22 May 2017

Information/Knowledge Is the Main Weapon In The War For Hearts And Minds

26 Iyyar 5777
Day 41 of the Omer

Someone has just informed me that Mike Huckabee is back in Israel and praying at Kever Yosef with Jews. They remarked, "He talks a nice talk, but who knows what his intentions are?"

I think this makes it rather clear...

And speaking of being informed, more information is pouring in from various sources about HaYovel's not-so-secret agenda which we will try to share here, God willing, in the coming days, as well as information that will deepen your understanding of the true nature of this so-called Ephraimite movement. Especially since so many publicly familiar Jewish names are promoting it and telling their fellow Jews that it is a "fulfillment of prophecy" and nothing to "fear".

We've been fighting a low-level kind of war, but now the knives are out and it's kill or be killed. The main weapon in this battle is information and the knowledge it confers. They come to us with a deadly poison - a kernel of truth coated in layer after layer of lies. We will slay them with the pure and unadulterated Truth of our Holy Torah.

We've been sitting under the palm tree, but the time has come to mount up and ascend Har Tavor. "Mi l'Hashem elai!" Strengthen yourself and help equip others with the knowledge and information they need to win.

Today, the summit of Mount Tabor is dominated by the Basilica of the Transfiguration, erected in 1924 by Franciscans on the site of an early Byzantine church and a later Crusader church. 
This evil plan to flood Eretz Yisrael with goyim, whether it be under the guise of love and friendship and political support or whether it be through a distortion of Torah in an appeal to unite with the ten lost tribes or settle "gerim" here - it's all nothing less than the ultimate final solution, a plan no less devious that that concocted by Bilaam, yemach shmo v'zichro!

I do not exaggerate when I tell you that some of the information which, God willing, we will bring you in the coming days is even more shocking than anything you have seen yet. But, the goal here is not 'shock and awe', but to set your mind and heart on the straight path so they do not stray from the truth. Only thus will we reach our goal of surviving spiritually intact to greet our Righteous Mashiach.

Meantime, enjoy Rabbi Yehudah HaCohen Richter's latest shiur from "The Holy Apple".

Sfirat Haomer Like You've Never Heard Part I Rav Richter' shiur May 10th 2017 14th Iyar 5777

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  1. Devash,

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing with the Wallers. They have started their onslaught here in Judea - I won't be specific to protect certain people. But thanks to your information, which I have conveyed to interested parties, they won't be able to do what they have planned, G-d willing. Critical people have been informed, thanks to you, and I will continue to inform the Moatzot here to be alert to their deception.

    Thank you so much, Yasher Koach, maybe in the Zechut of the Omer and Sefirat HaOmer and our collective Tefillot and Hishtadlut we will be able to stop this curse, this scourge. Bibi is a full partner in this unbelievable betrayal of Am Yisrael. Maybe we need a public prayer, with MEKUBALIM, to fight this spiritual and physical enemy???