05 June 2015

Remember, They Thought Hitler's Rantings Were Silly, Too

18 Sivan 5775

Hopefully, this video speaks for itself, because lately I'm having trouble adequately explaining my thoughts. Clearly, the global elite, those same souls who built the Tower of Bavel and who, in this lifetime, intend to enslave the whole world and rule over it as gods through a one world system - economic, political and religious - foresee a usefulness for a faked alien invasion. I hope and pray that Hashem will not let them get that far with their diabolical plans. But, it's possible that this will be the final test of emunah and bitachon for the world. 

Just know that it's a possibility and that if it happens , it's an absolute fake and warn others not to believe it either. You may be shocked at how many people might welcome such an occurence and feel that it is a positive development. 


  1. I think you are doing a real service, Devash.

    A seeming alien invasion would be a huge test of emuna to even the firmest believers, so it makes sense for the elite to invent one. I mean, even people who came out of the Shoah or terror attacks with their emuna intact would be understably shaken up by aliens.
    I also feel that things have been gearing up for a supposed invasion for a while. Just one example: I remember reading a few years ago in a mainstream newspaper (Daily Telegraph or something) a reader survey: "Would the discovery of aliens change your religious beliefs?" (Something like 80% said yes.) And I thought that veered way off the path of the usual reader surveys. Why would they need to know such a thing?

    We also don't know the real technological capabilities available. Hints can be found where huge grants are given, like the $500,000 from NASA to Brian Gilchrist to build nanoships with microscopic engines. (As of 2008, he managed to fit 10,000 thrusters within 1 cm.) Or successful experiments performed on a small scale, like the one that gave the illusion of invisibility on a small object for a moment. But seeing technology we never imagined existed could be very convincing and frightening.

    Yet seeing as so many elites are into the occult, I don't think that an invasion set-up using kochot hatuma/negative spiritual entities can be ruled out, although these are certainly still not the same as aliens -- which I don't believe exist. The Ohr Hachaim explains that Am Yisrael saw Egypt's sar/representative angel accompanying the Egyptian army before crossing the Yam Suf (I wonder what that looked like to Am Yisrael?), and then Shemot 14:30, "and Yisrael saw Mitzrayim dead upon the seashore" -- the sar was destroyed. We know from Chazal that Egypt used both illusion and the occult to keep Am Yisrael in Egypt. And we also know that the current Geula parallels that initial Redemption.

    Either way, we know that the only way to deal with either scenario is to know that it is an illusion and to stick very close to Hashem via tefilla and teshuvah.

    So thank you very much.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Dassie. I agree with you 100%.

  2. Very insightful, Dassie. Yes, it was illusory. Pharoah knew that kinim was the finger of G-d because he couldn't replicate it. Pharoah, as a human, could only work via necromancy- not the real thing.

  3. Excellent post and excellent comments. These posts are imperative for the yehudim to read, as they fall for this tech & science stuff, many times overriding their emunah or understanding. nili

  4. From the Daniel site: "Don't make the mistake of Adam in the Garden of Eden; that can destroy all of us. We are not higher beings, even though we were created in the image of G-d. THERE IS ONLY ONE CREATOR AND WE ARE HIS SERVANTS."