11 April 2016

"Falash Mura Are Not Jewish – Don’t Bring Them to Israel"

3 Nisan 5776

Read the Yeshiva World News report on the criminal machinations of MKs to flood Israel with yet more missionaries.

Veteran Ethiopians living in Israel for decades and their families explain:
· If these Falash Mura are legitimate as they claim, why weren’t they and their families with us to walk through Sudan and Addis?
· It is all about money. They are funded by the New Israel Fund, who is happy to bring more missionaries to Israel.
· PM Netanyahu and Likud simply don’t care. They too are pleased.
· How dare the Likud decide who to bring. Why are they not consulting with our Chief Rabbi Adani? Why don’t they consult with the Chief Rabbis of Israel? Why don’t they consult without Kassem religious leader? Because they don’t care and they are happy to bring more missionaries to Israel.
· The New Israel Fund is involved and the goal, to destroy Yiddishkheit. For years we maintained our Jewishness with mesirus nefesh only to be destroyed in the State of Israel.
It stinks! It’s all about money. Our children see they live here, speak Hebrew and serve in the army and then marry them. They are goyim and we want no part of them!! Why are they being paid to come on aliyah. The minute they convert they revert back to being active Christians. Speak to any Jewish Agency officials in absorption centers. They can tell you the churches in these centers are active. These people do not want to be Jewish but they want to make us Christians.
Hashem yerachem!


  1. Thank you for bringing out the facts. Would say that the majority brought over are not Jewish. This is all part of the mixing up our people to make 'nice'. At this point, it will take our righteous Moshiach to sort out who is a Jew. Between the majority of Russians who came and are not Jewish, Ethiopians, and others, if there is even 4 million true Jews in Israel, it would be surprising.
    It's also not only about money but it is about the watering down of the Jewish people and deJudaizing Israel, in general. Think about the articles you put up with all that is happening in our Eretz HaKodesh, a war against Torah and the Jewish people. How easy it is to now understand why our great Sages of yesteryear did not want to actually live in the time of chevlai Moshiach; it is so, so demoralizing. H' yerachem al Yisrael. nili

  2. Jack, I removed your comment and the responses that followed because it's not relevant to the subject of this post.

  3. I agree with Anonymous and if we believe Moshiach is right around the corner, then let's not fret about all these things which we really have little control over. Carol

  4. The Bnei Menashe of India have entered klal Yisrael through halachic conversion.