18 May 2017

The Waller-War and Why It Matters - Part 5 (Final)

22 Iyyar 5777
Day 37 of the Omer

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One Ephraimite leader put it like this. He said the Ephraimite movement is a process: 1) the "Spirit" called the ten tribes; 2) they became fascinated by Jewish things; 3) they began to establish relationships with Jews; 4) now, they are ready to "come home".

HaYovel is a major part of that "process" which they have been patiently building upon. I almost said "selflessly", but that would not be true. They have benefitted, not only spiritually, but materially, from their work in Israel. (See here if you missed it.)

But, above the emotionally-manipulated masses of Christians who are already deluded by their false religion (what's a little more delusion after all?), there stands a more sinister agenda. I'll let the following video clips speak for themselves. 

You tell me, what is the difference between this and the Ephraimite vision of Christian Ephraim and Jewish Judah coming together as "one" in the Commonwealth of Israel?

There's no difference. The "mystery" of the "One New Man" is just another way of describing Jewish annihilation.

I'll leave you with a final clip of Rosemary Schindler who is an ordained minister. She married into the Schindler family and capitalizes on Oscar Schindler's name and memory among Jews to further her Christian cause. 

This concludes the series on HaYovel, but there will be a final word on the matter tomorrow, God willing.


  1. Jewish "missionary" hunting Christian souls?


  2. Rosemary Schindler and her husband Pastor Jim Garlow have been connected to Hayovel since 2014. They bring tours of xians to Israel several times a year usually stopping at Hayovel's compound in Har Bracha. Here is a photo of the three of them earlier this year. http://www.hayovel.com/faith-and-freedom/

  3. This proves how true and beautiful our Torah is where everything is foreseen. I always think of Tehilim, especially psalm 83, where it says that at the end of days, all these nations will try to take away our inheritance, distort our holy Torah and try to steal our Land. It's all happening in front of our eyes. Which real Jew cannot see with his own eyes that we are at the end of times and the coming of Moshiach is very close at hand. nili

  4. This is what I wrote to Bruce Brill - after watching the video above, where the rav says very clearly that a Jew has the obligation to protest. So I did.

    "Hi Bruce,

    Your name appeared in an article linking you with the xtians trying to gain legitimacy in Israel, the self-described "Ephraimites - Ephraimites, my a..!). I am horrified to hear - if it's true - that you are working to bring them officially to Israel, under protection of the Israeli government. If true, this is awful: how dare you, who gave you permission to bring idolaters to this Holy Land! They ARE idolaters, they believe in a man god. How dare you commit such a horrible and public sin? Do you know what the punishment is, according to Torah, for such a sin ? Death!

    I beseech you, stop your activities immediately, you are bringing curses upon yourself and upon Am Yisrael.

    Until then, I am of course taking you off my list. The day you stop your nefarious activities and do full Teshuvah we can speak again.

    And by the way, had I known that this is your goal I would never have opened my doors to you and your non-Jewish guests from Switzerland, as lovely as they were.

    I don't hate non-Jews, but Xtians who persist in believing in their man god have NO place in Eretz Yisrael, certainly no right of residence here. That is according to the Torah. The day they give up their idolatry we can speak again.Not until then.

    Thank you,

    Daisy Stern, MD"

    1. Thanks for following up on this, DS. Please let us know what happens.

    2. Follow-up, update:

      I have to do Teshuvah for Lashon Hara, I ask forgiveness from Bruce Bril. I believed what was written about his helping the Ephraimites. I just received an e-mail from him today, this is the first time that he actually read what I had openly written to him. First of all he thanked me for the e-mail, which is already a very good indication of his innocence in this matter. Furthermore, I believed he has been deceived by the so-called Ephraimites. I set the record straight with him, referring him to this blog, and explained to him that they are using Taqqiyah just like the muslims, as the ends justify the means. I am waiting to hear from him, but I honestly believe he is sincere and made an honest mistake. I trust that he will turn away from them after I disclosed the information about the Ephraimites to him.

      Al Chet, my apologies, FOR NOW.


  5. Their only option is CONVERSION and allegiance to the 613 Mitzvos of the Torah and belief in the G-D of the Jewish People – Ain Od Milvado.

    1. You are right, of course, Neshama, but in reality they can't convert. Because they cling to their idol, they can't convert. Only those with pure hearts are near and dear to HKB"H.

  6. God help us. This could be happening because of what we are seeing described on these blog posts.

    Lynch survivor: I was staring death in the face
    Resident of Samaria who escaped a lynch mob on his way home from the supermarket recalls the moments of horror.

    1. THIS happened on the same road yesterday.

      And then there was THIS last week.

      And a child died in the Shomron in between these events from being forgotten in a hot car. And who knows what other horrible things. I wasn't keeping track and the news doesn't report it all.

      The Torah teaches us that no suffering is without reason and that national sins bring tragedies. Just read the tochachah in this week's parshah!

    2. And enabling and establishing idolatry on the land!? It's one of the very worst sins.

      HaYovel worshiping J*sus as L*rd in Har Brachah

    3. Devash,

      Davka on this video it doesn't look like idol worship: it seems they are worshipping Hashem. They say Halleluyah, I don't hear anything that resembles idol worship. Am I missing something? Off hand, there is nothing wrong with singing and dancing with joy for being in Eretz Yisrael, as long as there is no associated idol worship. I don't see any in this segment.

    4. I could not find the comment I thought I published where someone remarked that one would think they were just worshiping the same God we do - Hashem the Creator. But, I have two links for you to see if you need proof of who it is they are really serving and worshiping in the Hills of Samaria - HERE and HERE.

    5. Found it after the fact. Sorry it was delayed DS. They depend on you not knowing who they have kavannah for when they're doing this right in the open and in plain sight. That's why Jews have to be warned and understand what is happening. They'll say "Hashem" to a Jew's face and secretly know he is talking about Yeshu, but the Jew is clueless.

  7. http://promotions.israel365.co.il/bin-conference/

    1. Thank you, Dvorah Rut. God willing, I will post on this Yom Rishon. This is one part of a three-pronged campaign they are waging against Am Yisrael davka NEXT WEEK on the 50th anniversay (Yovel?) of Yerushalayim.

      And please let me assure anyone who goes to this page and sees Rabbi Pinchas Winston, the only legitimate rabbi, pictured there as a conference speaker, that HE IS NOT!! I wrote to him and he answered right back that he is not, NOT, a participant at this Judeo-Xian (Judah/Ephraimite) conference.

  8. No. We just need to stay apart from them. No dialogue, no interaction, no shared Shabbat table and Torah shiurim.

  9. It should be made clear, that Ruth became GER TZEDEK, convert, a Jew.
    David ha melech was the 3. Generation, if i am not mistaken.
    So to be clear, he was Jewish and by halacha (3. Generation), suitable to be our king.

    The Ger Toshav Today

    A GerToshav is a non-Jew who accepts the seven Noahide Mitzvot. Although this is partially true of many non-Jews, and in particular of Arabs, the Gemara (Avodah Zarah 64b) followed by the Rambam (Issurei Biyah 14:7) stipulates that this acceptance be made before a Beit Din. Moreover, we also find that the status of a GerToshav is reserved for times when the Yovel is practiced (Erchin 29b; Rambam, Avodat Kochavim 10:6).

    Avoda zara worshippers are not included in these categories.
    They cannot be ger of any kind.
    Halacha is halacha, like my youngest always say!
    Let them drown in their shtuyot and keep holy.
    Avoda zara=tuma, is to be kept out of our house, family, community and this precious holy land.

  10. Exactly, Devash - we need to stay apart from them. Don't like when Jews suggest about non-Jews converting. We only need not to have dialogue of any kind with them. A true convert seeks us out and has a Jewish neshama. This is completely different from inviting them in and welcoming because as we see, their new tactics are of friendliness and many fall for this gimmick, wherein they really have plans of their own which means 'idolatry'. This was the case with the Erev Rav when we left Mitzrayim and we see how that worked out for the last 3000 years.


  11. Who is this <"www.breakingisraelnews.com/48136/christian-child-fulfills-prophecy-isaiah-temple-mount-never-guess-how-biblical-zionism/#MAsjgY4KxXz2cm4E.97">Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz That Gent Mark

  12. This is just one of many heresies running rampant today. A claim is being made that our righteous Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David was not a convert at all but a ger toshav. God forbid!

  13. It's quote from their Greek Testament.

  14. Christianity has alwyas been about destroying Judaism through assimilation - one way or another.

  15. Thank you for the clarification, anonymous. But, also, allow me to clarify that I in no way advocate ignoring this activity. That should be obvious. But, "refuting" that false religion and those who bring it to the masses should only be undertaken by a select few, like Rabbi Mizrachi, who are equipped spiritually to handle it. It's not the job of each individual Jew. That's why the majority must be told to keep separate. That's what the Torah bids us do and we can't improve on that.

  16. Re: Ruth - of course, she was a ger tzedek! Also, DoviHaMelech was truly Jewish via his mother!!!

    Think that readers should be wary of stories that come from Breaking News; don't think it is a genuine Jewish site!