29 November 2023


17 Kislev 5784

This is just a different tip of the same iceberg, but be aware of the names, activities and goals.

RETURN  MINISTRIES (Dean Bye and Chaim Malespin, currently serving his "lord" in Gaza) [google-search this blog for either name]

Jews and Christians working together to fulfill God's plans and purposes for Israel and the nations according to the Word of God.

  • Assisting Christians to return to their Judeo/Christian roots so as to fulfill our God-ordained destiny
  • Assisting the Jewish people to return and be restored to their God-given inheritance in Israel
  • All in preparation for the return of the Jewish Messiah
Return Ministries is focused on building bridges between Jewish and Christian Communities and mobilizing the church to understand and embrace God's call to bless and serve Israel and the Jewish people. Return Ministries is committed to standing with Israel and the Jewish people as ambassadors and advocates for Israel. We will continue to initiate and participate in events in Canada, the USA, Israel and other nations in order to strengthen this unique and powerful bond between Jews and Christians - for such a time as this!

North American Aliyah is the central focus of Return Ministries. We share God's covenant love for Israel while teaching and mobilizing the body of Christ to participate in the prophetic ‘return and restoration’ of His Jewish people from the four corners of the earth to the land of Israel.  [Hear Missionary Dean Bye say:  "These Jews Shouldn't Be Here in Montreal!"]
Protocol for Christians Rallying with
Jewish Communities in Support of Israel
Isaiah 40:1-2 - “Comfort, comfort My people,” says your God. “Speak tenderly to Jerusalem…”

With the nation of Israel currently at war, we have an opportunity as Christians in the nations to support Israel and the Jewish people and to express our support by rallying with our local Jewish communities as a sign of our shared values. For those unfamiliar with uniting with the broader Jewish community, the following will give direction:

Generally, Jewish people appreciate openness and honesty in relationships. If asked why you have come to be with them, feel free to say you are a Christian who loves and supports Israel and the Jewish people, and you would simply like to show your love and support. There is no encouragement here to deny your Christian faith but simply to distinguish that you are not coming to force your faith on anyone.

These solidarity events, when open to the public, may include a diverse group of Jewish people across a spectrum of secular, traditional, or religious who may have different levels of observance. The hosting synagogue may have variations in protocols. These guidelines provide a general frame of reference. If you have specific questions, call the synagogue hosting the event. 
Dress is usually business casual, all with modesty. Women - shoulders covered. If a Reform Synagogue, women may wear pants. Skirts or dresses for others. Men may wear a kippa (yarmulke), usually available in the lobby for temporary use. 
Avoid jewelry or clothing with a cross, ichthus (fish symbol), Christian messaging, New Testament passages, or similar. Christian symbols may inadvertently communicate a message that builds walls rather than bridges while we are attempting to show solidarity. 
Be aware of whether men and women sit together or separately during the service and whether men and women shake each other’s hands. Be a better listener than a speaker, let them initiate. Shake a hand if one is extended to you, speak when you are spoken to but don't monopolize anyone's time with lengthy questions.
Observe the proper time allotted for the gathering and don't linger when that time is over. Important to note that it is unusual for Jewish people to know Christians who are interested in them as people, caring for them and desiring to understand them and their traditions, etc. The history of Christians with Jews has been tragic; thus we have not been trusted for centuries. As Christians, we need to learn through humility how to develop relationship with them through a love that has no conditions.


(Victor Marx)


Our global efforts have helped thousands of women, children and members of our military find hope, healing and the power of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Children are the innocent casualties of evil in our world. In Syria, Iraq and areas challenged by terrorism and war, millions have been forced from their homes and housed in IDP camps. They are often the unintended victims of physical violence and intense trauma. We go into the most dangerous places in the world to reach them.

In many places on earth, women are facing unprecedented hardship. In places like Cambodia, women are the regular victims of sex trafficking, abuse and violence. We meet these women with compassion wherever they are.

LION and LAMB Comfort Toys - They are here handing them out to the child captives returning from Gaza.


Have you ever heard of the "Helping Hand Global Forum"? Me neither.

Helping Hand Global Forum (GLOBAL FORUM) 
  • registered in Israel and the USA as an international non-governmental lobbying organization.
  • confederation associating 250+ other related Israeli and international organizations.
  • representing activities in Israel and 180 countries worldwide.
Its primary objectives include:
  • international diplomacy through interactions with business, finance, and politics in Europe, America, the Middle and Far East.
  • promoting interfaith dialogue initiatives, improving the relationship between Israel and the world, and preserving the memory of the Holocaust.
  • supporting humanitarian aid projects to help disadvantaged individuals in need, regardless of religion or ethnicity, in Israel and worldwide.
(Click the link.)

We are truly in exile in our own Land. We have been thoroughly infiltrated and taken over by foreign, anti-Judaism interests who seek to assimilate us even within the Land of Israel, the one place on earth a Jew was supposed to be free to follow Torah and mitzvot!!!!



17 Kislev 5784

All of the talk right now is about the "Poster Baby" - the "Poster Family" - the Bibas Family, especially since Hamas has now claimed that they are all dead.  No one knows anything for sure since Hamas lies and lies and lies.  They declared one person dead who came out in the first round of hostages released.  Another hostage was filmed alive and in good enough shape until her body was found murdered two days later.  Hamas said two days ago that they did not know where they were, that they had "traded" them to people from PIJ (I think it was) and now today they claim they are all dead, killed in an Israeli air strike.  

If they are dead, chas v'shalom, and I hope Hamas is lying again, but if they are, it is the media and those using the media (the government and private organizations) who turned them into a "Poster Family" and put the spotlight on them so that they became too valuable for Hamas to give up, who have their blood on their hands.

This, too, is part of ensuring our security - controlling the flow of information.  Why are people so short-sighted and so plain stupid?!!  Ratings are more important than lives to these horrible people.

The Simchat Torah Massacre Foretold in 2015?

16 Kislev 5784

But before we get to that, we have to comment on this.

This week's haftarah details the downfall of Edom and here we have a clear sign that the day is very close now.  Washington's warning?  They won't be laughing long.  Evil really thinks it will go on forever.  The world is NOT hefker!!


Now, I was looking for something else, going through my archives yesterday, and came across a blog post I wrote in the summer of 2015 about HaRav Amram Vaknin, a mekubal from Ashdod whose students claim he periodically speaks to Eliyahu HaNavi and brings back messages.

Here is what was written then...

The message was very hard to hear. Eliyahu HaNavi said to the Rabbi, there is an existing and present danger like the danger of "Haman". (Everyone knows what Haman the Wicked wanted.)  After that, Rabbi Amram asked him from where goes out the coming future decree (from the south, from the north and from the center) spoken of in organizations (ISIS, from Hamas and Hizb'allah) that they're planning to attack us soon.

The Rabbi asked Eliyahu HaNavi "How many will die?" and after a few seconds, he said "thousands" spoken of as thousands of human beings.

The Rabbi asked what do the Jewish people need to do? He said to him tefillah, tzedakah, and ta'anit - prayer, charity and fasting. It's encumbent on all the daughters of Israel to participate in mass prayer in a cry with horns and trumpets and it seems, also a fast.

The Rabbi said "What can be done, I've already sealed it?" He asked of Eliyahu HaNavi, "When shall I tell it, tomorrow?" And it was said to him (Today, now).

Am Yisrael, we are in a danger that if it's required from us a fast, to increase in prayer and charity, then we're talking about a very, very large decree and it was said to the Rabbi that it's planned to break out really soon. Every day that passes without prayer is a danger.

One of his students, Adam,  provided further details...

A very great danger exists for Am Yisrael,...a danger the likes of which no one has ever seen before. The enemy is preparing very, very hard plans for Am Yisrael. People are going to get slaughtered in the streets like chickens. People will be killed on the roads and highways. ...a peril that was never seen in Israel. There's a need to open up a threatening and terrible war...."
And why? According to Adam's report, Eliyahu HaNavi told Rav Amram that there is no choicebecause the people will not do teshuvah and will not leave the gashmiut.

I can't help wondering if the mekubalim, as is so often reported, managed to delay it until it simply could not be delayed any longer, because this sounds exactly like what just happened on Simchat Torah.  There's been nothing like it before.

I spent the next bit of time trying to find out where he is now and what he might have been saying since then.  I couldn't find anything.

HaRav Vaknin has a track record, so to speak, as he reportedly foretold the 'Gaza Freedom Flotilla' in May 2010, the deadly fire in the Carmel forest in December of 2010 as well as Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012 and Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

28 November 2023

The Hashgacha of Hashem: Mida k'Neged Mida

15 Kislev 5784

FYI:  If you'd like an update about what that organization shepherding the hostages' families is currently planning, see HERE.


And the Lord has recompensed me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands before His eyes.  With a kind one, You show Yourself kind, with a sincere man, You show Yourself sincere.  With a pure one, You show Yourself pure, but with a crooked one, You deal crookedly.  (Tehillim 18:25-27)

Will Hamas have gained an extra day with no need to release further hostages???  The ceasefire is over, but will Israel admit it?!

"IDF spokesperson: Over the last hour, three explosive devices were detonated adjacent to IDF troops in two different locations in the northern Gaza Strip, violating the framework of the operational pause. In one of the locations, terrorists also opened fire at the troops, who responded with fire.

A number of soldiers were lightly injured during the incidents.

In both incidents, the troops were located in positions as per the framework of the operational ceasefire. 

Talk, Talk, Talk - It's the Talk of the Town

15 Kislev 5784

I'm old enough to remember my parents repeating something they heard as children growing up during World War II:  "Loose Lips Sink Ships."

I was thinking about that last night while listening to the news presenter on i24 go on and on about how upset everybody is that the little red-haired children have not yet been released.  And then, I was reminded again this morning when I read Biden's statement that he does not believe Hamas is purposely withholding American citizen hostages.  Hello!  He made it clear from day one that he wanted to see Americans released first!  And it's clear from the constant harping about Baby Bibas how important it is to Am Yisrael that the youngest hostage at age 10 months come home quickly.

Of course, Hamas is holding them back on purpose!!!

We were told early on that Hamas routinely monitors Israeli news sites in order to gauge the effectiveness of their tactics on the public mood and determine how best to continue their campaign.  All this talk, talk, talk even to describing in great detail the crowds in "Hostage Square" in downtown Tel Aviv where counselors are standing at the ready to give mental health support.  OMIGOSH!!  

I guess it's a sign of our times, the phone glued to the hand, the constant texting, podcasting, soooooo much talking!!!

I understood Mr. Pollard very well when he mentioned having a law in place to use in order to silence people who are undermining the war effort while under attack. The idea is not as outlandish as most of the "horrified" people think.

Writing for a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes declared in Schenck v. United States (1919) that “[w]hen a nation is at war, many things that might be said in times of peace are such a hindrance to its effort that their utterance will not be endured so long as men fight, and that no Court could regard them as protected by any constitutional right.”  (Source)
Mr. Pollard has taken a beating in cyberspace for suggesting such a thing regarding the hostages' families who have been flying all over the world saying whatever their hearts dictate to them regardless of the consequences.  The worst part of that is they were being manipulated by a fifth column who is "praying for both sides."

Maybe it's a generational thing.  The whole focus on "rights" over obligations.  Younger people have been brainwashed through mass media to let everything out and hold nothing back.  Discretion is not even in most people's vocabulary anymore.

With all our emphasis on proper speech, this should be an easy concept to grasp for Torah Jews.  Because the way of the world right now is toward uncensored, unhindered, unrestricted speech, we Jews have to be more careful than ever to guard our speech.

27 November 2023

"50 Is The Number of Transcendence"

14 Kislev 5784 

...So says the author of the book Jewish Wisdom in the Numbers.

50 Israelis were to be released beginning on the 50th day of their captivity that began on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War.  That day was Simchat Torah and, according to the Rokeach, the singular form of the word Torah appears 50 times in the Torah text.  The 50th year of the shmitta cycle is the Yovel - national liberation, but 50 is perhaps most familiarly identified with the counting of the Omer which takes us from the Exodus to the receiving of the Torah.  According to the Sfat Emet, there are 50 references to the Exodus in the Torah.

...The momentous event that commemorates the birth of the Children of Israel as a nation was the exodus from Egypt.  Not only is there a twice-daily remembrance of this milestone, but much of mitzvah observance is marked by repeated references to the Exodus.  Its central importance is due to this event celebrating the Jewish People’s brand-new state of existence.

Their deliverance was not only from physical slavery but also from the Egyptian worldview.  The Exodus released them from an outlook constrained by the natural realm. The redemption catapulted Israel into an alternate state of reality.  They exchanged the restricted for the unrestricted, the natural for the supernatural, and the ordinary for the extraordinary.  It was the seminal event that would define what Israel had now become: God’s Chosen People.  Their transcendental quality was now evident in the aftermath of their trailblazing liberation.

The historic event of the Exodus is mentioned in the Torah a total of 50 times.  And the redemption process which started on the first day of Pesach finally reached its completion stage 50 days later at Sinai.  Indeed, God freed the Children of Israel in order that they accept the Torah. The Divine instruction given to Moshe at the burning bush was to lead Israel out of Egypt and bring the nation to serve God at that mountain. – Shavuot: day 50.

The 50 stages of redemption required a minimum 49-day interval for their national metamorphosis.  Prior to their liberation, the Children of Israel had sunk to the nadir of spiritual impurity: the 49th level of impurity.  The Exodus introduced a spiritual cleansing process.  Israel embarked upon a gradual path of ascension, one level after another.  Theirs was a phenomenal rise from their degraded position on the 49th gate of impurity up to the 49th gate of purity.  Finally, they arrived at the highest spiritual pinnacle on the 50th day.

...The creation of Israel in the 50 days between Passover and Shavuot ties into another aspect of symbolism found in this number.  God created the universe with the 50 Gates of Understanding.  The 50 Gates relate to the ascending spiritual levels within the world through which man must pass in order to uncover the inner secrets of creation and in order to comprehend the powers, capabilities, and life forces within.

In a sense, the 50 Sha’arei Binah signify the distance of how far removed man is from God’s wisdom.   It is incumbent upon man to pass through these Gates of Understanding in a journey to uncover the Divine wisdom hidden in the words of Torah.  This often involves the deductive reasoning of understanding, (“bina” in Hebrew) to derive “one thing from something else.” “Bina” is cognate to “bein”, between, which indicates the gap that man must bridge in order to approach his Creator. (Source).

In a video shiur from a few days ago, Rabbi David Toledano said, if my translation is correct, the following: 

"...these 50 Hostages will trigger a new phase in the geulah since we are going to release the sparks and therefore the Clipa will fall...you saw that we are stagnating a little bit, we are in a phase we say to ourselves what is this, how is it going to happen in the North, the other fronts and everything and it stagnates, why because now we are in this phase as soon as they come out you will see, remember the next few days it will be a new phase, in a new dimension,"....
[And this is where he brings in the story from Rabbi David Abuchatzeira that we are moving from the contractions stage to the birth stage of geulah. He continues...]
The original plan was that the same thing that happened in the south was supposed to happen at the same time also from the North and also across Judea and Samaria, but it was "softened" and the South took a big hit, but that brought us to the end of the "contractions" phase and now with the release of the fifty hostages who are specially chosen neshamot,, we are going to move into a more merciful time with big open miracles - the "birth" of Mashiach.

In light of this, I find it highly significant that the foreigners who have been released were counted separately and the "50" are the Israelis. 


IMPORTANT NOTE!  It was brought to my attention (thank you, Batya) that according to many comments to the Youtube video written by persons claiming to have personally heard the Rav's shiur, what was posted here earlier in the name of the Yanuka was misrepresented.  My profound apologies.

25 November 2023


13 Kislev 5784
Motza"sh - Shavua Tov!

Just a quick post here to follow up on the previous one to make sure everyone is aware that the US State Department has a section which monitors "religious freedom" around the world.  It would see missionary activity as an essential religious "right" for Christians; therefore, Torah Law regarding avodah zarah and enticement to avodah zarah would be a violation according to them.  This would bring retribution in its wake.


24 November 2023


11 Kislev 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayetzei

Normally, I would wait until after Shabbat to send this out, but I feel that the information is so critical that the extra few hours of exposure may make a difference.

Private individuals allied with foreign interests who undermine the Jewishness of our Nation apparently appointed themselves to the task of "helping" and "representing" the hostages and their families very early on in this saga.  They neither sought, not received any official authorization for it.  And then they set out to fulfill their own agenda at the expense of the entire country!!

Only a week after the massacre, the families were already organized, demonstrating publicly and putting pressure on the government to negotiate for the hostages, basically at any cost.  
(Oct 14) Israeli families of Gaza hostages accuse government of abandoning their loved ones
The spokesman of the families of missing Israelis feared held captive in Gaza slams the government for abandoning the hostages after it says it will not engage in negotiations.

Ronen Tzur, head of The Families Headquarters, says at a press conference in Tel Aviv that if Israel will not negotiate with enemies who want to destroy Israel — according to the statement made earlier by National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi — then the government is, in effect, abandoning the captives.

...Speakers at the press conference, including Dr. Hagai Levine and diplomat Eviatar Manor, demand a response from the government and the Red Cross within the next few hours. Both Levine and Manor emphasize the need to offer immediate medical attention to the captives.

“It’s essential that it’s done now, tonight, immediately,” says Manor.

When I looked up The Families Headquarters, I found a link to a Haaretz article which described it on Oct. 14 as "a newly formed volunteer effort."  According to the article's title, they were already appealing publicly for international "support."   (Angry and Anxious, Families of Israelis Held in Gaza Demand Support From the International Community)

While one can sympathize with the dire distress of the families and the obvious needs of the hostages, cooler and less emotional heads needed to be running things and making these decisions, especially those who could take under consideration the entirety of the Nation which was standing in danger.  Important as it was, there were equally (and likely more) urgent matters to deal with.  And to immediately start calling for the "International Community" to intervene?!  With a war in progress??!!

The government, poor though it may be, was elected by the Nation specifically to handle such situations which all too frequently develop here.  By nature of their positions, the upper echelons do have access to critical information that the people on the street simply do not have.  The government has to be the final arbiter unless we actually want to lose the war.  

Furthermore, we suffer inordinately more from foreign pressures than other nations already, but such pressure from within, no matter how 'well-meaning' (if it really was), simply cannot be tolerated.  One could very well determine that this was the beginning of an insurrection armed with media and posters!  (And lots and lots and lots of money!!!)

So who hijacked the plight of the hostages and their families very likely for their own agenda???

Voice for Freedom Coalition 

Voice for Freedom is a coalition of over 250 organizations from over 70 countries mobilized to be a voice for the hostages taken during the October 7, 2023 Hamas attack on innocent civilians, at the request of the families of the hostages. This coalition will represent families of hostages through a massive international media and diplomatic pressure campaign calling for the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages taken during the attack.

Our Plan
The Voice for Freedom Coalition is Ready to Fight

How We'll Succeed
Creation, production and distribution of quality media to continue building the momentum of public sympathy on behalf of the hostages and their families.

Mass demonstrations before international human rights groups starting with the UN Human Rights Council and the Offices of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva.

Mobilizing, equipping and activating Christian leaders worldwide to apply diplomatic pressure in face to face meetings with decision makers who can actually make a difference in this situation.

The coalition is led by attorney Calev Myers and facilitated through the ARISE Foundation. Calev has been an advocate on behalf of marginalized communities for over twenty years. He has dedicated his life to elevating the dignity of all people groups within the nation of Israel. Calev has effectively run major PR campaigns on behalf of the victims of human trafficking, victims of violations of civil rights within Israel, and victims of war crimes at the hands of Hamas.

The Voice for Freedom Coalition, which is growing each day, is committed to seeing the immediate and unconditional return of these babies, children, elderly, women and men.

ARISE, the Alliance to Reinforce Israel’s Security and Economy is a U.S. 501c3. ARISE was founded in 2017 by Calev Myers. As an attorney and partner in one of Israel’s leading law firms, Calev’s unique platform enables him to interface with both the global Christian community and the Israeli government and business sectors.

ARISE has been able to connect thousands of businesses around the world with the cutting edge technology and innovation coming out of Israel. This has helped solve major global problems and plays a crucial role in Israel being a light to the nations. To date, the ARISE team has been able to help facilitate over $600 million dollars worth of transactional business through their targeted initiatives.

In times of crisis, the ARISE team kicks into high gear on the security side of their platform, acting as a voice for Israel and mobilizing the global Christian community to engage and act on behalf of Israel.

In addition to Calev’s career as an attorney in one of Israel’s leading law firms, Calev is a serial social entrepreneur. Before pivoting his efforts to ARISE, Calev founded and ran the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, through which he represented religious minorities [read "Messianics"] in Israel leading to over 30 Supreme Court victories. He also spearheaded campaigns to bring awareness and changing legislation on behalf of marginalized communities [read "Messianics] in Israel, specifically lone soldiers and victims of human trafficking.

Residing in the US, Shimon oversees the day to day operations and initiatives of ARISE. Prior to pivoting with his brother to the ARISE initiative, Shimon served alongside Calev as Executive Director for the Jerusalem Institute of Justice. A bit of a renaissance man, Shimon owned and operated a jewelry design and manufacturing company in his early life. He has been a singer/songwriter with television placement, a poker professional, and currently works in film production/directing. If you can’t reach Shimon, he’s probably out on a mountain stream fly fishing

by Diane Weber Bederman via The Times of Israel

I want to introduce you to Caleb Myers. Caleb is a well-known Israeli attorney and civil rights activist. He is a clean cut, well-dressed, well-spoken advocate for Israel. I have listened to him deliver first class talking points. Caleb is also founder and chief counsel of the Jerusalem Institute of Justice. I have visited the Facebook page. It’s slick and full of well-written articles about Israel. It’s just that Myers and his organization, Jerusalem Institute for Justice, represent the interests of Messianic Jews; Jews who accept Jesus as their saviour.

...Of grave concern are the actions of messianic lawyer Calev Myers who has been fighting in the Israeli Supreme Court for messianic rights, including initiating changes in the law-of-return that with help messianic missionaries become Israeli citizens. Myers and the messianic movement are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the Israeli public. It is misleading for them to claim that the only difference between "messianic Jews" and other Jews, is their belief that Jesus is the Messiah. This was highlighted by Myers’ recent quote in the Jerusalem Post comparing messianic Jews to messianic Chabadniks. In fact, "Messianic Jews" intentionally avoid mentioning a fundamental difference. In addition to believing Jesus is the Messiah, they believe he is God in the flesh and part of a Trinity. Beliefs considered idolatrous by all denominations of Judaism.....

Remember our 'old friend' Jeurgen Buehler, President and Founder of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), the poisoned root from which all the Christian Missionary activity in this country sprouts? Listen...


The families are being flown around the world to meet with Christian groups where they are prayed over in the name of the man-god.

They've even been to Washington, D.C....

Power elite of Washington unite in mission to free Gaza hostages 
After visiting the gravesite of the Chabad Rebbe, hostage families traveled to Washington where they inspired an army of legislators to fight on their behalf.
Just like I've been telling you since Oct. 7, 2023. We are at war BOTH with Yishmael AND with Eisav. Right now, few people understand this. Consequently, the war with Eisav is not being prosecuted. We basically stand defenseless against Eisav (which includes all the 'diplomatic' treachery carried out by the American government).

And why are we not calling the missionary onslaught of "street preachers" right now what it really is - Christian Terrorism? They've been plaguing Klal Yisrael for months and months now!!

Jews want to defend themselves and their fellow citizens, but they don't know how to fight such an undefined and undeclared enemy who comes in the name of "love of Israel". Who will defend us against Eisav??? Isn't that supposed to be one of the jobs of Mashiach Ben Yosef???

It's certainly no coincidence that this information is coming forth as we read the parshiot of the relationship between Eisav and Ya'aqov/Yisrael.

You'll want to hear this, too, especially from 3:15 - 3:44.

I hope this will serve to support the wise counsel and courage of HaRav David Bar-Hayim and our brother Yehonatan Pollard.

Here is an important message from Machon Shilo via its Telegram Channel: 
The following is a statement by Machon Shilo's Rabbi David Bar-Hayim which relates to the subject of the discussion with Jonathan Pollard which has attracted media attention: [In case you missed it, see HERE.]

"We expect soldiers to go to war for Klal Yisrael. Why? Because the klal comes first. Similarly, in our current situation, the overarching issue is the destruction of Klal Yisrael's existential enemies. The hostages must, tragically, come second. This is heart wrenching but true. This is the fundamental moral imperative. Any other approach is immoral.This is what the Tora and the Halakha teach us. It is also what a rational assessment demands. The fact that the Tora and rational analysis concur is not serendipitous coincidence."

 With many, many thanks to HKB"H for our Torah Leadership, I wish all of Klal Yisrael, in spite of the precipice we are teetering on,...

 Shabbath Shalom uMevorach!


23 November 2023

The Elephant In The Room

11 Kislev 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Vayetzei

"Jacob departed from Beer-sheva and went toward Haran", alone and penniless, for the son of his brother Eisav took everything he had.  Thus begins our parashah.  But, when he returns at the end of the parashah, he is accompanied by wives and children and servants and animals of all kinds - a very rich man.  What will be Eisav's reaction?  Stay tuned.


I grew up in the shadow of the Viet Nam War.  I freely admit that had some influence over my decision at age 17 to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance every morning in homeroom.  I was a very proud Texan.  American?  Not so much.  In fact, I became convinced that the independent Republic of Texas that my ancestors had fought for and immigrated to was the very first country the Americans invaded and took over!

I spent the better part of my life trying to escape the American/Christian/Eisav/Edom Empire's influence only to find it firmly ensconced here in my adopted homeland.  You just can't get away from 'em.  You see, America is the elephant in the room that has over-stayed its welcome and now refuses to be budged.  It's acting more and more "at home", even to treating its hosts as if it were the master and they were mere servants.  

Practically the whole of America's history from "Manifest Destiny" to the "War on Terror" (which has now arrived here) is one long horrendous story of meddling and conquest.  We've been reading many accounts over the past six or so weeks about high government and military officials from the United States sitting amongst our Defense establishment micromanaging this war - telling us what we can and can't do.  Pressuring us - bullying us - threatening us.  Besides Lloyd Austin and Antony Blinken and the Centcom guy (whoever he is), even the CIA is involved in the hostage negotiations.  The CIA!!!  Hashem yerachem!!!

Americans have turned sharply against Israel because they feel they have been forced into this situation with us against their will, that we are depending on them for their help, and that help and support is getting their soldiers injured and killed in the Middle East and might possibly loose terrorism on their streets.  This is what their government and media and influencers tell them, that they have to defend Israel.  However, we know that they were never here to help, but only to hinder, to control, to make sure we were weakened to the point that we could no longer refuse their terms for a "two-state solution".  This has always been a two-front war - Yishmael AND Eisav!!

And we certainly DON'T NEED them.  


Some Biden administration officials quietly say the hostage exchange agreement is the clearest signal yet its strategy toward the Israel-Hamas war is working.

...“The administration has judged that supporting Israel post-Oct.7 was a necessary ingredient of having influence on Israel,” said [Ivo] Daalder. “It doesn’t mean that influence has been total … but had they not done that, they would’ve had no influence. And in some ways that remains very much the focus of their strategy.

...A Democratic aide in the House said that, depending on the circumstances of the deal, progressives would leverage the moment to push Biden toward backing longer pauses in fighting. “If there are no bombings for five days, the goal would be to turn that temporary respite into a longer-lasting cessation” to deal with humanitarian issues, the staffer said.

Just like the opponents of the deal have said.  They mean for the war to be essentially ended with the beginning of the ceasefire, i.e. Hamas will NOT be wiped out.  Furthermore, their "strategy" is just another example of Eisavian hypocrisy.   They pretend to be our friend in order to manipulate us into bending to their will - for interests which benefit THEM, even if it harms us.

Excerpts from Rabbi Nachman Kahana on Parashat Vayaitzai (Please read in its entirety):
The Importance of Knowing Your Enemies

Before entering a war it’s a good idea to determine who your enemy is and the extent of his hatred.

The Jews and especially the Jews in Israel have no real friends, but we certainly have real enemies. Some are frank and open in their despicable intentions toward us, and others are deceitful that when they pat you on the back they are planning to place a knife in your back.

The Gemara (Pesachim 118b) discloses that when the Mashiach will appear, nations will come forward to present him with homage and gifts. HaShem will decide from whom the Mashiach may accept gifts and who will be rejected.

HaShem will permit the acceptance of gifts even from Egypt despite our “difficult” past with them, and from other nations.  However, when the descendants of Aisav come with their offerings, they will be rejected by HaShem because Aisav has the characteristics of a wild boar (pig) symbolizing hypocrisy.  A pig sleeps on its side and extends its feet to exhibit his kosher split hooves, while concealing the treif character of not chewing its cud.

Aisav and his descendants are the personification of hypocrisy, just as the pig symbolizes hypocritical behavior among the animals.

...Ya’akov’s nemesis was different [from Yitzchak's]. He was the cool, calculating, deceitful, duplicities, treacherous twin brother – Aisav.

Aisav very much wanted to kill Ya’akov. But unlike his brutish uncle Yishmael, Aisav was sly and devious, not one to attack in a moment of uncontrolled fury. Aisav was the planner, the committee man, the parliamentarian, the strategist, and the snake that springs at his victim at the opportune time and from the proper angle. Bereisheit 27:42

Aisav hated Ya’akov because of the blessing his father had given him (to Ya’akov). Aisav thought, “When the days of mourning for my father are near (after father dies), then I will kill my brother Ya’akov.”

...Aisav, through Christianity, is more devious and much more dangerous for the Jewish people.  Aisav shows a smiling face while hiding the knife behind his back.


(All the US ships sitting off our coastline.)

It's time to put this elephant 
back in the zoo where it belongs.


22 November 2023

The Sin of Celebrating Foreign Holidays

10 Kislev 5784

Tomorrow is a goyishe holiday (holy day) in America during which countless numbers of Jews will attach themselves even more firmly to Eisav.  This is the end result of cultural assimilation.  It's bad enough that Diaspora Jews engage, but too many have brought that avodah zarah with them into Eretz Yisrael.  

And, that is besides all the families which celebrate in their private homes in memory of the Old Country.

But, what, you may ask, could possibly be wrong with it?  It's "giving thanks to God," isn't it?

I can't possibly explain it better than it was written by Rabbi Yair Hoffman and posted at Yeshiva World News, Thanksgiving and Halacha.  Read and learn... 

...The questions rather, however, are, is it permitted to express one’s appreciation within the context of following the rituals of the Thanksgiving holiday? We may further ask, what is the exact nature of the Thanksgiving holiday? From a halachic perspective, is it a religious holiday or a secular holiday? And what, exactly, is the halachic definition of a religious holiday?

It is clear that these are the questions that must be resolved and addressed. They must be addressed using logic and reason rather than emotion. No question of law or halacha should be addressed with emotion as the underlying motivation, as noble as the motivation may be. Each person should, of course, address the question to one’s own Rav or Posaik.

So, let us begin. The issue at hand is the prohibition of “Ubechukosaihem lo sailechu” (VaYikra 18:3). What are its ramifications? The Shulchan Aruch and Rama (Yore Deah 178:1) discuss the parameters: “We do not walk in the customs of the Ovdei Kochavim..(Ramah) Rather, one should be separate from them in one’s dress and in his other actions. This is only prohibited in matters that they do which involve immodesty.. or in a matter that they do as a custom or law with no basis to it.. and it contains within it a smattering of Avodas Kochavim that they have from their ancestors..”

The underlying issue is, therefore, does the holiday in question contain within it a smattering of Avodas Kochavim that they have from their ancestors? 
[Read the rest HERE.]
Meantime, the City of New York is getting ready to host an estimated 3.5 million people along the Manhattan route of the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Preliminary information indicates that it will be celebrating the best of the gashmiut that America has to offer.

Unfortunately, the Jews and Muslims are putting a damper on things...

21 November 2023

Why It Seems Like Our Teshuvah Is Not Accepted

9 Kislev 5784

I have been saying for a long time that calls to the nation to do teshuvah are worthless if people don't know what they need to do teshuvah for.  In fact, the calls to teshuvah remain on the individual level and do not address the national sins for which we are all suffering.  Here are the most common sins I hear called out:

  • Speaking lashon hara
  • Dressing immodestly (mostly to women/includes wearing wigs)
  • Carrying on casual conversations in the beit knesset
  • Not guarding the eyes
All important things to be sure, but they miss the larger picture.  They do not call out the sins that have brought us to the current situation from which we beg HKB"H to rescue us.

In a pertinent blog post recently shared to me, A Confession For Our Trying Times by Rabbi Avi Grossman, the route to teshuvah takes a radical, specific and entirely necessary turn.  We all need to take it to heart, because this is a description of the teshuvah HKB"H desires and patiently awaits.  
...Forgive us, our Father, for we have sinned; Pardon us, our King, for we have transgressed.

You commanded us to appoint a king of Your choice. Woe unto us, for we have rebelled and appointed leaders whom You have not chosen and who do not do Thy will.

You commanded us to drive out the hostile inhabitants of the land so that we can settle it. Woe unto us, for instead we have left them to be as thorns in our eyes, and as pricks in our sides, and they harass us throughout the land.

You commanded us to destroy Amalek, those who have shown that they would do anything to destroy us. Woe unto us, for instead we have allowed them to prosper and multiply, and we have allowed them to kill us.

You commanded us to wage war according to Your laws for the sake of our people and our land, and You promised us victory if we did so. Woe unto us, for instead we have either simply refused to go to war, or we have waged war with perverted intentions, and thus we have not been victorious.

You commanded us to settle the enviable and fertile land that you gave us. Woe unto us, for instead we have remained distanced from it and allowed strangers to inherit it.

You commanded us to appoint judges in our gates to teach us Your Torah and adjudicate according to it. Woe to us, for we have instead appointed arrogant, godless ignorami to legislate by their whims and pervert justice.

You commanded us to build a house for Thine Great Name. Woe unto us, for we have left it abandoned and in ruins.

You commanded us to worship You there and and to bring our sacrifices. Woe unto us, for we do not even try to do so.

You commanded us to be holy and abstain from the forbidden relations, and to acknowledge Your omnipotence and timelessness by keeping Your Sabbaths and not worshipping false gods. Woe unto us, for we have desecrated Your Sabbaths with gatherings dedicated to fornication and paganism.

You commanded us to love each other as we love ourselves. Woe unto us, for we have hated and pursued each other instead of our enemies.

You commanded us to trust in Thee alone. Woe unto us, for we have placed our trust in noblemen, money, and arms, that do not save us in our times of need.

You gave us Your Law and commandments for our own good. Woe unto us that we barely study Your law, and too often choose not to keep many of its commandments.

Therefore, we ask for Your forgiveness, and we take it upon ourselves to keep Your commandments from now on.

(In Hebrew:   סֵדֶר וִדּוּי לְמִלְחֶמֶת שִֹמְחַת תּוֹרָה)
(See VIDEO in English)

This is the kind of teshuvah HKB"H is waiting for!!
 When we can say it and really mean it,
surely Mashiach will be revealed!


8 Kislev 5784 

To All Concerned:

Many have asked me to clarify why, on the morning of the November 14 Washington Rally for Israel, I withdrew my support for the rally when I had previously supported it.


On or about November 3rd, Agudath Israel was contacted by a representative of the Federations and other national Jewish organizations which sponsored this event asking Agudah to distribute flyers announcing the rally.

The staff of Agudath Israel convened a telephone conference of a quorum of Moetzes Gedoley Hatorah to seek their approval. Historically, the Moetzes has never supported an event sponsored by secular groups since, among other considerations, they could not control what would transpire at these events. In this case, however, they were assured by the representative, that everything would meet the sensitivities of the Chareidi community.

Based on this assurance the Moetzes approved sending out flyers to the Agudah mailing list announcing the event and its importance.

The Rabbonim on the conference, including the undersigned, all assumed that they would be informed of the details of the rally’s program to be able to veto anything not in accordance with the sensitivities of the Chareidi community, as had been promised.

During the ten days until the rally, they were not informed of the program, except to be told that several leading Congressmen and a few mothers of the hostages would be on the program. Based on this, I advised questioners to attend the rally. The details of the program were not released until the night before the rally; I found out at 9AM on its morning. I do not know whether the last-minute release of the program was due to time constraints, or whether it was in order to make it impossible for the Rabbinic leaders to retract their support.

Why I Withdrew My Support

I originally supported the rally because I felt it was necessary to influence Congress to continue sending arms to Israel and to stop Congress from forcing a cease-fire. Since Israel was under a constant barrage of missiles (there have been over 10,000 already sent), it is pikuach nefesh to fight the Chamas and to stop these attacks. Even though joining with secular groups is forbidden even for a mitzvah, pikuach nefesh overrides this.

However, on the morning of the rally I saw that the program had two elements which pikuach nefesh does not override.

Element One:

A Christian pastor was set to address the crowd. He is the head of an evangelic Christian denomination which believes that Jews need to be supported so that they eventually convert to Christianity. Even though this pastor has shown enormous support for Israel in the past and even though he has 10 million supporters, nevertheless our community cannot have such a person as its spokesman.

Therefore, no matter how much I appreciated the pastor’s efforts on behalf of Jews, I could not support having him speak at the rally. First: I could not know what he planned to say. Second: even if his speech would be harmless, having a Christian leader speak to a Jewish audience is a step towards interfaith acceptance. Many people, especially young people, in the audience, could well conclude: “He says all the right things. What’s wrong, after all, with being a Christian?” Pikuach nefesh is not an excuse for honoring a foreign religion.

Element Two:

It became clear from the program that the rally was going to be a celebration of secular Zionism. Secular Zionism is a rejection of the Jewish faith. It supplants God and Torah as the basis of the Jewish people, for which it substitutes a common land and language. There can be no greater evidence of this than the anthem Hatikva which states that the hope of Jews for two millenia has been “to be a free nation in our land”—not a nation of God and Torah. This anthem was scheduled to begin the program.

The dominant presence of the President and Ambassador of the State of Israel and the speeches they would perforce deliver supporting a secular State, meant that the thousands present would be inspired to honor an ideology which is the antithesis of Judaism. Pikuach nefesh does not override supporting the rejection of Judaism.

Torah Jews recognize the need for a government in Israel, and, of course, will do nothing to dismantle it or to expose it to danger. But they cannot recognize its ideology as legitimately Jewish.

In addition, it became clear that the rally would have no prayers (except in the form of songs by a singer); and it would have (this, from an advertisement) a massive chant by the attendees of “Never Again!”— implying that the physical might of the army—not Hashem—will protect the Jewish people.

I felt that Torah Jews should not be exposed to all of this secularism. I was extremely pained to have to say that we should not participate in the rally and not be able to influence Congress to help protect my brothers: civilians, soldiers and hostages. But, on the other hand, I could not contribute to undermining, even in the slightest way, the beliefs of Torah Jews. There would have to be another way to help the Jews of Israel.

Therefore, with a heavy heart I retracted my support of the rally.

I realized that 9 AM the morning of the rally was too late to do anything significant, but I had to go on record as opposing the event; otherwise, I would go on record as having supported a pastor spokesman and a heretical ideology.

Those who went to the rally based on my original position will be undoubtedly rewarded for their noble intentions, for they hearkened to the call of Rabbonim. For the same reason, I hope and pray that any negative messages which they absorbed at the rally will have no permanent effect upon them or their children. They are not responsible because the promise to be sensitive to the Chareidi community was not kept.

I hope have clarified the matter and will be happy to address any further questions.

With deep respect,
Aharon Feldman
It's obvious to me that HKB"H wanted this "massive controversy" so the Truth would get out.  Kol hakavod to HaRav Feldman, shlit"a.

20 November 2023

Ya'aqov Had a Twin (Eisav): Yisra'El Has No Twin

7 Kislev 5784

Since we are currently reading the parshiot about The Twins - Eisav and Ya'aqov - and we are presently living at the end of the Final Exile which is characterized as Rome/Edom which is also Eisav,  I thought it might be interesting to the readers to recount some related fascinating facts.

Did you know that Rome was rumored to be founded by twins?

According to tradition, Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus in 753 BC. They were twin brothers, sons of a human mother and the god of war, Mars. After their birth, the king ordered them killed. They were placed in a basket and put into the Tiber River - left to die from exposure in the outdoors. But their basket washed up on the river bank where they were found by a female wolf. The wolf nursed the hungry babies and cared for them until they were found by a shepherd.

The shepherd and his wife raised the babies as their own. Romulus and Remus grew up and helped overthrow the king who had ordered their death. They wanted to build their own city along the Tiber River where their basket had washed ashore. They disagreed about where it should be, and Romulus killed Remus during their quarrels. Romulus built the city of Rome on one of the seven hills along the Tiber - the Palatine hill - and lived a long life as king of Rome.
Given this, it's kind of amazing that of all the world empires, only Rome would be divided in two and exist at the End of Days as two distinct entities - one weak and the other strong.  

Let's review the account in the Book of Daniel regarding Nebuchadnezzar's dream.  The King of Babylon had a dream that disturbed him, but he couldn't remember what it was.  None of his magicians could tell him the dream.  Daniel found out about it and offered to consult the God of Israel on behalf of the king.   (Daniel 2:31-44)
O King, you were watching, and behold, one great image, an image which had a large base and with unusual splendor, was standing opposite you, and its form was frightening.

That image had a head of fine gold, its breast and its arms were of silver, its belly and thighs were of copper.  Its legs were of iron, and its feet were partly of iron and partly of clay.

You were watching until one stone was hewn without hands, and it struck the image on its feet of iron and clay and crumbled them.

Then the iron, the clay, the copper, the silver, and the gold crumbled together, and they were like chaff from the threshing floors of the summer, and the wind carried them off, and no place was found for them, and the stone that struck the image became a huge mountain and filled the entire earth.

This is the dream, and its interpretation we shall recite before the king.

You, O king, the King of kings, the God of heaven, gave you a strong, powerful, and prominent kingdom.

And wherever people, wild beasts, and birds of the sky dwell, He has given into your hand and has given you dominion over them all. You are the head of gold.

And after you will arise another kingdom lower than you, and another - a third kingdom - of copper, which will rule over the entire earth.

And a fourth kingdom will be strong as iron, for iron crumbles and flattens everything, and like iron, which shatters all these, it will crumble and shatter.

And what you saw, the feet and the toes - which were partly of potter's clay and partly of iron-so it will be a divided kingdom, and in it will be some of the strength of iron, in view of what you saw iron mixed with clay.

And the toes of the feet were partly iron and partly clay, for part of the kingdom will be strong and part of it will be broken.

And what you saw, iron mixed with clay, connotes that they will mingle with the seed of men, but they will not cleave one to the other, as iron does not mix with clay.

And in the days of these kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom forever, it will not be destroyed, and the kingdom will not be left to another people; it will crumble and destroy all these kingdoms, and it will stand forever.

Daniel says that the Final Exile, the Roman/Edomite Exile, "will be a divided kingdom" just as legs are divided, in equally matched parts, both driving in the same direction - in this case, toward world domination.  

When Rome ceased to be a political/military force in the world, it dominated through religion.  The Catholic Church was called "catholic" because the word means universal.  For the first 1000 years of Christianity, there was one "catholic" or universal Church, but that changed in 1054.

On July 16, 1054, Patriarch of Constantinople Michael Cerularius was excommunicated, starting the “Great Schism” that created the two largest denominations in Christianity—the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox faiths.
The Empire split East and West

Everyone in the West is familiar with the Pope, but not so many are aware of the Ecumenical Patriarch.

The ecumenical patriarch is the archbishop of Constantinople (Istanbul) and New Rome, and primus inter pares (first among equals) among the heads of the several autocephalous churches which compose the Eastern Orthodox Church. The ecumenical patriarch is regarded as the representative and spiritual leader of the Eastern Orthodox Christians worldwide.
On the Eurasian continent, Western Europe continued to be dominated by the Roman Catholic Church while the East (significantly including Russia) went with Orthodoxy.

Furthermore, through Western Europe's exploration of the New World, the Catholic Church's reach extended even into the North American and South American continents.  

In our present day, the "West" is completely dominated by the United States while in the Eisavian East, Russia dominates.  Interesting side note...
[Washington] D.C. has an interesting historical connection to the city of Rome. 

...A long time ago, way before the city was in the thoughts of our founding fathers, back in the 17th century, there was a large estate in the area of about 400 acres. This farm occupied the land southeast of Georgetown (then, a part of Maryland). The man who owned the land was fond of Italy and decided to name the estate Rome, in honor of the city. The small body of water bordering it to the south was originally called Goose Creek, but then took the new name, Tiber Creek (i.e., after the Tiber in Rome).

Of course, the story wouldn’t be complete without mentioning that the landowner’s name happened to be Francis Pope.  ...legend has it, that Francis was very proud of his ingenious naming scheme, often telling anyone who’d listen that America had its own Rome on the Tiber, and a Pope lived there.(Source)
Another interesting side note to all of this is that Islam, which no doubt was created as a foil to Christianity, itself also split into two main groups - Shia and Sunni.  The center of Sunni Islam is in Saudi Arabia, which is allied to the West (US) and Shia Islam is centered in Iran which is allied to the East (Russia).

The West is itself divided into two.  What used to be the political right (the Republicans) now consists primarily of Nationalist/Dominionists while the political left (the Democrats) now consists primarily of Universalist/Humanists.  

At the very end of this empire, represented by the feet (at the end of the legs) and toes (at the end of the feet), part of it will be weak like clay while the remainder is still as strong as iron.  Need I even ask?  Which side - East or West - is ruled with an iron fist?  Which side - East or West - is weak and crumbling before our eyes?  The East does not suffer from the same spiritual, political and religious weaknesses of the Western liberal democracies which are leading to the crumbling of their societies.

Most interestingly, despite everything, the whole world does share one goal - to create a New World Order, albeit in their own image, whether it be left or right, east or west.  And it is noteworthy that the entire world is still united in one cause, Jew-hatred and a desire to rid itself of Israel once and for all.

This is the reason, harking back to Daniel...
And in the days of these kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom forever, it will not be destroyed, and the kingdom will not be left to another people; it will crumble and destroy all these kingdoms, and it will stand forever.

Their day is done.  They know it and they hate us for it.  Every attempt of theirs to push us down is meant to extend the term of their own rule.  But, they are done!!