11 May 2017

Who Is The King Of Kings?

15 Iyyar 5777
Day 30 of the Omer

When Jews answer this question, the answer, of course, is God. HKB"H is King of Kings. He is the ultimate authority in this world. Even the kings of this world must answer to Him in the final accounting. And, of course, as King of the Universe and our Creator, He - and He alone - is worthy of our worship and it belongs to no other!

However, a problem arises when the same question is asked of Christians. Because, their god is not our God. According to their book which they hold equal in all ways to our Holy Torah, their god supernaturally impregnated a married woman and the male offspring was not only born without a yetzer hara, he was himself a divine being, equal to his father. This child was destined (again, according to their book and belief) to become the king messiah and this is the "King of kings" that Christians refer to when they use that term.

This is one of the main obstacles to Jews understanding the threat posed to the Jewish people by groups like HaYovel. We don't even speak the same language or at least, we don't understand the terms in the same way. In their long experience with Jews, they have learned even better how to couch their language so as to conceal their real agenda.

About three weeks ago, Caleb Waller gave a presentation at a messianic church in Nashville, TN in which he invoked the Christian King of Kings. 

There is no concept in Judaism that the King Messiah will be worshiped! 

One of the things we Jews most look forward to in times of Mashiach is that only HKB"H will be worshiped at that time.

In case, you don't believe me when I tell you this is Yeshu they are talking about, just look at what this messianic church has to say on the subject. This is the same church where Caleb Waller is speaking and about whom he says: 
"I'm so thankful for Mercy Collective because you guys are a lighthouse here in Nashville. You guys are a place that is going to be that pulsing energy that shows Nashville who God is. But, more importantly, you guys are a place who loves the king who loves Jerusalem, who loves all of us to be a part of his great plan together."
From the Mercy Collective webpage entitled "Beliefs":
We believe that Yeshua of Nazareth is the Messiah, God made manifest in the flesh....  Yeshua will return physically as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to reign over the earth. ...Through Messiah's atoning sacrifice, we are part of Israel.
If you choose to peruse the entire page, you will see that despite it being called "Messianic" and "Hebrew Roots", this is the same old Christianity that's been around for the last two thousand years. Nothing has changed here except that they are trying to destroy Am Yisrael through "love" and "service" rather than through pogroms and inquisitions. 

But, what is worse is that Jews have stopped understanding that Christianity is a foreign, false religion that is idolatrous at its core because they worship this dead Jew Yeshu as god. God forbid! 

Many, many Jews - well meaning or otherwise, ignorantly or deviously - have made it possible for them to perform avodah zarah in the holy land of Yehudah and Shomron and even in the holy city Yerushalayim. We will be held accountable as if we had done it ourselves, if we do not do everything in our power to stop it.


  1. Gee.... that is really terrible! Are there any of them in the Hevron area itself? ( I am not speaking of Har Hevron, I believe Othniel is problematic, correct? What about Sussia? Who else around here? Thanks for alerting us to this very serious threat.

    1. They've been welcomed there on occasion. It's a problem all over, but I'll be explaining, God willing, next week in the continuation of this series.

      My thanks to you for recogninzing that a problem exists. Even after all the proof there are still those who refuse to accept it.