09 June 2015

Selected Passages from Past Messages (2001, 2003)

23 Sivan 5775

...The destruction of the twin towers signaled and activated the final part of our history, the history from Har Sinai until the crowning of Moshiach Tzidkeinu, bimhera beyomeinu.

...Am Yisroel is now in a period of choice: To choose between Hashem and man. To choose whether to trust Hashem or the soldiers, policemen, firemen, doctors, lawyers, insurance men, etc.

The Egel Hazahav [materialism] is dying and the Truth is being born. The lie will vanish forever and the Truth will reign. But most Jews want to hold on to the lie, to the Olam Hazeh. They have become very comfortable in the golus and will not be ready to leave when the shofar blows.

Only those who really wait for Moshiach will be able to disconnect immediately and run to Eretz Yisroel without hesitation, thought or fear.

...Each one will choose - but only ba'alei bitachon will live to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu! (Source)


...9/11 was a warning. Many people interpreted it as a sign that we are doing o.k. That the frum community is doing fine because Hashem made so many nissim (miracles). Saved so many yidden. The truth is that He was warning that if we do not detach ourselves from the gashmius whose symbol is, or was, the World Trade Center, then we will "chas veshalom" crumble together with all of Edom. He had rachmanus (pity) on us and only a few frum lives were lost. But the message was to us.

Since then, so many strange premature deaths and tragedies have hit our community. Don't you realize it is a warning? Don't you realize that of all the nevuos (prophecies), one nevuah in particular must happen, and that is that Edom will be totally destroyed!

...We are very close to the end. The darkness will become greater. Those who see the truth will survive. The only way to see truth is to come close to Hashem. The only way to come close to Hashem is to renounce your gashmiusdik life.

...I want to add that Edom will be completely destroyed, according to all the major neviim. And I want you to know that Hashem can also destroy Edom without an atomic bomb. He can cause it to crumble totally, miraculously. (Source)

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