08 May 2017

The American Refusenik

12 Iyyar 5777
Day 27 of the Omer


  1. I agree with the Rav.. When you really think about it Trump being president why did not this issue come up? Seems to be a great silence!

  2. Excellent video. The Rabbi won't utter the words, but we can say that it is pure antisemitism in this 2017.

  3. Keep an old-timer israeli in prison even during his senior years but give rights to and release the worst murderers and let mexican druglords jump the border and all these people can commit crimes in the country with no records.
    America not only make troubles for the jews there but the jews are a part of those who are targets in america and are robbed and deplored... Jews in america!!! GET OUT NOW and renounce the american lies and spoils. Think of the flash rains and floods last week as a sign.