22 May 2017

Waiting For Mashiach

27 Iyyar 5777
Day 42 of the Omer

Unfortunately, we can already see the poisonous fruit that comes from Jews and Christians mixing. The gentiles look and sound like Jews, c"v and the Jews now look and sound like Christians, r"l.

Christianity claims its truth based on misapplication and misinterpretation and outright misrepresentation of Hebrew prophecies. The Greek Testament itself testifies to the fact that Yeshu did certain things "so that the prophecy might be fulfilled..." Nowhere in our entire body of law are Jews commanded to "fulfill prophecy." Prophecy is something that is fulfilled all on its own without any intervention or effort on our part. Attempting to make it happen is a very dangerous business. It may be forced before it's proper time and who knows what kind of tragedies will ensue. It brings to mind the admonition from Shir HaShirim
"I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem; why should you awaken, and why should you arouse the love until it is desirous?"
Do you realize that the worst catastrophes have befallen us in the past because we did not wait?

Adam and Chavah were supposed to wait until Shabbat to eat the forbidden fruit, but they acted on their own and too soon!

Klal Yisrael did not wait for Moshe Rabeinu to come down from the mountain. In fear and lack of faith, they embraced the Golden Calf. If only they had waited just a little bit longer!

The closer we are to the ultimate goal, the greater is the temptation to act when we are bidden to wait.

We are at a similar juncture in human history - right before the geulah shleimah, but there are those among us who are courting disaster by not letting the process run its course; by allowing their egos to tell them that they must bring it, through their own efforts, and that anyone who says "let's wait for Mashiach" is going to stand in its way, prevent its arrival.

The geulah is like Shabbat in that - you can bring it early through effort, but no one can push it off when its time has come. And those "efforts" which can bring it early are the assiduous observance of Torah and mitzvot, not "fulfilling prophecies".

Too many Jews today have lost faith in Mashiach's coming and apparently feel they must rush in to do his job for him...
Laws Concerning Kings
Chapter XI
1. The Messianic King will arise in the future and restore the Davidic Kingdom to its former state and original sovereignty. He will build the Sanctuary and gather the dispersed of IsraelAll the laws will be re-instituted in his days as they had been aforetimes; sacrifices will be offered, and the Sabbatical years and Jubilee years will be observed fully as ordained by the Torah.
Anyone who does not believe in [Mashiach], or whoever does not look forward to his coming, denies not only [the teachings of] the other prophets but [also those] of the Torah and of Moses our Teacher.
Maybe, like their friends and "brothers" - the Christians - these Jews want us to believe that the Messiah has already come!

We've already got a Western anti-Torah government ruling over us and a fake "Sanhedrin" that is assuming authority that is not rightfully theirs and who cannot be trusted, as has been proven, not least of all by their going to the Turkish cult-leader Adnan Oktar. God forbid that they will accept the Ephraimite claims and allow hordes of Christians to settle in Eretz Yisrael!

It is already being reported that as a consequence of the "Sanhedrin's" decision to resume the count towards the Yovel, the day is not far off when the land must be redivided amongst the twelve tribes. And what if we don't know where they are or who is who? Rabbi Hillel Weiss, of this same "Sanhedrin" has the answer...
"Rabbi Weiss explained that not only is this possible without divine help, but it will be a legal requirement incumbent upon the rabbis to assign tribal territories, as was done in the time of Joshua.
“We are required to have twelve tribes,” Rabbi Weiss said. “The land will be divided according to the Biblical territories. Every Jew living in that territory will receive an inheritance and be considered as if he is from that tribe.”
Not surprisingly, the Rambam says something quite different...
3. In the era of the Messianic King, when his kingdom will be established and all of Israel will gather around him, all of them will have their pedigree determined by him, by means of the Holy Spirit that will rest upon him, as it is said, “He will sit as a refiner and purifier.” First he will purify the descendants of Levi, saying “This one is a legitimate Kohen (priest), and this one is a legitimate Levite,” while diverting those of improper lineage to the [rank of] Israelites. Thus it is said, “The governor [Nechemiah] said to them… until there will rise a Kohen with the Urim and Tumim;” from this you can infer that the determination of presumed pedigree and the public declaration of lineage is by means of the Holy Spirit.
As for the Israelites, he will only determine their tribal lineage, that is, he will inform that “this one is of such-and-such a tribe and that one is of such-and-such a tribe.”
We need to be about the business of doing the job we were put here to do and preparing ourselves to be worthy of messianic times. If anything, you'd think people would be looking for a bit more time rather than rushing to bring it all about, as if they were assured their place and position in it.

We could not free ourselves from Egypt and we cannot bring the final redemption.

The people I am describing here are arrogant and presumptuous like Korach. If you can't convince them to do teshuva, then at least get away from them so you don't share in their fate. It won't be pretty. 

"...and though he tarry, yet will I wait for him." No matter how long it takes.

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