29 December 2015

Moishela: "The Master Plan Is Taking Form "

17 Tevet 5776


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
6 Teves 5776 (Dec 18, ‘15)

The Master Plan Is Taking Form

Mommy I think my last week’s message covered things pretty well. As for this week, well, it will be an interesting week. There will definitely be things happening. Also if you don’t understand the goals of the Reshoim, Yemach Shemam Vezichram, it will be very hard to understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. But for those who have been following the paths that the Reshoim have been taking and following the highways and byways that they have been building will realize that these evil ones are positive that they are actually very close to their evil goals. It is more and more evident that the master plan is taking form and a clear direction to the grand finale which they think will be the complete takeover of the world and the establishment of a one world order, a one world government, a one world army, a one world police, and a one world court of so-called justice. Before this can be attained completely we can see their horrific plan of a great world conflict, a war that will in the end make the world population much less and bring the rest of the inhabitance of the world to their knees and begging for their lives.

They feel very close to their goal and this is only the beginning of their goal. They want to make Medinas Yisroel their capital and they want to build on Har Habayis, Chas Vesholom, a Bais Tumah of Avodah Zorah which is their religion, the worship of the Satan. Therefore they are making Jerusalem the capital of their new religion and the one world order.

Their people have infiltrated the highest places in the Israeli government, the highest places in business in the state of Israel, and they control the Botai Mishpot (courts). They are in control of what is called the “supposed” security of the state of Israel, meaning the army, the police, and the secret services. It’s not all the members of these organizations that are their lackeys but the elite in all of these groups have infiltrated the heart of the so-called Jewish state.

But Am Yisroel, don’t be afraid. We have nothing to fear. Hashem is with us as long as we are with Him. He is with us! If, Chas Vesholom, we go to the other side then we are doomed. If we stay close to Hashem we will be saved IY”H!

So come let us open our Siddurim, open our Tehillims and come very close to the Creator of the World. Let Him know that we are and have always been His people.
Gut Shabbos.

25 December 2015

"Expressing Outrage"

13 Tevet 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

I'd like to pause for a moment to express my outrage at those coming to express their outrage. This goes to show you how far distanced from authentic Judaism many religious people are today. They practice a "Judaism" made in their own image which ignores uncomfortable Torah truths.

The public knowledge that religious Jewish youth in Israel were locked up without charge, admittedly without evidence, without access to attorney or medical attention, denied their religious rights, TORTURED relentlessly... This did not concern the following groups enough to bring them to outrage or move them to public statements of disavowal. This did not concern these groups enough to make them worry about what has happened to our Judaism. No, that took a weird wedding video, which it now comes out was quite possibly photoshopped.

It seems that the most damning of the images involves one of the guests holding a molotov cocktail and a picture of the dead baby. As you can see in the picture below, the person is not attired like the other guests. There is speculation whether it could have been photoshopped in (apparently that's much easier than you could imagine) or whether this particular person was an agente provocateur.

Tzohar Rabbis Respond to Video Showing Participants At Wedding Dancing with Joy Over the Duma Arson Attack

The deeply disturbing video clip should be viewed as a source of disgust and embarrassment for all of Israeli society. We call on all rabbis, political leaders and educators and all those who claim to represent these extremist evildoers to condemn their actions and positions in all ways possible and work to expel them from our midst.

Our responsibility must be to defend and support our security forces who work tirelessly every day and night to defend us from those enemies who are committed to our national and personal destruction.

It is with the utmost pain that we view the phenomenon of encouraging violence against innocents. Such behavior is against the spirit of the Torah and against the most basic values which we hold dear.


RCA Condemns Video Showing Participants At Wedding Dancing with Joy Over the Duma Arson Attack

The Rabbinical Council of America expresses its outrage over the dancing, singing and celebration of the murder of Ali Dawabshe in the Duma arson and condemns the actions of these radical youth in the harshest terms. Rabbi Shalom Baum, president of the RCA, stated, “The vigilante and lawless calls for revenge and dancing with machine guns and knives are anathema to Jewish morality and religious standards.”

The RCA applauds the quick and decisive statements of Israeli religious and political leaders of the event. It echoes Chief Rabbi David Lau’s statement that “acts like these are not the way of Judaism. This is a rejection and repudiation of the values of the Jewish people, the Torah and the uniqueness of the Jewish people. ” It applauds the unequivocal statement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who said that the “shocking pictures [of the celebration]” show “the real face of a group that poses danger to Israeli society and security.”


No doubt the OU will be next to line up, unless they were the first and I missed it! Had they simply addressed both issues together, I might have been less harsh with my criticism, but to come out so quickly, so harshly, with such vitriol, against a young and vulnerable population and without a WORD - A SINGLE WORD - of condemnation for the police abuses. It's dishonest to say the very least. 

What it says to me is that what concerns these "rabbis" most is the same thing that concerns the government - losing their own powerbase. None of them really wants Mashiach to come and when he does, they will fight him even more than they're fighting these kids now.

The thing is their day is done and there's nothing that can save them now.

"Moderation In All Things"

13 Tevet 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

This is a quick note to address an issue I see coming out of several of the comments. First of all, my thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to write and share youre feelings and experiences. Let me assure you that every one of you is precious to me and your concerns are validated. Just a reminder though...

We already live in a world and in a generation where emotions are allowed, even encouraged, to run rampant and without restraint. It's even viewed as pathological to keep your emotions in check. Some people seem to feel that unrestrained passion - a little righteous anger - gives them an edge spiritually. And on the other side, there are those who seem to misunderstand the admonition to be happy at all times and they think if you're not smiling through your tears every single day, you're not on a sufficiently high enough spiritual level.

It's not healthy to give full expression to the emotions. The head should always rule the heart. We need to monitor our spiritual vital signs constantly for signs that we are getting out of balance. "Moderation in all things" is the key to a healthy and balanced life. And if you can follow this, you will have a much easier time coping. It's not for no reason that the yetzer hara tempts us to despair. He tries to draw us to the extremes that mark the danger areas. Blood pressure too high - it's a life risk. Blood pressure too low - it's a life risk. Balance equals health.

It's good to be informed. We can't live our lives successfully with our heads in the sand, but at the same time, we have to be responsible for how much we let it into our souls - for our own response to it all. It's good and right to make note of are fallen brothers and sisters, but don't dwell overly much on it until you get this seeping sore in your soul.  That's why we say Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet. We accept that regardless of the pain we feel initially, we acknowledge that Hashem is the True Judge and it was His decision to take this person in this way. And yes, the mental images of orphaned children is tragic enough to render us immobile in frustration and regret and anger at those we perceive to have let it happen. It was HKB"H who let it happen and He knows best. That's where we find the strength to not let our emotions gain so much control of our minds that we go crazy. It's where we find the quiet place of peace that we are always in our Father's very capable and loving hands. 

Cry. Yes. For a little bit. Then, turn off the tears. Be angry. Yes. But only a very little bit, because sustained anger means you do not accept that what happened is God's will for reasons He hasn't shared with us. It implies a lack of faith either that Hashem let something terrible happen on His watch or wasn't able to stop it. This is arrogance and pride and we humans are very prone to it. Be on the watch out for it.

This world has always been full of troubles. It's the nature of it's purpose. The World of Truth and the World of Light and Joy are still ahead of us.

~Shabbat shalom~

24 December 2015

A Word About the Wedding Video

13 Tevet 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

It's almost comical to see the religiously clueless and Jewishly unaffiliated secular politicians rush at every available opportunity to pontificate on what's authentically "Jewish" and what's not. In the end they wind up condemning Torah Judaism as "extremist" and heaping praise on those whose practice of Judaism would not even be recognizable to the forefathers.

What a gift the inciters and abusers received today. Someone revealed a video from a recent wedding at which young "hill-top" types were seen to dance with weapons in their hands and holding aloft a baby picture of the child who died at Duma. Proof that there are still informers among us even after these thousands of years. 

Although it's not quite the smoking-gun they think they have, it's enough to cool off (Amalek-style) the legitimate protest movement against Shin Bet abuse of power just when it was gaining some momentum. Now, if you raise your voice in favor of these prisoners' human rights, you will be branded as one with their cause and one with their tactics. That will give most people a pause. And yes, to most people who aren't aware of this subculture, it can be shocking. But while it may offend sensibilities, it's not illegal and it has no bearing on the allegations of torture and limitless administrative detention without due process.

After a huge public announcement a few weeks ago that new evidence was about to be revealed, to date, we've seen absolutely nothing tying these young Jews to the Duma fire. Both the Security Minister and the Defense Minister have gone on public record admitting that they have no evidence. To continue to insist that they are the perpetrators, but after all these months, no evidence has been found indicates either that the guys are guiltless or they are a lot smarter than the Shin Bet and can outwit them with their hands tied behind them. They might want to rethink what message this sends to our real enemies.

There have been such dances at some Jewish celebrations for years - long before there was anything called a "price tag". The only difference is there was no baby picture in evidence. It's not something I would do and it's not something I would want to see my children or grandchildren involved in, but that's because we are different people. This sub-culture as I define it tends to be very pro-Kahane. It's been my experience from the fringes that the neshamot who gravitate to Kahane are either Levites and Cohanim who act from a zealousness for Hashem's Name and Honor or they are Shimonites who follow their tribal leader's penchant for quick temper without the pure righteous zealotry of Levi. They like to mix it up. Shock people. Be a bit violent. And they can be very, very imprudent.

You can't say their sentiments are not Jewish just because it doesn't comfortably fit the modern "acceptable" version of Judaism. It's not my way, but it's a way. And we know that Shimon suffered greatly for his impetuosity and when the tribes settled in the land, Shimon was surrounded by Yehudah no doubt to be a positive influence.

However...  all that said... this is nothing but a smokescreen to delegitimize those rightfully protesting Shin Bet abuses and to redirect the media focus from the wrongs of the Shin Bet to the sins of those "extremist Jews" who "can bring the State of Israel down" and overthrow this government. My, oh my. These are the ones who are 'protectin' us from Hamas and Hizballah and Iran and ISIS. If these wild and hairy youth can pull off such crimes with precision and leave no evidence behind, there's certainly no hope to destroy our greater and more powerful enemies.

As I said before, it sends a very strange message to our real enemies and I don't think the Shin Bet has taken that in yet. They really need to rethink their strategy and longer-term goals.

Don't be manipulated. Don't be frightened. Don't be deterred. Stay focused on doing whatever is necessary to ensure that no human being is tortured in any manner on the holy soil of Eretz Yisrael. Justice is a requirement for remaining on our land. When we can't do anything else, we can speak up and we can cry out to HKB"H. And we can wait as long as it takes for Moshe to come back down from the mountain.

A Final Warning

12 Tevet 5776

This is what I believe...

The Geulah is coming and no power on earth can stop it - any more than you can stop the sun from rising or a baby being born or the onset of Shabbat - ready or not, it's coming. By the same token, there's nothing any of us can do to force Hashem to bring it before its time. Despite what some well-meaning people are saying - it's not "up to us". Not anymore. That train already left. We are locked into the b'ita scenario and now we just have to suffer and hold fast til the end. 

No matter how well-intentioned their motives, you need to steer clear of people who want to rope you into doing something - anything - to give us some sense of relief and return to us a renewed sense of having some control over our lives. We're in a very uncomfortable situation and people just feel that simple prayer and clinging to Hashem is not enough. They feel a need for action. That "need" can get them into trouble. And it can get us into trouble if we get caught up with them.

The closer we get to the end, the greater will be the temptation to give up waiting and jump the gun to DO SOMETHING! We are the most vulnerable at this time, just as Chavah was in Gan Eden and just as Am Yisrael was when Moshe was up on the mountain and it's why I'm writing this to you now. This is the moment when you must be most on your guard not to make any regrettable mistakes.

I've been an outsider all my life. And I'm comfortable with that. I'm an independent thinker and follow the truth wherever it leads me. The closest I will come to identifying with a particular group is to say that I am a Torah Jew. And I feel that's all I want or need. And in the future, that's all there will be.

This may yet be the final test for us - to see if we can wait! It's a big test of our emunah to wait patiently for Hashem. The Sitra Achra knows this very well and will pull every nasty trick in his book to get us to despair of waiting. It puts a different light on the fundamental to "wait for Mashiach every day".

Of course, there are things for us to do in this world. I'm not advocating giving up on life and sitting in a corner til the geulah will arrive. But we know what our job is in this world. It's to learn Torah, do mitzvot, perform acts of chesed, pray, provide for the next generation, not stand idly by the blood of our brothers, pursue justice, uphold the truth. But nowhere are we ever told that we have a mitzvah to bring the geulah. It comes about naturally as a result of our faithful avodah.

The same can be said of the so-called "commandment" to be "a light to the nations". You can't go out and try to be a light by turning into a Jewish missionary. When we do all these other things, we simple are a light to the nations. It's a natural result of our commitment to and our observance of our covenantal obligations.

It should be clear to see that outside forces are working in this country to foment civil unrest among the Jews by hook or by crook. If it's not over this Duma issue, it's the Temple Mount, or if not that then something else. They never rest. They want us to give them an excuse to come in here to restore order after they've first created the chaos.

It's been hard for them. They haven't quite managed to pull it off because Hashem is fighting for us behind the scenes. However, the SA still has a lots of tricks up his sleeve. The only way we can hope to win is to stay humble, take no pride in what "my hand" can do for me, stay focused on the avodah, remember that we are the servants and HKB"H is the Master. He doesn't need us to do His job.

Beware of false messiahs and false prophets, even though they are sincere. They are sincerely wrong and you must guard against being mislead at this very late hour - the most dangerous hour of all.

23 December 2015

A Word to the Wise

11 Tevet 5776

Anyone who thinks the American elections are anything more than a circus show is out of touch with reality. Anyone who thinks the whole process is not rigged and that people actually have a choice and that the winning candidate can actually act independently of the global cabal and change things for the good over there is completely cut off from reality. It's all a show to pacify the masses until the noose is ready to be drawn tight.

Anyone who thinks that Israel is a sovereign state that's both Jewish and democratic is living in a dream world. It's none of the above. Best to face the facts. The globalists conquered us without a fight. The criminal Erev Rav regime opened the gates, invited them in and sat down to sell out their country and their people for whatever crumbs they were offered in exchange. The FBI has offices here. The US has eight military bases here. Wake up!

Whoever think the US is a medinah shel chesed and the best in the world for the Jews is living in Cloud Cuckoo Land. The US has exported a debased and vulgar culture around the world and has caused untold misery wherever it has gone to "improve" things. It never did anything out of the pure goodness of its heart. All the "aid" it sent to places in need was accompanied by missionaries. Don't want the missionaries - no aid then. And who can number the Jews who succumbed to the silent Holocaust of assimilation and intermarriage in the great melting pot?

America was infected soon after birth with a deadly virus which replicated and spread to every corner of the land before reaching out across the oceans to infect the entire world. The real global cabal - the Illuminati - just like a virus - invaded the new country and began to take over one institution after another and use each one to churn out still more until no place was left without its control and influence. This is the New World Order and the pope is at its head.

The name of the current pope is a hint to his significance in these times...

GeOrGe MArio BerGOGlio

There was tremendous significance to the fact that in Tishrei 5776 he made history by visiting first the White House and then addressing the US Congress followed by a speech at the UN where the Vatican flag was raised for the first time alongside the 'Palestinian' flag.

What this man and his 'elite' are doing will bring about Gog uMagog and the New World Order of Mashiach.

22 December 2015

"World's MAFIA vs MASHIACH ben David"

11 Tevet 5776

The Voice of the NWO Echoes Across the Land of Israel

10 Tevet 5776

"You must give up all your civil liberties so that we can keep you safe." 

Failure to bring Duma attackers to justice could risk 'setting region on fire'

If they really believe that then they must believe it would also justify condemning innocent men for the "good of the many" - typical twisted NWO 'morality'.

These Israeli politicians are all just puppets answering to their higher up puppetmaster. There is no recourse of appeal to them, their better natures, the courts, or nothing. Only the combined voices of good Torah Jews can have an impact, because Heaven takes note of it and will intervene on our behalf.

They're going to make the same mistake as every other empire that ever set itself against the Jews. They have to answer to our Abba!

A List: Defenders of the Indefensible

10 Tevet 5776

These public figures came out today in support of Shin Bet state-sponsored torture of Jewish citizens who have been labeled "terrorists" because of their Torah ideology...

Prime Minister of the State of Israel Benyamin Netanyahu
Defense Minister of the State of Israel Moshe Ya'alon
Jewish Home Chairperson and Education Minister Naftali Bennett
Jewish Home MK and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked

How many more will be brave enough to add their name officially to this infamous list? 

Earlier, I asked "where is the outcry?" I found it. However, the outcry was not a response to this horrendous scandal in Israel, but against a Jew calling for the banning of Xmas celebrations in the Land of Israel!




How Can We Remain Silent???

10 Tevet 5776

At the same time they were bragging about how well they treated child-murderer Samir Kuntar when he was in Israeli custody...

Popular Al-Jazeera host Faisel el-Kassem posted the following photo to social media explaining “This is how Samir Kuntar left Israeli prison, with a belly and a doctorate, and this is how one appears leaving a Bashar el-Assad (Syrian) prison, profoundly undernourished.

...During his imprisonment, he was married. While he was later divorced, during his married years his wife received a monthly stipend because she was granted the status of a wife of a prisoner. He was permitted to enroll in the Open University of Israel, of course at Israel’s expense, and during his years in prison, he earned a bachelor’s degree.

...They were justifying this treatment of young Jews [WARNING: Graphic Re-enaction]...

Posted by ‎צבי סוכות‎ on Monday, December 21, 2015

If This Doesn't Make You Weep, You Have No Jewish Soul

10 Tevet 5776

On this the first fast day of the year done in remembrance of the loss of our Beit Hamikdash, we certainly have what to mourn. For if we were worthy of having the Beit Hamikdash restored to us, we would not be hearing news like what came out today.

The attorneys for the young Jews who have been locked up and tortured by the Shin Bet in an effort to get them to confess to a crime for which there is no evidence of their involvement brought out a further detail of their horror. Today, it was announced that in addition to other horrific torture, one of the "detainees" was sodomized. 

Oh, it gets worse.

Defending the Indefensible

Just hours later, Naftali Bennet, the head of the inappropriately named "Jewish Home" party came out firmly behind the Shin Bet and said whatever they decide to do in the course of their work is "legal". Yes, and what the Nazis did in Germany was also "legal".

Shortly afterwards, the Prime Minister himself confirmed that the rot starts at the top and runs right through the entire corrupt system as he confirmed that his office, the Justice Department and the Judicial Departments all back the Shin Bet on this issue. He confirms that the entire government supports the Shin Bet in their brutal torture of young Jewish religious men. To add insult to injury, it is the Arab Justice on the High Court which is ruling in this matter.

And I'll have you know that in their minds, if you dare to question them, you are also "The Enemy". That's how  all repressive regimes work. As George W. Bush put it after 9/11 - "You're either with us or you're with the terrorists." In other words, if you disagree with the government's policies, you might as well be one of the terrorists and deserving of their fate.

It's a dark, dark day when such blatant evil is so vociferously defended by a government against it's citizens. And whoever remains quiet in the face of such wanton injustice will have much to answer for.

Where is the outcry from the Diaspora leaders where they know what a real democracy looks like? Where is the outcry from the Chief Rabbis?

How can we not mourn the lost innocence of these young men who only want to live holy lives in accordance with the Torah; who only want what we've been praying for these past thousands of years - the restored Kingdom of David. The government's over-the-top reaction to these aspirations is a measure of their fear that they will one day lose control. That's a given. Their days are  numbered. They are tragically deluded if they think they can fight God Almighty.

This evil regime will fall and our King will reign - Long Live the King!

A Special Prayer for Tenth of Tevet

10 Tevet 5776

There is a special prayer by Rabbi Chaim Vital, ztz"l, to be said at the Fast of the Tenth of Tevet. See the text here.

21 December 2015

The War on "Extremism"

9 Tevet 5776

Fourteen years ago, President George W. Bush declared a global war on "terror". This year, that focus changed. Now, the global threat is "extremism". By changing the terminology, they have broadened the scope of potential enemies and made it possible to apply it to anyone who holds fundamentalist religious views.

Look what happened back on the first day of Sukkot...

Launch of Strong Cities Network to Strengthen Community Resilience Against Violent Extremism

Cities are vital partners in international efforts to build social cohesion and resilience to violent extremism. Local communities and authorities are the most credible and persuasive voices to challenge violent extremism in all of its forms and manifestations in their local contexts. While many cities and local authorities are developing innovative responses to address this challenge, no systematic efforts are in place to share experiences, pool resources and build a community of cities to inspire local action on a global scale.

...The Strong Cities Network (SCN) – which launches September 29th at the United Nations – will empower municipal bodies to fill this gap while working with civil society and safeguarding the rights of local citizens and communities.

As long as they are not determined to be "extremists" in which case, they will have no civil rights, as we've seen here in Israel with respect to the "administrative detainees". Love that language. They're not being tortured, but merely "detained".

... It will be run by the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), a leading international “think-and-do” tank with a long-standing track record of working to prevent violent extremism:

And who elected them? It's only a matter of time before Orthodox Jews who hold by every word of the Torah will be labeled "extremists" and will be treated as enemies of the (Global) State. What they're doing here is only a test. This need to be seen to be fair in not laying all the blame solely on Muslims will spread worldwide.

See more here and here.

20 December 2015

Rabbi Hoffman Weighs In On the Riskin Initiative

9 Tevet 5776

The New ‘Orthodox Rabbinic Statement on Christianity’
By Rabbi Yair Hoffman for the Five Towns Jewish Times

Kuntar: "Another One Bites the Dust"

8 Tevet 5776

Better late than never... L'chaim!

Senior Hezbollah leader Samir Kuntar killed in airstrike
Al Manar reports the senior Hezbollah leader was assassinated by the Israel Air Force on the outskirts of Damascus, 36 years after murdering the Haran family in Nahariya.

Beware the Hollywood 'Geulah'

8 Tevet 5776
Shavua Tov

This is part of the birur. Look how attractive the packaging is; how The Powers That Be draw in those without a firm Torah foundation. Without the Torah to hold us in place, we might also get swept away by the Hollywood 'Geulah'. Watch out! And warn others!! Cling to the Torah through which we connect to Hashem Yitbarach and don't fall for the Big Lie.

United Religions Initiative
Experience a Christmas Eve Celebration like you've never seen before! Tune in on Thursday, Dec 24 to your local CBS station at 11:35pm ET/PT for “May Peace Prevail on Earth: An Interfaith Christmas Special,” hosted by URI. 

They're moving in! Why Tel Aviv Is Hollywood’s New Billion-Dollar Sin City

What is the Jewish response to all this???
Worldwide Shema!

18 December 2015

Beware of False Messiahs and False Prophets

6 Tevet 5776
Erev Shabbat Kodesh

Not everything or everyone who speaks "geulah" is kosher. In these last days before Mashiach's revelation, there is not one corner of Jewish life that has not been infiltrated with clever replicas of the truth. These replicas are so clever that we might easily be fooled were it not for the Jewish soul's attachment to truth. It can sniff out a lie every time. It might take some longer than others, but in the end, every Jewish soul can tell the difference between the real deal and the false copy. These false copies have tells. If you know what to look for, you can spot them before they are able to do you any harm. 

They build themselves around a kernel of truth. That's what gives them life. Then, they dress themselves up in the right costume and learn to speak the language. They can put on a really great show, but as they are still designed to inject a lie like a virus into a healthy body, adverse symptoms soon appear which let us know not all is well here.

When "Orthodoxy" starts sounding and looking more like an "alternative stream" of Judaism, something's not kosher. When you start hearing about egalitarianism, updating Judaism for the times, respecting and even appreciating other religions, changing halachah to fit "our new reality" as well as hints and allusions that the redemption has already arrived or that we have to bring it ourselves - that we must "work to fulfill prophecy" and that it's all up to us. Wow! Look out! Big Trouble Ahead!!

All these copies diverge in one way or another from the Truth as it was revealed at Har Sinai. Sometimes it's so subtle that we might be taken in for a short time, but then the Jew's connection to that Divine Truth will always let him know at some point that it's not 100%. We have to be careful though. Woe to us for that "short time" in which we might be taken in, if during those fleeting moments we stray from the true path ourselves.

In case my meaning is unclear, here are a few examples. Conservative Judaism in Hebrew calls itself "traditional" when it is far, far, far from what was traditionally Judaism for 3500 years. The founding of the State of Israel is perceived by (too) many as the promised Kingdom of David or at least something that will in time morph into it. Nothing could be further from the truth. We've got a "nascent Sanhedrin" and a "Temple Movement" which, while appearing to be precursors to a completely restored Torah foundation, seek to establish ties between Judaism and other religions; and their memberships are completely infiltrated by Erev Rav who have set themselves up as the leaders.

False messiahs and false prophets all. If anyone tells you that our reality has changed since we are now living in a time of geulah and that the Torah and halachah must and will change to accommodate that, run far, far away as fast as you possibly can. And beware of these false messiahs and false prophets who dress the dress, walk the walk and talk the talk, but with a little something added in that spells the difference between life and death.

~Shabbat shalom~

17 December 2015

"A Black Day For the State of Israel"

6 Tevet 5776

Duma Arson Suspects’ Attorney: Our Clients Were Tortured by Shabak

Legal aid organization Honenu attorney Adi Keidar told a news conference Thursday evening that his client, a minor, one of the Duma Village Arson suspects, was finally allowed to meet with him, after three weeks of incognito incarceration—the maximum allowed by Israeli law—and that the same client complained that the Shabak, including senior officers, are resorting to unprecedented, violent means against the detained youths.

Attorney Keidar said that when he met his client on Thursday he could hardly recognize him because of the extreme violence the boy had suffered.

(You can read the rest here.)

Citizens scooped up in an abusive arrest and taken to a secret location where they are held without charge, without evidence of wrong-doing, without access to lawyer or medical attention, tortured and abused without contact with the outside world. Threats against family members. Where are the Jewish human rights organizations whose hearts bleed for Arabs? Where is the vaunted Israeli "democracy"? Where is the shame? Where is the outrage?

Ad matai, Hashem?!

16 December 2015

Understanding the Secret of "25" (Kislev) - Parts 1 and 2

5 Tevet 5776

L'ilui neshamot Binyamin Ze'ev and Talya Kahane, ztz"l, Hy"d, on their fifteenth yahrtzeit.


2 Tevet 5776
8th Candle of Hanukah


4 Tevet 5776

"D-day, December 16, 2015. It’s now the dawn of that day when either the Fed Does or the Fed Doesn’t. It doesn’t matter. Let me share something counter-intuitive. Whether the Fed raises interest rates or not, this Wednesday is D-day for the Fed’s economic recovery because the Fed is Damned if it does and Damned if it doesn’t. I’ll certainly show you why, but the counterintuitive part is that you can expect the market to crash upward as it leaves Wonderland and returns to reality.

...you will very soon be able to look back and see that this day, Wednesday, December 16, was the turning point — the day when the Fed’s illusion of recovery ended because the hot air was turned off. This is the day when we move back into the Great Recession — the start of the second dip that I call 'the Epocalypse'."

See the rest here: The Epocalypse: What Will D-Day Look Like?

14 December 2015


3 Tevet 5776

Moishela's latest message is entitled "Don't Get Confused". With the help of his and others' messages, I think I'm beginning to understand better what is really going on in our world. In the previous week, he had stated: "The forecast that I can foresee for this week is very bad and very difficult. Difficult for the whole world. The unimaginable will become reality IY”H." And then, this week he followed it up with: "It was a bad week this week. ..., the new world order has brought the world infinitely closer to doom and destruction."

Before getting into whatever it was that happened last week, let's first establish once and for all that the New World Order is not a "conspiracy theory". It's a conspiracy FACT! (Watch this 10-min video.)


So what Big Thing happened last week? On the very last day of the week, on Shabbat, something so important and so historic took place that those involved termed it no less than "...a historic day, a major date to go down in the history of mankind."

World leaders hail Paris climate deal as ‘major leap for mankind’

And they're not overstating its significance at all. This agreement is going to be enforceable! "A historic, legally binding climate deal...." Obama observed: "...the deal shows what is possible when the world stands as one.”

Their "One" to replace THE ONE.

They've already accomplished a global economic system. This year alone, they've succeeded in erasing national borders. This 'major leap for mankind' has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with global government. And let's not forget the One World Religion which is not a single religion, but an amalgam of all the world's religions.

We Need a United Nations of World Religions

...Globalization made it so the social and economic fates of the world's major powers were tied together. The U.N. and similar international organizations have played a key role.... 

If such an alliance can be used to unite independent states, could a similar model work for world religions? This was an idea proposed last year by former Israeli president Shimon Peres. He suggested that an organization called "the United Religions" could bring together leaders from various worldwide religions with the goal of promoting interfaith peace and understanding. In Peres' eyes, Pope Francis himself would head up this "UN for religions" because he is universally respected and could spearhead efforts to broker peace in the Middle East. 

...Then there's the issue that some religions consider themselves the one true faith. To join a United Religions organization in which — ostensibly — each religion exists on equal ground would be akin to blasphemy.

...For the sake of this thought experiment, though, let's pretend that someone pulls this off and the United Religions is established as a sort of Justice League for religious leaders. Could they really effect positive change? Peres thinks so because the world has so drastically evolved over the past half-century. “In the past," he explained, "most of the wars in the world were motivated by the idea of nationhood. But today, wars are incited using religion as an excuse.”

No doubt Shimon Peres will suggest that the Old City of Jerusalem, as the center of the world's three major faiths, be made an international center for the United Religions with it's headquarters situated on the Temple Mount along with a "House of Prayer For All Nations".

This, I believe, is what the autistic messages are referring to when they talk about a "Temple to Avodah Zarah".

But, back to Moishela's message. How is all this moving us closer to WW3? At the pinnacle of this power will be one nation. The US has been poised to assume that position for a very long time, but it is being challenged by Russia who wants it for itself. Apparently, WW3 occurs when they go to war over it. Whichever one wins will be the nation of Magog who ultimately comes to conquer Eretz Yisrael and whoever leads that nation will be Gog. Right now, that means US/Obama vs. Russia/Putin. And that's how they can both be NWO and yet be battling each other. Who will sit on the top of the pyramid? Still, maybe they will mutually destruct, leaving Rome/Vatican/Pope as GoguMagog.

Be prepared for anything and know that HKB"H is still The Almighty!

A Hanukah Message in Pork

2 Tevet 5776
Zot Hanukah!

Ton of pork lands in street on way to sausage factory

An unusual sight greeted drivers and passersby on Lehi Street in Rishon LeZion on Monday morning, as 25 pig carcasses lay strewn on the road. Nearly a ton of pork products were spilt onto the road after the truck, which was transporting the meat from a slaughterhouse in the north to a local market, experienced a malfunction.

The city's veterinary support teams were dispatched to the scene, and began collecting the pork products from the road, later sending them to be destroyed. The products which remained on the truck were inspected by city health officials. An initial examination revealed that the truck's rear door swung open while in transit, leading the carcasses to fall out. The cause of the malfunction was apparently a broken door joint.

Roma (18) who was at the scene said, "At 8:30 AM I saw the pigs in the road. At first I thought it was on purpose as part of some animal rights activism, because it was organized across the length of the road. It was a weird sight. People were walking by, everyone was in shock. It's not something you see every day."

This is clearly Divine Providence, so you have to ask yourself why? Some thoughts...

First of all, it can't be a coincidence that it was "25" - a number clearly associated with Hanukah which begins on the 25th of Kislev. (See more here.)

Also, today, the 8th Candle of Hanukah, is called "Zot Hanukah". It's the essence of Hanukah - "8" being the level above nature - the level of the supernatural. This is the level every Jew is called to attain. The gentiles have seven laws because they cannot aspire to any level above the "7". The gentiles can eat pig. The Jew can't. A pig carcas is an instant reminder of the difference between the Jew and the gentile - something the average Jew today very much tends to forget.

It was a pig that Mattityahu was commanded to sacrifice on the altar. Yishmael, as bad as he is, won't have anything to do with pig, but for Eisav, it's the meat of choice for celebrating his UNholy days, one of which is just around the corner.

In his book about Hanukah - "The Mitzvah Candle" - the Maharal of Prague wrote that four animals exhibit only one of the two signs required to be kosher. Three exhibit the inner sign of chewing the cud, but do not have cloven hoofs. The pig, on the other hand, exhibits the outer sign of a cloven hoof, but it does not bring up cud. This is inferior to the other three since this external sign alone indicates superficiality - the outer form without the inner substance. It represents the fourth and final empire which followed the Greeks.

Please add your own thoughts to the comments below.

The Maccabees: Yesterday's "Heroes" - Today's "Terrorists"

2 Tevet 5776
Zot Hanukah!

There is no question that in today's politically-correct climate, our beloved Maccabees would be branded as "Jewish terrorists". And today, they would only have to lift a finger to a keyboard to be found guilty of terrorist "ideology" by the Israeli "Thought Police". By their standards, the Torah and the Siddur are in danger of being labeled seditious materials. 

Consider the source of the following article. It's meant to be a hatchet job, but it contains some fascinating insights as well. You might call this a modern-day Hanukah story. If the Maccabees were with us today - and are they not? - then this is their story...

Meir Ettinger: The face of Jewish terrorism

The Shin Bet describes him as a central figure in Jewish terrorism, 'a violent and dangerous ideological criminal,' while his friends tell of a quiet and pleasant young man who became a leader merely because of his writing skills; somewhere on the way, between the outposts he's been living in since he was 15, to his administrative detention following the Duma murders, Rabbi Meir Kahane's grandson has formed a radical and anti-Zionist ideology.

Read it HERE.

13 December 2015

Moishela: "Don’t Get Confused"

2 Tevet 5776
8th Candle of Hanukah


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
29 Kislev 5776 (Dec 11, ‘15)

Don’t Get Confused

It was a bad week this week. Besides the many attacks here in Israel, the new world order has brought the world infinitely closer to doom and destruction. Each day we can see how the world is moving closer and closer to an all out war. Even though most people can’t figure out how in the world we got to such a position. It’s definitely like a Hollywood movie with a bad script a bad director and bad actors. But with all these negative qualities, the world is still moving towards the most catastrophic war that ever was or that ever will be, but it’s no surprise for those who know the Nevuas that Hakodosh Boruch Hu sent through His Prophets to Am Yisroel. So, we Am Yisroel, should take the courage and realize that this is all from Shomayim to help us gain eternity.

Don’t be afraid. Just come close to Hashem and He will protect you. Don’t put your trust in human beings, only in Hashem and you will survive. Don’t listen to the false prophets and prepare yourself quickly because time is ending. I only hope and pray that every single Yiddishe Neshoma will understand what I am saying and change his or her direction from the Gashmius to the Ruchnius which means total loyalty to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and the strongest desire only to do His will. Don’t get confused by false prophets even if they look very Frum. If they claim or if they try to say that there is an easier and more Gashmius way to survive all of this, or if they say, “Don’t worry. It’s not true, we are all real Tzaddikim. We will survive this all without making our commitment to Hakodosh Boruch Hu.” If you believe them and go with what seems the easy, way your suffering will be immeasurable.

If you have a Jewish Neshoma, even though you go off the Derech still Hashem will force you to go the right way and survive. He will not give up on one truly Jewish Neshoma. Again I beg you take the true road which is trust in Hashem and the Ratzon to only do His will as opposed to the seemingly easy Derech of the false prophets and the false gods.

Chanukah is almost finished, so I beg you take the lessons of Chanukah to heart. We are a very small nation, and it’s a huge miracle that we have survived up to this day. We survived and we will, Be’ezras Hashem, continue to survive when most of the world and most of its inhabitants will not survive.

A Freilichen Chanukah and A Gut Shabbos

Hanukah and the Beit HaMikdash

1 Tevet 5776
Rosh Chodesh Bet
7th Candle of Hanukah

When the Greeks took over Jerusalem, they did not tear down the Beit HaMikdash. They replaced the pure, holy avodah of Hashem with impure, unholy sacrifices to their false gods. Instead of the nations conforming to the demands of Torah and bringing up korbanot in accordance with the Creator's wishes, they tried to force the Jews to conform to the 'enlightened values' of the nations and allow anyone to worship any god in any way they so chose.

Again, this spirit of impurity - the antithesis to Hanukah - has once again gone out into the world and seeks to defile the Holy House and the Holy People. Don't be fooled! This Universalist-Judaism and its "House of Prayer for All Nations" is an anti-messiah, anti-Torah movement which is none other than the globalists' One World Religion which would destroy real-Jews and Torah Judaism, were that possible.

No Longer Conspiracy Theory - Now Conspiracy Fact

3 Tevet 5776

THE NEW WORLD ORDER IS HERE (If nothing else, just watch the first ten minutes.)

12 December 2015

"Down with Chanukah"

1 Tevet 5776
Rosh Chodesh Bet
7th Candle of Hanukah

It wouldn't be Hanukah without Rabbi Kahane's classic...

by Rabbi Meir Kahane
December 15, 1972

If I were a Reform rabbi; if I were a leader of the Establishment whose money and prestige have succeeded in capturing for him the leadership and voice of American Jewry; if I were one of the members of the Israeli Government’s ruling group; if I were an enlightened sophisticated, modern Jewish intellectual, I would climb the barricades and join in battle against the most dangerous of all Jewish holidays – Chanukah.

It is a measure of the total ignorance of the world Jewish community that there is no holiday that is more universally celebrated than the “Feast of Lights”, and it is an equal measure of the intellectual dishonesty and of Jewish leadership that it plays along with the lie. For if ever there was a holiday that stands for everything that the mass of world Jewry and their leadership has rejected – it is this one. If one would find an event that is truly rooted in everything that Jews of our times and their leaders have rejected and, indeed, attacked – it is this one. If there is any holiday that is more “unJewish” in the sense of our modern beliefs and practices – I do not know of it.

The Chanukah that has erupted unto the world Jewish scene in all its childishness, asininity, shallowness, ignorance and fraud – is not the Chanukah of reality. The Chanukah that came into vogue because of Jewish parents – in their vapidness – needed something to counteract Christmas; that exploded in a show of “we-can-have-lights-just-as-our-goyish-neighbors” and in an effort to reward our spoiled children with eight gifts instead of the poor Christian one; the Chanukah that the Temple, under its captive rabbi, turned into a school pageant so that the beaming parents might think that the Religious School is really successful instead of the tragic joke and waste that it really is; the Chanukah that speaks of Jewish Patrick Henrys giving-me-liberty-or death and the pictures of Maccabees as great liberal saviors who fought so that the kibbutzim might continue to be free to preach their Marx and eat their ham, that the split-level dwellers of suburbia might be allowed to violate their Sabbath in perfect freedom and the Reform and Conservative Temples continue the fight for civil rights for Blacks, Puerto Ricans and Jane Fonda, is not remotely connected with reality.

This is NOT the Chanukah of our ancestors, of the generations of Jews of Eastern Europe and Yemen and Morocco and the crusades and Spain and Babylon. It is surely not the Chanukah for which the Maccabees themselves died. Truly, could those whom we honor so munificently, return and see what Chanukah has become, they might very well begin a second Maccabean revolt. For the life that we Jews lead today was the very cause, the REAL reason for the revolt of the Jews “in those days in our times.”

What happened in that era more than 2000 years ago? What led a handful of Jews to rise up in violence against the enemy? And precisely who WAS the enemy? What were they fighting FOR and who were they fighting AGAINST?

For years, the people of Judea had been the vassals of Greece. True independence as a state had been unknown for all those decades and, yet, the Jews did not rise up in revolt. It was only when the Greek policy shifted from mere political control to one that attempted to suppress the Jewish religion that the revolt erupted in all its bloodiness. It was not mere liberty that led to the Maccabean uprising that we so passionately applaud. What we are really cheering is a brave group of Jews who fought and plunged Judea into a bloodbath for the right to observe the Sabbath, to follow the laws of kashruth, to obey the laws of the Torah. IN A WORD EVERYTHING ABOUT CHANUKAH THAT WE COMMEMORATE AND TEACH OUR CHILDREN TO COMMEMORATE ARE THINGS WE CONSIDER TO BE OUTMODED, MEDIEVAL AND CHILDISH!

At best, then, those who fought and died for Chanukah were naïve and obscurantist. Had we lived in those days we would certainly not have done what they did for everyone knows that the laws of the Torah are not really Divine but only the products of evolution and men (do not the Reform, Reconstructionist and large parts of the Conservative movements write this daily?) Surely we would not have fought for that which we violate every day of our lives! No, at best Chanukah emerges as a needless holiday if not a foolish one. Poor Hannah and her seven children; poor Mattathias and Judah; poor well meaning chaps all but hopelessly backward and utterly unnecessary sacrifices.

But there is more. Not only is Chanukah really a foolish and unnecessary holiday, it is also one that is dangerously fanatical and illiberal. The first act of rebellion, the first enemy who fell at the hands of the brave Jewish heroes whom our delightful children portray so cleverly in their Sunday and religious school pageants, was NOT a Greek. He was a Jew.

When the enemy sent its troops into the town of Modin to set up an idol and demand its worship, it was a Jew who decided to exercise his freedom of pagan worship and who approached the altar to worship Zeus (after all, what business was it of anyone what this fellow worshipped?) And it was this Jew, this apostate, this religious traitor who was struck down by the brave, glorious, courageous (are these not the words all our Sunday schools use to describe him?) Mattathias, as he shouted: “Whoever is for G-d, follow me!”

What have we here? What kind of religious intolerance and bigotry? What kind of a man is this for the anti-religious of Hashomer Hatzair, the graceful temples of suburbia, the sophisticated intellectuals, the liberal open-minded Jews and all the drones who have wearied us unto death with the concept of Judaism as a humanistic, open-minded, undogmatic, liberal, universalistic (if not Marxist) religion, to honor? What kind of nationalism is this for David-Ben-Gurion (he who rejects the Galut and speaks of the proud, free Jew of ancient Judea and Israel)?
And to crush us even more (we who know that Judaism is a faith of peace which deplores violence), what kind of Jews were these who reacted to oppression with FORCE? Surely we who so properly have deplored Jewish violence as fascistic, immoral and (above all!) UN-JEWISH, stand in horror as we contemplate Jews who declined to picket the Syrian Greeks to death and who rejected quiet diplomacy for the sword, spear and arrow (had there been bombs in those days, who can tell what they might have done?) and “descended to the level of evil,” thus rejecting the ethical and moral concepts of Judaism.

Is this the kind of a holiday we wish to propagate? Are these the kinds of men we want our moral and humanistic children to honor? Is this the kind of Judaism that we wish to observe and pass on to our children?

Where shall we find the man of courage the one voice, in the wilderness to cry out against Chanukah and the Judaism that it represents-the Judaism of our grandparents and ancestors? Where shall we find the man of honesty and integrity to attack the Judaism of Medievalism and outdated foolishness; the Judaism of bigotry that strikes down Jews who refuse to observe the law; the Judaism of violence that calls for Jewish force and might against the enemy? When shall we find the courage to proudly eat our Chinese food and violate our Sabbaths and reject all the separateness, nationalism and religious maximalism that Chanukah so ignobly represents? …Down with Chanukah! It is a regressive holiday that merely symbolizes the Judaism that always was; the Judaism that was handed down to us from Sinai; the Judaism that made our ancestors ready to give their lives for the L-rd; the Judaism that young people instinctively know is true and great and real. Such Judaism is dangerous for us and our leaders. We must do all in our power to bury it.