05 June 2015

Remember, They Thought Hitler's Rantings Were Silly, Too

18 Sivan 5775

Hopefully, this video speaks for itself, because lately I'm having trouble adequately explaining my thoughts. Clearly, the global elite, those same souls who built the Tower of Bavel and who, in this lifetime, intend to enslave the whole world and rule over it as gods through a one world system - economic, political and religious - foresee a usefulness for a faked alien invasion. I hope and pray that Hashem will not let them get that far with their diabolical plans. But, it's possible that this will be the final test of emunah and bitachon for the world. 

Just know that it's a possibility and that if it happens , it's an absolute fake and warn others not to believe it either. You may be shocked at how many people might welcome such an occurence and feel that it is a positive development.