04 May 2017

The Rabbis of HaYovel

8 Iyyar 5777
Day 23 of the Omer

I've shown you how HaYovel's mission has not changed since its inception. Tommy Waller and his HaYovel crew believe that if they come to the Jews humbly and submissively and lovingly, that over time, the barriers will come down and the Jews will open their hearts and minds to the "savior" HaYovel represents, and worships even as they work the Land of Israel.

It does appear that the ruse is working. HaYovel has gained acceptance. Christianity has gained acceptance. Only one more step until JC is accepted.

That's what HaYovel is telling their followers and supporters anyway. And we Jews know how important it is to avoid even the appearance of wrongdoing.

Rabbi Abramowitz gives high praise to HaYovel while speaking in a Messianic 'Jewish' Church.

Rabbi Yishai Fleisher prefers the more euphemistic term "HaYovel gentiles" to the more honest HaYovel Christians.

And then there is the one who is most culpable - the gatekeeper to the Land and the Jews of Har Brachah - the founder of the first Christian outpost in a Jewish settlement, r"l - Rabbi Eliezer Melamed.
Rabbi Melamed: "How should we relate to Christians who suddenly have become our friends? ...Apparently, everything is dependent on the attitude towards Israel. The most severe sin of Christianity was its denial of God's choosing Israel to be His Chosen Nation...."

What a strange idea. And here I thought it was about their attitude towards HKB"H - how they had Him impregnate a woman, c"v, and give birth to a Divine son, c"v, who made teshuvah on behalf of those who view him as co-god. 
Rabbi Melamed: "I recently met a Christian American, Tommy Waller, and I asked him: 'If a Jew were to come to you and ask, what's better: to be a Jew or a Christian, what would you say to him?' He replied: 'I would tell him to be a Jew.' 'Although,' he added, 'I didn't always think that way. At first, all Christians want everyone to be Christian, but this position stems from ignorance.' To his regret, people are publicizing things against him that he said in the past." (Source)
Of course, this is typical Christian obfuscation since they believe that a Jew does not stop being a Jew when he takes on Christian beliefs. They actually view him as a more "completed" Jew. If I were a murderer on trial, I'd want Rabbi Melamed on my Beit Din - "Well, he says he didn't do it."

Now, the whole world knows that the things Tommy Waller said "in the past" still hold true today. After thirteen years in Israel, intimately involved with Orthodox Jews, if he has not found the Truth yet, I guess he's not going to. After thirteen years of HaYovel's involvement in Israel, the Christians are no closer to giving up their idolatry, but the Jews have become more open to accepting their idolatry as forgiveable and at times, admirable. God help us!