18 April 2016

Western Assimilationist National Religious

10 Nisan 5776

It had to happen sooner or later. When you try to have a foot on each side of the fence, you can't maintain that balance forever. One day, you will fall on one side or the other. And it will most likely be the wrong side - just because it's easier. And more appealing to the ego. 

People seem always to sink to the lowest common denominator in their environment.

National Religious women want equality in domestic roles and career opportunities study finds

...The poll was conducted on a sample of 300 women over the age of 16, 27 percent of whom said they were from the religiously conservative wing of the community, 37% from the mainstream and 23% from the liberal national- religious sector, while 13% did not further define their societal affiliation beyond being national religious.

Of those polled, 73% said that women in Israel had no choice but to work, and that society should alter its attitude to women with professional careers.

At the same time, 80% said that it was possible to balance a career with taking care of the family, although 43% of respondents said that women in the sector found it hard to develop their career because of the demands of the home and family.

...And 65% of those surveyed said that the various duties and tasks involved in home and family life should be shared equally between both parents, while 58% agreed that gender should not determine either a man or woman’s place in the family and in society, with 26% disagreeing.

...In another important finding, 58% of the women said they are in favor of female enlistment to the IDF from the national-religious sector.

Rates of enlistment among young women in the sector have been increasing in recent years, to the consternation of the rabbinical leadership of the conservative wing of the community.


  1. It's all part of the indoctrination process. Israel has become so Americanized and those in charge are trying so hard to make sure that everyone, including the religious segment, falls in line. The religiousity becomes just ritual and they move further away from Hashem which is our whole for existence. The yetzer harah in this era is stronger than ever now before the coming of Moshiach and these foolish women need to wake up. nili