25 April 2016

Moishela: Two New Messages for Pesach

18 Nisan 5776
3rd Day Chol HaMo'ed Pesach
3 Days of the Omer


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
13 Nissan 5776 (April 21, ‘16)

We Cannot Survive Without A Nes

Mommy, I feel that the world is coming apart at the seams, so-to-speak. I feel that this Pesach will make it a lot more evident that we are in big trouble. I feel that the earth is shaking beneath us in the whole world. The cold has become hot and the hot has become cold and the earth is screaming from within and cracks and holes, enormous openings deep into the earth are happening everywhere. But who is noticing it? How many of the world population is noticing the loud warnings from Hakodosh Boruch Hu? How many Jews have opened their eyes to the unbelievable and very frightening changes in the world that we are so used to? How many of us Jews are willing to admit, begrudgingly, that now is the time for Moshiach, now is the time of our greatest suffering. We are getting the warnings now and very strong warnings and very clear warnings and yet we are not interested, just not interested. We just don’t want to know! Boruch Hashem, there are still Jews that do realize and are willing to fight for their Yiddishkeit. However for the most part people like to forget it by playing with their new toys, new and very infamous toys, their electronic toys or by just patting themselves on the shoulder and saying we are good Jews. Boruch Hashem there are many good Jews. But in our world today what does that mean “a good Jew”? Does that mean he has Payos and a beard and Tzitzis but doesn’t mind cheating in business even other Jews? Does it mean ladies who can trace their lineage back to the greatest Rabbis and give a lot of Tzeddakah but dress like street urchins and are accepted in the Frum community as G-D fearing Jews? Adultery in the Frum community has gone sky high. In many places it’s treated like a glitch of indiscretion and not the horrible terrible Aveirah that it is.

We are so tied up in our food, in our noshes, in our diets, that the food has lost its Kedusha it’s only a lust for most so-called Chareidim. Not all Chareidim say a Brocha before and after they eat! Their main involvement with the food is not Kedusha its lust, its gluttony and it has nothing to do with Kedusha.

When you tell Yidden in America or in England or any western country that it’s time to go back to Eretz Yisroel instead of getting very excited and happy in most cases, they will ask you for proof and then with all their heart and soul try to disprove that it’s true. One of their most interesting arguments is if we leave the diaspora who will support all the poor Jews in Eretz Yisroel? There are many Jews in Chutz Laaretz that do see the truth but have no way or means to make the move and those Jews, with a true Jewish heart that yearns to live in Eretz Yisroel, will take up the challenge and try. If there is no natural way to succeed then Hashem will save them. But He will not save the pompous ones that are “holier than thou” and are sure that without them staying in Chutz Laaretz in their fancy homes, the Jewish community cannot survive. Of course most of the Rabbonim are on the side of the pompous ones because they are the ones usually with the money.

So I beseech the Yidden, the true Yiddishe Neshomas, that yearn and yearn to be and to live, to breathe the air of Eretz Yisroel and who realize that this is the absolute beginning of the Geula and now we are being tested, who yes and who no who shows Hashem his true Jewish desires to be one with Him, to be in Eretz Yisroel no matter what, to cling to His Torah and only desiring to do His will. Those Jews will not suffer. The other Jews that also yearn to be in Eretz Yisroel but there is no feasible way that they could possibly attain their dreams, they will also be saved. The pompous ones, if they are true Jews, will be reeducated by Hakodosh Boruch Hu until they understand, until they feel the closeness and the overwhelming spiritual attainment of finally seeing the Truth and then they will be saved.

The Erev Rav, the Amalaikim and the Edomim and all of Am Yisroel’s enemies will be destroyed! Ladies and Gentlemen, I have come to point out to you in every way I can the Truth. Please forgive me if I am a bit repetitive in what I say but the end of the world as we know it is on the horizon. We can see it with our eyes, it’s coming towards us. I am begging you again and again come back to Hashem. It’s truly much more interesting and fulfilling than eating Pizza on 13th Avenue or going on a cruise for Pesach or going away to a hotel in Switzerland so you can eat Matzah and ski at the same time. Am Yisroel what I am saying is true. I am a Shaliach and I am telling you the truth. You can check it out yourself, the world is in a mess so terrible that it can never get out of it because the Reshoim are directing it just like in the times of Migdal Bovel.
Choose your side. Now is the time! You have to choose your side now!

I wish all Am Yisroel a Chag Kosher Vesamayach, a Pesach of Geula Sheleimah. Daven Am Yisroel, cry and scream to Shomayim. Scream to Hashem to bring the Geula Sheleimah now!



Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
16 Nisan 5776 (April 24, ‘16)

The Unthinkable Is About To Happen

Mommy, I am sorry that because of me you had to go through such terrible suffering, but this Pesach has been a special time because we are coming to the end and Hashem is bringing a warning even stronger through me. The fact that this all happened just exactly minutes before Pesach this year, is only a small message to me so that I should pass it on more clearly to the world, that we are nearing a tragedy the likes of which we can’t even try to imagine. As much as different people have written about it, still anyone who survives it, or the few that survive it, will know that they survived only with absolute miracles. In no other way can a person even dream that he can survive. So basic preparations can be done but they will only help you if and when the time comes for you to be saved. I have not been bringing the message strong enough evidently, so Hashem forced me to make it clearer. Jews get yourself together.

I am a small boy who went with my father to watch Erev Pesach Matzos being baked by one of the Tzaddikim of this world and a very strange thing happened. A piece of heavy equipment used in the baking accidently fell onto my hand and one of the fingers of my hand was injured quite seriously in a most unusual way. It fell and hit my finger, obviously being directed to my small six year old finger, and it hit exactly on target to bring me great pain at the moment of impact. Boruch Hashem, even though I was hospitalized for a short time, Hashem had pity on me and it wasn’t worse than it was.

But it’s a warning for me to warn Am Yisroel and all the world that the unthinkable is about to happen, and even though we have gone through many things that were once unthinkable, still now it’s going to be much worse than even our present state. The future events will be upon us very soon and more than getting ready physically, which there is not really a way to do, we must ready ourselves with complete Teshuva. We must start now to put our mindset into coming back to Hashem, even if we think we are close to Hashem. Everyone in this world can get infinitely closer than he or she is already. I beg everyone to please start realizing that this world is only an illusion. That our bodies with all its lusts and desires that are totally against what Hashem ultimately wants us to be, has the ability to push the Yetzer Hora completely out and desire only the Yetzer Tov which means to do Hashem’s will completely, to come close to Him without any demands and without any desires except to be close to Him and to do His will. I can’t emphasize enough how we have to just concentrate on these things.

The world we live in today is built on “isms” communism, socialism, fascism, Zionism. None of these “isms” are for us! We are Yidden and we have to be close to Hashem and that is all we have to do, His will only. We can’t change one bit of it to suit ourselves and our desires. We have to constantly strive to understand more and more what He wants from us and to fulfill every one of His written and unwritten words, to go completely according to the Rabbonim and Tzaddikim from hundreds and thousands of years ago. Starting from Avrohom Avinu who was the first Jew who, brought people to Yiddishkeit and continuing to Moshe Rabbeinu who was the Shaliach from Shomayim to give us our holy Torah and the Torah Sheba’al Peh onwards towards Yehoshua to the Zekainim to the Neviim to the Anshei Kneseses Hagedola to the Geonim, Rishonim and then to the Achronim … to the present day. However since this generation is a question mark because it’s so low, therefore it’s not so clear who is a great Tzaddik and who is not. Better to go for guidance to the known Tzaddikim of previous generations, and just follow their ways and don’t deviate. Go to their graves and Daven for guidance. There are great Tzaddikim buried all over the world and of course in Eretz Yisroel. Wherever you live there must be a Kever of a Tzaddik. Go to the Tzaddik’s Kever and beg the Tzaddik to go before Kisei Hakovod and beg Hashem to send the Geula Sheleimah to our lowest generation so that we don’t completely disappear into the muck and grime that is flooding the Frum world and the whole world. I guess I haven’t been putting it strong enough. We are in a spiritual life and death situation which means that it’s not only our bodies at stake, but our souls. So I beg you, it’s our last chance. Usually when you wake up in the morning in most places of the world the sun still shines normally. The world is more or less as we usually know it. We have food. We have a home. We have a car. We are married. We have children, and we go to school etc, but the time is coming when all that will change completely and that will be the end for those who want to go the opposite way of the will of Hashem, but those who are trying hard to go in Hashem’s way and to do Hashem’s Ratzon, they will have a new beginning that will last for eternity.

Chag Kosher Vesamayach and A Gutten Moed. To all my fellow Jews, I beg you to take my word seriously.

Tatti: Why did this accident happen when Rav _____ was baking Matzah?
Moishela: When Rav _____ bakes Matzah, it’s with the utmost concentration on the Shechina and because of his Kesher to Am Yisroel and his Heavenly inspired writings to Am Yisroel that will Be’ezras Hashem save many souls, this is a place of Kedusha and baking Matzah especially with the Rav, is Kadosh.
Tatti: Is your finger going to look horrible or will it heal properly?
Moishela: Don’t worry, I’ll still find a Shidduch IY”H.


  1. "The world we live in today is built on “isms” communism, socialism, fascism, Zionism."

    Feminism is arguably more toxic and dangerous than all of the above.

    1. According to R' Yaakov Weinberg feminism is the most difficult dangerous challenge we have ever faced.

    2. In the message, it says: "...obviously being directed to my small six year old finger". Moishela is not six years old. I have asked for clarification.

    3. David, Europe26/4/16 3:02 AM

      FEMINISM can be historically proven to have its roots in SATANISM, not any less. It is among the most dangerous poisons that the evildoers have ever unleashed on the Jewish People and on the whole world.

    4. I think that all of the above comments missed Moishels main point. The point is that "The Unthinkable is About To Happen"
      not all of the way out comments right here.

      Why aren't we focusing on what is about to take place in our world in the near future, why not? because the yetzer hora is working over time to distract us for the real issues.

      Lets wake up and smell the coffee do teshuva as moishela has pointed out to us many times over.

      Moadim Lesimcha to all my brothers.


    5. Hello!

      Please, one question:

      "The world we live in today is built on “isms” communism, socialism, fascism, Zionism. None of these “isms” are for us!"

      And capitalism?

      Luiz Felipe - Brazil.

  2. when man does not submit to Hashem, the wife and children do not listen either. feminism born there. Inés.

  3. I'm also wondering if we can know the name of the Tzaddik??


  4. I read a little women hating here. Calm down, it's not the most evil thing, don't forget our cousins, and their extended family, and our other relatives in Rome. Yes it threatens the ego of men, but there is a reason for this. As with other shefa from Shamayim because we were not ready for it it went awry.

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  6. Regarding feminism. It is a political movement, no different than the other isms which are all political and lead to evil. This pre-Moshiach era feminism will be the most prominent of these isms. This has nothing to do with anything against women, as Neshama in her comment indicates. It is a movement where these 'women' and their cohorts are all about power. nili

  7. If Moishela is 6 years old now, I take it he was around 6 months old on Yud Aleph Av 5770 - 26 July 2010 wherein he makes a similar rant or message? FC aside, there is no way, but no way, a baby would want or be able to convey such messages.


    1. I thought he was of an age with Binyamin and Daniel.

  8. I should re-clarify: I confirmed that Moishela is indeed six years old and I was told that "the same way one can facilitate with a brain damaged individual and have a message that is well expressed in spite of the brain damage. In facilitation the message is coming from the Neshama and therefore age is not an issue."

  9. I found on line a free E book with moishels messages.
    here is the link: http://www.dani18.com/uploads/BOOK_MOISHELA.pdf

    ENJOY Sara G. NYC

  10. this is wonderful thanx a million


  11. Devash I just wanted you to know there is another new message from Moishela.
    Thank You. Deborah

    1. Thanks. I'm aware. There is a permanent link on the right sidebar under Resources - Daniel: Messages from Heaven.

    2. Thankx Devash

      I enjoy reading Moishelas messages on your front page not needing to scramble around for it... Thanks again!

      Brocha Malka

    3. I don't get it, whats the scoop on Moishels messages? Chaim

    4. I was also wondering what is happened to his messages on this site? are we still going to see them here or not?

      Esty Bender

    5. You can always find all the messages either through this blog or the Dani site by referring to the right sidebar at either Resources - Daniel: Messages from Heaven or via the special section titled "Messages from Heaven".