06 April 2016

It's Not a Secret!

28 Adar II 5776

They're telling us everything, but people have been programmed to dismiss the warnings as "crazy talk".

Signs warning the public about tsunamis placed along Israel’s beaches

Home Front Command wants citizens to stock up on emergency gear

Watch Japan – For All Is Not Well In The Land Of The Rising Sun
One of the epicenters of the global financial crisis that started during the second half of last year is Japan, and it looks like the markets in the land of the rising sun are entering yet another period of great turmoil. The Nikkei was down another 390 points last night, and it is now down more than 1,300 points since a week ago. Why this is so important for U.S. investors is because the Nikkei is often an early warning indicator of where the rest of the global markets are heading. For example, the Nikkei started crashing early last December about a month before U.S. markets started crashing really hard in early January. So the fact that the Nikkei has been falling very rapidly in recent days should be a huge red flag....

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