25 June 2015

The Confederate Flag Controversy

8 Tamuz 5775

Yahoo news posted this photo with an article by some Georgetown professor which I chose not to read. Why waste my time? Until now, I have not commented on this controversy, but since it is obviously being manipulated by The Powers That Be (TPTB) - the NWO gang - I decided it was time to take a public position.

To give you a clue where I come from, the phrase "damn yankees" was often heard in the home where I grew up.

When I was still in school, revisionist history and PC language had not yet come into vogue. I actually got a good education with what I believe to be a fair and accurate view of events which at that time were only 100 years distant.

My response to this Yahoo photo is as follows:

Southerners never claimed to be a master race, never invaded another country or attempted to take over the world or exterminate an entire people. Many Southerners opposed slavery. Slavery was not the core issue of the Civil War - States Rights were. Our ancestors fought to preserve the original vision of the founding fathers where the majority of the power rested with the individual states and NOT with the federal government. The Confederacy fought to preserve the right of individual states to decide issues like slavery (and today gay marriage and abortion) at the state level and not be dictated to from the Federal level. Just think, if we'd won back then, it would have set the NWO process back a long ways. They had big plans for America - plans which required that the Union be preserved at all costs.

Today, I fly this flag on my blog in honor of my ancestors, none of whom owned slaves, but who fought a good fight for a noble cause...

Corporal William H. Branson
Company A, North Carolina
Van Buren Regiment, 2nd Infantry Battalion
Army - Confederate States of America

William Lamar Collins
Angelina, Texas
Army - Confederate States of America

Jacob A. Richardson
Company B, Simpson County, Mississippi
Speights Battalion, Heavy Artillery
Army - Confederate States of America