22 May 2017

A Deeper Look at COI

26 Iyyar 5777
Day 41 of the Omer

The Commonwealth Of Israel (COI), which is in the second day of its joint Jewish-Ephraimite Conference today, touts itself on its website as a "Reconciliation Project"...
"...bridging the destructive and bottomless void between two factions of the same ‘Family’ – the Nation of the God of Israel. ...The principle behind this Reconciliation Project is for both sides to approach each other in good faith, being willing to understand and respect the other side’s point of view."  
"...We totally shun coercion of souls by our associates and leaders on both sides. While allowing freedom of expression of convictions, we need to take great care not to offend and destroy the Peaceful co-existence which is our main Goal. For this reason we commend the golden principles to “Agree to disagree” on controversial issues, while building on that which we do agree upon."
This is nothing less than the One New Man doctrine brought in the Greek Testament. Jews on one end and Christians on the other, setting aside their differences, focusing on what they share in common and coming together in the middle as "one". 

However, in this scenario, such a union may enhance the gentile, but it destroys the Jew through assimilation. This is Judeo-Christianity, a new religion with the same goal as its predecessor - Hellenism. And it is the same goal Christianity has been working toward for the last 2,000 years.

Under their "Vision" proclamation, COI makes an absolutely astounding statement: 
"...the Main Purpose of God and the Main Theme of the Bible, is to restore the 12-Tribed Kingdom of Israel as that Entity that God will work through when He establishes His Universal Rule on earth."
Dear Jews, do you know what this means? It means "Gee-Zeus can't come back" until we accept the Ephraimite claims and accept them as our brothers. For 2000 years we have rejected all their efforts to have us join them, so now they have turned the tables and are demanding that we let them "join" us, but as equals, of course, and without their need to give up Christianity. 

They are willing to set aside asking us to accept Gee-Zeus, as long as we do not demand they give him up. We will "agree to disagree" on his divinity and messiahship (until they will get well established here in our midst, and then all bets are off). In fact, both the rabbis of Judah and the pastors of Ephraim want to assure us that we can go ahead and move in together and just let God sort out the religion thing afterwards.
(COI): "The Final Redemption can NOT take place and God’s Universal Kingdom can NOT be established unless these Two Houses embrace in Peace and re-Unite."
They claim that this vision of theirs is "shared" by their "associates". Just who are these "associates"?

Israel News Talk Radio (Which features Tamar Yonah who has already done two shows ( 1, 2  ) on this subject in a week.

Azamra - Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum 

Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute - "The one-stop Torah-observant messianic site, your synagogue without walls, passionate for truth" (You're gonna love this.) They have a page on their website called Our Statement of Faith (de rigeur for all Christian organizations) in which they say: " We believe that Y’shua is the Son of God, the Messiah, the Eternal One in Whom all the fullness of deity dwells in bodily form,..." But, not to worry. This is probably what COI had in mind when they wrote a preceding disclaimer saying that they do not necessarily agree with everything their associates say. 

And what do you know. They like that "one new man" symbol, too! Ok, let's try to restrict this to Jewish associates or we'll be here all day.

Kol HaTor - Rabbi Avraham Feld

Momentum Israel - Don't know if it is Jewish, but it's anyway Israeli.

In my personal view, any Jew involved in promoting this atrocity is a traitor to both his people and his God and needs to do teshuva without delay. 

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  1. Glad you brought this up because I heard last week or so Tamar's show and was so extremely disappointed that she allowed this guy and his 'plans' a platform. She, of all people, should know better but I was, at least, happy to see some comments condemning the show. Also, tried to comment, but had trouble getting mine through. Am going to her site to listen to the second show; cannot understand why she would even think of having these people on her show. Very troubling. nili