30 November 2008

You Can't Trust Your Eyes

This world is an illusion. A table looks solid and static, but at the molecular level, the slow-moving electrons only make it seem solid. It is actually in motion at all times.

What appear to us as random events are in fact well-orchestrated scenarios constructed for the purpose of granting free-will and awarding merit for correct choices.

Free-will requires equality on both sides of the "equation." For example, just as Europe really began to burn under the Jews' feet in the 1930s, Eretz Yisrael experienced massacres by the Arabs and the British White Paper was issued severely restricting immigration. While events in Europe gave a push to Jews to leave, it became much more difficult to get to Eretz Yisrael while next to impossible to enter America. People reasoned that all things being equal, they were better off going with the flow, rather than fighting their way upstream. We know now what a big mistake that was, yet we haven't internalized the lesson.

We see the same scenario being played out today with the same results. Eretz Yisrael is shrouded in an illusion. It appears to many as though the Jews might be facing another exile or worse, annihilation. A corrupt regime appears to be in firm control of the government including the courts, the army and the police. The shadow of Achmadinejad looms dark and forbidding on the eastern horizon and nobody knows how the economy will survive the global recession. The Goldeneh Medinah is looking a bit tarnished these days, but compared to the seeming dangers facing Jews in Israel, it's just so much easier to stick with the familiar. It's a "hunker-down" mentality.

It's also another aspect of the sin of the spies. Despite the fact that Hashem had already pronounced Eretz Yisrael a "good and spacious land, a land flowing with milk and honey," they had to go and see for themselves and then they made the mistake of trusting in their own sight---"In our eyes, we seemed like grasshoppers, and so we were in their eyes." They confused illusion with reality and based upon their faulty interpretation of events, they erred grievously and brought ruin upon us in every generation.

The prophet Yeshayahu informs us that this will not be a problem for Mashiach: "He will be imbued with a spirit of fear for Hashem; and will not need to judge by what his eyes see nor decide by what his ears hear."
The path of G-d is not walked by sight, but by faith. This concept belonged to Jews long before the xians stole it. This was Avraham Avinu's response to "Lech Lecha."

Shlomo HaMelech wrote in Mishlei: "Wisdom lies before an understanding person, but a fool's eyes are in the ends of the earth." We have to understand and internalize the fact that what we see is not necessarily what is.

Hashem gave us His Torah and the words of all the prophets were recorded for our instruction. We have to trust what we know to be true and not rely on what our eyes show us.

The following clip expresses this idea in a very memorable way. It impressed me the first time I saw it and I've never forgotten it. This is what it looked like to me when I decided to come and live in Eretz Yisrael---like a yawning, black chasm. Only after you take that first step in pure, absolute faith do you learn the truth---that Hashem is there and has already prepared a way across in front of you. You'll never see it...you'll never know it...until you take that first step.

If you have trouble viewing the video. See it here.

Getting the Message

There is a message within everything that is brought to our attention. Probably multiple messages applicable to every individual. What this one says to me....

White House Chanukah Cards Include Christmas Tree
Even if a record number of Jews are now sitting in Congress, America will never be your home. It's not your country. This is just a reminder.

26 November 2008


UPDATE: The Italian flag was flying by the President's residence yesterday. Maybe this is a clue to the "visitor(s)".

Italian industrialists visit Israel

Since Olmert was still in Washington, my guess is that the motorcades and security were for Peres. This kind of thing is right up his alley.


NEW REMINDER: Tonight is Rosh Chodesh Kislev. Chodesh tov umevorach!


Tomorrow is Yom Kippur Katan. If you intend to fast, you should take it upon yourself at the conclusion of Mincha Shemoneh Esrei.

May Hashem find our tefillot and tachanunim acceptable and send us our Deliverer along with the Geulah Shleimah already today.

PS: Someone big is visiting Jerusalem. Motorcades for two days running and loads of state security at the King David Hotel. I've seen nothing in the media. Anyone out there informed???

25 November 2008

The "Silver Lining" in the Financial Black Cloud

I've been doing some countermissionary volunteer work this week. I do it off and on because a steady diet of that kind of thing can be damaging to your Jewish soul. If you could see even half of what I've seen! I mean I've been involved with this for over a decade and what I saw this week alone is worse than even I was aware. I daresay there is not one city or town in Israel without it's resident missionary couple and their little home church. (The larger the city, the more churches.)

There is not one communal group that does not have its dedicated local "ministry"; from single moms to Darfur refugees, to ex-Lebanese militiamen, to the usual drug and alcohol rehab facilities, coffee houses, gemachim for food, clothing, and household furnishings. They target lone soldiers, Russian immigrants, Holocaust survivors---the weakest links in society.

People wonder why we are not taking care of our own "at-risk" groups so they will not become targets of the missionaries, but you know what? The Jews have to work for a living and we make low wages and few of us own cars. It takes all our time and energy just to take care of ourselves and not to let our own families become a burden. Meanwhile, the missionaries have fine, large homes paid for by the "ministry", all the time in the world since the "ministry" provides for all their physical needs and the "ministry" is their job. It allows them to attend ulpan after ulpan and learn Hebrew better than I will ever know it, providing them with prime opportunities to "witness" to the few Jews sitting in the midst of a class full of "believers."

The "silver lining" in the financial black cloud which is swirling over the world is that it means less money for the missionary effort. I hope they will all find themselves out of funds and packing up to go back to their own homes very, very soon!

22 November 2008

Shavua Tov!

When we start feeling down at our house because of all the seemingly bad news, all we have to do to start feeling better again is to listen to my granddaughter's favorite song "Finally Here" by Ari Goldwag.

Listen to it here and see if you don't feel like jumping for joy by the end. (See the lyrics here.)

20 November 2008

More and More Revelation of the Hidden

...is a clear sign that we are moving into Days of Mashiach.

King David's city of Sha'arayim identified

“Uncovering two discoveries of such substantial importance in such a short period of time is almost unprecedented in the field of Biblical archeology,” said Professor Garfinkel. “With only a small percentage of the site dug so far, we are very excited about what we will continue to find in the period ahead.”
Just imagine when we will read a report about the discovery of the mishkan and the holy ark!

19 November 2008

Mashiach Not the End of Troubles

We should understand that when Mashiach finally reveals himself, that is not the end of the story. The world does not at that point lay down its weapons and embrace the Laws of Noah. When Mashiach arises to power, it will increase the troubles for the Jews just as it did when Moshe first approached Paro and our work and suffering were increased immensely. The following passage from the Zohar, Shemot, section 15 provides some detail.

Section 15: The Coming of Mashiach (excerpts)

...the Messiah will reveal himself and declare war on the world. Many nations will join him to wage war on the nations of the world, which will unite to fight against him. Then a time will come when the world will remain in darkness for fifteen days, and many of the children of Yisrael will perish.

Rabbi Shimon then explains to Rabbi Elazar that the Messiah resides in the lower Garden of Eden, surrounded by saints, angels and the souls of the righteous. There is a concealed place in Eden called "Bird's Nest" which is revealed to the Messiah by the bird that awakens daily in the Garden. In the Bird's Nest is the Cloak of Majesty, and the images of all the nations that banded against Yisrael are woven into this garment. The Messiah enters this place and sees the Patriarchs visiting the ruins of God's Sanctuary and God trying to comfort Rachel, who weeps incessantly. Then he weeps loudly and all of Eden shakes and laments with him. When he cries for a second time, the Holy Throne summons them and they ascend to above. There, God makes them swear to avenge the children of Yisrael through the Messiah and to draw God's goodness towards the children of Yisrael so that they may enjoy His rich rewards. At that time, God will arise to renew the world, and the letters of the Holy Name will shine in perfect union. A mighty star and a flame will then appear in the sky. After forty days, the star will gradually overpower the flame. The star will illuminate twelve pathways for twelve days, and after another twelve days the world will tremble and darkness will fall. A sound shall be heard out of great thunder and lightning, causing the earth to shake and many to die. Then a flame of fire will appear in Rome, and it will burn many towers and places, and many mighty rulers and ministers will perish. For twelve months following, the kings of the nations will unite and persecute the children of Yisrael. Then a tribe will arise in Yisrael, led by the Messiah. The Messiah will be aroused and perfected through the Garden of Eden. He will enter the Bird's Nest, take the Garment of Jealousy, and be hidden there for forty days. After this time, he will ascend to receive God's blessing, and will be crowned with a Holy Crown. He then receives a royal red garment from the mourners of Zion to avenge the destruction of the Temple, and is concealed in the Bird's Nest for thirty days. Then he will descend to earth in a bright light, and no one will know the significance of this light except the sages. He will console Rachel, and she will finally accept consolation, and then the light will settle in the city of Jericho. After twelve months, the Messiah will be revealed to the world in Galilee, and those who study the Torah will surround him and give him additional strength. After waiting for another twelve months, he will raise the Shechinah and gather the exiled from the world. Then God will perform for the children of Yisrael the signs and wonders that He did in Egypt....

On this passage, the commentary says:

...a reading of this passage fills us with awe and wonder at the grandeur and majesty of God's great plan. Knowing of the events that await us, we will cling still more devoutly to the truths of Torah and lend our prayers to the energy building up for the fierce yet triumphant days of the Messiah, when all that was and all that is will combine to form all that ever will be. The hope of these days has sustained righteous men through many a dark time, and the consciousness of this will elevate our souls to sing with joy at the sheer wonder of creation and the mystery of time wrapped in eternity.

This is a good answer to those who are more and more casting aspersions upon all discussion about Mashiach and Geulah.

A Word About "Interfaith Relations"

Avraham Avinu is held up as the example for how to deal with non-Jews, but those who advocate for common cause and relationships with idolatrous non-Jews are misrepresenting him. He is known as the Ivri, the Hebrew, because he stood on one side while the rest of the idolatrous world stood on the other. He called to them to cross over to him. He did not cross over to their side to make common cause. For, what "common cause" can a G-d fearing Jew have with idolaters???

New Message from Binyamin Golden

I am no translator. I do it for myself and then share it with the admonition that while I believe it is correct, it might still contain errors. My apologies if it's so. Bevakasha...

A new message from the autistic Binyamin Golden given 11.11.2008 and posted in Hebrew on 18.11.2008

(Unauthorized rough translation)

A Black Star Blackens the World

Since Elul the world has changed a lot. The whole world lives in fear now. Already, people don’t trust the stock markets, and all the dreams that once directed their lives, the materialism that revolves around the money, credit cards, leisure time, bank accounts and all the materialism that directs their lives. Suddenly, it’s in danger.

Suddenly, they don’t know what will be; how they will be able to continue their false, insane lives that they’ve been living until today. But they’re not ready, under any circumstances whatsoever, to abandon all this; therefore, they wander around completely bewildered. And suddenly, there appears a black star that attracts the majority of the world---a star called Obama.

This Obama appears suddenly without the advance preparation that there usually is for someone like this. He appears from the heavens and the majority of the world goes after him. And who is this Obama? No one knows. He’s a question mark in front of the people. His source is very doubtful even to such an extent that we don’t know if he’s born in America or not and if he has an additional citizenship or not.

But who cares? The main thing is that the black star comes to save, so to speak, America and the world (the world of falsehood and materialism…) And who is Obama really? He is Edom and Yishmael together. Really a complete combination. From one side his father was Muslim, and to be kind to him, he learned in a Muslim school. From the other side, he sat many years in a church of a known anti-Semitic pastor, no more need be said. Truly a combination of Edom and Yishmael – therefore, he has much strength. He has the merits of both of them, of Eisav who honored his father and of Yishmael who performed the mitzvoth of circumcision and hosting guests like his father Avraham.

When there is a combination like this at a time that Am Yisrael is not at a high spiritual level, there is great danger. Because the strength of Eisav and Yishmael together very much threatens the Jews when they are in spiritual decline like today.

But if we return in teshuva and we will go in the path of Ya’aqov Avinu, a“h, then we won’t have any problem and nothing to fear… But if we don’t return in teshuva, ch”v, then we have what to fear. Surely there will always be Jews that do return in teshuva and these don’t have what to fear from HKB”H. I’m praying, that even at this moment, though it doesn’t appear realistic, that with them will be all Am Yisrael.

Then, who is Obama? Maybe he was sent from Shamayim to lead all the evil in the world, to assemble them and to bring them to the land and here will be war, that Hashem will battle for us. Here will be the war, in Eretz Yisrael. On the soil of Eretz Yisrael, Gog will arrive with much strength…..

He will war against the Jews and against HKB”H…. HKB”H will make the war and we know what will be the end…. But we won’t know clearly who is Gog until the last minute.

Now, why am I speaking about Obama? What do I care from Obama? Because Obama didn’t just >stam< arrive to the world. He’s like the hurricanes that suddenly appear in the ocean, Ike, Katrina and such. He suddenly appeared also. Because thus commands HKB”H, that the signs of the geulah that are appearing at the end of days will come by a sudden method. …so we will know that the prophecies of the Torah will be recalled, … Hashem already informed us of these things thousands of years ago.

Those who don’t investigate the prophecies won’t recognize Gog and won’t recognize Mashiach and they will be removed from the world….

HKB”H sends us evil messengers in order to bring us to the truth. And already He undermines, and undermines more the materialism until there won’t be a thing that a person can rely upon for his parnasa. He can’t depend upon his credit card, on his national insurance, on his pension, on his salary, on the doctors, on his medical insurance, on his car, on the electricity, on the water that flows in his house. Hashem is teaching us that it is impossible to rely upon anything materialistic….

In addition to this, Hashem will bring upon us much larger natural disasters from what we’ve seen. And a gigantic, fearsome war, a war in which a sizable portion of the world will be destroyed…. Hashem will bring us stage by stage to the truth.

He wants that we will rely only upon Him and that we will recognize as a fact that there is nothing besides Him. He is the Omnipotent and there is no other power existing that is able to help us to be rescued.

Therefore He gives to persons and to countries to try each of their idea and each of their programs to rescue the world. At a certain stage, the heads of countries will understand along with all their counselors and all their people that there is nothing besides Him…. And all that they are trying, with all, so to speak, their genius, it’s one big failure. If we want to save and to survive, we need simply to pray to HKB”H, the gentiles as well as the Jews --- and the Jews need to do complete teshuva.

That’s the picture at the moment. But how will it finish exactly. It’s still allowed changes…. If Am Yisrael will make complete teshuva then the geulah will arrive “easy as pie”….

But if only part of the Jews do teshuva, then it will be with much suffering…. The complete redemption will come, but with much suffering, Hashem have mercy on us. That’s our choice now.

Every person with partial vision can see where we are standing. We are standing before the end. We are standing before the redemption and the resurrection of the dead. But we must do teshuva in order to merit redemption and days of Mashiach.

It’s very exciting to hear radio, c”v, or television, c”v, and to see Obama and to see all his staff and too see the hurricanes, etc, etc., but this is not important. What is important is that we will do teshuva. …that we will take it upon ourselves to do teshuva, to return to HKB”H, to return to the truth because only the truth is our entry ticket to days of Mashiach.

We must be sorry for all our sins. The men to sit on the floor, to put sackcloth on the body and ashes on the head… and to cry and cry and cry….

To cry over all our sins and to cry over all the sins of this generation and over all the sins from Adam Harishon. And to make an effort to return to HKB”H in complete repentance.

Am Yisrael, good Jews, I beg you, I implore you, return to the truth. Throw away all the unnecessary materialism. Dress yourselves like Jews and Jewesses, not like gentiles. Eat like Jews and not like gentiles, live like Jews and not like gentiles, think like Jews and not like gentiles.

Oy! Am Yisrael. Oy! Am Yisrael. How many is it possible to entreat? The end is here, now. The end is here, now. And again I’m saying to these that there is the possibility for you to return and to arrive to the Land, to do this promptly. A few that are faster. Not to do calculations, to arrive, Hashem will help.

There’s not much time, there’s not much time. I’m praying that with G-d’s help everyone, all Am Yisrael, will choose the correct path. The distant Jews who are married to gentiles, abandon them. With their children not Jewish, not wanting to be Jewish, abandon them and arrive to Eretz Yisrael.

Why to come to Eretz Yisrael? Because who comes to live in Eretz Yisrael will receive many merits. Because who comes to truth for the right reasons to live in Eretz Yisrael, this is bound up with much self-sacrifice and this kind of self-sacrifice is beloved in Heaven. Aside from this, those that are coming because they recognize the signs of the redemption are saving themselves very much suffering to arrive in Eretz Yisrael at the last moments of this world. I bless all Am Yisrael that we will see the truth and arrive at the truth and that we will be able to receive Mashiach Tzidkeynu.

There are many Jews that even with all the troubles and all the warnings that Hashem has sent to us in the past years, they say, “It’s not terrible, Hashem will save us” and such and rely upon all sorts of true prophecies from the holy prophets.

But I want to inform them that the good prophecies will come about only if Am Yisrael returns in teshuva. If, G-d forbid, no, there are other prophecies of the holy prophets, and they are much harder. According to “Chesed l’Avraham” there will be in Eretz Yisrael only seven thousand Jews who will receive Mashiach Tzidkeynu….

So, I beg of Am Yisrael, why suffer? Why hold onto the golden calf and the falsehoods of the nations? Move away from the lie. Come close to HKB”H and be entitled to receive Mashiach Tzidkeynu.

[Daniel also had some things to say, but I won't be able to get to that until tomorrow perhaps.]

18 November 2008

New Yorkers Beware

Report: MTA To Slash Jobs, Multiple Subway Lines
Budget Deficit Means 1,500 Jobs On The Line; At Least 2 Train Routes Could Be Completely Removed

Fare Hikes For Passengers Could Be 'Whopping'

NEW YORK (CBS) ― The MTA reportedly is ready to make deep cuts in its budget that could lead to reduced service, layoffs and more crowded trains. Sources tell CBS 2 the association board is preparing a worst case "Doomsday" scenario that will be presented during its monthly meeting on Thursday.

When describing the agency's budget crisis last week, MTA CEO Elliot Sander said, "The word 'Draconian' is not inappropriate."

During the Thursday meeting, The MTA is expected to: completely do away with the "W" line, which runs from Queens to Manhattan, and the "Z" line, which runs through Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Also on the chopping block: service will be cut in half on the "G" line, which runs from Queens to Brooklyn; and the "M" line, which runs through Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.

...The bad news may get even worse. In an effort to close an estimated $1.2 billion budget deficit, there may also be longer gaps between overnight stops on all trains and fewer trains during the late morning and early afternoon hours.That means more crowded trains. And in addition to all of these emergency measures, there's still a good possibility fares will increase dramatically....

17 November 2008

As If the Fires Weren't Enough...

Drudgereport: Earthquake swarms

Catch It While You Can

Audio: "The Man Who is Suing Obama"

"Phil Berg, former Deputy Attorney of Pennsylvania, has filed a law suit against President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama. Berg says that he has information that may prove Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii, which would disqualify him from being able to run for the President of the United States. Also, Berg has a transcript and recording that have Obama's grandmother saying that the President-Elect was born in Mombasa, Kenya. What is the truth, and what will happen if he is not eligible to be President? Berg tells Tamar what might be in store."

"Prophetic" Dress???

Those aspiring to the presidency of the USA in these troubled times know that it brings with it certain risks, including risk to life itself. But that risk increases exponentially when you are a black man and a former Muslim, now turned Xian. Barack Obama is a target. If the neo-Nazis don't get him, Al Qaeda might:

...The day after the new president’s election, al Qaeda issued a little-noticed statement declaring Barack Obama a murtad, i.e. an apostate whose betrayal of Islam is judged the most heinous. Believers have the duty to execute a murtad unlike other non-believers whose death sentence is optional. (Debkafile)

The question on my mind is this. Was Michelle Obama's choice of dress for the night of the election a "prophetic" one? The design of her dress matches the marking on the back of the "Black Widow" spider. Was Michelle Obama unwittingly signaling her fate to become a "black widow"?

Predictions and Forecasts

If you don't believe what you're hearing from the rabbis, perhaps a more "expert" opinion will be more to your benefit.

Gerald Celente, "world leader in trends forecasting," has a solid reputation in the business world as the one to consult about future trends. Some of his predictions included: the 1987 stock market crash; the fall of the Soviet Union; and, the rise of terrorism.

Here is an excerpt from an interview in which he explains what he foresees for America in the near term:

What Could 2009 America Look Like?


First, we have to remember there are many wild cards that are thrown on the deck that nobody can ever anticipate and that’s why nobody can really predict the future. You can see the face of it, but you really never know what’s going to happen (in detail).

Having said that, there might be wars. Geopolitical tensions are always coming to light just as happened this past summer with Georgia invading South Ossettia and the belligerency shown by the United States on behalf of Georgia in support of their invasion. So that was the beginning of a new Cold War. How is that going to play out? We’re not sure. But here’s what we know, for example, about that. We know when that happened, the Russian stock market collapsed and it has not recovered since. So, the Russians are very angry at America for having instigated that war, as the Russians believe. So, we don’t know all the geopolitical tensions.

If things remain constant on the economic and political fronts, what we’re going to see in the beginning of the New Year 2009 is a very cold winter. February and March 2009 are going to be very, very bleak. We’re going to see the depression really start to set in.


We don’t go by unemployment numbers. They reached almost 25% in the last Depression of 1929. Now, there will be masses of working poor doing two to three jobs just to make ends meet, plus you’re going to have a lot of people unemployed as well – probably in the 15% level at least. Again, the numbers are cooked all the time because what happens is that once a person is no longer looking for work and their unemployment benefits have run out, the government no longer counts them as unemployed!

Again, the United Soviet States of America! Just as the bureaucrats don’t include energy and food into the core inflation numbers.

Mall and Retail Store Collapses

This whole notion that we need a Wall Street is a fallacy because Wall Street killed Main Street by giving all the real estate developers money and special tax breaks and grants given by the cities and states to build all these huge malls and outlets that have sapped the vitality out of Main Street. That vitality is going to be re-invigorated and it’s going to start now in the New Year 2009. You’re going to see more vitality spring up in the dead areas because we’re only talking now in the media about the financial collapses. Let’s start talking about the retail collapses that are going to follow soon. You’re going to see big name retailers buckle under and go under. You’re going to see malls become ghost malls.
Desperate People, Tent Cities, Rise in Crime
It’s going to be very bleak. Very sad. And there is going to be a lot of homeless, the likes of which we have never seen before. Tent cities are already sprouting up around the country and we’re going to see many more.

We did a piece about self-storage units really taking on the true meaning of their name. People are going to start living in these things and it’s going to be better than living in a tent out in the street or risking your life in a homeless shelter.

We’re going to start seeing huge areas of vacant real estate and squatters living in them as well. It’s going to be a picture the likes of which Americans are not going to be used to. It’s going to come as a shock and with it, there’s going to be a lot of crime. And the crime is going to be a lot worse than it was before because in the last 1929 Depression, people’s minds weren’t wrecked on all these modern drugs – over-the-counter drugs, or crystal meth or whatever it might be. So, you have a huge underclass of very desperate people with their minds chemically blown beyond anybody’s comprehension.

... we’re going to go through a period of hyper-inflation the likes of which we have never seen before. The government is just printing money on a daily basis. They are just manufacturing it out of thin air! So, we’re going to see hyper-inflation, the kind you used to see in Argentina and Brazil when they went through currency crises.

...2009 Inflation


Oh, absolutely. It’s already happening and it’s just going to get worse. We have to understand that even the numbers the federal bureaucrats are talking about - $700 billion and $250 billion for the banks, it’s peanuts compared to the credit default swaps, which nobody knows what the heck they are, including myself. They are $ 353 trillion dollars. I mean, you can’t make up a number like that! That’s only in credit default swaps, the derivatives.

Then you start looking at commercial real estate. When is that going to collapse? When are all the over-built stores? We have been over-stored in this country for over a decade. So, you’re going to start seeing a huge commercial real estate collapse.

The sub prime problem is only about $ 2 trillion at best compared to the rest, but it’s an easy target because the bureaucrats can blame all those irresponsible little people for borrowing more than they should have.

How about all those leveraged buy outs such as the Carlisle Group, Blackstone, Cerberus – they bought things like Chrysler and that Hilton chain with no money down! That’s where a big unraveling is going to come.


They are going to try, but it’s not going to work. This is a temporary fix. They don’t have enough money to do it.

The only power they have is to print cheap money; the more cheap money they print, the worse hyper-inflation gets; the worse hyper-inflation gets, the more people become angry; the angrier people get, the more tax revolts; and that’s when we’ll see a new system. This country was built on tax revolts and it’s going to happen again. We’re only at the beginning stages of this change.

You talked about an Alice In Wonderland world, if private enterprise messes it up as bad as they did (laughs), who in their right mind would think a government that has only proven Katrina quality rescue skills can do something better? I mean, we’re losing two wars. Our health care system is in shambles. Our education system no longer wins, places or shows worldwide. They still have a hole in the ground where the World Trade Centers used to stand. The levies (New Orleans) have not been fixed. And neither have the voting machines!

When we went through the 1929 Depression, Wall Street was hated! They didn’t recuperate until the mid-1950s. So, we’re going to see the same thing. There’s going to be a huge government backlash, particularly for the Democrat and Republican parties and against Wall Street.

Figure in the repercussions from the following report and the picture it paints is troubling to say the least:

After Obama's win, white backlash festers in US

...The election of America's first black president has triggered more than 200 hate-related incidents, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center – a record in modern presidential elections. Moreover, the white nationalist movement, bemoaning an election that confirmed voters' comfort with a multiracial demography, expects Mr. Obama's election to be a potent recruiting tool – one that watchdog groups warn could give new impetus to a mostly defanged fringe element.

Most election-related threats have so far been little more than juvenile pranks. But the political marginalization of certain Southern whites, economic distress in rural areas, and a White House occupant who symbolizes a multiethnic United States could combine to produce a backlash against what some have heralded as the dawn of a postracial America. In some parts of the South, there's even talk of secession.

"Most of this movement is not violent, but there is a substantive underbelly that is violent and does try to make a bridge to people who feel disenfranchised," says Brian Levin of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino. "The question is: Will this swirl become a tornado or just an ill wind? We're not there yet, but there's dust on the horizon, a swirling of wind, and the atmospherics are getting put together for [conflict]."

16 November 2008


Report: Obama Favors Saudi Initiative

(IsraelNN.com) United States President-Elect Barack Obama will support the Saudi Initiative for peace between Israel and Arab nations, the British Sunday Times reported Sunday. Obama told Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, “The Israelis would be crazy not to accept this initiative,” according to the Times.

The initiative calls on Israel to withdraw completely to its 1949 borders in exchange for normalized relations with Arab League countries. It includes a full retreat from the eastern half of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, and from the Golan.

The battle for Jerusalem is on. We are coming close to the end of the "piece process." Further proof is the disintegration of Ariel Sharon's party, Kadima.

(IsraelNN.com) MK Ze'ev Elkin formally announced Sunday morning that he is leaving Kadima for the upcoming election. He explained that Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni had become too leftist for him.

...several former Likud members who joined Kadima now wish to return to the Likud.

...Some key non-politicians have also lost faith in Kadima - and some have re-joined the Likud. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's nephew Ya'ir Olmert has left Kadima, and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livny's brother Eli - a Galilee surveyor and a Lt.-Col. in the reserves - announced this week that he was leaving Kadima and returning to the Likud.

As long as Sharon is still not in the ground and Kadima is still holding his chair for him, it is as if he is still alive. The fact that Tsipi Livni could not form a government is also proof that their days are numbered. This "game" is in overtime.

"After the Sharon government, the Moshiach will come" -- so foresees the Tzaddik, the G-dly Harav Yitzchok Kaduri, shlita. His words were reported in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Achronot.

12 November 2008

The Only Place for Politics

They come from Tel Aviv by the busload to block Porush

..."After the last municipal elections I moved my life to Tel Aviv but I purposely didn't change the address in my identity card so I could affect the election. The results of the last election, in which an ultra-Orthodox mayor was chosen, were a disaster for the gay and lesbian community, to which I belong. Last year I went to the Gay Pride parade and felt like I was in detention, living in oppression. I know that everyone in the gay community is voting. I hope that Nir Barkat will bring freedom and progress back to the city and that he'll fight against the trampling of human rights. Everyone tells me, 'Let it go, you live in Tel Aviv,' but Jerusalem's the capital and I can't accept that a minority living there walks all over the majority and tramples their human rights," ....
Uh, isn't this is illegal? But then, that's politics. And that's why we will no longer accept the "status quo." WE WANT BEN DAVID NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09 November 2008

Coming to the "End of the Body"

With nations poised to go to war over dwindling natural resources like oil and water, it would appear that there is a limit to the number of people that the planet can sustain at a given time. Evidence suggests that we have reached that limit at the figure of 6 billion. Interesting that it is a multiple of six as in 600,000 men who left Egypt and 6 million Jews who perished in the Shoah, (may their memories be a blessing).

I read the following interesting excerpt from a book entitled Return Again, The Dynamics of Reincarnation by Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman.
...[the Talmud teaches] that the Mashiach will not arrive before all the souls "leave the body," the heavenly treasury of souls. As we approach the year 6,000...the process of emptying the body of souls has dramatically accelerated. In the last two hundred years the world's population has increased at an astonishing rate. This is a result of the world being readied for the Messianic era. The implication of this is astounding - all the souls who have ever incarnated at different times of history and in all sorts of different soul combinations are all coming together on earth at the same time. This is one of the reasons life appears to be so complex in contemporary times, as there is simply an overload of psychic, emotional and spiritual energy in need of processing. Different parts of our soul histories are all returning at the same time in an increasingly interconnected physical and spiritual global village.

07 November 2008

You Have Been Warned

The ideas expressed in this shocking video are no longer restricted to the fringe of western society. As the war drags on and the economy continues to deteriorate, they are becoming accepted more and more by the mainstream.

When it becomes clear that Obama cannot fulfill their unrealistic expectations, the public will experience a crisis of faith during which law and order will begin to break down. As history bears out all too tragically, they will go looking for a scapegoat.

Beware! You have been warned.

05 November 2008

Campaign for Mashiach

We don't have much time. The elections are in 97 days. To borrow a popular phrase, "Yes, We Can!"

We can bring Mashiach TODAY! if we believe strongly enough in HKBH's compassion and willingness to redeem us and if we are committed enough to the idea to do whatever is required of us, to make any kind of personal sacrifice.

Here is my first campaign slogan: "Not Bibi, not Tzipi, not Mofaz, nor Barak...only MASHIACH!" Feel free to take it, use it and pass it on or make up your own. Let's build some energy by talking about it and circulating it widely.

Now, while I was working on this, I began to remember seeing something along this line on Nava's blog awhile back, so I went back to look for it and I was right. Here it is. Click on it to be taken to the original. (Also, didn't someone create a virtual campaign button for Mashiach??)

I wonder if anyone knows what might be happening on this level. Are the rabbis still working on this? Has there been any progress? Anyone who knows please comment.

"And the children of Judah and the children of Israel shall be gathered together, and they shall appoint for themselves one head,..." (Hoshea 2.2)

04 November 2008

Please Help Me!

Get out the word! We can not, we must not, continue to tolerate the status quo. No more Kadima, Likud or Labor; no more corrupt politicians; no more land concessions for a non-peace; no more destroyed batei knesset, Jewish homes or Jewish lives. We, the faithful Jews of Eretz Yisrael will accept nothing less than Mashiach Tzidkaynu...right now...TODAY!!

If you feel the same, please copy this little sign and post on your blogs and encourage others to do so. Maybe the pathway it opens in our heart will allow the light of Mashiach to flow down into the world and overwhelm our present reality.