16 June 2015

Binyamin: "On a Clear Day..." Questions and Answers - Pt 2

29 Sivan 5775
Erev Rosh Chodesh
Yom Kippur Katan

[Note that this is my own translation; therefore, any errors are mine alone.]


Communication with Binyamin
Motzaei Shabbat Kodesh Naso
13 Sivan 5775

On a Clear Day It's Permitted to See Eternity 

Q. Also in World War II were places that were conquered without a war.

A. In WWII - Austria surely was conquered without a war, but in Austria they already ruled from within, in other countries they came against them from outside, those who very quickly 'gave up' because they couldn't stand against the power of the Nazis. But what's happening to this very day is that they worked on the United States on a large scale already since the period after World War II. Indeed, Roosevelt as well as the others were already part of this, but in any case they could 'dress up' the United States as if it's just happening now because in recent years the Americans have turned out to be more foolish, more into physicality, and more into their denseness, so it was easy to do it. And they have a lot of 'dirt' on a lot of people. And here also they're using the same methods because they are the same people.

All kinds of things suddenly appear strange to us. What? How is it happening? It appears strange to us! Because, it's not that 'it's happening', those who are doing it, it's 'pre-arranged', it's produced, all kinds of weird things are happening here. Also, Rabin's murder was something weird - because it was pre-arranged, it was pre-arranged in order to look a certain way. And so, too, all kinds of strange things. Also in the US, and also all over the world. And what is supposedly 'the killing of Bin Laden' looked like some kind of movie produced incorrectly, not appropriately, and with non-professional people mainly who created it. This is what's happening.

We're fools. And they're looking at the world like foolish people and these foolish people are allowing them to tell all kinds of 'tall tales' and accepting it like it's the truth. The majority are like these, therefore the people are losing this war. But, in a little while will be the big war. In most countries they already rule: In China, in Russia, in the US, in Canada, in Ireland, in Scotland, in Europe in all the countries, in Scandinavia, etc and etc, and now it's like a play, it will be a play of war, but it will be very-very cruel, violent, fearful, and more fearful, and full of blood, the blood will flow and not for no reason. And this 'the blood will flow not for no reason' we've already been saying for more than twenty years. We just want to say, again I want to say, with G-d's help the Jews will be saved if they don't abandon their religion, and if they will do complete teshuvah. And then HKB"H will show us the biggest miracles, miracles much greater than those of Egypt, we will see and we will live.

Q. For three days before Shavuot, missionaries held a conference in the Jerusalem Stadium, the largest of its kind, with all the missionary heads in Israel, upwards of ten thousand participants! And on the Shavuot holiday, they allowed the Catholics to go into Kever David HaMelech to arrange their Satanic rituals there...

A. It all belongs to the same program. Now they grasp at this stage that they're taking over various countries, including Eretz Yisrael, and until now they were quiet enough, now they're taking over. This is the stage of gaining control. They're gaining control here - and then the real-Jews will comprehend what's going on, even though they erred until now, but suddenly they will comprehend what's going on. And those who their Jewish neshamas don't allow them to be goyim, won't permit them to abandon Judaism - they will return on a large scale. 

Q. Theoretically, is it possible to tell whether this struggle around the missionary event and Kever David HaMelech before and after the Shavuot holiday is the outbreak of the big war...

A. Of course, it's connected, it's the beginning of it.

Q. And what is the city administration now planning to do at the entrance to Jerusalem - a sports complex - for sure this, too, is part of the war...

A. Of course, of course, it's Greece, it's Rome, what is it? For sure, to make a stadium here? And shortly, no doubt we'll hear that they are already playing games without clothes on, like the Romans.

Q. Chareidi managers in all the neighborhoods are participating now in all kinds of activities of the city administration. There's even a name for it: 'halachic culture'...

A. 'Halachic culture'...? - Whoever publicizes a thing like this is part of the evildoers. Woe to us, woe to us. It's all money of the evildoers. There are no chareidim, it's just 'pretend chareidim'. And there are so many 'pretend chareidim' that it's frightening. The real-Jews within a short time will understand that it's not for their sake, and if they won't understand - then you need to pray for them.

Q. The State managers deserve congratulations now, we'll soon have a Prime Minister in jail...

A. We are among the very most important countries... There aren't many countries who can say that two Heads of State, one President, and one Prime Minister - are sitting in jail...

Q. The President of the High Court, Barak, said that out of all the problems of the State the most threatening problem is - the chareidi problem...

A. Good, now you've got a seal on what I wrote...

Q. The lie is flowing outside powerfully, the corruption among prosecutors, police officers, the underworld, lawyers, everything...

A. They just want to rid themselves of their competitors, they're using it also as a means to obstruct the State as a state, so the goyim will take it. It's all planned. It's always been corrupt here, always-always, from beginning to end. And those who are in their places - they're also corrupt... It's all nonsense.

Q. This State that's unstable, soon will collapse all the business...

A. The State as a 'state' - won't be a state. And the government - it's part of the evildoers, it won't be a 'government', it will turn into an area 'Capital-of-the-New-World' so to speak, but with G-d's help, it won't be. Meanwhile it appears that indeed it's very much going forward particularly in the days following Shavuot until now, it progresses very much. And I say again: they are very,very advanced with their armies, they're doing training, a lot of training, all over the world. All the armies of the world, and not for no reason, arming and training with all the trials, etc.

[To be continued, iy"H]


  1. Oh, gosh, what more can we say. HaShem yishmor!

  2. Teshuvah; acts of kindness...focus, focus, focus

  3. Sara, they don't intend to leave us or the Arabs alive. They want EY for its kedushah and they want Har Habayit for its power and connection to Shamayim. Plus, they know it's the safest place from the Earth changes that are in progress.

  4. Exactly, Devash. Also, Sara, if you think about it, in many ways the Arabs and the X-tians are unified (or at least these x-tians are) so, they make a united front. They know that this attitude is strong. I wish klal Yisrael know this and would unite.

  5. Jews getting pulled into the NWO religion,

    "Root Source is excited to share with you the very latest editorial interview given by Rabbi Yehuda Glick. The interview sheds light on a complex man and his life mission of opening prayer on the Temple Mount to people of all religions."

    - a voice in the wilderness