24 May 2017

"Recognize Jerusalem" - First Ever HaYovel Tour

28 Iyyar 5777
Day 43 of the Omer
Yom Yerushalayim

In the following one-minute video, Tommy Waller describes in excruciating detail what is the aim and goal of HaYovel's first ever Israel Tour. It is being advertised in a way that leads Jews to think it is about some kind of Christian support for Jerusalem to be recognized as Israel's capital in its fiftieth year of re-unification, but really, according to Tommy, "...it's all about relationships...everything we do is about relationships".

It's called Relational Evangelism
Focus on Building Deep Friendships
What your unbelieving or unchurched friend is desperately searching for is God's unconditional love, flowing through someone just like you, in the context of a friendship. The world in which we live is strong on communication and weak on deep relationships. Be a friend that cares and your lost friend will see Christ in you, even if you don't consider yourself a spiritual giant.
The Torah forbids Jews to intermingle with non-Jews for this very reason. It indicates that in time, the relationship would grow into one where we would be willing to give them our daughters and take their sons through intermarriage. Of course, they are nice, even admirable in some ways, but this is what poses the danger of assimilation! It's a chutzpah to think we know better than God does or to think we are too strong to fall to temptation. Look at what has already happened to so many Jews who would describe themselves as strong and proud Israeli Jews, even to Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, r"l.

This is where they will be through tomorrow. Anyone can check the side bar to the right each day to see where they will be so as to avoid all contact with them. Do not talk to them, do not invite them into your home, do not share a meal with them, do not dance with them, do not hug them, do not praise them, do not accept their "love" and "friendship" and warn all those in your influence to do likewise. This will hurt more than anything else because it denies them the goal they seek - to connect with Jews.

A total disconnect from Jews is what is needed to solve this problem. HaYovel is only here in Israel and has only become a problem because they were brought in, introduced, approved, supported, encouraged, enabled and promoted by JEWS!!


  1. How about we greet them at every point on their itinerary....by screaming at them "Leave OUR Holyland!" and "Go back to Edom"

    Hayim R

  2. It would be most effective if you could convince other Jews not to have anything to do with them. They could be dismissed from Har Brachah any time by the same rabbi who brought them in. Influencing our brothers to do the right thing is top of the list.