills, set for March 9-20 in sites across South Korea, come amid concerns North Korea is preparing to test a long-range missile capable of striking U.S. territory.

01 March 2009

In the Spirit of Adar

Negev Bedouin documents inconceivable sight with his personal camera: Two camels stuffed into automobile on their way to territories. Animals' fate upon arrival is grim – they will be slaughtered, their meat sold for consumption