17 May 2017

The Waller-War and Why It Matters - Part 4

22 Iyyar 5777
Day 37 of the Omer

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From an Ephraimite website called Geulah Restorahnation...
This website is for those who are not Jewish and thus, at the present time, cannot meet the requirements to make aliyah to the Land of Israel to live. More specifically, it’s for those who believe they're from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, also known as Ephraimites or Josephs, who love the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, His Torah, His people Judah and the Land of the Covenant. This would include those who may not identify with Ephraim; but, rather identify as a stranger ["Ger"] such as Ruth, the Moabite who left her homeland to be with Naomi and worship Elohim.
The main purpose of this website, at this time, is to be a focal meeting place of contact for those who want to participate in the EPHRAIMITE LETTER CAMPAIGN. Letters from individuals, congregational and ministry leaders may submit a letter expressing their desire to move to the Land or their support of such. Your letter will be translated into Hebrew and then submitted to Aryeh De’eri, Israeli Minister of Interior.

...Initially, the Ephraimite Reconciliation Committee will focus on obtaining permission to establish a test Ephraimite type community in Israel. 
I suggest that this is a perfect description of the HaYovel Compound in Har Brachah
...The second step, if permission is granted, will be to start negotiations on how this will happen at the direction and within the parameters given by Israeli authorities. At this point, this website will have a private membership section for those working on the project.
They've got a lot of Jews working on their behalf. Take "Dr. Rivka-Lambert Adler" for example. Despite admitting that she's a virtual newcomer to the subject, nevertheless she is ready to be a self-appointed liaison between her fellow Jews and these Ephraimites, to "amplify the movement", in her own words. (New Covenant Israel Radio: 2730 years...and Counting)

Talk about not understanding the bigger picture! (See this video - The New Christians - made in 2008.)

She has already begun promoting the Commonwealth of Israel (Ephraim and Judah together) Conference in Jerusalem next week in this JPost article...


Descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes reconcile with their siblings in Jerusalem.

...as well as on her Facebook page...

Geulah Restorahnation continued here:
...You’re waiting for your exile to end. Your DNA has awakened and you know who you are. You are Ephraim. You are Joseph. You are Israel. Your spirit is no longer under the curse of the prophesies of Hosea wherein G-d’s people wouldn’t know who they were nor from whence they came (Hosea 1:9-10, 2:23). However, your spirit and flesh longs for the release to be able to return to the Land of the Covenant.
...Yet, you know it’s not just about the physical seed; but, it’s also about the spirit and soul of the whosoevers who desire to come into covenant with the G-d of Israel — the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
In other words, this encompasses all Christians - just like always.
...Your heart’s desire is to be called out of Babylon — out of Assyria — out of Egypt — out of EXILE — out of dispersion for the INGATHERING of ISRAEL. You desire to love and live with your brother Judah. You want to return with humbleness like the prodigal son did before his father and brother.
What you may not know is that by the Ruach of Elohim, YHWH has put it in the heart of Bruce Brill, a brother from the House of Judah, to help you write a letter of petition to gain permission to RETURN to the LAND of ISRAEL!
Your letter will be translated into Hebrew by Bruce Brill who will personally deliver it to the Minister of Interior of Israel.
Are you beginning to get an inkling of why this is so important? The Christian outpost established by HaYovel on Har Brachah could easily stand as a test case!! If it succeeds, the door could swing wide to allow unfettered Christian aliyah.

Part 5 (Final)


  1. I have been following this topic closely.

    You probably sense that all this started before 1991, Devash, but I KNOW it did; I heard the question straight from Rick "Levi" Coghill's mouth in the 1980s (I don't remember the exact year, but it was during a Messiah conference in western Pennsylvania, definitely before 1988, when I left them. I'm thinking like 1984 because I hadn't met my husband yet when this occurred.). Anyone who was following at that time remembers that he and his singing partner Joel Chernoff were the duo "Lamb." (They were always referred to as a group, but were always, but always a duo. And Coghill is no more a Jew than I am a rock. "Levi" was added as a marketing gimmick. Nobody called him that.)

    While I was still among the "Messianic" Jews, he asked why Gentiles could not be leaders in a Messianic congregation. This was after a particularly difficult session of the Messianic Jewish Alliance. While I cannot say for sure that he was the first one to ask, or to dispute the notion that Jews in this movement should lead it, I can now see that it was a serious question, and not a throw-away line. Trial balloon? Who knows. But if there were Gentiles in the movement who would not go back to church, why wouldn't they be willing to give up leadership in a religion that attempted to usurp the role of the Jewish people?

    This is their way of getting leadership back because they know that normative Xianity doesn't stand a chance at it. They have no intention of coming close to the G-d of Avraham, Yitzhak and Ya'acov, but ultimately to destroy us and take our place, as always.

    Here's a good test of their intentions: Would they literally be willing to lay their lives down, not to work our soil, but to actually die fighting our enemies, as so many of us have been doing since Jews started coming here en masse? To lose the chance to have families, to have a personal future, for the greater good of the nation of Israel? Their calling the service of our farmers on our soil harvesting grapes for them, "laying their lives down," is a huge exaggeration and doesn't even begin to touch the extent of self-sacrifice needed. While I am aware that they have joined (or infiltrated?) our army, I also know that many Tzahal soldiers don't risk their lives; they are called jobniks. I wonder how many Xians among us in our army are actually jobniks who spend their time trying to convert us, and not actually fighting beside "their brothers."

    1. I had no idea you were ever involved with the Messianic movement.

    2. Chava, what should I do? I am really at a loss and quite distraught: this Bruce Brill, who is mentioned by their congregation, has been on my mailing list for years. I actually met him once, when he asked me if he could bring some Swiss Xtians who love Jews to my home in K.A. I innocently agreed, having no inkling whatsoever about what is going on behind the scenes. The truth is, those Swiss were lovely, I had no trouble with them. But now that I see what Bruce is doing, for one thing I took him off my list instantly. Tell me, should I contact him? Should I reprimand him?Is there even any point in reprimanding somebody so far gone in lack of Yiddishkeit?

      Thanks for your reply.

    3. I posted before I went to work today. Sorry I'm so late in getting back to you.

      Devash, there is a whole lot more where that came from. I hope you can still forgive me, even though I left them almost 30 years ago. It has been a long road back, or maybe I should say road forward, since I was not raised really Jewish and had almost nothing to compare with what they were saying.

      Daisy, it seems it's rather like Melekh Shlomo said...Answer a fool according to his folly, and in another mashal, don't answer a fool according to his folly. It depends on the context of the situation.

      I saw what Devash wrote on the last article (the one forward from this one) about no contact with the Xians, at all. S-E-P-A-R-A-T-E, she said.

      If all of us Jews would agree to shun them, I would be fine with that, and only that, approach. But, too many Jews are not in agreement, doggone it. I believe I have some insight into missionary thinking that may still apply: If we leave them alone, they think H' is with them. More accurately, they think J is with them. And if we don't leave them alone, they think we're satan. They have a defense for everything. The Jew is helpless. Unless... Until...

      I think you did fine with the rebuke (saw in the comments next article); how Bruce responds is up to him. It depends on how much into it the Jew in question happens to be.

      The "Jew for J" phenomenon - which also includes the "Messianic Movement" and now the "Ephraimites/Joes," I'm sure as well - tends to revolve around the leadership of the movement, who can do no wrong; this is most obvious if they practice "shepherding" and study in cell groups (and who knows what outgrowth of these is operating today!). Ordinary Jews in the movement who stay long enough in it will see contradictions in the leadership's decisions and the actions they take. For a while they will put up with it, but after a while they may go through a stage where they stay, but doubt what they're doing. They may be gathering up courage to leave, or be waiting on a word from G-d (yes, that's how they think of it). Who knows where Bruce Brill is in this process? Perhaps your email might have jarred him a little. I wouldn't go any further, though, unless he replies; and then, you might want to tell him what is wrong with THEM and THEIR approach, and associating with THEM. Attacking him might be the wrong approach if you intend to, and think you can, win him back.

      I wish you all the best! Maybe we can chat by email.

  2. בס"ד

    And again i urge u, my people, please pray as all your life, the present and the future depend on, at 42. Day of the Omer.
    We must ask Hashem to give enough wisdom to minister Deri, that is rooted in the pure teachings of our prince, Maran Yosef Ovadia, or perhaps Hashem prevent this terrible disaster by His own plan, we still do not know about.
    Please, JEWS=ISRAELIS, beg Hashem for mercy!
    This day we must pray for protection of our Neshamot against this disgusting tuma.
    For the Land of Hashem, may it be cleaned soon!
    For our children, our pure children, grandchildren, born in this Holy Land, please, Hashem have mercy!
    Enough, do not let them come in.
    Do not let dogs and shunras between your scheep. Their stink is too great, please keep it away!
    No more lies, purify our SPEECH so strong, that no lie can connect to any Jew, please!

  3. Don't you have anything better to do than speak rabid lashon hara about a fellow Jew. So you don't agree with what others do or what they feel is important? KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. You're disgusting and I will make it my mission to see you lashon hara-filled website taken down.

  4. Put your stick away. That's up to Hashem, not you.


      Chad gadya, chad gadya. dizabin aba bitrei zuzei, chad gadya, chad gadya.

      Va'ata shunra, ve'achla legadya dizabin aba bitrei zuzei, chad gadya, chad gadya.

      Va'ata chalba, venashach leshunra de'achla legadya dizabin aba bitrei zuzei, chad gadya, chad gadya.

      Va'ata chutra, vehikah lechalba, denashach leshunra de'achla legadya dizabin aba bitrei zuzei, chad gadya, chad gadya.

      Va'ata nura, vesaraf lechutra, dehikah lechalba, denashach leshunra de'achla legadya dizabin aba bitrei zuzei, chad gadya, chad gadya.

      Va'ata maya, vekavah lenura, desaraf lechutra, dehikah lechalba, denashach leshunra de'achla legadya dizabin aba bitrei zuzei, chad gadya, chad gadya.

      Va'ata tora, veshatah lemaya, dekavah lenura, desaraf lechutra, dehikah lechalba, denashach leshunra de'achla legadya dizabin aba bitrei zuzei, chad gadya, chad gadya.

      Va'ata hashochet, veshachat letora, deshatah lemaya, dekavah lenura, desaraf lechutra, dehikah lechalba, denashach leshunra de'achla legadya dizabin aba bitrei zuzei, chad gadya, chad gadya.

      Va'ata mal'ach hamavet, veshachat leshochet, deshachat letora, deshatah lemaya, dekavah lenura, desaraf lechutra, dehikah lechalba, denashach leshunra de'achla legadya dizabin aba bitrei zuzei, chad gadya, chad gadya.

      Va'ata HaKadosh Baruch-Hu, veshachat lemal'ach hamavet, deshachat leshochet, deshachat letora, deshatah lemaya, dekavah lenura, desaraf lechutra, dehikah lechalba, denashach leshunra de'achla legadya dizabin aba bitrei zuzei, chad gadya, chad gadya.

      I love this song!!!
      So much wisdom in it!

  5. Anon at 3:19 pm: Cannot understand where you are coming from. Who is speaking loshon harah here? It seems to be you. How dare you besmirch someone doing the greatest mitzvah there is - protecting our people, Torah and the Land of Israel and sanctifying G-D's Holy Name. You are slandering. This blog is the best there is, only telling TRUTH, something you apparently know little of.