23 May 2017

HaYovel: The Point of the Ephraimite Spear - Idolaters and Proselytizers

28 Iyyar 5777
Day 43 of the Omer

HaYovel and their fellow Ephraimites and all their Jewish "brothers" can deny it til they are blue in the face, but the facts are there. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.


The following declaration identifying Yeshu as the deity comes from the website of David and Sonia Bowling who were hand-picked by Tommy and Sherri Waller in 2007 to head HaYovel Ministry's work in Israel in their absence.

Proselytizing (Missionizing)

The same website gives a detailed and glowing account of all their missionary activities in Israel (as well as Jordan) during their stay with HaYovel. See HERE.


The following declaration identifying Yeshu as the deity comes from the website of Mercy Collective Messianic/Hebrew Roots Church where Caleb Waller spoke a month ago and invited them all to come to Jerusalem to "participate" in the "redemptive process."

Proselytizing (Missionizing)

This belief, which is the very foundation of Christianity, is what compels Christians to "share the good news" of "salvation" through their messiah.


During his presentation to Mercy Collective  a month ago in Nashville, Caleb Waller kept alluding to the King - "the King who is coming". He is referring to Yeshu who he believes is returning to rule over the earth (see also above), but he gets a bit carried away and lets slip that he is looking forward to the day when all the nations of the world will come up to Jerusalem to "worship" the King.

In that day, God Almighty alone will be worshiped. (Guess that leaves Yeshu high and dry.)

Proselytizing (Missionizing)

Christians practicing Christianity - it's nothing new. The only thing new here is that Jews, even "rabbis", shepherds of God's flock, are embracing them and bringing these wolves right inside the sheep pen. God have mercy on us all!

And they are spreading their tumah onto everything that we hold sacred. I can't even use the term Hashem anymore because of what they have turned it into. When they say it, they mean Yeshu!
May HKB"H send OUR Mashiach Tzidkeinu quickly - NOW - to deliver us from these wicked people and their lies and all those who collaborate with them against us!

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