23 June 2015

It's Beyond Words Now

6 Tamuz 5775

Secret Meetings

Treating the Enemy at Public Expense

Attempts to Start a Race War in Israel

The Constant Advance of the NWO

Unrelenting Fear-mongering

And too many other subjects to mention...


  1. Ask yourselves why the police have been ordered not to respond to terrorist attacks and why the media has been ordered to repress reportage and then ask who gave these orders.

    - a voice in the wilderness

  2. I tried to talk to a friend about aliyah last night. He said he'd only do it if he could make an American salary.

    I'm thinking, wow are you a spoiled brat.

    1. Like I said... beyond words.

    2. I think it comes down to this: lech lecha. BTs experience this. 'They have to leave their families, at least the mindset of their upbringing and take the lonely road. Aliyah is the same. You see the utter holiness of eretz yisrael in the explicable apathy to the subject held by millions of Jews in chutza la'aretz. It's pure yetzer hara forever blocking us from our destiny.

      I can't explain the behavior. I can't change others. I can only do what I must do even if the road (except for the blessed help of this blog) is nearly perfectly lonely.

      As I write, I sit in New York and Obama is my president....

    3. My 'last' reason for not making aliyah is the $$$. Hashem can give it 'anywhere', 'anytime'.

      Sarah G K

    4. Yisrael, tell your friend no problem. Pretty soon an "American salary" won't amount to a bucket of spit anyway.

  3. It's a certain amount of cognitive dissonance, perhaps.
    I can't believe frum Jews don't know that you don't need an American salary to live contentedly in Israel. It's pretty easy to figure out, so I think they must be in denial because with the exception of housing, everything here is cheaper (although even with housing prices, it depends on the area). Or I think maybe car-ownership is more expensive here, too? I'm not sure because I don't drive here. When I lived in the USA, tuition and health insurance alone took around half our salary -- and we only had one child in school. Sometimes in the week before payday, we were left with half a loaf of bread and a few apples in the fridge to tide us over until the next check -- and that was living in a luxury neighborhood of all places. That kind of belt-tightening never happened to us in Eretz Yisrael on a lower salary.
    And as has been discussed here before, once you are here, you just don't feel the need for all the things you had in the USA (although there might be a couple of things it takes a few years to emotionally let go of). For deeper reasons, I see that most people are happier living in Eretz Yisrael with less than they were living with more in the US, and regular olim are happier than those trying to recreate America in Israel.
    Something changes inside when you come here.
    I'm sympathetic to Jews stuck with thorny issues, like being the only caretakers of elderly parents who cannot be moved or situations with children. But economics? Especially nowadays....I don't get it, either.

  4. Dassie, very good. I agree. Somehow HaShem helps everyone make it from paycheck to paycheck. And in the interim, the children have a great happy time. Life's choices are different here in Israel.

  5. Israel I read your comments and feel for you! We just made aliyah a year and a half ago from Brooklyn (Flatbush) Everyone thought we were nuts... kind of like we were going off the derech... lol But we did it, BH! America is a nisayon! Eretz Yisroel is open and we can come. E'Y is NOT an alternative location! It is the only location! It is a big zchut to understand that aliyah is a necessity and that america is NOT our home! Someone actually said to me that I will come right back home!!! She meant Brooklyn R'L! People are seriously asleep... Hatzlacha to you and hope we can soon welcome you home!

    Leah R

  6. That's incredible, Leah R. Glad you made it.