26 January 2024




16 Shevat 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Beshallach - Shabbat Shirah

Parashat Beshallach – Mercy for the Cruel? - Rabbi Meir Kahane

The water came back and covered the chariots and the horsemen of the entire army of Pharaoh, who were coming behind them in the sea – there remained not a one of them. (Ex. 14:28)

“The ministering angels sought to sing G-d's praises [when the Egyptians drowned at sea]. G-d responded, 'My handiwork is drowning at sea and you would sing?'” (Megillah 10b) Who can retell the distortions of G-d's valor perpetrated in recent generations! The deliberate distortion of “My handiwork is drowning in the sea”, as if we must glumly avoid gladness when our enemy falls, has become the steady fare of those who consume the alien culture [of the secular Western world]. G-d, Merciful Father and Creator of all life – righteous and evil – certainly does not sing or rejoice when His evil children die. Despite their wickedness, they are still His, and what father will rejoice at his son's death, even if that son be the most evil on earth? All the same, G-d does not hesitate to kill His handiwork, as when He drowned the Egyptians. He does not sing; He does not rejoice; but he drowns His handiwork at sea. True, He, Himself, neither rejoices nor allows rejoicing or song in Heaven, but others, the Jewish people, He does cause to rejoice. In fact, He requires them to sing. Our sages said (Mechilta, Beshallach, Mesechta Devayehi, Ch.2): “The L-rd will fight for you” (Ex. 14:14): That is, “Will G-d perform mighty wonders for you while you just stand in silence?” Israel asked Moses, “What should we do?” and he responded, “Extol and exalt! Sing the praises, glory and majesty of the Master of all warfare, as it says, 'Let the high praises of G-d be in their mouth' (Psalms 149:6)”... Israel then opened their mouths and sang G-d's praises.

Because of their arrogance and wickedness, G-d drowned His handiwork in the sea and commanded Israel to sing praise and thanks to G-d, so as to inform the world that “The L-rd will reign forever and ever!” (Ex. 15:18).

Forgiveness and love for an enemy? Mercy and sorrow over his death? Here is Midrash Avchir, quoted in Torah Shlema, Ex. 14:31, letter 210: “Israel saw the great work” (Ex. 14:31): When G-d wished to drown Egypt, Uza, Egypt's angelic prince stood before G-d and said: ”Master of the Universe! You have been called righteous and upright...Why do you wish to drown the Egyptians?” ... Just then Gabriel rose up, took a mud brick and stood before G-d saying, “Master of the Universe! Shall You have mercy on these who so harshly enslaved Your children with mud bricks?” G-d immediately retracted, judging them strictly and drowning them in the sea.

Sorrow over the death of the evil? Over Israel's enemies? The Torah's very defining good and evil in real, absolute terms constitutes a declaration of war against the [contemporary secular Western] culture of the nations and of the Hellenists [secularized Jews] who adopted it. That culture preaches that no one absolute good or evil can be determined, since all ideas and concepts, including those defining good and evil, are the product of human thought. Both those who deny the existence of a Supreme, Omniscient, Omnipotent G-d Who is the source of wisdom and truth, and those who admit the existence of a Supreme Being yet deny Torah from Sinai, i.e., that G-d set forth a blueprint in the Torah, hold that we cannot attach special status to one “good” over another. Tolerance and pluralism are the ultimate principles of that alien culture. Since followers of that culture cannot determine with certainty what evil is, they cannot eradicate it from the world. Mercy toward the cruel is not a good trait. Quite the opposite, one is duty-bound to separate oneself from the evildoer even if this is a difficult step, and even if it appears cruel. The cruel, wicked person will influence goodness and corrupt it. There can be no coexistence between evil and upright people – only separation.

The mitzvah of eradicating evil from our midst requires us to hate it, as in Psalms 97:10, “Those that love the L-rd hate evil.” It is the duty of him who loves G-d to hate evil and evildoers, for they are G-d's enemies. Nonetheless, in the alien [contemporary secular] Hellenist culture, the themes of love and hatred have been so entirely distorted that it is a terrible crime to speak of hatred as a halachic duty in the right time and place. False love finds a hundred different ways to overlook evil. Advocates of that culture have transformed all such traits as cruelty and revenge into an evil that must be shunned. Such is not the Torah's way...

G-d, Creator of the universe and all that it contains, also created attributes, ethics and values. He created and defined them, assigning every single trait its time, place and purpose. As King Solomon said (Eccles. 3:1-8): To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. A time to be born and a time to die; a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted; a time to kill and a time to heal; a time to break down and a time to build up; a time to weep and a time to dance; a time to cast stones and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing; a time to seek and a time to lose; a time to keep and a time to cast away; a time to rend and a time to sew; a time to keep silence and a time to speak; a time to love and a time to hate; a time for war and a time for peace.

Everything has a season. There is a time for every attribute and value. G-d created them all and assigned each a purpose, place and time. There is a time to love – but also a time to hate. Anyone incapable of hating those who G-d commanded us to hate is a sinner and heretic and he brings destruction to the world. In the final analysis, if someone does not know how to hate properly, he cannot love properly. Whoever is unready for war in the right time and place, mandated by G-d, is a sinner and heretic precisely like someone unready for peace. G-d, Who created the world, understands “the minds of His beasts” (Prov. 12:10) in all their detail. He, Who understands and listens, examining man's inner recesses, knows that there is a place for mercy, peace, love, kindness and forgiveness, but simultaneously a place and a need for “cruelty”, so to speak, for war, hatred, killing, uprooting wickedness from the land and destroying evil from the world. What would one not do to save and defend one's household, family and friends from their enemies, to rid their world of danger, to frustrate the evildoers' designs? What would one not be ready to do to the evildoers themselves? Precisely with this in mind, G-d, Merciful Father of the universe, gazed down and saw the danger posed by evil and wickedness threatening His righteous dear ones, innocent of all wrong. He understood that it is an unpardonable sin to take pity on those of whom it says, “Out of the wicked comes forth wickedness” (I. Samuel 24:13), thereby facilitating their cruel treatment of the righteous and innocent. Whoever takes pity on an evildoer, leaving him free to treat the righteous with cruelty and abuse, is not merciful but cruel. Anyone incapable of hating evil and evildoers can never love the righteous. The death of the wicked is infinitely preferable to the death of the righteous, and eradicating evil is infinitely superior to eradicating good.

Quite the contrary, when G-d destroys evil and evildoers, He is not showing kindness just to the righteous and innocent but to the evildoer as well. He does a kindness to the evildoers when He removes them from the world, for He thereby prevents their doing evil and increasing their sins. This represents a great gift from G-d which lightens their punishment in the Afterlife.

We find this regarding Enoch, of whom it says, “Enoch walked with G-d, and he was not, for G-d took him” (Gen. 5:24). The Midrash comments (Bereshit Rabbah 25:1): “Enoch was a hypocrite – sometimes righteous and sometimes evil. G-d said, 'Let Me remove him while he is still righteous.'” This is the true, definite meaning of our sages' utterance above, “The death of the evildoers is beneficial to them and beneficial to the world.”

It is beneficial to the world because the evildoers stop oppressing it. It is beneficial to the evildoers because G-d is saving them from themselves.

G-d established a time and place for love and for hate, and in the right time and place, each is a duty and a commandment. The Torah never contained, and never will contain, a concept of “groundless love”, just as the Torah absolutely rejects the concept of “groundless hate”. In G-d's attributes, nothing is “groundless”. Rather, there is a clear reason for all required behavior – with love and hatred warranted in their time and place. It is our duty to carry them out lawfully and as commanded, without, G-d forbid, confusing them.  (Source)


24 January 2024

Happy TU b'Shevat!

15 Shevat 5784

Many thanks to everyone who wrote to correct my mistake about the 45 days from TU b'Shevat until Rosh Chodesh Nissan.  It doesn't work in a leap year with two Adars.  I've been under the weather and wasn't really thinking clearly enough to be blogging.  Therefore, I'll be taking a bit of a break rather than risk more such blunders. Forgive me.

Kol tuv and happy Rosh Hashanah l'Ilanot!!

20 January 2024

Motza"sh Round-up

11 Shevat 5784 
Shavua Tov!

~ ~ ~ 

This spring, for the first time since 1803, two cicada groups known as Brood XIX, or the Great Southern Brood, and Brood XIII, or the Northern Illinois Brood, are set to appear at the same time, in what is known as a dual emergence.

The last time the Northern Illinois Brood’s 17-year cycle aligned with the Great Southern Brood’s 13-year period, Thomas Jefferson was president. After this spring, it’ll be another 221 years before the broods, which are geographically adjacent, appear together again.

...These insects will begin to appear in late April.

...the dual emergence would most likely result in more than one trillion cicadas appearing in the roughly 16-state area where the two broods are generally seen. Forested areas, including urban green spaces, will have higher numbers than will agricultural regions. To put that into perspective, one trillion cicadas, each of which are just over an inch long, would cover 15,782,828 miles if they were laid end-to-end.

“That cicada train would reach to the moon and back 33 times,” he said.

One of the more exciting aspects of this dual emergence, Dr. Shockley said, lies in the possibility of interbreeding along the narrow band in northern Illinois where the two broods will overlap.

“Under just the right circumstances and with just the right number of individuals cross breeding,” he said, “you have the possibility of the creation of a new brood set to a new cycle. This is an extremely rare event.”

~ ~ ~ 

19 January 2024

The Shoe Is Now on the Other Foot

9 Shevat 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Bo 

In days gone by, it was Moshe Rabbeinu demanding of Paro to let his people go and the answer was "NO!"  

We are not in Egypt anymore.  Egypt is HERE!  Today, it is Paro demanding of the current Jewish leader to let the 'Palestinians' stay!!  He does not take "NO!" for an answer.

As happened 333(4?) years ago and which we read about in this week's parashah, HKB"H's will WILL be done regardless of what anyone else wants.

The world thinks Netanyahu is a problem, just wait until Mashiach Ben Yosef is revealed!!!

Is Israel on the cusp of political upheaval? In recent days, evidence has grown that two key actors—the Biden administration and Israel’s security establishment—are both pushing the country in that direction to advance their longstanding common goal of ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the religious-right bloc from power.

The Biden administration showed its hand on Tuesday when U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken gave Israel an ultimatum to support Palestinian statehood or risk demonization by the administration.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Blinken restated the administration’s demand that Netanyahu present a plan for the day after the war against Hamas in Gaza and the administration’s goal of using the war to establish a Palestinian state. Blinken insisted that the only side that refuses to accept the administration’s goal is the Israeli public—and its leader, Netanyahu. (Continued here. Read further to see the names of the traitorous Erev Rav intent on fulfilling the mission they were given by Paro millenia ago.)

DAVOS, Switzerland — White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan said at the World Economic Forum on Tuesday that the Biden administration's strategy for post-war Gaza is to link normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia to the creation of a pathway for the establishment of a Palestinian state.

Why it matters: Sullivan's comments echoed Secretary of State Tony Blinken's private message to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv last week. The Biden administration is hoping to use a potential historic peace deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia as leverage for getting Israel on board with its plan for what happens in Gaza after the war.

Under the U.S. strategy, Netanyahu would ultimately have to decide what kind of political hit to take domestically in order to get a historic normalization deal....

Just weeks before Hamas launched its October 7 attack on Israel, Saudi Arabia said it was inching closer to normalizing diplomatic ties with the Jewish state. Despite three months of war that have left more than 23,000 Palestinians dead and the Arab world seething, Riyadh is signaling that a recognition of Israel could still be on the table.

On another tour of shuttle diplomacy across the Middle East, including to Saudi Arabia and Israel, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken last week said that normalization talks continue to take place and “there is a clear interest in the region in pursuing that.”

...But experts say the price that Saudi Arabia would demand in exchange for normalization would be higher now than before the Gaza war, as Riyadh may feel compelled to extract more concessions from the United States and Israel.

...“The Saudi government is still open to normalization on condition that Israel takes concrete steps on the ground to create the foundations of a two-state solution,” Ali Shihabi, a Saudi author and analyst, told CNN. “That would be, for example, completely removing the blockade from Gaza, fully empowering the PA (Palestinian Authority) in Gaza and (the) West Bank, withdrawal from key areas in (the) West Bank etc.”
I remain convinced that the US and Saudi Arabia were the ones who ultimately planned and ordered the Simchat Torah Massacre, conveniently blaming it on Iran. However, they have very badly miscalculated. If they thought it would soften us up for the coup de grace of a Terror State established inside and outside of Israel, they have seriously misunderstood the Jewish ethos as well as, more critically, leaving HKB"H out of their considerations.



18 January 2024

Makka on America

9 Shevat 5784 
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Bo

(Yehudit's "Prophecy")... 
  * The severe strikes on the U.S. will come thru wars and even more, thru powerful weather disasters
* The quick escalation of Moshiach ben Yosef will contribute to antisemitism.
* Antisemitism will rise to unimaginable heights.
* Jews of the United States will be forced to flee like fugitives, because those who survived the weather disasters will not be able to survive the tremendous waves of hatred against them.

SEE ALSO: New storm bringing snow, ice and rain expected coast-to-coast


8 Shevat 5784

Until recently, our food sources were all from living things.  Living things, whether it be plants or animals, contain spiritual sparks which nourish the soul as well as the body.  Just like artificial intelligence, the powers that be have created "food" in their own image as well.  Perhaps it might one day be food for their robots, but it will never be fit food for the human being created in the image of G-D.

Permission for a “new food” product was given to Aleph Farms to sell its cultured meat in Israel.

In the past Singapore and the US have approved cultured chicken for sale, but Israel is the first to give beef the go-ahead. 
The ministry said the approval came as part of a pilot program for alternative protein carried out by the Department of Food Risk Management at the ministry’s National Food Service. It said that in light of the growing global demand for “products of non-living origin” it is working to approve alternative food sources.

16 January 2024


7 Shevat 5784

The message seems to have finally gotten through that we cannot safely employ Arabs from Palestinian areas.  (Petition)  Now, if only people will understand that no Arab can be trusted and that's just how it is.

But, never forget that it is not only Yishmael whom we are fighting but Eisav and their attached Erev Rav as well.  As more and more Jews are rejecting Arab labor, there is going to be a big push on by The Other Side to replicate the Hayovel model across the country, replacing Arab labor with imported Christian Evangelical "lovers of Israel."  God forbid!!

Watch out for it!



6 Shevat 5784

Less than one week into the new month of Shevat, Russia and NATO are standing off against each other; Iran has directly attacked the US embassy in Erbil, Iraq, as well as a Mossad facility there; the Houthis have attacked another US ship in the Red Sea; drug-smugglers have injured an IDF soldier on the Egyptian border; two terrorists from Hebron, working illegally in Ra'anana, killed one and injured 18 in a multi-pronged attack; and an Israeli home was targeted by Hezballah from the Northern border, killing an elderly woman and her son.  

These are just the high points.  Just a short time ago, a barrage of missiles was launched against Israel by Hamas from NORTHERN GAZA, where, after 100 days of fighting, it was supposed to have been cleared of such threats. [See VIDEO HERE.]

What is the message?  (1)  Israel cannot live side by side with her enemies.   They must be conquered and completely eliminated.  (2)  HKB"H is bringing about a new world order and it's not the one meeting right now in Davos.

14 January 2024

Continuing Into Parashat Bo: Military Might, Sports, Elections Affected

4 Shevat 5784
Shavua Tov! 

The gods of Egypt are under attack.  US military might and global leadership are challenged in the Red Sea by Yemeni Tribesmen.  The first caucus of the 2024 Presidential election is endangered.  A play-off game for Super Bowl contenders may be invisible to the TV cameras!

11 January 2024

Va'era: Egypt At The End of Days

2 Shevat 5784 
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Va'era

"Egypt is a weak reed" - That's a very famous saying and it comes out of this week's haftarah.
"...all who dwell in Egypt shall know that I am Hashem, because they were a reed-like support for the House of Israel.  When they grasp you in their palm, you will be snapped, and you will pierce their every shoulder; and when they lean on you, you will be broken and will force all their loins to stand straight."  (Yechezkel 29.6-7)

This is especially meaningful right now as yet another world power which is currently treating us like a vassal people entirely under their control is fulfilling this very prophecy.  Through trickery and political pressure, the United States created a situation where Israel became dependent upon them.  Yet the moment we relied upon them, they failed to support us and we were injured as a result.  But, what I never noticed until now is that the very act of our reliance injures them as well - they are broken and we are forced to find the courage to finally stand upon our own two feet. 

"Therefore, thus says my Lord Hashem/Elokim:  Behold!  I shall bring the sword against you and cut off from you man and beast.  And the land of Egypt shall be desolate and waste and they shall know that I am Hashem, for he has said, 'The River is  mine and I have created,'...."  (Yechezkel 29.8-9)

In our own time, he has said, "There will be a two-state solution!" with all the capitulation this entails.  

The Stone Edition Chumash Commentary says on this haftarah...

The sidrah that begins the process of tearing down the arrogance and power of Egypt is accompanied by a Haftarah that foretells the downfall of a latter-day Egypt and castigates Israel for relying on the bogus friendship of that disloyal ally.

The connection between the parashah and the haftarah is the beginning of the judgment on ancient Egypt and this "latter-day Egypt".  Recalling that HKB"H expresses His power and judgment through acts of nature, it's worth a look at what has been happening this week across the US.

10 January 2024

Chodesh Tov! It's Rosh Chodesh Shevat!

1 Shevat 5784
Rosh Chodesh

The heritage of the Land where our national destiny could be fulfilled was dear and precious to Moshe Rabbeinu. In his final discourse to Bnei Yisrael, he began with the Land and he ended with the Land. And look today, how everything is focused on taking that Land away from us.
On the first of the month, Moshe, inspired by prophecy from G-d, began to recite the words of the Book of Devarim to Israel. ...For thirty-seven days, Moshe spoke these words to all Israel. He began the first of Shevat and ended the seventh of Adar. His first words were:

"You have dwelt long enough on this mountain. Turn and take your journey, and come to the Amorite mountain and all its neighbors, in the Aravah, on the mountain, and in the lowland, and in the south, and at the seacoast; the land of the Canaanite and the Lebanon, until the great river, the Euphrates River. See! I have given the Land before you; come and possess the Land that Hashem swore to your forefathers, to Avraham, to Yitzchak, and to Yaakov, to give them and their children after them."

His concluding words were:

"There is none like G-d, O Yeshurun; He rides across heaven to help you, and in His majesty through the upper heights. That is the abode of G-d immemorial, and below are the world's mighty ones; He drove the enemy away from before you, and he said, 'Destroy!' Thus Israel shall dwell secure, solitary, in the likeness of Yaakov, in a land of grain and wine; even his heavens shall drip with dew."

"Fortunate are you, O Israel: Who is like you! O People delivered by Hashem, the Shield of your help, Who is the Sword of your grandeur; your foes will try to deceive you, but you will trample their haughty ones." (Devarim 33).

The later Sages have, therefore, said that the first of Shevat is comparable to the day of the giving of the Torah. Just as the sixth of Sivan, on which the Torah was given to Israel, remains forever suitable for the renewed acceptance of the Torah, similarly is the heart of the Jew newly receptive to the Torah on the first of Shevat, because on that day they began to receive the Book of Devarim from Hashem, through Moshe.

Because the period of transmission of the Book of Devarim was this thirty-seven day interval, all the days from the first of Shevat until the seventh of Adar are especially well suited for renewed inspiration in the study of Torah and the doing of Mitzvot.

Divide and Conquer

29 Tevet 5784
Yom Kippur Katan

If a great many more Jews understood HKB"H's hatred of idolatry, as well as the nature of Christian idolatry, they would never have agreed to the situation we find ourselves in now.  

The Erev Rav have established two assimilation centers which provide gateways to the practice of idolatry in Eretz Yisrael and they are divided between Judea and Samaria.

There are no coincidences.  This is part of an ongoing plan to destroy Israel as a Jewish country and is being carried out on two levels: (1) physically to ensure Israel be a nation of all its citizens, and (2) spiritually to remove our Divine protection.

This is a globalist (Eisavian) plan, but it is being carried out with the cooperation of the Erev Rav.  We, however, do not have to go along with it.  Ignorance is our number one enemy here.  Pay attention!

Just after sunrise on a recent morning, Matilda Haggstrom was among about 200 Christians picking grapes on a hillside in the Jewish community of Pnei Kedem. During a short break, she looked across the valley to Hebron, mentioned in the Bible as the burial place of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their wives. “Before I came here, these were just stories,” said Haggstrom, a health coach from Stockholm, who is here for the sixth time as a volunteer with HaYovel, a Christian nonprofit organization that helps Jewish farmers harvest grapes in the growing number vineyards in the West Bank. “But now that I have seen these places, it helps me see the past, present, and future. What we are doing here now is fulfilling a biblical prophecy.”


IDF and Border Police forces razed illegal settler construction overnight in the Pnei Kedem outpost in the Gush Etzion region of the West Bank, settler activists said Tuesday.

Six temporary housing units, including some occupied by IDF reservists, were demolished in the early morning raid, according to a statement from settler activists involved in establishing illegal outposts.

The demolitions ignited already tense discussions between far-right ministers and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant over civil affairs in the West Bank.
If we bring these Christian volunteers into our communities and they pray to and serve their idolatry in our midst, we have a share of their punishment in addition to the Divine retribution for disobeying clear Torah law against allowing idolatry to be practiced in this Land.  

Hayovel is more than a conduit for visiting Christians to pollute our Land with temporary idolatry.  It is a business which has allowed at least 75 Christians to live permanently in Har Bracha with a church on premises.  I shudder to think what is hovering over that place.

Remember those cowboys?  Well, they are finding work all over the country.  They are celebrities very much in demand.  Maybe they will never go home.  Maybe they will bring their clans to live here with them.

Hey!  Don't laugh.  I'm hearing people talk about bringing hordes of these Christian "volunteers" to replace Arab workers.  Hashem yerachem and give us the will to fight back and eliminate this scourge from our Holy Land thereby redeeming ourselves in the eyes of HKB"H!!!

From the haftarah we just read for Parashat Shemot (Yeshayahu 27:9 with Rashi commentary).  Was anyone paying attention?

Without teshuvah for this transgression, the suffering will continue.  It has to be done. Why would HKB"H give us more land and more settlement construction if we are just going to pollute it with more idolatry???  This is why the entire area of Yosh is in danger.  You want to secure it?  You want a future on it?  Repent this rampant evil across our Holy Land that WE are responsible for!!  Kick out the Christians and HKB"H will remove the Arabs.

09 January 2024

Mashiach "Today"!!

29 Tevet 5784

Have you ever heard the old expression "running around like a chicken with its head cut off" [warning to the squeamish]?   When a chicken is decapitated, the body will continue to run around for a period of time.  This is how I view the Crime Minister, his War Cabinet and the military elite.  Their days are done, their careers are finished, there is no longer any place for them in the leadership of this country.  Hamas decapitated them on October 7, 2023.  The body just still hasn't got the message.  Trust me, it's a done deal.  They are history.

Ask anybody and you get the same answer.  A massive change has occurred in this country since the Simchat Torah Massacre.  The Jewish neshamot have suffered a harsh awakening, but awake they are and I daresay it will be quite a long time before anyone thinks of sleeping again.  You might even say that this awakening came with the dawn on October 7, 2023.  

Our Sages recounted that Mashiach would come "Today...if you heed his voice."  All we've been waiting for is a critical mass number of Jews to get on board the geulah train.  Now, it has left the station and we are right now en route to the Final Redemption.  Listen to this interview and witness for yourself one of the "helpers" of Mashiach Ben Yosef preparing the way for the soldiers who will finish this war under MBY's leadership.  May he be revealed today!!


28 Tevet 5784

Can anyone explain to me why a Conference for Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria should include Christian Missionaries who reside in Eretz Yisrael, build churches here, proselytize others to their cultic religion, and perform avodah zarah to their false god, all in contravention of the True Sovereign's Law???!!!

Baruch Hashem!!!  Finally, someone with some kind of say in the matter has been made aware and has canceled this sneaky attempt by Israel365 to build another bridge over which missionaries can gain access to unsuspecting Jews and further insert themselves into our national life.  

The conference is still on but without the English portion which I am told was arranged by Tuly Weisz via his newly invented arm of Israel365 called "Keep God's Land." [See more below.]    And please join me in giving thanks to HKB"H for giving us this victory over the forces of evil which go mostly unchallenged in this area.  Kol hakavod to those servants of Hashem who made it possible!

The English portion of the Conference was scheduled to take place on Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Shevat, January 11, 2024 at 5 pm at the Bible Lands Museum.  

The program was set up for three topics of discussion:

SOVEREIGNTYModerator: Josh Hammer, Newsweek
Participants:  MK Dan Ilouz, Nadia Matar, MC Yishai Fleisher, Zvika Mor, (Missionary) David Parsons

IMPACT OF 2024 US ELECTION - Moderator: Alex Traiman, JNS
Participants:  Caroline Glick, Josh Reinstein, Marc Zell, (Missionary) Johnnie Moore

KEEP GOD'S LAND - Moderator: (Missionary) Chris Mitchell, CBN
Participants: MK Ohad Tal, "Rabbi" Tuly Weisz, Prof. Eugene Kontorovich, (Missionary) Joshua Waller

A Closer Look at the Missionaries Involved

Joshua Waller of the Waller Clan's HaYovel Ministries needs no further mention here.

David Parsons of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) has been mentioned before.  Their website describes him as "author, attorney, journalist, minister and Middle East specialist who serves as Vice President & Senior Spokesman for the ICEJ. On staff in Jerusalem for the past 22 years,...." 

Johnnie Moore is less well known here.  

Rev. Johnnie Moore has been called one of America's most influential evangelical leaders and he is especially known for his multi-faith work at the intersection of faith and foreign policy.  He was twice appointed as a Commissioner for the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, serving across the Trump and Biden administrations.  Moore's groundbreaking work on behalf of religious freedom in the middle east has received wide reaching acclaim. 

This is one way of describing his commitment to proselytizing the Arab world to Christianity, something that many Jews are no longer reticent to view in a positive light, although their Creator would not agree. 

Chris Mitchell has been reporting on the Middle East from the Christian perspective for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) for 30 years.  ["The Mission of CBN is to preach the gospel and prepare disciples. We share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate God’s love for the people of the world through various means to prepare the nations of the world for the coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth."]

Who Are the Sponsors

Ribonut: "A group of public figures, philosophers and long-time Land of Israel activists got together to promote the vision of Sovereignty through hasbara, conferences, activities on the ground, publications and writings and political lobbying."

Moetzet Yesha:  The Yesha Council represents the interests of settlement in Judea and Samaria (and Gaza).

Israel Is Forever (IIF):  "Mobilization of French-speaking Zionist forces."

Keep God's Land:  "Keep God’s Land was founded in 2023 in response to the horrific attack by Hamas on October 7.... Jews and Christians who believe in the Bible must stand together with the brave Jewish pioneers of Judea and Samaria to ensure Israel’s terrorist enemies and their antisemitic supporters do not succeed in their plan to drive the Jewish people out of God’s land."

No, no they don't.  In fact, if you want to make things worse, just keep poking your finger in God's eye by mixing with gentiles and making alliances with avodah zarah.  That's the quickest way to lose the land!!!

Again, all thanks to HKB"H that this turned into a fail for Israel365!

Hodu l'Hashem ki tov, ki l'olam chasdo!

07 January 2024


27 Tevet 5784

This is the most treacherous interfaith organization on the planet.  You'll stay far clear of it and from anyone associated with it if you know what's good for your soul.  

[Scroll down HERE to get the full report on Israel365 or just search the blog for Tuly Weisz, you know, that guy who confessed recently to breaking Shabbat for the first time in his life in order to complete arrangements for a European demonstration on behalf of the hostages in Gaza - a real case of "pikuach nefesh".]

Victory News: Christians & Jews 
Rally Together in TX for Israel



The Victory Channel is faith-based Christian television network unlike any other. It was the next step in fulfilling the call God gave to Kenneth Copeland in 1967 to preach the uncompromised Word of God on every available voice, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, The Victory Channel is a non-profit, free-to-air television network made possible by Kenneth Copeland Ministries, and its generous Partners and viewers.
Even were these people righteous gentiles rather than practitioners of avodah zarah, it would still be a massive chillul Hashem to say that we "NEED" them implying that Hashem is not enough for us.  It feeds the entrenched Christian belief that God does not hear the prayers of the Jews and that we depend on Christian prayers and their intercession with their false god in order to succeed and thrive.  God forbid!!





05 January 2024


24 Tevet 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Shemot - Mevorchim 

Shemot - Conspiracy Fact

24 Tevet 5784
Erev Shabbat Kodesh
Parashat Shemot - Mevorchim

Modern and enlightened people simply do not believe in conspiracies.  Suggest that a group of people got together to plot and plan an evil act against an unknowing and defenseless group of people and they will laugh in your face and label you a nut-case with the words "conspiracy theory."

But, as I've pointed out here many times before, history is full of conspiracies which took root and produced a fruit so rotten that it killed millions.  This week's parashah (Shemot 1:8-22) describes a case in point.

A new king arose over Egypt, who did not know about Joseph.

He said to his people, "Behold, the people of the children of Israel are more numerous and stronger than we are.

Get ready, let us deal shrewdly with them, lest they increase, and a war befall us, and they join our enemies and wage war against us and depart from the land."

So they appointed over them tax collectors to afflict them with their burdens, and they built store cities for Pharaoh, namely Pithom and Ra'amses.

But as much as they would afflict them, so did they multiply and so did they gain strength, and they were disgusted because of the children of Israel.

So the Egyptians enslaved the children of Israel with back breaking labor.

And they embittered their lives with hard labor, with clay and with bricks and with all kinds of labor in the fields, all their work that they worked with them with back breaking labor.

Now the king of Egypt spoke to the Hebrew midwives, one who was named Shifrah, and the second, who was named Puah.

And he said, "When you deliver the Hebrew women, and you see on the birthstool, if it is a son, you shall put him to death, but if it is a daughter, she may live."

The midwives, however, feared God; so they did not do as the king of Egypt had spoken to them, but they enabled the boys to live.

So the king of Egypt summoned the midwives and said to them, "Why have you done this thing, that you have enabled the boys to live?"

And the midwives said to Pharaoh, "Because the Hebrew women are not like the Egyptian women, for they are skilled as midwives; when the midwife has not yet come to them, they have [already] given birth."

God benefited the midwives, and the people multiplied and became very strong.

Now it took place when the midwives feared God, that He made houses for them.

And Pharaoh commanded all his people, saying, "Every son who is born you shall cast into the Nile, and every daughter you shall allow to live."



03 January 2024

Torah Is the ONLY Thing Which Unites Us

22 Tevet 5784

In a recent interview, Jonathan Pollard drew a direct line between the Simchat Torah Massacre and the deep societal division that existed in Israel just prior to the invasion and attack.  Today, that same message went out to both the secular public, via Ynet (Golani Brigade deputy commander warns division in Israel 'worst thing that can happen'), and the religious public, via YWN (“Hamas Massacre And Rift In Israel Were Connected,” IDF Spokesperson Says) - in English at any rate.  I didn't check, but I guarantee you this conversation is being had in the Hebrew press as well.

It's being raised now in the wake of the High Court's slap to the face of every Israeli citizen by refusing to take the government's advice to leave controversial subjects to the day after the war ends.  In a clearly illegal move (depending on votes of justices who by their own rules should have already been retired and off the bench), they brazenly struck down the Knesset's hard-won Reasonableness Law.

The JPost addressed this issue via its main op-ed today...

The High Court of Justice on Monday struck down a law passed last year that would have curbed the court’s ability to use a “reasonableness doctrine” in its rulings. This is an important decision. The court made its ruling with a bare majority of eight justices against seven. It also said that it has a power to strike down basic laws by a majority of 12-3.

The rulings are important for Israel and show that the country is a thriving democracy, even during one of the worst wars in the history of the state.

We face unprecedented crises today on the frontline as the war drags on soon into its fourth month. In addition, more than 100,000 Israelis are still evacuated from 100 border communities.

Nevertheless, courts operate during war time and our democracy must remain as strong during crisis as during peace. The test of a democracy is how it behaves in crisis, not how it behaves when things are tranquil. Our democracy has now passed that test. We have come through the fire of war and we are thriving in the unity that is needed during this time.

The ruling by the court brings back memories of the divisions in society in the summer of 2023 when the judicial reform was being passed and there were unprecedented protests. However, the court’s ruling need not be a reason to go back to those difficult days. We all know now how important unity is. Our enemies want to take advantage of divisions in our society to strike at us.

As usual, the consensus of the Democracy-worshippers is to shame and blame anyone who disagrees with or stands in the way of their desire to be a Western Liberal Democratic nation like all the rest.  The Faithful of HKB"H cannot allow themselves to be influenced by these tactics.  The only connection the Simchat Torah Massacre has to the escalating societal divisions in Israel is that they are both an unfortunately necessary part of the birrur process which is paving the road to our complete redemption.

"In the beginning..." the Creator began putting His world in order by making divisions - "each after its own kind" and in its own place, fulfilling its own Divinely mandated purpose in the world.

It's not just the murderous Arabs who have to leave our Holy Land, but also the pretend Jews and Erev Rav who are doing everything in their power to prevent the rest of us from fulfilling our Creator's will in this Land which He gave us specifically for this purpose.

The Torah is not silent on these subjects.  Everything we need to know about how to set up a government and who may or may not live in this land alongside us and under what conditions is clearly laid out.  Our main problems stem not from lack of knowledge but from a lack of will - an unwillingness to submit our own will to that of our Creator's will.  That's where the critical change must and will come.  Jewish unity comes only through our common commitment to HKB"H and His Torah.  There can never be unity around Western values and liberal (anti-Torah) ideals.

Mashiach is the agent HKB"H is sending to impose His will on humanity.  Peace with HKB"H is the only true path to peace in this world.

01 January 2024

Vows of Revenge

22 Tevet 5784

UPDATE!!  Minutes ago, reports began appearing on "X" describing a targeted assassination carried out by Israeli drone strike in Lebanon on the Hamas #2 man.

Lebanese News Agency: 6 killed and 11 others wounded in an explosion targeting a Hamas office in the southern suburb of Beirut.

Yedioth Ahronoth, on the authority of Israeli officials: The assassination of Al-Arouri is a high-quality operation, and all Hamas leaders are doomed to death.

Update - Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah planned speech tomorrow is going ahead despite earlier reports. The assassination comes on the eve of the anniversary of IRGC Qassem Soliemanis assassination in Iraq.

BREAKING NEWS: An Israeli drone strike on a Hamas office in Beirut eliminated top terror chief Saleh al-Arouri.

BREAKING: Head of Hamas operations in southern Lebanon among those killed in the Israeli attack on Beirut, Iran's Mehr News Agency reports

Iranian state media have started circulating an image of Saleh and Khamenei. Saleh ties to Iran were probably greater than any other in the Hamas leadership.

See more Here, Here, Here and Here.

UPDATE #2!! From Israel Realtime Updates...

🚨TARGETED ATTACK, conflicting reports - targeted attack in Beirut, either by drone strike or IDF jet airstrike, jets were definitely overhead. 🚨AIRSTRIKE or DRONE STRIKE, conflicting reports - airstrike or drone strike on, a car, or a Hamas office, or both (2 explosions now being reported) in the Hezbollah neighborhood Dahaih district of Beirut, Lebanon containing a senior Hamas official and several other commanders. Latest numbers say 4-6. Some reports say 2 attacks - “car bomb” + “air strike on office”. ‼CONFIRMED: SENIOR HAMAS LEADER was killed this evening in Beirut.
‼HAMAS CONFIRMS… deputy head of the terror group’s political bureau and considered the de facto leader of Hamas’s military wing in the West Bank, eliminated. 2 senior Al Qassam officials were killed as well. ▪LEBANESE SOURCES - following the assassination things are heading for a major escalation from Hezbollah. ‼GENERAL STRIKE - Following the elimination a general strike in all of "Palestine" and a general mobilization of the Palestinians announced.

ESCALATION LIKELY. The northern border will likely heat up with the possibility of full war. ▪ISRAEL has NOT taken responsibility, and the cabinet has been forbidden to speak on the incident. Washington Post from a senior American: Israel is behind the assassination in Lebanon. ▪HE PLANNED OCT. 7? Palestinian channels, Al-Arouri is given the nickname: "Engineer Tufan Al-Aqsa" - that is, the engineer of the 7/10 attack.


20 Tevet 5784 

For the past three years on every January 3rd since 2020, the Iranian regime has vowed to take revenge against the US and against Israel in retaliation for the assassination of IRGC General Qassem Soleimani.  We can add to that now IRGC General Razi Mousavi who was killed in an Israeli airstrike in Syria on December 25, 2023.

These are dangerous days.