28 May 2017


Sivan 5777
Day 47 of the Omer
Shavua tov!


  1. This is disturbing in so many ways.

  2. We have some sick souls among us... I am sending it out to the Rabbis...

  3. I could not finish to watch this. It make me si mad that after all the persecutions they are between us laughing in our face while walking on Eretz Israel.
    We need someone like rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai to get them out.
    Long time ago a rabbi told me:
    " You can see on the amount of dogs, how many notzrim walk around in Israel."
    There are so many dogs in Israel! Its disgusting to realize how many are between us!
    May all the dogs be replaced by kwasim and be led by Hashem, with the help of mashiah tzidkeinu soon,please.

  4. Jeremy prays like a xtian does - eyes closed, tone of voice, etc. First time I heard him on speak, I thought he sounded like a southern baptist preacher. He is so deceived and is playing with fire. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING THIS TOGETHER!

  5. Wow. A bit creepy. ALthough I assume that it's sincerely well-meant.

    I'm not where you are Devash, in my perspective. I think that there is a serious role for non-Jews in bringing Moshiach, and as a follower of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, I know that the Rebbe said that many times. But it has to come from Torah, not from blurring the lines between Torah and other religions and pretending that we all believe the same things, that we'll find out what G-d has in mind later on.

    Nor that we'll wait and see whose Moshiach is the real one... wow.

    Sadly, I think I understand you a bit better now.

  6. Commented already that I'm not sure if he or his buddy, Abramowitz, are even Jewish. But the comment disappeared as soon as I clicked to have it published. Disturbing.


    1. There have been a lot of weird things with blogger lately.

  7. I have a visitor coming from Mountain View on my blog regular. What-who is in mountain view? google headquarters... Devash I am quite sure they come to your site every day..... laughing this way

  8. The more I look at all of this, I'll take it as a test from HaShem. I guess we will find out who is truly with HaShem when the final time comes. We do all what we can do to warn Jews more then that we can not do. Devash you doing a good job thanks for bringing all of this out. By the way we all know they won't win and nothing happens without HaShem approval anyway.. B-sof zeh Ha-kol tov..

  9. Living in Beitar Illit ("the largest ultra-Orthodox settlement in Gush Etzion") myself, I am disgusted that he is making fun (and wholly inaccurately, thus could be considered at the least "avak motzei shem ra") of my city (and fellow Jews) in order to ingratiate himself with goyim.

    As another said, he does indeed sound like one of them when speaking or uttering "prayers."

    His unwillingness to denounce, even gently, their false beliefs, and further, giving actual credence to their beliefs, is indicative of a disturbed soul.